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Project Runway Season 7: Meet the Models

Work it, girls! Do your thing.

Alexis Broker
Hometown: Denver, CO
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job:
A shoot for German Vogue by Walter Chin. I was 17.
Favorite Supermodel: It's a tie between Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Poker Face, by Lady Gaga

Alison Gingerich
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Height: 5'10"
First Modeling Job: Age 14. My agent back in Ohio got me my first gig.
Favorite Supermodel: Lauren Hutton, because she made the way for us!
Favorite Catwalk Song: Hot Damn, by The Harlequins, a Cincinnati band

Brandise Danesewich
Hometown: Saskatchewan, Canada
Height: 5'10"
First Modeling Job: Mitsukoshi department store in Japan, when I was 13.
Favorite Supermodel: My cat, Chairman Meow Jr. Helena Christensen's not too shabby, either.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Nervous Breakdown, by Black Flag

Brittany Oldehoff
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Height: 5'11"
First Modeling Job: I did my first test shoot when I was 10.
Favorite Supermodel: Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks
Favorite Catwalk Song: Womanizer, by Britney

Cerri McQuillan
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job: When I was 16, for a magazine back in Ireland.
Favorite Supermodel: Kate Moss

Elizaveta Melnitchenko
Hometown: Salzburg, Austria
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job: A print ad for Macys.
Favorite Supermodel: Christy Turlington. A class act.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Gimme Shelter, by the Rolling Stones

Holly Ridings
Hometown: Roscoe, IL
Height: 5'11"
First Modeling Job: For Ralph Lauren when I was 15.
Favorite Supermodel: I love the classic supermodels of the '80s!
Favorite Catwalk Song: Love walking to The Doors.

Kasey Ashcraft
Hometown: Salisbury, MD
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job: A Daniel Cremieux campaign.
Favorite Supermodel: Christy Turlington. Classic and timeless.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Material Girl, by Madonna

Kelly Gervais
Hometown: Livingston, NJ
Height: 5'9 1/2"
First Modeling Job: Age 14 at the Waldorf Astoria for the designer Manali.
Favorite Supermodel: Liya Kebede. Not only is she gorgeous, but I admire her.
Favorite Catwalk Song: 21st Century Life, by Sam Sparrow

Kristina Sajko
Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia
Height: 5'8 1/2"
First Modeling Job: I don't remember.
Favorite Supermodel: My best friend, Michelle De Swarte.
Favorite Catwalk Song: I don't care; I'm there to do my job.

Lorena Angjeli
Hometown: Albania
First Modeling Job:
I have been modeling since 15.
Favorite Supermodel: I think Heidi Klum is a big inspiration to all young models.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Paris by Friendly Fires ft. Au Revoir Simone (Aeroplane Remix)

Megan Davis
Hometown: Des Moines, IA
Height: 5'11"
First Modeling Job: I just started, and my first gigs were Celeb Life magazine and Tavik swimwear.
Favorite Supermodel: I love Heidi Klum; she's timeless. But my idol is Alessandra Ambrosio.
Favorite Catwalk Song: I Got It From My Mama, by

Monique Darton
Hometown: Brainerd, MN
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job: At 15, for a prom theme catalogue. I had to do my own hair and makeup.
Favorite Supermodel: I'm very inspired by Tyra Banks. She's also a businesswoman.
Favorite Catwalk Song: I would love to hear 311 or Jimi Hendrix.

Sarah Bell
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Height: 5'9 1/2"
First Modeling Job: A runway show for Sebastian/Wella when I was 16.
Favorite Supermodel: Cindy Crawford. She's stunning.
Favorite Catwalk Song: I Know You Want Me, by Pitbull

Sophia Lee
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 5'10"
First Modeling Job: 15 years old, for Teen magazine
Favorite Supermodel: Cindy Crawford. She's got a presence that no other can copy.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Anything upbeat or that flows with the clothes and moment we're in.

Valeria Leonova
Hometown: Tula, Russia
Height: 5'9"
First Modeling Job: I believe I was 18, and it was a beauty story for a London fashion magazine.
Favorite Catwalk Song: Depends on the clothes I'm wearing.

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The run on folks from Ohio goes - not one, but TWO models from Cincinnati. Queen City represent, y'all!

Aaaaad the Heidi Klum ass-kissing begins!

Of the girls I'm kinda liking Kristina. She's short but pragmatic and I can respect that.

Lorena walked for Pasta Joe. Cool.


I do not care to put myself through the model show again... ;)

Saskatchewan! Canadian prairies represent!

Brainerd, MN - Oh My! I hope she has a "Fargo" accent....

Wow, there are certainly quite a few "masculine" ones in this bunch. Let the wild rumpus begin!I am crossing my fingers for some major lesbian drama to crop up in the model house this season. That would be the only thing that could possibly save this show.

Does Cerri McQuillan look like Kate Moss in her picture or what? No wonder Moss is her favorite model.

I really like Kelly's picture. I'm hoping a couple of these model really bring the crazy cause let's face it, the crazy one with killer walks are the most entertaining.

My favorite part of this post was "Chairman Meow Jr."

Erm, Megan dear? Calling Heidi "timeless" is risky, we all know that means old.

Do they actually have a model in her 40's this time?


I have a feeling I'm really going to like Brandise.

These are some rather short models. Way too many standing just at 5'9", although from the looks of some, that is in heels. And i hope that picture of Sarah is just unflattering because she looks rather stout.

i am being judgemental about their song choice.

I covet Alison's coat!

We all know Kristina's the b!tch this season right? Her answers were a fight waiting to happen!

I'm happy to see another MN model :-D Go Monique!

Anon 11:41- Nobody here in MN actually talks like they do in "Fargo" and Fargo isn't even in MN :-P

I'm not finding any of these models' faces particularly attractive.

And the person who called Sarah "stout"? Please. These are models. She's probably a size 2 compared to the others' size 0. That's not even close to 'stout'. Don't perpetuate the myth that these girls are normal-sized.

Love that Brandise's favorite supermodel is her cat!

And I like Kristina's attitude: "I'm just here to do my job." Of course, that may mean she doesn't understand that her job is to create drama for Lifetime . . .

Not being snarky -- my hubby grew up near Brainerd, and I didn't know there were people of any color other than super-white in Brainerd, even today. Clearly, there are, and gorgeous ones at that.

An interesting group. But can they walk?

Cincinnati girls! I have two to root for this season!

Lorena's picture appears to be from a Project Runway show in the tents, but she's wearing a dress I've never seen before. Have they already filmed this season's finale? I'm very confused.

LOVING Kelly and Monique (esp. Monique--I just am naturally drawn to black girls with big beautiful hair).

Brandise looks like one of those girls who is really odd but super-fierce at modeling.

I know Sarah can't possibly be big but her outfit makes her look really hippy.

Kristin: "Lorena's picture appears to be from a Project Runway show in the tents ..."

That was Joe Faris' decoy show back in season 5.


I like Alexis based upon first blush.

We will see if she can walk!

Kristina Sajko

Hometown: Zagreb, Croatia

Height: Short, so I'm milking every half inch I can get

First Modeling Job: Oh, god. You know, I've just had SO MANY. But that's okay, I'm sure you remember since I'm so professional.

Favorite Supermodel: My best friend, Michelle De Swarte, of course. I mean, with a career like mine, why wouldn't I have a super model BFF?!

Favorite Catwalk Song: I make my own damn music. I'm just that good.

I think I've modeled w/ Monique!

I am disinclined to like a model who cites Tyra Banks as a influence.

Joe Faris' former Project Runway model is a big tranny mess just waiting to happen. Love her already!

Sarah Bell's skirt looks like a Leanne creation.

@ Anonymous 1:12 pm:

Here we go with the thoughtless "tranny mess" garbage again. Just stop it, please. As I've said before, I'll bet people here wouldn't put up with "faggot mess" or "n-word mess." This is no different.

Donna L.

yay for Croatian models!!

I wish this one had a bit more of a personality, though....

really digging Valeria's face, Sophia's charm, Monique's attitude (Jimi yay!), and Brandise's...Brandise-ness.

SharpCurves said... Anon 11:41- Nobody here in MN actually talks like they do in "Fargo" and Fargo isn't even in MN :-P

Ummm... I lived in MN for quite a while, and the people who usually said that "Nobody in MN talked like that," usually said so in a thick Northwest Minnesota/Fargo accent. Sorry... it took me several weeks to figure out what a Bayg was (the rest of the country pronounces it BAG).

Okay, I'm sorry, but how has nobody mentioned Kasey's face yet?

She looks like Goldie Hawn and Kyra Sedgwick had a 40 year old, plastic love child.

Maybe I'm just an ass?

Any model who like Black Flag is alright in my book!

And Kristina with the music choice??!? Shades of "Bitch please! I took off work for this". I love her already.

Kasey and Holly look old. Sorry.

Nobody really stood out to me. Kasey looks really old and stretched wtf.

Is anyone else bothered by the complete lack of originality these women showed when choosing their favorite supermodels?


5'8" and 5'9"? Who let the short girls in? Ah, I kid. I may be taller than most of the new girls but I bet they could rock a pair of crazy 4+ inch runway shoes better than I can manage in 3 inch heel department store boots.

Alison looks great, Brandise looks interesting, Kelly, Kristine an Sophia look beautiful.

Does anyone else think Kasey looks like Jennfier Coolidge - the anorexic years?


I like that they're quite different. Sophie looks fabulous in Zac Posen.

It's true a couple of them don't look like they're kids. So?

Sorry if someone already addressed this. Regarding Lorena - Detroit Joe was one of the fakes at fashion week a few seasons ago.

regarding 'stout.' a few years ago the Hershey challenge dresses were on display at the Hershey shop in downtown chicago. I went to check it out and I was SHOCKED at how little they were! like barbie clothes. So yes, the models really are stick thin.

it was cool to see some of them up close. this was from the year christian s. won.

Martin Scribbler

Brandise likes Black Flag, has a cat named Chairman Meow, and she adopted a manatee. How can you not love this girl?

Alexis is gorgeous.

the first two are by far the best-alexis and alison
they're the only two that are more than just pretty, they're faces are really unique and editorial.

A rather "handsome" bunch, just a couple of girly girls (which is way fine by me).

Already pulling for Brandise.

Anonymous @2:03, so when my cousins from Minneapolis come out here to visit they just put on the accent for fun, or what? (Brainerd is Garrison Keillor's home town, and the presence of a model from Lake Woebegone amuses).

Anyway: Alexsis, Brandise, Kelly and Michelle intrique me, although they pretty much all have potential as models.

As contributors to pointless drama, well: so very many ways to go...

I'm predicting that Kristina Sajko is gonna be fun to watch!

Will we be seeing Chairman Meow on the runway? That may be the only influence on me to actually sit through MOTR for another season.

Oh sweet jesus, does this mean we have to put up with another season of Not America's Top Model to find out which one gets booted each week?

Lots of eastern European models. We all know how Heidi feels about eastern Europe.

Re: the age issue. Obviously it would be nice if there was more diversity in the modeling world. I think there's some differences in the models' looks regarding age, which could be really helpful to the designers, depending on their aesthetic or...not. Elizaveta looks 16 and Holly reads as...older. I don't mean either of those observations as criticisms. I'm saying it should make for some interesting model selections.

Plus, despite the fact that they're models, some of these might be terribly unflattering photos, ie Kasey.

Looks like Tara changed her named to Alison? Haha.

Wow! You guys are a little too harsh! I have seen Kasey in person and she is actually quite beautiful!

re: kasey looking old.

it could be because kasey is old. she's 25. but i will say those photos are very unflattering. she looks more like marissa miller in real life.

Chairman meow Jr! Love it!!!! The bf talks to our cats this way all the time "meow meow chairman meow"

So are they doing another Models of the runway show again?

I wouldnt go as far as Marisa Miller! but then again Marisa Miller is old.

Okay, what little interest I can drum up says: Half a point for "chairman meow," half a point for acknowledging interest in a supermodel's business skills (though you shoulda maybe called out Heidi Klum Samuels rather than Tyra, given the job you're on), and a full point for not caring about the runway music, "I'm there to do my job." Though if that means you walk the same whatever the beat is, you have bigger problems than being short for runway.

Really, good genes, good physical command of your body (or the ability to learn it fast) and a good work ethic = successful model, not necessarily interesting t.v.

Ok, people get this straight once and for all. The movie Fargo takes place almost exclusively in Brainerd, MN. Only one scene takes place in Fargo. Fargo is in North Dakota (you know, the state that everybody thinks is in Canada), not Minnesota. Yes, the people in northern MN do talk like that. A great number of people in Fargo also speak that way.

Also, since when is Saskatchewan the name of a city or town? It's the province!

Nobody understands people from the northern plains....someone has to explain it to all of you people who think the country is only the coasts with Chicago in the middle.

Kasey looks like a desperate old housewife. Awful! The last girl from Russia is gorgeous!

Okay, this is harsh, but she's a frickin' model, for pete's sake, so it's fair game:

Kasey looks like a freak. Of nature, not the fun-having kind. There's just all kinds of unpretty wrong going on there. Blergh.

I agree with previous commenters: there is no way I'm ever going to watch another episode of the boring-ass models aftershow. I may not have much of a life, but I have enough of one not to want to waste my life with that millenia-long half-hour ever again..

Brittany is by far my favorite. I have personally worked with her (as her photographer) not only is she completely versatile but her personally is incredibly full of positive energy. brittany is a model's model, meaning that even other models love to be in her company.

Brittany Oldehoff is by far, the most AMAZING model I have ever seen. She is fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! She is no rookie, watch out Project Runway! Florida is where the beautiful people come from! Go Brittany, go Brittany! Im your number one fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) Im your fan club president.

best of luck darling!

(although you don't quite need it)

Elisavetta looks plus sized.

Agree that Kasey looks like a freak of nature. Those pics are particularly unflattering. And apparently, she can't pose either.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anon 12:54: You said it! Yes--people from MN do speak that way, as do those from northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. People from The Cities, or here in Milwaukee, we're a special case. We think we don't have an accaent, but we do.
Anway, all the girls are lovely. It'll be fun to see who can actually put a sentence together.

What the hell is wrong with Sajko? I hope she's paired with the first designer to get auf'd. Honestly....even her picture is lifeless and without personality. Major yawn. My personal favorite? Gervais.

I'm from far north Mn - straight east of Fargo and north of Brainard (where most of Fargo the movie took place). And my stepmom could have been in that movie. Not everyone sounds like that, but we all sound funny to folks living on the coasts (I was mocked mercilessly for the "bayg" pronunciation once I moved east). I'm just happy to see the lovely model from the northern wilds of Mn!

I like Alison Gingerich. But why are they all so short? And they seem like they are bigger than the average runways models. WHICH I LIKE. They look much healthier. But also they don't seem to have the "oomph" of the previous seasons' models.

Absolutely going to watch this Season. Go Brandise! Canada is cheering for you and Chairman Meow of course too!

Love Brittany and Cerri!!!

Kelly was striking looking and beautiful in spirit. Too bad her designer Christiane got booted off of Project Runway first because I will miss seeing Kelly on Models of the Runway as well. Kelly handled criticism well and I was glad to see that she received quite a bit of air time in the first episode (season 2 of Models of the Runway). We will miss you Kelly.

i just love cerri's look. gorg

Now that the shows out I would have to say Holly has to win. She looks a lot better on tv than the photo they picked of her thats for sure!

Valeria is beautiful, all the best to her!

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