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Project Runway Season 7: Meet the Designers

They're here!

Amy Sarabi
Age: 26
Hometown: Plano, TX
Profession: Fashion designer; permalancer at Men's Active Old Navy
Favorite Designer: Christian Wijnants right now

Anna Lynett
Age: 23
Hometown: Whitefish Bay, WI
Profession: Printmaker and designer
Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and Band of Outsiders

Anthony Williams
Age: 28
Hometown: Birmingham, AL
Profession: Freelance designer
Favorite Designer: Zuhair Murad

Ben Chmura
Age: 30
Hometown: South Meriden, CT
Profession: Designer
Favorite Designer: Nicolas Ghesquiere and Marc Jacobs

Christiane King
Age: 30
Hometown: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Profession: Fashion designer
Favorite Designer: I love Marchesa and Balenciaga

Emilio Sosa
Age: 43
Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Profession: Costume designer
Favorite Designer: Charles James

Janeane Marie Ceccanti
Age: 28
Hometown: Willows, CA
Profession: Designer and owner, Janeane Marie
Favorite Designer: Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Jay Nicolas Sario
Age: 31
Hometown: The Philippines
Profession: Visual merchandiser and lead stylist for Gap Inc. in the kids' division
Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga

Jesse LeNoir
Age: 25
Hometown: Painesville, OH
Profession: Actor and fashion designer for House of Kilroy
Favorite Designer: Thom Browne and Tom Ford

Jesus Estrada
Age: 21
Hometown: Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Profession: Freelance designer
Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana

Jonathan Peters
Age: 29
Hometown: Woonsocket, RI
Profession: Technically, unemployed, but I prefer "independent freelance womenswear designer"
Favorite Designer: So many.

Maya Luz
Age: 22
Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Profession: Freelance designer!
Favorite Designer: Raf Simons for Jil Sander, Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Vivienne Westwood or Malcolm McLaren in the '70s

Mila Hermanovski
Age: 40
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Profession: Costumer, TV/film and personal stylist
Favorite Designer: Helmut Lang, Preen, Courreges, Balenciaga and Ralph Rucci

Pamela Ptak

Ping Wu
Hometown: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Profession: Design intern, assistant stylist, model, interpreter, reporter and freelance writer
Favorite Designer: Issey Miyake and Hussein Chalayan

Seth Aaron Henderson
Age: 38
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Profession: Fashion stylist and fashion designer
Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior

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whitefish bay represent

Remember when it used to be a year between seasons and those seasons rocked?

I can't help but think that the remainder of the seasons will suck because they're just cranking them out. (And this past season was freakin terrible. Damn you, producers.)

Well there was a year between these seasons, but that little legal battle between Lifetime and Bravo sort of put things on hold, remember?

They really didn't crank this one out...seriously, have you been following this at all?

Thanks for the early morning post, TLo! The vampire community thanks you!

I'm rooting for Jesse LeNoir. He looks like Patrick Bateman.

Based solely on these pictures, Mila and Ping are going to kick everyone else's asses.

Very international group, cool!

"Well there was a year between these seasons, but that little legal battle between Lifetime and Bravo sort of put things on hold, remember?"

Yea, I remember that. I mean when things were normal, before all the behind the scenes drama. :\

OH MY GOD that's awesome!!!!!Thank you, guys!!!!!

"Well there was a year between these seasons, but that little legal battle between Lifetime and Bravo sort of put things on hold, remember?"
They aren't cranking them out. Season 6 sat in the can for a year because of the legal battles.

No age on Ping Wu. She isn't one of those pre-teen Chinese gymnasts, is she?

Painesville, OH....let's see if we can keep that Buckeye losing streak going!

Nice to see Africa in the house.

Wow, I've actually seen a couple dresses designed by Jonathan in person...talented guy!

Very much looking forward to a new season unburdened by litigation! And in New York! With consistent judging!

So cool.

I'm so excited! Yay!!!!

Fucking awesome!!!!

I like that they have people from several countries.

I am PUMPED for Jesse LeNoir (yeah right), he's from Painesville, OH. To think I live a mere fifteen minutes from someone on Project Runway! Exciting.
We Ohioans have progressively been getting better. We went from Angela to third place in Althea.. so we're destined for a win, right? Right?

Otherwise, this cast looks awesome. If that means anything.

WooHoo - Painsville!!

suzq - re: OH's streak...Suede went to Kent, I wonder where Jesse went?

OMG - do any of (us)the OHIOANS sleep?


Is Suede from Ohio though? Kent has a pretty good fashion program it seems. But I'd rather forget about Suede...

Such a multicultural group this time around. Interesting. Whatever their intentions seeing more minorities on TV (in a fair light) is a good thing.

PLEASE make them more talented and less boring than last couple seasons, or else I'm going to have to hang up PR for good. :/

Doing some Facebook stalking, Jesse LeNoir went to UCF and apparently has a line with his brother called House of Kilroy.

Jonathan looks like Vincent. This should be interesting.

OMFG! I've seen Seth before.

I agree it's nice to see a more multicultural group, but I get a tiny bit of a Bai Ling vibe from Ping Wu.

Not a single designer from LA or NYC? Odd.

RI pride, baby!!

Though I just watched Jonathan's videos and the shorts he brought to show Tim....who the HELL would think those look good?!

Willows, CA??? SERIOUSLY? Aw yeah, NorCal makes its debut! i'll be rooting for Jeanne! See you 'round the truck stop, missy!

I just want to see their portfolios, and please god let them be more impressive than those of S6...

Portfolios, videos, etc. are up on Lifetime's website. I don't know why they took him on the show, the panel did NOT Like that Jesse guy. Zoe Glassner was her typical bitch self. "I'm young and sophisticated, right?" (so of course the poor guy has to say "Of course!" (and you're not a spiteful jerk at all, Ms. Glassner) "Well I would NEVER WEAR THOSE!" Ugh.

Just watched one of the Jesse LeNoir vids, and I'm loving him. He's inspired by WWII (which is my history major specialty) and the guy's a dish. A STRAIGHT dish. Too bad he's taken... I wonder if the influx in hot, straight, male designers is Lifetime's doing? Well if they're any good, then I shan't complain. ^_^

My baseless predictions:

Ben: first to be auf'd.
Maya: drama queen.
Jesse: will be criticized for taste issues.
Mila: fan favorite.
Anna Marie: Alex's new crush.
Amy: "the conceptual one."
Johnathan: will win it all.

Oh, on the note of Jesse's vids, WATCH HIS AUDITION TAPE NOW. Hil-freaking-larious. He should be an interesting one on the show, because he's not kidding when he says that he's an actor.

"I'm smart, young, self-taught... Straight."

Guy in bed with him: "Come back to beddd..."

Ooooooh, yes. I am so excited!

Finally, someone from the Philippines! Monique Lhuillier should be proud...

Mila is Louise II o__o!!

I'm rooting for Ping Wu :D

Oh my god, it's Ritchie Valens! How is there no Donna? How?!

I need to get this out of my system now...

*cues Sleep Walk*


Purely speculative prejudging based on no info at all because the Lifetime website is so slllloooooowwwwww....

Latino Elvis first to go
Jesse LeNoir? What is that, his porn name? Bet he's the jerk this season
Truck Stop Ben will go early too
Bring on the crazy will either be Jay or Janeane
Anna Marie will either be CH 2.0 or Angela 2.0... watch what happens (oops, that's old PR, right?)
Most likely to have a mid-season cry fest: Pamela
Emilio will hang around for quite a while, be a fan favorite and then go down in a blaze of whickety whack fug

I think that it's just the look on her face, but Mila reminds me of Christine Baranski. Anyway, she's going to be the bobbin thief.
Oh, and Anthony reminds me of some comic, but I can't remember his name. But again, maybe it's just the cheesy grin.
Come on, Seth, it's a promo photo, not a mug shot
Is Ping ageless?

Completely unfounded picks for final four:
Jesse (although we'll all hate him by then... think Jeffrey)
Jonathan (but he'll be fourth place)
Mila and Amy duking it out over the bitchy girl role

I'm intrigued by Jesus, but was a bit worried by his use of seal...

"I'm actually a big deal in Mexico..." =D

Just posted, but I had to add that Jonathan seems wonderful!

Grr, can't watch any of the videos on Lifetime!

Why hello there, Jesse! *purrs*

Too bad he's straight (or so the comments paint him out to be). A show can't be good without a little eye candy :)


So, the guy on the icon ISN'T Brad from TRZP?
*returns to coffee induced haze*
I can't care about them until later, then.

Ping Wu HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA what a fuckin name that is.

And if Jesse boy is straight, I am an intelligent and thoughtful contributor to this comments section. And we all (we as in me and TLo) know that's total horse shit.

Party on Garth

Um, Angela Keslar was born and raised in PA, went to PA schools through college... She's a Pennsylvanian, not really a Buckeye.

I think I may actually know Jonathan Peters. My brother lives around there and he looks REALLY familiar.
Also, am I the only one who thinks that pic of Jesus makes him look like Elvis???
Looking forward to seeing their profiles.

Jesse LeNoir to go out first, y/y?

Did anyone else look at Milla and just see Louise?...maybe I just haven't had my coffee yet.

I've never seen pants so aggressively off-trend as Jonathan's. Hello, 70s!

I already hate Pamela LOL

Jon said...

I already hate Pamela LOL

Me too. LOL.

AWESOME!!!!! Loving the diversity.

I've been watching the videos. Is anyone else as sick as I am of those repetitive Cotton commercials? It's a bit maddening.
Side note: I think Anthony is going to be a lot of fun!

Jesus, you are cute. A little pixie Elvis, from Mexico - I approve.

"And if Jesse boy is straight, I am an intelligent and thoughtful contributor to this comments section. And we all (we as in me and TLo) know that's total horse shit."

I've watched all of his vids, and I must say that he doesn't trigger my gaydar any (and I'd like to think that four years of theatre and colorguard with very gay teachers has calibrated it well). Also, he's engaged, and there are some pictures up of him with his fiance and they seem pretty legit in love.

Interesting bunch. None of them scream crazy to me yet though. Not like Ari Fish did. But one of them will be, we'll just have to wait. Why does Jesse look like he's at a country club? Seth is hot (and I love what he's wearing). Can't judge whether he's straight or not though. Also love what Christiane is wearing.

But sometimes I wonder, do they let the designers where their own clothes for these promo shots or do they get dressed by a stylist or something?

Does Lifetime just love a country bumpkin? (target audience?)

First chinstrap from mooseknuckle Minnesota

now pretty girl from Whitefish Pte WI?

Loves it!

Also pretty happy about the International representation of the rest of the designers. Can't wait!

vesperbeauty said: I've never seen pants so aggressively off-trend as Jonathan's. Hello, 70s!

Heh. My Aunt Marie had pants just like that. She tripped on the hem and broker her ankle.

Christiane had me until I saw the leg warmers.

OMG, it's like a month away, isn't it?!

I'm from Painesville Ohio. I hope this Jesse guy is good.

Also, someone's favorite designer is God?

I can hardly wait!

But I have my doubts about the Millionaire from Gilligan's Island and the one whose favorite designer is God.

This looks pretty epic. A lot of international designers this year. Usually they have one or two tokens; I'm curious to see how it changes the dynamic.

Even though the last season blew, I'm still pretty excited.


Favorite designer? God? Yeah, if you're into draping. I can smell the crazy.

I have a feeling Jesse will be a pain in the ass.

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

"Favorite Designer: God?"
Oh, dear.

And why is Jonathan wearing palazzo pants?

*disclaimer* i am not trying to be mean to anyone. just testing the waters...

Amy- cute girl...interesting outfit and background.

Anna- also cute...i look forward to her printmaking and hope it colourful.

Anthony- looks like a nice guy. what's with the trend of boring outfits though? did they make them
dress down?

Ben- gives off ALP vibe but i'm sure he has a different personality. right?

Christiane- um, legwarmers. but still boring.

Emilio- also looks like a nice guy. are we to be villainless again?

Janeane- a PRINT! and there was much rejoicing! cute!

Jay- gives off eau de Malvin but seems to prefer classic styles (based on his designer choices).

Jesse- crisp outfit. are you playing Captain von Trapp?

Jesus- emo cowboy. that is all.

Jonathan- hmm, Jimmy Neutron grows up, invents career

Maya- fierce and specific. looking forward to the fireworks, Diana Rigg.

Mila- fab shoes. Louise time-travels to the 60s.

Pamela- pain. I personally think God's a great designer but kinda hard to copy, no? Nice try.

Ping- love the print, but the cut is boring. PEOPLE YOU ARE ALREADY BORING ME.

Seth- Neverland Emo Boy.


Some of the videos are very funny. I like Jesus : )

Thanks tlo!!!!!

I know of Pam Ptak from a professional organization we both belong to (actually she may not still be a member, I'm not sure). She's really quite talented. The fave designer comment is a little weird, but hey, to each her own I guess.

Wow, so soon, very nice.


~robertryan said...

Wow, I've actually seen a couple dresses designed by Jonathan in person...talented guy!

Yes, he's very talented.

Interesting group of people.

Jesus is FABULOUS!


Ping? HA! Love her name!!!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Mailee ♥ said...

Such a multicultural group this time around.

Yes, very interesting, I like that.

What is Jonathan wearing?

Love Ben Chmura and his shoes. The boy is fab and he listed Nicolas Ghesquiere, also my favorite.


I hope it's a great season. This is my favorite show and I don't want to be disappointed : (

ALABAMA!!!! Wooo!!!!! I know who I'm pulling for, based solely on regional favoritism. Used to be Alabama only did well on American Idol...

Although I can't help but be a little intrigued by Hispanic Billy Idol. I think I must go watch some videos now...

Seth is the new ALP. I bet they know each other.

I get a Wendy Pepper vibe from Pamela. Maybe it's because she's an older woman and I absolutely hate what she chose to wear in her picture. And because she chose her favorite designer as god which means she is at least a little bit crazy...

I really hope this season is better than the last.

Jesus! ¡Viva el Sueño!

God Pre-Fall 2010 Collection.

I can see it coming.




Pamela- pain. I personally think God's a great designer but kinda hard to copy, no? Nice try.


Wendy Pepper lives!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said... I don't know why they took him on the show, the panel did NOT Like that Jesse guy.

Because he has issues written all over him. Look at him.

Thank you, guys! An early xmas gift.

I'm doing my happy dance!!!!! I totally just screeched like a 13-year-old girl.

Scary Mary said...


I know, right? Lifetime wants to put S6 behind asap.

Gotta root for Anna, being a WI native. Cheeseheads REPRESENTIN', yo.

TWO costume designers and a guy in a Captain's outfit? I'm hooked already.

Love already: Ben, Jesus, Jay, Christiane
Cannot stand already: Pamela, Jesse

I'm sort of in love with Jesse LeNoir, including his little cruise boat-captain blazer.

Lovin' Jesus Estrada as the Warhol Elvis.

Jesse is gayer than a pink christmas tree with feather ornaments. Bitch, please.

Emilio AUTOMATICALLY gets my vote for favorite simply because he's Dominican and we're never represented in anything but baseball, with the notable exception of Oscar de la Renta.
yaaaaaay Emilio!

I'm just saying- watch the vids before calling Jesse gay. Don't judge him by his jacket (which apparently is WWII vintage or something like that).

All these pants tucked into boots remind me of some good advice a friend once gave me:

Tucking your pants into your boots is like killing children. You can do it, but you better be damn sure about it.

For all the 40+ crowd out there, isn't Jonathan Peters in those wide-leg trousers looking kind of young, kind of now, Charlie! Kind of free, kind of Wow, Charlie!

AgnesDayne on 12/16/09 at 9:35 AM said...Wendy Pepper lives!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God! Someone WHO can sew.


If they designed their own outfits, I think Pamela has taste issues. Those shoes...ew! And WTF is up with Jesse's airline pilot jacket?

Christiane is my girl, based on her portfolio and just HER. I like this new group, lets just hope there is more than one "unconventional materials" challenge and less "make a pretty dress" challenges.

Hopefully that is Captain Steubing, and not Captain Smith (because I'm not sure this show can endure many more icebergs).


Janeane Marie Ceccanti
Jay Nicolas Sario
Christiane King

My top 3 ^^

and also, after the last season, i can't wait for this one to start..

Amy and Mila have the best shoes. And isn't that what really matters?

there's a FILIPINO?!
These guys look pretty interesting...I predict a good season.

I'm very pleased to see that there are far fewer visible tattoos that has been the case in the past.

"Favorite Designer: God"
I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I feel like this lady is going to get on everyone's nerves.

Interesting that so many of them put Balenciaga as their favorite designer. I can't wait to see what Ping Wu puts out, because it's tough to match up to Issey Miyake and Hussein Chalayan.

PR Internazionale! Most of these people look interesting, some even adorable. I also like the mix of ages – could have used a couple of older folks, but at least there are some in their thirties and a couple over 40. Looks promising! Except for a few superficial, unfounded thoughts

Seth – knob
Jesse - knob
Maya – Looks 42, not 22.
Pamela – I do NOT want to hear about Jesus all season, and she’s done horrible things to her legs with that skirt and those shoes.
Jesus – You’re supposed to leave your wellies in the mud room. Oh, and knob.

One last thing - Miss Anna? You're representing Whitfish Bay/Metro Milwaukee. Please don't be a bitch.

Okay, Seth Aaron Henderson's picture makes him look like he's trying desperately to be young- but then I saw his home visit video. Aaw.

Tamarama said...

PR Internazionale! Most of these people look interesting, some even adorable.

I agree, I'm so excited.

I can't wait to hear Heidi saying, "Jesus, you're in. You can leave the runway."

thank god is back in ny and pls don't let this be another lame ass season

There were two other Ohioans I seem to remember, both from Columbus, I think: Terry and _____, who looked like Beverly D'Angelo.

Um - I think Jonathon is wearing the same pants I did. To a 7th grade dance. In 1974.

Go Wisconsin!!!!!

Maya scares me, I bet she's fierce.

I think Jesus looks exactly like Kerr Smitch, circa Dawsons Creek.

Thrilled to see some "more mature" designers in the group.

Despite Season 6, I'm looking forward to the new season. Let's hope they've fixed everything they broke last season.


Awesome! Thanks, guys! I won't get any work done today. One more vote for Jesus :)



16 contestants? largest group ever, no?

Quite a variety!


OMG yay! There's a Rhode Islander!!

I cannot look at Jesse without a dozen great Ted Knight lines running through my brain from Caddyshack.

"You'll get nothing and like it"!

there are so many!

Pamela's favorite designer is "God." Oy vey.

And what's with so many of the guys wearing white pants?

Wow, this group APPEARS to be a pretty good group just from the pictures and the people they've named as favs. There was some of the lesser knowns mixed in instead of just "Alexander McQueen" "Vivienne Westwood" "DVS" "YSL". I have to say, this group 'LOOKS' like a group of designers where last season looked like a group of random people thrown together. Can't wait.

re: all the Ohio talk around Jesse: I have lived 35 of my 36 years in Ohio, and I just had to look up where the heck Painesville is. But, go Ohio, anyway! And BK, the other Ohioan you are thining of is Kelli Martin.

Wow, this group is really diverse. Hopefully this'll be an interesting season.

Were the only criteria this year VERY GAY, VERY YOUNG, or VERY HOT? (Or a combination of the three?)

VERY interesting looking group. I really, really want to be excited about Season 7, but the dismaying thoughts of Season 6 keep creeping into my mind.
At least the show will be back in NYC, no??

OK... I love Johnathan's pants. I made myself a pair recently. Maybe he and I are just so far ahead of everyone else in fashion that ya'll don't even know it yet.

Or we could both look like fools in public...

The only crank is the stuff you must have put in your coffee, Megan.

Favorite designer: "GOD" ????

Oh this is gonna be gooood.

Most of them are babies. Should be interesting to watch. Go New Mexico. -- New Mexican

Seth looks older than 38, much older

Hey - I think y'all are being too hard on Pam. I think naming God as your favorite designer is a pretty interesting choice.

Except for Maya and Jesus, all of them are dressed so terribly! Jesse's outfit is especially ill-fitting.

Variance said...Does Lifetime just love a country bumpkin? (target audience?) First chinstrap from mooseknuckle Minnesota now pretty girl from Whitefish Pte WI?

Whitefish Bay is definitely not the country. It’s on the near-northeast side of Milwaukee. Near meaning it’s one of those that’s so close you don’t ever notice that you’ve left Milwaukee and entered Whitefish Bay. And it’s raaahhhther. There’s money in that there bay. Lake shore mansions & all.

Yaaaay!!! This is so exciting. I love all of this pre-season speculation. Great international cast, but who's representing NYC? Anyway, no worries ---- I guess. Again, this is very exciting and I'm more pumped about this than Christmas!

- edina -

I want to watch the casting videos but the commercials before each one is so annoying! Come on Lifetime, at least skip a video or two before subjecting me to watch the same thing over and over.

The sheer number of foreign-born designers in this group makes me very happy. Does anyone else think that the number of foreign-born designers in the competition has increased?

Ping in particular makes me very happy, as I'm currently writing a research proposal on the inspirations of modern Chinese fashion designers. 加油 Ping!

Alex, tell us who your new crush is so we can automatically put her in the top three!

Bold prediction: Heidi will hate the designers who are over 40.

Anna gets my vote because she's a printmaker!

Okay, I'll bite:

What the hell is a PERMALANCER??

Permanent Freelancer? If so, how are you a permanent anything at age 26, and why does freelancer need a modifier?

On the other hand, maybe it's someone who sticks pins into chemically treated hair. . .??

rhode island??? rhode island!!!! yay!
i hope jonathan rocks!
i'm loving the diversity too.

by the way, bravo is running season 3 all day!!

Based on nothing but their photos I'm backing Emilio, Jonathan and Mila! Oh and I have to support Janeane Marie.... I'm a Jeanne Marie!
And Ben is apparently going to try to hypnotize them with shiny shoes!!!

Beautiful Monday said: Jonathan- hmm, Jimmy Neutron grows up, invents career

ha! Exactly right. That ridiculous Dairy Queen hair. And the pants? Didn't we leave phat pants with the skaters in the 90's? No? We should have.

Also, Jesus = teh hawt

I have already decided that Pamela Ptak and I are probably not going to get along. Based on her outfit and "God is the best designer" answer there really is no hope.

On the other hand I do enjoy the absurdness of Jonathan Peters and his wide leg trousers and the fact that unlike the others who say "independent freelance designer," he answered unemployed. A++

Brooklyn Bomber said...

Okay, I'll bite:

What the hell is a PERMALANCER??

I work free lance in TV production, for us it is someone who works essentially full-time somewhere but isn't an "employee" (i.e. no benefits, vacation, sick leave). You submit an invoice for hours but usually don't have any other (or many other) paying gigs.
So, I'd heard the expression before.

First impression is that the majority of them were cast for eccentric personality and reality show drama...not for talent.

I mean...come on...Captain LeNoir and Seth WannabeAdamLambert ...ugh...posers! which are the 3 or 4 that were actually cast for their talent...

insert sarcasm emoticon here

amy - nothing special, they might keep her around for the bitchiness factor
anna - too precious for words! seriously, how could she not come from the midwest. I hope she lasts a while.
anthony - class clown that will have a crying fit in week 2 and be out by week 4
ben - jackass, and what's with the shoes?
christiane - pretty, and seems nice enough, but judging from her personal fashion sense (leg warmers, really?) she won't last long
emilio - i like him, he's cute, reminds me of emmerson
janeane - meh, no opinion here, gives off a bit of a hippie environmentalist vibe
jay - i smell major drama queen... hope they keep him around
jesse - well, you could be cute if you got some of that grease out of your hair and stopped trying to look like an extra from "officer and a gentleman" - also, OHIO REPRESENT!
jesus - ok i change my mind - THIS is the major drama queen, I mean come on, his name is JESUS for christ's sake, he's gonna be fun, I want him and philipino kid to get into a cage match
jonathan - me likey, i smell possible fan favorite, and he's cute
maya - she looks fun, and I think she has a definite style, can't wait to see what she does
mila - does anyone else get the weird dominatrix vibe from her? maybe it's just the name
pamela - you're 47 and you dress like you're 12, and you're favorite designer is God... mkay then...
ping - her and mila could have a really weird S&M dungeon going, seriously is it just me, does anyone else get this vibe
seth - no, just no...

Thanks, JMB. I figured someone would know!

Mila reminds me of the fashion designer in The Incredibles!

le sigh

I'm not pumped. I hope to be pumped by the time the season begins. The new production company's take on the show just turned me off, and that's not going to change in season 7.

But keep 'em coming, TLo - you're my only chance to get excited for the show again!

Dibs on Ben! Yum!

Anyone who references Charles James is an early favorite for me. Go Emilio Sosa!

Pam - There are some serious taste issues here if that is the outfit/shoes she has chosen to wear. I am already rolling my eyes at her. The last time I checked, God hasn't launched a fashion line.


Wow Anna and Maya need to learn about confident posture.

I'll be sure to look for Tim Gunn while I'm home in Whitefish Bay over Xmas. Also will be asking who knows this Anna girl.

Thank GOD there are not any LA or NYC designers. I hope I never have to hear about "how hardcore NYC designers are and how much the city inspired them" stfu. we have heard it all before, IRINA.

Wow, there's a designer from Pittsfield! I go to college in that area, so that's probably the closest to home PR is going to get for me.

Unfortunately, she's already annoying me. Orange and pink CAN look good together. Not in this case. And God? Really? *sigh*

and jesse lenoir and maya just seem like total stereotypical villainous types

Anyone else think that Jesse LeNoir looks like Kurt Hummel at the 10th Year Reunion?

Pamela has early elimination written all over her tacky skirt. Ugh.

San Diego represent!

I love how if a designer isn't grinning, all the comments automatically assume that person will be this season's "villain."

So Amy couldn't be bothered to change out of her laundry day outfit before going to Lifetime studios to get her picture taken?

Pamela looks like she has bathed in some Wendy Pepper crazy and that makes me excited.

Can we call that one guy The Captain?

Also, nice to see some more older folks in the mix.

Yay WI! Go Whitefolks Bay!

I already love Emilio beyond any amount of reason or sense.

Likewise, I already really, really hate Jesse.

Wow... rooting for the paisa from Mazatlan (God it must have taken UNGODLY courage to grow up as a gay fashion designer to be in the narco capital of the universe, watch out for him that boy must have resilience and will) and the awesome chick from Abidjan. Go Mexico and Cote D'Ivoire!

Yeah just on the producer's behalf, the (suck) season we just saw was filmed-what? Almost a year ago? I'll give this one a chance.

I wonder if the "Fave designer=God" lady is going to be some kind of freak.

Looks to be an interesting season.

Loving the diverse group and nice to see some designers from New England! :)

Unless I missed it, I am surprised noone commented on the length of Jesse's white pants (with the black shoes)

Brian said...
Tucking your pants into your boots is like killing children. You can do it, but you better be damn sure about it.

Best line of the day!

Rooting for Jesus and I reeeaaaaally hope he's nothing like Ricky. We need a good designer representing Mexico.

Watched videos til I couldn't take the commercials anymore. They seem twice as loud as the videos. Ugh.

Seem to be taste issues with Pamela and Jesse in particular. I am betting that flamboyant audition tape got him by. Because some of those color choices in the casting session were heinous. Worse yet, he didn't seem to detect a problem with them.

anonymous 12:23 said I'll be sure to look for Tim Gunn while I'm home in Whitefish Bay over Xmas.

Don't bother. They've done the home visits already. See this interview with Tim from back in November.

Yay! Thanks TLo for the fab preview...
I am SO thrilled to see so many fly-over areas represented (not to mention WFB here in the greater Milwaukee area..) I do hope Anna does not make a whiney ass of herself.
Other than that--I will wait for it all to unfold in front of me before ripping anyone. Ooooh can't wait!

Unattractive People Need Not Apply.

Andrea from FL

It's awesome to see so many people on here from Whitefish Bay. I went to high school with Anna, although I didn't know her really well, but I'm definitely going to be pulling for her. Her clothes are gorgeous, too.

Favorite designer is God? I HATE when people answer with that. Such a copout and is extremely holier than thou.

Otherwise, i like the diversity of this group. Could be interesting.

I'm super-stoked to see what Ping puts out (the oddness of her name as pointed out by others is completely lost on me--guess some people just aren't around a lot of Chinese people) because Chinese street fashion has not been in the forefront of Asian style. JStreet is universally known; the Korean wave that has recently taken over Asia has also brought Korean fashion into the forefront (also, Korean fashion sites are getting increased notice from Western fashion bloggers). Chinese-American fashion designers have been incredibly influential in the West--Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, etc.--but most of them have been trained and raised in the States.

I was just in Ping's hometown this summer and it'll be very interesting to see what kind of vibe her clothes will have. Chengdu is known for its easy-going people and a common image of Chengdu life is drinking and playing chess while soaking your feet in the river; Chengdu is also known for its tea shops, poets, and artists. Chengdu citizens are said to be uncaring about amassing material wealth, choosing instead a carefree and artistic lifestyle [very different mentality from other Chinese cities] and the cost of living there is also low. Chengdu was also effected by the Sichuan Earthquake some years ago. Chengdu is also known for its beautiful women and fine cuisine.

I still regret the day I walked out of a mall in China without having purchased this wonderful jacket designed in the style of Yohji Yamamoto/Comme des Garcons :(

They're here!!!

And I'm not ready.

"And if Jesse boy is straight, I am an intelligent and thoughtful contributor to this comments section. And we all (we as in me and TLo) know that's total horse shit."

If he was gay, those pants he's wearing would actually be flattering.

@Gelft said...
Brian said...
Tucking your pants into your boots is like killing children. You can do it, but you better be damn sure about it.

Best line of the day!

I second this. LMAO!

Tamarama - It's suburban MILWAUKEE, not NYC, not Miami, not LA.

Money or not...FCOL it's MILWAUKEE!

Now, I have a Grosse Pointe to get back to...

and the tucking pants being like killing children....priceless!

Oh, Lord. Look, I'm as religious as the next... somewhat quietly religious person... er, you get the idea. Anyhow, I've always said one reason I believe in God is because of sunsets, which are a marvel of beauty, but in no way do I think that putting down "God" as your favorite designer is anything but crazy. You know that's not what they're asking, lady. Plus, I really doubt there's going to be a challenge involving creating a person out of clay.

About the rest, no real opinion yet, because I'm waiting to look into the details until my sweetie comes home and can view them with me.

I really doubt there's going to be a challenge involving creating a person out of clay.

Tina, you are awesome.

12/16/09 2:21 PM Favorite designer is God? I HATE when people answer with that. Such a copout and is extremely holier than thou.

So mentioning God is crazy - but I don't think there would have been the same reaction had she said (mother) nature.

A list of questions - favorite designer - (mother)Nature. I constantly am surprised and amazed by the lovely "designs" I see in nature. The shapes, the colors, the patterns - practical and impractical.

There likely was some editing with respect ot their answers, you know.


Hmmm...I'm going to have to put aside my abiding dislike of all things Gap so that I can at least try not to hate Jay Nicolas Sario.

And Pam, bless you,but listing God as your favorite fashion designer?
OK, deep breath, I'm going to go look at their portfolios, look for their talent and work on my personal sin of prejudging others. Sigh.

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