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Project Runway Season 7: Meet Christiane King

Drama queen on deck, y'all!

Christiane King
Age: 30
Hometown: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Favorite designer(s)?
It used to be Emanuel Ungaro. Now I love Marchesa and Balenciaga.
What is a fashion must?
Any of my designs.
What is your design training?
Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design.
What's influenced your designs over the years?
My greatest inspiration has always been the woman's body.
What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?
Silks, silks, silks! I use mostly wovens. I like to sculpt and drape fabrics around the body.
Do you prefer patterns or solids?
I'm as much into prints as into solids. Right now I've been using more solids.
What are your favorite colors?
LOVE colors! Reds, purples, greens, blues. Bright and deep, not as much into pastels.
What fashion faux pas drives you crazy?
To wear something that does not represent you as a person. Be yourself when dressing!
Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?
Rami Kashou.
Project Runway challenge you wish they'd bring back for your season?
Grocery store challenge. I think you can be so creative with it.

We love anyone who gives her age as "29 years of fabulous" (especially if she's 30) and we raise our glasses to anyone who will openly admit that they plan to bring drama to the proceedings. But enough psychoanalysis. What about the clothes?

Well, the girl's got skills, no doubt. And she loves color, which is always welcome. We were able to tell who her favorite designer was just by looking at her portfolio. It's got a very Marchesa vibe to it. And of course Uncle Nick loved her, she does one goddess gown after another. However, we can just hear Nina and The Duchess now: It's all too overworked. She needs to pick one design element per dress and just use that one instead of throwing the kitchen sink at a dress form. We like some of the pieces very much but some of them are a bit on the tacky side.

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Her fashion faux pas makes me crazy. It's just too precious and pretentious.

I am liking her portfolio, though, and am interested to see her style in the challenges.

I can't bear to look at these. My eyes bleed.

My favorite so far. And color! Thank GOD!

"Tim Gunn wants me"...she's funny, too.

I like her use of color, but the drapes Wilma dress make work my nerves.

In that video still, I thought she was holding up one of those nipple camouflage shields and wondering what that was all about.

I agree that some of her dresses are on their way to Tacky Town, (I especially dislike the halters with the mismatched boobs), but I think she's got something that will benefit from working with Tim.

I just hope the drama she's bringing isn't the phony, affected camera-whore kind. Then again, one of her top 5 reasons for being on the show was that Tim wants her - so there's hope that she's just naturally (dare we say, delightfully?) delusional.


Several of the pieces almost make it, but are a bit off, and need a bit of tweaking. The two blue (one dark, one light) knee length dresses, though not my personal taste, are the only two I can see that work as is. And maybe the Marchesa-ish white bow gown (though, again, not my taste).

I do appreciate that she has a sense of humor; her 5 reasons are cute.

Anyone who says "I'm bringing the drama" needs a kick in the teeth. I hope this is not going to turn into Project Real World with the B/M team.....

Sorry - had to get that out.....

I like that her collections have color, but I'm not crazy about letting the boobs hang's no longer cleavage, it's porn. Alter the garment and dress those boobies, s'il vous plait.

Love the color but nothing that hasn't really been seen before. I do love drapey goddess gowns but hers are just okay for the most part. Nothing spectacular

I don't see any kitchen sinks. Like all of the looks, except the green and white one with that big strip of white fabric covering one boob but not the other. That looks rather toga-ish. But the rest? Gorgeous!

We like some of the pieces very much but some of them are a bit on the tacky side.

My thoughts exactly. I really dislike the color blocked boobs, and I think the blue jacquard gown with the silver trim looks like it was made from cheap polyester and rayon trim. But we'll see...

Overworked, poorly styled, and with varying degrees of visual interest. (I rather loathe the bow dress; would never want that cabbagey bow exploding out of my chest, thanks.)
Love the colours!

OK, love her, not crazy about her designs (except one or two); kind of like I felt about Kayne.

Yay for the drama! PR without drama might as well watch paint dry.

How fitting that she loves draping, and Rami is her favorite former PR'er.

I like a couple of them, but for the most part they remind me of Barbie clothes.

Of course, if they bring back the Barbie challenge, she's set.

They're not all my cup of tea, but as many others have already said, how refreshing to see some color! I can't help but feel that all these designers sticking with blacks and neutrals stems less from personal preference than from the fact that it's just easier to take color out of the equation. As far as I'm concerned, a good command of color is an essential element of fashion design--using all black is just lazy.

Hey '90s!

Overworked, but I'm so happy to see all that color that I don't care. Like another poster said, not using color is just lazy.

News flash: Neutrals are not a creative, individual choice IF EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT TOO.

That red piece towards the end looks nice.

meh, seen it all before.

To say that some of them are on the tacky side is an understatement, dears!
Much of that collection looks like it came out of a Sassy Magazine prom spread circa 1991.

I guess overworked might be the right word - because in many of her looks I like parts, but not hte whole.

I do like the blue and purple audition dress.

You know, really OMG is expressive enough it doesn't need F'ng thown in there - sorry nails on chalkboard.

Oh and the third look - how the fabric is "brought in" under the breast, where it attaches to the waistband.. Reminds my of the outfir that got that first designer cut on TFS.

Gorgeous Things - totally agree about that blue dress with the trim.

Edit edit edit! If this show teaches her that - she will be awesome. The red sheath following the blue prom dress (if your going to the prom as a 12 year old barbie) is uber chic. I hope she figures it out.

her designs remind me a lot of jerrell scott...low taste level, overworked, tacky...

I agree on the tacky part, but I will take tacky over boring any day - and after this last season of PR tacky is GOOD.

And who doesn't need a little drama in their lives? :o)

The blue dress with the trim? The skirt fabric reminds me of the first and last dress I ever made, for Christmas my 8th grade year (1991, if you must know)
I loved my Walmart fabric then, now, it just makes me cringe.

Her clothes are not my cup of tea at all! But she is adorable.

I mostly likey - but she does have some problems with her trim, no?

She seems to enjoy overdoing trims - especially the wide, shiny braided trim on the blue & the purple. Yikes.

Odd, but I do like the enormous gift-bow on the white evening gown.

Some of her skirt silhouette's seem just a tiny bit off too - a little too full at the waist/hip, a little to straight through the leg, not on all of them, but some.

Agree that she needs to edit, but there have been some very successful PR peeps that started out 'needing to edit.'

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Gorgeous Things said: and I think the blue jacquard gown with the silver trim looks like it was made from cheap polyester and rayon trim."

Yeah. I was thinking it looks like an Elizabeth I inspired prom dress.

When I look at her fabric choices, I wonder if it's a taste issue, or if (maybe) she's just getting started, isn't selling yet, and simply can't afford better fabric. Having been a struggling artist myself, I know that when you're getting started, you often just make the best of what materials you can afford.

I guess we'll see.

She also has editing issues - another issue that all artists have, and have to learn to deal with. It's how they eventually learn to deal with those editing issues that separates the successful ones from the rest.

I think all that makes her a diamond in the rough, that is going to make her progress interesting to watch.


Her portfolio isn't really my personal taste, but I like her and think she's as cute as a button. But, like others have posted, I agree, many pieces are overworked and she seems to rely heavily on the same themes and components for each design. Also, too much going on with the styling; embellishment, belts, chunky necklaces, studs, etc.

On a completely unrelated note, her wedding pics are really sweet and her husband is freakin' gorgeous.


Some of these are very prom-like. Others are nice. I'm guessing it's the drama they want from her.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Thank heaven, color! Now if she can learn to edit, she may go places. She's definitely got potential.

But if nothing else, yay, color!

Yay for color and prints. Yay for body sculpting with fabric. But every design to which she attached some kind of trim is really cheap looking and craptastically overwrought.

i love the green one-shouldered dress with pleats.

She must be doing something right. I looked at her website and she's got some celebrities wearing her designs!

A portfolio is just that; a carefully conceived and crafted collection of the designer's previous work. Who knows what she (or any of the designtestants) will come up with when faced with a ticking clock, a (perhaps wacky and out of their comfort zone) challenge and a roomful of their peers. Leave the portfolios at the door on premiere night; all bets are off when the workroom opens.

I like her fitted sheath style dresses. The lime green and two tone with them all over running stitch are my favorite.

"Because Tim Gunn wants me"..??!?! Ugh. Another self-absorbed, over-confident 30 year old. She'll have a great big rude awakening when the judges don't just swoon over her designs and think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Eh...whatever.

I think that was intended as a joke... At least I thought it was funny! not like her use of trim, at all, nor the 90s-prom vibe to a lot of the dresses - and she really needs to edit.

On the other hand: COLOR! HALLELUJAH!

I do like the one-shoulder green dress quite a bit.

The first five looks remind me of Firefly: Western with a hint of something futuristic in the cut and some of the materials. I think it's fun, but my cosplay instincts usually don't match up to the judge's idea of fashion. I wonder if she might be more successful and happy doing costume design, even if that's usually seen as inferior to fashion. But it might be a better place for her creativity to work.

Some interesting pieces, but she needs some serious editing.

I love her ideas! But, as everyone has pointed out, she seems to overwork things and tries too many things at once. If she can learn that (e.g., just say NO to mismatched boob colors) then I think she can go very far.

Even with the potential for tacky, she's my favorite so far.

She shows a lot of promise. I really like the reddish (russet?) dress near the end with the pleat work on the side. I'll give her the fabric choice and assume it is a budget issue until proven otherwise, since she does have some nice fabric and more subtle colors.

This is a contestant who has the talent and skills and could greatly benefit from working with Tim, Nina and Michael, if she listens to them. The "drama" comment is troubling, and I hope she focuses more on design than drama!

I don't mind the overworking of some of the pieces. She is just showing what she can do, which is a lot. It's typical of a young, talented designer with strong skills. The trim has got to go, though.

Nice to see rich beautiful colors!!

I loved the first four rows of looks and then....*shudder!* One end of the spectrum to the other. But she is amusing, full of herself and uses color and shape so I'm interested to see what she brings to the table.

I too love the green one with the pleats. Gorgeous. The rest is, indeed, bordering on tacky, but color is so much more interesting than black on black on black. I'm interested in seeing what she'll do.

She has a few more current looks on her website ( aren't shown above, including an impressive group of celebrities wearing her designs. I think she looks promising!

Well, I like her use of color, and the blue/green halter gown is cute, but I feel like I've seen all of the looks many times before.

Still, maybe she'll make an interesting personality!

Her stuff is butt ugly.

I don't know what everyone's complaining about. I love this stuff and would gladly wear most of it.
Lots of detailing is only problematic when it's not executed properly, or if there's some other blatant flaw that distracts. What she does, she does well and I think her choices seemed deliberate-not messy. Looking forward to this season (it HAS to be better than the last one!)

say what you want about tacky--Marchesa is all over the runways.

It will be great to see how someone like this responds to the continuous direction of Nina and The Duchess as she obvi has some skill.

and personally, I loved the white bow dress and wish I had somewhere to wear it.


did I say runways? I meant red carpets...too much champagne or too little coffee....


I can see her doing well if she can simplify and edit on the show, because you know all that frippery will take tons of time and be met with less-than-positive reactions from the judges. But I definitely think she's coming from an interesting point of view. I want to like her clothes, they're almost there, but not quite. It doesn't help that the second dress is there, or second in the order for that matter, that one leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. There's also aren't many separates or sportswear so she may not go very far. At least, won't win.

Completely agree with theNYCourier on this one. I dread what she produces on set.

Okay, there's a whole lot of tacky going on here, but see the red cap-sleeve dress (heavy matte fabric)? I would wear that in a heartbeat. I think she's got potential.

Despite many caveats, I like her clothes overall. Yes, most every dress would be improved (in my opinion) by removing or toning down at least one design element. And my personal taste runs to bodices which are shaped with seams, darts, pleats or even boning, not to swathes of draped and gathered material.

But I like the colors, I like the way they fit the women and I like the way she plays with different shapes and techniques.

And I'm guessing she learns from experience; the items she showed at her audition would NOT have been the ones I'd have thought the best of her portfolio, but they got her on the show.

I hope she's as smart as she seems she might be and less irritating on camera than it seems she might be.

She won't win. Its not one of her 5 reasons for being on the show.

Another note: I WANT that 3rd dress. Too bad "the Girls" wouldn't fit properly!


I don't know, I thought the clothes were boring, compared to some of the other S7 contestants. I think she'll be gone in 4 episodes.


I was familiar with Christiane King's designs before Project Runway so you all may consider me biased.  But I have to say that based on the designs that I have come to know from Christiane, the comments here seem overwhelmingly harsh and in general off base.  Like someone else mentioned above, I strongly suggest that you all visit Christiane's website.  Aside from seeing more of her deisgns and more flattering pictures than are shown above, in her "Celebrities" section you will see Katerina Graham wearing one of Christiane's dresses on a magazine cover, Lauren Maher, Olivia Munn and other celebrities wearing her designs. And it seems that she's adding something new every time I check her site.  So if her designs are as tacky as is suggested here, I guess tacky is the new "in" thing with the celebrities.

so confused. the best dress of the night ... and she was eliminated????

I agree! They made the wrong choice! On a positive note, I looked up Christiane's Facebook fan page and it looks like she's still doing great things

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