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Project Runway Season 7: Meet Amy Sarabi

Goodness, bitches! PRS7 starts in 3 weeks! We've got some prejudging to do!

Amy Sarabi
Age: 26
Hometown: Plano, TX

Favorite designer(s)?
Christian Wijnants right now, but my all-time favorites are Hussein Chalayan and Martin Margiela.
Current occupation?
Fashion designer; permalancer at Men's Active Old Navy.
What is a fashion must?
Black tights.
What is your design training?
BFA and intensive training in womenswear, menswear and illustration.
Have you won any awards related to design?
GenArts Fresh Faces in Fashion contest and the International Duperre Award from AoF, among others.
What's your favorite material or fabric to work with?
Linen and cotton voile.
What are your favorite colors?
Black and nude/flesh tones.
Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?
Jay McCarroll.
Project Runway challenge you wish they'd bring back for your season?
Grocery store challenge.
Project Runway challenge you hope they don't bring back?
Menswear for an athlete.

Alright, take away our bitch cards if you must, but we like her. She's pretty fabulous, with a strong personal style and a sweet personality. Something tells us when the chips are down and she's back against the wall and other cliches, that she'll reach deep down inside herself and release her inner bitch. It's all very Jedi in fashion, darlings.

Anyway, let's look at her portfolio:

It's interesting. Sort of a combination of professional polish coupled with fashion student innovation. That's not a bad combination to have in this contest. Remember Ari Fish? That's what happens when you have innovation, but no polish.

Clearly, the girl loves her techniques. As always with this show, it's about marrying your design fallbacks to the expectations of the judges and the dictates of the challenge. If she can keep that level of polish to her work while at the same time giving the judges reason to say "How did you do that?" she'll stay in the game a while.

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I generally liked her answers, and her designs seem interesting, but the tumor/fungus thing in the middle of the black dress? Freaked me out big time. Can't look at it.

While I agree with your assessment, I get the feeling she's going to either over do (or one trick pony) the hell out of her pieces. That, or get so consumed in giving these wow pieces that she spends more time on the technical and less on the design.

She's adorable, and her designs are certainly diverse... but her portfolio, interesting as it is, makes me concerned that she, like Althea, is unclear on the concept of boobs. Ace bandages are not a shirt, dear.

I think the weird fungus look was my favourite. I did not like the shredded toilet paper top atrocity. But the colours she used for her outfits I find quite appealing.

"What are your favorite colors?
Black and nude/flesh tones.

Favorite designer from past seasons of Project Runway?
Jay McCarroll."

Me likee the second answer (still the most original & refreshing final collection); the first answer, not so much (in recent seasons it seems we've had too much black & nude).

But her work looks interesting, I'm just wondering if she'll be able to reconcile that detail with the time constraints she'll be dealing with. But we shall see. Looks promising.


Lovelovelove the mushroom looks! And I agree, she's very sweet : )

The fungus thing in the black dress is one of the few designs I liked. I'm just looking forward to the new season and PR getting back to normal.

Lets tie some fabric into knots and call it fashion, shall we?

I see Christopher in her--the same thing every week. I don't really like her stuff, but just because its not for me means I don't think it would really work for someone else. But it's either boring or waytoomuch. She seems nice though. I have a feeling I'll enjoy her more than her outfits.

As always with this show, it's about marrying your design fallbacks to the expectations of the judges and the dictates of the challenge. If she can keep that level of polish to her work while at the same time giving the judges reason to say "How did you do that?" she'll stay in the game a while.


Those look like doggie doodles all over that first piece and the silver coat. And the fungus thing in the center of that one dress...reminds me of the sarlacc pit in "Return of the Jedi."

Either way, I do look forward to her construction techinques being utilized in the competition!

I have a feelinf she's ALL about the inner bitch. LOL Can't wait! Love the dress with the magic stay-up strap.

I can not get behind any designer who thinks "black tights" are a fashion must.

Additionally, her white rope shirt (outfit #3) reminds me of what Angela did for the grocery store challenge.

Thanks for doing this, there are many of us reading the blog who are unable to dowload the videos as we don't live in the US.

She looks cute! I'm not totally in love with her portfolio, but I'll bet she'll make interesting TV!

I'm mesmerized by the mushroom pieces. They are beautiful!

Hated everything except the last four looks. Those are fantastic, but look exceedingly time consuming to create. Time constraints might play a BIG part of her success or failure on the show. If she sends a bunch of that knotted stripes of fabric sorta-dickie thing down the runway, Nina will FREAK!

On the other hand, that's always a good thing for us.

And while I too love me some black, black tights as your one fashion must? Color me concerned.

The more I look at the mushroom dresses, the more I like them, but that first one . . . the knotted grey and black one . . . it just reminds of my dog's rawhide chew toys. I can't help imagining the model being swarmed by Jack Russell Terrors.

That model is awesome.

How neat! A dress that comes with its own juicer!

Good to see another hometown girl on the show though.

Love her!

She definitely has a point of view. I'm intrigued.

Not crazy about her portfolio. It's a little to tumor-y for my taste. But it is interesting.

Hmmmmm I like it. I am a big fan of the textures created from manipulating the fabric. Shows innovation and fun. And I love her because SHE loves black tights.

I spent a snowed-in weekend checking out Lifetime's "Meet the Designers" (btw: I highly recommend) pages and had already counted Amy in as one of my pre-season favorites.

Any girl who lists black tights as a fashion must and Jay McCarroll as her PR favorite designer is awesome in my book. I didn't love everything in her portfolio, but totally appreciate the skill and craftsmanship necessary to create such innovative designs. I hope she's able to keep it up throughout the competition, but doesn't get too bogged down in her own aesthetic and design sensibility.


I really, really hope that she will put some visually interesting stuff on the runway, which goes far in my book, especially after last season.

While I may have a nitpick here and there - cinched ankles, more splashes of color would be nice, I like the funky pieces in her portfolio. I doubt that I will like everything that she produces but hopefully I will remember to appreciate the differentness in between my derisive and WTF tirades. Although the gloves will be unapologetically off if she goes the safe and boring route.

I didn't read after I read "Favorite colors: black and flesh/nude tones"


Love the mushroom/fungus pieces. They're truly innovative and fresh. Pretty much hate everything else. But she clearly has a strong design esthetic that's nothing like what you'd pull off the racks at the mall so she gets point for that. Is she another Persian Princess? Who knew there were so many Iranians in Texas?

I like her. She's a fan of Jay and she's game for weird materials challenges. That's a good place to be.

That 'thing' in the middle of the black dress looks alive and organic sort of like the mouth parts of a giant leach. It creeps me out and makes me wonder if you touched it would your fingers come back as bloody stumps. However, all that weird knot tying stuff is good practice for a dumpster diving project. Or the grocery store one. Dumpster diving behind a grocery store. That's it.

I am very confused by that black lace thing with the black leggings. Very confused.

She's another Iranian.... so many of them design, like Elie Tahari, and Bijan Pakzad. And then last year shirin. maybe one will win this year.

Not a fan of the stoma dress, but the one next to it is fabulous.

She seems to have a lot of outfits where there is one hugely detailed detail, and then the outfit finished off with something completely basic – black leggings or a band-bra. Or what seems to be an absence of any shirt at all. This may hurt her in judging – she'll get dinged for being unfinished.

On the other hand, it may mean she can edit – but I think the overall looks are unfinished.

(All this excepting the final four, which look quite different and more polished – but as others have said she just won't have time for that kind of thing in 24-hour challenges)

I like her! I just hope she doesn't go down the path of overworking things w/ no editing eye. She seems like a frontrunner.

Good designs, and I agree with you about the inner bitch thing, but it almost seems like she'll eventually be forced to make something that's very technically creative, but completely ugly on the outside, thereby eliminating her.

Kinda loving her textures. Should be fun to watch. Now if only I can get cable in time!

MOst are eeh, but I LOVE the last four. Incredible.

i'm not dorothy gale

I think anyone who admires Jay's work is credible. Her textures are fun and fresh; I especially like the artichoke heart at the center front of the dress. Clever.


What is up with the second to last model in the gray? Either she just had her wisdom teeth out or she's quite bulemic with a swollen face like that.

sixgables - I could not agree more with your sphincter comment!

what is she sitting on in that video? a chair made of balloon animals???!??!!


She seems OK, but she lost my interest when she said she likes black, nude and flesh tones. I had ENOUGH of those last season!!!

CCA is a great school, go Oakland. Idk how you found the rest of this portfolio, TLo, as I didn't see all these looks on the LT site, but bless you for posting it. A lot of interesting eye candy. She's definitely in my pre-season top three.

That last model is a drag queen, right?

Her 3rd look reminds me of the paper towels they put between my toes when I get a pedicure. Bleh.

She has a warm personality, but I can't wait to see her inner bitch!! Sucking other designers down into her succubus flesh-eating mushroom! I can only hope after the dismalness of last season.

I like some of her designs. Definitely not the ones with big flower shit on the shoulders - enough of that already. So overdone. But the mushrooms and the fitted pieces are cool. Let's see if she can do that kind of detailed technique in time constraints!!

They certainly were drooling over her work in the casting session!

Glad youa are posting those videos. I couldn't deal with that mess of a Lifetime website.

The sterile field for heart surgery dress is not doing a thing for me.

I'm not loving anything, yet also not bored. I consider that a good start.

Oooo. I like.

Just hope she can work fast enough.

Are any of the commenters familiar with the Japanese books 'Pattern Magic?' Some of these designs seem in keeping with the avant-garde pattern designs going on there. AWESOME.


Agreed that I like several of her designs, especially that little ducktail vest/ bolero thingy she was wearing (smart girl! sneaking in an extra look that way!) BUT:

WHAT was up with all those balloon penises or what have you in the audition video? I mean, she's from the Bay Area, but it's not swimming in balloon penises EVERY DAY out there, is it?

Is it???

Anyone who loves Christian Wijnants clearly knows contemporary fashion.

In my five years in the Bay Area, I'm afraid I saw not a single balloon... er, any body part, really.

But maybe they just knew I wasn't planning on staying and kept away.

Anyhow, I don't know... I like her audition and her home tape but a lot of the actual clothes aren't doing it for me. The mushroom inspiration is clever, but I think she might be a little too in love with her technique and the clothes as an object rather than something meant to be worn. On the other hand, both Tim and Nick obviously liked what she showed, which is always enough for me to give someone a chance.

well yeah for Oakland representing- Hella yeah!

My hunch from the brief info on this post, I don't see her making it past 5 challenges. But should be really interesting to watch.


Like others, I really hate most of this except for the last 4.

Still, she's piqued my interest, so I'm optimistic.

I like her.

I'm not in love with her portfolio, but she obviously has loads of technical skill and an eye for interesting and innovative design - and Jay is her favorite. Plus, she seems fun. I think she'll make for good TV.

Still, it remains to be seen how she'll be able to do with the time constraints, and as other people said, if she's too in love with her technique to make something wearable that fits the dictates of the challenge. A problem with young designers, sometimes.

That mushroom dress on the left would be cooler if an Alien-esque creature burst out of it.

nude tones and black together are safe and a dragging trend to me. but I appreciate that she pushes the boundaries, i just hope she isn't like Ari who makes shit up that only she understands. everyone else needs to be able to get it.

she's got skills, polish, and seems to have a good attitude so i think she's a front runner.

She's amazing and refreshing! I'm all in!!

I think Amy is hot! Looking forward to watching her this season. The sports bar I frequent will be showing every episode of PR! I think I may get my ass kicked, but go Amy!

Yay! Someone who knows how to construct something. Yay!

That "toilet paper and tampons" top(?) was not to my taste, but other things were quite interesting.

The last model - what is with that giant anus on her chest?!

Jeez louise! I was hoping I wasnt the only one who notices the balloon knot on her models chest~ as a queer the dress hit way close to home~

On the dollar. Cut, technique, concept, it's all there. America better get ready- what Amy's gonna bring is gonna tilt the show A LOT. Can't wait to see what she conjures. On your marks!

am i the only one that sees tortellini?

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