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PR Toons: Goodbye to Season 6

Alex stops by to send this one to bed.

If you ever wake up and find yourself in Brooklyn, stop by Alex's store, which is all kinds of awesome and fabulous. Then beg him to come back and toon S7 for us.

[Illustrations: Alex Cox/]

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The image of Tim Gunn pulling a Fabio on the beach is PRICELESS! Thanks for this.

Alex, I'm a fan! Perfect way to end the season! --Seven

i was chuckling all through but that last frame KILLED me. !!!
Alex, never leave us.

As a matter of fact I'll be in Brooklyn for 2 weeks starting next week. Will check out!

DJ Chaotic said..."The image of Tim Gunn pulling a Fabio on the beach is PRICELESS! Thanks for this."


Tim Gunn as a pin-up!! The best part of a truly wretched season!


An Ocho Cinco slam!!!! LOVE IT!!! Alex - no one shall never doubt your genius again....

alex you MUST come back for PR7. it wont be the same without you.

as for your re-cap....LFMAO!

Ocho Cinco...ROFL

I too hope Alex finds Season 7 more inspirational. PR Toons are a great way to start my morning.

Alex - Once again you distilled the season down to the essential parts. My offer of my 24 year old daughter still stands.... xoxoxo

I must concur with previous comments: I can't decide which is better; Alex garbed in Irina's runway garments or Tim Gunn as Bathing Beauty.

I am quite grateful to Alex.

Ocho Cinco came from Florida, pal. Don't blame Cincinnati or Ohio on that one.

And the Bengals actually don't suck this year. We're so proud.

"Then beg him to come back and toon S7 for us."

Wait... is that possibly not happening?!

ALEX! You have to come back next season! It won't be the same without you.

Great wrap-up of a truly wretched season. Loved the last frame with Alex sporting one of Irina's hats! On to Season 7......

Fabulous. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.

Karen in Ohio
12/8/09 12:22 PM
And the Bengals actually don't suck this year. We're so proud.

sorry Alex! but the Bengals do not suck this season! yay!!! (it seems I had to leave Cincinnati before they could get better! :-)


I love Alex! and his cartoons, especially anytime he features Tim Gunn. And - as noted - that final frame, with Alex in Irina's hat & runway garments - priceless.

And now Carol Hannah and Alex! are in the same city! But so is Logan, so unless he owns a more powerful pair of silver pants, I'm afraid Alex will still be lusting from afar.

And yes - cartoons for Season7, PLEASE!

You are the man, Alex! And a hairy one at that.

Wonderful way to end PR6.

Please please please come back to us for PR7. Whether there is major suckage or not, project rungay isn't the same without your toons.

Alex looks great in hats. Not everyone can wear them you know.

My favorite was Alex black-slipping it with the Models of the Runway. HA! Please, please come back and toon S7 for us.....if it sux, it won't suck so bad through your eyes.....

Alex! -- you are awesome. Love you! Mean it!

You tell 'em, Karen!

BTW, I'd say Fuck the Bengals as well, except the Brownies ARE fucked. So.... at least they're not Pittsburgh.

Sigh....what Alex! could have done with Suzy Menkes' hair. It's a crying shame.

kittensnotkids said...

And now Carol Hannah and Alex! are in the same city! But so is Logan, so unless he owns a more powerful pair of silver pants, I'm afraid Alex will still be lusting from afar.

I'm afraid Alex has moved on to whoever this Amelie Gillette person is. Otherwise, what's with all the hearts?!

Another voice for season 7 toons, please!

Thank you, Alex! You always know how to bring the laughs.


Alex, you are adorable and talented. We worship you, please come back.

Clueless Jock

Alex, you look great in Irina's hat. You are the bomb.

Amelie Gillette -

Alex, Alex, Alex.... at least try the magic silver pants!

I demand a pin-up calendar of Tim Gunn drawn completely by Alex.

Tim just might approve.

another laura

re: "fuck the Bengals, by the way" -- Hey Alex, I know you're sore, but thanks to the Bengal's defensive performance Sunday I won my fantasy football match for the week - made the playoffs. If you care. Which you don't because they beat Detroit. But everybody beats Detroit.

Yes, you can play fantasy football and read TLo...

Thanks for all your hard work, TLo and Alex!, on a season that did indeed reek of suckitude.

Go Bengals *and* Cincinnati Bearcats, 12-0 this year!

Alex looks stunning in Irina's creation LOL.

I'm kind of wanting to go to NY just to see Alex! because he's so hot in that LBD. And he fucking makes me laugh.

PR without any of this awesome triumvirate would suck.

Now that I've been clued in to the existence of Amelie Gillette & her Tolerability Index, I wonder, does she get paid to do that?


Between Tim Gunn sunning on the sunny beaches of S. Cal, and Alex in Irina's helmet hat, this is a sure fire winner!


I agree, fuck the Bengals :)

So done with this past season, there are just no more words to say.

I didn't realize Alex ran Rocketship! I'm in there intermittently to catch up on my graphic novel habit. Next time I will search him out....

LOVE that Tim Gunn panel!

Thanks for your awesome comics, Alex! Please come back for S7 - maybe it won't disappoint us after all (eternal optimist)!

Hahahahahahahahaha! Snort!
Oh, Alex and TLo, you are JUST what I need this afternoon. The shot of Tim Gunn and the "Flip Flops. FLIP FLOPS!" had me guffawing out loud!

Thank you, Alex! Unlike PR, you never disappoint us. Tim Gunn's centerfold was fabulous and you totally rocked Irina's hat.

I'm so jealous of Alex! With his supermodel body, he fits into all the clothes I can only dream of wearing.



I've read the comments but I still don't entirely get the tie between Ohio and Spanish nbrs??

(Ocho Cinco was meaningless until I saw that he is a Bengal?? Never heard of him as an Ohio icon)

Was there something else to it???

Hey, did they ever do a reunion show? If yes, I missed it; who was fan favorite?

another laura

ASK: It's football. There is a player on the Cincinnati (Ohio) Bengals named Chad Ochocinco. He wears number 85 (he's that clever!). The Bengals defeated the Detroit Lions Sunday, injuring Alex to the core. And Brad Ochocinco had a pretty good game.

Hope that helps.

LOVE you, Alex!!!

Oh Alex ... you MUST return for Season 7. Love your 'toons. Only TLo and you kept me watching this miserable season.

another laura - thanks!

It must have been painful -
But with the Browns 1 - 11, and giving the Lions one of their only wins - doesn't the state get a little love?

Pin-up Tim Gunn wins gold stars. We ♥ you, Alex! Please come back for S7! P-p-p-please?

I'm glad I'm not the only one who wished Epperson & Shirin made it to the finale.

Between Alex's PR Toon and the Nina Garcia interview, I am finally thinking about Season 6 without irritation!

I'll add my voice to the chorus of those LOVING Tim Gunn on the beach and Alex in Irina's headgear. Brilliance.

12/8/09 2:46 PM
I demand a pin-up calendar of Tim Gunn drawn completely by Alex.

Tim just might approve.

I'm with Jules! Alex, pretty please!
And I can't wait to see season 7 and your new love interest.

alex you ROCK!

Can't wait for season 7 tooning.

If by "follow their post-PR careers with gusto" you mean "stalk them on Twitter and Facebook," then I'm already on the job. Shirin even wrote back to me once. And Carol Hannah, too, Alex. :)

Your tireless dedication to a season of suckage is much appreciated, sir. :)

I admit it. You were right and I was wrong. I was not on the CH bandwagon at first, but I came around. I'll never doubt you again Alex.

From Carol Hannah to Amelie Gilette... I have to admire Alex!'s taste in women.

The hubs had a bit of a crush on Carol Hannah too.

Alex, you are superior.

1. PLEASE come back for PR7!

2. Yes, you were right about CH

3. Why is your beard so much longer?

Never a misstep. Thank you, Wonderful Alex. And you work that Irina hat better than the models.

I wake up and find myself in Brooklyn every morning, and will second it: Alex's shop is, indeed, fantastic. They sell the very best comics and graphic novels, host really fun events, and are a great support for all the cartoonists around here. And, Alex, you look sharp in Irina's Caucasus horsey hat.

Alex, thanks for another fabulous cartoon!

ALEX!! I used to love you, but you broke this Ohio girls heart when you said "F*ck the Bengals". Just be glad you didn`t say anything against O.S.U., then we would have had to send out our top secret ninja assassins after you.


I wake up and find myself in Brooklyn every morning--a mere 15 minute walk from Alex's store, as it turns out--so I'll definitely be stopping by. Alex, you should have listed yourself as one of the highlights. The maternity challenge 'toon especially was just inspired.

Never underestimate the power of New Orleans to create interesting people. Both Amelie Gillette and Laura Bennett are New Orleans girls.

Fragile Industries

Alex -- you must come back, you and Nina screencaps were the best part of last season (damning with faint praise, I know).

How about your own graphic novel about adventures in PR land: "Pearls On, Gloves Off." If only you were in LA, it would be a perfect elevator movie pitch.

"...fuck the Bengals, anyway."

I couldn't agree more


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