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Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010 gets it done:

"You have to make a woman fall in love with your clothes." That was Oscar de la Renta backstage before his pre-fall show, talking about how to woo the customer during the recession."

"The multicolor patchwork carried into evening; he showed a long narrow skirt with a ruffled silk chiffon blouse and a can't-miss-it necklace. Some clients might find that kind of full-on luxe too over-the-top, downturn or not. For them, de la Renta whipped up a black silk faille gown with plenty of drama on the left shoulder that looked special in a lower key."

"You have to make a woman fall in love with your clothes." That about sums up the ODL philosophy right there. It's all about the pretty and it always has been. This collection's slightly sportier than what we assume we're going to get from Oscar and both the color story and extensive use of prints are also pleasant surprises. Overall, these looks are "busier" than a typical ODL collection, but they have a sense of fun and joy to them. They're overstyled, but you can find some fantastic pieces in there.

And a note to Miss Nina Garcia: We love ya, doll, but we never got over your assessment of Laura Bennett, when you said that you weren't convinced that Laura knew fashion. Some of those low cut black lace numbers with the maribou feathers are straight out of the LB playbook. We're not suggesting for a second that ODL ripped her off. We're just saying that "classic" looks and techniques (like black lace and feathers) ALWAYS show up back on the runway at some point.


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Whats with the Zombie make-up and hair? Clothes are interesting tho...

no doubt - some really chic looks here - I particularly love the short grey dress with the print at the bottom - but for the most part, they look really old (and dated) to me. Maybe it's the too heavy makeup and dated hair. Fresh, young styling certainly would have helped.

I don't like it all but there are a few pieces I'm not sure I go on living without.

The styling makes it look like there are corpses walking the runway and detracts from the beauty of the clothes. I love me some pretty these days, and there are many lovely pieces in this collection. Can the stylist, though.

Except for a few of the gowns, I kind of hate it, sorry. :( Makes my eyes hurt a little.

My first thought was "Except he's trying NOT to make us love the clothes with that zombie eye makeup." Aim beat me to it!

The color palette is eye catching w/out being garish. Each look is modern & young but still has the de La Renta sophistication.
Gorgeous collection! His best in many seasons!

Am I detecting a campaign to get Mrs Obama's attention, particularly w/ looks # 23 & 24?
(though I would DIE to see her in look #19 & 20)
Perhaps ODL is trying to make amends after his little hissy fit re: MO's choice of designers didn't include him?

I'm with aim, what's with the raccoon eyes and hair?
The clothes are lovely, I want most of them, but the styling is gross!

Ohh so GORGEOUS! Some of those pieces are to die for. Love love love :)

COLOR!! Yay. It's gorgeous.

LB did them better. And on a tighter budget. So, nyah nyah, Nina! Also, some of these looks appear as though they were put together with Ms. Obama in mind...

God, Oscar de la Renta is so GOOD at his job! I love this collection. It's simultaneously youthful and sophisticated.

Agreeing with the criticism of the True Blood-esque eye makeup, but I honestly didn't notice until I got to the comments section. I WANT some of those dresses, not to mention that turquoise coat.

For the most part, the color is nice, but that completely see-through top on that orange one... I'm having flashbacks to Wendy "Hello Boobies" Pepper's dress from season 1. I certainly hope THAT one wasn't designed with First Lady Obama in mind.

I could do without the really busy prints, but ODL has taken a bunch of things that i usually hate and made me love them.

The yellow sleveless blouse would be gorgeous without the scarf.. and the gowns are to die for.

There are some lovely and luxoriuos things. But that styling is so severe and some of these women look aged 20 years.


My brain is CLEARLY not functioning because all I can think is "Ooooo pretty."

I really like a number of these pieces.

I liked a lot of these. One thing that struck me was the cinched natural waist throughout - in dresses, pants and skirts. Seems like there's been so much dropped waist and empire waist and no waist it's almost a surprise to see the classic silhouette.

I'm just glad we are seeing color from the major design houses again. It feel like the last few collections were so dreary (which I am sure was a reflection of the times).

QB said: My brain is CLEARLY not functioning because all I can think is "Ooooo pretty."

I think that is a perfect assessment. I don't see any earth shattering pieces, but I would be happy to see (almost) any of them hanging in my closet.

ODL does it so much better than LB. I like LB's stuff but, let's face it, most of the designers that PR puts out and puts up with are not high fashion designers. I would put most of them in the midrange category with a target appeal audience of well-to-do college kids. The only couple of designers I've seen that consistently put out stuff that can't be purchased at your local mall are Leanne, Christian, and possibly Jay. LB toes the line, but the fact remains she keeps it too classic which then detracts from from the fun and life of her clothes. I feel ODL brings more fun and sparkle with his use of texture and print to the LB arsenal that LB probably would not have used. Yes, the added pizazz probably will deter some people from buying the garment but that's what makes ODL's garments that much more fabulous--they say, "I've been in the business for freaking forever and screw the costumers, I'm just going to design what I WANT." I think it's that kind of foundation that really makes high fashion what it is: fearless, flirty, fun, youthful, and daring. But it's very very difficult to find a designer who is just starting out to grasp that mentality without a solid financial backdrop and I think that's what's kept a lot of the PR contestants so midrange. Yes, you're a star on television, but the fact remains that being on television isn't going to make you the next YSL and you will still have to go back to clothes you think people will buy and wear on a semi-regular basis. Which means, well, boring clothes as far as the vast majority of the American public is interested in (let's face it, aside form certain urban areas, the majority of the American public dresses for pragmatic not artistic purposes). And that's the difference between LB's classic and ODL's classic. Sometimes I feel like LB's classic is not a matter of choice, fun, or fashion. While ODL does it purely for aesthetic reasons.

Love the clothes...hate the Shawn of the Dead eye make-up.

Holy sweet baby Jeebus. Those prints are fugly!

loathe the styling, LOVE the clothes.


the colours, the prints, the shapes, the textures- all are delightful and feminine and classic.

i can't help myself; i have fallen in love, particularly with the gold "princess" dress (5th from last) for no reason whatsoever.

Ooooh, So many pretties.
I love 19 down (left and right) and 18 down left.
Also the black gown with the pink rose in the hair. And the showstopper.
I also see many lovely beaded cardigans, one worn with (gasp) am evening gown. Is Mr. de la Renta backpeddling?

And don't shoot me, I love the hair and make up.


I like this collection quite a bit. Quite a few pieces are surprisingly youthful.

I wish he went with more straightforward hair and makeup on the models.

He seemed to get a bit Mizrahi-ish with the color and pattern combos, just an observation, not a criticism.

Whether or not he is targeting her, Michelle Obama and Oscar de la Renta would make a good pairing. I know he made a snarky comment about her a while back, so I hope that he does not get shut off from dressing her.

Hate the hair and makeup -

Dolphins colors don't usually get seen off the uniform

The postcard print - especially the pants - NO

Row 15 - (grandma, please excuse my spelling) - stata baba

OK - ODL - also vindicating Wendy Pepper - Hello boobs

my spanish harlem Mona Lisa....anyway, these are all too much look for me, but the pieces themselves are almost all perfect, with the exception of some unflattering pants and a couple that are a bit too precious. I wish the rest would jump into my closet right now!!!

with the exception of some of the dresses, the models all look too young for those clothes...or is it the clothes look too old for the models
they look like they're playing dress-up in their rich aunties' closets to me
why not get some of the older still working supermodels to do a show like this...i could see linda, christy or naomi rocking these better than the twig figure babies odl chose

I think this is a perfect recession collection. Most of the pieces look like great investment pieces, you can wear them for years without looking like you are holding on to past trends and the color injects cheer into a somber climate. I called at least one of the LBD's "very Audrey", which is a very high compliment from me.
The only pieces I reacted negatively to were the paper bag waist pants, I just don't like.

I kind of adore most of the garments here. Especially the jackets, the cute & short dresses, and the skirts at the beginning.

But I do have one question... why do all of the models look like Kristen Stewart? Don't fashionable people know that's not a good look?

Love it! Nearly all of it! Although, I get the feeling the models want to eat my tasty brains.

Also, I will be glad when the high-waisted pants thing goes back OUT.

Adorable. I would welcome almost every piece into my wardrobe.


Is this an ODL post or a review of a zombie movie? I'm not even sure a single outfit registered in my brain - all I could think was "holy f*ck those zombies look hungry."

What every undead fashionista-wannabe will be wearing to the Zombie Jamboree.

Honestly, I can't get past the corpse-icles to give the clothes a fair shake one way or another. The died-of-starvation cadaver parade is just too distracting.


I am with everyone who mentioned zombie makeup. That is the first thing my eyes went to, NOT the clothes, and that's a BAD thing!
However, I do love a lot of this collection, especially the gowns at the end with the exception of that awful number with the see through orange blouse and patchwork skirt. Blech. That is one fugly design, and the model looks damned pissed to even be wearing it!!!

the styling is dreadful, but the clothes are lovely.

I love that Mad Men has brought so much 60s styling back to the mainstreem. As a girl with a Joan Hollaway figure, the rennaissance in good tailoring has been a god send.

But I have to say, some of these reinterpretations of that aesthetic are a little to literal even for me. The textured suits look too much like stuff I'd find in the back of my mom's closet. Maybe that's just another way of repeating previous comments that some of the clotes look old and dated.

I adore Oscar de la Renta & I love most of these looks. My only quibble is I'm not crazy about some of the colors - but other than that: J'adore!


Wow ---- that's a LOT of color, but I absolutely love this collection. It's all so incredibly different from Oscar de la Renta's usual collections, but then again, it's also got all of his signature looks. It's ultra bright and saturated, but balanced very well with neutrals here and there so as not to overwhelm the woman wearing it. This group is incredibly elegant, sophisticated, luxe and for the strong, modern woman. Not for the shy or wallflower fashionista. Thanks for posting this collection, TLo. Love. Love Love. It.

- edina -

All I can see are boob belts and cardigans... NOOOOOO!

i too love the clothes & styling. why not on this friggin cold snowy monday?

the model who was 4th from the last....

man-oh-man, was she pissed off about wearing the see-through blouse or what?! Talk about Angry Face!

Well... Oscar just sold this show to me. I would love to own half that show. Unfortunately as a curvy, petite, college student that's not going to happen.

SERIOUS styling issues. Wednesday Addams from the neck up, Wednesday cocktails from the neck down. Weird.

I do NOT get the styling, the high hair and dead, dark eyes, my god these models look like Lurch from the Addams family...

Aside from that, there are some lovely looks

Cardigans, cardigans, cardigans - with 3/4 sleeves, no less. I see the First Lady in many of these.

I have not been able to wrap my head around 3/4 sleeves, although they have been in style for years. Just make them go away....

I agree that the styling leaves much to be desired, but the last look is gorgeous!

I'll take two of everything, please. Everything. I totally love this collection - fabulous colours, good shapes, interesting textures and clothes that I have fallen in love with.

I appreciated the clothes more when I scrolled down, so the header beheaded the models.

Dead eyes and deader hair. WTF was he thinking?

The clothes make me want to cheer for color and patterns and loviness.

I would wear the 6th look to every one of my holiday parties this year.

Love most of the pieces, but alas, there is not one yellow that I have found that looks good on my skin tone.

I guess LML got it right with the whole "orange" prediction. ha ha

Gorgeous! I love ODL, so I'm slighly prejudiced anyway. I was put off by the Morticia Addams hair and make-up, though. Didn't quite go with the fun look of the designs.

I don't get the styling, but I love the collection, especially the short little dresses with coats.

HATE. the colors, prints and styling remind me of everything I LOATHED about the 70s. Ugh ugh ugh.

I was actually starting to like the formal gown section until that hideous see-through top and patchwork skirt - AIEEE. Make the blouse non-see-thru and it's a flashback to horrific parents-trying-to-be-hip outfits at our high school events. Barf-o-rama.

I like this. The only exceptions are the patchwork like fabric (esp the pants) and the styling of the orange gown. I can't tell if I would like it without the black hosiery and shoes or if the gown just had a bad hoop skirt look intentionally. Otherwise it's a pretty collection. Nothing earth shattering but very pretty.

Just don't let Michelle Obama see the cardigans in this collection! She's wrecked more than one stylish dress by adding a cardigan.

I would never wear anything in this collection. But for some reason, I actually like the majority of it.


I really don't like most of this. The prints are way, way too busy.

Oh wow, supremely gorgeous. I love the inclusion of pants! The prints are stunning too.

Love the clothes, hate the make up.

Pre Fall is turning into my favourite season.
This is beautiful!

I think most of it is over-the-top and clownish but a few of the toned-down gowns are beautiful. The styling leaves a lot to be desired. It's good to see some color for sure, but I'm not a fan of some of the prints and colors used here.

So, the models were replaced by a zombie flash mob, then?

Some stuff I love, but I'm unhappy to see the high-waisted stuff- if that becomes a pervasive look, I have to hold on to my current trousers and skirts until it goes away.

The tops and dresses are uniformly fine, however.

I hate the hair and makeup, the clothes are interesting, some beautiful fabrics, but definitely not my taste or style.

Fun! Colors!

I love the gorgeous gown somewhere towards the bottom. And I love Oscar de la Renta!

Make-up by Wednesday Addams, apparently.

I like most of it, but hate the raccoon-vampires hair & makeup.

The models looks evil and/or pissed. Definitely need a different styling ~ just takes away from the clothes when the models look like they don't like what they're wearing.

Oooof! Miss Nipples 2009 is really hacked off that she couldn't cover up! Yikes.

I love the dresses, but the styling is a great big what the fuck to me. Younger, fresher styling would have taken the 50's edge to the clothes and helped it along without beating you over the head with it.

Not a fan of the styling-- but love most of the clothes.

Some items are outright dreamy.
And the boob belts may attract Shelly O.

Tom Shea@3:49 pm: Wednesday Addams from the neck up, Wednesday cocktails from the neck down.

I think you win the thread.

I loved almost all of the looks with pants -- tho I would alter them to take away the bag-waist.

Really love this collection. And I agree, I can see Shelly O in a LOT of these looks.

i guess the stupid twilight vampire look really IS in...

makeup aside, the clothes are boring and the prints are ugly.

Some beautiful pieces, love all the colors, but what's up with the "old lady" hair and makeup?

love the full on color!!! Oscar de la Renta sent out some pretty lovely and fun stuff and I agree with the comment regarding LB. That look never comepletely goes away.
This kind of post makes my day because if all I had to look at all day were the girls at work stuck in their Ed Hardy knock-off t-shirts, fake, drab coach purses and gigantic Chanel "C" earrings I might hit the bottle and valium in the ladies room. A few need to come here for a fashion tune-up especially the ones who think YSL is an no name designer (honest, someone thought that and didn't want to pay $$$ for someone named YSL). Thank god I can get my fix on my blackberry.

I WANT #19.

It is hard to think of too many designers who can compete with ODL. Season after season he produces the most beautiful, desirable clothes anywhere. And not just a few from each collection, but most of each season. Just , WOW.

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WOWOWOWOW. I love a seriously large selection of these, most notably #1, #37 and fave of all, #57, that stunning rich orange gown. Someone wear that to the Oscars STAT, preferably a brunette.

Wow, there's so much to love here! (Well, except for the hair and make-up). I particularly love looks 1, 8, 12, 15, 32, 47 and 48 (phew!), and I could totally see Michelle Obama in looks 30 (the LBD with the paillets and gloves) and 33 (cute gold and pink sundress with shrug).

I love the colors, and some of the gowns are especially lovely. I definitely see the pink one 7th from the bottom on the red carpet.

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Maybe I'm the only one who noticed but some of these looks seem so inspired and meant to be worn by michelle obama

There's so much to like here! It feels both very classic (as in not revolutionary) and kind of eclectic - with whiffs of 60's, 70's, 80's and the occasional 90's or 50's cut or use of print. It's almost (not quite) like a collection based on favorites from the last half century.

Not to mention something for both the Disney Princess and the Corpse Bride.

I don't usually like de la Renta collections much, thinking them over done, over blown and over ripe, and almost always too girly in an upholstery way. This one surprised me.


Not feeling it. It looks like an unflattering, garish mess. Enough with the paperbag waists and short pants! Oh how I loathe them.

If I wanted to look at a pale woman with dark circles around her eyes, I'd glance in the mirror.

Very creepy styling for such playful clothes.

Love the collection!

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I feel the need to ask something that has bothered me for a longtime now.. what is with the make-up on all the models for the past few seasons? They all look dead or sick. A little blush goes a long way towards looking healthy. And wipe that crap from under neath the eyes... Geez.

These clothes are beautiful! I can actually afford them. But those models look like death and makes me think the clothes would smell like death.

Beautiful colors!

A little too ethnic for moi.

Very chic!!!!!

I can't tell if I really like the collection or not (I think I do, but...), because I'm so distracted by the horrid and horrifying styling. It's awful, and it doesn't work with the clothes, but against them. Blergh. Quick! Someone take the hair and make-up people out back and Old Yeller 'em before their madness spreads.

First kill all the stylists ...

Well, of course I don't mean literally KILL them. Just lock them in a closet until they promise never again to do this to living, breathing persons. That is some ugly-ass makeup and hair.

The clothes are fun, though!


I am not even going to bother looking at the clothes because I can't stomach the pissed off zombie look of the models.
It is just plain shit.

Wouldn't Penelope Cruz look fabulous in almost all of it! Love the ikat, tribal, ethnic vibe.

Look at those belted open cardigans. How often *did* that show up before 2008? How many collections have they showed up in since?

(Wow, the one model with her tatas showing looks significantly more miserable than the others. XD)

the final gown was beautiful.
a lot of the little sundresses with flower-y prints were adorable.i want them.
most of the pants were awful.
actaully, most of it was just..bad.


NOW I know who buys those hair-bump things!

Wow...LOVE. This is when I wish I was a celeb so I could tell my stylist to get a lot of these looks!

Agree with others on the make-up though; not a fan.

Love these looks! It's even making me look forward to fall...sort of. Ok, don't show me but I've never watched Mad Men. Do I need to? I mean, I love the era and the whole look that I keep seeing. Ok, you don't have to answer. I'm running out to get Season 1 right now.

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