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Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2010

The Duchess is back and she has something to say. sits in the Duchess' court:
"I want to rename pre-fall 'city,' " Michael Kors said. "It's our most urban season, the clothes every girl in our office wants to wear all year round." Taking "seasonlessness" as his mantra—and Helmut Newton models as his muses—the designer showed a black bathrobe coat with a fox collar over a chiffon blouse and stretch wool shorts, and a belted zip-front vest with a seamed skirt ("It's a suit but not a suit," he said)."

We were about to write that the Duchess churned out another collection of timeless looks, but we thought better of it because "churned" implies a lack of artistry and that's simply not true here. It's easy to dismiss Kors because he only works in classic mode, but what he does, he does very, very well. We think some of the silhouettes and hemlines are a little goofy (we simply can't look at a large peplum without thinking of Dynasty), but when he makes such beautiful, wearable, incredibly well-tailored clothing, he should be allowed his little flights of fancy now and then. It's simply beautiful clothes and who can't get behind that idea?


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Feh, looks like mall/department store clothes.. nothing special.

Title: A Fashion Retrospective - 50 years of K-Mart.

Love looks #1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 18, 22, 24, and 28- classic yet striking. Some of the others do not appeal to me because they seem repetitive and dull. Hate the last dress.

The hemlines are perplexing me somewhat. But all in all, it's as you said- MK knows his stuff.

Hip flounces? Please! No female wants emphasis in that area.

What's with the see-through? Other than that, seems pretty dull to me.

Title: A Fashion Retrospective - 50 years of K-Mart.

There isn't a Kmart in the world where you could find clothes this well made. You're talking nonsense.

As much as I love The Duchess those fur jackets and vest are hideous. There's a lot I like there, but I hate peplum no matter how you present it..

Unless you have no hips.

what did they tell the models? that it was their last day on earth? Most of them look so dreadfully upset.

The red-head looks like she is smiling a bit... she must be in on the joke.

Damn those girls are skinny...

Those faux fur pieces make the models look like hunchbacks.

I'm underwhelmed.

"It's our most urban season, the clothes every girl in our office wants to wear all year round."

I would love to wear these clothes year round. Striking and chic - what Kors does best.

wasn't vanessa ousted from launch my line for not realizing that no woman wants to accentuate her hips???

No. 1 is a red mess. The rest are nice to look at.

God, the models look bored. And the second dress reminds me of Kenley's car parts dress.

Heh, all this talk about skinny and fat models made me think a bit more about them here.

I love these sorts of fashion pictures - a model just standing there, straight on, with little additional styling. I don't even notice her and focus only on the clothes. Better than a coat hanger because the clothes are filled out, more portable than a mannequin, but unobtrusive enough to showcase the main event - the clothes.

I HATE pictures of hunched up models or ones where the clothes are all smushed into a tub or something to look artsy. If I can't see everything clearly, I'm annoyed.

Anyway, nice stuff. I like that tie neck blouse, but I'm into that sort of stuff. Those hip flounces shot J.R., though.

nice, but a few of those dresses remind me of kenley's zebra lampshade dress from the car challenge.

The only one that really stands out to me as something I'd wear is the 4th dress. The whole collection is indeed pretty wearable but at the same time, nothing new at all. And I can't stand those fur jackets. They look horrible and take away so much from the clothes. So while everything is wearable on a sort of everyday basis, if I saw a woman wearing some of these, I'd question why she decided to do so.

i love it all but the pink. the pink doesnt go- also the zippers seem so PR 2007, but thats just me.

my favorite part of the collection is the shoes

either that first silhouette is awful or that model is awful
... well there she is int he pink sweater - I guess it's her

the third one (black with the nude top) looks wonky, like there are little nude insets at the sides of the breasts?)

Forth - strappy black dress, very cute shoulder detail

I like the black zipper, peplum dress, the shoulders on the white sweater (but dislike the tight ankle pants)
also the cutaway shoulder zipper dress makes good use of the decorative zippers

The funeral home curtain dress??? Ugh.

I kind of like the furry jackets (not the vest), but not paired with the dresses - this is where I'd like to see WIDER HIPS to add balance.
(except, SOOOO sick of 3/4 sleeves)

Skirts that wrap - but go way up in front?? Not only cannot sit properly, but look silly when standing.

Hello boobies??

I like the waist sculpting insets in the l/s dress, great detail.

(Was the wilma gown last? Wasn't it MK who commented that it was trite to throw a gown as the last runway outfit)

- and anon - in a previous post, several of us (women) agreed that we like the balance of a wider hip, so you don't speak for all "females".

I would wear a number of these outfits to work (I teach at a college). They are classy but just a bit different.

I really like a lot of these (especially the trench, the zipper dress - which I wish was a couple of inches longer- & the pink dress).

I can also picture Michelle Obama in some of these looks & I wonder if he has taken her as a muse.


Nice enough. What I can't get past is the non-poses of the models. They look ridiculous, like they might be being measured for a coffin.

Why do all the models look like they've recently had lobotomies?

Seriously, I understand that the model shouldn't upstage the clothes, but window mannequins would have done a better job in these photos.

These chicks need to learn how to "smize" (sorry, couldn't resist!) ;o)

I don't see anything special about it. It's just plain.

Love the dress with zippers and the polk-a-dot look. The shoes are fabulous!

Agree with the poster above that the black model is simply dreadful.

I understand the desire to create visual interest and the collection is beautifully made, but a part of me wishes he had collaborated with Merle. Then we could be sure that the peplums were, in fact, detachable for all those days at the office when you prefer NOT to look like Alexis Carrington. For me, that would be most days.

They'd all look a lot better if the models would pick their heads up, straighten their shoulders and stop slumping.

"The models are skinny," check.
"The models are not smiling," check.

Eye-rolling, check.

Sorry, but I have to quote the Duchess herself here - "That's not fashion, that's clothes."

great, i didn't know he was designing for walmart
are his clothes being made in china / peru? didn't know
someone please kill me right now, please

He should be using plus-size models. These clothes would look fabulous on them. These models are way to thin and depressed looking.
The clothes really celebrate a woman's curves. Why not show them on women with curves?

I happen to like this collection very much--it's absolutely impeccable. It's kind of plain, which to some people equals boring, but it's absolutely wearable, and whoever wears it is going to look good. Bravo, duchess.

Anonymous said...
Agree with the poster above that the black model is simply dreadful.

I disagree. Aminata Niaria is a gorgeous model and a rising star in the modeling industry.

To all those saying these look like Kmart/Walmart/department store clothes, let's see some pics of your wardrobe. Apparently you all have much nicer clothing than this in your closets.

12/29/09 11:10 AM
To all those saying these look like Kmart/Walmart/department store clothes, let's see some pics of your wardrobe. Apparently you all have much nicer clothing than this in your closets.


you're missing the point sweetheart
him making a crappy collection has nothing to do with what i wear

Anonymous said...
you're missing the point sweetheart
him making a crappy collection has nothing to do with what i wear

I'm not missing the point at all, "sweetheart." If you're saying these clothes are "crappy" then you must have much better clothes than these in your closet. Let's see them.

With the economic crisis it seems that making something safe and wearable is better than making actual innovative, creative, fun fashion

It shows in this collection


When models' elbows are significantly wider than their upper arms, photos of them give an unpleasant Dafur or Auschwitz undertone.

There is also the ankle problem where there seems to be some nutrition related bone curvature.


Guys, please don't turn every fashion post into a discussion about skinny models. Go here for that discussion if you'd like.

I've come up with a new metric for our comment threads: The Michele Score. How many comments does it take before someone mentions that a collection would look good on Michele Obama.

Today's Michele Score = 24.

Not commenting or complaining, just measuring our vital statistics. Carry on.

I have a desire to yank those skirts with the inverted "V" hems around to the side. Much more flattering and wearable if the V is at the side rather than in the front.

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I ususally love MK but not this collection. Too fussy, and the proportions and hemlines look a bit off.

Too generic and derivative of the ideas of others.

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Oh, come on now. Look number 7? Fuzzy pink sweater and black skirt? Looks number 9 and 11? Blouse and black jeans?

That's IT? That's all you got, Kors?

Yes, they're well-made, but the Duchess isn't hunched over a sewing machine, putting these together. He's supposed to be bringing the vision.

Lisa hit it right on the head with her MK quote: "That's not fashion, that's clothes."

Oh, come on now. Look number 7? Fuzzy pink sweater and black skirt? Looks number 9 and 11? Blouse and black jeans?

That's IT? That's all you got, Kors?

Yes, they're well-made, but the Duchess isn't hunched over a sewing machine, putting these together. He's supposed to be bringing the vision.

Lisa hit it right on the head with her MK quote: "That's not fashion, that's clothes."

He has some beautiful foundation pieces.

does anyone else want to poke the models in the back and tell them "shoulders back" like a schoolmarm?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I agree with Cyndi -- they're... well, nice foundation pieces. Stuff I could wear to work, I guess.

They're better made than things I'd find at a mall/department store, but I can't say they're any prettier or more innovative.

I love him as a judge, but for the most part he bores me

I'm really surprised at how negatively I'm responding to this. I'm not getting classic and well-tailored so much as gimmicky unflattering. This makes me sad because I'm such a sucker for classical silhouettes and chic work clothes.

The last dress and the seethrough top, were they to be sent down a project runway catwalk, their designers would get sent home...

Terrible is an understatement.

You might not love (or even like) every look here - I'd say fewer than half in my case - but it's the definition of wearable. You absolutely could go in *needing* an attractive, multi-purpose outfit and have several to choose from, whether the need was office, drinks with friends, or a family wedding, funeral, significant anniversary party, etc. And you would be able to wear the clothes again.

There's a lot to be said for that. I do hope that there isn't going to be an attempt to bring in suits with shorts as office wear, though.

I'm wearing my one Michael Kors item RIGHT NOW! How exciting! (It's actually a fairly simple purple shirt that hangs a little too low for my small chest and has some cinching at the bust, but I still like it.) Anyway, I agree with a number of posters here that the collection is fairly plain. Whenever I see his clothing in department stores, I say that (and even the shirt I am wearing is fairly plain). I also throw in "matronly", but I don't think that applies here.

However, there are pieces in this collection that, while plain, are very nice and wearable. I can see a number of these items as year-round items that get a lot of use, even if I don't particularly like them. However, I like the layered skirts a lot. I think the layering gives just enough interest to the piece without feeling gimicky or weird.

But, to flip-flop one more time, I sort of feel like the quote "That's not fashion, that's clothes," applies. I don't see anything that says "Fashion", really. I'm not claiming to be a fashion expert, or even someone who owns a lot of fashionable things, but I feel like this collection doesn't really show anything "new" or fashion-forward. It looks mostly like a collection of garments I could have found in a department store over the past couple of years.

Why hello 1983, you're looking..."well-rested."

Fashion does not equal innovation. If that were true, Kors, Herrera, de la Renta, etc, would not be considered fashion designers.

I love the "bathrobe coat" and the zipper vest (and the redheaded model who's actually sort-of smiling!). The rest I can take or leave. Can't stand peplum, I don't care if the '80s are back (when can we move on to the '90s being back and leave the '80s where they belong?).

The peplum looks are HIDEOUS.
Overall, well-made but boring.

Everyone keeps saying how "wearable" it is, but the only things I would ever wear are numbers 4 & 10 and maybe the top from No. 22. See-through blouses were confusing, the exact opposite of wearable. I do agree that a lot looked like clothes that one would find at Walmart(Similar designs, not as well made). The ruffles look sad (the models didn't help). That shade of pink is an ugly, childish color to me, especially when combined with the ruffles. I would NEVER emphasize my hips like that. All in all, I'd say this collection is bordering "boring" and "terrible"

12/29/09 12:16 PM
Fashion does not equal innovation. If that were true, Kors, Herrera, de la Renta, etc, would not be considered fashion designers.


yes but don't forget that fashion is one thing in america and another thing in europe

vogue france is not the same as vogue us

Well, well, well. I wonder what Vanessa from LML would say if she saw this line. Perhaps she'd wink and quote the Fashion Pixies and Mr. Lisa Kline: "No woman wants to emphasize her hips." Nearly every one of these very saleable, wearable, marketable, commercial looks (read: "a line that has clearly launched") emphasizes the wearer's hips.

to disagree with everyone on... at least something. I love this collection. Love it! So what if it looks too marketable to you? Doesn't that just mean that you want to wear it? And how many times do we refer to our models as "hangers"? So they're not smiling or posing. If you need a smile to like the clothes, then I'm at the wrong fashion blog. They're skinny... so what?! They're models. Get over it.

Love this whole line. No exceptions. I love the styling, or lack there-of.

I don't have an issue with big names putting out clothes that might actually be wearable, but I do have an issue with wendigo-vests.

#1, #18, and #23 are slowly being consumed by figure-devouring masses of faux-fur. They will wander the pre-fall tundra, cursed to seek out and devour pleather and muppetskin wherever they find it, dazed and cannibalistic. But you dare not put these fashion victims out of your misery: you will then become Trendigo yourself. The curse is everlasting.

I can't get past the use of corpses as models. they really detract from the clothes.

I like the coats the best-- and the skirts w/o the peplum.
I do like the minimalist styling and setting.

I think I have some old simplicity patterns up in my attic to match some of these "designs"!!

What's up with how he's having the models stand? "Clothes for the woman who wants to appear awkward and vaguely ridiculous." Is what they're projecting, no matter how nice the clothes are.

If these are clothes "every girl wants to wear," then why do these women all look like they just got hit in the head with a thick plank?

It's not to my personal taste, but I generally like it. I think the peplum look is best executed in the first, sleeveless dress, which I quite like. The only thing that I think is out-and-out not working is the very diapery drape to some of the skirts. Blerg.

Good showing, Lady Kors!

I love, love, love that last red dress.

"Those faux fur pieces make the models look like hunchbacks."
I totally agree. I wonder what these clothes would look like on someone who could strike a pose.

A full-circle leather peplum?! i love it. it's amazing. this collection stunning, chic, so in line with my own style. I just hatehatehate the use of fur


A little to cohesive for my taste. Some of these looks are almost exactly the same.

Not really into it, but it is not fugly.

Peplums, hip ruffles, torso-swallowing fur jackets, see-through blouses... I wanted to like this, I usually do like Kors' work, but I found myself saying "No, no, no" as I scrolled through the collection. The color of that pink dress hurts even though the line is lovely.

The worst of all was that silk satin high-necked floppy bow tie blouse, straight out of the 80s. I saw that and thought, "He's kidding, right?" I know we're in a down economy but this collection isn't helping.

Mary said...

"I'm really surprised at how negatively I'm responding to this. I'm not getting classic and well-tailored so much as gimmicky unflattering. This makes me sad because I'm such a sucker for classical silhouettes and chic work clothes."

I agree, Mary. I usually loooove MK, but this collection leaves me cold. Sure, it's more youthful and a bit fun, but it does seem like he's strayed from the usual classic silhouettes, elegance and chic modern woman-ness of past collections.

I have no real complaints about
how the models are posed and postured, or even the models themselves. However, I do wonder why MK chose this particular direction with regards to presenting the collection.


it looks as if the lot of them were arrested and had to
be photographed in the police station line-up.

Seems odd that the clothes don't photograph like they fit better. Since this was done in a studio, a few more well placed clothespins, etc. would have improved the "slouch" wrinkles on the shoulders, along with other fitting issues.

OMG!!!!!!! I forgot which thread I was reading and thought these photos were from a future PR contestant! And I was thinking - yeah they're good looking clothes but kind of dullish!

OMG!!!!!!! As a diehard PR fan I think I just committed heresy or blasphemy or . . . . one of the seven deadly sins. Am I going to be excommunicated?

Would it be too much to ask to let the models, um ... MODEL a little? Especially the bowlegged ones.

I like most of it, but my taste runs rather classic anyway. Not "fashion", but very nice clothes...however, those faux fur things look like they skinned a Wookie. Watch out Dutchess! Chewbacca will have his revenge!

I like it, I would wear almost anything. Sure, it's not innovative or anything, but it looks beautiful and versatile. And I like emphasizing my hips-it makes my waist look smaller and makes me look less flat(I don't have much hip/curves in general)

Also, I didn't register the models at all. Just looked at the clothes, which is exactly what they're supposed to be here I think-clothing hangers. Nothing wrong with that.

I like classic, but I'm not crazy about this. The zipper dress was cute (even if zippers as embellishment have been done before). The trench was nice. The red dress maybe as well. The rest was ho hum.

Does anyone else think the models and clothes would look better with a lower heel? In some of the looks the legs just look freakishly elongated.

hip ruffles = maid aprons. That is all.

after 13 years at home I recently returned to work full time. I aspire to this sort of look: polished and professional but still feminine...

And Lilithcat? you sound just like my mother--and prolly the models' mothers too!


My overall impression of this collection is that most of it is very wearable. I also have the feeling that much of it will show up in a Michael Kors outlet store near you. The slacks paired with the sheer white blouse don't fit well...there's something going on in the crotch area that's just not appealing. I'm OK with this collection, but not blown away by it.

Wow, there's a lot of hate for just a pre-fall collection. I can understand that some of the pieces are a little dull and even, dare I say it, a little over-designed, but this seems like only a rough draft for Fall 2010.

The pieces that stand out to me are the coats and zipper dresses, which are beautiful pieces. But what I most covet are the shoes. Gorgeous! If I wasn't keen on studying for college at the moment, I'd take the jobs that are being offered at the Michael Kors stores in my city in a heartbeat. COVET.

frumpy yet nipplicious

I love the trench coat though...

Not his best work, but not that bad either.

I love the simplicity of most of them.

It's streamlined and chic.

Love the oversized coat!

Anonymous said...
Hip flounces? Please! No female wants emphasis in that area.

Not every woman weighs 300 pounds. It works fine for someone thin.

The leather coat is to die.

Not every woman weighs 300 pounds. It works fine for someone thin.

Wow, seriously?

Hoping that's faux fur, not real fur.

I pretty much like most of the collection except the Pepto Bismol pink of the dress - too much - and the horrible red fur vest. The black leather coat is mine, along with most of the pieces. Kudos, Duchess!!


I like. He just GETS it - classic, beautiful clothing that flatters a woman's body. Love his shoes too, as always.

I'd probably like these designs more if the frickin' models knew how to stand up straight. I look at them, and I flash right back to when I was in middle school, and the women of my mother's family berated and occasionally slapped me until I learned how to stand up properly, like a lady. These are not designs for slouching and moody teenagers, dang it.

I also have a problem with the galumphing, graceless, awkward-horse way models walk, but that's a post for another day.

Oh, and I'd be sacked forthwith if I sauntered into the office wearing a top that showed my nipples/breasts off like that. Ah, crazy-ass Michael Kors, living forever in the 1980s, and forgetting the difference between "working women" and women who work.

I love the zipper dress

i'm not dorothy gale

Shouldn't someone who judges future designers have more creativity? I find nothing of any interest in this "pre-fall" collection.

OT, but the clothes don't appeal and I was struck by an early commenter, whose mention about not wanting additional bulk at the hips purplexes me the more it comes up. I mean, my body shape may not be typical (whose is?) but my measurements are something like 38-32-39; that's a 36DD (sob), ergo I think I look top-heavy (also because I have broad shoulders). I tend to be attracted to looks (but not these) that add a bit of volume at the hips, because I think it adjusts the balance, and I think women "should" be a little pear-shaped than not.

Does anyone else with a sort of similar body shape tend to do this, too? I mean, obviously if you have serious booty this is probably not your instinct, but what do the other top-heavy+broad shouldered women out there say? Or what if you're kind of flat both above and below? Do you tend to like clothes that make you look like you have more curves on the bottom?

Oh, I see ASK already mentioned the hippy-ness issue. Ah well.

Just to sate my own curiosity:

MBirch 12/29/09 2:07 PM

So you object to fur, but not leather? Is it an issue of sourcing? I have heard a lot of leather used comes from food-animals in the first place, and since I'm not a vegetarian, I can only think of that as a good thing, to use more of the animal, but is that the leather that goes into clothing? So is it just that the leather could be from food-animals, but the fur definitely wouldn't be and would have been procured from animals raised specifically for their fur?

The nipples and the fuzzy boxy coats bother me.

I, as a female, am hereby stating that yes - I do in fact want those hip flounces. I do want emphasis in that area. Peplums are hot stuff in my book!

Wow, I thought the anonymous person who stated early on that "no female wants emphasis in [the hips]" was just being facetious, and referring to this past week's episode of "Launch My Line" (in which Vanessa was told pretty much exactly that).

Since when did a fuzzy pink cardigan and a pencil skirt stop being the uniform of single middle-aged middle school teachers and start being high fashion?

Well, maybe that was the particular poster's intent, but I've seen people here (and probably even TLo) saying that in reference to various looks (often where the added volume is pockets :| I like pockets in my dresses k thx :|) and seeming quite serious about it.

Anyway, since everyone's said something about it already, I still think most designers are out of their minds as far as styling and poses go. I mean, I *guess* Kors had a hand in these photos? But if this is a standard type of shoot, and this is all you want your models to do, then you may as well go with mannequins. At least then you won't have nipplage... although I'd still be wondering what they expect us to wear under that one sheer top, assuming these are actually the final products.

is the cute smiley redhead model laura from the last cycle of antm?
if not she certainly resembles of them also looks like a more slender jennifer morrison or ginnifer goodwin
most of this collection seems meh to me but i love the black zippered dress and the red "pin-up girl" one

I went to Macys last weekend.

I am pretty sure this whole collection was already in there under the cheaper labels.


The collection looks like most women's closets in the 1980's (except for the disfiguring faux fur and the idiotically-puff-sleeved-and-equally- disfiguring see through top).

I'm not sure what the idea is with the corpse like models, they really put me off and they look monstrous in the clothes that visually alter their real shapes. They look like knuckle dragging, no-necked stick figures who can't even smile at the joke.

I'm delighted to see hemlines at knee-length! Anything shorter than that is just plain scandelous in my line of work. I only see a handful of pieces every 10 collections or so that are things I could actually wear to work (at least, of the collections that are posted on here). It's great to see a collection full of pieces I could wear!

To quote the orange Duchess "I'm underwhelmed." In fact, I think most of these pieces are quite unattractive. Absolutely hate the fur chubbie.

I like they way they are photographed. Straight forward you can tell exactly what you are getting.
I like the lengths and the peplums.

All I want to know is, what K-Mart are you bitches shopping at? Let me know so I can grab some deals on some pretty fabu clothes!

I mean, I understand the collection is a little...boring, maybe. I tend to prefer very avant-garde, couture looks. Marketable just isn't my style. I can, however, see that Michael Kors is nothing if not a marketable designer. This collection fits in very well with the majority of his other collection and I would die to own atleast 75% of these clothes! However, the faux fur mess is awful and is ruining some of the looks.

Anybody else notice the models' knees? Looks like she skinned them on the way in from the playground, or was so weak with malnutrition, she fell. The knees on a number of them look terrible!

I would like the peplums more if they were 40s-inspired, i.e. smaller in length, as opposed to being 80s inspired. They're fricking huge. And a bow-tie blouse? Yikes. Even when they were in fashion, I hated them.

I think I'm just not a fan of MK's designs. I can appreciate the work and the quality, and it's clear who his customer is. It just doesn't interest me.

I laughed at the dress at the end that doesn't seem to match the rest of the collection, since that is exactly what he blasted Irina for having in her PR6 collection.

He seems to have fun, doesn't he?

Half these models look like someone is either pointing a gun at them or threatening to gut their puppy. So distracting!

Did anyone else see the fuzzy pink sweater and think Ed Wood?

Most of this pretty meh, but I love the black dress with the zippers along the dart lines. I wonder if they unzip to show a contrast lining? I may have to steal this idea for a jacket.

Did the Duchess poach and skin Elmo for outfit #1? That would account for the model's rueful expression...

I could do without the Big Bird vests & jackets as well as the blocky black boots & shoes that appear to cut off the legs as if they are being blocked out in a "fashion don't" magazine photo but aside from that, I would wear some of these clothes.

NO!!!! Maybe 1 or 2 are okay, but the majority of these are awful!

"Did the Duchess poach and skin Elmo for outfit #1?"

:) My sentiments exactly!


And I see boobies, Duchess.

I cannot stand MK as a designer OR a judge.

It's blandblandblandboringland, ugh.

what on earth is this.
the dress with the zippers looks RIDICULOUS. are you kidding me?!
god I'm sorry but I hate this line; it's a step backwards in fashion.
sad. sad sad sad.

Gosh, they look like they're posing for their mug they all got arrested at once.

This collection is pretty wack, and the models certainly aren't helping.

This isn't doing it for me. I've seen the duchess do better.

But I did find a bitchin' MK bag for $150.00. Dare I?

Obviously, the Duchess was clearly inspired with past PR contestants. Seriously, boobies? how very Wnedy of him.

That print? Uli.

I saw Leanne, Siriano, Rami and Jillian too.

At least a half dozen of these look like they walked off the pages of a Simplicity pattern book, particularly #'s 7, 16, and 17. I like the details on a lot of the dresses, but overall it gave me some serious de'ja vue.

The third and final looks stood out for me. Not thrilled with the peplum then or now, the zipper dress is nice. Look, Kors is a classicist and much of what he does is therefore bound to look redundant. But they fit beautifully. As The Duchess says often on PR as the ultimate compliment: He understands a woman's body.

....huh what? sorry i dozed off.

...ummmmmm. no. I don't like the silhouettes or the color palate. It's not awful, it's just kinda ordinary.

"Did anyone else see the fuzzy pink sweater and think Ed Wood?"

Actually, that's exactly what I thought. Glad I'm not the only one!


I was surprised to see the sheer blouse because all I could think of was how appalled Kors was when Wendy Pepper did it in Season 1 during the fashion show finale.

He was just so horrified and was saying "boobies!".

Well, to Michael, I say "boobies!"

MK is my favorite designer, because his clothes are so wearable and comfortable while remaining sophisticated, classy and interesting. Of all of the designers in my wardrobe, I'd say that I have more Kors than any other. I can wear them to work, a cocktail party, out to dinner with my honey or grocery shopping and look appropriate in every situation... and it never fails - someone will compliment my look when I'm sporting my Kors!

Ugly. Old. Boring. Kinda like Kors himself.

Snoozapalooza. The pink dress looks like easter or maybe what a 12 year old might wear to her older cousin's birthday paired with her mom's high heels that she stuffed with toilet paper so that they'd fit. The rest is embarrassing.

Mia Aminata is a stunning stunning model. DAMN!!!!!!! I am lost for words.

Oh dear. There wasn't a piece worth putting on make-up or shoes to wear out of the house. In fact, my bathrobe is more flattering.

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