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LML: Runway Rundown

Hit it!

There are so many of them and we need to learn their names if we want to make fun of them blog about them, so let's do the blogging equivalent of speed-dating. Ready? Go!

David & Julie

Always wonderful to see the lovely Miss Amanda Fields, but manohman, was this ever a clumsy, unattractive look. Could have been cute, but the vest threw the proportions way off.

Kathy & Emil

Boring. Safe. Points for color.

Marilyn & Coco

"Marilyn & Coco" sounds like a drag act. Expect about as much drama from these two.

It's all right. We guess we can see why the audience chose it as their favorite, but it's way too Fierce with a capital F. It looks like something you'd see on Ugly Betty. She's way too hung up on having an "impact" on the runway, so we figure we're going to be seeing more of these slightly campy looks.

Vanessa & Tressa

Crazies on the bottom! Oh come on. A show like this? It needs its characters. There was no way she was going home before they could milk a little crazy out of her.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada did it first and did it better. Sure, it's cracktacular, but come on, someone needed to liven up that department store runway show. More please!

[Photos: Patton - Screencaps:]

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Please tell me, is this a show? I'm in the UK, I HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS. Help me!

Question...what does 'campy' mean? In the context I'm guessing overexaggerated?

(Thanks for the post, TLo!)


Vanessa must be the one person in the world who liked Lohan's Ungaro show.

Clarabows, yes this is a new show. It airs on Bravo Wednesday @11pm EST

Big Thanks to TLo, I'm gonna love snarking on this with you guys.

Hmm, not stunning fashion on any front. The yellow dress is fine, as is the zebra top one. Both wearable, but hardly inspirational. If I want to look at just nice clothes I'll goto a department stores.

Loved the shoes on Amanda's look though. Love Amanda more! She needs to be on every fashion reality show imo.

Thank myfawny I cannot wait to see this too. Will take me through these miserable short days, frosts and floods :(

Didn't Lindsay Lohan also recommend a heart motif for the line she was a "creative director" of? I'm too disinterested in anything related to Lindsay Lohan to do the proper research, but I'm pretty sure she was doing some lame heart motif stuff too. Crazy birds of a feather stick together, I guess.

I wasn't sure what to expect on this show from the ads but was pleasantly surprised. This show has the best workroom and runway, hands down, of any designer show so far. The lighting is great. The twin hosts are kinda quirky but know their stuff. It's a little soon for me to really know which designers I'm going to love/hate but it looks interesting. Nice fill in between seasons of PR.

I liked the Yellow dress. I mean have been starved for color on these shows and I don't think wearability show be a negative.

I do think that when the idea seems good but the execution is poor, isn't that more an issue for the pro?

Vanessa and her love of jumpsuits is going to be painful to watch. I am not a big fan of Lady Gaga but Vanessa does remind me of her

I'm glad Vanessa stayed, 'cause I wanna see what she'll come up with next.

Marilyn in one impressive human being. I loved the way she handled things, how she was determined to come up with something better, no matter what. And she did it -- with the top, anyway (not crazy about the skirt, but still).

Wow, do you have a plane to catch? I think I may have whiplash from reading so many reviews so quickly.

but I am lovin' it!

Sorry to go off-topic, but I have to take advantage of a teachable moment.

-g- asks: "what does 'campy' mean? In the context I'm guessing overexaggerated?"

Yes, but there's more to it than that. It's sort of like Louis Armstrong's answer to "what is jazz?": if you have to ask, you'll never know.

Wikipedia does a good job of explaining, though:

Episode 1 was pure canned corn in my not too humble opinion. I just may choose to forgo watching the actual program and rely on TLo to keep me amused for the balance of the episodes.

Thanks SO much for the recaps TLo - I forgot all about this one, but now you've got me interested, so i'm heading to the DVR to figure out when Bravo is rerunning this epi (probably 20 times this week...)

Personally Marilyn got on my nerves more and more. I know some people felt her designer was being a whiner but I thought she was being honest. It was the end of the work day and she was tired and she said straight up she didn't think she'd be able to add anything creatively. A good night's rest does make a difference.

Personally I would have been annoyed as well that she wanted to completely changed it half way through. And the way Miss CEO was carrying on about how she had to win this challenge. Uh can we put this challenge into perspective?

It was impractical to completely re-work the design. She could have incorporated things in a subtle way to liven it up without startign from scratch. Yes the the new version was one of the better efforts but there wasn't anything wrong with her first concept. Her target audience is corporate women. As her partner so aptly put it, there isn't going to be a flow-y yellow gown in her collection.

You're right Tlo, the oufit looks life soemthing Wilhemena Slater or Aexis Carrington would wear. Good design but too much for a corporate setting.

Jumpsuit was too costumey


A good example of camp is the old Batman TV show

Camp is something you either embrace or you don't. And it's tough to pull off well


I liked the shoes in the last look. That's all the niceness I can muster.

Who ever made Amanda look like that needs to get out of fashion forever. The End.

It looks like Amanda has a towel hanging around her neck after a workout. The "expert" responsible for that needs to go.

The models in this show are fabulous, however.

I'm gonna start spamming the comment threads until SOMEONE uploads a torrent of this show for us non-US peoples.

Marilyn & Coco: I kind of liked Marilyn or CEOprah (brilliant tag). I know that she was given far, far too much screentime and screeched too many times how she had to win the runway, but afterall, it is a competition. Personally, I loved the look, but do agree, it was soooo Willie Slater of UB that it still cracks me up. The look was fine, but the hood was over le top.

Vanessa & Tressa: Part of me wanted V to go this epi, but I do look forward to more of her cracktastic looks. The lesson to be learned from this episode is that grown women do not look awesome with glittery hearts dangling from her knees and a huge heart plastered across one's decolletage is not sexy.

- edina -

Fekkai and the make up team know what they're doing, huh? With the exception of poor Amanda (saddled with a disaster outfit), each of the models and outfits looks perfectly matched.

Wouldn't Goldie's, oops, Kate's hair have rocked it looking like Amanda's???
just sayin'

'like something you'd see on ugly betty' - YES!!

Thanks Heff, but the buffering stutters every two seconds. If I hadn't found the torrent I'd suffer through it, though.

Somewhat off topic request: An interview with the fabulous Amanda! She seems to pop up in every fashion reality show and she must have great dirt to dish! Pretty please?

Don't get Bravo so this is as good as it gets for me.

Yellow dress. Color! Yay. As for being "boring, safe", this is LML. They are not aiming for conceptual, editorial, or special snowflake wackiness.

Animal print top outfit. Do not understand the "fierce" or "camp" references here. Possibly it is something that was more apparent *watching* the show. Looking at it here, t's a classic, sellable look.

Jumpsuit. Okay, that look was egregious.

If the sleeves were soooo loose and flowy, I would covet the zebra print top. Beautiful!

And the yellow dress is gorgeous, also. It looks like something from Korto's PR final collection.

FINALLY!!!! One episode and I'm HOOKED. I LOVE the drama and the fact the outfits are ready to wear. It's practical and different and FUN. It's not a Project Runway re-hash and I like that.

That look that the audience chose as favorite is all you need to understand why the people participating in these fashion realities will never be near making it in the real fashion world...

That jump suit is very Jem. And not in a good way.

Dave the [Elf] Architect-- should not thank his fellow [Magic] Elves for lighting the runway so well that even my sleepy eyes could see his wonky skirt closure. Nobody had enough time to finish a garment to perfection, but Julie should have done a bit better there.

Again... I was sleepy when I watched it the first time and when I watched it again last night. Kathy seemed to focus on the garment as a whole and Emil took care of the details. She was edited to seem as though she spent the most time trying to absorb what Emil was saying about fabric. Whatever. I liked the brading at the waist, unfortunately, there seems to be too much fabric there. The draping of the whole thing overwhelms the model. It didn't embarrass, but didn't wow so safe was a good judgement.

Marilyn and Coco struggled with the tradeoff between feasibility and design. Every team, no matter how much time, struggles with that. I think the outcome was splendid. I agree, however, that on a show like this where every look counts you might not want to shoot your whole wad too early. Marilyn was pulling out a lot of stops with this outfit, as did another design team, and didn't win. I actually thought Marilyn's design was much stronger and more versatile. The fabric is what makes it "Alexis Carrington-esque." In a different color, lots of different women could wear it. It would be a great top for starlets--when the paps snap, pop your top, with some shades and you're good for Hollywood.

Vanessa wants to dress everyone up like cartoon characters. If she can find an audience for her look, who knows? She could be wildly successful. I nearly spit out my hi-test tea when Judge Julie (?) said "I love jumpsuits for my clients!" No wonder so many starlets go out dressed like toddlers. Hey, Vanessa is a gal with a vision. She's got a logo and a name and produced a look. Perhaps she could go all the way with crazy.

Did I doze off and miss all the logos? I'm going to have to catch another repeat....

I hope the rest of the episodes are as enjoyable as the first one. I always thought it took a lot of chutzpah to "design" a clothing line without being able to sew. I like the interactions between the designers and the experts, and I LOVE the runway and the ability to see the losing garments in detail. That jumpsuit just kills me.

Something this show has that I am ALL FOR is a kind of wacky, exuberant, joy. Even their workroom zings. All open space and light.

I'm so glad you guys did this post! I was afraid you'd just comment on the winner and loser, and Vanessa's jumpsuit? Is ASS.

I'm expecting tons of drama from Marilyn and Coco, as Marilyn gets progressively farther away from "businesswoman" in her attempts at "impact".

Can't say I loved any of the looks, but the show was fun!

I didn't watch the episode but judging from the outfits themselves, I kind of love the heart jumpsuit. I don't know what the challenge was, and I'm sure it didn't fit.. but that outfit to me is whimsical without beating it over your head with a big ole whimsy crayon.

David and Julie pulled an Althea. I like it better than her stuff, actually, but, still. This makes me sad. Boo.

Re. Vanessa and Tressa, I could not have said it better, gentlemen. "Cracktacular" is exactly right.

I really want to go see the Marilyn & Coco drag act, though Kiki & Herb may have spoiled me.

TLo, congrats on starting to be able to put names with faces--a trick I haven't accomplished yet. But I really like this show--it's trashy, fun, and so snarkable!

My favorite part of Episode 1 was each designer saying, "I've dressed (fill in name of celeb-of-the-moment here)." Except for big ol' spittin' record exec (don't know his name), who said, "I've recorded (fill in name of hip-hop-celeb-of-the-moment here)."

Like anyone cares!

I'm alone in hating the school bus gown, but I did love the Dandy's purple Burberry look and Merle's amazing dress/peplum/boa/vest look.

Just plain old-fashioned trashy fun!

winninghamster said...

Vanessa must be the one person in the world who liked Lohan's Ungaro show.

LOL Probably. I can't wait to see more of her designs.

What I really like about this show is that everything is BRIGHT!! From the workroom to the runway, we can actually see some color and detail!!
This show makes Season 6 of PR look like Kansas before Dorothy lands in Munchkin land!!!

Love the shoes : )

i'm not dorothy gale

FINALLY caught this show; thank God Bravo has innumerable reruns. The twin D's are just a trip - I can't even imagine their mom with such creative and flamoyant boys; it must have been wonderful.

LML is fun and full of the wacky dramatics and jaw-dropping hideous fashion choices we've all come to love; the fact that you're blogging it is pure enhancement. Like an early Christmas present.

Um. About that last one. Why is she wearing tin foil mud flaps on her bewbs?

SewSew said: I'm alone in hating the school bus gown, but I did love the Dandy's purple Burberry look and Merle's amazing dress/peplum/boa/vest look.

You're not alone, SewSew. The color of that gown is killing me, and not in a good way. Ouch!

Seeing the clown-on-acid jumpsuit close up scared me all over again.

I'm expecting big things from Launch My Line. And by big things, I mean bitchiness, fighting and bad fashion. Don't disappoint.

"Sure, it's cracktacular..."

HA! I can't wait to use that in a conversation.


The show is tackylicious! I can't wait to watch the next episode and read more TLO commentary.

Finally watched the first episode and immediately fell in love with it. Dean and Dan are adorable! So glad you guys are blogging about it.

The minute Vanessa said she had many jumpsuits in her closet, I went "Oh, here we go." That jumpsuit is perfect for Hooker Jeannie. You know she'll create one costume after another.

Does anyone know where this episode might be found online for those of use not in US? I've searched youtube and all of the regular suspects, but no luck... Help...

Is there any way to view this show outside of the US??

Jumpsuits?????? REALLY???? What in the world is sexy about a jumpsuit? Most women I know wouldn't wear one unless they knew for sure that they wouldn't have to visit the ladies room. Ick.

I loved Marilyn's outfit.

David and Julie's outfit made the model look like she had two sets of boobs. Not so much in this photo, but that's what it looked like on tv. It was terrible, I thought that should have gotten the boot.

They got the bottom 3 and top 3 correct..but winner and loser wrong.

Vanessa with the gawdawful whatevertheFitwas jumpsuit should have gone. It was ridiculous and if jumpsuits like that are back in vogue...time for me to give up. ACK!

I am seriously digging Marilyn CEO. Love her attitude, business sense, style, instincts, people skills, etc. Also like Merle...great concept with the changeable clothes. Either of them should have won over LouRawlesdaughter. Her dress was just pretty good.

Can't stand the Dandy..can't stand the term "Dandy" dreading the over-repetitive use of it this season. maybe I'll be lucky and he'll get eliminated sooner rather than later...ugh!

I finally got to see it tonight. This show isn't bad (though I'm thinking that the only reason those twins were cast as the hosts was that Mr. Andy wanted BRAVO to have someone whose voice is more annoying than his).

The show has an interesting concept, but it misses in execution because of the twins & the judges. With every attempt to copy PR, (and with every PR episode where they were missing), it becomes more and more apparent just HOW LUCKY PR is to have cast Tim, Nina, Duchess & Heidi as the principals. They're kinda like the Beatles of reality TV (or maybe the Monkees). Either way, without them it's like new Coke. eh.

As for the clothes: That heart jumpsuit was embarrassing. Seriously. Like a Home Ec project. The yellow dress was very Bain du Soliel. That animal print- I can see the woman who would wear it. And the only reason I was rooting for that architect was so that Amanda wouldn't get eliminated.


Heads up! They post full episodes of this show on

Ok, first I liked that the judging wasn't just nasty nasty and was actually considerate and constructive. It was, alas, a little too nice at parts (I would have loved to have seen what Kors would have done with that lame jumpsuit.)

(btw, that is meant to be pronounced "lam-ay" not "lame" but I guess either would work.)

I also like the judging being done on models and on dress forms. They once said on Sheer Genius that a bad haircut is less obvious on a live person on one episode they had them cut wigs. Same way, a good model (like...hmmm, Tanisha?) can trick you into thinking a design is better than it actually is. So, great idea.

I wasn't blown away by many of the looks as you said but I did really like that Inside Out idea.

That lame jumpsuit reminds me of a Sigfield and Roy costume....oh my! Scary shit, indeed! But so much fun to trash. I say keep Judy Jetson Vanessa around a couple more weeks just for sheer terror.

I like Marilyn and Coco's outfit and don't mind that it's a little over the top. With some tuning, I could see that selling.

But CEOprah did grate on my nerves a bit. I like her dedication, but she's a bit crazy.

Bring on more!!

Nothing really stunning came out of these guys in the first show, but definitely some interesting, if confusing, points of views were expressed!

I actually kind of liked the architect's design, but agree that the proportions were a little off. Okay, a lot off.

Actually, the lame (read laMAY, lol) jumpsuit actually makes me think Betsey Johnson, but in a manner that makes it just that side of horribly wrong and poorly executed.

Too much whimsy constructed in a questionable manner.

I loved this Show. I agree the Vanessa(Jetson has to go) That was not creative.

I loved the yellow dress!!

And Roberto, Marylin, and the Dandy are intresting characters. I can't wait to see what their creative evolution is going to be. I am sure it will be wonderful to see.

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