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LML: Runway Rundown Part 2

Let's wrap it up, put a stamp on it, and mail it, kittens.

Patrick & Roberto

But first, a correction, because we are so very ethical here at T Lo Communications International. We had been informed through various sources that Roberto had designed the dress Carrie Underwood wore to perform at the AMAs; the dress that was shockingly similar to one of the dresses from Carol Hannah's finale collection for Project Runway. Well, we heard straight from the horse's ass mouth that, while he has designed stagewear for Carrie, he did NOT design the CH ripoff dress.

There. Consider yourself informed. Moving right along...

We're all for CHDQs who know how to maximize their camera time. Despite all the crying of "I don't watch these shows for DRAMA!" the fact of the matter is, when there isn't any drama (see: PR seasons 4 and 6), the general consensus among the viewership is that the season is boring.

So, fine. Yay for the CHDQs, we say. Only, there's the right way to do it and the wrong way to do it, and Roberto here is definitely doing it the wrong way. For one, it's way too obvious. He might as well wear a sign around his neck that says, "NOTICE ME!!!!!" For another, he's just coming across as an asshole, plain and simple.

And for all the drama...

This team once again produced an ugly and unflattering look.

Not to mention that it barely looks sewn at all.

We'll give them credit for this, though: they do have an interesting sense of color and print, although we'd like to see them both get away from purple.

Kevin & Akiko

What to say about these two? She seems like a doormat half the time and he somehow got the idea in his head that fashion design is akin to cage fighting. To her we say, "Stand up, girl!" and to him we say, "Tone it down, buddy. It's a dress, not warfare."

Yikes. We barely recognized Amanda here in her "hooker secretary" getup. Why is it that those who provide the most drama almost always produce the worst garments?

It's a rhetorical question, of course. They provide all the drama because deep down they know their output is not up to par with other contestants'. Call it The Pepper Factor.

Tacky, ugly, unflattering.

Louanna & Jim

Even though we thought last week's winning garment was way over-praised, these two comprise another team that bears watching. She has taste and he has skills and let's face it, that's all you need to win this contest.

We're not super-crazy about the fabric picked for the sarong, but the swimsuit is pretty hot.

Although it would leave some very strange tan lines.

Marilyn & Coco

More drama for your mama. Quick psychoanalysis: Marilyn is a control freak and Coco is passive-aggressive.

We enjoy reality show drama in many forms, but we cannot abide the "I'm tired" excuse. You tried out for this show and unlike the (probable) hundreds of other tryouts, you got picked to be on it. Suck it up and quitcher bitchin'.

We still think kimonos make for strange beach attire, but as designs go, this isn't terrible.

What's terrible are the fabric choices. That lining is a little on the tacky side, but it might have worked if it hadn't been paired with that satin-y yellow.

Seriously, who wears shiny fabrics to the beach?

[Photos: Patton - Screencaps:]

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I feel silly for asking, but what exactly are "CHDQs?" All I'm getting is "Camera (W)Hore Drag Queens" but that just doesn't seem right.

Apparently the premature choosing of the fabric is already starting to bite them in the ass.

Ooh! Did he send you a bitchy email? Post it!! Post it!!!

(I know, I know...)

Bryan, it's Camera Hogging Drama Queen.

I can understand how it would be difficult to pick the right fabrics before youknow what you have to do with it but that yellow satiny fabric is not beachy!

Beach kimonos aren't my thing, either, but the satiny yellow with the orange print lining makes my eyes happy. It's not beachy, but I think it's gorgeous.

I am not watching this show, but felt impelled to chime in that the model in Patrick & Roberto's creation looks like she is on her way to the Carousel in Logan's Run. Or better yet, about to get hunted down by the Sandmen.

Wait a minute... people didn't like Season 4 of PR? The season with Princess Puffysleeves and Sissy Bear? That was my favorite season, drama or no drama!


Yikes, Patrick and Roberto's dress was a mess this week. I'm loving Patrick more each week, but I just wish his design aesthetic was stronger. And Roberto with his "we" and "our" design? Get over yourself, bitch.

Kevin's outfit is another yuck-er. "Hooker secretary" sounds about right to me!

Not crazy about Louanna's sarong (don't hate it, mind you, just feel neutral toward it), but I am in Love! with her bikini! If only I had the body to rock it...

And you know, I really liked Marilyn's kimono. Maybe it's not traditional beach attire, but I could totally seen it worn to a yacht party. The lining isn't great, but wasn't that the fabric she was assigned to use at the beginning of the episode?

Can't wait for tomorrow night!

I agree with McBangle...who didn't like season four? I will take zero drama over fabulous, interesting clothes any day of the week.

That last one would be nice to wear around your pool that overlooks the beach.

Yeah, satin on the beach is bad, and clearly some of the designers should have made broader fabric choices...but isn't it kind of a wrench to throw beachwear into the mix? Beachwear isn't necessarily done in every line, right? It just seems so specific that I can't get too mad at some of the inappropriate fabrics for that particular challenge.

As for the boys, feh. Yes, Patrick is a sweetie, and maybe if he had an expert that worked with him we'd see some fashion, but so far? Feh.

And I only want to see Kevin give Kathy hell - I don't need to see his garments any more.

I do like Marilyn though -- passive aggressiveness drives me nuts. I'd have been arrested for smacking Coco upside the head halfway through the first night.

Tamarama, I agree! There's nothing I hate more then a passive agressive little bitch who is too afraid to voice their opinion so they pussyfoot around with snide remarks instead. HATE.

So yeah, Coco = HATE. Her lack of work ethic and general suckery makes me want to slap her around. You were chosen to compete, not sleep when it's convenient for you.

I'm shocked that Marilyn has been so patient with her thus far. Marilyn is a classic Type A personality and while the two obviously don't mix, I'm surprised that Marilyn has continued to be so patient with her.

Thank you for explaining that, Anne. I use "hog" in that way so rarely that I didn't even think about it.

Nothing looked horrific on the runway -- overall, the show seemed better than the first week's -- but now that I see some of them in still pictures, it's another story.

What the hell are Dandy + CHDQ thinking? Are they thinking?

Hooker Secretary plus gold shoes, that's like felony murder on top of aggravated assault.

Since I live at the beach, spend a lot of time at the beach, and wind up seeing a lot of stranger's weddings on the beach, I think I've got a valid viewpoint on this one. Louanna's design is by far the most beach-appropriate, followed by Merle's... though Merle's dress was the wrong shade of orange, too much of an autumn color. The two beach kimonos would have worked better in softer, more cottony fabrics.

The rest of the looks are U-G-L-Y, and yet still more attractive than a lot of things I see people wearing on the beach!

I dont share in as much of the Coco hate. Yes she needs to be more assertive with Marilyn but I have dealt with people like Marilyn. At times A-type control freaks like her simply do not want to listen or take in what you have to say. It can be very exhausting and exasperating and it's easier to just shut down than fight them

Their problems are much as Marilyn's fault as Coco's. Bad communication all around.

As far as the "tired" excuse, recall the first time it was close to midnight when she left.

Personally I think both would be better off with different partners. Marilyn needs someone who can go toe to toe with her personality and Coco would be better off with a contestant who would be much more open and receptive to outside imput.

Basically if Coco and Roberto were to switch, you'd probably have more harmony

Speaking of the resident CHDQ, maybe their garment would have looked better if Roberto didn't try to force Patrick to sew the whole garment himself. Patrick said he can't even sew a button. It's ridiculous to expect him to do the actual sewing. Fear alone would make Patrick screw up.

agreed about Miss Rawls bikini. nice way to use the butterfly


Forgot to mention, yes there were a lot of people complaining on this blog during the first half of season 4 about how boring it was and how they wish it had more drama like previous seasons.

It's a 2-edged sword scenario


Coco acts as if she's on the Jeremy Pivin high mercury sushi diet.

As for Dandy Patrick and Volcanic Roberto, "although we'd like to see them both get away from purple."

Alas, only if the workroom burns down, destroying their first episode fabric choices.

Kevin & Aikko's entry reminded me of a bag of Cheetos-brand Flamin' Hot chips --- and I don't even eat them. The colors are way too intense (and not in a good way like Oscar de la Renta's collection) and the look lacks sophistication and elegance.

Didn't love Louanna & Jim's entry either, but I'm keeping my eye on that team. I like them. My favorite scene of the entire episode was the quick shot of Jim doing Louanna's hair amidst all the in-fighting and madness! It totally cracked me up because it was this quick-edited in shot and didn't seem to have a place in the episode at all. Loved it.

Marily & Coco are annoying. I don't mind CEOprah, but Coco is in desperate need of a slap. Shiny fabric on the beach = third-degree burns.

This weeks episode was a vast improvement over last week's debacle, but the fashions are still lacking, and I agree with everyone posting poor choices in fabric selection has killed the chances of winning the competition for many teams.

- edina -

I wonder if Coco has some medical issues. I got the impression there was more going on with her than just being tired and passive aggressive.

When I look at Kevin's get up, all I can think of is catching the top on every single thing in sight - doorknobs, the ends of tables, another person. Isn't this supposed to be ready to wear?

I agree that the fabric Marilyn chose for the kimono is all wrong for the beach (imagine how hot it would be), but I still like it. It's colorful and happy, and, as we used to say in the old days, really sharp.

Couple of things.

1) Marilyn hasn't come off as a control freak to me. She comes off as someone who wants to get the work done but is dealing with a person who doesn't have interest in actually working. And considering that the person she's having to work with is the person who is actually having to do most of the physical work because Marilyn doesn't know the technical side of design, well, girlfriend gotta take control.

2) I'm surprised there's no mention of Kevin's response to the twins talking about how terrible his silhouette was. That whole "I'm a man, I know what looks good on a woman's body. I know what men want to see on a woman's body." Honey, you're designing for WOMEN, not men. As soon as you add men into the equation of women's fashion, you pretty much guarantee yourself to a failed line. It's not about what men want to see, it's about what women want to wear and look and feel GOOD in.

3) If CHDQ didn't design the damn dress then who did? It's been several weeks and it's a blatant rip off. Is it really THAT difficult to find out? (not upset at TLo, annoyance at the lack of anyone in the business doing anything to find out. CH herself, Lifetime, PR people, etc.)

I didn't like anyone of them. Some I wouldn't even consider "looks."

I thought Marilyn and Coco's design was pretty, but looked more like lingerie than beachwear.

I think Coco might have been a better fit for David. That would be a good expert-swap. He was a likeable guy; it would have been nice if he'd gotten to stick around.

Roberto believes this show is "Launch My Bravo Show" and this is his audition.

I've seen the Roberto apologist posting on a few blogs in his behalf. Funny thing is I have yet to see him state anything directly about the matter.

:rolls eyes::


However whoever posted last week that he's "shooting for bitch and landing in asshole." hit the nail on the head. It's not even fun to watch. The outfit he made with Patrick look like the type of thing you do in your 20's when you're broke and think you can pass off wrapping a bunch of remnants from the fabric store around you as chic.

Shiny material aside, I liked Marilyn's outfit, even though she always seems to be designing for Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty. I also like Louella's. Let's face it, a women who wears that suit is gonna tan topless. Kevin seriously needs a valium. Except for the blonde chick who thinks she's designer for my pretty pony the rest of the designers are just not making an impression.

Anon (& others): "I wonder if Coco has some medical issues."

It's possible people are taking "tired" too literally. Some people can work on a creative project (and/or its nitty gritty aspects, like the sewing itself) for hours on end without stopping. But for some others, the quality of the work goes down if they don't step away from it every so often. She may be the latter sort, and "I'm tired" could just be shorthand for "This is all I can do right now, and I need to recharge."

Except for the outfit, Amanda looks fabulous. That last kimono outfit - is the lining the same as Amanda's top?

Maybe it would make it too much like a PR-ripoff, but if the designers could choose their experts week to week after an elimination, that would solve Patrick's and Marilyn's problems of bitchy and whiny helpers.

I can relate to Marilyn - except she is far better about Coco than I would be. Since they are permitted to stay as late as they like, I like that Marlilyn stay's to work even if Coco goes MIA. Did anyone else notice D2's reaction to Coco ? It looked like they had no idea that a "pro" would abandon the designer - nor what to do about it.

Patrick's makes me want to scream - can these people PLEASE finish the edges of their fabric??

I had a dream Marilyn bitched me out and we got into an argument. 100% serious.

Anyway, I love Kevin for entertainment purposes. I don't think anyone should watch this show for the fashion.

and that lady that won the first challenge - I was totally pissed off when she told the model she doesn't care to know what the outfit reminds her of. that's just a huge No in my book.

Basically if Coco and Roberto were to switch, you'd probably have more harmony

Now there's a thought. I would LOVE to see Miss CEO dealing with the CHDQ.

I'm enjoying the blog more than the show...having fallen asleep both times.

Some of ya'll are darn funny...Jeremy Pivin high mercury sushi diet; Cheetos-brand Flamin' Hot chips; my pretty pony. And I really like TLo's The Pepper Factor...wish the peeps around me watched the show, so I could use

"Tlo said: we heard straight from the horse's ass mouth"

LOL, Will you marry me (both of you)??


Well, we heard straight from the horse's ass mouth


I was watching The Devil Wears Prada and I swear I saw Patrick in the background as a party guest at the party where Andy picks up a sketch for Miranda.

I liked the beach kimono thing minus the fabric. Though I imagine it's hard when you are using fabrics you had to pick out before knowing what they are for.

I still haven't seen the episode, so can't comment on any of that. However, I would certainly like to commend the show for having such great lighting on the runway! We can actually SEE the clothes! What a concept...

"we heard straight from the horse's ass mouth"


Love Roberto and Patrick, best team ever : )

we heard straight from the horse's ass mouth


Fashion Critic

Personally, I loved Patick and Roberto's dress too!! That shoul dhave been the winning dress!

I agree with Todd..Best Team Ever

Oh, so Roberto did not copy the dress! Well I hope CH finds out who did! That said

I do agree that it is wuite unfair to have them choose all of the fabrics at once. And then to leave the Wanna Be Designers to shoose the last five does put the team in a disadvantage from the beginning.

I think that is what happened to David, a wool bathing suit! His entire pallet had dark colors. And during that show you see him running into the trim room and he grabs a beautif sheer blue fabric and then you seem him set it back down. I knew he was going home at that point.

I loved Merle's orange dress! She should have won. And I really liked
Marylin's dress to, but for a wicked house dress to eat bon bon in and sip eggnog!

I actually loved Roberto and Patrick's dress! I liked that it was different. Also loved the shoes that the dandy made fro the dress. A+ for effort!

Did anyone notice how...rude and cold Louanna was to her model when she was trying on the swimsuit? The model was all "You wanna know what it reminds me of?" and she was all "You don't have to tell me".


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