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LML: Runway Rundown Part 2

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Eric & Galina

In terms of design, it couldn't be any more basic. In terms of style, it's way too '90s South Beach. In terms of that gold rick-racky trim near the hem, we are appalled.

Kevin & Akiko

Between the spitting and the plotting, we'd about had enough of this guy by the end of the first hour.

The dress is fine. Nothing new or exciting but very wearable. Two things: the bust line's a little uneven and the fabric's a little Blanche Devereux's Lanai Cushion Collection.

Merle & Thai

A veteran of countless red carpet commentary bitchfests (not to mention RuPaul's Drag Race), we expect great things from Merle in this competition.

And while this isn't flawless by any means, it's a pretty good start and a baseline for her line, apparently.

She's all into the utilitarian aspect of clothing and how to give the consumer more bang for their buck. You can really lapse into gimmicky stuff from that starting point, but if she keeps it useful and stylish, she can give the judges something to talk about - in a good way.

Roberto & Patrick

Darlings, camera-hogging drama queens are the lifeblood of reality television blogging. Without them, where would we get our jokes? Unfortunately for them, we've been doing this a while and we have little patience for those CHDQs who can't even do it with a little finesse. Roberto here all but held up a sign that read "I'm only doing this to get camera time," it was that clumsy and obvious. As such, we will not reward him for his bumbling efforts. Roberto darling, one must do these things with some thought and preparation. One doesn't simply decide on the spur of the moment to have a hissy fit over nothing. One does the slow burn, with bitchy comments. That way, when the blowup comes, you've laid the groundwork and both you and your sparring partner will have plenty of opportunity to really get in there and get bitchy. Honestly. Must we teach you bitches everything?

As for the look:
Now we know why he suddenly decided to stage a hissy. He could smell the bad.

Look, Patrick's (surprisingly) a sweetie, and we can totally support dandy-ism in all its forms, but this is just a lot of color and shine piled on top of the poor girl with no thought to proportion or fit or style. It's like these two queens have a style concept no more broad than " A LOT - and PLENTY of it!"

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The last dress looks like an awful maternity dress. Not good.

OMG, is that purple shiny plaid? Those are 3 words that should never be used in that sequence.

It's like these two queens have a style concept no more broad than " A LOT - and PLENTY of it!"

AMEN. I think Patrick could have an interesting style, but this was not a great start.

That first dress could be the ugliest and less fashion I've ever seen...

Thanks for calling out Roberto!!

i like the flapper-multistyle one. the rest- blech.

I knew Patrick was headed down a bad path when he wanted to base his line on "nightclub wear," name it after his dead grandfather and use a trenchcoat as a logo.

Everyone else is in a fashion competition. Our dandy, Patrick is playing "Exquisite Corpse."

Kevin is an ass. (To those who called Irina a bitch - NO... KEVIN did more in one episode to earn the label, than Irina did all season.)

I liked Patrick's fabrics, but he called that a TRENCHCOAT on several occasions. SO much wrong with the execution.

I didn't even remember Eric's.

I hope Merle keeps it up.

I asked before, whether the designers are stuck with their "pros" - because there was a lot of unPROfessional behavior.

LOL line of the day: "the fabric's a little Blanche Devereux's Lanai Cushion Collection."

I'm not sure I'll stick with the show for the entire season, but I'll definitely stick with TLo's recaps!

Looks like Eric needs to stay out of the trim closet!

At least they didn't pretend that the pairings were random. Clearly the CHDQs were put together for drama. But I like the Dandy. Hopefully the next output will be better than that mess.

I was looking at Roberto and Patrick's dress thinking, "Where have I seen that fabric?" and it hit me- I'm sitting on it! I have that same purple tafetta on my dining chairs, although I toned it down by having the wood painted olive-black. I'd love that dress for my drapes!

I was surprised that purple monstrosity managed to middle it's way thru. But I guess the Roberto/Patrick combo is too much drama fodder to get rid of too soon.

I like Merle. I really hope her line proves to be reversal or multipurpose yet cute designs.

For the record, I support the concept of purple trenchcoats. And I liked the shoes.

I am over music mogul guy. Nasty turd.

There is no way Patrick and Roberto were put together by accident. I do have the feeling that Patrick could grow on me.

Merle FTW.

LOVE Merle, she is fabulous! I thought her look was a bit too gimmicky but she managed to impress the judges. I thought Patrick was going to be a bitch, but he's so sweet. Kevin annoyed me from the get go, I was hoping the judges would send him home.

Joan, you are wrong. The line for today is:

"A LOT - and PLENTY of it"

I love that! We are Americans... we want A LOT, and Plenty of it! If more is good, even more must be better, Right? Poor deluded queens.

Really Kevin is accomplished at something? Must have a terrified staff cleaning up all his mistakes. Hope you find a better job in 2010 whoever you are.

the fabric's a little Blanche Devereux's Lanai Cushion Collection.


The purple coat is a perfect representation of how queens on acid would knock of Jillians to- die- for black and plaid number. Any idea if they have benn designing for Miss Underwood?

I really enjoyed watching this show. After the borefest of PR, this was like a breath of bitchy air that I needed. Of course, I love shows that are a bit fabulousity and a bit drama and it's really fucking nice to actually see the clothes. Jesus.

Fashion shows, take note! Lights are totally worth it.

Good morning.

Every time I look at Merle Ginsberg I see Katey Sagal. Maybe I've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy.

So the "designers" are stuck with the professional they were given in the first episode, right? That seems like a big opportunity missed by the show. I feel like letting them pick who they wanted to work with the next week and kicking off a professional each week would have been much more interesting.

I *heart* you boys for your Lanai reference. Back in the '80's I coveted my Lanai duvet cover and bed set. This look, not so much.

Kevin aka Mr. Say-It-Don't-Spray-It, be gone! What an obnoxious lout. His look was okay, but fairly generic.

Looking forward to seeing more from Merle. I liked her look for its innovation, but thought the fringed piece made it too gimmicky.

I'm liking The Dandy, but not his look produced. I had a visceral response when I saw it on the runway. Not a good way to start off the competition.

- edina -

Me thinks Kevin's constant boasting about how he's worked with all these big name rappers is the reason he's such an a-hole. You know, cuz he's obviously better than everyone because he's washed 50cent's car and gotten Snoop Dogg a coffee.

Poor Dandy. Personally, I like purple and purple plaid, but when that thing came out on the runway my only thought was "well they managed to make a size 1 model look like a size 20". Maybe he could have actually had a better design if the CHDQ cared more about something other than being a CHDQ. Remember, Roberto, you stand to lose in this competition, too. You're a professional, or you're supposed to be. You'll be making a name for yourself, alright, but more on the side of "oh, Roberto? Yeah, don't hire him, he's unprofessional".

You really think Kevin's dress looks like Blanche Devereaux's bed sheets? In the picture, it looks radiant to me, and I like the color combo (brown and blue go well together).

In the still, the colors do look duller.

I dunno, I liked that dress. Apart from the bust (as you mentioned) it was the most polished, wearable look from what I've seen so far.

Nothing earth shattering, but a solid start.

Yes the only thing I didn't like about Merle's was it was too gimmicky. It was too modular and multifunctional, but it has real potential

Thanks for the Roberto disdain

Thinking again over Kevin, who I agree came off as a real dick, I wonder why someone like him is on the show? I understand someone like Merle and the Dandy having trouble getting investors despite their fashion cred. But you would think if Kevin is as successful a record producer as he claims, he would have enough connections. Similarly with Ms CEO

I guess I wonder how sincere some of these folks are about getting into the fashion industry as a real career and how many of them are just delantants playing camera whore.


Should also note:
FAR TOO MUCH bad makeup and crappy hair. (but nice shoes)

kicking off a professional each week would have been much more interesting.

Now that would have been good!

Loving the show! Merle is my girl : )


The dress Eric & Galina made looks like something Uli would wear if she ever decided to become a working girl.

Kevin seems to suffer from MTV Syndrome (ie; he has waaaayy too much self-esteem).

Merle's concept was interesting, but the fringe hanging out from under the dress made me think she re-purposed a Talis.

And Roberto & Patrick: That dress, that fabric... I swear the fabric came out of the Ringling costume shop. Something a trapeze flyer would make an entrance in; twirling around in it before she whipped it off to reveal her spangled bikini.


I too was surprised that Patrick is a sweetie! I don't really know why that should surprise me, but there you have it. I would, however, like to refine the shape of his eyebrows. As for the dress? Yikes. I chalked it up to some bizarro runway trend that I'm too pedestrian to understand. Or like. Roberto is awful.

The others? I'm happy to see Merle & looking forward to more of her stuff, though I was a little scared when she was describing it. (BTW, Drag Race returns in Feb & the Queens are up on the website. No Lettuce, thank Cod.)

I actually appreciated Kevin for sticking it to that obnoxious jewelry designer. I strongly suspect she's the one we're going to see more & more crazy from. If someone started to burn crap in a workroom I was sharing, they'd be in big trouble. Cute but dull, too soon to tell if he was just being safe or if he has no imagination.

Is that the guy that ripped off Carol-Hannah?

OK - I actually like the purple dress, I just wish it hadn't been so shiny.

I loved Merle ensemble, but that might have a lot to with how well the model worked it.

As for the other two dresses - meh on the designs - but YAY to color - even if it were lanai cushion fabric.


I was prepared for Patrick to be a CHDQ and annoying, but he is sweet. That said, the dress was a hot mess-as Michelle said, purple shiny plaid should never be seen together.

No doubt the producers are hoping for a bitchfest/smackdown between Patrick and Roberto.

Wow, I can't even remember Eric anymore. What does he do, again? His dress is... OK, not bad but dated and WTH with the rickrack???

I don't even remember the spitting with Kevin - what was the spitting? His dress also looks dated to my eyes, but since the 80s are back I guess it's OK. ITA about the fabric being very Golden Girls furniture-y.

I'm interested in Merle's concept but I have less faith than you guys do that it won't get gimmicky, like, really fast. I thought that dress looked FAB on TV, but in that official Bravo TV picture... I don't know.

I think Patrick seems like such a sweetheart, but I swear I already am ready to see Roberto go home (maybe the contestants will get to change designers at some point? Maybe? No?). Their dress is another that looked better on TV than in the still photos.

Oh well, I'm watching this show more for the drama than the fashion anyway!

Oh right, I totally forgot that Patrick's "dress" was supposedly a trenchcoat!

look 1: basic, not very interesting

look 2: the designer's terribly annoying, but it looked hot on the runway. Love the styling. A pretty fab party look.

Look 3: Should have been the winner. 4 beautiful, flattering looks in one. Oh and LOVE HER

Look 4: Ridiculous, cheap looking, over the top, but so much fun. Can't wait to see what these two turn out.

...kinda do like Dandy Patrick...just can't help it.

Roberto's little stunt would have gotten him shown the door at most labels. OTOH, I think it's pretty clear why these particular designers were available.

Everytime I look at Roberto, I think "He ripped off Dr. Whitfield! WTF?!" And then he has such drama over nothing. Patrick is a sweetheart. If he can, he needs to jettison the CHDQ as soon as humanly possible!!

I like the purple and the plaid, just not the shiny. It speaks to the 80's psuedo-punk-new waver in me.

Merle's outfit rocked the runway for sure. But the fringe piece was the thing that made her look lose for me. The other pieces were awesome. And I really like her.

The others.....a bore. Been there, done that. And done it better. Just not interesting silhouettes or fabrics or ideas. Bleh.

But seeing all this COLOR is like being given oxygen after hiking at 14,000 feet. What a rush after the borefest that was PR6!

Gee...I guess I'd better start DVRing this show.

The purple shiny plaid reminds me of a backpack I had when I was thirteen that had fun fir trim and a kitty patch on it. No foolin'.

Couldn't agree more about your dissection of these guys!

I sort of feel like that first dress - with the rick-rack - came straight off a clothes rack from CSI: Miami and had a sign on it that said: "extra #27"

Anonymous said:

"But seeing all this COLOR is like being given oxygen after hiking at 14,000 feet."


Every time I look at Merle Ginsberg I see Katey Sagal. Maybe I've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy.

B3ar, I was thinking the same thing!

Two people have 29 hours and this is what they make? Horrid. Every. Single. One.

I think Patrick answers the question of what Dita Von Tease can look forward to in about 10 years. Patty is definately in Ann Miller territory.


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