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L’Équipe: Boot Camp

Who don't love a man (half out of) uniform?

Now THIS is the kind of stuff we need to be featuring more often here at T Lo Communications International:

L’Équipe - Sport & Style
Issue: #19
Editorial: Boot Camp
Models: Chad White, Kerry Degman, Caleb Halstead, Mike Derr, Ryan Bertroche, Chris L., Oraine Barrett, Mischel Ellern, and Jenry Bejarano [partial list].
Stylist: Luciano Neves
Photographer: Richard Phibbs

Ladies (and we mean the literal ladies in the audience), take comfort in the fact that it's not just female models who get treated like pieces of meat. Here we have an editorial that almost instantly goes from being about the clothes to being about the men modeling the clothes, except by the end, most of them aren't wearing any clothes.

Hey, you'll hear no complaints from us. Bask in the pretty, bitches.

Who let the girl in?


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Excuse me while I go change my panties.

What a nice way to start my Friday.

The whole layout reminds me of the kid who won season two of MMASM (was his name Brandon??) and the kid was not even it the layout. Besides the great awesome men, this was great photography work making a great editorial.


Very nicely done.

The rumors are true. Sock garters are making a comeback. I had no idea what was missing in my life until now.


Thanks fellas! This is exactly what I needed on this freezing friday morning.

Aside from the beautiful men - i really like this military-inspired aesthetic. While these types of clothes are clearly functional, they also do the male figure justice. Most of these clothes would pair well, and wear well.

Thanks guys. Really, really appreciate it!

I love the pretty, but in the 6th to last photo the female model really looks like pictures of my nana from the 40s and it's slightly weirding me out.

Drooling here. You know I'll be looking at these ALL DAY.

the one model (third-to-last photo) looks like a white version of Tyson. amazing.

beautiful, crisp photography and clothing. and men.

Very WWII vibe.

Love it


This is much better than Starbucks. It's free and energizing!!!

anyone getting the hots from the two guys locked in a acrobatic pose of sexy? XD

Beautiful throwback to 1940's propaganda. Love it!

I love the layout itself, but why do I find male models ridiculous? They're so beautiful, and yet they're completely uninteresting.

The push ups picture is kind of stunning. Reminds me of those old war plane pictures. It's a cool shoot, but equating military with fashion always makes me a little sad. And why is it when I see men's fashion spreads I don't notice the clothes as much as just the overall picture? I don't get it.

OT, OT but I didn't get to the Launch my Line post till late last night, and I fear my laughter woke the neighbors. From the TLo's Lollipop Guild to Gotham's "Betty Grable's funeral" to Maura's response ("Jesus, Gotham Tomato, don't make me laugh so hard. Now my back hurts.") to Joe J's "shooting for bitch and landing in asshole" --

that post is a classic.

It's always time for bootie! Love the bootie in formation shots! (Although, the one of the guys in their underwear reminds me too much of my dad's Air Force pictures - guys in their drawers wearing towels as superhero capes.)

Oh, and I want that jacket with all the zippers. Gorgeous! Yes, somehow I managed to see the clothes too.

yeah! ho! wah!


(i have a uniform fetish, so)


Really beautiful editorial and the men are drop dead gorgeous.

Oh yes, hold those unreasonably large logs...

Thanks for l'art erotique militaire! A very nice way to kick-off le weekend. Okay, I'll stop with the bad french fetish.

Nice editorial, but one thing I must say is that I'm now totally convinced that one major requirement to being a hot male model is to have pretty, sexy lips.
Lovely, just lovely.

- edina -

Ok, I work in the military and the model in that first photograph looks A LOT like one of the soldiers in my building. It’s a little weird.


Thank you, thank you, a million times, thank you!!

Such a great way to make Friday that much better!

Ummmm...yes please!!! Also, a lot of the jackets are actually really great (although clearly the fashion is of secondary importance...).

Berry berry goooooood

"MissMissy said...

Oh yes, hold those unreasonably large logs..."

Who doesn't like a large log?

Beautiful photos! Thanks, Tlo!

Now THAT's the way to start my day
: )

There are so many pictures that just are begging for inappropriate comments to be made, that I just won't.

But please, help me, the photo where they are all carrying big pieces of wood.... is there any other way I should interpret that, other than where my mind is going??

Aw. Yeah.

Great way to start off the weekend! :D

This is so beautiful! And insanely hot!

Just prior to the single log photo:

"Gee, fella, you look like you could use some help with that giant piece of wood this morning."

"Yeah! In fact, we'll all help! Heave-ho, boys!"

Also in the multiple log pics the guy on the far right looks the most likely to start cracking up any second.

Also, the most rowr pictures to me are definitely the rope-climbing and the head-shaving; they both seem the least posed.

OH MY. Thank you, TLo.

Hey, wait a minute...was that chest hair on one of the models?

oh my god this is gorgeous!

I love this piece and the photos are phenomenal!


Kerry Degman, Chad White, and Jenry Bejarano ... it doesn't get any better than that.


well, well, well….what's not to like about extremely gorgeous men outside in their undergarments hoisting large poles?? ;-)
the photography is also quite nice!
thanks boys!

wow, those are some gorgeous models. And those girls are so beautiful that as far as I'M concerned, they don't get lost in all the sausage.

You guys may disagree though :D

I'd like to find the gentleman in photo #5 under my Christmas tree, please.

Hmmm, hmmmm, good!

There's a serious George Hoyningen-Huene vibe going on here, but a coupel are very Pierre et Gilles.

I like.

"couple" not "coupel"!

are these pictures blown up and hanging on the walls at chez tlo?

How homoerotic is that rope-climbing one? Well, actually, quite a lot of them. Love it. Also cracked up at the one of the guy with the bugle wearing an overcoat, frilly sweater, and sock suspenders. Riiiiight. Very period I'm sure.

Great series of images, thanks so much for posting it!

Ah! A spread I can really get behind.

Thanks, TLo!

I'd love to have a few of these on my bedroom wall. Hell, I'd even settle for the photographs.

This is why menswear is often so dull. It doesn't have to "be" anything if a healthy-looking fit man is wearing it!

(I am not so big on the manly square-jawed look, but my love of manly jackets inspires tolerance.)

Men With Logs made me LOL. Good thing I'm at home today. Gracious.

I'm in the military and let me tell you, if boot camp were actually like this I would have never left!!

Jean Genet says YES!

Oh for God's sake.... I'm so flustered, I'm good for nuthin' for the next half hour or so....

There's something about a man in uniform....
and this spread (ahem) covers that statement perfectly!!
I love it. Thank you, TLo.
Now, if you will all excuse me while I peruse for the 43rd time.....

I love the military inspired coat with the zippers, although I don't think I could do it justice even if I could afford it.

And the men, well they were nice too. I'll take one of each.

As an aside, I like hot shirtless men as much as any other gay guy, but I would like to see more fashion. Finding hot shirtless men is a google search away. In a fashion magazine, I want to see clothes.


Sweet magnificent crap! Those are just......PERFECT.

I will take one of each please. Except for the one in the sock garters (I can not abide by sock garters).

Love the boys, LOVE the outerwear, and the underwear ain't half bad either!

That sure looks a lot like Sandhurst in picture #3, the one with the lady sitting on a box, and the one with the three guys under blankets. Yes?

"bask in the pretty, bitches!" is how i intend to announce myself at all upcoming holiday parties. thanks, tlo!




...Oh! Oh, I'm so sorry. Please, let me clean up that.... Oh, my. I can't believe I actually just drooled all over the darned keyboard like that. How horrid of me. One would think I was raised in a barn.

Thank you, gentlemen, for improving my Friday ten-thousand-fold with this fabulous display of male pulchritude.

That last photo is quite beautiful, even though the model is entirely lacking male primary and secondary sexual characteristics. (It helps that j'adore beaucoup the style from the period they're evoking.)

Thank you, again. That was better than coffee and chocolate. I love you both, dearly if platonically, and wish you very happy indeed.

Yeehaw Cowboy!!!
What eyecandy, and the one of them holding the, uh, poles, made me laugh out loud!
Maria O.

i nearly licked my computer screen just then...

i'm not dorothy gale

Listen, I have photos of my WWII pilot dad and his flight crew that would rival these in terms of gorgeous young men. No logs or underwear, though (at least not in the photos I have....)

That girl was me :D

(in my dreams.....)

Although these are gorgeous, I'll take my photo of my dad in his Dress Whites over any of these guys. Handsome like Cary Grant, he was a lieutenant in the Navy during WWII.

Sock garters—I could swear he wore those, even after the war! I think I remember seeing them as a kid.

Thanks TLo, sometimes your blogs elicit some responses/memories that other folks wouldn't have dreamed of.


Gorgeous men and photos!


A million thank yous....

Pretty for the gay boys, maybe. There's not a real man in the bunch.

This gay boy wants a "real man" too, and finds these pretty boys meh, for the most part. Having said that, the photography is stunning and evocative. "Beau Travail: The Photo Shoot."

Those were some rather nice cheekbones. Beautiful photos!

This makes a cruddy day soooooo much better!
Thanks TLo!

Are you kidding me?

What Bruce Weber editorial DOESN'T this look exactly. like.?

Either this photographer was once Weber's on set fluffer and picked up a thing or two about taking pictures, or he just doesn't have any imagination.



I can't help but just laugh at the picture where they're all, literally, sporting wood.

Model no.19 is more my cuppa tea. The rest are too pretty. Maybe I'm at that particular point of my cycle, but I'm craving men who look like Javier Bardem, like they won't be TOO gentle...

I'm crossing my legs now.

BrianB said...
Are you kidding me?
What Bruce Weber editorial DOESN'T this look exactly. like.?
Either this photographer was once Weber's on set fluffer and picked up a thing or two about taking pictures, or he just doesn't have any imagination.


Bruce Webber didn't do anything that Bruce of LA, Bob Mizer and so many others hadn't done way before his time as a photographer.

Mmmm . . .Hotcha!

My SO used to be in the Army Reserve. As dorky as Army Class-A's look, and as much of a pacificst I was, my blood always raged when he put on his uniform!

Stunning! Thanks TLo.

I want to be that rope.


Love it! Those are some of the best-looking models I've seen, and the layout itself is very striking. Well done, and thanks TLo!

As a military wife, there is nothing better than a man in uniform. These definitely made my heart skip a beat! Gorgeous.

who needs porn when you have homo erotic fashion?

the on in the seventh photo(i believe)
i want him.
and all of them carrying the giant log.? man oh man.
the ladie in the last picture is gorgeous gorgeous too.
nice clothes tu, i think.
didnt realy notice.

Wow wow wee waaaa...i mean, seriously! yum. @TampaBay - I was thinking the same thing about this editorial reminding me of MMASM contestant Brandon...and the guy in the third or forth pic reminds me a little of Sandhurst (sp?) too...:)

That's some impressive pole tossing!

Being prior military... seeing that much uniform out of regs is causing a severe OCD attack. =)

Look at all those glorious big noses! Amen!

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