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Launch My Line

Here it comes, ladies!

Just because Project Runway, Mad Men and V are all on hiatus at the moment doesn't mean your beloved bloggers get to take a rest, darlings. Tomorrow night at 11, we'll be plopping down in front of our TV to watch the premiere episode of Bravo's Launch My Line.

Of course, we've already seen most of the episode via a screener courtesy of Bravo and we're here to give you the goods. First off: it's not Project Runway and thankfully, it's not trying to be. Think of it as Project Runway's glitzier, slightly trashier cousin. Which isn't to say it's trash TV; just that it's not going for the high end fashion feel that PR always strives for. It's more in the "guilty pleasure," reality TV mode and that's fine with us.

Conceptually, it's markedly different. Oh sure, at the end of the day it's all about a model walking a runway wearing an outfit made in a ridiculously short time, but the feel of the show is different. It's all about pseudo-celebrities, people who've made their mark in some field other than fashion, trying to, well, launch a line in the way that pseudo-celebrities always seem to do. They're not trained and most of them can't sew a stitch. All of them are paired with trained designers to help them realize their vision. So it's all team-ups, all the time, and that makes for some delicious reality TV drama.

Because of the different setup and because the contestants themselves aren't trained designers, there's a TON of personality on display. If you're one of the people who watch PR solely to watch trained designers exhibit their technical skills, this probably isn't the show for you. If you're someone who likes to watch reality TV just to bitch at the screen and offer opinions as to the output of the contestants, come sit next to us, kitten, because this IS the show for you.

And to be fair, from what we could see, the clothes weren't that bad. And thankfully, it's staged on a very well-lit runway so you'll have no problem really getting in there and bitching about the technical details.

It's hosted by freakish twins Dan and Dean of DSQUARED2 and while we definitely needed a minute or two to get used to them, they're certainly an interesting choice. Sweeter than Isaac Mizrahi and bitchier than Tim Gunn, they weirded us out a bit because they're 40-something helium-voiced twins with 28-inch waists who dress alike and finish each other's sentences. If nothing else, they're certainly unique among TV hosts.

Just, if you're going to watch, do yourself a favor: forget about Project Runway. This isn't it. The good news is, it's not The Fashion Show either. Sure, there's bitchiness and camera-hogging on display, but it didn't have the dour, funereal feel of Bravo's last effort in the fashion reality TV genre.

We can't speak to the quality of the show over the long haul, but there was enough there to keep our interest and we will, of course, be blogging it. How could we not? Fame whores and fashion, darlings! What else is life for?

Here's some previews to wet your whistle:

"Launch My Line" will premiere on Wednesday, December 2 at 11 p.m. ET/PT

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Thank you for the reminder to set the DVR!!

Love you two!

I'll give it a chance, since every good show is going on winter hiatus for (what feels like) seven months. Ugh. Plus it looks interesting.

how could i not join in with you boys? i am grateful we have something to watch since my fave shows are going to be or have already left.

I really liked DSquared2's last few collections but had no idea about the voices! OMG!!

Hadn't planned to watch, but will give it a whirl based on your recommendation. You guys haven't steered me wrong yet!

Looks like fun. I hope Stan is going to watch it too. :)

This sounds like fun! I think I'll like it for different reasons than I liked PR. And it will be nice to watch something other than reruns when Glee goes on hiatus.

I was not going to watch this but now that I know that TLo will be watching, I'm in!

My question is . . . if you were a fabulously successful person who wanted to be a fashion designer, why wouldn't you just pony up the money for some sewing and design classes and learn to do it yourself?

Oh well, I suppose I will be watching if only to have that question answered.

EXCITED! It's like an early b-day gift. :D

Why do I feel like I've seen that part 1 promo before???

This does look like silly fun, though.

Oh, note to Bravo: please find a new promo style. I'm sick of your "reality" contestants zooming forward and back, hands on hip, chins thrust upward, declaiming, "I AM the best!" "I HAVE to win!"

Enough already!

That extraneous superscript 2 next to "SQUARED" is driving me nuts. "D SQUARED squared"? Urk!

God, I'm such a nerd.

Looks like silly fun, but I think I'm going to wait until I read a couple of your reviews, gentlemen, before I add it to my overloaded DVR.

If I'm awake, I'll try it. Still haven't gotten that DVR...

I'll watch it... just not at 11pm. That's way too late for me these days. I'm guessing they'll move it to the 10pm slot after Top Chef wraps up, but if not, it's Bravo, they always oblige with lots of reruns.

It's look dumb and fun, a combination I'm not averse to. I would say that I'll just give it a try, but I know I'll end up watching every episode. Once I'm in, I'm usually in for good (that make-up artist reality show being the only exception).

The extraneous 2 is also bugging me.

11 pm? Wow. I may be able to watch it live tomorrow night!


I'm in as long as the guy in the funny hat stays in. I've read him described as a "dandy" and I love me a good dandy. I bet he could rock a "cracked sweater."

Is "D-Squared2" like an evil, snarky version of the Keno brothers from Antiques Roadshow or are they more like watching the brothers version of Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan from BBC's "How Not to Decorate Your House?"

Either way, big fun and more interesting than the 11 o'clock news these days.

This comment has been removed by the author.

OMG, this has got to be, like, the worst cast of 'Dancing With The Stars' ever! And what happened to Tom Bergeron's voice?

But if you guys will be blogging it, I'll be watching it.


The gods of fashion have answered my prayers! I've spent the last three days searching for updated info on this show and wondered if I'd slept through the entire run of the show. I'm even now able to identify most of the cast (now that's someone with absolutely no life!). I don't care if it's not a clone of PR. PR is PR (The Fashion Show proved that!).

I think it looks pretty fun, so far. However, those twins give me the willies, but I have a feeling we'll get used to them --- fast.

- edina -

shades of She by Sheree!

All I have right now is Glee, and there's only 2 new episodes left for a while, so I will give this show a chance. Even it's only for TLo.


Thank you for saying it Mochizuki-Senpai - that extra 2 is also driving me up the walls. It is the mathy in me,I can't help it, I keep thinking Dsquaredsquared makes D to the fourth!!

I can't wait to see this and I'm thrilled you guys will be blogging it.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Hm. I'll pass on watching this one, since I've kind of soured on Bravo after the whole "crashing the White House" fiasco this week.

However, I will delight in reading your commentary and seeing your wicked screencaps!

Good god, I already feel bad for the pros who have to put up with the wannabes. Hope someone doesn't end up with pinking shears in their jugular....

And who invited Peg Bundy? :)


If you're blogging, I'm in. I can sleep when I'm dead.

I'll have to Tivo this one. 11 on a school night is too late even for me. But I promise to try not to put the phrase "it's no Project Runway" in my comments about this show.

And I kinda like the DSquared2 conjoined twins.

What? They aren't conjoined? Okay, that's weird. But I still kinda like their designs.

Looks like fun! I'll definitely check out the 1st ep.

i'm not dorothy gale

Count me in, boys, and thanks for the preview.

Wow, those are certainly some personalities. Going solely on which person I'd want to sleep with first, I'm rooting for the architect. Until he mentioned Rupert Murdoch... hope there's nothing more to that than a business association.

As for DSquared2, I was NOT expecting those voices! As one of my friends put it, "holy twincest Batman!" (hopefully that's not too distasteful)

Forget the evil twins. Forget the dandy in the pink tophat. That woman on the far right in the group photo is giving me the heebie-jeebies. We're talking major shades of Miranda Richardson in The Crying Game here.

Yeah, and please tell me that is a trannie on the far left. She's definitely a trannie, right??

Fashion + TV = Me happy. =)

This will be a much needed change of pace - kind of like watching the RuPaul's Drag Race after Make Me A Supermodel finished. BTW - anyone know when the second season of RuPaul airs?

Maybe this show isn't for me. Not that I know much about sewing technique but I prefer Tabitha displaying her knowledge of hair styling on her salon show over that Jonathan guy who was ALL personality and zero technique on his hair salon show. If this show is all bitchy reality contestants and zero skill demonstration I will have to pass.

I AM, however, curious about the freaky wonder-twins.

Thanks for the timely reminder! Scoot over gents, I am absolutely all about bitching at the TV.

"Fame whores and fashion, darlings! What else is life for?"


suzq said: Is "D-Squared2" like an evil, snarky version of the Keno brothers from Antiques Roadshow

I LOVE the Kenos! Wouldn't that be fun fun fun! But I'm not sure about the evil, snarky part. They seem more like a circus sideshow. Terrific designers but freeeeeeaakkaaay!

I'll watch. What the hell.

"But if you guys will be blogging it, I'll be watching it.


I'm with GT!

I'll watch anything about fashion. We'll definitely watch it.

Awww Dean and Dan...
I'm already accustomed to their voices since I had to listen to them for two consecutive weeks for a job I did for them (Like, the gayest promo video in the history of ever)
I'll surely check this out! :D

science, fashion, women & booze

Hopefully this will act a much needed nicotine patch of reality tv until PR and Rupaul return.
(Ru's back on logo come feb.)

I will watch this for the fun factor.

But I have to second Nicole. If you have Lou Rawls' name recognition & money, why not just hire someone? Why take a slot from a less name-brand person?

When will we see on of the 'Housewives' on this??

Sounds like fun!

One of those contestants was a choreograper on So You Think You Can Dance. I am watching this shit if it kills me. But I hope it'll move to an earlier timeslot.


I will tune in for sure! If you kittnes give us the two thumbs up then I am in!!!!
Can not wait to hear your witty comments on the cast...

Dan Karaty. That's the fool.


Who is Dr.Seuss? Does he really go out in public like that..
I may not be avant garde, but give me a break!! I am all for self expression, but there is also something called socially acceptable...
Should be very funny to watch.

Lotta name dropping goin' on there. I'm picking Boy George for the win.

My identical twin sister and I are deciding who would we'd rather have cocktails with, D2 or Keno brothers.

Anonymous said...
Who is Dr.Seuss? Does he really go out in public like that..
I may not be avant garde, but give me a break!! I am all for self expression, but there is also something called socially acceptable...
Should be very funny to watch.

12/1/09 9:08 PM

Who am I to say anything? We've a guy who runs around our neck of the woods who wears a suit with question marks all over it. Perhaps you've seen him on late night television hawking his latest book about getting $$$ from the government.

I'd socially accept a dandy over that guy any day of the week.

Sadly, I don't get Bravo, but I am so here for your blogging of this puppy.

asparagus lust

I would PAY not to see this. Unbearable, unwatchable. Couldn't make it thru the promos. (Sound of barfing...). Sorry.

YAY! Merle!
This show sounds like soooo much fun.

I just wish it wasn't on so late though... we don't have a DVR.

Do you think Bravo with replay it over and over like they did with PR?

OH MAN this will take me out of post project runway depression.

This is bad and sad. Can't deal with anymore "desperate to be famous". Count me out, friends.

Well it's nice that there's another reality show I can get my gay fix in. Hopefully it's good enough to keep me bemused til Lost, RPDR 2, or PR S7.

Also, I'm torn by the Dsquared2 twins. I've always had a thing for older guys, and these two are quite cute, but then those chipmunk voices are a huge turnoff.

Ah well.

Merle Ginsberg! I'm in.

DSquared2 have always been much too campy for my tastes. Not everybody wants to dress like a twink all the time. Still, I rank them third amongst campy male design duos (after Viktor/Rolf and Dolce/Gabbana).

Not to mention Gilbert & George.

Looks like fun, something NOT to take seriously, but to sit back and just enjoy!
As a big fan of the Keno brothers, I would have loved to see them on this show!! Maybe next season, if there is a next season???

Gawd you guys, once PR was over I immediately thought "Oh NO! No more TLo!" When I saw the promo for this yesterday I was incredibly excited!

I swear I saw El Pollo Loco in one of those clips from the work room. ~fear~

"In the end, only one will launch their line."

Nails on a chalkboard! If there is only one, then the possessive pronoun should be his, but that sounds too much like they're expecting a male to win, so they cop out and go with the plural "their" -- ARGH!

May I suggest, "In the end, only one line will be launched"?

LOL nothing like a little grammar nitpicking early in the day...

I'm not sure I could watch this show with the audio on. Those voices are worse than PeeWee Herman's.

As long as the judging is not filmed in the broom closet, it will be better than The Fashion Show.

Although on second thought, after this season of PR, TFS was not so bad, broom closet and all!

Thank God for you guys blogging, or I would never watch PR again!

Joan said...

"In the end, only one will launch their line."

Nails on a chalkboard! If there is only one, then the possessive pronoun should be his, but that sounds too much like they're expecting a male to win, so they cop out and go with the plural "their" -- ARGH!

Right??? How annoying!!! The dumbing down of America.

I am an Eng/Lit teacher, but grandmother, who barely finished high school, and my grandfather, who only had a 6th grade education, were both more literate than the vast majority of educated people today. Very sad. And texting doesn't help the grammar situation.

I'm so glad I read this blog. My mental notes are worth crap, so I had completely forgotten that I wanted to check this out.

I'll be watching tonight and waiting for your bitchy comments tomorrow! YAY

Hooray. I'll at least try this. Fashion Show and PR were such disappointments. I'll at least give PR another chance tho come-jeez-January.

Definitely watchable. Can't wait!

First of all--I am so sad I did not discover TLo until after The Fashion Show was over and dead. I would loved to have seen the comments on those episodes...
Secondly--I am not sure about this new one. I have little tolerance for stupidity and ignorance (such as the fashion desgner on TFS who did not know who Halston was. Arrgh!) I'm afraid both will be prevelant in this bunch of wannabes. *sigh* But--I'll try an episode or two, and come here to get the real scoop. At least I'll have something or someone at which to throw popcorn until PR starts up once again...

Mariana (The Unoriginal)


Me and my twin sister used to dress alike from time to time, until we were 10...There's something really bizarre about two grown men (twins or not) dressing alike. Is it just me?

All I see and hear is Oompa Loompas. Is it only me?

Signature piece is JUMPSUITS - ARGGHHHHHH!!!

Oh great another sexist

I'm loving that perhaps the two biggest divas got paired together. They'll either blow up or be completely fabulous... or maybe even both. Let's see, shall we?

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do
I have another puzzle for you
Oompa Loompa doom-pa-da-dee
If you are wise, you'll listen to me
What do you get when grown twins dress alike?
Talking together, practically sharing a mike?
Blaming the clones is a lie and a shame
You know exactly who's to blame

Their manager and handlers.....

Ok, sorry. I just had to get that out of my system. lol

Kevin "I know how WOMEN are". When he admits STEALING her fabric because she can't hold all 5 bolts at the same time???

Sorry Epperson fans - this is reminding me of how he treated Q.

I'm sorry (actually, I'm not), but every woman does NOT look good in a pencil skirt. If you've got a big butt, pencil skirts make it look bigger. Someone does not know women's clothes.

Oh great another show that f's with the contestants - because they can. /sigh

But it's FUN to see them F with the contestants. ^_^


Damn that bitch gets around. Good for her!!

I love Patrick, but I don't see how it's inspired by the red fedora.

Wow. Who knew Lifetime and Bravo had the same crack dealer!?!?!?

Not so much in reference to the bottom group, but that winner? Of those three? Could that dress have BEEN* any more basic??!?!?!

*a Chandler moment

I really liked the transformative outfit. That was pretty badass when the model dropped the skirt.

Okay. Now I must include the booted choice too in the crack smoking. There is no way that should have gone before the Roller-Girl Boogie Nights jumpsuits.

And I love me a jumpsuit. I really do. But damn.

JMHO of course. ;)

Although I will say that I have a feeling I'm on board for the season. I think it has potential to be fun.

Dean and Dan reminds me of Pink and Blue from Charlie the Unicorn.

They would also make great Batman villains.

Okay, I am totally and completely on board.

Merle Ginsberg's outfit was AWESOME, hands. down. Loved it. Would buy it. If only I was a female. Details... I can't believe the winner won, it was a nice dress but so done and basic. As for the other top dress, I wasn't too much of a fan, and I see this team being in the top and/or going for a while just because of how dysfunctional they are.

I didn't dislike the "NY Dandy" like I thought I would, but his partner... yikes, can't stand him. I kind of liked their dress though. I wonder if they'll rotate the "fashion experts". It doesn't look like it from the previews though.

Term Ginsberg all the way! If only Team Architect made better clothes.

But wasn't Patrick's "dress" supposed to have been a "Trench coat"

A sleeveless trench coat... uh ok?

Didn't Patrick say he was creating a TRENCH COAT - because I have never heard of a sleeveless trench coat.

sorry for the double post - the first one wasn't showing up.

Ooh, Patrick is adorable. I was expecting to hate him. His expert can take a hike though. Oh, that's right. He did. All around the room. And I can't believe how quickly the twins grew on me. I love them.

The jumpsuit scared me. Vanessa should have been booted for that fashion disaster.

Lots of fun. I'm in for the season.

The show wasn't too bad. When I see the DSquared2, I think of ANTM. Yes, I watch it. They were on an episode a few cycles ago. I agree with Maura, eek, the jumpsuit scared me too.

I was too tired to stay up for the whole episode last nigh, but the first 15 minutes looked very promising. I have it on DVR and will catch up this weekend. So far, it looks like it will be an entertaining diversion.

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