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Launch My Line S1E2: Congrats & Goodbye

Which way to Puff Daddy's, bitches?

Despite the outrageously cracktacular judging (which we suspect is a feature, not a bug), this episode gave us everything we were looking for: drama, clothes, bitches.

You know what? We really LIKE the way they do challenges on this show. For one thing, they're meant to be progressive and cumulative. They literally are designing their line all season rather than just churning out responses to various jump-through-the-hoop schemes. And while the challenges don't showcase the kind of creativity one hopes to see in dresses made out of car parts and cut flowers, we like them for their specificity, and clear boundaries, very much in the mode of what a smart designer would ask themselves while trying to launch a line.

With this challenge, they had to design for a daytime event at the beach; choose one of two selected silhouettes and incorporate that into the design (butterfly or jelly fish); incorporate orange into the design; and find inspiration at Venice Beach, all done after consulting with trend expert, Sally Lohan, who kind of sounded like the Super Nanny. Now THAT'S a challenge! None of this airy, editorial, New York fashion stuff. You want to sell clothes? Here's a list of what you need in your line. It's all very company-controlled, small market stuff and we kind of love the show for that; for bringing something different to the table.

And in that vein of treating it more as a business than a calling, we get to see the brand new logos for the lines:

It's weird how they all felt inspired to mention the Real Housewives in their logos, though.

And Bravo? Let us just say this about that: speaking as viewers, we can assure you that anyone who watches Bravo for more than an hour a week is WELL AWARE of the existence of the Real Housewives and what is going on in their world. You can lay off on plastering updates all over the screen.

So, uhhh...Congratulations, DJ Guy?

Really, judges? This?

Clearly the twins have a love of the flashier side of fashion, because they were the ones who seemed to respond more positively to this than the other judges.

But come ON, fashion pixies. We're all for the glitzier stuff, but this is just tacky. Mariah Carey would take one look at this and be all, "Bitch, please. I don't like butterflies THAT much."

And Mrs. Robinson here is taking control of the ship. She kept saying, "I was a party girl," and we kept thinking, "Honey? The operative word here is 'was.'" Because that is one nineties-ass-looking motherfucker you churned out. J Lo called. She's time traveling to 1996 and needs something to wear.

And a hearty farewell to architect guy, who surprised us by mentioning a wife. We were getting the cute nerdy Jewish gay vibe off him. Oh well. Can't be right all the time.

But we were right about one thing: by about 15 minutes into the episode we were both saying, "He needs to GO." Nice enough guy, but clearly has no concept of how to approach fashion.

"It's not a wall. It's a dress."

They dress like Mr. Rogers, they sound like they're in the Lollipop Guild, and they're bitches. What is not to love here?


Oh, jeez. That was a little harsh. It's just that when we see this "outfit," we --


Wow. We didn't expect to get so emotionally invest--


Remember when Kors said this past season on PR, "This is clothes, not fashion?" Well, we can't even say THAT. These are pieces of fabric stitched together awkwardly to cover private bits, not clothes.

Like we said, sweet guy, but this kind of scorched-earth implosion left no doubt in our minds that he should stick to architecture.

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Tee-hee. You two said "Nice enough gay" instead of "Nice enough guy."

THANK YOU!!!! I thought I was going mad last night when they pulled DJ's expert's dress (we all know it wasn't HIS design) aside for the final....and then it WON!

I had Architect Guy pegged for the elimination as soon as his model walked out.

I liked the whole Creative Intelligence look into the future. I can't wait to be an orange jellyfish this spring!

If you can get Bravo to do away with those G.D. plasters at the bottom of the screen, then you will be confirmed as Gods.
(In the words of Bill Murray: "A" god, not "THE" God.)

This is not the first time they are covering up some pretty basic info from a show. Really, crazy-crazy idea.

And Mrs. Robinson here is taking control of the ship. She kept saying, "I was a party girl," and we kept thinking, "Honey? The operative word here is 'was.'" Because that is one nineties-ass-looking motherfucker you churned out. J Lo called. She's time traveling to 1996 and needs something to wear.

oh my god I think I just peed myself. Fucking hilarious, guys!

Was his "outfit" suppose to be a bathing suit? Hold on ... my Great Grandmother wants one!!!

"Tlo said: Rebuttal to be found here."

Was Drama Queen the guy who swiped the Carol Hannah dress?


Put a pointy hat on him and he'll look just like the elf who got on Herbie's case for wanting to be a Dentist.

GothamTomato said...

Was Drama Queen the guy who swiped the Carol Hannah dress?


I'm a bit sorry to see architect guy go. He reminded me of a cross between I M Pei & Howie Mandel. But that outfit looked like something you'd wear to Betty Grable's funeral.


I like Patrick (the Wickenden fop) and think he's charming, but his "expert" needs to get off my screen. He's shooting for "bitch" and landing in "asshole".

Is this show moving to 10 next week, now that Top Chef is over? I caught last week's show on a rerun, and I reckon I'll catch this week's show the same way, but I hope it's not 11 all season. I want to watch, but it's not worth staying up that late for.

I have trouble watching Bravo these days because they rely so heavily on Real Housewives. Andy Cohen is cute, but he's going to hell for sure for unleashing that cultural atrocity on us.

"Tlo said: Oui."

Oooohh...the plot thickens...


i knew the twins reminded me of someone (in appearances)....and you are totally right about the Mr. Rogers look!
very odd, but at least now my brain will stop nagging me.

There were a few things that make this show seem unfair to me.

Not that I like the David's outfit, but making them choose all their fabric before having any idea what was going to be thrown at them, and his having choosen suiting fabrics (although there should have been SOME kind of softer fabric) really hurt him.

I hate the behaviour of some of those "PROS".
The David's pro (Julie) would offer any advice "YOU TELL ME" and despite his asking her OPINION she wouldn't give it.

Obvious Patrick was given a moron (Roberto) to "work with". He sure loves to take other people's ideas as his own!

Marilyn (I think) has the one (Coco) who seems adverse to hard work - should they just hand her the 50K?

(I kind of thought David looked a little like Vern Troyer (sp?) - anyone else? )

Editing or did Kevin behave a bit better this week or was it just that Roberto is such an ass?

Shooting for bitch and landing in asshole. I'm SO using that. I'm working it into my everyday conversation. "You there. You're shooting for bitch and landing in asshole." I can't wait to see my boss again!!

But I digress. And now I forget my point. Oh, the dentist guy. TOTALLY pegged it, I just watched that Christmas special last night and he DID look just like that guy!!

So why hasn't CHDQ been outed about the Carol Hannah dress yet? Seriously, something needs to be done about this guy. His incredulous behavior on LML mixed with a blatant rip off of a fellow designer (and even if she didn't win PR, IT'S EFFING PR! everyone in the fashion world KNOWS PR), I mean is he trying to bone his career?

I missed the first half of the episode so I'm kind of lost on a lot of what went down. I'm just thrilled that Architect guy went home. Now if we could do something about these damn diva designers. Coco and Roberto may be drama, but it's bad drama that makes me role my eyes and want to turn off the tv.

TED - yes they said that it was moving to 10 next week.

The reunion of Top Chef is at 9. (Man I am ticked that Michael won- either of the other two would have been great.)

Camera-hogging Drama Queen Supreme is starting to work my last nerve. It's almost like he's scripted to be as annoying as hell. I'm feeling sorry for poor Patrick.

I'm a bit sorry to see architect guy go. He reminded me of a cross between I M Pei & Howie Mandel. But that outfit looked like something you'd wear to Betty Grable's funeral.

Jesus, Gotham Tomato, don't make me laugh so hard. Now my back hurts.

I didn't start watching this until after midnight, and I kept falling asleep. But I did see the elimination. I was kind of sad that architect guy left.

I wish Roberto were Merle's expert. I think she could put him in his place. Poor Patrick doesn't know what to do. Damn, he's irritating.

I get the feeling the experts don't kmow what role they're supposed to be playing. Or maybe I'm the one who doesn't get it.

Talk about raiding the notions & trim closet?!? I seriously, still don't know where to rest my eyes on the "winning look" ---- it hurts, it burns, it's just too painful to look gaze upon.

I had Architect Guy pegged to walk as soon as he made the statement about how he wanted to make something his wife could wear. And not to be terribly sexist, but he simply designed this outfit like a guy would design. The sheer fact that all of his fabrics were dark, heavy and fairly menswear appropriate spoke volumes. Sure, he seemed like a nice guy, but clearly he was not cut out for this line of work.

- edina -

P.S. TLo, absolutely loved the way today's post started off all objective, pithy and concise --- then steamrolls into a scathing, gut-busting, retaliatory analysis. Another gem of a re-cap and review!

At least we get a better sense of who the designers are as people. Parts of the show I like parts of the show repel me.

I get annoyed the twins saying how they are not here to advised but they clearly are. I prefer that separartion

Roberto does need to be bitchslapped a couple times. Exuse me man you are here to help promote Patrick's line. his vision. get over it

Reassessing, I think the main problem with Marilyn and Coco seems they really don't know how to work together. It's seems now to me less a case of Marilyn being overbearing and impratical and Coco being lazy. It seems more that the 2 dont know how to properly communicate and bridge Marilyn's ambitions and ideas with Coco's technical skills

And agreed I was shocked the DJ's JLo retread won. I genuinely thought Merle's would have won and I wasn't even that crazy about it


The winning look resembles the outfits my six-year-old puts together for her Barbies. "And Momma, don't you think she needs a SPARKLY BUTTERFLY PIN?"

TLo - thank you and AMEN! about the "Real Housewives" promos plastered all over everything. It'd be one thing if they were small and in the corner, but they take up the entire right 3rd of the screen! They've all but made me quit watching the network entirely.

If you're going to make your promo cut into the actual show you're watching like this, shouldn't the promos at least be important?

Wonderful zingers this morning! And I don't mean herbal tea.

I sniffle a bit that my two instant faves, Choreographer and Architect, turned out to be clueless about fashion. I hiss that DJ is clueless about fashion, and WINS. I also thought of JLo's near-dress of 1996 when I saw that toxic cloud.

Remember that OLD Apple commercial that had something like Eastern European bathing beauties parading around in grey swimsuits in a grey world? This garment was rejected from that shoot.

I LOVE how you guys tried to be nice in covering poor Mr. Architect's, uh, jumper.

I love that Merle has kinda turned into a narrator, and hope this is a good sign for her doing really well. And she should have won this week.

I officially want to lock Roberto up in a dungeon and have someone torture him. Patrick should be sainted.

And I'm glad to see that next week, someone speaks up about crazy-obnoxious jewelry freak and her pyromania.

I turned the show off midway through, which as it turns out is good as my blood pressure probably couldn't take TWO people I strongly dislike being named winners in one night.

Anyhow, the show? Still not grabbing me. But TLo reviews? Always welcome.

Incidentally, while I like the setup of the challenges and agree so far it looks like that's their strength, I still, I'm sorry, think making them buy all their fabric before conceptualizing the line was, well, stupid. Also, the gimmicky notions closet thing doesn't do it for me.

It is unfortunate that Architect Guy did not buy some at least one bolt of a chiffon or a nice silk jersey in some shade of gray that could be used for a challenge like this.
His colors did not bother me, I'm the gal who would wear a black or gray garment to the beach, but his fabric choices were not broad enough.

Poor Dandy. It's like watching an abusive relationship, and I was glad that he finally stood up for himself! And too bad for architect dude, but he shot himself in the foot by choosing only heavy fabrics. He should have been able to predict the very simple fact that not every challenge would be fitting for suit material. His short-sightedness did him in.

I'm really enjoying the show, mostly for the clear challenges reason that y'all outlined, TLo. But the judging continues on is whackward trend, and that's gonna get mighty frustrating as the show continues.

I wonder if at some point they'll throw some "drama" into the works and make them chose different experts? Rip-off drama queen will definitely be the last choice!

OMG - I love this show. The snark, "experts", and Patrick's eyeliner. And the twins - I want these guys in talking doll versions, complete with trunks full of their smartest outfits!

Kudos to Bravo for producing this fresh, entertaining show of colorful egos and interesting parameters!!

I came here before I watched the episode for your Glee recap and I assumed that the winner was the loser. Cracked-out judging indeed!

"[JLo's] time traveling to 1996 and needs something to wear."

With all do respect to TLo, JLo was probably dressing more like a fly girl in 1996 than the hankie wearing dance diva she became in 1999. Which, is probably even worse. While the early 90s are back again, nobody wants to see the late 90s for at least another 5 years.

GothamTomato said...

Was Drama Queen the guy who swiped the Carol Hannah dress?

TLo said ...

Gasp! This is nefarious. Carol Hannah, sic 'em!


Oh Yeah ... I totally spotted that dress from TLo's review of Heidi S. a few weeks back in the Black/White geometric dress. Was that the same one from that angle-haired girls portfolio shot? It was the expert teamed with Lady NaGa.

TLo said, "You know what? We really LIKE the way they do challenges on this show." ME TOO!

I'm surprised at how much I like this show. I even like the judging panel. Although I can't warm up to Boutique Lisa, it's great that they have designers and a brander and a buyer, rather than celeb crack ho's and other members of the Skank Patrol. It seems much more realistic.

I was sorry to see David go--I was hoping he'd learn how to transform his architect's vision into fashion after a while--but at this point, I'd be sorry to see any of the "designers" go because they're all entertaining in their own way.

Someone else wondered whether the designers would get to/have to switch experts at some point. I hope it happens!

Fabulous recap, boys!

Yes, thank YOU! I can not believe that JLo meets Lil Kim sarong wrap thing WON!!

My money was on Merle's design. Who, btw, I find hilarious =) Mrs. Robinson grated on my nerves, it's kinda annoying to hear older women constantly refer to themselves as "party girls" from a time gone-by. Whatever happened to aging gracefully??

Wonder what the Fashion Pixies are smoking?

It was clear Architect Guy was going home. I don't think I have ever seen anything so ugly. How about his "expert" Julie Kwon? She was actually suprised to be sent home! Maybe she was being polite? No one in their right mind who work in Fashion would have thought that black whatever it was, was good.

As for Roberto? If he says Valentino one more time, I will choke him with his own scarf. He is AWFUL. Patrick showed a lot of class to not pummel him. Can you believe he was actually trying to insinuate that it was THEIR line? Bitch please. It's called Launch MY Line. I'm so over him. He needs to GO.

Oh--and one more thing, just in case any Bravo execs are reading this blog.


STOP PLASTERING THOSE FUCKING REAL HOUSEWIFE BUGS ALL OVER THE SCREEN while we're trying to actually see what's going on.

So freaking irritating!

And a hearty farewell to architect guy, who surprised us by mentioning a wife. We were getting the cute nerdy Jewish gay vibe off him. Oh well. Can't be right all the time.

Gay guys don't have wives? Please.

I heart Dan & Dean, and I like the way they approach challenges, too, but this show is almost painful to watch. I understood the judging, even if I hated the outfit. I really don't see that much talent on the screen, nor much in the way of brains, and the fake, camera-hogging drama makes me want to turn the TV off. I really don't know if I can continue to invest an hour of my week to this crap anymore, which bums me out, because I love reading what you have to say.

"Was Drama Queen the guy who swiped the Carol Hannah dress?

TLo said ...

Gasp! This is nefarious. Carol Hannah, sic 'em!"

Y'all are too harsh. Roberto SAW her dress...he makes clothes...ergo it wasn't HER design, it was THEIRS!!!

I hate to pull the annoying graphic designer card again, but is anyone else getting WAY too much Fendi off of the "Fox Frocks" logo? I mean, come on. Backwards, not upside down, but the two 'F's are done. Why not use an overlapped 'LV' or perhaps inward facing 'C's?

I don't even need to comment on the judging. I was done at sequined butterfly applique. Fug.

Call me crazy but err - I think even the eliminated look is better than the hideous one that one.

I loves this show because of TLO's recaps. Best thing ever!

Roberto & Coco are working my last nerve. Roberto is clearing being a jerk simply to gain more camera time. The flip side being that Patrick actually comes off as a completely normal guy who happens to like dressing like a Dandy. Coco is so caught up in she doesn't understand design negativity that she doesn't seem able to allow herself to try and understand what Marilyn is asking of her. I don't think Roberto or Coco understand that if there designers are sent home so are they.
That winning dress was the fugliest thing I've seen in a long time.


TED said:

I have trouble watching Bravo these days because they rely so heavily on Real Housewives. Andy Cohen is cute, but he's going to hell for sure for unleashing that cultural atrocity on us.

Andy better watch his day he might just say the wrong thing to one of those NJ housewives and he'll be under several feet of concrete....

Show's growing on me; I do like the fact that they are asking, "how does this relate to what you did last time?"

On the other hand, it's only week two and the Roberto/Patrick and Coco/Marilyn dramatics are already getting old.

"Tlo said: Oui."

I gasped. Speachless! Wow!

LML: I like it much more than I thought I would.

I am, once again, acrimonious! I guess the judges are really 7 year girls. Last week they kept the big shiny heart when they should have given it the boot; then this week, the giant sparkly butterfly wins. Yikes.
I am still only watching this so I can join in with you all the next day. While I agree that it's interesting that they expect the designers' challenge outfits to relate to one another, there are just too many gimics. The "trim closet" thing is way annoying. Way.
Oh well. I'll keep watching. For your sake, TLo.
BTW...Gotham Tomato: I love you! Let's go to Betty Grable's funeral together.

Just caught up on ep2

I thought Wacky Applique girl's design was much more heinous than Architect channelling Joan Crawford.

Wool at the beach, judge woman? What do you think the earliest bathing costumes were made from?

Not that you'd volunteer to wear it nowadays, unless perhaps you were in a fashion challenge that limited you to pre-purchased fabric.

However his design was rather minimal and if he'd done a beach wrap, he might have saved himself.

Winning DJ-JLo throwback look... I look forward to seeing how the producers overcome this stumbling block: having the expert designer take over the less-talented amateur.

Love the references to the previous week's challenge--and having consistent judges.

However I wish they showed the judges conferring on the winning design, not just the losing design.

LOVED your rebuttal!

Wasn't so crazy about DJ guy's look, and I think we're going to see more of the "his expert is doing all the designing for him" story as the season progresses.

As for architect guy, yikes. He made a wool swimsuit. A wool swimsuit! I understand he was limited by his fabric but did he ever consider that the orange fabric he was handed at the beginning of the challenge, no matter how good or bad it may have been, would've been a much better alternative to wool??? Also, what's up with the cutout placement? I gotta agree with whatever guest judge it was that said that they're a few inches too low.

To be honest, though, overall I was more impressed by the designs this week than last. A few nice surprises! I'm excited to hear your takes on them.

And Merle was robbed!

OMG, RIGHT??? Bitch, you were a party girl "back in the day"??? Well hop out of the wayback machine, Janice Dickerson, because your day has done GONE!

I kind of don't get what her actual chops are.

I absolutely cannot believe that tacky mess with the cheesy dollar store-looking butterfly won.
I can, however, believe that the architect's butt ugly thing lost.
One wrong, one right...
Now if we could get rid of Roberto and Coco and keep the CEO and the darling dandy, THAT would make me REALLY happy!!!!

Are you guys sure Roberto designed the CH rip-off? Either he or someone pretending to be him is denying it on other blogs saying that he designed some costumes for Carrie Underwood but that he did not design THAT one.

Are you guys sure Roberto designed the CH rip-off? ...

I saw that as well. And, I'm ashamed to say, I looked at his website and his style is rather Collette Dinnigan and the Carrie Underwood dress is much more graphic matte jersey.

"It's weird how they all felt inspired to mention the Real Housewives in their logos, though."

I'm still laughing.

Are we sure that Lisa Kline isn't Kim Zolciak in a dark wig??

Dani said...
I hate to pull the annoying graphic designer card again, but is anyone else getting WAY too much Fendi off of the "Fox Frocks" logo? I mean, come on. Backwards, not upside down, but the two 'F's are done. Why not use an overlapped 'LV' or perhaps inward facing 'C's?

Feel free! I was too sleepy to figure out why the two Fs bothered me as much as they did. You nailed it. Curiously, the only logo I like is Patrick's goofy Wickenden logo. It's very clean. The others are trying way too hard.

I think the logos should have been a mini-challenge.

....They dress like Mr. Rogers, they sound like they're in the Lollipop Guild, and they're bitches. What is not to love here?....

BWAH! you two kill me!

Suzq - you're right, the logos should have been their own challenge. But then Patrick would say he doesn't know how to draw and the Bwannabe would end up throwing markers around, then someone would slip and be injured...and so it goes

I'm liking the show itself, but I'm not sure I can take a third consecutive week of the judges giving the win to whatever piece of whack managed to grab their attention. I'd have put Louanna's dress no higher than fourth from the top, and Eric's in the bottom two.

But they're doing all right on the eliminations, at least. The nice thing about LML in contrast with PR: since it's about a line and not about individual garments, they're not discouraged from asking the key question "would anybody actually want to see a whole line of this stuff?" Dan and David rated obvious, regrettable NOs.

i'm not dorothy gale

Really, as cheezy as this show is I am enjoying it.

Is one of the D-Squares deaf? Thought I saw a device in his ear. Maybe his implanted phone?

As far as I'm concerned, Roberto and Coco shouldn't be on the show-- Roberto is an outright douchebag who is deliberately working against his designer, and Coco appears to be suffering from failing health.

I'm watching this crack-fest show just to read this blog and laugh my ass off! Mr. Rogers and the Lollipop Guild twins. You bitches rock!

WTF with the winner? Since Bravo was so busy promoting Real Housewives of whatever county and obliterating everything else on the screen, maybe the design was chosen in homage to those tacky ass broads. Otherwise someone was smoking from a suspect pipe.

I am enjoying the structure and limitations of the challenges and how the line has to flow from one piece to the next. But the accessory bin closet is kind of Supermarket Sweeps and silly.

Ah, who the fuck cares? PR this is not. Bring on the bitchery!

Oh, right, this:
"we can assure you that anyone who watches Bravo for more than an hour a week is WELL AWARE of the existence of the Real Housewives"

You misspelled "more than 5 minutes in their life".

Somewhere along the line, TV execs seem to have gotten the idea that advertising something constantly is the key to attracting an audience. This applies to commercials, as well. What it does for me, however, is make me want to never, ever, ever have anything to do with the show (or product, or whatever). If my alternatives were to watch Real Housewives or shoot myself in the foot, I would say "Eh, I've got insurance."

Givenchy and Audrey, where are you? Why does everyone have to look porn/ho? When exactly did that become de rigeur? No, no, no, no and no. Let's construct something, Bitches! Let's make women look fabulous, Bitches! Let's make us look like stars instead of cheap, Fredericks of Hollywood no'count hourly street walkers. Quality, quality, quality, puhleeze!

" eairler stated:
Are you guys sure Roberto designed the CH rip-off? Either he or someone pretending to be him is denying it on other blogs saying that he designed some costumes for Carrie Underwood but that he did not design THAT one."

The bad rip off was possibly so awful because He knew we would all talk about him, which is all he's about. He behaves so badly because he's so starved for someone to notice him.

At first glance I had an aversion to Patrick. Now he is the Dandy I want to adopt, and Roberto is the Dandy I want to shoot out of a cannon.

Can't wait 'til next week! And when do the old naked fat men come on?

Thank you! Those stupid Housewives logos covered the thing we were supposed to be looking at (let me take one more futile moment to bitch about why there are so many versions of that fucking vapid show.)

Ok, well at least they made the right choice in who to send home. Again I longed for The Duchess or someone to point out he barely used the freaking fabric. That made me nuts. Ok, the suit was ugly too. Then one of the judges praised it and I almost fell out of my chair.

I didn't get the kimono hatred. The tentacles were too much but otherwise I really loved the colors and the fit.

I join the entire viewing audience and say I am baffled at the win.

"Excellent question, Camera-Hogging Drama Queen Supreme!"


"It's weird how they all felt inspired to mention the Real Housewives in their logos, though."
Lord god. I have sat through (to my shame) hours of t.v. programming with less entertainment value.

I have to say, it was the butterfly clipped/sewn/hot-glued to the "winning" look that shut me down. I have so little sense for trends & markets that I really can't tell when a look is old enough for "everything old is new again" and when it's just dated, so I would have liked that garment, especially if the asian influence that fan raised been played up, had it not been for that straight-from-the-vaults-of-Ronco-crafts not been affixed. Which pretty much ruined everything.

michelle said...

"And the twins - I want these guys in talking doll versions, complete with trunks full of their smartest outfits!"

Brilliant. There's a market for that - or will be if the show lasts.

Love it, michelle and formerlyAnon. The manufacturer would only need one mold for two dolls. Endless outfit choices. but they have to be TALKING dolls! Forty phrases, twenty in bad Italian!

Lollipop guild line killed me, guys. It's so true, and I think that's why the pixie twins are growing on me.

Can't agree with the cracktacular judging, though. I saw that butterfly on the garment and thought "Oh LORD, that has to be a bottom piece! LOOK AT THE TACKY!!!" Imagine my anime-gasp of shock when they AWARDED this behaviour! Gracious, no! Bad pixies! BAD!

But it's entertaining as hell and I'm enjoying the ride so far. Roberto is the big bag wolf who stole from Carol Hannah, you say? *Pulls up a chair* Goooo onnnnnn....?

Roberto is vile. I pity Eyebrows (or whatever his name is). He's doubly bad if he stole that dress from CH.

The Midgetwins were so irritating at first, but they're growing on me. I wonder if they make their clothes for people more than 55 inches tall?

I can't stand DJ or CEO. CEO sounds horrible to work with, and DJ? That outfit should've made him go home. Even 7-year-old girls would look at that butterfly and say, "no, sorry, that's a little too girly." Absolutely whacktacular judging there.

I like Merle. Her whole "transforming clothes" shtick is pretty good, and she appears to be pulling it off quite well so far. I thought her outfit was the clear winner, but I guess I'm a little too tall to be on the judging panel.

I loved the show. I loved the whole creative process and that they included a trend meteorologist. She was quite boring, but the show was certainly not.

I love the Patrick and Roberto team. It comes me coming back to see how they will resolve their egos.

I agree ..The architect was the one who should have gone home.
And the DJ just seemd to be following his experts lead. Because the last two looks are similar to her designs on her collection.
The next person to go should be Vanessa.Enough already.

Patrick and Roberto's dress was beautiful. Patrick walked out and Roberto did stay to finish the dress.So he is not that bad after all. I do not think that Roberto is trying to hurt Patrick but teach him...Isn't Patrick the wanna be designer. I mean you should know how to sew and construct clothes to say the very least. I think the dress was gorgeous. The shoes even the litlle handbag was adorable.

Remmber it's a show and we don't get to see the behind the scences of why people get so upset with each other. It seems like the tensions are very high between mpst of the designers and the experts. Except Emil and the jewelry designer. They both seem so sweet.

Poor Coco does not stand a chance with Marylin. Last week she seemed determined(and I think her dress should have won last week) but this week she just seems like a drill sergant with poor Coco.

I did have a Calvin Klein dress, that was similiar to last weeks winning look ,in the 90's except without the tail in the back..Will try to find it on the internet and post.

I will stay tuned that's for sure..

I think you guys are missing the boat here!! Lou Anna's dress was a Calvin Klein knock-off!! Racked NY also agrees!

Yes, Roberto is dramatic to say the least. But at least he wants to have original designs and push to make Patrick the best. But, I can see how he can push buttons in Patrick! But it's so fun to watch!! Patrick does look like his milk money has been taken when he walks off. The hair was like a flashback of WHAM or Duran Duran!!

Mari Henrichsen

OK Boys!! I am coming over and spanking you boys on your bums!! We are entering defamation waters here. Can you please clarify with your readers that Roberto De Villacis did not make the Infamous Carrie Underwood dress from the AMA’s. It would help if you did not have the rebuttal link and a picture of that dress on the top basically screaming for you to scroll down and read.. Boys, are we trying to insinuate something to the readers for more controversy. Isn’t it bad enough most of the viewers hate him! Well let’s hope it’s love to hate, but not to be thought of as a thief for stealing Carroll Hannah’s design. That’s not right boys. Play nice with others.

As usual, I looked forward to reading your witty and hilarious Reviews. Love The Title you gave Roberto!! But, as he says, Better a Queen than a Slave. Poor Coco!!

Mari Henrichsen

Ok my little kittens, please keep entertaining us, you should have a lot more followers. Maybe we can do something about that. Because I think everyone needs a good laugh at least once a day and you boys deliver. The posts are just as witty. I too refresh the page every few hours!!

I didn't mind the DJ winning. I could see that on the beaches of a South Pacific island. But, I DO AGREE with you about the show. I love that it's different: I love the specificity, the real/business world angle, and the ready-to-wear approach to the show. ALSO i can't wait to see the full lines!! I'm hooked.

As if Top Chef didn't make me vom enough (Team Kevin! robbed...) that ridiculous Golden Girls of the street corner outfit won. Ugh, I am about to be done with reality television.

I thought team Merle had it in the bag.

TLO is wrong about Roberto De Villacis swiping Carol Hannah's dress.
He never put his name on the dress.
So be carfeful Gotham Tomato. Do your research first. I think people should try to find the real culprit that acutally stole Carol Hannah's dress that she wore at her performance at the AMA's.

The Show is brilliant. I have just joined the Bravo Message Boards and am excited to discuss this show with fellow viewers.

I had grown weary of Project Runway with the same reputation over and over again. And the characters getting worse and worse. Season 5 of PR was the last great season they had. So this show is a refreshing new look at the collaboration of experts and designers. This is an incredible show for us fashion lovers. I like the fact that they are trying to make a cohesive collection and what a designer goes thru to make an entire collection.

My favorite designers so far are Marilyn Crawford(I think she has the smarts and the commitment to pull this off), The Dandy Team(Patrick and Roberto are the Stars of the show), and Emil and Kathy(they seem to work so nicely together)

This is a creative process and obviously not everyone is going to get along. But I do like that they do express their different points of you. Loved that they showed a trend forecaster and how colors are picked.

I too love the Pixie twins. I want to wrap them up and take them home with me.

You're back, TLo. I think you needed a new (and good) show after such a marathon of Project Runway blogging.

I chuckled out loud for the first time in a while! Totally agree about Dan and Dean. I had some serious reservations about them as hosts when I saw previews for this show, but they are incredible. Lively, funny, quirky, and SO CUTE. Although their decisions are weird in judging, I tend to agree with their opinions and criticisms and I was BEYOND excited to see that they discussed the garments in more critical depth in this episode than in the first one.

I just watched both episodes tonight and then re-read your reviews. About peed in my pants.
This has given me new hope in the fashion reality world.

So let’s see so I can Remember, so far we have the following:

Pixie Twins
The Designer Wanna Be’s
The Band of the of gypsies and attention whores
Personally you hit the nail on the head with these:
Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.
X Saved the Bell cast member
The X Architect(the nerdy Jewish guy)
The Wanna be Ceoprah(she actually brought and invitation or something form Oprah)
And who is The professor and Maryanne??(I didn’t get that, is that Ceoprah and Coco)
The Dandy
The DJ
Mrs. Robinson
CHDQ ‘s (The Dandy Team)
The Cracktacular Girl

Keep them coming Boys!!


[commenting on David's latest design]

"I will take worlds worst fashion designs for 500, Alex."

My thoughts on the 10 designers

Let’s start with the women:

First up is Luoanna,
First of all Louanna has no artistic vision, none what so ever, she is simply a copy cat, have you heard the saying: “monkey see, monkey do” well let me tell you, she sure is playing the part of the monkey right now. I’m glad Roberto called her out on the second episode for her first design; it really did look like a Calvin Klein dress.

Next up Marilyn,
From the very start you could see Marilyn was the business woman type, she had the look. I really admired her determination to complete the dress even when Coco left her in the middle of a new design. She really does represent the working woman, she has the determination and she keeps on truckin and does not look back with or without an expert

Next is Kathy,
Kathy really caught my eye since the very start, there is something about her, she radiates silent confidence and inner peace. She knows what she is doing and she has vision, her designs so far are like a breath of fresh air. [compelling and beautiful]

Next up Merle,
Merle is like very bitchy in my opinion, she is the type of person that would careless if you were up and flames and burning, I’m surprised devil horns haven’t come up and out of her head yet, oh and lets not forget the sharp arrow tail to go with the horns.

Next is Vanessa,
Just by looking at Vanessa I start smirking, she is definitely the biggest wanna be designer on the show. I had a laugh attack when I saw her first designs, I do agree with Louanna on the comment she made that Vanessa’s design on the first episode looked like a cartoon character. She is eccentric, that’s the best word I can use to describe her.

Now let’s start with the men:
First up is Patrick,
At first I was wary of Patrick , but he really is a true gentleman, a “Dandy”. He looks like a really nice person, the only problem is, is that Roberto and Patrick clash because they both have two big egos, hopefully they will be able to collaborate with each other because I truly do believe that they will be able to create beautiful pieces together once they start working together, not just me me me, no its we we we, like the pixie twins said “it takes two to get something done.” I think I will be rooting for these two.

Next is Eric,
I think Eric needs his hearing checked, the pixie twins specifically said “You can get input from your experts but the designs have to be yours.” Should I rewrite that incase he missed it? I think I should, “You can get input from your experts but the designs have to be yours.” I hope he got it this time because honestly it’s just ridiculous that Galina is doing all the work for him.

Next up is Kevin,
Kevin a.k.a the spitting guy, has been the jack ass of the show since the very start, I mean he is just so rude, like the comment he made in the first episode, ‘I know how women are’ what is that suppose to mean? Are you trying to imply that all women are the same? No no no, I definitely do not like Kevin at all. Although his designs have been quite good, now if they are his designs or his expert’s designs, I am not sure.

Next is David
David’s designs are too bland and dark, like one of the judges said about his first design; it would not turn heads on the street. His mind set is too geometrical and he has to think abstract, I don’t know if I am explaining myself very well, but it’s the only thing I can think of to relate to his architecture. When David’s line was dropped it did not come as a surprise to me or anyone, I think; everyone knew it was coming in other words.

And last but not least is Dan
Now we really don’t know much about Dan, but he seemed to be a really nice guy and I kind of feel bad for him because he really didn’t get to show his true visions because he did not know how time consuming it was to make a jacket. So to me Dan really didn’t get a fair chance to show what tricks he had up his sleeve.






I thought for sure, through most of the episode, this was getting the loser edit. Til I saw the final looks. Then I figured bye-bye architect guy, with this one squeaking through.

But WIN? Seriously? Whoa.


We had been informed through various sources that Roberto had designed the dress Carrie Underwood wore to perform at the AMAs; the dress that was shockingly similar to one of the dresses from Carol Hannah's finale collection for Project Runway.

Roberto sent us an email to let us know that, while he has designed stagewear for Carrie, HE DID NOT DESIGN the CH ripoff dress.

There. Consider yourself informed.

T Lo

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