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Launch My Line S1E1: Congrats & Goodbye

Dressforms and bitchery!

First off:

More wardrobe changes than a Cher concert! Bow down!

We have to give them props. That is a killer work space. We liked the twist that they had to buy all their fabric for their line at once. That notions closet could be fun or it could be a petri dish of resentments and backstabbings, which, come to think of it, still sounds like fun.

And look at that runway! It's like something out of a Mitzi Gaynor special.

Blah, blah, blah. Meet the designer wannabes...

...and the experts. The usual ragtag band of gypsies and attention whores.

Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.

Cute clueless guy who dresses like a Saved by the Bell cast member. He had "first to go home" scrawled all over him in ultraviolet ink.



The Professor and Mary Ann. Look, we didn't learn everybody's names. There are a LOT of them. It'll click eventually.

Their little feet don't reach the floor! How fucking cute is that? The set looks like it was a leftover from Eurovision.

So congratulations, Lou Rawls' daughter! Hopefully, we'll learn your name soon.

We thought the dress was just okay. Nothing to get excited about.

And we agreed with the criticism coming from...Dan? Dean? One of those little fashion dolls that said the hem was too sharp.

Seeya to the cute, clueless guy who dresses like a Saved by the Bell cast member!

What is up with that, anyway?

To be honest, while we didn't think this was good, exactly, it was better than a couple of the other ones, in our opinion.

At least it was trying to do something a little interesting, even if it didn't quite pull it off.

But y'know, they're clearly not approaching fashion from the more editorial point of view. We may have to start a drinking game for every time the words "line" or "customer" are used. It's a glitzy show about people who want to sell their clothes, so "point of view" is gonna naturally fall to the way side in favor of "wearability." That's fine. We're looking forward to it.

Things to look out for in the coming season that make us think this might be the greatest campy reality television show ever:




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this looks like a GREAT setting for DRAMA.

And hark, what light through yonder window breaks?
How refreshing to see everything so clearly .
Lifetime magical elves, take note.

Lady gaga!! My fav.

Didn't see the show, but you got me with MITZI GAYNOR.

(Not to mention Eurovision and "Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.")


Jaw-dropping! Thanks for the wrap-up. I still don't get where they're going with this, but it is absolutely entertaining, without question. I've got the DVR set for this one!

I have mixed reactions. I dont know how I care. Some of the personalities grated more than enthralled

Surpised how much I liked the Dandy but his partner! what a baby and a prima donna

Miss CEO was starting to annoy me as well. Talk about your Type A personality. I was actually glad her dress did not win this challenge. It was a good piece but an outfit doesn't have to be full of bling or bright patterns to make an impact. Also I thought the design needed some editing in the silhouette. It didn't quite work in the office for me.


oh this lived up to all my cracky hopes & dreams and yet made me feel sad for The Fashion Show at the same time. In comparison TFS seems so much more rushed and thrown together

Thanks for recapping guys, this should be fun.

Gee, didja think they were telegraphing something when they loaded up the soundbites of CEO (yeah, I don't know the names either) insisting that she had to win the first challenge--when they must have known she had won audience favorite.

This show is going to be fun. I hope you blog all the designs.

I love Dan and Dean (or is it Dean and Dan?), but I have a feeling that their adorable-ness is going to be overshadowed by the slight irritating-ness of their voices soon.

Dammit, I'm intrigued. Now I'm gonna have to watch this show.

At first glimpse, Lou Rawl's daughter's dress looks chip in a chip way.

And the loser's ensemble didn't seem that heinous.

Sad to see him go so early, he's damn cute. but that girl's jumpsuit was a tranny disaster. I don't know how that was any better or offered something to look forward to.

and I was highly entertained by the CEO and her designer - she is so passive, but kudos to the CEO for coming up with a game plan and forcing her designer to make it work at the last minute.

I like the dandy guy. I thought he was going to be like Merlin from TFS but he's the opposite. He seems to have the most editorial POV out of the group so maybe he's one to watch.

Oh, and I love the music producer and his shouting, he had my friend and I laughing. I hope he sticks around. I liked his dress.

I think the best part of the show is seeing some straight guys design, that's definitely going to be highly amusing.

I completely forgot to set the DVR for this one (11pm?! Really?!) but thank goodness for Bravo...they will air this at least a million times in the next week!

Thanks much for the recap, boys! I am sold and will be watching!

while I wasn't crazy about Ms. CEO's outfit, she did pull it out by working all night when her designer walked out on her, making her a winner and the designer (quitter) a real loser...

I was just waiting or the little pixies to start singing in harmony to call down the big pink butterfly cousin of Mothra.

OMG. I need to watch this show. Loved the recap as always and that dress was cool. I'd totally wear it with some modifications.

The blonde, twinky looking tartlette who made the Christmas ornament jumpsuit should have gone home. The CEOprah should've won! I loved the outfit she and her complainery expert put together.

I hated that they had to buy all of their fabric at once. It's like they're not allowed to learn from their mistakes. If they screw up week one, we just have to see the make the same mistake over and over because they are not allowed to change. Ugh.

And D-squared was cuter when they were on _America's Next Top Model_.

I think I'm going to love everytime an expert is proven wrong on this show.

omg, the little pixie brothers! LOL
dear god they sound exactly alike.

i really liked the show, at least it feels very different. i am in for the long haul.

"More wardrobe changes than a Cher concert! Bow down!"

ROFLMAO, Fucking hilarious post, guys! I loved the show!

Oh, and yes, blond girl should've gone home. Her jumpsuit was hideous. Can't wait to read more, Tlo!

I hadn't even heard of this show but now I will have to watch if you guys are going to be blogging about it, it looks fun! And I love anythign will lady gaga so I will def. watch.

Damn. How did I know Dan would probably be the first to go? I know him from SYTYCD and looking at the clothes he would put the dancers in I kinda figured it wouldn't go too well. But he is cute.

Mitzi Gaynor! Eurovision!Bwahaaahhaa!

Whew. OK.

And what about the Clock O' Doom - the torturous reminder of time remaining until the next deadline? I thought I was watching an episode of 24. Except for the chiffon.

So the only celebrity I had actually heard of has's Dan Karaty... from So You Think You Can Dance... duh!? I really need to see this show :)

OMFG! I really, really want to know what is up with that last screen shot. CAN'T WAIT!

I only got to watch the first 15 minutes last night before I had to hit the hay. But I liked what I saw.

You guys rock!!! I watched the show, nodding off a bit, but I'm glad I stayed up because, having watched it, your post today made me laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes!
Keep up the good work.
p.s. I think the voted off guy does choreography for the show "So you think you can dance."

Ah, good! I was waiting for this thread. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and was sorry to see Choreographer go. He may have been clueless, but he had heart and I was into him at the first commercial. Ditto CEO and Architect.

Mogul is already boring me with his "It's war!" attitude. He should not be wasting his time and energy with that. Jeweler also bores me, I can't put my finger on why, so I guess I have to keep tuning in! Tranny -- what is it she does? -- makes me cringe.

The two fashion editorial pros have the most interest, for different reasons. Lady Critic totally wowed me with that multi-function outfit, and how they had the model walk it. Empress of the Universe Attention Whore and Queen Attention Whore are perfect for each other and perfect for television but I dunno about that design esthetic.

COOL that the 4 judges actually go off and critique the bottom 3 outfits with the clothes on mannequins and without the designers present!! We get to see what they're looking at!! HALLELUJAH!

Great runway, too.

And I want that entire workroom. Want, want want.

I didn't know that a matched set of tiny gay fashion pixies were what I wanted for Christmas, until they walked onto my teevee screen!

I'll be back with this one.

I gotta say, I was sold on this show before the end, if only because it gives me the ability to sit in the corner and talk shit for an hour and feel the better for it...then the previews came...and...LADY GAGA showed up in them...I nearly collapsed. SOLD SOLD SOLD!

LOVED this show!

I thought Saved By The Bell dude's outfit was awfully cheap looking, but I have to say...that jumpsuit was straight from hell. It would have worked for a Lady Gaga challenge though!!

SO looking forward to next week!

I think D&D are adorable, but FAR too thin. Their little heads look like helium baloon heads stuck onto stick figures.

But Dandy is really not at all what I expected. He's fun & funky!

However, I do disagree with the label "campiest reality show ever". IMHO that would be RuPaul's Drag Race - which is coming back in February!

My expectations for the show were pretty low, but I'm really glad I watched. Initially, I had mixed feelings, but after reading your post ---- I. simply.cannot.wait. There's so much fodder for you guys to expertly review and summarize with your usual unbiased opinions, I can't imagine how you're able to edit down facets from the show in your post. You'll definitely get more mileage from this show than PR6.

Btw: Queen Attention Whore the First truly got under my skin. Shades of Merlin is all I have to say. I actually felt bad for The Dandy. He's sweet and reminds me of my best friend. I think they should've gotten rid of the blonde and her retina burning, ultra-violet jumpsuit (there were HEARTS dangling from the knees!) However, they probably kept her on for the Angela effect. Excellent post, guys!

- edina -

Their little feet don't reach the floor! How fucking cute is that? The set looks like it was a leftover from Eurovision.


OH. My. God. You bitches are rolling. Of course I'll be watching if you bitches are blogging about it.

Roberto Ripped-Dr.-Whitfield got on my nerves. Patrick is adorable, no?

I question whether Patrick and Roberto are truly eccentric or just playing up their gimmiky personas for the sake of extra attention...the latter I presume. I immediately dislike both...they need to back up the act with some true talent.

Too bad the cute guy had to get wasn't all that but when it's slim pickins gawkinwise...I'm wondering to whom my eye will wonder to next (if any)...the pixies certainly ain't gonna do it for me...;) Dare I watch this show for the fashion alone?!

Ooooo- I'm going to enjoy these recaps!
Did I hear the phrase from the Ds "Move forward in fashion" as they headed to the fabric store or was it just wishful thinking?
Also- Kevin Black (?) the music exec was crazy-aggressive. I hope he's gone soon.


I enjoyed the show and am looking forward to week after week of tacky jumpsuits and "drama queen" drama.

Good times.

When previews for this show first came out, I was excited to see one of the cute choreographers from SYTYCD. But commercials showing actual clips from the show never had him anywhere in the shots, so it was pretty obvious even before the show aired that he'd go home quickly.

Too bad. He's a cutie.

I must be the only one who finds the pixie twins annoying (their voices, at least) and not a little bit scary. I dozed off in the middle of the show, woke up to see the runway show through bleary eyes, but what I saw made me want to continue to watch. Especially the preview of next week and all of the naked derrieres!

so, who I thought was El Pollo Loco was actually a Bono Wannabe (Bwanabe?) and Queen Bitch. My mistake.

Really liking the CEO and Louella Rawls Jr, or whatever her name is. Her brother was married to a porn star and sadly, it's all I can thin of when I see her. Who was he married to again? Savannah? No...Seka? No....

And the WonderTwinks are enchanting. Love them.

I am so glad I had a couple of cups of java about 10PM so I could stay up for this show. I really, really liked it a lot.
Yes, it is a bit campy, but that's a good thing! It's fun, I'm enjoying the personalities,even though Queen Attention Whore the First was a pain in the the royal ass. D & D are just too adorable.
Thanks for the fab commentary, TLo!!!!

I have to say, I really liked this show, almost better than some of the Project Runway episodes of the recent season. I did like the CEO Marilyn and Patrick of the odd hats best of all.

I'm confused how Lou Rawl's daughter won with that when it was up against CEO and that insane multi-garment. It was a plain dress you can find just about anywhere, but I guess it really is about marketability than fashion. But really, in an economy like ours, Multi-garment would have been the easy winner which you could have sold a 3 piece outfit that would turn into 20 different outfits. I mean, come on!

SBTB dude should have stayed and Architect go home. Architect's was

Looks like more drama from CEO and Dandy's designers next week. I could understand if either of them were being bitches but they seem like nice people (and CEO was right to change the design, and they would have had more time if the designer would stop fighting with her and acting like doing work at all was just too much).

I don't know which I enjoyed more--the show or your hilarious comments re same. Both gave me a good laugh!

This show works in LA because it's so much less serious than PR. It's got a vaguely trashy component that is highly entertaining. I also liked the fact that the judges really examined the final candidates for loser of the week before making their decision.

Yellow gown should have gone home. God, that was fug! And boring!

As for the dual pixies, I just don't know. Their skinny little bods, their identical outfits, their giant heads, their stubbly faces, their Italian phrases... There's definitely something for everyone there, but the voices... the (weirdly identical!) voices... My dogs were howling at the TV!

Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.


You know she's going to be trouble. Loved the show and the crazy contestants, it reminded me a little bit of RPDR. Dean and Dan are so fucking cute and weird at the same time. I can tell I'm going to enjoy your recaps of this show, Tlo!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

"It's like something out of a Mitzi Gaynor special."

ohmygod I can't stop laughing.

Just watched the replay on Bravo and a couple of things jumped out at me. First off: Amanda! That girl could model a bag o' turds and look good. Second: I wish they had talked more about how each designtestant worked off their personal item to come up with their design. I liked the way architect-guy used his compass as an accessory. Third: Either of the other top two should have won over Louette Rawls. Both dresses were designed better and way more versatile. And crazy jumpsuit gal should have gone home. That outfit was pure carnival fug. OK, I'm done now. Thanks!

OK, I think I laughed out loud more times at this posting than at any other in your history. "Professor and MaryAnn" "Saved by the Bell guy"

I love it that you aren't even going to PRETEND to learn their names yet!

And my bet is that if the stupid "Tails" had not been left on that shirt/coat, Saved-by-the-bell-buy would not have gone home.

My SO and I watched this last night since it was on directly after Top Chef, and, meh. I'll read the posts here about it and if the TV happens to be on when it comes on I may watch it (don't own a DVR, so that's really the only way I casually watch shows), but, overall? Meh.

Not fond of the twins, myself. The Dandy actually was far less annoying than I guessed based on the previews and bio, and I felt really sorry for him being stuck with a completely unprofessional drama queen "expert". (Dear 'expert', you have ensured that if I ever have a need for a designer, it will be anyone but you. Love, me.) I suppose they're stuck with the "experts", along with being stuck with their impulse fabric choices (stupid idea, really) and so on.

Y'all will make it entertaining though even if the show itself isn't. So there's that.

"Kate" posted at 1:05

Are you in my head Kate? because I was going to say exactly the same thing. So let me just give a great big DITTO


Brooklyn Bomber wrote:

Didn't see the show, but you got me with MITZI GAYNOR.

(Not to mention Eurovision and "Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.")

Loved the Mitzi Gaynor reference, kittens, and I obviously must fit this show into my viewing schedule!


I had initially thought that I would find Dandy Designer most irritating, but I actually quite liked him. It was his "expert" who was the worst....who acts like that? What a child. Reminds me of Hedda Lettuce in the degree of fakery.

I enjoyed the episode but I don't know if I can listen to the helium voice every week. However - D2 are cute, and I love their outfits!

Of course the Patron Saint of the Gay, Lady GaGa is on next week's episode, along side nekkid people. It's only natural =) haha

Ok, I take it back, I will tune in every week just for the laughs and fashion eye candy =)

Attention Whore Expert got on our last nerve already and from the previews - more DRAMA to follow. If you can freak out the guy wearing a yellow plaid newsboy then you have achieved super sonic DRAMA status.

CEO Lady was annoying too. Damn Type A's are the bane of my existence!


Anon 1:09 - All I can say is, great minds... :o)

While I'm jealous of DSquared2's waistline, they are so damn thin. Very cute though. Since I don't get Bravo, Ill have to see if I can find the show on YouTube or hulu. otherwise, I'll just have to enjoy the show via your recaps.

I really wish people would stop with the tranny this, tranny that garbage. I thought it had died out here after it was briefly in vogue a couple of years ago (thanks to Christian Siriano), but it's been cropping up again a lot lately.

Let me spell it out: it's not funny. Using the word at all, let alone using it to connote tackiness and bad taste, constitutes transphobic bigotry. It's unbelievably offensive towards trans people, and it really bothers me -- and surprises me, actually -- that TLo continue to allow it by never deleting it or telling people not to use it.

Basically, it's the equivalent of the "n" word towards African-Americans. Or "kike" towards Jews. (I know they're equivalent, because I'm both Jewish and a trans woman.)

What make it worse, in my opinion, is that the worst offenders in using the word tend to be gay men. Who should know better. (Not that transphobia from gay men is anything new, of course.) I'd really love to know how some of the people throwing the word "tranny" around would like it if people who weren't gay were continually talking about "hot faggot messes," or saying that this or that person or outfit was "faggot." (Not that I would ever do that under any circumstances. Among other things, my own son is gay. I'm simply making a point that shouldn't have to be made.)

So don't insult anyone's intelligence by telling me to lighten up or get a sense of humor. Or by saying that you know some trans person who doesn't mind being called a tranny, or uses the word herself or himself. Any individual trans person has the right to use the word to refer to him or herself (if they buy into the whole "reclaiming" concept), or to give a non-trans person permission to apply the word to him or her. But they can't give blanket permission to use the word to refer to other trans people (never mind to use it as a general insult), and they can't tell other trans people that they shouldn't be offended.

And no non-trans person should use the word here for any reason. So stop it. Please. Enough already. I'm sure you're creative enough to think of a non-offensive alternative.


It was on too late for me last night, so I only watched long enough to hear the voices of D-squared (based on your statement earlier that they have helium voices). I'll watch it on the rerun and when it's on earlier in the evening, but I'm already sad that the choreographer is gone. He was eye candy.

I watched the first 30 minutes and got bored. Maybe I'll give it another chance next week.

the winning dress was boring like whoa. it is a good dress, but if you saw it at a party will you remember that woman a week later? no. it looks much better in these stills than it did on tv, granted. but still. CEOPrah's zebra cowl-pencil skirt fandango made me AND both my parents sit up and go "OOOH!" I want impactful clothing like that for this show, and I hope the initial win of such a tame look doesn't scare the contestants into a PR-style craptathlon.

That being said, i'm kind of glad they kept the hideous jumpsuit over the boring jacket and non-skirt. Eyepopping tackiness aside, at least the girl has the waboos to really put something remarkable out.

Jumpsuits? really? I know no woman who wears them. Having to get undressed to go to the bathroom sucks. I'd rather have kept the jacket and the guy who designed it. It had its flaws, but it had potential (loved those oversized buttons on the epaulets).

I did laugh when a dress I assumed would be in the bottom wound up as the winner. Different priorities that PR, but that's ok, it's a different show! :)

And, wow, I actually liked the Dandy. I hope he gets to stay for a while.

The music executive guy might ruin the show for me. His overcompetitive, overloud shouting, spittle-flinging, and posturing are exactly what I hate most in reality contestants.

Fully agree, velocibadgergirl, though it was pretty funny to watch everyone else flinch upon being spat upon.

I loved the TLo write-up but I don't know about the show itself. The concept still has me baffled because I couldn't see how some of the experts knew all that much either. Does one of the team have to know how to sew?

For me, the twins' voices are hard to listen to for very long (helium-filled indeed), and I'm still not sure what the judges are supposed to be judging. Maybe the whole point is to throw a bunch of people in a room, and make them crazy. I'm okay with a touch of the crazy to accompany the fashion, but the touch part seems to be more about clothes than fashion while the crazy part seems kind of forced. I'm not sure I'll stay tuned except for your blog which is far more entertaining anyway.

I have to say, I'm not looking forward to seeing those old naked guys on my big, new HDTV.


Hmm, I tried to watch and then remembered - I canceled cable! First time in several weeks I've missed it. "Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First" alone will send me searching the internet for it though, if I can't find accommodating friends.

Those twins are not just cute, they are downright handsome, if a tad disconcerting in their pocket-sized way. They kinda remind me of two BFF trophy wives who are allies in their fight against the inevitable as they forge into the divorced-former-trophy-wife age range.

They really are too cute-especially with all their costume changes!

Well, rather than getting the light out at a somewhat good time for the ZZZs, I watched the first episode and really enjoyed it for the entertainment value. Which was sorely lacking in PR 6.

I liked Ms. CEO - she could make decisions and she stepped up to the plate and performed. Always a plus in my book. I liked the outfit she and her not-always-helpful designer created. And props to Ms. CEO for pulling a nighter, or most of one, while her fatigued designer (who looked a lot younger, BTW) sauntered off. I see more sparks between that pair.

The sparkly jumpsuit was hideous, in my opinion. A line that has that as its signature piece is product aimed at the hoochie market. That deserved the "discontinued" judgment in my opinion. The loser was pretty dreadful, but the jumpsuit had it beat by a buncha tasteless bling.

And what was the thinking behind the ersatz tailcoat tails? Made me think of Peter Rabbit or a cocktail waitress.

All the best,


I really thought Louella was going to be in the bottom, and that Merle of the fantastic multi-function outfit would win. I was surprised when Louella won.

And that jumpsuit monstrosity? Ouch. I have to use eyedrops for the next three days. That one just plain hurt.

Have to say it was great to see Amanda workin' it! I TiVo'd this show (in HD, woo-hoo!) and rewound when she flew by the first time. "Is that the amazing Amanda? It is!!" That made me happy. I'm so glad she didn't have to wear that awful jumpsuit.

I wonder if they'll have model drama! Looks like they have naked fat drama next week.

I don't know. There are a few things I like - the fact that they actually go look at the garment close up is wonderful.

The hosts are truly annoying, however. After a certain age, emphasizing your twindom is no longer cute. And forget waterboarding! If you want someone to spill his guts, make him listen to those voices for a while!

Maybe it's "first episode syndrome", but I wasn't impressed overall. The show seemed to drag, and I was on the verge of turning it off more than once, but figured I'd stick it out. I'm still debating whether to give it another shot. I'm just not sure it's worth staying up late to watch.

I liked it. Sort of a Willy Wonka for designer wannabes.
It seems to be more about messing with their minds than actual fashion, which is fine with me as long as it's done well. The potential for cat fights, hissy fits and general backstabbing is definitely there.
And the twins are adorable.

Could someone please upload a torrent of the show? I live in CanuckLand and can't even watch the steaming video from Bravo's site.

I put off watching this until I heard your take. Might have to check it out now.


You're right on, guys!!!

I haven't laughed that much for awhile!

I do feel the little jacket was panned a bit much by the lady with the hook nose, also known as The Wicked Witch of the West! At least the cute blonde girl tried to do something really challenging! Make a jacket in a couple of hours?? Sorry, but she has more balls than the twins put together!!!

Most of the dresses were a bit too prom dressy or spanx-like...hopefully they'll get better after the first couple of episodes!

Keep up the halarious/naughty antics!

1) Is the brunette judge in the red outfit related to Kim from RH of Atlanta? Because she looks and sounds like her. I'm sure she's not, but the likeness was driving me nuts. Is that crazy?

2) I don't like that some of the Dan/Dean "critiques" in the workroom are voiceovers. They have practically the same voice, so I don't know who's talking. If we're supposed to treat them as individuals, not cartoon character twins, it would be nice to know who's saying what. I'm sure the show will not address this.


Its pretty and sparkly and definitely not trying to be what it's not. I'm on board. Should be entertaining.

Watching this show made me very sad for PR. This show successfully put all the trashtastic people-drama that Lifetime tried, tried, and failed to create while still having several runway designs better than what routinely won on Lifetime PR.

I am a little scared of the twins though. They seem the type of twins so identical and so wrapped up in each other that's it's hard to see where one ends and the other begins...then I start thinking of clones ;) and other scary movie scenarios ala "Ve vill take over your fashion vorld!"

Crap. Stan isn't watching this one. It looks good.
Nudity. Lady gaga. Twins! What could be better?

I also like knowing that I am not the only person who reads the blog that knows who Mothra is.

The Old Naked Guy photo froze my brain for a moment.


The dreaded team design challange, a whole season of team design challange? I'm exhausted already. So far i'm less than intrigued. perhaps it's because i'm not gay. However, love you guys as always.

Damn. Now I have to beg the roommate to cave in and order cable again.

On another topic -- I'm often surprised that y'all DON'T comment much, if at all, on designers' self-presentation in these reality shows.

Here are all these people touting themselves as The Next Great Thing in fashion, yet they often show up to the PR set dressed in generic T shirts and jeans, T shirts and jeans, T shirts and jeans, day after day.

If they're such hot designers, why don't they use the PR opportunity to showcase some of their own designers on their own bodies?

The only designer on PR who'se ever really showcased her talent in what she wore was Kenley. (Oh, and Laura Bennet -- but her clothese were such a yawn they might as well have come from The Gap.)


Ha, that bossy redheaded fashion critic lady looks exactly like Peg Bundy. This is going to be interesting.


I thought the first ep was fluffy fun, and OMG Lady Gaga!

So, anyone have any dish on Roberto "I dress Carrie Underwood" de Villacis?

What's with DSquared and all the poorly pronounced Italian? I know their house is based in Milan, but "Ragazzi, a lavoro!" is not going to catch on as a catchphrase when spoken in those jaded, weird little voices. Tim Gunn they ain't.

Vanessa, who made the jumpsuit with the big gold valentine on the front, should have gone home. That thing was godawful tacky and much worse than the losing design.

Ms CEO looked like a black Kathleen Turner to me. I'm a type-A so I was all about her.

Loved the commentary, guys!

"this might be the greatest campy reality television show ever"

Oh, I loved this premiere, no doubt. But how is this even close to RuPaul's Drag Race?


I enjoyed this even more than I thought I would. Jumpsuit lady should have gone IMO, but the choreographer's was a bit of a disaster. Love the cute little pixie twins. Favorite designers so far are the dandy and the girl who had the multi-layered, multipurpose design. 11pm is too late to pick up and learn all the names.

Thank you, boys, for recapping this:)

I love this show. Love it, love it, love it. Between this and Chef Academy, it's 8 weeks of stupid fun.

Love Patrick, although I'm not sure what to make of that pink plaid fabric he chose. It might not be enough to make the baby Jesus cry, but it almost brought me to tears. Still, I think I'm rooting for him. And I hope he uses his red fedora to take down Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First.

My husband (once he was done making fun of me and the show. I think he's hooked now) and I both really liked Miss CEO's outfit, but it was female Fashion Writer's multi-tasking design that we flipped for. Very cool.

Kaycee said: And what about the Clock O' Doom - the torturous reminder of time remaining until the next deadline? I thought I was watching an episode of 24. Except for the chiffon.

Season eight of 24 is coming up. It's starting to look its age, so a little chiffon might be just what they need.

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Dear T-Lo:
My hat is off to your spot-on comments, insights, and most of all, your wit. However, I have a challenge for T-Lo: how about drawing upon your fabulous, creative vocabulary to use words more descriptive and pleasing than the vulgarities that are so common, boring and off-putting? I know you guys can do it. Using the f-word and various forms of "whore" so often is cheap and stale; I know you can do better than that.
Thanks for listening.

Does anyone know if Bravo is going to put full episodes online?

Honest to goodness, I ONLY tuned in to this show (and sporadically at that) because I knew you guys were going to be recapping it, and I wanted in on the fun! You made it totally worth having wasted some portion of an hour on a very silly show, as your review made me snort several times ("Professor and Mary Ann" got a guffaw).

And, of course, your delightful posting prompts the clever from the rest of the crowd, so I got some chuckles from "Wonder Twinks" and "CEOprah" and the like.

We've got to have SOMETHING to watch and dish about until Mad Men and PR7 come back!

This site has become a bit of an addiction for me, even though I've not posted often. Lurker Love!

Hey mam-bo...mam-bo ee-ta-lee-ah-no...

I was half asleep. What were the twinz rattling off in Italian? Something like

"Spostare in avanti?"

"Parco mio ferrari?"

"Siete tutti pazzi"

"Hanno bloccato i bagni in studio."

Whatever. It was too complex for an 11 pm show, so I'm looking forward to seeing what I missed on the repeats (like that phrase!)

Should be fun.

tee hee hee
That guy was cute!
Poor little cutie guy that looks like the boy I crushed on in high school. Your line shall not be launched.

Anonymous said...
What's with DSquared and all the poorly pronounced Italian? I know their house is based in Milan, but "Ragazzi, a lavoro!" is not going to catch on as a catchphrase when spoken in those jaded, weird little voices. Tim Gunn they ain't.

12/3/09 3:42 PM

Grazie! I agree with you.

I was hoping for something more like my grandma would say--

Taci e cucire alcuni merda.

My grandma had a mouth on her.

some more thoughts--

Runway before a live studio audience...did I miss the audience in my sleepiness?

Did I note a bit of sarcasm when the twinz introduced the contestants to "the largest clothing store in the Los Angeles area"? Take that, erzatz Mood!

I, too loved how the low scoring outfits got individual, hands on attention to every little horrible detail. Delicious.

So, I dozed off while they were judging the low scorers. When I awoke, there stood before me two twins....who were still in the running for the big prize.......

on Top Chef.

Twins have overrun Bravo.

I absolutely LOVED the CEO's design. And I absolutely LOVED the fact that she stayed all night to make it.
As for that little pipsqueak so-called "expert" she's paired with...Ms. CEO obviously doesn't need her "expertise".
CEO's design should have won, hands down!

"Her Grand Highness...." lol-snort!

Oh, I actually love that they had to buy all their fabric at once - I foresee some serious "make it work" moments during the last couple of episodes.


Glad I stayed on to watch this after Top Chef.

D2- So adorable! (until they started speaking)

I think they sent the wrong guy home. His ensemble worked in my fashion-clueless mind. Oh well.

I was rooting for the CEO because of her drive & her final result was stunning.

I was wowed by the dress the music producer turned out. He's one of those evil villain edits that's considered good TV.

Yup, I'm with you for this wild ride! XOXOXO

Yes, I knew someone would point out the fashion writer looked like Peggy Bundy, and might I add had Nina Van Horn's attitude.

Hiliarious play-by-play fellas.

Very fun to watch!

OMG - I have GOT to see this show!
Lady Gaga? I'm starting to go gaga over her. Took me a while to warm up to her, but her new album is really good. But I digress...

"And look at that runway! It's like something out of a Mitzi Gaynor special."

Bwahahahahahahaha! Snort!
Love you guys.

Question (since I haven't seen the show yet): does the designer paired with the losing wannabe automatically get aufed too, or do the remaining wannbes get to choose from the remaining designers the next week? That could be fun!

I only watched the whole episode knowing that youse guys would be critiquing. I found it kinda meh, but the fashion show itself was intriguing. I liked the winning dress, and I loved the CEO's outfit. Very clever, as was the presto-change-o piece(s). I was absolutley acrimonious that Jumpsuit Girl didn't get the boot. That thing was absolutley hidious and the heart on the front looked like it was conceived by a third-grader!!I shudder when I think of it.
I suspect a producer had a hand in that decision.

I don't ever remember seeing The Twins before, although I understand they were on ATNM once...their voices are more than annoying. But I love that their feet can't reach the floor in their judging chairs. So darling.
And who are those other judges??!? Apparantly they have not heard about Nina's adage about "short and shiny is the fastest way to look slutty".

Well--I'll continue to watch, if only to read about it the next day.

potty mouth princess

I'm embarrassed to admit I first saw D_Squared on ANTM when they were in Milan. Bravo's re-airing of Cycle 2 last weekend was a set-up I didn't see coming since I dismissed this show as another Mizrahi disaster and had no clue they were hosting it.

So far, I'm glad to be wrong. Glitter pantsuit girl should have gone. That thing was beyond shiteous. Let's see how the judging pans out.

Loved it for the trashy camp it was! And of course the tranny jumpsuit designer stayed. I can picture La Nina's blood pressure spraying out of her ears at that tacky gold lame mess. "I question her taste level!" BWHAHAHA

I liked all the little changes - shopping for the fabrics first, the little closet of embellishments, the ticking bomb clock. And of course the CLEAR sharp picture, editing and actually seeing the GARMENTS that Magical Elves knows how to do so well (hear that, BM!)

This should be fun!!! Snakes, naked old men and Lady Gaga, oh my!

Did anyone else recognize Merle Ginsberg from Ru Paul's Drag Race??? Right? Talk about campy overlap.

Also, not so much loving Dsquared. They are really going to grate on me over the course of the season, I'm sure.

re: the word tranny, fag, bitch, nigger etc etc etc etc

if people stopped caring that other people were using "that" word, whatever the word for you is - then its usage would go down. Asking someone not to call you something is like handing them a loaded gun they can shoot at you whenever they get pissed off. they are just words - they can't hurt you unless you allow them too. They only reviel something about the one speaking them. I propose we all move beyond words.

OMG Amanda Fields again? Is this girl on EVERY fashion related reality show on TV?

I too wonder whether the contestants are stuck with the "pros" they are given - Because Patrick (Dandy) and CEO lady were screwed by their designers.

The music guy is a mysogynist jerk - I really don't need to watch THAT every week - so let's hope he is out soon.

The jumpsuit gal LOVES them - so unfortunately we are in store for more of her crap.

Choosing all the fabric... I am confused on whether they are limited in quantity as well because CEOprah (cute) scrapped her earlier outfit - but I recall something about a limit of 2 yds of one type of fabric - does that mean every challenge or all together. (I really like to understand THE RULES - I hope they are better at communicating the rules to the contestants.)

Patrick's was a SLEEVELESS TRENCH COAT???? While I didn't think it was the worst - I don't know how you can call it a TRENCH COAT!!

I wish crazy jumpsuit was out and less than stellar JACKET was in ..... because isn't the execution LARGELY a result of the "EXPERT" ? and a good jacket design can suffer greatly from POOR execution !!

OK I am watching the ep now, and I have to say that the Critic Chick made me go "Holy fuck, she should win!" I LOVED it. I thought it was amazing. Not just that it had so many pieces, but that I enjoyed the look each time it changed! I think I'm going to enjoy this show...

Dan? was he the judge when Anya and Pasha auditioned? Loved him for that.

What made me laugh was that there was more name dropping in the first ten minutes than I have heard in my entire life.

Kind of liked the whole setup - I like the twins a lot - I like the fact that Bravo is trying a really different format.

Also, "Her Grand Highness, Queen Attention Whore the First" - that made me laugh!

Anybody from LA know anything about that fabric store? Just curious what it is like in comparison to Mood.

Michael Levine's is actually two stores. There's the fashion fabric, where the designers were, and across the street is their 'home ware' stores, upholstery, curtains etc.

They have a good selection, but are pricey as hell. If they went about a block east they'd be in the middle of what I think of as Funland, where there are blocks of wholesale fabric shops. You can get the same stuff as Levine, but for a helluva lot less. You would easily get 3-10 x as much fabric for your money. The downside is that the stores are little, tend to specialize, and aren't rich enough to be a sponsor--unlike Levine's.

CalMart, where they were at the beginning, is a multi-story showroom building. Some of the dress designers have samples for sale. Most don't. Again, if you are willing to go a couple of blocks over, you'll see the same clothes at outlets run by the manufacturers.

Levine's is really for someone who likes to sew and wants a big selection, but pros tend to frequent the little places to save money. That being said, I wouldn't turn down a free shopping spree at Levine's.

Khazar-khum said...
Michael Levine's is actually two stores. . . . in the middle of what I think of as Funland, where there are blocks of wholesale fabric shops.

Thanks - Khazar-khum. Wow, your "funland" sounds mouthwatering.

I'm even more excited by this show now, because it sparks fun commentary.

Reality Fashion TV is gonna be FUN again!!!

I'll join the chorus and say Jumpsuit Blonde should have gone home. Man, these names ARE tough, I don't even know what her profession is.
I also thought Merle Ginsberg should have won. Loved her design and line concept.

Group of naked people has seven naked people and five "designers" and Merle is one of them, so I'm happy for that.

Also, let me tell you, I definitely gay gasped when I saw Lady Gaga would be on. Love it! I really hope this doesn't hurt her chances of still being on Project Runway though. :)

I loved The Show..The designs where actually quite good..Except for that horrible jumpsuit..What;s up the the heart..Calling Alice in Wonderland...

I loved the Volcano quote from Roberto..You have to have a bit of drama if not we would keep coming back for more."Grand Higness" you boys are to much.

Also what's up with the spitting.

The pixie twins are adorable.

I am hooked..

Oh, who is Amanda Feilds/ Was ahe a want to be designer or an expert??

Ok, I am HOOKED! THIS is what TFS wanted to be and crashed and burned miserably. The judges aren't total jerks to the designers, the designers have help, D2 are too cute and have heart, and there are interesting personalities.

I was also pleasantly surprised by dandy guy, who is adorable, and I totally want to have high tea and go shopping with him. So sad about his bitchy queen of a partner, though. ugh. Imagine though if Queen Attention Whore got paired with Testosterone-Overload Music Mogul...

I also sense some producer hands in this. I've a few degrees of separation with David Applebaum, the architect, and I'm really curious to see how architecture translates to fashion, so hoping he'll keep on for a bit. No idea how that jumpsuit monstrosity made it. UGH. Totally don't understand how that bland, simple dress won, but whatevs...

There's Lady Gaga! *squee!!*

Oh, and Michael Levine's is not as big as a football field. It's one of the biggest fabric stores in the Fabric District, but I rarely find what I want in the apparel store. I have far better luck looking for cool silk brocades in the discount area of their home decorating fabric store. Still, I spend most of my money at Home Fabrics, Decorative International Silk, 4-Star Mills (trims), and various other specialty shops in the district. It's worth the 6 hour drive down there for me to buy silk in bulk, than it is for me to order it online or buy locally.

For anyone interested in the Fabric District, there's some info about it here:

Those Hosts are like one of Heidi's dresses...Too Short, Too Tight and Too Shiny

Love me some double D, or D squared
or whatever...They're like an anorexic version of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I desperately want them to finish each other's sentences. I wish they were more involved in the designing though; I don't see much promise in the obviously calculated motley crew they've corralled. The best thing about the show is that it will be very fertile ground for delicious
TLo screencaps.

I guess I'm the only one who liked the shiny carnivalfug jumpsuit. I thought it was fun.
Architect is a hot mess. Amanda can only save his ass for so long!
MusicMogul & Jeweler both annoy me but I like DeeJay.
Anyway, great start, it will be interesting to see how they can keep up the momentum!

Team Merle/Thai and/or David/Julie

@Donna: here in the UK we don't hear the phrase "hot tranny mess" although "tranny" is just as offensive here in exactly the same way. You wonder how gay people would like it if the phrase were "hot faggot mess"; well, I can tell you that in common usage, "gay" has come to mean something of poor quality, uncool. The word is used as a term of disparagement.

Teenagers in particular can be heard condemning something thus: "That's so gay..."

Oh it's easy, in every single shot Dan is on the left, Dean is on the right. And dare I say Dan is cuter than Dean. That's how you tell them apart! ;)

Sorry, but the show looks cheap.

It makes The Fashion Show look like Masterpiece Theatre.

Good selection for the winner, though.

And if I see one more fuckin' word on Lady Gaga, I'm going to GAG GAG.

Very enjoyable and exciting show. The naive optimism/delusion of the "designers" is actually refreshing to see.

I am amazed at how well Lady Fashion Critic's model executed the polymorphic look. In one fluid motion she was able to unzip the dress off her back, turn it around and put it on as a vest, and all the while leaving the scarf in place around her neck. Marvellous.

The echo in the runway room during judging is a bit off-putting though.

Dan and Dean, Don and Stan, Dean and Queen....whoever the hell these two evil kittens are...they should put their claws in and polish up their Italian.

Oh, my god, I wanted to stab myself in the eyeball by the time the show was over at all the missteps by production.

By 11:20PM, I was swearing at myself for my stupidity at forsaking blessed sleep for this crap. Did I turn it off? Heck, no. I watched every precious train-wreck of a moment of it.

I almost cried at the end, when apparently the only "normal" team was let go for not being freakish or dramatic enough. Their little faces looked so sad as they walked out. Their jacket wasn't that bad. Honey, I've paid $500 for worse...

You left out Her Grand Highness' best quote - "I guess I'm a bit dramatic, but *I was born on a volcano!*"


I caught a repeat of epi one last night and OMG,Dsquared ARE little gay fashion pixies-I want to put them on my mantelpiece, or alternately, I want a pair of Dsquared bobble head dolls!

Every time I click on this post and read "Her Grand Highness Queen Attention Whore the First" I go into a hysterical fit.

I rather liked the fashion critic's multifunction outfit, and the CEO's animal print.

This show is now near the top of my personal list of guilty TV pleasures

Ugh. Those 2 twatty guys running the thing are a bad cartoon. Aside from their irritating presence, the show was interesting.

I'm so glad you guys are following this, I thought maybe I'd be the only one! It is rather campy and kind of a hot mess. The number of people, coupled with the unreasonable restrictions on fabric and so on, and pre-chosen teams is just a lot to take in. I'm amazed these people were able to pull off what they did. That said, these judges are crazy. That guy who made an outfit that had some weird double-boob thing going on in front, he should have gone home. The CEOprah should have won, but I guess she's already a winner to show up that whiny stich n' bitcher. And ohhh...the Dandy. I have the phrase "I'm a dandy" repeating in my head, a few times a day, I don't know why. He is a showstopper! He is quite the dandy, and I am sad they paired him with such a lunatic. You guys nailed it in your description. He can't last long in this situation, he can't even completely take over. Of course the dandy doesn't sew, he's devoted to a life of leisure! He's too precious for that kind of nonsense. That guy even scared off the twins, he can't play nice with others. They should let the Dandy trade him in at the trim closet.

YES, let's do a drinking game--every time Attention Whore whips his hair back! Or every time Lou Rawl's daughter says she's a stylist and flips her hair back.

So when it happens, flip your hair back (or imaginary hair) and take a drink. Cheers!

And so cute--their little feet don't touch the ground (hee, hee).

Must be from the helium they inhale on a constant basis.

Oh, goody-just in time for the holidays, twin Christmas elves, the naughty and sometimes cranky type.

I checked out their website and found of all things, a military-style jacket, almost identical in detail to the one they said they both hated and dismissed from the show, the one that Dan and his designer put together in , what, two hours??

Your blog is better than the show!

I had no intention of watching this show, but you have changed my mind. Thanks a LOT.

I really had no interest in this show (Okay, I had some...) but decided to check it out after you guys mentioned it. Anyhoodle, I have to say that it was actually quite entertaining. Perhaps not going for the same audience or effect of PR, but that is just fine and sort of the point of a different show. So far, I'd give this a thumb up!

Give me more!

I can't wait until Wednesday!

I cannot believe they sent the cuties, Susie and Dan home! Nothing wrong with the military jacket-should've put the pocket watch in a pocket!!

Galina is a genius!! Kathy Rose is a genius!

More cruel than PR. Who are the judges? DSquared also judge??

Sort of mixed up, but I'll keep watching to see what happens...

The best blog on this show, I had trouble finding you guys!

Why so much time on CEOprah and no time on many of the contestants??

I've decided to play along with this show. It seems easier to do than with PR.

Right now I am picking my 10 fabrics (by description, or by saving pictures from online fabric stores). Then I'm going to try to sketch what I would do for the brief each week.

I think it will be fun.

I luv your blog. I just found you guys and I am thoroughly enjoying myself with everyone's comments and oppinions. I really like the nicknames you gave to the designers and experts, they suite each one of them perfectly. I think the show is going to be a big hit.

Who is that girl that modeled Louanna Rawls' winning dress though? Dark hair, tannish... I swear that thing couldn't have won if she hadn't have worked it...

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