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In or Out: Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana attends the "Avatar" Los Angeles premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
in Hollywood, California in Versace.

There is a slight tendency among Hollywood stylists to default to the "science fiction dress" when their client is due to appear at the premiere of her science fiction movie. Similarly, if the client is appearing at the premiere of her fantasy film, then Elven, flowy, goddess-y type dresses become all the rage.

Versace Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Iris Strubegger

So yeah, the tight metallic dress is in some ways par for the course and totally expected, but y'know? It's still a pretty eye-catching dress. We approve, but not as much as we approve of her arm candy. IN on both counts.

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The styling (lack of jewelry) is good too. Hair and makeup very pretty. IN.

not my personal taste, but i'll still give it an IN

like the dress on her much better than on the model; the changes to the dress are an improvement, IMO. And, yes, the arm candy is the definite best part of the accessories.


I'm confused, who is making the comment in the brackets?

P.S. I think Zoe is beyond fabulous!

The only thing I don't care for are the matchy-matchy gold pumps, but at least, thank God, they're not white. IN.

A bit massive for my taste.

The dress looks good, though.

She looks about ten times better in this than the model. She actually gives it shape. I like the shoes with it, and the 'under' stlying. I really like it in white as opposed to that yellow too, though I like the more dull or matte metallics on the runway than the shinier metallics on the red carpet. Chances are, though, that that's just because of lighting differences and wasn't an actual change that was made.

I think she looks FABULOUS! IN.

A+ for arm candy, A for her.

The dress is stunning, except for what it does to her right boob. I'll bet it's uncomfortable to sit it. I can't tell exactly what it's made of, but it sure looks like metal studs.

that girl always looks fantastic and this is no exception...

I think she should have worn McQueen's hoof shoes.

I do not care for the dress but Zoe looks good in it so I will give her an IN.


I like the dress very much, especially the perforated-looking fabric in the back. Also, I say the runway and Zoe versions are a tie. Her hair could use a little more styling here--nothing fancy, just less limp. The lack of jewelry and bare makeup work very well. I would agree with T Lo's notion that the sci-fi look at a sci-fi movie is obvious and overdone, but she balances the dress with down-to-earth styling, so it is an IN for me.

I like the dress it; it has enough different to take away the simple strapless "sheath-y" look.

But seeing how tiny she looks, it makes it look more like another starlet with fake boobs. Not to pick on her specifically, but it just "jumps out" with her very skinny arms, small chest and what looks like a very small frame.

I wish the young would lay off the silicone /surgery.
(I admit I don't know, because honestly I don't really know her that well - but as another poster pointed out her right breast, it just really seems unnatural.

Whoa, he's in the movie too? OK then, I'm going to see it.

(yes, I'm shallow)

I like her version better than the model and she's young enough to wear something like this. IN

Looks better without all of the yellow. In.

She looks fabulous as (nearly) always, but I'm mostly thrilled she paired this with an appropriate shoe instead of the inevitable, horrid bootie that is par of course in Hollywood these days.

12/17/09 10:37 AM I think she should have worn McQueen's hoof shoes.

NOBODY, EVER, ANYWHERE should ever be subjected to those abominations - in fact every pair and image of them should be burned. If only the memory can be erased.

a little blah, but in.
like the original dress way better. the white part in this one looks made by 3m

she looks great, I love the dress! I think the only thing wrong with the look is that it seems like she has the fakest smile ever plastered all over her face

yeah! ho! wah!

too tight, too shine, and overall just not very pretty. OUT.

the guy: oh yes.

Someone get this girl a Cheeseburger STAT!! She looks hungry!

Love Zoe, but the dress not so very much. However, I will give her an "IN" because she looks far better than the model and it's a youthful, fun and event appropriate look. I also give her points for her oh, so hot, and gorgeous man-accessory. Excellent choice --- I want one just like it.

- edina -

An In to the dress, and yes, that is very attractive eye candy on her arm!

Zoe looks way better than the model. However, I would have loved to have seen her in the original yellow, instead of the white.

Ask said: "But seeing how tiny she looks, it makes it look more like another starlet with fake boobs. Not to pick on her specifically, but it just "jumps out" with her very skinny arms, small chest and what looks like a very small frame."

J'accord, but nowhere near as bad as Nicole Kidman. You can see Nicole Kidman's ribs above her cleavage :0 ick, if you are that thin, you don't HAVE real cleavage.

The dress looks SO much better on her than it did on the model.

This normally isn't my sort of thing, but she has a great bod and the look really works on her.

I do wish she would have made more of an effort in the hair and makeup department, though. She looks as if she just threw on the dress and left the house, without even a glance in the mirror.

On the other hand, maybe she was too busy being entertained by Mr. Arm Candy to bother wasting time with makeup. Well done, Zoe!

Fake boobs??!? I am not seeing any large chesticles on that girl.

Hubba that is how to wear a dress.

She looks miserable in all the photos without her studly date. It is love? Is it the painful right boob situation? Is it her worry over wearing a cliche sci-fi dress? Cheer up, bitch. You're skinny, rich and beautiful, with fabulous arm candy.

Shiny. IN.

IN ...with that arm candy...for sure! drool

I don't love this metallic dress...but it fits her well (doesn't look like it's going to slip down nor binding the boobage)...also, it doesn't overpower her. Cute shoes and the hair and make-up are perfect.

does the arm candy have a name?

Dress looks good on her, and she improves the dress (vs. the look in the model pic).

Though I don't really like the dress, I guess that's not the point.

The back of the dress is really interesting in a good way.

As for the colors of the dress, the original has something that the red carpet lacks. (Also the runway was designed to be loose enough for the front skirt to have a swoop.)

She needs to work on her smile. Fake smiles often look fake.

What is it with both boobs? From the right side, it appears her left one is unnaturally bound about a third of the way up...never a bit of comfort can be derived from that sort of binding.

Veriance said: "does the arm candy have a name?"

Sam Worthington, the relatively unknown Aussie who stars in Avatar.

Veriance - The arm candy is Sam Worthington, her co-star in Avatar.

haha, Bornfamous just beat me too it! If this guy can act, then this movie might be his coming out party b/c he is certainly handsome enough for the big leagues.

Wait--he was born in the UK and grew up in Australia. [I love these Brits and Aussies who can do American accents so well.] I have a feeling this guy is going to be a big star.

Sam Worthington can definitely act. He was the only reason to watch Terminator: Salvation. HE was outstanding. The rest of the movie... was not.

She looks fab and Sam Worthington is HOT HOT HOT.

When I saw the thumbnail I thought I would dislike it, but I actually think she looks quite fabulous! The wrong styling could've made this all kinds of tacky, but she looks great here. IN.

Saldana looks far better in this dress than the model, but the titscrepancy is distracting once you notice it. Is it a fit issue or is there something wrong with her right boob? One wonders...

Love Her

Yes, the dress is a bit of a cliché, considering the event, but I like it and, most importantly, she is rocking it. IN.

As costumey as this could have been, it stopped short of that and more importantly, she is wearing the dress. It isn't wearing her. Definitely IN.

She looks great as does of course her arm candy of a costar. IN

bornfamous - TYVM!

Why does arm candy have terrifyingly huge head? Or is it that the girl has a disturbingly wee one?

She looks incredible. That dress fits her like a glove. She is flawless. The shoes are also quite amazing. Anyone know if those are Versace too?

I find it ironic that she was on Alexa Chung the other day and claimed she had no fashion sense and now she's being blogged/talked about left and right in regards to her fabulous outfit choices. Either she's lying or she has a damn good stylist.

I don't really care for the dress, but I'm pretty sure she could make a paper bag look good. Agree with the IN.

His head is enormous! What's going on?????

I would've preferred the original yellow, but she still looks fabulous.

Shiny, tiny and short is the fastest way to look ...


i'm not dorothy gale

If anyone can wear this, it's Zoe. I like the original color better, though. It's an IN.

i'm not dorothy gale

If anyone can wear this, it's Zoe. I like the original color better, though. It's an IN.

She is in because it is is not too short.

Nope. Out. I like the color on the origainal, but they both look too plastic-y for me. And I'm sorry, but aren't we done with the ratty-looking hair yet? At least back in the 60s-70s when evryone had long hair, it looked clean. I am sick to death of the "piece-y' look. It just looks dirty.

While I confess I prefer the dress in its original color, she looks stunning and the fit is perfect - IN. (And yes, the AC is in too).

the arm candy wasn't hers-he actually came with his girlfriend. they do look good together though :)

Not totally my style, but she's glowing in it. She looks so much better than the model, and I looooove her shoes. Just gorgeous.

Oh no! Another Aussie to fall in love with. Darn.

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