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In or Out: Sarah Jessica Parker

Darlings, we are snowed in. Let's light a fire, make some hot cocoa, and criticize people's clothes together.

Sarah Jessica Parker on the Today Show promoting her new movie "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" in Chanel.

Chanel Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Kamila Filipcikova

It's a really cute outfit, even if it does come right up to the border of Twee Town. We kind of think the shoes - what Nina Garcia would call "angry shoes" - are a little heavy for the outfit. We also think those tights look like total ass.

Hair and makeup are good. Who thinks it might be time for her to try a different hairstyle? She changes it up every once in a while, but this has been her default look since 1997.

Despite our nit-picking, she's IN. What can we say? She looks cute.

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Do not care for the tights at all. Do not care for the shoes with this particular outfit.


love her, saw her on Watch What Happens Live! Wednesday and she seemed super nice and down-to-earth. really cute outfit, tights are a little weird but all in all she looks nice.

the shoes look like ass, the rest is fabulous

I saw a pic from another appearance from the same 
day in a much simpler dress with same tights and
they looked very cute.  too much for this ensemble.

I like the outfit, but not the laces or tights or whatever is giving her what look like awkward ballerina tanlines.

Those lines on her legs are tights? They look like she strategically tanned her legs that way...

I thought from the little pic I would hate this, but I actually think she looks cute (minus tights).

I do have a bone to pick with whomever decided that the "line your entire eye inside the lashline" look is back. It always make your eyes look like they are microscopic. Feh.

I love this blog. And reading it makes me so happy that I'm not famous.

Not something that everybody would be comfortable in, but it's great for her.
I don't like the shoes with this outfit either. Red or winter white would have been better. Even some kind of a boot, maybe.

The shoes do not go with the outfit. The tights would have made more sense IF maybe she had worn cream or taupe flats. And, yes--it is time to redo the hair.

Overall Grade: IN
Tights and Shoes: OUT

@ Bitsy

LOL . . .
I could not agree more

The shoes don't go with the dress and tights. It's a cute dress, not my style; she looks cute in it.

Would much prefer this hair than the schoolmarm bun. Am I the only person that thinks that tight bun ages her?

yeah! ho! wah!

agree with tlo. a little too twee, the hair is boring, the makeups not all that great, the shoes could have been chosen better... still, IN, because at the end of the day, she looks cute.


I am always forgetting something,

Sewing Siren, I love your drawings and always look for your comments.

What a great trick to make your legs seem shorter & thicker! Must remember to buy a pair of those--

Sorry, but I hate it. The tights and shoes ruin it.

Were you looking at her through a snow-crusted window, boys? She looks like a hag. She needed a makeup remover towelette (or 3), a comb and a BRA. Not to be Heidi about it, but her boobs were practically down to her elbows. Oy! Gay icon or no, she looks awful. It's a cute dress, though.

Thanks Angry Parsip!
I will change it to something more seasonable.
I think her hair would look good in two loose braids wound around her head like the old German style.

Siren, Heidi wore a reasonably grown-up version of that for a couple episodes of last seasons PR. It looked adorable and yes, would totally work with this outfit.

I think the clogs in the close up of the heinous tights would work with this look. I think the outfit is darling.

I think she crosses the border into Twee Town and settles in for a drink. I very much like the skirt and top individually and would have preferred the outfit broken up...either the top or the bottom with something else. Too too much all together. Hate it all from the kneecaps on down. So, I guess I consider this an Out that had serious In potential.

Sorry, I think she looks frumpy and top heavy, which we know is not truly the case with SJP. And it looks like she criss-crossed strips of Scotch tape on her legs. Out.

She looks gross and twee, and she has a horse face. Neigh.

She has really pretty eyes, but they get lost in all that eye makeup -- I think it'd be prettier if she went easier on the black around the eyes, then added a pop more color on the lips. And, yes, time for a new hairstyle -- or at least lob off quite a few inches!

I like the top and skirt, but some red shoes and not-those-tights would've pulled it off better.

I think the outfit is cute ---for a 20 year old. She just looks silly and those ridiculous tights don't help.

Also, I love the top way more; I think it's the skirt that brings it OTT into the Kingdom of Twee. I'm afraid if she did the braid hairdo that's been suggested, she might need to accessorize with some miniature cuckoo clock earrings.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I like the outfit, including the shoes. The black shoe grounding the lighter outfit looks sort of French to me. But, boy, the movie looks bad.

Sorry chickens but I think that crocheted outfit is just stupid looking. It's like - "thanks for the outfit Grandma! I know just where I'll wear it - to promote my new craptastic movie!"

As someone who used to work in hosiery I actually like the tights, just not with this outfit. The shoes are ok but again, not with grandma's doily dress. OUT.

My grandmother would wear that. OUT

Agree with everybody about the make-up and really agree about the hair. Something shorter would really help--not short but a long bob, maybe. She needs to look less like she's trying still to be 20. Her appeal used to be a certain freshness, but that heavy make-up is hiding her. (Going away to look at my closet and make sure I'm not hanging onto the things I wore in my twenties.)

Yowza, this is heinously OUT to me.

The truth is, i'm pretty sick of her going for the "cute" all the time. Cut the hair. Try different eye makeup. The lined inner eye is yuck.

Definite agreement with poster upthread who opined that either the top or the skirt would've worked much better, each with something else, but not together. The tights are ridick, and those clompy shoes, feh.

In my next post i shall attempt to convey what i really think. ;-)

The outfit is a bit twee, the shoes don' work with it, I don't care for the stockings, she should update her hair, and the lip color is washing her out... yet somehow she's IN. I can't explain it. It just works for her.

It's a cute outfit, but for someone under 40. I'm saying this as someone close to her age. She looked cute with her hair shorter and should revisit that look. She also needs to gain about 10 lbs. Gaunt isn't attractive.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that outfit. IN, despite totally wrong shoes and the usual abundance of eyeliner.

Man, I remember little SJP and her brothers in NYC waaaay before movies or tv -- who knew she'd grow up to wear Chanel?!

This look is riddled with fashion don'ts; twee-twentysomething outfit on a mature woman who should know better, cool, but mismatched hose, wrong-wrong-wrong shoes and eye makeup that makes even my eyes feel itchy, red & irritated. Btw: In the pic below the Chanel images SJP looks like she's heading into Jocelyn Wildenstein territory.

Normally, I love all things Chanel (and sometimes hate all things SJP) but today I'm grumpy because like TLo, I, too am snowed in and need to go out and finish Christmas shopping.

- grumpy edina -

what is wrong with her face in the 3rd pic? she looks like an alien, or maybe blind. yikes. enough with the plastic surgery!

I'm glad you showed a close-up of those tights. I saw her wearing them on another show & had no idea they were tights. I just thought she had ribbons wrapped around her legs.

But the dress is cute, and she looks cute in it, even though, if you didn't say it was Chanel, I would have assumed my grandmother made it for her.


It's such an oddly cute get up that matching shoes would have ruined it. Shoes yes, stocking...try again.

Hair, hey she's got the locks, why chop them off. Weave-ologists, don't hate.

That dress would look bangin as my Christmas tree skirt.

I love being snowed in with you two! And I agree that she's IN. Not too many ladies can wear that outfit without looking like some kind of clown. And she's rockin' it. Agree with you on her shoes and hair. She can definitely do better!

I like funky tights, but that dress is busy enough without them. Still I give her an IN for all the reasons you mentioned.

Tights are lekkar, boy.

Ack! Talk about "happy hands at home". That's awful!

(P.S. Angela called. She wants her fleurchons back.)

Shoes make me lose the will to live.

Only thing worse than shoes, tights.

As always, she looks freakin' ridiculous.

It just seems that SJP cannot edit a look....she takes something fabulous and consistently turns it into a clown outfit.

What's the point?

It looks like a freakin crocheted toilet paper cover.


Love the dress, shoes, tights. Separately.
Tons of snow here, not much to do; thanks for the Saturday post, guys.

I'm always amazed at how different SJPs mannerism and facial expressions are from Carrie Bradshaw's. It's not easy to tell all the time, since she's given such insipid or cliche lines at some points, but she's really a tremendously talented actress. The fine level of detail in things like - the way she holds her mouth, or how she flips her hair, creates a realism that makes Carrie Bradshaw as real a person, separate from SJP. It's so very subtle, but it makes such a huge difference.

Sorry, TLo, I cannot agree with you on this one. SJP looks ridiculous from head to toe. Cute blankie for an infant, though. She could chop the dress in two and use it for her twins!

From the knees down, she is a hot mess. From the knees up, she looks fab.

I personally love the hair. I'm a big fan of the waves. And to whoever asked if anyone else thought the bun aged her, YES. She looks so old when she wears her hair like that!

There are flaws, for sure, but I agree she looks cute regardless.

The wrong design for December in New York.
It could be right in a sunnier, warmer clime.

The way she slouched in the sweater took away the elegance that Chanel gave it and put the sweater squarely in the too much time spent at the local crafts store bin.

Seriously, a doily knit with flower appliques? Did she steal granny's shawl that she laid on her grand piano and make a skirt and top? This is haute couture?

Just a ridiculous mess from head to toe. Someone really needs to tell her that she cannot pull off these allegedly "edgy" outfits, make-up, and hair at her age. She looks like a desperate middle-aged woman trying to look like a twenty year old, and failing miserably.

Hate the shoes, love everything else.

I'm snowed in here too, in the D.C. region.

She's got the body of a woman half her age, and she can go daring because people expect it; but, really, her face is getting to old for stuff like this and she's verging into crazy grandma territory here.

i thought her legs had tan lines. i thought she must have been out in the sun with some grecian sandals.

i don't like it too much. looks better on the model.

Nah. The silhouette of the dress is kind of cute, but the colours are awful. Shoes... well, sure, they're fine, I guess, but they don't really go with the outfit and the chunky semi-open shoe trend is really tired. She could as well have picked them up at Top Shop two years ago.

Weird tights are certainly right on trend, as well as somewhat of a Chanel trademark, but that does not make these particular ones flattering. As someone else said: they look like tan lines. Might have worked with another, perhaps slightly sleeker outfit... or maybe not.

I repeat: nah. I'm underwhelmed. Although she does look very comfortable, so points for that. But it's still an OUT.

I'm late on this one, but I will chime in to say the dress is ok but wrong for the season; agree that shoes are wrong for the dress; but ultimately, she carries it off during the interview (it's easier to be critical of the stills). As for the hair, she's got difficult hair - thick and wavy. It's not going to agree to cute little hairstyles. I agree that she can look like a mess and sometimes like the hair is wearing her when it's too big and long, but I really don't have any suggestions. and there's no point to complaining about a problem unless one can come up with a solution. Perhaps she's a candidate for one of those hairstylists on Bravo!

Hate, hate hating the shoes. I agree about the hair and in one pic she looks like an alien, maybe the lights were in her eyes or something. I didn't even get that those were tights till you boys mentioned it. I kept looking and thinking, "Why did she tie those stupid ribbons up her legs? Those aren't part of the shoes! WTF?" I'm clearly not really with it today.

I like the outfit but not with those tights and shoes. It was like she had another outfit on and spilled something on it, and only had time to change the soiled garments. They don't even feel as though they were meant to go together.

IN because this look suits her somewhat eccentric and expressive fashion style. It is cute on SJP...perhaps the only other person that can pull off this look though is UGLY BETTY. ;)

I don't like the tights or shoes with this outfit either...also her hair...ugh...looks heavy and accentuates her long face. Time fo a new do!!!

i'm not dorothy gale

She DOES look cute. The tights are a distraction and I would have liked a little less matchy-matchy with skirt and sweater but I'm not her stylist. She seems to be a very nice woman who needs to change up the hair.

I saw the interview, and I thought she looked really good live, but the still photos don't look so good. Someone (I can't remember where) said that she had one of those faces that photographs poorly, but looks just fine live, and it was an "a-ha!" moment for me.

...and on a side note...

Matt Lauer is looking mighty good (in the vid)...aging nicely! I can't take my eyes off his legs when he sits on the stool crossed legged all sexy like he does...yum! blush

"Somehow she dresses like a toddler and a grandma at the same time..."

and yet, she pulls it off. IN.

Sorry. Too 'happy hands at home for me', to borrow a phrase. Up there with the reindeer sweater. And good God--those are tights? Why? OUT!

ooh, out!

When I was a kid my grandma had one of those knitted or crocheted dog toilet paper covers, that's what her dress reminds me of.

I like the model's shoes better, cheeky! The tights, um, no comment.


HAHAHA! LOVE IT! I made a post on SJP too on this site Im sure you will love it!

theyre seperates for a reason SJP. if she wore jeans with that blazer, it would have been amazing.

She really needs to update her makeup and hair. Her hairstyle is starting to make her look stale and dated. I think she should chop it off and go for a shorter length, maybe shoulder? Her hair is really bottom heavy right now which just makes me cringe.

And she also needs to lighten up on the eye makeup. I mean, let's face it, she's got an "old" face and I think all that makeup highlights that. She needs more natural looking makeup.

Based on tv interviews like letterman etc where she makes an appearance, she seems way more relaxed, happy and easy going than before.

coco is rolling over in her grave

I watched this interview and thought she looked adorable. I actually like the tights. They're not for everyone but at least they're interesting. I kind of love the trompe l'oeil effect. She looked fantastic in the pale pink dress she wore to Regis and Kelly later that morning.

Agree with Anonymous 11:46 that Coco is rolling in her grave. This craft project outfit is so far off of Coco Chanel's design esthetic that it's not even funny. Clearly, Karl Lagerfeld is hitting the crack pipe...and SJP needs another bucket of oats...

Neigh! Out! Auf!

I've never understood why straight women and gay men give Sarah Jessica Horseface a second look, much less gush all over her. Please make her go away.

I'm over her. Have been for ages. I say she's out.

Anonymous said...
coco is rolling over in her grave


Like the outfit, wouldn't have thought Chanel though. Do NOT like it on SJP. Agree with so many others that she's the wrong age for the ensemble. It's a fun look because it's on someone that is young. On SJP it just looks like a hag with old clothes on from the attic.

Also agree that SJP totally needs a refresher on her overall esthetic. Her hair looks tired like mine. I haven't had a cut in months and I can't stand the girls that cut my hair in this podunk town.

Without even showing this to the husband, I know he'll say she looks fug and she needs a good gay to fix her. Heck, he'd probably say he could fix her look. (I'm guessing he'd pick sandwich and flannel pajamas with bunny slippers)

oh me likey the 'little Heidi milkmaid' ensemble. i want one!

I think she looks adorable.....IN. Do hate the shoes, tho.

I don't care if it is Chanel - that sweater is atrocious.

I think this is a very cute outfit for someone much younger. That much crochet is very aging on a mature woman. I do agree with you re. the tights (WTF?) and the Angry Shoes. Blech.

Love it that she makes it seem OK for Women of a Certain Age to have long, flowing hair. Don't cut it, SJP!

She looks good, but yeah, the hair isn't really appropriate anymore for a woman of her age. Soon, it will start to overwhelm and make her appear desperate.

But I hate the dress, hate the shoes w/this dress, and think the ballerina tights are cute - but not here.

This dress is right along the granny square dress, but not quite as blatantly a doily as that was a blanket.

Love, love, love the jacket and skirt. What's with people saying it's not the right season for it? Ever hear of winter white? And when else would you wear something crocheted - certainly not the summer.

Though I love the look it's much, much too young for her. And she further ruins it by unbuttoning the top button of the jacket which really destroys the lines and the look. And having boobs sag to her waist doesn't help either.
It looked adorable on the model, though.

The tights are stupid. I though they were part of the shoes at first. And speaking of the shoes, don't like them at all. The shoes the model wore are beautiful.

Her hair is amazing and I say she should keep it. It's sexy. But the makeup is a disaster. She has small squinty eyes in the best of circumstances and the harsh eyeliner just emphasizes that. Her eyes look like slits here.

The shoes or the tights. Not both.

Overall, cute winter outfit. In.

I agree with everything you said about the dress, tights, and shoes, but it all adds up to an OUT for me. I think I attributed more weight to the asstastic-ness of the tights.

Sorry, but this whole outfit screams "Fashion Victim".

If a PR contestant had sent this down the catwalk, Heidi, Duchess and Nina would be talking grandma crocheting, doilies, afghans, pot holders and any other pejorative they could think of.

The shoes that Lagerfeld put on the model were better for this dress. But who am I, right?

CoCo would never have made that. Don't like the dress at all, but love her to death and she does look cute.


potty mouth princess

She's not a morning person; the outfit belongs on a person half her age. Way, way OUT.

OK, too many details fighting for attention. The tights vs. the shoes vs. the outfit vs. the hair and there is just no winner.

Wait this is Chanel? And just as I was about to donate all those crochet outfits my grandma sent my kids...

Time for short hair!

The long hair is aging her.

Love the dress!

The shoes ruin the look, too heavy.

Sorry, but crochet is tacky as hell.

So, crocheted fleurchons are ok? the tights make it look as though she did a number on her legs while shaving them.

I am so OVER SJP - of course, I don't get how she could be a fashion icon when she has other people dressing her. I think if you are to be an icon of anything you have to pick the stuff yourself.

It's not the long hair that gets me - am OK with the right long hair on women as they sail on past 40. However, she insists on a center part on her very high forehead, and on a face inclined to horsiness, it's just too much vertical on that face. It needs the softness of some bangs or a side part. Plus her haircolor is a bit close to the skin tone she's chosen for herself, which adds to the overall blah factor. She needs color, stat! And to lose the tacky raccoon eyes as well.


LOVE the Chanel, but the heroin addict eyes and stringy thin hair to say nothing of the tights and shoes---ugh!--are so OUT!!!!!!!

This dress requires a fresh and Spring look and she is anything but!

wtf is twee???

totally agree with 1. the hair must go and 2. the shoes -which are fugly on their own merit- are absolutely wrong.

I kinda like the outfit, but I just can't stand her. She's not really pretty, not really fun, not that talented and definitely not that stylish (hello, throwing on expensive+slightly wacky stuff is easy).

Hmmm I was going to give it an out for being too twee and age inappropriate and also because there were other less silly looks from that collection that could convey the whimsy that she seems to be going for. But TLo convinced me to give it an IN because it is a fun look and she looks like she is having fun in it.

Also I have been liking SJP's hair a lot more these days. Yeah it could look a little ratty at times, but it is less harsh than chignons that she favored for a long time.

Is she wearing tights with open-toed shoes? That can't be-right? At any rate, I don't like the bondage gear around her calves or the shoes but yes the dress is cute as is SJP as usual.

Oh my gracious Lord...NO. I cannot believe this outfit is Channel, and I cannot believe anyone would wear it in public. A Tyrolean nighmare.
SJP--you really need to find a new hair look. Sorry--the long stringy piecey dirty-looking hairdo is no longer flattering on you, honey.

The tights, oh the tights. What are they thinking?

As for the Chanel, the jacket is divine, but the skirt? I'll pass.

Shoes are meh.

SJP's general look, styling, are fine.

SJP, please pack your knives ... no, sorry, we're just not buying ... no sorry.

You are OUT.

The dress is too young for her, the tights are silly, and the shoes don't work with the dress. Her hair needs to be styled differently, sure, but, most importantly, she's just that much too old to pull this off. She's just over the wire. March of Time, etc. A begrudging OUT. Sorry, SJP.

Too bad her flick is so gawd-awful.

I never got the SJP love. She's always been an ugly clothes hag to me. And this outfit proves it, along with her unwashed-looking hair and horrid eye makeup. And those tights!! WTF??!!

Don't know why, but that dress makes me want to punch somebody. Irrational OUT.

I love the clothes but I do not like the tights or the shoes. I expect more from her in the shoe department.. red or blue or cream or a classic Chanel shoe would have made more sense.

It's neither in nor out.
It's very cute, but it;s so very flawed. Like all the little holes in the skirt and the shoes.

Looks like my grandmother's "good" table runner that she crocheted herself back in like, 1952.

The tights are weird and ugly, but I guess it would be surprising if SJP DIDN'T dress like the mayor of Wackadoo Town.

There is something adorable about her, though.

I agree on the hair. She needs something new that doesn't scream 40-something who is desperate to hang on to her youth. Why do some women refuse to let go?

Too twee. She can still do quirky and dress more age-appropriate. This looks like something my 2 year-old niece would look adorable in.

And the tights are total ass.

She just looks so... tired. She could really use a vacation, or at the very least, a good facial.

Mutton dressed as lamb.

i love these blogs, but why do some people feel the need to pass harsh judgements on people's facial features and bodies? It's one thing to criticise what they can change and what they chose to look like - namely, their wardrobe, makeup and hair - but it's quite another to criticise what God gave them, and the comments on these blogs should be above that kind of crudeness.

That hair style has been her default since '97 because it looks so great on her & she knows it.
Why change it?
If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Also, I respect the fact that she's smart enough to know that she doesn't have a lot to work with face-wise, so she glams her hair up to distract things.
Clever girl...

She's a likable gal but...not feeling the crochet-y, daisy-maker-y vibe at all. It's a little whimsy. I hate whimsy. And also, those shoes.

Those are TIGHTS??? I thought someone went a little artsy with the sunscreen.


I agree 100% anon 1:14! It's one thing to talk about fashion -- but I find a lot of these comments to be hurtful and unnecessarily mean. I posted a comment about it earlier but I guess it was deleted because I was overly emotional and angry at the comments at the time.

:( Come on people, let's keep it to the fashion!

12/22/09 1:14 AM i love these blogs, but why do some people feel the need to pass harsh judgements on people's facial features and bodies? It's one thing to criticise what they can change and what they chose to look like - namely, their wardrobe, makeup and hair - but it's quite another to criticise what God gave them, and the comments on these blogs should be above that kind of crudeness.

Fabulous, as always. I love SJP!

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