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In or Out: Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker attends the Gala Premiere Of "Did You Hear About The Morgans?" at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England wearing a L'Wren Scott mini dress and coat paired with Charlotte Olympia shoes.

This is a girl who knows which side of her bread is buttered. "You want Carrie Bradshaw? HERE."

L'Wren Scott Fall 2009/Spring 2010 [modified version] Collections
Model: Linda Vojtova/Alla Kostromicheva

We think she looks pretty fab. We love the coat and the necklace. The modified dress is where she really gets her Carrie on and the ubiquitous fabric flowers add the final touch. She may be promoting a non-Carrie movie, but she knows exactly what the public wants to see of her and she delivered it in spades this time. IN.

[Photos: Celebutopia]

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I NEED that coat. The dress is just okay, but very much fit for her.


Love the snake necklace and the coat, except for the pink thing she stuck on it.

Love the coat (want the coat) and the shoes are amazing, but the dress is too tight. Beautiful color, though.

Love the coat, always a fan of the long and dark. Dress, by itself, is nice, the brighter pink seems set for someone younger (could be the light).

But SJP is almost always an automatic OUT for me. I do not understand her look is sought after. She constantly tries to be much younger then she can actually pull off, and (too me, mind you) just doesn't look like she can pull off as much as she supposedly does.

The dress seems a little tight to me, but that coat is amazing. I want one desperately.

The necklace and shoes are really striking, as well.

Also, other pictures show her in a hat that is very Prince circa Purple Rain. Which, OK, it works for His Diminutiveness, but on her ... not so much. I love whimsy, but it seems so calculated in her.

When her stylist had them make that dress just for her, did the decide specifically to make it too small, or did someone just write down the wrong measurements?

Oh, Ouizee, can't you be nice?
I felt in my gut that I would yell "OUT" as soon as I saw SJP, but she looked lots better than I expected.
There. Less bitchy?

Wow. She looks amazing for someone that didn't carry twins. But seriously, she looks super hot.

Kate said...

Also, other pictures show her in a hat that is very Prince circa Purple Rain. Which, OK, it works for His Diminutiveness, but on her ... not so much. I love whimsy, but it seems so calculated in her.

We forgot the hat. Added.

T Lo

L'Wren Scott mini dress and cape ...

Typo? Coat not cape, right.

That is one gorgeous coat!

In the first pic - WOW - I though she looked fab! The side shots w/o the coat do show that the dress is too tight and a little too short. But still very IN.

(Her hair hides the bruise in most pics, but too bad they modified the hell out of the top of the dress. )


I've often been critical of SJP...but I think she has everything absolutely right with this look. Current and age appropriate. None of her usual frilly and crazy poofy skirts, weird hats, veils, feathers, etc...ack! love love the coat! POW...the dress is such a vibrant pop of delicious color...and those shoes are killer!

Hair and makeup...perfect...especially her eyes.

ASK said...
L'Wren Scott mini dress and cape ...
Typo? Coat not cape, right.

Yup, coat. Fixed.

T Lo

the dress is somewhat streetwalker, no? chip looking. i'm not a fan.

love the coat though. the shoes are fab.

edit to my above I didn't see the silly hat until after I posted...uhm...note to SJ...girl, edit yourself nearly had me with this look...still in though...but ugh...that hat! :(

Is that really the same dress? It doesn't seem like the same material.

Love the coat and shoes I wonder, how much would one of those coats set me back? I probably don't want to hear the answer, but oh it's tempting.

Love the coat (minus the flowers, too twee and upbeat for a "New Romantics" coat) and can support the shoes for their color, although platforms under the front drive me nuts. Fab necklace and I love the short nails.

Cannot support in any way turning that beautiful, unique dress into something that looks so banal and cheap. The poor fitting is just the frosting on the "Out" cake for me.

The coat and shoes are great, but the hat is ridiculous, and the dress? Way to take a somewhat interesting gown, chop it up into a slutty-bridesmaid-slash-cocktail-waitress costume and bore me to death with it.


I suck, because I liked the original iteration of the dress MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better. It's tacky a short & tight like that, and the original was most definitely not tacky. This must be why I never particularly liked Carrie Bradshaw.

I adore the coat. I want that coat. I also want to be able to fling it and my hair dramatically and have it caught, mid-drama-fling, by a good photographer. (Whoosh! Je suis SO DAMNED FABULOUS. Click! Oui, you most certainly are!)

And, for once, I really like the shoes. I really, really do.

OK - don't beat me up :)

Although I love it, there is no way that I woud ever be able to afford (or fit in that coat).

But I have seen a much cheaper coat with a similar feel (and some similar features) in a shorter length at Newport-news. (fyi for those lusting after it but unable to come anywhere close to affording it.)

Do we know how much the coat retails for? Does it even retail?

WANT the coat. I'll need it in a 2X, but still. WANT the coat.

SANTA! Where you at?? You. Lesbian. What's this?

Sorry, I was rereading the Tim Gunn post today and had to throw that in.

I love the coat, but I'm not feeling the rest. Short, tight and shiny looks chip in a chip way, no? Just because she CAN carry off the look doesn't mean she should, IMHO.

What bruise is her hair hiding?

Wow, she looks great, love the hair, makeup, hat, dress, and coat. But agree with others that the dress is a wee bit tight, would look better one size up.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Simply gorgeous.

I could do without the SuperFly hat, but the dress & coat are perfect (and she looks perfect in them).


I don't much like the flower and the hat, but the dress and coat look great on her, and that necklace is gorgeous! The shoes are cute too.

Love the shoes. IN

I would normally say OUT for a woman her age wearing something so short-tight-and-shiny, but she really can pull it off, so a HUGE IN for her not only for looking great but also for looking hot in something that's not "age appropriate!"

But I have to add: love the shoes; HATE that stupid hat.

Anne - third row from the bottom on the right. On her chest above her breast, near her underarm - it just looked like a painful bruise to me.

Maybe I am the only one who thought it looked like a bruise.
... Then again I didn't really notice that awful hat :o)

Love the coat, the dress is okay, but not on her. And they look dreadful together.

WOW! Haven't seen her look this good in a while!

Coat, yes. Styling, yes.

Dress? Hell no.

She's FAR too old to be wearing this sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I think she's got a great body and she's not exactly "old" - but this is the sort of dress that shouldn't be seen on anyone over the age of 30. It's too short and tight. Out, out, out.

The coat is absolutely gorgeous and the shoes are pretty amazing. While I love the color of the dress, it seems a bit youngish for SJP. Not saying she should "dress her age," but I do wonder if something better fitted with a slighly different neckline would suit her better and be more flattering. And like many others, not feeling the hat --- accessory overload.

- edina -

The coat and shoes are great; the dress looked better with the little sleeves up top.

Coat, dress, shoes...all fabulous.
But once again, we have the "picking up takeout" hair.

Have all their stylists gone on strike?


Love, love, love that coat!! The dress is a bit tacky, and the eye makeup and wrinkles - well, let's just say I cannot believe she does ads for make-up that is age defining. I think the make-up makes her skin look worse.

Hmm. Coat is gorge. I really like the original dress and don't see why she (or someone) felt the need to change it. Taking the sleeves off and shortening it 4 feet took it from stunning to awfully close to Winter Formal 1989.

i'm not dorothy gale

Gorgeous; she can carry it off. IN.

Love the coat. Love the jewelry. Love the shoes. Dress. MEH. It doesn't fit her. Whenever you see wrinkling like that in the midrif it's a clear indication that the outfit is too damned small.

"You want Carrie Bradshaw? HERE."

I can't even express how much I don't want Carrie Bradshaw.

I don't know. I'm on record as hating short and strapless, and she hasn't changed my mind. I covet the coat, love the necklace and think her hair looks great. The shoes would be perfect if the platform didn't look like it shrank in the rain. But the dress is kind of awful. If it were a bit longer, and were tight but actually fit her, I'd give her an IN.

I've also never understood why SJP is a fashion role model. She spent so much time on TV dressing as Carrie that it's become too much of part of how she dresses in real life, and she often looks silly.

too many cats

The dress would be four inches longer if it weren't so very, very tight on her.
And to my mind, it might have been age appropriate if she'd worn it twenty years ago when both she and it might have been young and fresh.

Simple sheaths don't have to be worn so tight that all figure flaws scream from side views.

Forget that dress and worship the coat.

OMG IN, IN, IN!! Except for the hat, I think she looks top to bottom fantastic!! Those shoes are incredible, and while the dress isn't for everyone, it absolutely works for her, especially with the coat.

Shouldn't Carrie Bradshaw be dead by now? It's not IN or OUT, it's just SAD.


I like when she doesn't get too "crazy Carrie" with it. She looks pretty amazing.

Alla, honey, why soooo pissed off? (The model in the runway version of the dress. What is up her butt?)

I hate dresses like that, but it does look good on her.

But what's with the hat? How did it end up on her head? Is it part of the outfit? It can't be? If it is, what would possess someone to wear that?

Sorry . . . I guess shock makes me talkative.

Love love love that necklace! IN!

So unbelievably OUT. So cheap looking and inappropriate.

In the words of the Divine Nina: "Shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap.” And ain't that the truth? Sarah looks chip, boys, chip. If she's going to keep borrowing dresses, she could at least borrow one that fits.

On the other hand, I love the coat. The shoes? Meh.

god I hate that platform-under-the-toe shit. So stupid looking. It completely ruins an otherwise fab-a-dab shoe.

That spot in her right armpit is a shadow, not a bruise.

Coat, yes. Nice teeth. That's it for this look.

I don't generally buy into that 'women of a certain age...' thing, but I think she's getting a little long in the tooth for this look. I also can't help but think if Heidi showed up in the same ensemble, the 'tight, short and shiny' rule would apply. Is it because Heidi's legs are longer, so folks think it's 'worse' when she wears something short? Maybe the dress should have been a size larger (i.e., 0 instead of 00?) Not my favorite look on SJP...


December in London? She must have been freezing her ass off.

Very Studio 54. Love it!

Love the coat.
That is all.

it's okay, i guess. but it's all so calculated, so formulaic carrie bradshaw. and the hat is overkill.

The hat is a bit much, but she looks pretty fabulous. I don't know...I feel like this SHOULD seem a little bit desperate or obvious, and yet I think she's pulling it off. I think the relaxed hair, restrained makeup, and general happy and at-ease attitude help ENORMOUSLY, especially since those aren't things you usually see on SJP. She looks kind of soft and pretty, and that makes a big difference.

The coat is gorgeous, the dress is hot (maybe a little too tight-short-shiny, but I think it works okay), and the shoes are killer.

Well done, Ms. Bradshaw.

I wish the dress was a little longer on the bottom and higher on the top, but I love the coat, hat, shoes, makeup and hair. The good outweighs the bad, so she's solidly IN for me.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the coat, great all around except the hat.

Her Coat is looking very good on her. Love to have necklace that's matching with her Coat.

Love, love, LOVE! And that hat! ~Swooning~

Maybe it's not fair to judge her on this, but I can't bring myself to like her. "I know I'm not Carrie Bradshaw, I totally don't try to dress like her!"

Um...sure, honey.

I say this with good intentions but I think ms bradshaw has put on a few pounds! Her face looks better, her junk in back looks rounder and her arms don't look at all like Madonna's. Looks very good. Glad she ate.

i like the shoes:)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Is it wrong that my favorite part of her look is how horizontal her hair is in the second photo?

She's always IN no matter what.

2 things:

1: Can I have that coat please? STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!

2.: That lady has some very lovely legs.

Also, I'd like to give her props for keeping The Girls properly positioned and supported in a strapless dress. That is something few women seem able to do (including me- of course, mine are more... substantial... than hers.)

Mostly in, but the dress is clearly made for someone with a much longer torso, hence the horizontal wrinkling through her midriff. And the coat is dragging on the floor, which it doesn't on the model. But hey, she's SJP/CB, so she can get away with almost anything.

The dress could be a hair larger and the bust is kind of unflattering, but the rest is fab. From the color of the dress (wee! color!) to the necklace, jacket and shoes. So IN, but I wish she had used a better tailor.

Overall she looks good. I personally think she went a little too short and tight with the dress, but it looks very good with the maxi coat over it (not so much alone).
I think the fabric flower on the coat looks great. I don't care if it isn't in style anymore. I fact it's better that everybody isn't wearing them. Love the necklace and shoes.

yeah! ho! wah!

its not terrible, but just not good enough for me. the coat is fab, but that dress is boring as hell and a little too slutty. OUT.

sunnygirl said...

I say this with good intentions but I think ms bradshaw has put on a few pounds! Her face looks better, her junk in back looks rounder and her arms don't look at all like Madonna's. Looks very good. Glad she ate.

I noticed that too, she looks great. I like the whole look, except the hat. The coat is to die. IN.

Beautiful dress but the tacky flower corsage and hat ruined it for me.

Except for the hat (which I hate) the look is ok. But hasn't she gone to this well a bit too often? This could easily be a picture from any of the last 10 years. I'm bored.

Whatever she's doing to her face it's working, don't overdue it now.
She has fabulous legs!!!!
I don't always love her style but I LOVE that she has some.

The fit on the bust is scaring me a bit. She must have been pulling that up all night.


She's in...and I love, love, love those shoes!

She looks adorable. However, it really bothers me that the coat is so long on her and is dragging on the ground. It looks like tiny Sarah Jessica borrowed L'Wren's own coat, rather than simply one from L'Wren's collection. On the model, the coat doesn't hit the floor!

IN..? Are you kidding me?? She always comes off tacky and a bit desperate to me. Quit trying so hard girl.

Short, shiny, tight. Out.

I call it an IN, but I think the hem could come down a smidge--even with her killer legs--she is well into her 40s and it might be time to lower the hems a bit. I like the straps on the dress before the modification. The coat rocks.

Overall it suits her, it is very Carrie Bradshaw and that is what people want from her, so she brought it.

She looks pretty damn fierce. Take away the stupid hat and its perfect. DO WANT

1000 X IN

The coat looks lie a luxurious robe on the model, but I think SJP pull it off. And she has the body, so why not go short and tight.

I love the combination of light and dark here, as well as the combination of fabrics. However, black finger nail polish is for teenagers and emos. The eyes are fine, but get rid of the nail polish.

Don't love the hat or the necklace, but overall it's still a big IN IN IN for me! LOVE the shoes! Dress could fit better and the coat with flower is awesome. I love SJP - IN!

She's FAR too old to be wearing this sort of thing.

I think the "rules" what is age appropriate to wear are getting to be outdated, thankfully. Most 44 year olds couldn't pull it off (and many 25 year olds I see!) She looks great.

I think she's put on a few pounds since SATC and that helps too.

I could have lived without the hat, but everything else is FAB, esp. the jacket.

Judy said...

Short, shiny, tight. Out.

I disagree. Not always. Like everything else in fashion, it depends.

Really? Who told her to put on that hat? Hot shoes, hot necklace, hot fabric flowers--all quite enough, thank you.

It seems that a lot of INs and OUTs have been nailed on the styling lately, so I'm surprised the hat isn't mentioned in the post. Perhaps an upcoming post could school the humble minions in accessorizing.

In. Although it's a shame we didn't get to see her in the runway version of the L'Wren dress. That fabric was exquisite.

Viewing this post really makes me want to watch "Sex."

Absof**kinglutely IN.

Love it. The whole package.

And btw I think Sararhica Jessica looks so much better with wilder hair--the trailer for The Morgans shows her wearing it all flat and icky.


I LOVE the coat. Love love love love love it! The dress I coudl take or leave. And enough with the giant Carrie flowers!

Some people can just get away with stuff that would be laughable on somebody else. Say what you want about her, but she's certainly never boring.
She gets a big IN from me here. It's fun and she looks fabulous. I mean, can we talk about how great she looks?

I think she looks great. The coat is beautiful, I love the bottoms.


Fabulous! IN. IN. IN.

Love the coat, like the necklace, think the dress is boring-prom, kind of iffy on the shoes, overall it's too much of an accessories salad -- she looks like a barbie doll some kid is playing with. Here is where SJP is tugging and smoothing that dress. It was too small.

Not sure if you've seen her recent spread in Glamour, but it too is Carrie to the MAX.

Hey, give the people what they want.

I think this time it actually worked. Even if it's too tight and short, but the whole look worked. Love the coat, love the shoes.

Love the coat, the short,tight dress looks like she's trying way too hard, although the color's very becoming on her. She needs to trim at least 3 inches off the hair, it's scraggly looking.

I'm really sorry that she didn't go with the original dress, or a shorter version thereof. I understand the need for shokku on the runway, but I love the neckline and even the cap sleeves of the original look (I hate cap sleeves! This is unheard of!); the sleeveless look is just...another short tight shiny dress, yawn, even the delicious color can't save it.

The coat, even with the peonies, is wonderful, and the shoes nearly take the yawn out of the under-coat outfit. The hat is all musical-theater spy bit (appropriate to the movie) only SJP is no Carmen Sandiego.

Ah, I love it when you guys confirm my knee-jerk reactions. I immediately thought, love! coat and necklace. Dress o.k., but looks bad on her - too tight & apparently unflattering (if the fit IS actually doing her body any favors, then it's time to quit with the super tight dresses), shoes o.k., hat kinda cute. Hair looks great.

But I hate fabric flowers and I don't care how Carrie they are.

Anonymous said:
IN..? Are you kidding me?? She always comes off tacky and a bit desperate to me. Quit trying so hard girl.
I agree. The dress looks ridiculous, like it's a size too small, she is spilling out of it. The hat, not a good look with her face shape.
it's an accessories mess.
She comes off as Anonymous above said tacky and desperate more often times than not on the red carpet (in my opinion). You got the job SJP, stop trying so hard to play the ingenue.

too many cats

New Word for today: Hoick

See below: SJP hoicks up her dress to avoid falling out of it.

I'm not sure how that even qualifies as a "modified" dress. It seems more like she said, "Get that fabric, make me a plain strapless dress in it...but make sure it's two sizes too small!"

The coat is amazing, though, and I love the necklace.

I wore that dress to a wedding in 1991. When I was in my twenties.

SJP looks like a desperate 40 something and a yawn at the same time.


nice colors, but, as far as the fit and style are concerned...mutton dressed as lamb. If she really wants to work the "middle aged Italian socialite on her way to the festival at San Remo" look, all she's missing is the spray tan.

Well, that and the gaggillionaire husband and the villa overlooking the Mediterranean.


I love, want and NEED that coat.

The dress - not so much, but the shoes are killer, even if the platform soles do look a little shrunken. (And at least they're relevant to the entire look as a whole.)

Say what you will, this is 'Carrie Bradshaw lite'. And that's a good thing; I hated how the character would always throw on a totally incongruous pair of shoes and completely wreck an otherwise fetching ensemble.

I can never look at Ms. SJP the same after having someone show me

So, with the lingering belief that she is secretly a horse in disguise, I have to go with OUT.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Um, that isn't "modified", it's a COMPLETELY different dress.

Hot look none the less...


LOVE IT, from head to toe! IN.

Absolutely fabulous!

love everything but the hat.

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