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In or Out: Lucy Liu & Christina Ricci

A study in contrasts to go with your morning coffee.

Lucy Liu and Christina Ricci attend 'The Art of Progress' world premiere of the new Audi A8 at the Audi Pavilion in Miami, Florida.

To be honest, we had planned to do a post just on Miss Liu's outfit but we saw CR in the pics for this event and had to feature them both. Has Christina changed stylists lately? Suddenly she's wearing all these meant-to-be-talked-about outfits. Let's break it down.

When we first laid eyes on the dress, we were all, "Wow, so '90s." but in a good way. Not that it isn't a modern looking dress. Certainly the cutouts are very in right now. We haven't figured out who the designer is yet.

But it's a very tight silhouette with a very prime-time soap opera hem length and while you can do some fabulous things with that while you're young and have the body to pull it off, unless you pay attention to the details, you can look a bit trashy. It's all a roundabout way of saying that she didn't pull it off in the styling. The heavy shoes, the bag with the kind of sporty strap length, the severe hair - it's all a bit much for a dress that's already quite enough.

Now, Miss Liu on the other hand:

That girl did it just right.

Lanvin Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Sure, it's a bit safe, but it's classic and simple and the shoes are fierce. Can't go wrong with that.

[Photos: WireImage/]

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I say "IN" for both.

I do agree with the styling on Christina (except the hair) and Lucy.

I'm the first post.. yeah!

Christina does look very 90's.
The super short, giant cut out extending to the front, and expecially with that mesh sleeve,too. A bit much. Is it time to revive the 90's already?

Lucy looks great.

I think Christina looks fabulous.

I like Christina's look - it's trashy in a good way, if there is such a thing.

I love Lucy's dress and shoes.

IN for both.

Even when Lucy Liu wears the most whack outfits, I still love them. She's a perpetual IN for me.

I'm also glad that Christina Ricci rediscovered food - and while I think that the hair is what's making her look an OUT... the shoes aren't so bad.

Really like 'em both and,

Hey! Check out all the Tasty Awards Proj. Runway is up for and even our beloved Tim Gunn!

Cut outs are always a bad idea--there is no escaping the KISS album cover influence in any clothing where they're a feature.

The colour looks great on Christina, though.

And the black dress is far from "safe", it's not plain and boring. Lucy Liu looks great in it.

yeah! ho! wah!

i dont get your criticism of riccis look. yeah the shoes arent that great but otherwise she looks fierce. liu... well its nice but a little boring. both: in!

Sewing Siren said - "Is it time to revive the 90's already?"

Anything is better than the 80s as far as I'm concerned - even the 1880s :)

What color are Christina Ricci's shoes? They just look off to my (very untrained but not colorblind I don't think...) eye. I like the style though.

Other than that, they both look good. In.

I say IN moreso for Lucy but Christina doesn't look too bad.

gotta give both an IN. I do think CR's styling is off a bit--especially the bag--but i love those shoes so much i just don't really care ^_^

I say IN for both- Christina has been looking so good lately, and Lucy is always in.

I don't mind the shoes that Christina is wearing, but that bag has got to go. Lucy on the other had has always been kinda fierce.

i LOVE that dress that Lucy Liu is wearing. Classy and classic, she looks put together, smart, sophisticated and sleek. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS.

Christina's dress - i love that color, and i love that color on her. Not crazy about the cut out, but I've seen worse.

And DuBois: I'd LOVE to bring back the 1880s! Can we, please???

It isn't my favorite look from Christina recently, but she still looks good. The accessories are not right, but it is far from a disaster.

You are right about Lucy. She looks flawless.

Ooh! Yay! Lucy Liu managed to wear a simple black dress with a simple black bag and simple black shoes! So hard, zomg! She must've paid stylists a fortune for that glamorous look!!!

I do not understand why some of these are chosen. Is anyone really going to look at Lucy and say she looks super-fab or terrible? Not really. Blah.

Christina looks GREAT!!
Except the bag. BAD bag.
Lucy looks fine.
Snooooooooozetacular but fine.

I see what you're getting at with the purse. It doesn't do the look any favors. But the shoes aren't so bad and I love the simple little star necklace. I think she looks pretty darn hot, so I give it an "IN".

Lucy also looks great and her shoes are yum, yum, yum. A little conservative but that's kind of statement making in its own right, isn't it?

Clueless Jock

Lucy looks great. CR's dress might be Azzedine Alaia?

Lucy Liu looks fabulous, I love the entire Lanvin fall 2009 collection. Christina Ricci looks hot, but I hate the shoes, especially with that dress.

They both look great, especially LL. And, yes, I do think it's hard to look tasteful and elegant, as the fact that so few people manage to do it suggests. This aesthetic--more right for some occasions than for others, of course--is too infrequently seen.

Lucy looks good, but the dress is a bit boring, I think.

Christina Ricci looks amazing, but I do agree on the shoes and bag. IN. Lucy Liu is fabulous and most of the time very IN.

I actually like Christina Ricci in the red dress and I think she pulled it off. Took a few looks cause its an odd dress with the cutouts and I loved the shoes!!!I`d give her an IN.

Lucy Liu did knock it out the park, she looks great! Wasn't as keen on her shoes though...

I love them both! That color on Christina is amazing. I didn't even notice the shoes.

Christina looked a tad uncomfortable in this dress. Perhaps she's conscious of wearing a skimpy giant cut out. Lucy on the other hand exudes confidence and grace (maybe becos the dress is more comfy and her kind of style?)

Both Lucy and Christina are GORGEOUS. Every time I see Christina she looks better and better. She is unique and beee-you-ti-ful.

90s in a BAD way.

I have to say that in the last 2 posts on Christina Ricci, I've thought her hair and makeup have been very very flattering. I like the dress a lot.

While Lucy looks good I think she was overshadowed by Christina

They both get a big IN from me. Christina's looking fab lately!

I think that they both look fabulous, although I have to agree about CR's shoes. What color ARE they, anyway?


I'm reminded that Nina said black doesn't photograph very well. At least in this case, she's right. In this lighting it's tough to see the detail and draping of Lucy's dress. Still, in.

Yeah, there's something about the styling with Christina that's not quite working but I'd give her an IN for being willing to take some risks with her looks.

Ms. Liu on the other hand looks fabulous, a definite IN but still not really, ah, taking any chances with the styling. That's why I'm more fond of Christina's look, just a bit more edge, even if she didn't quite pull it off as well as Lucy.

I'll be ok with any decade reviving if it'll take the shlock out of the stores that i've seen most recently...boring, boring, tres boring.


CR looks amazing in that dress, but I hate extreme cut-outs. A bare back is fine. Bare sides are approaching hooker territory. The shoes are not helping.
Still, she's gorgeous, and I love her hair and make-up. A partial IN.

LL doesn't need a lot of fuss. Does she ever look bad? Total IN.

While Lucy looks lovely, I feel like - the label says Lanvin, but the looks says Ann Taylor, y'know? It's very, VERY safe...and the shoes don't quite push it to the edge.

Christina - I don't mind the hair so much, as I think the angular style complements the lines of the dress, but the accessories (necklace, bag, shoes) all have to go.

Lucy looks fabulous....I wouldn't change a thing. Christina looks good from the front, but the walking away photo veers into hooker territory (too short, too tight). A bit more length at the hemline would have saved the look.


In for both, but I must say that the Lanvin reminds me of why a woman just cannot go wrong with the right little black dress!

I say "IN" for both, but I must give Lucy Liu more props. She looks fantastic, glamorous, AND age-appropriate. Brava!

Christina has begun to look amazing lately. I think she is still a little tentative about her new look, but that's a genuine smile as compared to a pained smile. Love the red on her, dress may be '90s but is cute w/o crossing the line.

LL almost always looks fab-u-lous. She's lovely here.

Lucy is making me yawn. Great shoes, but... yawn.

Love the dress & hair on Christina, hate the shoes & bag though.

However, I am SO BORED with Lucy's outfit. Black dress, black shoes, blahblah. Boringg.

Christina looks fierce! That's definitely her color. She must be in love because she's been looking absolutely amazing here of late.
Generally speaking, I love that little spitfire, Lucy Liu and miss seeing her in films and tv, but her look is just okay. It's very nice and safe, but the details are missing in the pics. Looks great on the model, but totally lost on Lucy --- maybe more statement accessories would've helped.

- edina -

I think the opposite of you. Christina looks great and Lucy looks boring.


Christina - a big OUT. That dress looks skanky and those shoes are fug.

Lucy - a big IN. Perfection.

I don't like CR's dress. For me it tricks my eye into thinking she's chunky, when in fact she has a lovely figure. It's a combination of the sleeves with the cutouts and the shape of the front.

Lucy Liu looks incredible.

Both IN!

Lucy always looks impeccable and knows fashion and what works for her and the occasion. Safe...yes...still a stunner!

Christina...looks beautiful. I love her hair and makeup. Perfect for her round face...grown up and sophisticated. Her outfit looks much better without the bag on the shoulder...that's what makes it look a bit trampy...otherwise just lovely (and a bit sexy.)

Ricci sure has been looking great lately. I really love the dress, especially the color, but I see your point about the too much. She's still IN for me, just because I love how fantastic she's been looking lately.

Lucy Liu, I really can't stand her as an actress, but girlfriend sure does look amazing. I need those shoes for this Saturday night.

Ms. Lucy Liu looks just fab - total IN.

I feel like Christina just missed it - it's all a bit much. OUT for her, but just barely.

If someone can tell me who makes Christina's dress, they win.

In for both! I don't care for CR's accessories, especially the shoes, but *she* looks fabulous. I actually think Lucy Liu looks a bit too sedate, a bit too matronly, with that long hem -- maybe it's just the contrast with CR? they don't look like they dressed for the same event -- but she's Lucy Liu and she looks classy and beautiful.

There is something kind of weird about what the side cutouts do with Cristina's figure -- it makes her look waistless, when she's not really.

Cristina looks like a brunette Kim Cattral

Agreed on the bad 'sporty' bag, but otherwise loves me Christina.

Liu, on the other hand...
The arch-strap on the (agreed) fierce shoe shortens an already short leg. She should have taken that gorgeous dress up a few inches to accomodate. Out.

I'd call them both IN, though Ms. Ricci is walking a line. I think why I keep her on the positive side of that line is that the dress, even while sliding in the direction of trashy, manages to be not unlfattering. It's really hard for skin-baring, skin-tight outfits to be flattering, yet I think this one is - or at least is not *un*flattering - the cut-outs give her more of a waist than she has.

Flat out LOVE Ms. Liu.

I like both looks, I guess. CR could lose the bag and get a small clutch, though. And I love her hair with this. If it were down--it would be just too too much.
Lucy looks fabulous in this LBD, although its really just a black dress with a little shoulder deatil--nothing special.

But--when are we gonna lose the HUGE SHOES???!?!? So unflattering amd overtly trashy. Please...whatever happened to "delicate", especially on two teeny people like CR & L?

I think they both look amazing! IN and IN!

ummm...CR...nipple guards? (or whatever they're called). or maybe that's what she's wearing and you can see them? either way, it's tacky.

IMO they've got the 3 H's nailed: Happy, not Hungry and great Hair. Plus rad shoes. IN for everything but CR's bag.



IN for both ladies. I think Christina looks great! Love the dress, the color, and the bangs. I am sorry but I don't understand the critque about the bag handle length. Is that another thing I have to worry about before I set out the door? I think it looks fine.

Ms. Liu is stunning. That dress is lovely (but boring) but I wish it was maybe an inch shorter. Those shoes however are TO DIE!!!! OMG I covet them with all the sinfullness of my evil soul. If I saw her on the street I would tell her how pretty she looked and then trip her and steal those fabulous foot lingerie.

Christina Ricci is fabulous! Love her!!

Gotta say, that model freaks me out. Lucy = perpetual IN. Christina missed on the shoes, but otherwise IN.

the two of them together look fantastic!

christina i love & she really seems to be rocking it out lately. but i totally agree - the styling is for like 4 different outfits.

lucy - pitch perfect & timeless.

Christina's outfit says "trying really hard". No mention about the major nipples?

Lucy's was nice for a really stylish funeral.

I am sorry but I don't understand the critque about the bag handle length. Is that another thing I have to worry about before I set out the door?

oh yes...the handle length does make a difference. That length slung over her shoulder looks a bit trashy and throws her posture out of whack. Look at how much better she looks in the upper photos where the bag is held in her hand.

If the chain was 2x as long slung over her shoulder it would look better...even better would be a smaller bag...and better still would be a clutch in a complimentary color to the shoes. It doesn't need to be matchy matchy...but right now there is no connection between dress, shoes and bag in her outfit. I like the shoes and do think the color works with the a beige (or whatever similar color to those shoes would be) beaded/jeweled clutch would be perfect.

LL...dowdy...wrong length for her.

Christina's dress looks like one from chloe dao's collection:O just saying.

Um, I kinda ♥ Mis Ricci's hair like that. Should I feel ashamed?

I agree with you entirely on the bag and shoes, though.

I want to be Lucy Liu when I grow up.

I love Christina, but that dress is SOOOOO Kardashian it hurts. :(

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