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In or Out: Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland attends the Grey Goose Character & Cocktails winter fundraiser in aid of the Elton John AIDS Foundation at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London, England in Basil Soda.


Basil Soda Fall 2009 Couture

This is all about the wearer for us. Truth be told, we're not 100% sold on this dress and if it was worn by someone else, we probably wouldn't love it as much as it looks on Kelly. For one, it's a LOT of dress and a lot of shiny; for another, it's in the vein of the kind of Disney Princess gowns we're SO TIRED of seeing on the red (beige?) carpet. But it hugs her curves perfectly and while it does that whole drapey-drape thing that bores us, it at least doesn't overdo it and it offeres up some fitting and embellishment that take it to another level. Plus, we love the color on her. Hair and makeup is flawless, but we would have advised against the dangly earrings. Never with a high collar, dear. Still, she's IN.

[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images]

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Gorgeous dress. I love it on Kelly. Although I will say it looks like she can't breathe. Nonetheless, definitely an IN!

Over all I think she looks lovely.
Only thing with the makeup is that I think that the eyebrows look a little too drawn on.

(with those super tiny shrug - basically just shoulders - I think they are miserable to get off)

I'd love it more without the collar and I agree that this color looks great on her, but I personally prefer the original.

I'm not sure she could be more lovely. The dress suits her body AND personality. The color is perfection and she fought the temptation to overdo her makeup, hair and accessories. Bravo. Almost makes her worthy of being the host of a fashion reality show. Almost.

i was just thinking that the makeup was very natural and pretty (except the eyebrows, which do look a bit painted). the dress is nice, though as others said the collar is a bit off- would have been best as the original version. (and she could have worn the dangle earrings with good conscience).

Fantastic, and the color change really suits her.

When I see a woman looking this great in a spectacular gown, I feel a twinge of sadness that she'll never be able to wear it again. I suppose that's a good thing in one way -- otherwise celebs would find a look that works for them and then wear it like a uniform. This way we get to see a lot of different clothes but dayum, some of these dresses deserve to be showcased more than once.

I like Kelly and this is an IN for me, but you can see her lace front on the close up which is a bit of a pet peeve.

Love the dress, love the makeup, but her weave is awful.

Damn, the commenters are in a MOOD today. I think she looks fantastic.

Love it! Navy is so flattering and such a nice change from black - I also love the bit of sleeve. I love the silhouette and styling and think she looks fresh and happy.

I think she looks lovely.

Are Basil Soda and Rami Kashou the same person?

Delaney said...

Damn, the commenters are in a MOOD today. I think she looks fantastic.

Hunh? Every commenter so far has complimented her.

I think she's gorgeous. I'm not seeing any difference between the runway dress and the version Kelly wore. Both have collars.

@suzq- you're right. i went back to look more closely and they do appear to have the same neckline. so much for that criticism!

A definite IN. She looks gorgeous.

Beautiful! What a great color on her. Thank the sweet baby Jesus she didn't wear scarlet lipstick or obvious lip liner. A wonderful and tasteful balance of dress, makeup and jewelery that really showcases HER.


The dress is amazing and I love Miss Kelly's smile. She is making me recall the time when she was my favorite member of Destiny's Child and I marveled at how she worked Tina Knowles' tackywear. There is something slightly off with her weave/wig and perhaps her makeup is a tad heavy (I haven't made up my mind about that yet), but still the overall look and her inner brightness more than offsets these minor quibbles.


The dress is gorgeous and so is she!

FINALLY someone that LOOKS like they are going to a red/beige carpet event rather than waking up and tossing something on without bothering to brush their hair!

Love, love, love this dress! The color, the way it hugs the curves...I love it all! You guys are right about the earrings, though. It's a minor point, though. Big IN!

Kelly looks and make-up...but that dress...ACK! It's just too too much. The color is beautiful...especially on her. But!... there is so much going on with all the pleating, stitching patterns, glitter, the high collar, etc...and then the big dangling earrings and sparkly bangles. I keep seeing Mae West meets Morticia Adams with either webs or a tie-dye pattern....just all too much! A few things should have been edited....mainly with regards to the dress.

She looks lovely so I'll say IN ...but just barely.

She has a lovely smile. I didn't even know who she was before TFS, so I was surprised by how many people dislike her.

Anyway, hair, make up, etc., all good, but the dress has way too much going on. My eyes can't figure out where to land.

Monkey said, "Are Basil Soda and Rami Kashou the same person?"

No, but they go well together as a light snack.

I don't like her, but she's beautiful and this look works for her.
I agree with another commenter up above about the drawn on eyebrows.

The color is fantastic on her, and it fits her like a dream. I say totally IN.

I swear I've seen this dress before...I don't particularly lovelove it, but think it suits Kelly just fine. It's a great color and hugs her curves and adds length to her already statuesque form. I love Kelly. I have no problems with her look other than the fact that I would not have gone with chandelier-like earrings. Things look a bit busy around her head and collar. Other than that, Kelly get's a big IN from me.

- edina -

P.S. It's so nice to see her out of that ghastly Tina K's monstrosities for DC. So many years of blech.

You are killing me here, Ms. Brooklyn!

My goodness, Ms. Rowland, I didn't know you had it in you!

When I first saw the thumbnail I was afraid that it was a cut-out dress that was photographed at an angle, but this is a beautiful, classy IN.

The lace front is ugly, but the rest of her is IN!

Beautiful dress. On a beautiful woman. IN.

What the heck are people referring to "LACE"????
I don't see any lace. And the dresses look identical to me too.

This could have looked really costume-y on someone else, but it looks elegant on her.

She looks beautiful and her body rocks that dress. I think she looks better than the model and that is rare. I see no difference in the runway dress and the dress she is wearing. What are people talking about when they say they like the original design better?

Love the color on her. I had a gown almost line-for-line exactly like that in the 80s. The only difference was that it had 80s shoulder pads. In fact, when I first saw it I thought you were going to say it was a vintage dress!

I'll give her an IN.

She looks nice in the dress, but Kelly's hair ALWAYS looks obviously fake to me. She needs a better wig/extensions/whatevers stylist. She has Barbie hairline.

I'm with Sunshine. What is the "lace" or "lace front" people are referring to? I've studied the closeups and I don't see lace, or lacing.

Jeez, she is gorgeous here. TLo, I understand your crique, but I am nuts about that dress. I could look at it all day. Lovely.

Kelly had a single out several months ago. I heard it and I thought it was going to be a mega-hit (it was waaay better than BeYAWNce's songs lately), and it went nowhere. I don't get it.

Totally agree with TLo--the wearer made the dress. I don't think I'd really like it to see it on a hanger or a manniquin, but it looks fabulous on Kelly! IN!

That dress looks amazing on her. Lovely color, too. IN.

But the hair? Reminiscent of Mrs. Olsen from "Little House on the Prairie." OUT.

Better in black and on the original model.

Sunshine and JoyJoy -

I think that when the posters wrote lace - they are referring the her (fake) hair?


I am so proud of myself! As soon as I looked at all the images and before I read your final commentary I said to myself "I love it! But the earings are all wrong". So glad you agree :)

It is refreshing to see a girl with some curves looking so lovely in a designer gown. Give your sylists a holiday bonus girl, you look fierce!

I love the color.


I hate the hair but I love this dress and how appropriate it is for the event, she just looks like a beautiful martini glass base.

This is a gorgeous dress and it definitely suits her. The combination of the different textures and curve-accenting details makes this dress look amazing.

I also love that her shoulders are covered.

The dress is a bit much for my taste but she wears it well. I think her hair is a mess though.

Love the dress, she's radiant, but lipstick darling. A hint of color on her lips please!


A lace-front is a type of weave that it supposed to give you a natural looking hairline, think Beyoncé, Tyra, or Tony Braxton. They should look natural and Kelly has had some marvelous weaves, this particular one is bad though.

Wow! I really like it, and I clicked it open fully expecting to hate it.

That is all.

Nope. Bitch's weave is nappy looking and she will always be an OUT for me because of her 'tude on the Fashion Show.

Thank God I'm not the only one who thought "Rami Kashou psychedelic hip spirals" when I saw this.

Too much frou frou for me, and I hate her since The Fashion Show.


She looks stunning, I hate the dress, go figure : )

Lace front

When they aren't done properly you look like something out of Madame Tussauds.

yeah! ho! wah!

eh... i think that dress is tacky as hell. but yeah, she wears it as well at it could be worn, fit and styling are perfect, and the colour is gorge.

She wears it well. IN.

She looks fake. Like a plastic doll. A beautiful plastic doll... but still fake.

She looks good, but I'm not a fan of the dress. The concentric rings on the hips look like she's being attacked by a giant clam, or a pair of umbrellas.

CHIcKen Breath! but IN

Should I know who Kelly Rowland is?

The dress and the makeup look gorgeous. The hair, not so much. That is all.


I could do without all the juge (how do you spell that?)-the circular pattern near her hip is distracting an unnecessary, but I adore the midnight blue.

awh she just looks so happy(:
i don't like that little shurg thing with the collar.

Wow... Love her in this, she looks beautiful, perfect, but still like herself... B Should take notes.

I notice the weave lace.. But then again i always do when i cant spot a real part/hair line. She needs to leave some of her real hair out.

The eyebrows are too perfect.. but heck, she's natural everywhere else.. why not, it's a look no?

Love kelly right now.
Love this blog! where have you been all my life??!

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