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In or Out: Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson attends the "Nine" world film premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England in Atelier Versace.

Kittens, we had to put down our coffees and discuss this one.

Atelier Versace Fall 2009 Couture Collection

Why? Well it's complicated. We love this dress and we love it when someone eschews the normal red carpet prom gowns and attempts to wear something that takes a little work.


Kate Hudson, for all her charms, just ain't the girl for this dress.

Maybe that's harsh because she looks good. In fact, she looks better than she almost always does. Then again, that's all the dress. It's doing all the work and she's not holding up her end of the bargain by bringing the poise, the styling and the attitude that a dress like this requires. Let's start with styling because that's the easiest.

While we agree with the idea that a complicated dress requires toned-down styling, we can't agree with the choices here. The hair is a step above "taking the kids to soccer" and the shoes are just too clunky and heavy. Makeup's good.

But the problem is she just isn't bringing the bearing that a big ol' dress like this requires. She needs to be bringing her "I am a MOVIE STAR" pose and the problem is, she just doesn't have one. What we're trying to say is that the dress is wearing her and not vice versa. It doesn't seem fair to give her an out because she's trying so hard and it IS a fabulous dress. We'll give her a pass for trying, if not pulling it off.

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So is it an IN or an OUT. The dress is absolutely gorgeous though!

I actually like the shoes. But I agree otherwise - what is with this post-workout hair trend??

Creativity Chick

I love this gown. I think she's too short for it, and maybe that's why she wore those weapon-heeled shoes. Is she wearing a headband??

She appears quite buxom in this dress. I love the dress, like the shoes, don't like the makeup -- some deeper lipstick would've been more glam against/with all that white/blonde.

Her hair is horrible just.

Dress is nice, but Kate Hudson is just not "all that". She's cute, but no comparison to her mom. And I agree, her hair is horrid. Why could she not put forth some effort? She is paid a ton of money (in comparison to the general populace who buys the tickets to pay her salary) yet this lackadasical, cavalier attitude is a slap in the face. You get to act, for goodness sake, its not like you have to answer phones at a call center, drive a bus or wait tables. Show some respect for your fans and "act" like a star. And pay for a hairdresser.

Love the dress, in fact I love this entire collection, but not on her.

What's wrong with the dress doing everything for her? To me that says she chose a good dress. She looks fabulous. IN.

She is paid a ton of money (in comparison to the general populace who buys the tickets to pay her salary) yet this lackadasical, cavalier attitude is a slap in the face.

Let me get this straight-- because you buy tickets to her movies, Kate Hudson owes you something? Aside from appearing in those movies? Seriously?

I didn't know there were people who actually thought that way. Life must be hard for you with that kind of attitude.

I'm with Rillion. That dress makes her look incredible, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's why you pay the big bucks for designers. I like her hair too, because that dress walks a fine line between gorgeous and beauty pageant, and the hair keeps her on the gorgeous side of that.

1. The dress fits well +10 points
2. the dress is lovely +10 points
3. The hair. The hair. the hair
-10 points
4. The clunky shoes -10 points
5. Makup suffers from lack of lip color (because the blond hair & silver needs a bit of oompf) +5

See, you add it all up and she is above zero. Therevore, IN

I say IN, because I love me some movie star glamor, but I agree with all of your criticisms. The hair definitely bothers me. If you're wearing a custom gown worth thousands of dollars, there's no point in trying to look casual, like you just threw on the dress and rushed out the door. Smooth, cascading waves of hair would really have completed the look.

Attention, stars: we little people give you permission to use the services of more than one type of stylist for red carpet events. Clothes AND hair. Seriously. It's cool.

I agree. Adore the dress but not on her. One of her other 3 or 4 female costars of the NINE movie would've pulled that dress off way better. Like Nicole Kidman. I think if she showed up to the premiere in the dress, she would've probably rocked it.

In! I don't think the hair is all that bad, and the dress is to die. I don't mind that it's doing all the work.

I love the top of the dress.

But a grown up dress requires grown up grooming. Tip to toe.

The other day in the comments section of the Great Cristina Ricci @ The Nat'l Arts Club Black Tights Caper, someone posted that since no-color hose have been out of style for years, they're not an option. Bah.

This gown needs stockings, same as it needs a hairdo. Instead, we get, "I pulled off my shower cap, threw on a pair of panties and a dress, grabbed some shoes, and ran out the door."


I actually like the shoes with the dress. Maybe a little clunky, but look at the dress on the model. CLUNKY SHOES!

I'm not even really sure what kind of shoes would look good. Strappy stiletto's would make you look like a whore imo.

I love the dress and shoes, hate the hair. Its true that its wearing her but like you said she still looks better than she usually does. She just doesn't have that star poise that a lot of the other big names do, don't really get it.

I LOVE it! Well, maybe not the shoes. The hair isn't so great either.

Um... IN b/c I LOVE the dress.

Agreed. My first thought was "She looks overdressed," which I think stems from the fact that the dress is wearing her.

I adore this dress and I'm glad somebody wore it, but the hair, the hair!!! I expect my celebrities to have better hair than I do, and that's a pretty low bar to surpass.

my thoughts exactly!!! thank you for reading my mind!


I see dozens of gorgeous dresses every week (I work in the fashion industry), but the question is, does it look good ON ME? No matter how gorgeous, custom-made, one-of-a-kind the dress is if it doesn't look good on me and/or I can't "work" it, the dress isn't for me. She ain't working it.

Love it. But to a movie premier? Seems a bit too formal. Really... a train dragging through the aisles of a theater. No.

she's too short. And her hair looks ridic.

I don't think she's tall enough for the dress. And...I can't quite put my finger on it, but something else is wrong...I think that dress needs at least a HINT of curve in the woman wearing it.

What an amazing dress. I give her a pass for choosing such a marvel and a big fat F for how she looks in it...a little girl playing dress-up

That dress is so beautiful. Not on kate tho. Iman. That dress was made for Iman. I think with her skin with her regal bearing.

So who wore Daniel V.'s dress?

Seeing what Nicole Kidman actually *did* wear, why didn't she?

Has everyone gone bananas? She looks great. Dress, makeup (okay a little color and gloss on the lips would be a boost), shoes. And her hair? Looks fine to me. I know, it's a designer dress, but thank god she doesn't have prom hair with a beehive. She looks like a beautiful actress at an important event. And don't even start with Nicole Kidman would have shown it off so much better. With her plastisized face and stick straight hair that she favors lately, I don't think so.

Kate gets a huge IN. Jeeze, what do you all demand for perfection? I'd sell my right tit to look half as good.

Itis too much dress for her.
Her hair looks messy and 'undone' which is fine, but NOT for this dress.
the shoes are way too heavy and clunky and i hate white shoes.
It's a cool dress for heidi, but not Kate. OUT

I would have loved to see this on Rhianna, JLo, or even Nicole Kidman. The hair, shoes, and makeup certainly aren't helping, but what really kills it is the lack of attitude. Kate Hudson doesn't quite have the confidence or attitude to pull it off.

The dress is gorgeous! One of the most stunning and original creations I've seen in a long time. Unfortunately, I agree with pretty much everything TLo's just a near miss for the lovely Kate.

Definitely the hair is not special enough for the dress...should have gone up and sleek. Shoes are clunky. And, that shade and sheen of white...tough color for her complexion and is borderline bridal.

I absolutely adore Kate...major props for trying to go glam and for picking such a beautiful I'll still give her an IN

Love, love, love the shoes the model has on...but that's probably irrelevant to this post. Agree with your analysis - it's a beautiful dress - and laughed out loud (at my desk and with a client in the conference room beside me) at your "taking the kids to soccer" hairdo comment.

Saw the premiere pics yesterday and was hoping you'd do an In or Out on the dresses worn on the runway.

Love the dress, can't stand the way it looks on her. She just doesn't have the body/build to wear it to show. But I'll admit I think Ms. Hudson is vastly overrated as an actor and that's a part of the issue with this dress, she just doesn't have the attitude (or body) to pull it off.

hair looks like something that teenager would wear to prom. [YAWN]


I want to get married in that dress. Love love love. I think TLo hit the nail on the head about the hair and shoes. Her hair looks lovely, if she were doing something other than wearing that dress. But it's Kate Hudson and she's delightful.

Summer said: Smooth, cascading waves of hair would really have completed the look.

Yes! It doesn't have to be complicated, but... please something other than this. There's a difference between fashionably messy and "my stylist canceled and I can't find my comb". Why does everyone want to look like Juliet Lewis?

I think the same thing about Kate Hudson as I do about Rene Zellweger. She can wear the most glamorous dress available (and I think she has, because that dress is fabulous)and drink Dom all night, but she still seems like she'd rather play poker and have a shot and a beer. (And I mean that in a good way.)

More IN that OUT, I guess.

I think if her hair looked more 'sleek' - it would have helped a ton. Otherwise - she looks fab.

I have actually been to where this is. She looks like she is freezing.

Hair and make-up, too casual for the dress. Actually, Kate is too casual for the dress. It's a beautiful gown, but you'd really need to be at least 5'11" to do it justice. I agree with annrr...Iman would have rocked this dress.

Totally agree - hair's a mess! Please do the other ladies from the premiere!! I think Penelope Cruz looked GORGEOUS and Nicole Kidman...ummmm...not so much.

Forget the dress. I'm still confused as to how she can be in one of the most-anticipated movies of the year with Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench and Sophia Freakin' Loren.

I hope she's paying her manager or publicist or whomever major bucks because she is one lucky lady.

(P.S. Do love the dress, though I agree with you boys that she's not quite pulling it off.)

Out. It is a fabulous dress but, as you have said, it is wearing her.

Her styling needed to be more elegant to pull this quirky dress off. The hair is messy and looks unwashed when it needs to be smoothed and obviously coiffed. The shoes are great but not with this dress. The bodice makes her look huge in the torso and she doesn't have the length to balance how wide it makes her look.

Pale, blonde girls cannot pull off that much white without colour SOMEWHERE. Even if she was brunette that would have helped. If I were her stylist I'd just avoid putting her in white. If the dress was even the palest of colours it would have been an improvement.

srq said, "I think Ms. Hudson is vastly overrated as an actor"

If by "vastly overrated" you mean the fact that she works at all, then I agree. I don't think anyone actually gives her credit for being an actor. She's a cute woman who's in movies, usually pretty bad ones, with some male-equivalent co-star. I think she, and we, would be better off if she owned a small business--a boutique or juice bar or something--or worked tirelessly for a worthy non-profit.

Kidman should have worn this.

Oh, I say IN. And by a good margin. The biggest failure is not to try, and she not only tried, she picked a great dress, it fits her, she looks great in it.

Hair was a little disappointing and the shoes were o.k. but not great.

But she looked great in the dress! I am bone tired of gals wearing great clothes in which they look either terrible or, at best, as if they borrowed something from someone built differently than themselves. Heck if I had access to the clothes *I* could do that! I expect more from someone with stylists and a little money who's making an investment in their career.


I don't think she can pull off the train, this would have been much better suited to her as a shorter dress. Can't decide if the train should go all together, regardless of who's wearing it.

And it really bugs me that she didn't cover up that bruise on her upper arm.

I agree with the hair. Maybe the weather did something to it.

Otherwise, I think it's a tad unfair to project one's image of a person to declare whether someone can wear or not wear a dress.

Fact: She looks fabulous in it, sans the hair.

Just because she doesn't have the fabulosity as some of her peers doesn't mean she can't put on a stunning gown, because that is a stunning gown.

My only thing about it is that dress is a major awards show dress. I don't think a movie premiere did it justice. That is my main complaint, and the hair. Yes it's that bad haha.

I don't mind the shoes, But I think she could have warmed up the lip a tiny bit more. Maybe with a taupe toned pink? But yeah, I get what you mean about the 'tude. Kate's a hippy dippy chic and this is couture. Lilo would work this like no tomorrow. Still overall I give it an IN

Out. As is said many times, the dress is wearing her. She does not have what it takes to pull this off. What is it? lack of height? lack of fabulosity?

Gorgeous dress.

Please tell us...who DO you think would be a knock-out in this dress? I'm thinking someone tall, statuesque, with huge star quality...Nicole Kidman is too pale. Her coloring would not be good in this. Heidi obviously, but she's a model - she looks good in anything. I'm leaning toward Penelope Cruz I think.

Be-U-tiful dress, and I don't think it looks bad on her.

But I agree the styling brings it down. Kate's doing Hollywood glamor with the gown, modern hippy with a braid in messy hair, and sexxy nurse costume with the shoes. I like all those elements separately, but all together they create discord in the look. This dress is too sophisticated for bed-head and stripper heels.

Also, the dress has a warm cream tone, and the shoes are a cool white, and the clash of warm/cool really bugs me.

A near-miss.

Dress is IN. Kate could have been IN if she'd not done her hair/make-up in the car on the drive over, different shoes and had better posture.

So close yet so OUT.

I give her an in because she looked happy.
And because she had a white satin coat with her because it was really cold that night. So somebody was thinking ahead.

you know, none if it bothers me so much. I hate her, but this looks great, and pretty great together - i admit is shouldn't, but flow-y asymmetrical hair with odd asymmetrical skirt works for me here.

I am in LOVE with that dress. Gorgeous! I would like to see a classy brunette actress in it.

She doesn't have a clue, does she?

I think a modified cocktail-length version of the dress would have looked so much nicer on Kate. But I give her an "in" anyway.

@ jw_ny: you're not the only one who thought this... in fact, for me, it screamed 'bridal.'

the shoes are fug.

I totally agree. She just doesn't have the attitude necessary to look fabulous in a dress like this. She just looks good, that's all.
La Lopez could wear the shit out of a dress like this.

I like the shoes, but not with this dress.
I agree 100% with the silver and blonde comment above...she needs some color on those lips. She looks washed out.

I love that dress, it's beautiful. Kate Hudson's too boring to pull it off, though.

This truly is some of the worst hair I've ever seen outside the gym or the soccer game, or MY house ; )

I adore this gown, and I'm sure Kate picked it because she does too. I'm a very casual person normally, but when I dress up, I do make the best effort I can. I wish she had.


This dress would look faboosh on Anne Hathaway. Maybe with some delicate silver shoes.

On Kate Hudson, agreed with all of those who said the dress is wearing her. And her shoes? Stripper's dye-to-match wedding shoes!

Dress is nice, but Kate Hudson is just not "all that". She's cute, but no comparison to her mom. And I agree, her hair is horrid. Why could she not put forth some effort? She is paid a ton of money (in comparison to the general populace who buys the tickets to pay her salary) yet this lackadasical, cavalier attitude is a slap in the face. You get to act, for goodness sake, its not like you have to answer phones at a call center, drive a bus or wait tables. Show some respect for your fans and "act" like a star. And pay for a hairdresser.

I understand this sentiment, I don't think it means Anon has a terrible life. It is like when Julia Roberts said, about ten years ago, "I hate people bothering me, asking for authgraphs, etc." Well, Julia, why did you become an actress?? Why didn't you become a dental technician, or a Maytag repairman? Actresses command the big bucks, and want to be popular enough to sell tickets, so when they go to a big event, they should try to look like they made some effort. The messy hair, the lack of hose (and WHY are hose considered passe now???) the feet being shoved into the shoes, no lipstick?? Looks like someone wearing her mommies dress, playing dress up.


I like the spirit in which she is wearing the dress...but it's like the hair/shoes were forgotten...

This is an Academy Awards dress...not a movie premier dress....the train is simply too long....and I know TLo has a rule about matchy-matchy shoes and head-to-toe in the same designer, but in this case, she really should have stuck with the shoes that are shown by the model. They work with the dress, not against it.

Fix the shoes, fix the hair (which is a style I rocked when I was 7...and I'm now 37) and add some lip color and she would have knocked this out of the Oscar ballpark.

With that being said - if I looked like this - I'd wear all sorts of crazy just because I could.

i agree with the post above..nicole kidman would have rocked it. She has the regal quality, which KH lacks.

A fierce hairstyle and she's IN.

polished looks just aren't for her (or for goldie, for that matter). she looks best in hippy dippy stuff.

also, her stylist should be shot for pairing those shoes with that dress.

First the dress. It's a testament to some serious creative talent. The mix of texture, pattern and some fierce craftsmanship have produce a stunner, yet elegant.

Now the woman. There is no shame on Kate Hudson. She is who she is, delightful and fresh. Note the confidence not to have implants. But delightful ain't for this dress. Regal and edgy would do. Someone who stands shoulders back, eyes front and confidently connects to the audience. Old school: Ava Gardner. New School: Hmmm.

I don't know if they even care, but if I was associated with Atelier Versace, I would be embarrassed that someone wore one of my fabulous dresses and didn't show the respect that proper styling would bring.

It's like she's styled for another dress. Her makeup, hair and shoes are very Kate (I look EXACTLY like the decade me mom is the icon of) Hudson, the dress looks like the first dress got something spilled on it and she had to quick put this one on instead.

Though I'm usually in agreement with TLo, today not so much. I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and is definitely an IN. Shoes are awful though.


love the dress. it looks great on her figure. but she isnt even trying to do her part. sleek pulled back hair & better accessories would have made this a stunner.

but isn't this just for a movie premiere? am i the only one who things this is a bit much to wear to the movies? a fabulous little cocktail dress would have been far more appropriate than a ball gown... OUT.

This dress is screaming for Cameron Diaz.

Fabulous dress, but not on her: she's too short, and doesn't have the right posture/attitude. And yes, the HAIR is awful.

You guys nailed it. Her attitude needs to match up with the dress; she looks like she doesn't particularly care that her dress is drop dead. I hate the styling because I think she needs to look more polished for that dress.

Seriously, woman, you are wearing a gorgeous Atelier Versace. Why don't you look happy about it!?

ree with everything you said -- and would add one more thought: the gown is so structured and architectural (even the skirt is pretty stiff) that I can see why she wanted to go with "loose, flowy hair" because otherwise the whole thing would've been too severe.

But it's hard to make loose hair look polished and sleek, at the same time. (Goodness knows I've never pulled it off.) -victoria

This is a dress I would kill to wear, but like Kate, I'm just too short to pull it off. Neither her hair and shoes match up, but I don't like the hair or shoes on the model either, so I'm not sure what would work. I can't give a dress this great an OUT ever, but it seems a bit too formal for a premiere to me.

IMHO the bustier bodice does not fit Kate and this fit issue is ruining the look of the dress. The bustier bodice fits the model perfect!

I love the dress and agree with TLo that Kate Hudson looks better than she usually does.

My favorite "Kate Hudson" evening dress was the yellow one she wore in a movie she made with with Matthew M...."What's His Name" when she played a journalist working for a fashion magazine.


It always kills me when these Hollywood chicks throw on an Atelier Versace gown and show up on the red carpet looking like they just got out of bed. Kate is certainly cute, but not so much in this dress. I love the Versace model in the gown because it's an interesting look. Makes me think that she's a a teen hooker on a wedding cake. In short, Kate is out.

- edina -

Fabulous dress, but it doesn't look great on her because it doesn't fit. The waist looks big and not tailored to her body. Also, the running around town hair for red carpet events trend needs to go!

Asparagus lust

I am quite sure she thinks she is re-writing the glam school book. Nothing wrong with her makeup. The hair is intentionally Black Crowe style, messy, somewhat stringy looking -- the I'm too cool for school mop. She succeeds in looking in total like Pam Anderson as Kate Hudson. Not good. Complete waste of a dress, and yes, the commenter prior was correct. Way too much dress for a premier. Please stick with your girl Stella in the future, Kate. Leave the other stuff alone. Sorry. OUT

I hate Kate Hudson with the fire of a thousand suns, but even I can't say she looks bad here (and she usually does.) I don't like the shoes she's wearing but it's certainly not because they're "clunky" - the shoes in the model pics are much heavier but work with the dress. And I like the hair - sometimes it's nice to have something other than the so-perfect-it-looks-fake cookie-cutter prom 'dos most of 'em wear on the red carpet.

I'll continue the theme of "who would wear the hell out of this dress?" and say it was made for someone like Marion Cotillard.

The problem for Kate is it's a white and silver dress and she's a small-featured blonde wearing pale, subtle make up and she gets...lost in all that pale neutrality. All you see is a beautiful dress, not a beautiful woman wearing a beautiful dress.

Cotillard, on the other hand, with her darker hair, luminous complexion and big, eyes would have dazzled in this dress. The dress wouldn't compete with her darker features, and her lovely features would complement the gorgeous dress.

Kate's always best when she wears sheaths in golden tones that highlight her slim build and sunny SoCal looks.

Exactly. The dress is wearing her. It's not too much dress, like say the Marchesa Rihanna wore to the AMAs, it's just too much dress for a girl like Kate Hudson. The styling is definitely not great, but the real problem is that you have a dress that spells D-R-A-M-A on a girl who would clearly be more comfortable in one of her ridiculous hippie vomit throwbacks.

I think a proper 'do would do wonders for this look. If she'd had it done properly, by someone who knew how to style hair to work with the clothes, this might've been properly stunning. However, she's trying to continue to pull her usual lazy hippie-chick look in a fabulous couture gown, and she's failing, failing, failing. I can't believe she hasn't once seen herself in a mirror and gone, Oh, shit. I really should have done something with this raggy blonde hair of mine. Maybe that's why her pose is lacking: she's feeling insecure due to hair styling FAIL.

That is a spectacular dress, and I would have liked to see any other actress but her in it. Fergie would have brought something weird and fun to the look, for instance. Unfortunately, Hudson is generally movie poison, turning whatever she is in into a B movie. So I predict that Nine won't do well.

Fabulous dress! Wrong person! That's all.

It's interesting, isn't it. She's gorgeous. The dress fits perfectly. But she simply can't pull it off. Part of it is the styling--she looks like she stopped into a gown store while she was out doing errands and decided on a whim to try something on.

If TLo had said "She looks FAB," 98% of these posts would be glowing with accolades and agreement. Trust. She looks better than all of you.

Asparagus lust

If that aint Kate's momma or the channel of her, I lose my bet. Trust.

No, honey, no. Put it back on the rack.

Anonymous said...

If TLo had said "She looks FAB," 98% of these posts would be glowing with accolades and agreement. Trust. She looks better than all of you.

Wow, that's so cool that you can see all of us.

I'm fine with the hair, it's kind of glamorous. The shoes aren't the best choice but they're not bad. I give it an IN. The dress is gorgeous and she's working it pretty well.

TLo said exactly whay I was thinking before I even read the post.

Great dress, great girl, not a great match.

The hair is disgraceful, shoes klunky, attitude non-existent.

It's the recession -- no one wants to hire a stylist. This is why Rachel Zoe had to go to reality TV for revenue.

Pour January Jones into that frock - with her hair in a Betty Draper chignon, and we'd have something to look at.

I love that dress dearly, and Kate Hudson's body looks amazing in it. Yes, Kate H. could have used a better hairstyle, but her make-up is just right and again, that dress is just flawless and suits her figure very well. I didn't even notice the shoes; I was looking at that gorgeous bodice and the details around the hips.

Sorry to disagree. I think the dress wears her. As does her blush. OUT

The dress is lovely, but she's not pulling it off. Comb your hair, kid.
Am I the only person who's sick to death of stripper shoes?

Where is it written that the hippie chick can't dress a little out of her norm and wear something fabulous?

I get her, because I can't quite bring myself to ever go full on, full out. There's always a little bit of the girl who wears a pony tail, jeans, a t-shirt and hiking boots on a daily basis.

To me, she looks fab. But I think girls like Kate Hudson, with extraordinary looks can wear something this fab and have fancy soccer mom hair.

Fancy soccer mom hair is as fancy as my hair ever gets. I'm not comfortable with more.

But hey, that's just one mom's opinion.

In because it's beautiful and she does look good from the neck down and ankles up. The styling...who the hell did that? THEY are out.

I LOVE the dress-- the shoes are way better than the matchy-matchy shoes that the model wore.
Yes the hair needs some work, but it does look better than usual and a pop of lipstick color would have been the perfect touch.

So, near perfect is definitely an IN.

The dress is IN, but she is out. The saltwater beach head doesn't work, nor do the shoes, and I would go so far as to say the makeup doesn't either-a little white eye shadow goes a long way!

You said Kate Hudson had charms!


THE most dishwater celebrity ever!


A big OUT. I completely agree with the OPs - this dress is incredible. The first time I saw it, I honestly began tearing up.

However, seeing it on Kate Hudson just doesn't look right. Kate looks like a barbie beach girl and such girls have no business wearing an Atelier Versace dress which requires some sort of attitude/diva-ness to pull it off correctly.

Her hair + headband (wtf? at a red carpet event?) screams cas while the dress is begging for a little snappiness. And her fair complexion, blonde hair, and white just totally wash her out. More robust, richer colored makeup would help.

The shoes are ok for the dress but they appear to overwhelm Hudson.

I'm also concerned that some ppl think that it's totally ok for the dress to wear you. I strongly disagree - you end up looking ridiculous if the personality of the dress overshadows instead of enhances your personality. Like if Anne Hathaway wore Alexander Wang, just wouldn't look right.

I have the urge to pull her dress up, it looks like it might be a smidge too big in the bodice.


The dress is stunning! She looks pretty but the dress would shine a lot more on somebody else.

yeah! ho! wah!

i think youre crazy, tlo. this is an unambiguous IN.

Would have loved to see Cate Blanchett in this one.

Oh please. I'm tired of these posts and comments dissing actresses for being short of perfection in some imaginary way. I think all the harsh commenters should have to post pictures of themselves dressed and made up to perfection, so we can judge if they know what they're talking about. If the point is to make us non-famous people feel better about ourselves by picking apart famous people, I don't think that works. I think instead we end up more depressed because perfection is revealed as being even further away.

I think she looks stunning here, a definite "IN." It wasn't necessarily a regal "film star" attitude that she brought to bear, but more of a fun-loving youthful sexiness which works here. Not in love with the shoes, but I'll give her a pass this time. As for the hair, it was freezing and windy in London so it probably looked a lot better when she left the hotel (tho pics of Nicole Kidman show that her long straight hair seemed to survive reasonably intact).

That said, while there doesn't appear to be any rule of thumb regarding dress code to a major film premiere, my only beef with this look is it seems a bit much for the event. But that's just me.

This is a dress for the Oscars, not some piddly Kate Hudson movie premiere.

She always looks like she just got back from the beach/gym/grocery store, did a quick-change, pushed her hair back, and left to "the event." She never looks clean or put together.

I hate these shoes with the huge platforms under just the soles. Big platforms need to go from toe to heel, like a wedge. Sole-only platforms should be no more than a half-inch.

"This is a dress for the Oscars, not some piddly Kate Hudson movie premiere."

This is a dress for a real movie star. Not piddly Kate Hudson.

"This is a dress for the Oscars, not some piddly Kate Hudson movie premiere."

This ain't your momma's Kate Hudson movie. It's the new film adaptation of "Nine" which, if it lives up to the standards Rob Marshall set up for us with "Chicago," may be the next classic film musical.

I'm SO excited for this movie to come out, and almost equally excited to hear what you boys have to say about it.

No, a big part of dressing is figuring out what works for your body and what matches your personality. It doesn't mean not stepping out of the comfort zone, but this dress looks very tacked onto her. OUT.

Kate Hudson is so, so perfect for that ethereal, floaty look, sort of surfer-chic on the red carpet styling and this dress is waaaaay too structured and rigid to be flattering on her. I say OUT definitely.

The dress has enough going on that all it requires is simple hair and make-up.

Versace's vision of the look was a model with corn rows and minimal make-up. Hudson kept to that vision with her own interpretation of that look with the simple front braid and minimal make-up.

She wore the dress how Verace envisioned it to be worn.

Versace nailed the dress so why not trust his vision for the total look?

The dress is lovely, but not on her. It's too long on her which ruins the lovely lines and proportions of the dress.

The over-long dress and heavy shoes added to the terrible hair and washed out makeup makes her look like she's playing dress-up.

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