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In or Out: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson attends her sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Broadway debut in "Chicago" at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City wearing a Collette Dinnigan dress.

A Collette Dinnigan dress that she should NOT have worn.

Collette Dinnigan Fall 2008 Collection
Model: Tallulah Morton

Look, kittens. We're gonna be (haha) straight with you: she gained weight. It's no big deal; it happens to all of us. And she's still thinner than the vast majority of the public. There's no crime in putting on a few pounds, especially when you're about to crash headlong into your thirties with no visible career and a romantic life that isn't making anyone jealous. Sometimes a girl's best friend in a harsh and cruel world is a little Chubby Hubby and a box of tissues on the couch. She's still a pretty girl and she can still go out looking hot and sexy if that's what she wants for herself. But this isn't the way to go about it. Part of the reason the fashion and entertainment industry values size 2 and below is because it's so easy to dress that body and make both it and the clothes look good. Every size you go up, it gets a little harder (though by no means impossible) to dress the body effectively. You've got to learn the tricks. People like Jessica here who unexpectedly go up a couple of sizes don't know the tricks and (more likely) refuse to learn them out of a sense of denial. This dress says nothing more than "I STILL GOT IT" at the top of its lungs, when in fact, the it that she's got is not the same it that she used to have.

This is all a wordy way of saying that there's nothing wrong with the size and shape of her body. There's everything wrong with the size and shape of her dress. OUT.

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I'm a little surprised that you didn't mention her makeup. What is going on there, with the inky eyes and sheen and whiter spots? Also, she kind of looks like Ivanka Trump in the last picture on the right.

big old ham wrapped in tin foil.

"This dress says nothing more than "I STILL GOT IT" at the top of its lungs, when in fact, the it that she's got is not the same it that she used to have."
So, so well said.

Nothing makes you look bigger than wearing clothes that are too small.

I have no problem going up a size in a dress if it means it will fit properly. Stuffed sausage is never attractive.

I had to buy a dress for our company's holiday party. It's a size 10. I usually wear 8's up top and 4's down below (I'm an upside down triangle! So fun to dress. Not.) But this dress required a 10, and it actually fits top and bottom. Meh. It's a pretty dress and you're the only ones that know the number on the label. No one at work knows. Maybe someone should remind Jessica that no one needs to know what the label number is?

I kind of disagree here. First of all, she has gained weight, but not all that much. JSimp has ALWAYS been a petite, curvy girl. She was never a stick. And I think she still has a great body--her legs look fantastic, and I think that showing them off is definitely a step in the right direction (away from the high-waisted jeans of doom).

The real problem here is that she has boobs (as her father once horrifying pointed out to us). This dress, like so many others, was designed for a boobless model. The truth is, JSIMP could not have worn this dress to good effect even at her skinniest, because she has always had boobs, and this dress is not intended for someone of her shape. That's the problem far more than her weight.

I agree that the shape and the size and the style are wrong for her regardless of her weight.

she needs a boob-flattering/supporting neckline; a better cut or shape to the dress; and she really looks miles better in colour than black, which looks pretty harsh in combination with that makeup(especially in this instance).

i'm short and curvy too and i have recently gained weight from being stuck in bed sick for a few months. it's definitely a major adjustment (and i don't get chased by paparazzi!) but she could easily hire a stylist and trainer to help her. (while i can afford neither.)

No. Just no.

Yes, the boobs are the problem. So many dresses are designed for flat-chested women. Big boobs tend to look better in something lower cut. High necks just do not work.

It's not her weight so much as her body type that's making the dress look bad. And her strong ass jaw.

it makes me a wee bit sad.

No one has even mentioned what the crux of the problem is: she is not wearing contacts. She needs to stop being lazy and put in her contacts. Because if her contacts were in, she would have looked in the mirror and said, "WTF! I can't wear this!"

Or maybe there are no mirrors in her house.....

Carol Channing

She needs to cut corn out of her diet.

I don't think she has gained weight recently. I think the weight's been coming down recently. You can particularly see this in full body profile shots of her in this dress. Once again, she dresses all wrong for her body. The boobs are making her look wide and the dress is far too small. I disagree that going a size up would have helped. the front would have just hung off of her boobs like an awning. She needs more V necklines.

I don't understand, really. It's not like her boobs are a new development, why doesn't she know how to dress with them instead of against them?

Agreeing that it's a solid out -- the girl's got big boobs, and big boobs and that dress are not compatible. (I'd also think that shiny horizontal stripes would be a no go for anyone *but* a size 0 model-type person with no roundnesses to speak of.) But, very vaguely in her defense, I wonder if this is one of those that looks better on a moving person as opposed to in a still photograph. That's not much of a defense because it's not hard to take some trial photos and see how it's going to come across. But I can see how in person and in motion, this might have not looked so desperate.

I'm more disturbed by the Ashlee Simpson-whatever debut in Chicago bit. She's playing Roxie? Seriously? On Broadway? That just... really surprises me. Didn't even notice Jessica's dress. Which, by the way, I don't like.

The various sizes of the rows of sequins is a huge factor here. They are creating some shadows and rolls. The fabric is not her friend.

I don't notice the dress much compared to the eyeliner.

When it looks like Homer Simpson did your make up with his make up gun set on whore....

But that dress is ugly and tacky- short, tight and shiny!

Why does she look so mug shot-y in the first pic?

I kinda agree that the problem is less Jessica Simpson knowing how to dress for her weight gain as her not knowing how to dress for large breasts, which she has had for quite some time. That dress does not appear to be made for large-chested women. She needs a dress with a V neckline and room for ta-tas!

The second I saw these pics, I immediately thought, "sequined innertube".


Even at her smallest, this wouldn't have been a good look for her, in my opinion. She's always had broad shoulder and large breasts, and this dress doesn't work for either of those features.


And she's been dressing herself long enough to know that this is not a flattering cut for her bosom. I say willful denial.

Amen. That dress just is wrong on so many levels. It really isn't even built for a size 2 per se. It's made for someone with absolutely no curves and a very long torso. It doesn't matter if your a size 00 or a size 10. If you're at all curvy or short waisted (JS is both) it's a media bloodbath in the making.

I agree this is an OUT. At first I thought maybe if she went up a size, but honestly I think instead of such a straight shape she should have worn something to play up her curves. She's not a fat person, just not a size 0.That just means this isn't the dress for her.

TLo, in the midst of an industry where it's totally okay to bluntly say "She's fat. Gross.", you guys always speak eloquently and fairly regarding weight and I really appreciate that. :)

She looks like a trailer park princess. Sewing Siren is right...nothing makes you look bigger than wearing clothes that are too small.

Forget about wrong dress vs. wrong body type or whatever wrong vs. wrong. The dress is boring! Boring! BORING! You can get almost the exact same dress as Macy's for around #200.00. I expect more from Jessica even if she only wanted to spend $200.00.


Seeing poor Jessica in this kind of reminds me of Divine in that red, skin-tight sequined get-up from Pink Flamingos.

While uttering those famous words to Ray and Connie Marbles:
"You have been convicted of asshol-ism. You are sentenced to DIE!"

antares said...
I don't notice the dress much compared to the eyeliner.

When it looks like Homer Simpson did your make up with his make up gun set on whore... sister and I used to say this all the time! The gun must also have a setting for Drag Queen.

Anonymous (9:21) said....

"The real problem here is that she has boobs (as her father once horrifying pointed out to us). This dress, like so many others, was designed for a boobless model. The truth is, JSIMP could not have worn this dress to good effect even at her skinniest, because she has always had boobs, and this dress is not intended for someone of her shape. That's the problem far more than her weight."


Well stated, Anon! The problem is not with girth, but boobage, an unflattering dress, heinous rows of sequins, and to top it off, gallons of liquid eyeliner. And these pics ain't exactly doing JS any huge favors. A sad series of red-carpet mugshots if ever I saw them. She looks terribly unhappy and uncomfortable. I feel a bit sorry for her because she is incredibly beautiful, but has throughout her career always had the world's most unflattering wardrobe, bad stylists and/or naughty, naughty gays in her camp.

Poor thing. Did she ever 'have it?' That being said, it's a terrible shape and length for her figure. So what if she has put on a few pounds - but her stylist must go.

Definite OUT. It's not so much the weight thing (or maybe it is) but that dress just looks way better on the model. She's trying just a bit too hard and this is just not the right dress for her with the curves that she now has.

Very delicately handled, guys. Like tiptoeing around a lava field. But your comments are spot on.

Very eloquently said. Good job

YES YES YES. Finally. Someone gets it. Your assessment is SPOT ON gentlemen.

There are so many problems with her in this dress: broad jaw, broad shoulders, big boobs, broad hips, and a round stomach with a too-small sequined dress. One or two of those features and the dress might have worked. as it is, her enviably-curvy body looks like a parade float.

I have broad shoulders and big boobs, but i can still wear boat necks because i buy them in the right size and i don't have a pregno-belly.

well. at least i THINK i can wear boat necks. Maybe i'd better put in MY contact! :D

Bright and shiny side to side stripes are very hard for anyone to pull off. I note the hair hasn't been colored in a while, the tummy is poochy, the bewbs bigger than usual and wonder if she missed a couple of menses.

I'll try to say this delicately: she's too fat for that dress. That's all.

I agree completely. She could look gorgeous if she just dressed her size.

i actually agree with the "Divine" comment....

Most importantly, I agree with TLO, she is in denial about her weight and whoever is dressing her needs to be shot.

PEOPLE it is not her boobs. You can clearly see a big ol gut in under the shiny dress! Unacceptable unless you are pregnant or so fat that dressing in a "slimming" garment is not going to matter!

It's not just the boobs, the dress is one size too small on her. It's too tight around the waist or lack thereof. OUT.

Personally I think that dress is ugly even on the size 0 model.

It isn't always the body the clothes are on that makes an outfit not work.

That said, this is the wrong dress for her body type. It doesn't flatter her curves. She seems to me like someone who still feels like she is skinny and dresses as such. What she needs to do is emabrace her curves and dress appropriately.

Look at Beyonce who has hips, thighs and a butt. Beyonce may have taste issues, but her clothes invariably work very well on her figure.

this is the worst possible dress for her body type. Even if she were thinner, she still has those big boobs. The makeup is horrid. And why for the love of all that is holy does she make that stupid mouth-half-open face all the time? "Close your mouth. You look like a fish, dear." (Phyllis to Pam on The Office.)

Her sister Ashlee is afflicted too. She always makes that weird pursed-lip simpering expression.

Jameela said....
"You can clearly see a big ol gut in under the shiny dress!"

ALRIGHT, Jameela!!! I see her big ol' gut...but I still think she right purty.

- edina -

Guys, you said it so well - and nicely too, which is no mean feat when talking about weight!

Girl needs to get herself some stylists who understand a female figure with curves. She's clearly not an anorexic model! Plus, as we all know, the best way to step out after a nasty break-up is looking fabulous....and this just isn't it.


"Ali said: I'm more disturbed by the Ashlee Simpson-whatever debut in Chicago bit. She's playing Roxie? Seriously? On Broadway?"

Yeah, casting Ashlee in a Broadway production is the Show Producer's equivalent of Jessica showing up in this dress.


More than anything, I don't like that color on her. Thinking back, she looks great in bright colors.


- edina -

I don't particularly care about the weight, the makeup or the clothes; any woman who promotes stupid as a career choice is a permanent "OUT" in my book.


I'm sure we all remember what Nina Garcia said about short, tight, and shiny. This is a case where Jessica's stylist should have stepped in and been honest with the client or, if this was the stylist's fault, been fired.


She is a pretty woman who needs to update her look. This dress is not doing her any favors, making her look stumpy.

A gentle SOS for a new stylist for Jessica.

A size or two too small is never in. The fit is just terrible, and she or her stylist has to know it. I feel kinda bad for her.

I guess boobless and hipless bodies would be easier to dress cause u can add all that you want since there isn't really anything in the way. I often cringe when I see models in low cut or revealing outfits because they lack the goods to work that kind of dress. Now millons of layers, odd ruffles, artistic shapes look good on them.

However dressing a woman with boobs and hips should be simpler since u already have so much to rely on. Just going one size up and lowering the neckline would make this dress instantly better. Thats not too dificult. Maybe its obvious to me cause I have boobs and know to never go out in a dress that awkward lol.

Egad she looks awful--trying way too hard with the tight and shiny dress, not to mention the black eyeliner. She desperately needs to dress with her figure instead of against it.

She'd look great in something more vintage-y. Not a full-on vintage costume, but something that would heaken back to the stuff that Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe wore back in the day. She'd look fabulous and sexy because of her curves instead of sad.

The boobs are killing the rest of her figure in this particular dress. She still can look great, but the color and structure of this dress just does not suit her at all. Poor JSimp. I can't snark on her at all, but she does need to learn how to dress her body shape better.

You know who the makeup reminds me of? Rebecca Glasscock. And that is not a good sign.

When a two year old runs around with her panties showing it's cute. On anyone older than that, a dress that's no longer than a shirt is always OUT.

wow. Awful. She is an attractive woman with a good body who needs to find the right look. This is not it. I do like the dress as it is styled for the runway, however.

Thank you, boys. I needed to hear that.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Agree size, shape and boatneck all don't work.

But the makeup and hair are just as much at fault.

This comment has been removed by the author.

This comment has been removed by the author.

DRESS.IS.TOO.LITTLE *sigh* love Jessica, love her shape and I think she is a great healthy blody image! However I wish she would start buying clothes that actually fit her, and if she does have a stylist they need to be taken out into the town square and shot! EPIC FAIL

And I agree with some of the other commenters I'm a 32DD but the rest of me is an athletic size 4, and while I'm about 2 inches taller than Jess I get her issue that sometimes the top doesn't match the bottom. That's why they created seperates and that is also why the put the size of the garment on the inside no one will know that you are wearing a size 8 pumpkin...I promise!

For tips on how to dress for large breasts, we can look at the Chris March thumbnail to the right. (How does he do that?!?!)

oh my!

One would think after the "mom jeans" scandal that she'd have learned a lesson or 2....apparently not! Jess...sorry but you are a big fat OUT!

No...she's not fat...she's beautiful and healthy...but that dress does her no favors. Time to fire her stylist...or slap her mom/sis/whomever lets her walk out the door looking like that!

Maybe her sister picked it out, in an attempt to make sure she is the only Simpson who shone that night. Even if her debut sucked, at least she would get positive press for not looking as bad as her sister.

I kid.

Jessica Simpson is an averagely attractive girl with minimal talent, and no particularly good reasons for being famous. She's always OUT, in my book.

That said: excellently written post, TLo. The problem ISN'T her body; it's how she's dressed her body. Not every body can wear every kind of garment, and this is a (literally) shining example of that rule.

She does look incredibly unhappy in the first pictures you posted, which is depressing.

To Kasey: I hope you aren't suggesting by referring to a size 8 "pumpkin," that 8 is a huge size. It may be large for you, but for some of us, it's normal to tiny or just flat-out wishful thinking.

Be kind about weight issues, y'all; follow the diplomatic example of our fearless leaders TLo.

Very well said, TLo.
It's true...we all gain and lose weight. There's nothing wrong with her body.
I think that she could actually wear this dress with the body that she has today, but as others pointed out, she would have to go up a couple of sizes. As a woman with a large chest as well, I can tell you for sure that one or two sizes up would get rid of that horrible uni-boob effect that she's having there.
She's a beautiful girl, but if she decides to stay at this weight, she needs to learn to dress her size.

All this blah blah about gaining weight and your body type BS. Please! The bitch needs to get clothes in HER CORRECT SIZE!!! That is it. If she can't get a FREE sample dress, then she should GO AND BUY ONE.

Who cares if she's a 2 or a 6. She's a stuffed silver sausage in that dress.

Ms. Flyover, Yes.

She's a permanent out for me. Ditto Paris Hilton. Bleck.

Jessica isn't too fat for that dress, she's too busty.

Jessica and I have basically the same body, so I know how hard it can be to dress well when you're short and super-curvy. It's definitely not impossible, though, and with her resources she shouldn't have ever left the house wearing this. Somebody get this girl a new stylist.

Goes to show that short dresses don't necessarily make you look longer. Girlfriend looks a squat three feet tall in those pics

agreed, and those shoes. I cannot those shoes.

The sad part is that she could have punctuated that I Still Got It statement with an exclamation point if only her dress was the correct size.

That's all it takes! WEAR YOUR SIZE. As Tim Gunn says - Proportion & Fit, ladies!

There was a time when I could slip into a size 4 without a shoe horn. Those days are over darlings. And that's FINE! It's all a part of growing older and being a woman.

Would I like to go down a size? Of course! I'm not insane. But you know what? Gaining weight meant that I had to learn about fit and proportion - it's a lot easier to be a skinny toothpick and just pick up any old thing to wear. Which is what I did and the resulting looks were not always attractive.....!

A pleasant bonus - I found out that clothes looked better on my curves than they did on my angles =) Perfect.

Well said, TLo.

I agree it's an out, but not for the reasons state in the post.

She is not fat. She looks healthy (look at her legs, fabulous).

Her body type is simply wrong for that dress. I don't even think she'd get away with it when she was size 2.

She's a curvy and busty girl, which means unfortunately she can't wear everything.

On the other hand, she doesn't look that bad, just think she could do better.

Agree with everyone here who put the blame on the shape more than the size. She is too busty for this dress at any weight, and would look a thousand times better in a low, wide scoop.

Then the waist needs to be nipped/highlighted/artificially enhanced with proper dress/jacket seams and/or belting. And then she needs a tad more volume and length at the bottom to even our her proportions.

This advice is neatly illustrated by Susannah Constantine in the first What Not to Wear book.

I, on the other hand, am lacking any curves to speak of and would love that dress!

Can we talk underwear for a moment?

Because a whole lot of Jessica Simpson's ongoing problem is that she needs a well-fitted bra.

Actually, a well fitted anything would be nice. However, this dress, as has been stated so often up thread, is a boring mess, period. Sometimes I suspect designers of sticking things like this in collections for contrast, or maybe punctuation; it gives room between two more interesting pieces when there's nothing in particular to pay attention to. Even if it fit, it would look like glitter on a dog turd.

(I considered that last metaphor for several revisions, but it's the least vulgar accurate description that I can devise).

Also, the harsh liquid liner thing can only be flattering on those with absolutely symetrical eyes. Neither Jessica nor Ashley is so blessed, and they end up looking like the more poorly drawn sort of eighth-grade fashion drawings.

Ugh, I never like her, she is always out to me. This dress looks horrible on her, and I don't think it's just her boobs-it's just not the right size or the right dress for her.

"This dress says nothing more than "I STILL GOT IT" at the top of its lungs, when in fact, the it that she's got is not the same it that she used to have."


You guys are masterful in your summing up. There are mailboxes across the nation which need this message delivered to them (like the old Scope commercials).

holy crap! why didnt anyone stop her?!

i'm not dorothy gale

You know, it just occurred to me that slamming Jessica for her clothes is destined to be repeated as the years go by. Some women just LOVE all that glitz and glitter, whore Barbie makeup and clothing compression (see: Dolly Parton), believing it's the epitome of feminine glamour.

In their minds, they're always IN.

I totally love me a curvier Jessica, but she is trying WAY to hard here. She's fighting against everything that makes her sexy by doing what she thinks is sexy. She could look SOOOOO much better then this.


Gotta know who you are gf and dress for it. ;)

I don't even know if it's necessarily that she's gained a little weight; she's always been sort of curvy, even if it was the "skinny" curvy.

She obviously isn't dressing for her body in this, though. It's like she saw the dress, loved it, and they gave her a sample size like they so often do for celebrities, and she and her stylist didn't realize that tight, shiny, and short isn't going to work for her anymore.

Also, what's with the makeup? CHRIST. She really needs to go for a more earthy look both in clothing and makeup. It will do wonders for her and I think would make her look just fabulous.

Man, turning 30 is a draaaaaaaag.
Yet somehow turning 31 is FAB-U-LOUS!
She'll make a comeback. But this, this is tragic. Where the hell is Paves when he's needed?

i looked..and then i thought "shiny sausage"

Allie said...

Jessica and I have basically the same body, so I know how hard it can be to dress well when you're short and super-curvy. It's definitely not impossible, though, and with her resources she shouldn't have ever left the house wearing this. Somebody get this girl a new stylist.

Same here sister- I always cringe when I see her misstep, because we have the same body- 5'4", very curvy. As much as I love fashion, there are certain things that just don't fly. She must have all yes people around her- even so, at almost 30 myself, I can tell something doesn't flatter me when I look in the mirror, no matter how much I'd like to wear it.

yeah! ho! wah!

jessica simpson: always OUT.

no, seriously: her figure is fine but this dress makes her look like a sausage about to explode.

It didn't occur to me that the dress was too small--I mean, it certainly is, but that's relatively common among pop stars (or in her case, never really made it to star pop singer). The problem with this dress is the neckline. Gorgeous on a skinny minny model, but made the bigger-boobed, athletic cheerleader-looking girls look broad-shouldered.

She could have averted the disaster that it is with a v neck, MUCH better makeup and her hair down. Then she would have rocked her signature look: a little trampy and desperate (rather than downright wide).

She looks like a snake that had a very big meal. And that doesn't even look good on a snake.

I think the dress would have looked better if it was a size larger.
She's always been busty, even when she was much thinner, so you would think she would know how to dress for it by now.

Oh, somebody help this child.

She's pretty and would look VERY good in something else! Jessica love yourself and get a bigger dress with more flattering lines. Curves are cool, girl!

The problem is not her weight; she clearly does not know how to dress her curvy body.

She needs to avoid the horizontal stripes (subtle, but clearly there) and a high neck can work on a dress that flatters bigger boobs, but the emphasis should be on the waist and/or a vertical design to balance out the body proportions. Christina Ricci's dress recently posted here would have worked well on Jessica's body type.

It's a va va voom body in a dress only a prepubescent child could wear. She's got a great body and has no clue how to dress it.

She doesn't look comfortable in that dress, and that's never good.
And all the white highlighter under the eyes, isn't that an old Loni Anderson look from WAY back?

Wrong dress for her.

OUT! She looks like she's stuffed in that dress.

Looks to me to be as much as issue with style as with size. She's be better with a low-cut dress that was a little longer on the bottom -- as well as one that was up at least one size.

I wish there were more really good direction for larger women (no, not J Simp -- she's still small; I'm talking about women my size, in Oprah-at-her-largest territory) and more clothes to flatter them that actually had some color to them. I'm so sick of black tents. Maybe Chris March will do a makeover of a size 22 woman. Hey Chris, I volunteer!

Girlfriend needs some style tips from Joan Holloway. Talk about a woman who's figure is always dressed to perfection!

Pardon! I meant, "... whose figure is always dressed to perfection." Have mercy, grammar gods!

Okay, even if she were the right size for this dress, it is 100% inappropriate to wear that to a Theatre. Nothing pisses me off more when people wear CRAP to the theatre.

And who really wakes up one day and decides, "Oh, hey! I want to look like a giant disco ball today!?" I don't even like this dress on the model, it's just an awful dress to begin with. The put it on Jessica Simpson, who is a curvy gal and it looks even worse than it already did.

Wrong wrong, wrongwrongworng!

It looks more like the dress is the problem than the figure. Well, and the taste. But seriously, that dress is for a no curves, stick straight figure.

This is a gorgeous girl, with a gorgeous figure who NEEDS a stylist so bad it brings tears to my eyes.

She tries and tries to keep her career going and the one thing, one main thing bringing her down, is a complete lack of taste.

Get a stylist, it will change your life.

I audibly gasped when I scrolled down to the full-length pic of poos Jess in this horrible dress. I have always been a big girl--there are myriad ways to flatter us--this ain't it.
Jess, Jess, JESS! You are beautiful and have great legs and a fine curvy figure. You can do SO much better. Please try harder.

I am STUNNED that no one has mentioned the TWO ANKLE BRACELETS!!! I believe I read every single post . . . was everyone so bedazzled by the sequins that their eyes couldn't make it down past Jessica's knees?

The TWO ankle bracelets automatically disqualify this contestant from ever being IN. It doesn't matter what dress you wear, if it is the right size or not, or what the hell color it is, if you are wearing ankle bracelets, you are OUT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!


On second look, I think those were ankle straps on her shoes. Nevermind.


Thank you TLo. You articulately stated the truth. Some people can't hear it.

Tummy bulge + bigger boobs = Pregnant??

Asparagus lust

This is not a "fight" the minions or TLo can succeed in, wage it tho they might. This starlet intends to look this way. (FYI I thought it was Brittany Spears when I saw the pics.) She is the meaning of tastelessness not unlike MANY who appear weekly on your posts, one of whom is a PR star. THIS IS HOW SHE WANTS TO LOOK. In or out? Who cares. Yech. No kin to me.

With her voluptuous figure, she could have looked killer sexy, instead she looks like a shiny box.

Ms_flyover said...any woman who promotes stupid as a career choice is a permanent "OUT" in my book.

Ms_flyover, I an sure she is crying all the way to the bank!!! LOL! LOL!.. I love her shoe line as it is good bang for the buck...excellent quality knockoffs.


I think that Saoirse Ronan wore a similar dress as this to an event recently, and wore it well.

You have to dress the body you have, not the body you want. Jessica Simpson needs an honest girlfriend to tell her when she looks like a two-bit ho.

The dress itself is hideous .. in ANY size. It looked like dog puke on the model too. No one could make that pile-o-poo look good.

These days, she's pretty much always out. This dress looks really bad on her. When you've got curves, you've got to dress them properly!

to me this isn't an issue of weight or size-it's one of taste, and hers has always been questionable.

Oh, dear - OUT. The dress is beautiful but clearly the wrong size. Nothing makes a curvy girl look heavier than she is than wearing something too tight in the boobs (I should know).

Also, unless your legs are skinny, I'm sorry, but a mini is going to also add lbs. Wear short by all means, but keep it proportional.

She's a pretty girl and it's frankly refreshing to see a pretty CURVY girl - but she needs to dress for her body and not someone else's.

her boobs make her like she is wearing a tire around her chest

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