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In or Out: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore attends Tribeca Film Institute's benefit screening of "Everybody's Fine" at AMC Lincoln Square in New York City in Emilio Pucci.

Okay, we get it. Apparently, we're doing this. The whole running-to-the-laundromat hair on the red carpet. Suddenly it's everywhere. We give up. Fine. You all look like you wore a multi-thousand-dollar gown to spinning class, but we're tired. Go with it, hairstylist queens. Get it out of your system. We look forward to an awards season in which every woman will look like a refugee from a natural disaster from the neck up and royalty from the neck down.

Emilio Pucci Spring 2010
Model: Tao Okamoto

It's a super cute dress, but it's not doing Drew any favors. She's utterly shapeless, and the tights make her look bottom heavy. We give her points for trying, because as we said, it's a super-cute dress. But the styling's way off and the cut's not best friends with her body.

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I kinda disagree...I hate that sloppy hair too, but it comes closest to working with this kind of fun-loving dress.

I think the shape is fine too: wearing clothes is not ALL about showing off curves. It would be more flattering on a smaller frame, but I still wouldn't say it doesn't flatter her.

The only think I don't like is the shoes.

She looks ridiculous. I think she's just not tall enough to pull off so much look. I am so over Drew Barrymore. OUT.

The tights ruin it

No tights and it would have been IN.

She looks like she's decaying.

I agree on the dress not being that flattering on her, but the hair goes with the spirit of the dress, I think. Plus, it's deceptively messy. You can tell it's been curled and teased and sprayed to death. It's a lot of work to get pretty messy, not just messy!

It's just that the way she wears the dress makes it look like an oversized grunge sweater...

The thing is, most of the fashion police criticize women for having their hair look "too styled" or not messy or "edgy" enough or whatever it is. This is why someone like Penelope Cruz or Kate Winslet looks so fantastically put together compared to others, because they actually bother to have a hairstyle that looks like it suits the occasion. And god forbid anyone should actually wear any hair jewelry -- that instantly tags you as a granny.

Oh, Drew. You've been doing so well...I normally hate the super skinny models but this is a dress that only looks good on a straight, super skinny model. Drew looks dumpy and way heavier than she is in the dress. And her posture is not helping.
I usually hate the messy hair thing too (as a girl with really bad hair, I resent starlets who purposely make their hair look bad), but I agree with Elaine that in this case, the hair kind of goes with the dress; and it suits her personality.
deb c

The dress is UGLY...but Drew is adorable. Her hair and makeup are cute and fresh.

I'm getting a bit peeved with the angles the photographers always seem to be shooting the celebs from. Bend down a bit and shoot them straight on rather than above them dammit. These women always appear so short legged even with heels on...grrrr

Dead-on critique. Love the dress!


For a quick second there, I thought this was Goldie Hawn.

I agree. This is not the best look on her. It's a really cute dress. She exudes nothing but a fun spirit but together not so great. I guess in the big scheme of things it really doesn't matter except that fair or not, most are judged by the image they portray.
Women with a shape don't necessarily have to accentuate it but coming from a woman that has one, I had to give up cute dresses that were not flattering because I looked like I was wearing a sack. That's the case here. Feh-I'm really over messy hair with evening wear. Whatever. That's such a yawn.

Normally I'm a big fan of *dress as modern art canvas*, but this just looks like an amoeba, a molting amoeba, a revolting molting iridescent amoeba. GAAAHHH!!!

But somehow Drew still manages to look really cute, but I'll bet that hair is stiff as, well, you know ; )

I appreciate it when celebrities don't copy the runway styling, but Drew would have looked much longer and leaner minus the black tights and with an open shoe.

I disagree, the dress looks cute on her. Drew is in great shape, she doesn't need to flaunt it with skin tight clothes to look good. Agree on the hair though. As soon as I clicked on it I knew that would be your complaint!

I wasn't digging the exposed shoulder until I saw the back of the dress. It does work. I think the dress is cute, and agree with the others about losing the tights. Drew has just not been able to figure out her hair for a while now. At least she's not sporting that weird two-toned look anymore. Baby steps, right?

Love the line about how startlets look like they wore their designer gowns to spin class. Perfect description!

It's weird that the dress hugs the model's body but not Drew's. That doesn't make sense to me.

I agree that the messy hair works with this much better than it does with Kate Hudson's dress. I kind of like the tights and the shoes. I'm not sure about the dress. But I love Drew, so she gets a qualified IN just for being her.

This is not my favorite look for Drew. But still I give her an IN.
I like the tights and messy hair it's giving an Edie Sedgewick(?) kind of vibe.
I like her better in outfits that are fitted through the waist. But I think she is an actress that really enjoys clothes and likes to play around with differnt looks, so good for her.

The shape/style of her hair would have been okay if it didn't looks dirty. Maybe the dark roots contributed but it looked kind of stringy to me.

I actually like the dress on her, partly because it's a fun dress, and partly because she looks really happy in it! I'd agree it would look nicer without the tights though.

raisin mountaineer

Looks cute to me. I like it. In. But then, I do spend most of my life going to the laundromat. And I like tights in general. Not a fan of bare legs in the winter-time-- just looks.... chilly.

Cute dress, but she needs a comb, and sheer hose. They can be black, but they have to be sheer.

I think (sans the hair) she looks cute. I can see her figure just fine, thank you very much. It's an IN.

I'm with Sewing Siren, very Edie Sedgwick. I, too, totally dig the messy hair and dark tights for this particular look. One of the reasons I've always liked Drew is that she's not perfect, loves fashion and isn't afraid to experiment. Love her. Love the look. In.

- edina -

I'm not crazy about the shoes, but the dress -- oh, who am I trying to kid? I don't really love the dress either. But I love Drew so damn much that I think she looks smashing no matter what. The smile alone gives her an automatic IN.

yeah! ho! wah!

i kinda like this. not great, but nice and fun. IN.

and yeah: the roots are showing. rich people have absolutely no excuse for shit like that.


It makes me want to throw up...actually that might be due to alcohol + SEC championship but still

I think she looks gorgeous, minus the ratty hair and opaque tights. I like the lightness of the lace up shoe on the runway. The pump Drew is wearing, added to the heavy hose really drag the whole look down.

I think the dress is very fun, and I like her low-key make-up a lot. I'm just not big on the black tights and black shoes. I can take or leave the hair (it's not anywhere near so scary as what Katie Holmes has been photographed with on top of her head, shudder).

I like it that Drew B. is wearing the dress in a size that is a bit loose on her, and it is a fun dress. I say overall thumbs' up.

The voguettes have been doing it for ages, the I'm-so-much-into-clothes-I-don't-give-a-damn-about-hair thing. I guess is coming to Hollywood now. Incidentally,

I love her in this dress.

Look in that first pic, she seriously has a lump of hair sticking up in the back. It isn't just messy, it is messed up.

The shoes, tights and fit of a the dress are all wrong, although because of the awful hair, it's not like anyone would keep looking at Drew here for more than like three seconds.

I like it-- I think it's fun and different. She looks like she's out to have a good time.

The hair is styled to match the dress-- it could have been a super cute bob and then it would have looked 60s-ish.

I love this dress but (sorry, Drew!) you need major gams to make it work successfully. I also agree the black opaque tights were probably not the right way to go.

I do have to say that I love the hair. Guess "Bed Head" is back in - I think messy and tousled always has its place, and it works here for me. The cut and length flatter her.

Love the dress, love the Drew.. but not together.

Love Drew, but not in that. I don't object so much to the hair as to the tights. I wore a top today that did the same thing for me that the Pucci does for her, which is to say not much. I'm retiring that top to Goodwill as soon as I clean it.

The hair makes the dress look cheap. Too bad, I've really started to like her over the last few years. Hopefully next time is better!

Did Drew lose all her curves when she lost weight? It's a pretty dress but she somehow looks like she has no boobs or hips. The black tights and shoes don't help. The hair isn't great but I don't think it's as bad as Kate Hudson's was.

Honestly I'd say it's a a'ight look, but between and IN or and OUT I give it an OUT.

Well. Apparently all the bitching my boss does about me not keeping my hair properly brushed (I'm cursed with hair that tangles no matter what I do to it) is all for not. Now I can just tell her I'm being fashionable.

The hair is actually noticably a hairstyle (just styled to look breezy), and the makeup is good. But no one can look good when their *ahem* girls have no support. Give Drew a decent bra, and she'd look a thousand times better in that dress.

C'mon, Drew. Give the girls some support!


She looks fantastic - the dress is stunning and I know what Drew's
'shape' is...I don't need it outlined for me every time she leaves the house. What is wrong with all of you? You guys say you're bored and then when someone tries something different you call them crazy. Open Vogue or Bazaar this month - black tights everywhere. What did you expect? For her to go bare legged in December in NYC?

This is DREW. She needs to own it. Maybe that doesn't translate in these photos but if anyone on this earth should exude self confidence it should be Drew.

Loose the tights, sleek up the hair and this would be perfect.

Cool dress.

Drew's legs look chunky fat, and she needs to grow some tits or buck up the ones she has.

I think she looks cute. IN

I think her hair is a vast improvement over that two-tone disaster mop she had during the press for her movie Whip It (remember yellow on top, black on bottom?).

I do agree that she should lose the dark hose and shoes. Since her legs aren't really long, I would have gone with bare legs and either a nude heel or strappy sandal to make her legs look longer.

It's still pretty cute, but yeah, not fully working. I think a better bra and bare legs could have saved it.

bra bra bra bra...

Having said that, yes the stockings are too heavy but she's just always such an IN in my book!!

I love how she's come back from everything that's happened in her life and is so happy and successful now. The joy that always radiates on her face makes her an in to me.

The Rudi Gernreich hairstyle on the model is perfect with the dress, but Drew's tousled look isn't bad -- and it makes more sense with this dress than Kate's mess did with that gown.

Jules, my naturally messy hair & I feel your pain. A blow dry leaves my hair all silky smooth . . . for about 5 minutes. Within half an hour the individual hairs will have run amok and completely rearranged themselves.

okay, you're right. it is not the best, but the dress is amazing and i just love drew so it is all good in my books.

The dress looks like something I left in the back of the fridge too long. Not an attractive print.


It's a damn sight better than the Jessica Simpson shiny, tight and short debacle of a few days ago. Drew pulls this off nicely.

Maybe a slightly longer hem & colored tights?

Tights in same pattern as the dress?

Would make it IN?

I would love to see this with a more sheer tight and possibly different shoes, but I like the hair (style, not visible roots) and makeup quite a bit and think they suit the dress and Drew.

On the whole, while I agree with you that a different shape might be more flattering, my overall impression is pretty and fun. IN.

I'd say IN b/c Drew is pretty much always an IN to me... I have a wicked girl-crush on her. I even almost think the messy hair works on her (although I really am beyond sick of this trend).

Drew: OUT!!!

The Model: Bitch is rocking IT!!!


i'm not dorothy gale

"Angie Dickinson: The Early Years"

I think she's adorable and the hair is part of that. BUT, she's adorable despite the fact that overall, the outfit does her figure no favors. If I didn't love the way she looks like she's happy & having fun, I'd probably be more negative about it.

The tights kinda killed it. Otherwise a fun dress, fun person inside it.

Hair -- I don't really notice a tumbly 'do, but why don't the ladies make sure their roots are retouched?

Seems like she is giving off an Angie Dickenson vibe,

The first set of circle-like shapes set horizontally across the chest hit her in just the wrong place, making her look a bit dumpy (which she is not).

I like the hair. I don't think it looks like she's going to the laundromat at all: I wonder if it's been a while since TLo have been to the local Laundro-Land. The hair looks easy and pretty, imho.

The dress itself: meh. The colors are drab and detract from the fun nature (perhaps) intended for this dress.

A differently shaped dress would flatter Drew much better.

I agree that her hair looks awful, but I think that the dress looks far better on Drew than on the model.

I love this dress and I love Drew, but you're right about the shapelessness. The tights don't bother me here and I think the messy hair thing works for her. It kind of goes with her style and personality.

I still give her an IN, but then again I think she's adorable and she would have to be a complete disaster for me to give her an out.

I agree with the poster who said the pattern hits Drew in all the wrong places, weighing her down. Actually I wouldn't mind the bedhead if her hair were a bit darker. Hate the tights with a passion. OUT

ITA with everything you said!

Honestly, at second glance I thought "Ellen Barkin trying to look younger."

i like all of it. the dark tights, messy hair, playful expression. she's so her own person -- she has fun with fashion and she never looks like some stylist's bitch. rock on, drew.

It's not the most flattering outfit, but for once, I disagree boys! I think her hair is DARLING!

She needs a better bra!

She needs a better bra

Funny, 'cause I thought the dress made her look a bit top-heavy, making her shoulders look wider than they are, and making her pert boobies look large and yet saggy. The dress is interesting, but not on her. And, yes, the I-just-finished-sorting-laundry hair is driving me nuts, but hers isn't as bad as some other 'dos I've seen (looking at you, Kate Hudson), and holy cats, the chick is just adorable: look at that face in the next-to-last photo. She's so fab. I kinda want to be Drew Barrymore when I grow up. Just not in that horribly unflattering dress. Someone get this woman a new stylist, STAT!

I actually think she looks adorable! She has this beautiful natural glow to her... and I think the green of the dress goes great with her skin tone and makeup. A better bra and lose the tights, and she'd be 100% IN for me.
Note: Messy hair is sexy, people!

BRA BRA BRA BRA BRA! Pick those puppies UP, Drew!!! And OUT.

IN but I'm a sucker for sequins. And I actually really love the hair while it's purposefully messy it really kind of looks healthy and full.

Drew looks good here. IN

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