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In or Out: Christina Ricci

Work it!

Christina Ricci attended the The 3rd Annual amfAR Cinema Against AIDS in Dubai, wearing Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Kamila Filipcikova

To borrow from Rachel Zoe, she is KILLING it here. She is SHUTTING IT DOWN. We don't know what herbal supplement or energy drink she's discovered lately, but suddenly she's going out over and over again looking more fabulous than she's ever looked. Whatever you're paying your stylist, honey, double it. IN.

[Photos: WireImage/Getty Images/]

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Fierce! She has looked incredible lately!

In - and good alteration from the original dress. It would be way out if she hadn't added the liner.

double finger snap to the hell yes.

fantastic!!! love the fact that she added lining. love it even more that she left her neck bare. totally agree with you guys that she has just been rocking it lately!
this dress is just ethereally beautiful.

Dang - until recently she had an interesting, but kind of weird look. Huge forehead and eyes and pointed chin.

Now she looks FAB - she is playing up her strengths and minimizing her flaws.

And she shows off the clothes very well.

Truly visual perfection. The dress is lovely and she's the right personality and look to wear it. She added lining without making it look too apparent or ruining the original dress.


That DRESS!!! What a remarkable piece of art.


Christina is one of the classiest actresses/icons in fashion and entertainment, and she will be remembered as such years from now as well.

She HAS been looking great! Is she getting any work lately?

Work it Wednesday!
She just gets more gorgeous & stylish w/ age! I love everything about her look here.

Wow, she is tearing it up left and right these days. Gorgeous.

I going down the page looking at the pics and mumbling "I don't care what you say, I love it, love it, LOVE it!" And then it turned out that this was a huge IN from TLo, yay!

She looks divine! I love it!



I've also been wondering what's different, that's making her so gorgeous lately. Could it be that the bangs make that big a difference?


Wow, she looks wow! This is the best I've EVER seen her look. I've liked all the stuff she's been in lately, but something about this one in particular -- did she change her makeup? She looks delicate and graceful and so, so pretty, and still in an interesting and slightly goth kind of way. IIIIIIN.

Love it! She looks gorgeous, and the dress is fab. Love how those black edges make the dress look like a fashion sketch come to life.

This dress, and Ricci rocking it to its absolute apex, epitomizes everything I love about fashion. Artistry, expression, pride, confidence, and beauty! If only I could hit this perfect note myself someday, I could die happy! :o)


My favorite of all the Christina Ricci looks you've shown us recently. I don't even love the dress, but she looks absolutely wonderful. Can I say she's become quite the swan even though she was never an ugly duckling?

OMG, Christina Ricci is fab lately!

Love it!


So, so IN! Love the elfin look of her face -- the bangs, the makeup, all complimenting her heart-shaped face -- and as for the dress, sheer (or, actually, lined) perfection! Wow, she has grown up beautiful!

I would love to see the actual R. Zoe commentary on this. I suspect it would begin with BANANAS. It's just BEYOND.

She looks happy and she looks like someone who knows she looks good. She's helping the dress out, and it's returning the favor.

The hair makes all the difference in the world - a strong bang to highlight the eyes and the rest pulled back to expose the lines of that heart-shaped face and graceful neck - very well done.

Gorgeous. IN. Pencil sketch dress or pen-and-ink dress doodles just FREAKING gorgeous. One of the few dresses, very few, that I would love to wear. That and most things by Laura Bennett.


I like the bottom, but the top does not flatter her in the least. OUT for me.

Very pretty. The thing is that she's really short, and it's tough to dress a really short person without making them look stumpy. Whoever is styling her is doing a great job. You would never guess how tiny she is by looking at these photos. Definite IN!

Her hair, makeup and DRESS are fantastic and she looks utterly gorgeous.

My issue is what I see of the shoes -- not sure but they look like tragically unflattering Tribute Two pumps and look like hooves. Woof.

IN!! Except for what I can see of one shoe, in the first photo. It looks waay too platform-clunky for this dress.

Two small details--

I liked the shape of the hem on the runway dress better than the straight, floor lentgh shape of Christina's red carpet version.

And I'm not digging the clunky, black platform shoes.

But the dress is stunning and it's a credit to its good design that it translates to a wearable version.


IN! She looks ethereal and stunning.

Wow--she looks absolutely incredible. Show stopping, pretty but risky, just out of the effing ball park!

I've always loved Christina Ricci iand you are dead on when you say that lately she's looked amazing. IN! Love that the dress doesn't seem as see through on her as it does on the model.

in response to suzq -

the model is pulling up the dress. I believe there's no modification (it's rare that a starlett would make a dress LONGER, as well...)

She looks absolutely amazing. I've always loved her and I'm glad to see her really getting it together. Way to go, girl.

I still think she looked much better before she got so skinny, but this is the first time I've seen the super-thin look work for her. She looks absolutely beautiful, even if I wish she had those few extra pounds.

Shoe = out. A little less makeup would be better with one focus, rather than eye AND cheek AND lip.

Dress and bangs? Major in.

The dress is very pretty on her. Much nicer with the lining.
She looks more like Angelina Jolie than Christina Ricci now.

I love the dress on her much more than on the runway. And the makeup/hair? Practically perfect in every way!

Wow. She has been knocking it out of the PARK!

she looks wonderful lately, and here especially. Love the dress. She looks a little different, though. The bangs really change her face, but her mouth looks different, too. Anybody else notice? It used to be quite a cupid's bow, no?

HIDEOUS. Bangs: wrong. Trying for the Uma Thurman/Pulp Fiction look and falling flat on her face. Lipstick: already nuclear red, but against her pale skin and the even more pale dress? Awful. Showing some teeth to the paparazzi wouldn't hurt.
The dress? Quite pretty. I'm glad she chose to wear a liner beneath it so as to hide her body. It's not a dress to show off a body's silhouette. Looks like it would float beautifully in real life.
But worst of all, her neck is atrocious. Looks like one of those old time paintings where the head is freakishly displaced from the body by a wry giraffe neck. She needs to see a chiropractor.


Gorgeous is right. One thing, (not good or bad), does anyone else think she looks like Zooey Deschanel here?

Moment I saw the first picture, I declared IN! Perfect look for her, and I love the alteration, although it seems just a smidge long.

This is an example of an actress taking a fashion risk and having it pay off in spades.

Her agent must be happy.

She looks AMAZING! Love the dress! Love the dress on her!

This is a great example of working the runway look as opposed to copying it head to toe. IN.

She looks gorgeous and i definitely appreciate the Rachel Zoe references but my only suggestion...she needs a tad bit more sun. The color of the dress is a little to close to the color of her skin (in my opinion) but otherwise it's beautiful.

I-N, baby.

Just. Beautiful. But..... I'm picky. I like her hair, but I don't like the fly-away-pieces behind her ears. I notice things like that, and it drives ME nuts!!!
Definitely an IN!!!!

"Hi! My name is Christina, and I'll be looking fabulous this evening."


She sure has gotten her picture taken a lot lately. She has really come into her own. Love it.

...she needs a tad bit more sun

It's atrocious how so many people don't think pale can be pretty. Skin cancer is much, much uglier than pale. I love that Christina stays true to her fair complexion and doesn't fake and bake like 99.9% of other celebrities.


Just 1 tiny wish, that her lip color was a bit more subdued, maybe a deep rose.

But all in all, a HUGE in.

What a lovely, lovely young lady. I'm really drawn to this dress—ethereal, beautiful, simple, a work of art. She owns this look, and everyone who saw her must have taken in an involuntary breath. My only teeny, tiny concern is that I don't really like bangs that are so long that one's eyebrows disappear.

She made the correct choice with the lining, I think it actually enhances the dress. I don't think she was trying to HIDE her body, as much as be discreet for real life wear. She has a lovely neck, whereas the MODEL does seem to be approaching giraffe territory. lol.


yeah! ho! wah!


What a great dress. It looks like a line drawing.

How are any of you people even seeing her shoes???

Wow, she is really bringing it these days - I've liked all the looks on her that TLo has posted lately.

I've said before that I regret the bangs because her forehead/face shape is so unique and I really really don't want her to start looking like every other starlet. And I'll say it again.

However: IN!!!!

She looks gorgeous! Big IN.

My thoughts, exactly, Tlo. She looks incredible - much better on her than the model.


Fan tas tic.

Bitch is on the BALL lately. She looks worlds better than that model.

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress! its kinda drawn, floaty, ethereal
... I want it!

She looks great. I'd love to see a shot from the back.

Marshal said....
"Bitch is on the BALL lately. She looks worlds better than that model."


My thoughts, exactly! And how many celebs have we seen do that....? Ummm, none to date.

Christina looks downright ethereal in that Marc Jacobs. That dress is an absolute dream. I can't put my finger on exactly what has changed in her appearance, but I hope she's able to keep it up. Do longer, fuller bangs really make that much of a difference?

- edina -

She looks incredible! I've never seen her look lovlier. Kudos to her and her stylist. The dress looks better on Christina than it does on the runway model. Way to go, Christina!

That's an extraordinarily beautiful dress, and for the life of me I cannot fathom why Jacobs showed it on the runway with long underwear bunching up around the model's crotch, knees and ankles rather than with a sleek, smooth lining the way Ricci's done it.

What I can see of the shoes, I don't like (they appear to be far too heavy for such an airy dress), and the lipstick should have been a tad less intense, but those are mere quibbles.


Wow -- she looks AMAZING! That dress is just to die for. She must have some new gays, because you're right. She has been killing it consistently, and I love it.

Anonymous 2:47 asked How are any of you people even seeing her shoes???

In the first full-length photo, enough of the shoe is visible to see that they are black and have a platform sole.

I think she looks amazing. But I have to agree w/ the poster above who mentioned her smile. While Christina is fabulously beautiful here, I don't think I've seen a picture of her showing her teeth in a smile in a long time. It's beginning to distract me...

I have always adored Ricci-but lately she is more than fabulous! That dress is so delicate, yet such a statement.

OUT! The dress is totally unflattering, especially on her boobs. It's like she has none. And I don't mind her pale complexion by itself, but paired with the heavy black hair, bright red lipstick, and mostly white dress, it totally screams WANNABE VAMPIRE! Sorry. I think she could be gorgeous, but this is just not it.

it's definitely the bangs, she always looked "weird" since she has a big forehead... it makes all the difference in the world... good for her, it's amazing it took her (or her stylists) so long to figure it out.... hair, bright red lipstick, and mostly white dress, it totally screams WANNABE VAMPIRE!

aka Christina's look her entire career. I like that she is staying true to her style, but in a great, age-appropriate way. Bitch knows what she likes.


God I LOVE that dress. I just want to touch it, it looks so delicate and ethereal.


But her shoes suck.

Oh, I LOVE it! I love, love, love that dress, which is much improved by the alteration, and I love how she wears it. I don't like the lip color, but, mein Gott, what a silly little thing to think of in the face of that much fabulousness. IN.

I lovelovelove that dress, and she looks fantastic.

Fabulous! IN

stunning dress, perfect hair and make-up....if I didn't know any better (actually I don''d swear she took note of our previous comments here. She did everything right. :)

Love the black nail polish.

Did she get injections in her upper lip? She looks more like Amber Tamblyn.

StkrShock, thank you. I just want to run up on the red carpet with a bobby pin, dodging cameras and murmuring apologies, and do poor Christina a solid.

StkrShock, thank you. I just want to run up on the red carpet with a bobby pin, dodging cameras and murmuring apologies, and do poor Christina a solid.

i'm not dorothy gale

Dreamy to the max. Oh yeah, IN.

I agree that I think she would look just a tad bit better with a softer lip color - a sheer wine-colored lipstick. I also HATE the heavy bangs.

Otherwise, she looks awesome. LOVE the dress!

Really beautiful.

It's not the bangs... girl is GLOWING. She's either found God, a good exfoliant, or a good man. Maybe all three.

Gorgeous dress!
What's more, she looks fantastic in it. In, in, in!


Who knew li'l Wednesday would grow up to be the new face of fierce?! That look is, as they say, FIYAH!

She looks amazing!

And I WANT that dress!

She looks amazing! Love it

the dress is pretty...the bangs? not so much

I love the dress and lipstick, but the bangs are craptastic.

She looks great. I can't find one thing to be a bitch about.
Oh wait, there's that scrawny alien-headed model with the saggy knee skin.


I absolutely love the dress!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

She looks divine. IN.

She looks confident, the dress isn't wearing her, she's wearing the dress.

You guys are not helping my celebrity crush on Ricci. Or, wait, I guess it should be you are... Admittedly half and half on the lips, and definitely agree with others that the shoes look clunky (it might look better in motion), but otherwise, yes, yes, yes, please.

Recover. Faint again.
This is just .... Beauty, with a capital B.

She looks so amazing! The hair, the makeup, the dress, all of it. IN!

The bangs hide her generous forehead and I think it contributes to her notched up chicness

Not so thrilled with the shoes (I think black is the mistake) but otherwise she is at the Cartier level of lapidary perfection.

IN, IN, A MILLION TIMES IN. fieeeeeerce!

She's lovely on the surface, but she's always come across dead inside.


she's a bit thinner here than the last photo from an event noh?

Love the Zoe-isms. Love the dress.
Man, where has she come from lately? The last I remember hearing from Christina Ricci was Casper the Friendly Ghost or something.

That dress is perfect for her.... She looks like a if Frank Gehry designed a dress and a Icelandic nymph decided to wear it.

Fucking terrible dress...ugly

Really? I think she looks awful. The lipstick is too harsh and the lining on the dress looked baggy. I say out. =(

The dress is awesome; the underlining is not. It should have skimmed her body better. And the shoe seemed clunky - she needed something more ethereal down there too. But the overall look is spectacular. She's at the peak of her looks these days. Christina, the awkward duckling, has turned into a gamin.

Flawless, transcendent. Model looks like doo-doo in comparison. Liner makes all the difference. Every star in Hollywood should vie for this stylist. Kate Hudson take note!

This Marc Jacobs's dress is stunning.

Just amazing. She is just gorgeous lately, and I never thought of her that way. The bangs do a lot for her.

I think she looks very Angelina Jolie here.

I think everything about this is stunning and I would fucking DIE for that dress. Love that she embraces her paleness, big forehead and big eyeballs, cuz Christina and I look a little similar and it's nice to see her look appreciated. ;)

Look at her, smiling with her eyes! Tyra would be so proud.

I love Love LOVE this dress! It reminds me of the scene in that A-Ha "Take On Me" video where the girl steps into the drawing and becomes part of it. This has that same feel--a gorgeous "sketchy" quality to it. A big huge IN!!!

Wow this dress is just jaw-dropping amazing and she rocks it.

Flawless. She's never looked better.

She really looks amazing, and I love that she's not doing the cookie-cutter starlet clone look like Shakira (e.g.)

Wow, I had the exact opposite reaction.

LOVE. HER. She looks radiant!

She looks different to me every time I see her. IN

She looks a-mazing. No doubts about this IN.

ABsolutely FABulous!

Nailed it.

The only thing I might change would be the shoes. Maybe if I saw her in motion these work, but I would have gone with a nude to make the shoe disappear and add to the ethereal quality of the dress.

She looks fabulous because for once, she doesn't look *hungry*. She's still teeny, but I think she may have had a much-needed sandwich or two lately.

She looks fabulous because for once, she doesn't look *hungry*. She's still teeny, but I think she may have had a much-needed sandwich or two lately.

pretty pretty pretty

She really does look like a living fashion sketch.


Putting a lining in the dress took it to another level and actually turned it into one of those rare looks that work both artistically and on the red carpet. Kudos to either Marc Jacobs, the stylist or whomever thought of that modification.

Christina's styling works except the lipstick is not quite the right shade and the shoes, which were mostly obscured are too chunky, but those are minor criticisms.

She bettah continue doing whatever she's doing, because it's working for her. Girl looks beautiful.

This dress is gorgeous!!! It works better with the lining than without; with the lining, the dress has a beautiful, interesting pen-and-ink graphic quality to it.

She looks fantastic in this dress.

Wow. She was such a weird looking child, but lately has presented herself in a mature and sophisticated, yet somehow whimsical way.
This look is totally stunning. IN!!

As your posts featuring Christina continue to prove, she has never looked better. She was MADE to wear bangs, they have completely transformed her. And as you said, whoever is styling her these days, well, ku-DOS!

Stunning, stunning stunning. IN.

her bangs are a gorgeous touch.
what a pretty dress

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