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In or Out: Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields attends IFP's 19th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards at Cipriani, Wall Street in New York City wearing a Malandrino dress.

We had to have a little T Lo conference on this one.

Catherine Malandrino Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Tanya Dziahileva

Because we kept going back and forth on the fit. It's a lot looser on her than it is on the model but ultimately we came to the conclusion that not every dress needs to be form-fitting and besides, it's doing her figure a lot of favors as it is. We love the graphic quality of this dress. It gives it a bold, youthful vibe without looking like she's trying to dress too young. It's exactly the right length for her and she looks sexy and curvy. Our only complaint is with the way too matchy-match shoes but to be honest, we're not sure what color shoes we'd have recommended. Black would have been a safe choice, but no more exciting than what she's wearing. IN.

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I like it. I even like the shoes.

I like the dress. But I don't like her. Because she has inadequate eyelashes.

IN. And, for those who are get all offended by posts about "age appropriate" clothes, take note! Here Brooke looks sexy and fashionable without the scary mutton-dressed-up-as-a-lamb look that so many celebrities of her (ok, OUR) age tend to put on in the name of "eternal youth."

And, NYCourier made me giggle.

On her own she only looks ok, and next to pictures of the model in the same dress she kinda looks like shit in it. OUT! Easily out.

I like it. She looks pretty and age appropriate. IN

LOL @TheNYCourier

She looks great, but it almost seems a bit too edgy for her to pull off. Regardless, its flattering!

I like the length on the model, but other than that it looks better on Brooke.

IN - I love that dress. I like it better on her than on the model. And I would have paired it with ruby red shoes, but that's me.

Awful. Just awful. Esp when compared to model wearing it as it was intended. It looks contorted on Brooke. And not in a good way.

NYCourier- you are the bomb.

IN. However, i prefer the model's shoes, and i think the neckline looks all saggy-baggy on Brooke.

also- if BROOKE SHIELDS (of the major lashes/brows/genetic beauty) has inadequate eyelashes....
we're all doomed, right?

In. Well done. And love the shoes.

beautifulmonday -- TheNYCourier was making a joke since Brooke has those TV commercials for the eyelash enhancers.

I just can't get passed the fit. I think she actually needs to go down a size. It isn't an "out" but it isn't great either.

Love the shoes. Have tried very hard but cannot find it in myself to like the dress. Brooke looks good however, except for those damn eyelashes.

Forget about Brooke - Check out how fabulous Rosie Perez looks.


"TheNYCourier said: I like the dress. But I don't like her. Because she has inadequate eyelashes."

Yes, if only she had eyelashes, she would have had a career.


TheNYCourier said: "I like the dress. But I don't like her. Because she has inadequate eyelashes."


Ambivalent about the dress.

OUT. This color (compared to the elegant gold on the model) looks drab and the design and the fit make it look like an over-sized, off-the-shoulder 80s t-shirt. I could see her looking better pairing it with Chucks-- although then we're getting out of age appropriate territory.

She looks awkward in it when she's just standing there. But when she's moving, it looks more natural. I vote IN - she looks lovely.

It looks great on her. IN

I like it. The only issue for me is that the pattern makes it look like a big hand is grabbing her right boob.

I ditto the grabbing comment and it's pulling her neckline down her shoulder, too. Still it's okay.

The fit looks off. Maybe because she's slumping, which is doing her no favors. With good posture, she could make it work. I don't like the two-tone shoes, either--too close to the colors of the dress. A jewel color might have been nice.

TheNYCourier is hilarious. Those eyelash ads are mega-irritating.


OUT - on the whole. I think she looks awful in pretty much everything she wears. IMO, she needs to lose the high school hair, and the wardrobe she puts with it.

yeah! ho! wah!

agree, tlo. in!

IN! The dress is good on her, not too young, not too matronly, it is spot on. I thought the shoes were a bit too matchy matchy, but they didn't really bother me.

It's a great dress; not TOO young, but still cool and sexy. I usually don't like matchy-match shoes either, but those are nice. Still, I much prefer the shoes the model is wearing.

I'm gonna give Brooke an "in" cause she's so damned tall, has a great body, gorgeous hair, eyes
---- oh, we're talking about the dress, right? Sorry. Love the dress, but not so much on Brooke. I agree, the fit looks way off, but she get's an "in" because she's out there and trying. And she always looks amazing even if she's not completely and purely in.

- edina -

I'm sorry, I can't get past the awkward fit. Had it been properly tailored, it would have been much more flattering.
Also, there is her makeup. I'm hoping it's just the photo and that her skin looks less pasty/oily in real life.


Super cool on the model, but kind of clunky and unflattering on Brooke. Doesn't fit her well.

On second inspection, I see the problem with the makeup- there's TOO MUCH of it. She's got that "pancake face" look going. Not good, especially for a woman who's so naturally beautiful.


Brooke's IN. I love the dress!!!
Like the shoes the model is wearing better than the matchy/matchies on Brooke, though.

I like it. She looks great and seems comfortable in the dress, which is always a plus. Looks to me like the neckline was altered from the original, but it still works. And I even like the matchy-matchy shoes.

BookieBookie says: "TheNYCourier is hilarious. Those eyelash ads are mega-irritating."

And it is not only that ad - its Tupperware, and Coppertone, and Colgate, and milk, and Fertility Lifelines -- she is over-exposed and seems like such a shill. I also agree with the posters who think the dress just doesn't fit her right. And the shoes are just meh.

I vote OUT.

I've met Ms Shields and she is thinner than thin. Toothpick thin. This dress makes her look twice her actual size. OUT.

She looks like a gremlin.

There's no question that she's gorgeous, but the dress just looks messy to me, and the dull color isn't doing her any favors.

I do like the shoes, though.

Terrible! It looks like a hand is grabbing her! OUT!

Fun and youthful yet age-appropriate. IN!

That dress is doing her figure no favors. At all.


IN, but I don't think that she was the best showcase for the dress (it looked fantastic on the model) and also that there are no doubt thousands of more dresses in the universe that would be a better showcase for her beauty.

She looks okay but the dress just seems off somehow. It's not good enough to be a real in but not bad enough to be an out. It's just a blah, boring look. Her hair almost always looks tired nowadays. She needs a fresher look.

On the bright side her eyelashes and eyebrows look lush. I guess that Latisse is working out for her. I wonder if she's had any of the side effects? Those alone would scare me off. I'm not putting anything near my eyes that can change my eye color (!) or make my eyelids brown. Not worth the chance.

@Ally- i know, those ads are permanently engraved on my membranes now. i'd love to try Latisse but mascara's cheaper!

In. For sure.

She's not a lollipop-headed Hollywood starlet and thank god she doesn't dress like one. She looks beautiful and like she doesn't need to wrap it in Saran Wrap and wear it so short the world's her gynocologist in order to be noticed. yay!

Also, thanks, NYCourier, for the laugh!

The collar is throwing it off. It looked crisp and strong on the model. It looks limp and saggy on Brooke. Fix the collar and I'm all "IN"

IN. I like it on her. I'd like to have seen it on her from a different angle, though. I do like it better on the model, as the closer fit emphasizes the drama of the neckline. But Brooke still looks great in it.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Brooke Shields. In an era of Farrah Faucett and Christy Brinkley blond beauty, Brooke made it okay to have dark hair, be a little gawky, and have thick brows. Can you guess what I looked like as a teenager? LOL.

Wow I love this dress. DO WANT


I'd like it if it weren't for the exposed shoulder. Bless Ms. Shields for looking as good as she does, after all she's been through, especially, but she's just that side of being too old to pull off the past-the-shoulder look. It turns the look a bit desperate, which I don't really associate with Brooke Shields. I appreciate the fit of the dress is age-appropriate, and I like the way the graphic design works, and I don't really mind the shoes (what else could she have worn?), but that shoulder exposure? I'm afraid that leads to a regretful OUT.

It would have been a home run if the dress had been exactly like the one worn by the model.
- the neckline would have been wider
- the contrast in fabrics would have been more stark
- the length a bit more flattering.

But it is an interesting dress, quite attractive and I like the shoes.

I agree with Karen....the crisp collar contrasting with the other lines on the dress make it "pop". Folding over the collar causes some of the impact to be lost. Put the collar back up and we'll talk.

I think she looks better than the model. The dress needs some curves, and it's right on trend. IN.

TheNYCourier said: I like the dress. But I don't like her. Because she has inadequate eyelashes.

I know! How has she gone through life like that? Thank God and science for Latisse.

The dress could be a tad longer on her, but it's a great dress (I want it) and she looks great in it. The matchiness of the shoes is fine, although I agree with DuBois that a ruby red shoe would be fabulous. The main problem I have with them is the high strap.

Out for me. The dress, in the model pic, is lovely and interesting. On Brooke it looks sloppy and unflattering.

Is it the photos, or is Brooke's dress a different color than the model's? I like the model's version because there seems to be more of a contrast with the "black overlay"(?).

Also, perhaps because of the fit, the "black fingers" on the model's dress are much thinner and the overall look is a lot crisper. The swaths of black on Brook's dress are too wide and look messy, and pretty much overwhelm the overall look.

Sorry, but it's OUT on this one.

Polly Glot

It looks like a looser, wrinkled version of TFS Lydia's fungus inspired dress.


I like it a lot better on her than on the model. IN

And is that Rosie Ruiz standing with her in the last picture?

Rosie Perez - thank you GT! I recognized the face and could not remember the name. Loved her in her past work. What is she doing now?

I agree with GothamTomato. Rosie Perez looks FAB! Much more deserving of praise than Brooke.

I don't know, there's something unflattering about it.

Plus those eyelashes!

She looks beautiful and happy. IN.

I don't hate it...don't love she's IN I guess. She looks a bit washed out in it...too much gray. I suspect it looks better in person though.

Shoes...should have gone with a silver or jeweled strappy shoe. She has no jewelery on and needs some bling. use some lipstick, mascara and blush. :P

Not a total OUT for me, but not a total IN either. Agree with previous poster that something about the neckline seems off for Brooke, a little too baggy maybe? The fit on the model looks much more polished.

LMAO to TheNYCourier about “inadequate eyelashes” - I can’t stand those commercials!

brooke looks fine, but i would rather see more of stanley tucci! (:

I think the boat neck is terribly unflattering on her. It makes her look sad and droopy. I am not at all on board with this dress on her.

I do love the shoes though.

i love the top of the dress on her. but the length is a little off for me. maybe a few inches longer, with a simple pump?? i dunno - makes her legs a little too stumpy.

I love Brooke, but for some reason, she looks a little schlumpy in that dress to me.


IN. She looks lovely.

Put down the crack pipe, boys. It's hideous! OUT.

That model looks horrid! What with the wing at the sleeve hem, the second left hip, her heavily rumpled skirt hem, and the extruded play-dough ribs ... total fit fug.

Brooke fills out the dress well and has no extra "created" bits.

Colorwise, well, she's worn better.



I really like it-- she isn't attempting to pretend she's in her 20s again.

A mostly gray with a bit of black shoe would have been interesting.

It looks kind of sloppy and wrinkly on her, but I love Brooke Shields, always have always will, so I always think she looks great.
Rosie Perez always looks good to me too, no matter what she wears, just because she is so darn cute at baseline.

A tepid, not enthusiastic IN.

The model is working it more than Brooke, and it's not because the model is thinner. It just is better on her. I also like the color on the model better than the grey. I think Brooke could have worn that color and looked nicer.

That said, it is a nice dress, and Brooke does look good in it. Therefore, gets an IN.

Any doubt that it's not an IN disappears when you see her next to Rosie Perez in a prom dress.

I agree on the shoes. This dress would be difficult to accessorize. I suggest a fierce black suede ankle boot..any takers?


I like brooke, for all the reasons Momsy listed...

She is stunning. Brooke grows more beautiful with age and that dress looks way better on her than the model. IN.

But on both Brooke and the model the bottom looks wrinkled.

Looks great on her.
Agree about the shoes though.

I agree with everyone bothered by the collar- on Brooke, the thin loose collar and the half sleeve make it look like a t-shirt. It needs that bold collar (or a different treatment on the sleeves) to keep it from looking like she threw on a cover-up at the beach.

Eh. I like the dress on her, however, I like the fit and the shoes better on the model. Shoes are just to matchy.

It's not the overall fit as much as the neckline that bothers me.

I'll give it an IN but not whole-heartedly.

raisin mountaineer

I love the shoes. Had a harder time with the dress. But Brooke looks good, and she's my age, and why does she look so much better than me? (don't answer that, please... )

Frankly, I think she looks healthier and more womanly than the model, not just a stick with a head, and she rocks the heck out of the dress in a grown-up "I'm not being too serious so don't take me too seriously" way.

I feel scared of--and for, actually--Tanya Dziahileva. O_O

I usually like the looks on the models better, but this is one that seems more suited to Ms. Shields than the original.

she looks gorgeous and happy-the best I've seen her look in a while. well done!

I don't understand the conference. I really like it!!!!!

Don't like the dress, but still love our Ms. Brooke. She is always IN with me!

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