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Happy New Year, Kittens!

Pop your corks, darlings!

Y'know, as we take a moment to reflect, we have to say, we're truly lucky for what this blog has brought us. Not so much fame and fortune (because it hasn't, although we're very open to the prospect of the latter), but the people we've met and the places we've been invited and the chance to interact with all kinds of interesting and opinionated minions the world over.

Nothing could illustrate that better than the following video, painstakingly created by best gal Laura Bennett and her brood of puppies as they all spent the holidays up at her country house. Even though we're truly touched by the effort, the cynical, gay part of ourselves (okay, so it's more of a "whole" than a "part") can't help thinking it was merely a ploy on her part to keep her kids busy so she could fix herself one Christmas cocktail after another.

Could you just die? How fucking cute is that? Darlings, it's like our very own Rankin Bass Christmas special! Think of the plush toy possibilities! T Lo dolls! Pull the string and they criticize your outfits!

Happy New Year, Dolls! We luvya!

[Video: Courtesy of Laura Bennett/YouTube/]

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Omigod! I LOVE THAT!!

Just one question: Which one of you is Gumby & which one of you is Pokey?


that was pretty damn cute :)

Love it! Happy New Year and thank you for bringing so much laughter and cheer into my life!

OH. MY. GOD. That is fucking adorable!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!

That really is quite adorable!

And GothamTomato: I would assume Pokey is whoever's the top. Yes, I had to go there.

Awwwwwwwww........that's too adorable.

I'm about to get diabetes. LOL!

GT beat me to the Gumby joke.

Or better yet:

Which one is Mr. Bill?

That's so adorable! I love that woman!
Happy 2010, guys!

"Darlings, it's like our very own Rankin Bass Christmas special! Think of the plush toy possibilities! T Lo dolls! Pull the string and they criticize your outfits!"

Hahahahaha. YES! Love it!

i love Lorenzo's last wave especially! what a great idea!

and happy, HAPPY New Year to you two and to all the minions.


Aww, so cute : ) Happy New year and thank you for everything, Tlo!

You guys managed to call us kittens, minions, dolls and darlings all in one post! That must be some kind of record. :)

Happy New Year!

Phenomenal! And a very good use of the Bennett brood. LOL

I love it! Happy New Year!!

the PUPPIES did that?? Impressive, and brilliant, like their parents. When I need time to slam cocktails my progency zones out on quitar hero - might need to hook him up to the Baby Einstein Bennett I.V.

Very cute! And totally TLo.

Happy New Year, boys!

oops - typo - should've been progeny ;o}

How freaking adorable is that?!

Happy new year, boys! I'm so looking forward to another year of laughs and biting commentary... and Nina-caps and Alex drawings... and all of the wonderful things that you're (rightfully) acclaimed for

This is just too cute. However, I was waiting for fashion commentary. LOL!!

Happy New Year, TLo!

What a smile-maker, an utter delight. Thanks to the Bennett-Shelton clan for the year-end brilliance and wit.

And thanks to our GayBoys, Tom and Lorenzo, who make a lot of spirits bright on a daily basis.

Best wishes for health and prosperity in 2010 to TLo and the Community of Kittens/Poodles/Minions,


LOVE it! and love you, TLo, for your dedication to glamor, fashion, snark, snerk and all things fabulous.

and most especially your dedication to this blog, which has been a daily stop for me for years now - since right before season 4 of PR!

happiest of new years. and those claymobils are freaking adorable.

If her kids stayed focused long enough to produce that clean little animation, they are brilliant indeed -- and Laura is a peach of a Mom.

Happy New Year, kittens and poodles, minions and bitches!

She's created a monster. I MUST have plush TLo dolls and I MUST have them NOW!!!

Oh and Happy New Year bitches! To a fabulous new decade!

HELLo! What's spewing out of that bottle?


. . .

TLo, thanks for the daily laughs, and for this funny little community you've created. Wishing you and all the minions/kittens/poodles a happy, healthy, delicious, delightful, FABULOUS 2010.

Love, BB

These comments make me want a TLo reader poll:

Are you a:
Other _____

Personally I see myself as a kitten most of the time but it all depends....

I'll stop commenting now.

Thank you so much for keeping me sane for the past year. College applications would have been a nightmare without your witty commentary to distract me! :D far as parental ploys go, I'd say this is a pretty productive use of time.

In awe of Miss Laura and her minions!
About time you were immortalized in clay. Stay warm and cozy in the new year.

So cute and creative! I haven't posted a comment before (although I have been visiting obsessively since discovering it during season 5) but I wanted to take the time to say Happy New Year and thank you for working so hard on this blog that has given me so many laugh out loud moments, but also taught me to speak about fashion like I actually know something about it!

Dear God do I need I drink. The season is almost over. No more house guests.

Happy New Year to everybody!! PR starts soon.

How precious! and I mean that in the most sincere possible use of the word (a word that I love by the way).

Happy New Year Boys!

Chrisy from Chicago

So fun! Happy New Year Boys! You make the world a little bit more fun every day - thanks so much!

Squeeee! If you made dolls like that, I'd totally buy one. It would be the most in in-joke ever.

Anyway, happy New Year everyone! Here's a round of champagne or some awesome beer we brewed for our NYE party.

It's bring your own cocktails, if you want them, by the way. We blew the rest of the budget on cheese (Brie wheels! Irish cheddar!) and crab.


Happy New Year!!

Thanks for all the laughs & insightful comments.

Looking forward to 2010, Mad Men, Glee, PR and other fab shows and posts.

Jane from Boston


happy new year to the lovely critical bitches that bring a smile to my face every day.


Happy New Year and thanks guys. You are my first stop every morning and are always good for interesting and witty commentary. This is a very cool community you've created. :)

I want TLo champagne-popping bobbleheads to go with my Tim Gunn bobblehead collection. Emmett darling? Get on that, will you?

Happy New Year, Tom and Lorenzo. You guys are definitely on my list of "Good Things that Happened During the Aughties." (The opposite list is, unfortunately, much longer.) Wishing you every success and much happiness.

Eeee! I LOVE it!

Happy New Year, TLo! Thanks for making the year both fun and fabulous. Mwah!

"Ariel said: College applications would have been a nightmare without your witty commentary to distract me!"

Do I smell a doctoral dissertation on Project Rungay? How great would THAT be?


You know, it's been driving me crazy what this reminds me of: In my head there's a claymation show that used to be on TV on Sunday mornings when I was a little kid - some boring religious thing - I think it was called Davy-something.

Anyhoo, I'm thinking that a Tlo Sunday morning claymation show would teach kids much better values.


Happy New Year - thanks for all the witty cheer you bring into my life! The little film was great - 20 seconds that probably took them all day to make!

This kitten says Happy New Year to TLo and PRG!

(another suz)

Awww! Totally adorable. Although Tom looked a little "Ron Weasley"sih to me. lol

Happy New Year to TLo, PRG and all my fellow kittens/minions/dolls/darlings/bitches/poodles, etc!!!

Gotham Tomato,
It was Davy and Goliath.

gotham & siren

i remember that too. it was so bad!


GT - Davy and Goliath

I never saw it when it was actually on tv, but the Mystery Science Theater guys reference it. What I saw as a kid and thought was a hallucination when I remembered it as an adult was "Clutch Cargo and his friends Spinner and Paddlefoot."

Anyway - Happy New Year all !!!!!!

Yes--Davey & Goliath. But T&Lo are much cuter!
Happy New Year to you two, all the wonderful (?) posters here on PRGay and to Laura and her brood.
Laura--I want to be just like you when I grow up!
Time for champaign. See you all next year!


"Gee Davey, do you really think we ought to do that?"

All of us "of a certain age" remember that show. It was less creepy than all of the other shows on Sunday mornings. That was back when we were considered lucky because we had reception of ALL THREE TV stations.

I second Ariel's thanks - you (and many of the commenters)have been a very entertaining distraction from my occasionally hellish grad studies!

BTW, not only is that video adorable, it is also a wonderful example of what wonderful things children can accomplish on their own with just a bit of encouragement and support.

Again, thank you boys and fellow commenters. And thank you Laura and puppies. Happy New Year to all!

"Pull the string and they criticize your outfits!"

I would so totally buy that.

Happy New Year TLo!

"Pull the string and they criticize your outfits!"

I would so totally buy that.

Happy New Year TLo!

"Anon said: All of us "of a certain age" remember that show. It was less creepy than all of the other shows on Sunday mornings. That was back when we were considered lucky because we had reception of ALL THREE TV stations."

Yes! And if we wanted to change the channel, we had to get up and walk across the room, in the snow, uphill, both ways.

(I wouldn't say Davey & Goliath were less creepy than other Sunday morning shows of yesteryear though).


Oh, my god, Davey & Goliath! That's going pretty far back in filing cabinet. Here's one of my faves from back when:

B Lounge opens at 9:30 pm. We're serving wild mushroom risotto, cauliflower gratinee, and chicken something for the meat eaters. Dessert will be delicious, and just fattening enough. Prosecco will flow (other options available). Happy, everyone!

That's fabulous and so are you guys!
Happy New Year!

Claymation, fashion criticism and random acts of nostalgia!

What not to love about this place?

Best wishes for you TLO and all of the readers/posters who have made the last few years so enjoyable.

BTW, we would watch "D & G" and then "Hot Fudge" every Sunday until my dad would stumble out of bed, hung over, and start to curse at us all to get ready for mass. Ah, the joys of an Irish Catholic upbringing.

Haha! Davey & Goliath! My hair rolled up on pink sponge rollers on Saturday night, only to unwind stick-straight on Sunday morning! Overdone roast beef after Mass! Oh, the childhood memories ... Good times, good times.

Happy New Year, Tom, Lorenzo, and everyone else!


How sweet! Happy New Year, Tlo, and thank you for all the fabulous blogging.

Happy New Year everyone!

OMG, death by cuteness.

Hullabaloo!! Sigh.

I wanted to dress like those Hullabaloo dancers - and so, so wanted those go-go boots! It took about a year of nagging before my mother bought me a pair but I wasn't allowed to wear them to school. (I was only allowed to wear them after school, and only for a half hour because my mother insisted they were bad for my feet).


These memories of Sunday mornings are bringing a lump to my throat!

Overdone Roast Beef!
Dudes - I made that for my kids last Sunday when we went to Avatar! (Sunday matinees - our version of mass)

Thirty years from now maybe my kids will be posting a memory about that.


You fabulous bitches rock!!! Happy New year!!!

Love this site, love you guys, love the commenters. You guys truly brighten my day. Many wishes to more success in 2010!

Okay, now you've done it. If you mention Catholicism and go-go boots together, this is the memory that will forever flash inside my brain.

When I was a second grader at St. Joseph's grade school in 1968, I wanted go-go boots just like every other American girl. I think we all received them for Christmas that year. And then we all wore them with our uniforms to school every day until school let out for the summer.

Imagine dark green knee socks, a white Peter Pan collared-blouse under a dark green plaid jumper -- and white vinyl go-go boots. We all looked ridiculous, but it was great! They were the '60s version of Uggs, but way cooler.

Thank you TLo for a wonderful year of laughs, insight and thoughtful discourse.



The TLo plush dolls can go right next to the "Tim Gunn is tired of your bullshit" T-shirts and mugs.

Thanks for the laughs this year. Happy 2010!

Completely adorable!
Hope you have a great new year.
Thanks for all you do here.

Thank you for everything, Tlo! Happy New Year!



Happy New Year to you! Thanks for providing a place to practice my fabulosity guys.

Happy New Year and have a great 2010!

Ah...Davey and Goliath (I agree-creepy) Sunday, how we can wander around aimlessly (but so entertainingly) to various topics.

Love the little video, so cute. Love the sound!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Love it! Wishing you all the happiest, healthiest and most prosperous New Year! Thanks , TLo, minions, kittens 'n poodles for another fun and always fashionable bitchfest of a year.



Love the video! Happy New Year!

This blog is like crack. The more I smoke, the more I want. Happy New Year, fabulous bitches!

Too cute! Happy New Year, guys!

Only thing missing was Burl Ives!

Have a Fabulous New Year!

Happy New Year! Love your blog :)

Happy New Year, guys, and thank you for making PRG part of my day.

Ladies, I had gogo boots, too. You're right, It's Just Me -- so much cooler than Uggs, which are truly ugh. I also went to a Monkees concert. Okay, must start preparing for the evening's festivities.

P.S. Don't forget Shindig.

How cute is that! I would totally buy TLo dolls.

Thanks for recapping 2009, looking forward to more snark in 2010.

Daktari and Big Blue Marble anyone? Anyone? Just me then. I must be the oldest.

And yes, St. Paul's School had a wave of go-go boots also. With green plaid jumpers and seafoam-green short sleeved shirts.

TLo, thank you SO much for all the laughs this year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

I missed the go-go boots by a couple of years, and Saturdays and Sundays were spent with with my dad watching cartoons, westerns, monster movies and Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies.

Love you two! What an adorable "cork popping" video!

Happy New Year to all the bitter kittens and to our kitten masters, Tom and Lorenzo!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Dearest TLo -

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your wit and fabulousness. And thank you even more for your support of my blog.

Love and Hugs,

David Dust

"Poodles and Minions and Bitches--oh my!"
Thanks, boys, for being one of the few bright spots of 2009, a year that has sucked ass, and not in the good way--it didn't even buy me dinner first!
This next year can only be a step up.
Happy New Year to one and all!

Happy New Year, minions, kittens, and bitches : ) Let's hope PRS7 kicks ass!

Here's wishing you and your readers much happiness and continued success in the coming year.

May 2010 be an annus mirabilis. Thank you for all you do, Tlo!

Nobody wants a Charlie in the box!

Love you, dears. Thanks for all the fun. Your minion forever.

Happy New Year TLo!

Your minion/poodle/kitten Scimommy.

To one and all here, Thank you for making so much joy in my year.

Looking forward to 2010 and more fabulousness and frivolity.

Mwah, and mwah to you all. (that is really chic double cheek air kisses).


i'm not dorothy gale

Darlings, I popped my cork about an hour ago, and this Bennett Epic Production adds to the fun of the evening. You two deserve the best bubbly...hope 2010 will bring you even more acclaim. Must go...guests are waiting!

That is priceless.

Happy New Year, m'ijitos!

amazing! laura's kids have a real future in stop-motion :) you guys look cute as hell in puppet form!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you so much for the laughs!


happy belated New Year folks. Was watching the 3 Stooges all evening and turned in early. I am very glad to see the last year go and am a little apprehensive about the coming year. As far as your great new show, I love it. Much better than Davey and Goliath. I was partial to the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and positively had a crush on Underdog (Dudley DooRight was daft). I miss the movies on the weekends like the Charlie Chan mysteries, Alfred Hitchcock and don't forget Godzilla vs. Mothra! It seems like even though we had 3 channels more was on. Bowling for Dollars sucked but we'd just turn that off, play records and dance.
Hat Tip to GT-- Remote = closest child to the tv.

Thanks to Laura and her cute, very talented pups.

Happy New Year, guys!

So cute : )
Happy New Year everyone!!

You could have your own tv show! Happy New year to my favourite bloggers!

"as they all spent the holidays up at her country house."

Another phrase that will never be used to describe my life!

OMG, that is SOOOOO fucking cute! Bravo to Ms. Bennett and her brood, and Happy 2010 to all!

Too cute!! Put 'em to work, Laura...

Happy twentyten, TLo and bloggers. We're all fabulous!


Adorable. A big shout-out to Ms. Bennett.

Happy New Year to TLo and all their minions/kittens/poodles/bitches.

Once you have been "claymated," you have truly arrived!

Love it, happy new year everyone!

Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing that.

Re: maraiah's poll:
I think I'm a doll...people have actually called me that. No, I don't hang around many old time diner waitresses.

Happy New Year to T Lo and all their loyal bitch doll kittens.

love it. love your blog

another laura

So late to the New Year party, but

Happy New Year to TLo and all you minions!

Here's to a happy and healthy New Year and may I still be employed this time in 2011.

another laura

Let me say very honestly that I would ABSOLUTELY buy TLo plushies. You should definitely look into that! :)

sorry I'm a little late... but anyway, Happy New Year for TLO and all Project Rungay readers! let's toast for a 2010 full of fabulosity and fashion!
and the TLO claymation is awesome!!! I love it!!!!

GT & others, thanks for the Davey & Goliath memories. I always remember that show's opening music, A Mighty Fortress is our God. And the Lutheran church across the street (back when there was only 1 variety of Lutheran) had their bells play that tune.

And go go boots. What a fun way to start the year!

Belated Happy New Year Wishes to all! Now why am I not surprised that Laura and her brood created that that wonderful oeuvre up at their country house, where they spent the holidays? The Bennett Family continues to represent the most fabulous balance of classic and cool.

And speaking of classic and cool - TLo, I have nothing but confidence that you will brighten my Twen Ten as much as you did my Aught Nine. May we enjoy, TLo and Minions alike, a healthy, happy and magical 2010.

As for "Davey and Goliath" - PLENTY creepy, thank you very much! Davey's mother's hair, the bottom of which I recall resembled something akin to a Yodel, stands out to this day.



Belated happy New Year to all - and kudos to LB's clever children!

Must add that in the Bible Belt South where I spent a chunk of my childhood, Davey and Goliath was on Sunday *afternoons* - little children were assumed to be at church or in Sunday school in the mornings, I guess. Sunday morning t.v. was for national news shows, televised church services and programs of choral (religious) music.

I wish Laura would adopt me.

Happy belated New Year, TLo!

LOL to one and all. :)

Buon anno a voi!!!!

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