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Happy Holigays!

Spreading the cheer, Runway style.

So we get this email from Susan S.

Susan sez:

"Tim was in DC this weekend hosting a Liz Claiborne, Inc. fashion show at the Tysons Galleria mall on Saturday. I went with some friends and then got the chance to meet Tim after the show. He is so wonderful in person - he complimented my shoes and wished me a happy birthday (it was my b-day). I can't imagine a more gracious celebrity. It was such a fun experience - it made my birthday to meet Tim! Everyone who went to the meet & greet got a special holiday gift - a set of 5 Christmas greeting cards featuring illustrations of Tim. They are hilarious. Maybe you've seen them before, but I thought I would pass along the images anyway."

How fabulously adorable is that?

And to all our bitter kittens, we just want to wish you happy holidays and once again, say thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, for your wit and bitchiness, for your generosity, and for coming back day after day. We are, to our astonishment, right on the cusp of our 30 millionth visitor. Can you believe that? You did that! Not only do you rock, but your shoes and bag are fabulous. Love ya, bitches!

We'll be back on Saturday with a return to bitchiness in re: Launch My Line.


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hilarious love it

Love it all! I'm glad you had such a fab opportunity, on your bday no less, Susan S.!!

Merry Merry Happy Happy to you too TLo. You've brought so much laughter and beauty into my world. Being disabled I LIVE on my computer and I will never forget the day I found ProjectRungay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for us.

Also, a Merry Merry Happy Happy to all my fellow kittens. Here's hoping you have a great holiday and fabulous, fierce new year.

That is adorable. Best wished for the Holidays to you and yours!

Merry Christmas, Tlo!
Thank you SO MUCH for everything, guys! You two ROCK!

Happy Holidays, guys. I love the illustrations.

Aw, how sweet. Thank you so much for making Project Runway a much more enjoyable experience.

Merry Christmas T Lo! Thanks for this wonderful blog, I hope you all get everything you want for the holidays!


Thanks you you guys for all you do - I loves me some TLo!


Lara Starr

If we're fabulous supporters, it's only becuase you give us the opportunity to be.

30 million hits. Wow. Believable, but even-so wow!



Merry,Merry Christmas, TLo!! May Santa bring you and my fellow kittens all that your hearts desire!!


Happy Holidays! Thanks for the great blog!


"Not only do you rock, but your shoes and bag are fabulous. Love ya, bitches!"

Hahahahaha. You guys are fabulous! Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

If we're fabulous supporters, it's only because you give us the opportunity to be. Frank

That is so true and I thank you for that. What a great place to talk about fashion, Project Runway and the shows we love.

Happy Holidays, Tlo!

Merry Christmas to TLo and all the bloggers and especially to Tim Gunn.


Happy Holiday, Tlo!
Best blog ever : )

Happy Holidays, everyone!

And a big thank you to Susan S. for sharing the Tim Christmas cards.

And thank you, TLo for all you do to bring cheer to our lives all year long.

Boys, though '09 was a little insane here I still read every day even if I didn't comment as often as I used are my favorites- you know and I will always be one of your biggest fans. I heart you both BIG TIME...and thanks for all of the giggles....

Project Rungay is my home page, that's how devoted I am! It's great to see you two getting the appreciation you've earned. Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas and the happiest, most prosperous of New Years to all TLo and all the Minions! Thank you from the bottom of my heart (the cockles?) for the millions of smiles.

Yay! That's me! I'm Susan S.! Glad that you all loved the cards as much as I do! Merry Christmas and thank you TLo for being so wonderful. This post made my day. :)

The Holigays are my favorite! Can we open our gifts now?

Feliz Natal to Lorenzo.

Nollaig Shona Duit to Tom.

TLO, thank YOU for all the giggles and insight into my favorite shows and celebrities. You make my favorite shows even better than I thought they could be.

I actually got teary eyed reading the comments today...god I'm such a dork.

Time for chocolate.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Fun Festivus and whatever else everyone celebrates!


Love the cards, love Tim!

Anonymous 10:49 said, "If we're fabulous supporters, it's only becuase you give us the opportunity to be."


Merry Christmas to the best bloggers on the Web and to all who sail on them! We love you, TLO!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Festivus to the Rest of Ya's!

Finding your site this year is one of the best things I've enjoyed! Your caustic wit and sharp observations make me smile almost every day. I've watched PR since season 1 but this year was so much the better for being with kindred spirits and chewing the fat. I discovered MAD MEN through you guys and now I am a HUGE fan, getting the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas (I ordered them for my hubs to wrap).

Here's hoping you, Tom and Lorenzo, have the best Holidays ever and know how much you mean to all of us minions, kittens and poodles. xoxoxoxoxo

Merry Christmas to you both and thank you Susan for the Tim Gunn cards.
Today is my birthday, so I feel as if Tim wished me well too!!
As for you two... I have been reading your blog from the very beginning, and have enjoyed every entry. Thank you both so much for giving us all a treat everyday...
Have a lovely, happy and healthy Christmas... you both deserve it!!
For your sakes, I hope you'll be taking some time off!!

Have a Holy-LOL-y Very Special Friday, Dear Ones! Love you all to pieces.

But -- gah -- now I have to wait ONE MORE DAY to rip up that episode of Launch My Line?!?

Thank you Susan S.! The cards are great and since we all love us some Tim, it was fun to see his cards. Who knew he drew? Thanks TLo for posting them. Great post in these busy days.

Merry Happy Fabulous, gentlemen. We love you right back.

YOU guys deserve it. We never would have made it thru TFS and the latest version of Runway without you. XO and have a happy.

and Happiness

*airkiss* *airkiss*


Those cards are great!! love them!

Thanks boys for all you do! How can we not come back day after day? And miss all this?? Never!



I would SO buy these cards if they were offered on the PR website (hint, hint PR people who read this blog...)

Merry Chrismas and Happy Haunakkah and/or whatever you celebrate this holiday season! :)

Merry Christmas, TLo!!! Someday, I hope to be as fabulous as you!!! Enjoy yourselves and rest up from all of your hard work.

Happy Holidays to all of my fellow kittens!!

You guys are absolutely the greatest. And so gracious, even as busy as I'm sure you are. Keep on being you, and have a superb 2010!


I'm going to be very busy trying to meet the wine cinsumption requirement for 2009 (I'm trying to become a certified wine-o). I've got to spend the next few days oscillating between drinking and overeating so, just incase I don't get to the computer.....
Thanks for the entertaining insights.
You are hysterical!!!
Thanks :)

Happy EVERYTHING, TLo and minions - kittens - poodles, etc.

Thank you for the daily entertainment - hilarity - diversion during a year when those have been sorely needed.

I'm pouring a nice crisp Prosecco today, and I've got enough for everyone, so come over here and let's raise a glass to our favorite blog!

Thank you, Tom and Lorenzo, for making my year merry and bright! Love you guys!

Merry Christmas, TLo, Tim, Susan and to all you fabulous Minions out there!

Be good.
Be merry.
Be well.


My day is not complete without checking your site.

Many thanks to Susan for the FAB-U-LOUS Tim Gunn cards! And hugs and kisses to Tom and Lorenzo for the delightful, controversial, thoughtful and beautiful touches you bring to all our lives.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to TLo and all my fellow kittens from around the globe. Have a fierce and fabulous new year.


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you both, TLo, and I hope Santa brings you everything your hearts desire! (I hope he does us, too, in another *good* season of PR!) Your wit and humor and insight have helped make so many shows more enjoyable. Here's hoping 2010 is a wonderful year for us all!

Thanks for the Christmas Eve smiles. Merry Christmas TLo, fellow minions, kittens, poodles, et al. Glad to be a part of this online family that can at times, be as disfunctional as any blood family!

Merry Christmas T-Lo! I got the Tim Gunn Holiday card set at an event in San Jose and just couldn't part with one of them to send out. Selfish I know, but next year maybe a special friend will get one :-)

Happy Holidays (and gays) to all. So glad to put 2009 to bed and start on a new year. Looking forward to bitching and complaining (with love, of course) about PR7.

Poor Tim was in Tysons Corners LAST weekend?! What a trouper!

Merry Christmas kittens! Thanks for all that you do!

Hee hee-also got Mad Men S1 and 2 for DH this year. Hope he likes it, and doesn't see this post :-)

Merriest of Holidays Tlo and Minions everywhere -- I hope Santa fills all y'alls' two-toned Chanel stockings with everything your hearts desire!



I'll try to keep it up but now that I've graduated from college I don't know where all the anger for the bitchiness will come from.

Merry Christmas to all you fabulous guys and gals!

Brooklyn Bomber said...

......I'm pouring a nice crisp Prosecco today, and I've got enough for everyone, so come over here and let's raise a glass to our favorite blog!

I'm SO down with that! On my way.....

Merry Christmas to you two wonderful guys! Thanks for all the fun! And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my fellow blog followers!

potty mouth princess

Those were hilarious and absolutely perfect!

Everyone have a wonderful holiday and if you're traveling, be safe.

Seasonal good wishes to you, T & Lo, and to all the entertaining fellow minions from whom I get so much entertainment all year.

The annual Christmas double feature, "Bell, Book & Candle" followed by "White Christmas," is ready to go and the last minute cooking frenzy is underway. I hope everyone has a good couple of days, whether you're suckers for Christmas (as I am) or not, (whether you celebrate Christmas at all, for that matter).

Aw, thanks for sharing! These are adorable. I especially love the "This concerns me!" card.

And thank you guys for all of the fun you provide us all year!

Merry Christmas, boys! I love this blog. I check it almost every day. I agree with (most) of your opinions. But, I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to put up a blog of this quality.


Happy Holidays, bitches!

So cute, thank you guys. Lovelovelove your blog!

Thank you for another fabulous blogging year. Looking forward to 2010 and wishing you and all your readers a Happy New Year.

I just want to thank you for your blog! I am the lurkiest of lurkers but had to wish you guys merry christmas. Thank you for all you do.

Happy Holidays, guys!

Thank you Susan,

And a giant Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to TLo!

Thank you for this blog-- you will never know how much sanity and hilarity I receive from you every day.
I am grateful!


Love you guys! Happy Holidays!

Love the cards! Thank you for being you, Tlo!

Anonymous said...

If we're fabulous supporters, it's only because you give us the opportunity to be. Frank

Could have not said better. Best wishes!!


Tlo, I love to read your blog every day, you make me laugh and reflect. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Thank you for a wonderful, well-written, hilarious blog. PR, LML, MM, and so many other shows wouldn't be the same without your commentary.

I've just uncovered this hidden camera footage of the PRG Holiday Party:

Healthy & Happy Holiday season & 2010 to all!


Your blog is my absolute favourite read for inspiration, fashion and fabulosity! Thanks so much, enjoy your holidays!


Thank you for all your hard work you put into this site. You guys are the best! Happy Holidays everyone!

GothamTomato said...

I've just uncovered this hidden camera footage of the PRG Holiday Party:

a href="

Healthy & Happy Holiday season & 2010 to all!


We normally hate them, but this one is freaking hilarious.

T Lo

I can't remember exactly how I found your blog but I read it every day. It never fails to make me happy and/or smile and/or appreciate good and witty writing. Happy Holidays!

Tim Gunn was at a Fashion Show in DC last Saturday?

I was still in DC but we got almost 2 feet of snow - and although I've from Ohio were we can deal with snow - I thought almost EVERYTHING was cancelled or closed?

... Anyway - Merry Christmas and Happy Holigays to all.

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!

Thank you for your wonderful blog, T&L! I have enjoyed reading it for some time now and I appreciate all the hard work it takes for you to maintain a blog like this. Happy Holidays!

Congratulations on this milestone, guys! I read your blog every day and always look forward to both your humor and your interesting take on things.

Happy Holidays!

It's a total pleasure to read your blog every day. Your wit is priceless. Merry Christmas and a very happy new year, TLO!

Merry Christmas boys!
Thanks for helping make 2009 a more fabulous year with your beautiful bitchiness!
Here's wishing you a lovely day tomorrow, and I sincerely hope 2010 everything y'all wish it to be.
Merry Christmas to all my fellow TLo addicts!!!!

I'm from Germany and I read your blog every day, Tlo. Ich wünsche euch ganz schöne Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch ins 2010!

Happy Holidays! Your blog always brings me a ton of joy to read on a daily basis. Thanks so much for posting as often and as fabulously as you do!

Merry Christmas to TLo and the community they built.
'Tis a great place here.

Now if someone can read the tiny writing on the cards for the .com address of the creator or producer, it might be time to search out that person for additional thanks.

GT ~ your a legend. That? That was fricken' fantastic and funny as hell!

One year we elfed our dog.

Merry happy everything to you both - my only complaint is that I wish you posted even more!

Happy Holidays Tom and Lorenzo! I don't comment much but I devour every post and am thankful you're out there writing them.

Happy Holidays T&L. Thanks for another great year! Love you both BIG!!!



Happy Holigays, Merry Bitchmas and may 2010 bring you loads of fabulous shoes!! xoxoxoxo

This comment has been removed by the author.

haha...those are soooo Tim!

I'm afraid I'll be having a "that concerns me" moment when I open my gifts this year...hehehe!

Happy Holidays to you too TLo...and to all the posters here as well! :)

Happiest Holiday to you and yours. Thank you so much for sharing your talents, laughter and insightfulness. (Luv the shoes!)


My birthday is also today! Happy Holidays to all Bitter Kittens & poodles everywhere.

Tlo- I am also disabled and on the computer a lot, but your blog is the first one I go to every day. It always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for all you do.

Thank YOU so much, Tom and Lorenzo. You are my blogging inspirations. I am simply amazed but not surprised at all at 30 million visitors. With so little smart, snarky humor in the world, your blog is the big gay lighthouse that gets me to the shore time and time again. I love you guys. Even if you do politely lie about the fabulousness of my shoes (don't think I can't hear you through the keyboard).

Of course you know what 30 million visitors means? You can't ever stop blogging.

Just want to join the chorus of huge thanks to you guys for producing such a terrific blog. It's at the top of my daily visit list, too. Your Nina caps just slay me. I laugh myself silly.

Happiest of holidays to you wonderful guys, and to all the minions and bitter kittens out there in PRG land. Here's to a fab new decade and a terrific PR S7!


Merry Holidays everyone!

TLo, I want to thank you for all that you do to bring a little joy in to my life when things start to pile up.

Be safe, happy and full of food this holiday season! And put on some fabulous shoes :)

These are great! Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays!

All the BEST to TLo and Associates and those I'm proud to call my fellow Minions!



These are wonderful. What a treat.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Thank you TLo for your fabulosity. You've made my year!

i wish they didnt make him look so twinky..

Happy Holidays, Tlo! You're the best!!

Thank you for everything, Tlo!

tlo, i love your outfit and love your blog! best wishes for 2010!

Happy Holidays to all!

Love the cards!

Merry Christmas to TLo and all their other fabulous minions, from this bitter kitten minion:

another laura

Carry on with your bad selves and celebrate!

Those cards are FAB! Thank you, Susan, for sharing them, and happy belated birthday!

Happy Holidays to you, TLo - thank you for brightening our year and looking forward to many zillions of hours to come of sublime TLo Fun in the new year.


Here's to 30 milion more, Boys.

And you two did it. Your wit and bitchy sense of fun keep us all coming back.

Merry Christmas! Wishing you even more fabulosity in 2010!

thank you tlo! couldn't have gotten through the year without your wise words, brilliant critiques, sharp insights, and keen fashion sense. You light up our lives.

Carry on, hookers!

Happy Holigays to you, too! This site rocks! I may never be able to afford the clothes you feature from day to day, but I still get to enjoy them.

Thank you for providing a forum to let us get our snark on. And providing priceless style tips along the way too!

Here's to an excellent new year and new season of Project Runway!

Darlings, quite late Christmas wishes from Austria! I hope, you had a fabulous time and wish you a very happy and stylish New Year!

Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Happy Holigays to you too and may the new year bring peace, joy and good health!


Belated Happy Holidays to you all!

I love TLo and my fellow minions.


And, Happy New Season Project Runway!

What a cool thing to do! And I love the illustrations - who did them???

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