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Glee S1E13: Sectionals

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"She's the one they made me talk to when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker."

Sad as we are to see the show go on hiatus until the spring, we were looking forward to this episode because the depiction of sectionals meant we were pretty much guaranteed a bunch of great numbers. We weren't even thinking of plot much but we got that in spades too. We have to admit, as annoying as the two pregnancy storylines sometimes got, we kind of love how they brought them each to their conclusion: as mundanely as possible. Will finds a baby bump pillow and lifts Terri's shirt. Done. Rachel, standing as she does in the center of things in the Glee club, figures out the obvious and tells Finn she doesn't think he's the father of Quinn's baby. Done.

But let's face it, the musical numbers are what keep us all coming back week after week and last night's episode did not disappoint.

Y'know, it could be argued that giving "And I Am Telling You" to the sassy, chubby black girl is just a tiny bit on the cliche side, but a): they treated it like the expected thing it was, and b): she FUCKING NAILED IT with a version that would have made both Jennifers sit down for a minute.

And what do you do after the sassy, chubby black girl brings down the roof with the anthem for sassy, chubby black girls everwhere? Why, you hand the Jewish girl with the Broadway Baby styling "Don't Rain on My Parade,"(the anthem for Jewish girls with Broadway Baby styling everywhere) and turn her loose, resulting in yet another roof coming crashing down.

But the episode wasn't just a nod to the gays - because anthems for sassy, chubby black girls and Broadway baby Jewish girls are naturally anthems for gayboys as well - because we got a cute version of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and a KILLA version of "My Life Would Suck Without You," complete with choreography that served as callbacks to pretty much every other number this season.

And in between we got a ton of drama and a little bit of comedy. In fact, we got what we considered the funniest line and delivery of the entire season:

"Okay. I'm just gonna come out and say it. This is a singing competition. I don't know how those deaf kids got in. They weren't singing, they were like, honking, and everyone was crying and I was like, "Get off the stage. You're terrible and you're making me super uncomfortable."

So hard were we laughing at that that we didn't hear the next five minutes of dialogue.

Sue, of course, got the remainder of the best:
"Hey buddy. I just stopped by to feed my Venus Flytrap."

"You'll be adding revenge to the long list of things you're no good at, right next to being married, running a high school glee club and finding a hairstyle that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."

"Get ready for the ride of your life, Will Schu
ester. You're about to board the Sue Sylvester Express. Destination: horror!"

It was a completely satisfying hour of television. If the series had been canceled at this point, these 13 episodes would have stood on their own . Thankfully, they'll be back in the spring, stripped clean of most of the silliness plotwise, and geared up for regionals, promising better and better numbers. Can't wait.

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I have been refreshing all morning waiting for your guys' take. I found it so completely satisfying, I have to agree with everything. LOVE this show.

Totally satisfying episode. Glee could end and, sad as I'd be, at least I'd be comfortable with the ending. And I loved seeing Rev. Newlin's wife (from True Blood) in another well-suited role as 5th runner up of Miss Ohio 1996.

agreed! it was a fabulous episode, with 2 incredible solos. im dying to see where they take things from here.

Oh, the irony of Jane Lynch making a lesbian haircut joke... simply awesome. Great musical numbers although I still find it hard to watch Finn dance.

You forgot, "If that were true, then Santana and I would be dating"... that chicks deliver is awesome...

I feel like a total sap, but how much did I love that episode? Both of the big diva numbers were incredible, and there was so much emotional payoff.

I only had two tiny quibbles. 1. I didn't need to see quite so many shots of Will tearing up over the phone when the kids came through. 2. As happy as I was to see that amazing rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade," after the way Mercedes killed "And I Am Telling You," what any sensible Glee Club would have done after the girls school version of it would have been to send Mercedes up there and say, "This is how it's done, bitches." She would have blown them out of the water.

Not that Rachel didn't blow them out of the water as well. Awesome episode.

I'm with you Paige... I'm the freshest girl on the block with all the refreshing I've done this morning!!
What a great night. Everything was just the right tone. When it was in danger of getting too sweet, in swept Sue or the delicious "judge"... What fun!!
I'll miss it til April, but we always have LOST!!

DITTO!!!!! plus I missed the next 5 minutes too! Then their horny glances(newsman and blond) @ each other was cracking me up so I missed the rest of that scenes dialogue....I have to watch again on HULU!

BEST. SHOW. EVER. The Parade number was just unbelievably good.

My one beef is with the commercial breaks literally every five minutes. Every five minutes is way way way too much. Lordy.

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"Tlo said: Why, you hand the Jewish girl with the Broadway Baby styling "Don't Rain on My Parade,"(the anthem for Jewish girls with Broadway Baby styling everywhere)"

LOL, Jewish girls everywhere, period. Streisand is our Jackie Robinson. I've been wondering where the Streisand was in Rachel's songbook (I doubt there's a Jewish girl alive - at least, my age - who doesn't know every song in Funny Girl by heart).

As soon as she said she had something she'd been working on since she was 4, I said, 'here it comes'. And it did not disappoint.


I loved this episode so much. I rewound and watched both solos multiple times. I am sad to think of the months without new episodes.

Did anyone else think it was hysterical that Rachel used her Jewish know-how to trick Quinn into getting Puck to take the Tay Sachs test? No, just me? Ok.

loved loved loved the show last night. i too had the feeling "dont rain on my parade" was going to be the song. "funny girl" is my fave movie of all time & thats coming from a "good" catholic girl. how sad we have to wait 4 months till the next show.

I thought it was pretty obvious that Sue had tampered with the judging -- did anyone else catch that?

I also loved seeing Figgis stand up to Sue and not back down. I loved his little self-satisfied smile.

Yeah, there were too many reactions shot, but I really loved this episode. I was especially happy when Shue went back and kissed Emma. Part of me was saying, "It's about time," but I loved that he waited until he had left Teri, and realized that's what he had done, before he went to Emma. (Of course he was emotionally involved with Emma before, but I appreciate that they didn't cross that line.)

Also, I thought it was kind of great that Finn beat up Puck, and then didn't forgive him right away. For all the over-the-top goofiness in this show, it seems to me they get certain aspects of being a teenager dead right.

I apparently am still on edge from the Will/Terri scene and was expecting another Nip/Tuckesque scene, as when I heard Sue say, "Schuester" after she got fired, I whisperscreeched, "OH MY GOD SHE'S KIDNAPPED EMMA." Luckily they didn't go for that ridiculousness.
I am loving Figgins more and more with every episode.
And that was the hugest most ridiculous sized trophy for a measley sectionals win I have ever seen.

Scimommy, I also loved that Rachel used tay sachs to trick Quinn instead of just calling her out on it!

I agree that Rachel nailed "Parade" but my quibble is that I wish she hadn't done it breath for breath EXACTLY like Streisand, but had made it more her own. Anyone else tear up watching Will kvell over the kids on the phone? Love how he loves them.

From my perspective in SW Ohio, casting got famous radio personality and Miss Ohio runner -up exactly right.
And the size of that sectional trophy? About right too. Think of some of the huge trophies in Sue's office.

Yes this was a very satisfying way to end the fall. Even if the show had not been renewed.

Everything nicely fell into place with some closure for just about everyone. I liked that they didn't have Terri so crazed or self-absorbed that she would be denial. I liked they had her take responsibility and is trying to be proactive with her life. As well as Ken growing a pair and dumping Emma

As absurd as the double pregnancy story was, it did offer a great chance for the development of Quinn from cold, stuck up, alpha girl to a flawed but sympathetic person who is growing up. Her scene with Rachel and her rejection of Puck were terrific

I will miss Brittany's ziggers though. That girl playing her must be reveling in her good fortune for what was assumed to be just a glorified extra.

The numbers where great although I did want to see them do Somebody To Love as Well to finish off their set. The Kelly Clarkson song was very appropriate both for the kids and for Will/Emma

And they're in talks to get Idina Mendzel to appear in the latter half of the season.


Scrimommy, I found that equally hilarious. I was sitting with my friends and one of them asked "why Tay-Sachs" so I cut Rachel off and explained that it's found mostly in Ashkenazi Jewish communities (and as we all know from Puck's Hebrew pronunciation, he is Ashkenazi).

Anyway, I LOOOOOOOVED this episode. "Don't Rain On My Parade" made me so happy (brings back memories of listening to my nana cleaning while singing along to that song... on repeat). I'm not a huge fan of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (the Stones have better songs), but that Kelly Clarkson song at the end was surprisingly great. I loved the medley of choreography. Brilliant.

I have to agree with the dumb blonde judge: deaf choirs? Not so great on the singing side. If they had done a really cool ASL version of Don't Stop Believin', that would've been impressive, but singing it? Gutsy, but not that fun to listen to.

Seriously Amber Riley KILLED that song and cliche as it sounds Lea really did remind me of Babs singing that.

As for plot. I am completely happy with it. My guess though is in the midst of all this fake pregnancy scheming Terri somehow actually did get pregnant. There was that time after she first found out she wasn't pregnant that she was trying to get pregnant, but who knows? It's GLEE and I'm sure the show will find a way to surprise.

And I also loved the crabby old lady judge. i thought it was kind of a wink and nod to those of us who sometimes question the plausibility of these plots, and why aren't these kids in class, and why do they all look 30 years old?

Loved this episode. Since they weren't trying to cover so many storylines, they could focus on the main ones and the episode was so much tighter for it. Loved the musical numbers, loved the comedy, loved Will and Emma and how they handled Finn, Quinn and Puck.

And this first season will be on DVD in a few weeks, right? Did anyone else catch that commercial?

The only bummer was that my cable froze during the commercial break right after the judges came out of the room, so from there on in the Fox logo was on the screen and it was audio only - like listening to a radio episode.

Anywhere to see it on line (other than the Fox site?)


Totally satisfying episode on just about every level.

On first hearing it, I also thought Rachel's rendition of "Don't Rain on My Parade" was too much Barbra, inflection for inflection.

But in thinking about it more, it made sense. After all, that's the way we all learned it, wasn't it -- puttah and buttah? And this was something she was pulling out of her hat, not a number she'd reworked to make her own for competition.

One thing that struck me several weeks ago was that it was going to be very difficult for McKinley to win without making it look like they were beating up poor defenseless underprivileged kids. But the writers solved that with the cheating scandal.

And how great was Sue, denying up till the last minute and then promising to come back even more venonmous? Can't wait.

Incredibly satisfying for sure! I have to wonder if they didn't design these episodes to stand on their own since they didn't know at the outset if the show would be picked up for a full season. Either way, it certainly makes the ensuing months without Glee a little more tolerable.

And, one small Kurt moment that had me in stiches was at the beginning when Rachel is talking about her Puck/Quinn suspicions and mentions being psychic. Kurt's expression was utterly hyterical. I just adore Kurt.

I rewound both diva numbers and watched them 3 times last night. Deliberately cliche, I suspect and executed to complete perfection. I was in heaven.

I liked the episode, but not as much as the emotion we saw last week. My biggest problem was Will's infidelity. Telling your wife an hour ago that you may not ever love her again (by proxy, you MAY love her again) is not leaving your wife. Starting up a new relationship an hour after "leaving your wife" and an hour after the other woman's fiance leaves her at the alter can't be healthy.

Gotham Tomato-it's on already. just search for "glee"

Yes yes yes!
Fresh start indeed! Just about everything has been resolved, and when the show returns, we'll have new and exciting craziness to explore.

I think Terri's going to work our REALLY well as Will's crazy ex-wife -- we won't be asked to believe he's in love with her while she runs rampant through town in all her insanity.

And I know some can't stand her/them, but I'm really happy to see Will & Emma together.

It did feel a little bit like they were trying to CRAM everything into this ep, but by now I'm so on-board with this show that I didn't mind at all.

Other loves -- yes, the judging.
When Kurt talks about hating Rachel.
I love that they had Ken dump Emma instead of the other way around.

Now, for next spring, PLEASE bring back Harold Bamboo! Maybe Terri can use him for something awful.

Perfect ep in every way. Teri gone (thank God) and on the mend, Emma and Will together (thank God again) though with bumps still going, and awesome, awesome, music.

Nine. Glee. A musical revival? Please let it be so.

I agree Teri is going to turn out pregnant, though she was faking for what, 6 months? And she wasn't having sex with Will so he wouldn't find out she was faking, so how she could be pregnant now is a mystery. But then, it's Glee. Let's go with it.

Real question I'm dying to know answer to? Who gets Quinn's baby now?

Streisand love isn't limited to Jewish girls. I am an Irish Catholic and have been belting out her show tunes for my whole life. Much to my brother's chagrin!

I actually enjoyed the cuts to Will's reaction to hearing his kids perform. His nearly-teary pride in them was so sweet, and really brought home the pride a teacher can have in his/her students when they shine (my mom is still in touch with some of her students, and speaks with almost as much pride about their accomplishments as she would about her own children's).

I also loved the quick cut to the adoring look Kurt gave Finn when he came in to lead the glee club to victory. Aw, Kurt, sweetie.

While I thought Rachel's solo performance was astounding (and had no problem with the Babs imitation), I was a little troubled by the soloness of it. None of the other kids performed at all in that song. How could it qualify as a glee club performance? Seriously. I really don't know how the rules work on this one. It bugs me.

The mischievous glee of Jane Lynch's performance in that last scene between Sue and Will was almost contagious. The obvious fun Ms. Lynch has playing Sue is a good part of what makes Sue so much fun to watch.

By the way, Terry Gross interviewed Jane Lynch last month on "Fresh Air." If you haven't heard it alreayd, you may want to check it out, as Jane Lynch really is one of the most entertaining people on the planet, even when she's just being interviewed.

I love how everything resolved. It really does feel like the end of the first Act, which makes me appreciate the crazy drama more.

Can't wait for Act II in April.

I've been watching Glee on Hulu every week. A new episode is always up by Thursday morning, PST anyway.

I loved this episode, it was just perfect to end the fall run. But I will be very sad until it returns. Luckily I have all the eps saved on my DVR and I will be re-watching.

I too thought with Terri's tiredness that they might be gearing up to have her be pregnant and I really really hope not. That would be a horrible plot twist. Enough with the pregnancy thing. I didn't actually dislike the Quinn pregnancy storyline as I thought it lent itself to a lot of character development but coupled with the Terri fake pregnancy line, it was way too much pregnant lying stuff.
I also was impressed with how good Finn's voice sounded last night. I thought it was better than I remembered it being in the past.
Some great songs last night.

one other thing-I was just re-watching MLWSWY and I noticed the one part that Mercedes is standing on a chair, singing down to Rachel. I just realized that was a reference to how tall Finn is when he sings down to Rachel. Made me laugh :)

Did anyone else see Rachel's two gay dads cheering in the front row after her solo? I'll have watch again on Hulu to look for the other kids' parents.

As soon as I saw this episode last night, I was imagining what you guys were thinking when Rachel came out singing Don't Rain on my Parade.

Oh my god, she fucking nailed it. It was incredible. It gave me chills. I googled up the audio (cause there wasn't any available video that I could find) and i listened to it over and over again. Girl's got some major pipes, and she's one hell of a musician. That song is so hard to sing!!!

Last night was easily the best episode so far, and the characters showed the most depth they have all season. Quinn is becoming somewhat of a sympathetic character, and her arc is shaping up nicely. She's growing in these episodes more than any other character on the show.

I wish they'd let Rachel's character do some growing, too.

Gotham Tomato, when Rachel said she'd been working on a number since she was four, factor in two gay was a forgone conclusion..."Parade". LOVED every second of it! Great episode.

I just found your site a couple weeks ago and have started to visit regularily. This is a brilliant recap of Glee. Also while watching last night, I missed one of the lines and I knew you guys would have it up today (and you did). Great job!

Sue's lesbian haircut line was the best of the season.

You def needed a box of tissue nearby for this ep.

Thanks always TLo for your assessments!

Just rewatched it. Did anyone else notice that Will is still wearing his wedding ring when he tells Emma that he left Terri AND when he runs and kisses her at the end?

Intentional or just careless thinking from the costuming/props people? If it's intentional, I can understand why: it does drive home the fact that even if Will is no longer emotionally married to his wife, he's still legally her husband.

I think that at least a few episodes will revolve around Terri extorting stuff from Will (I'm not exactly sure what, but that's what writers are for) in return for her signing the divorce documents.

Yes, this episode was thoroughly entertaining. Funny, touching, silly, dramatic, and outstanding musical numbers back to back to back. Hooray!

Ironically, I just downloaded the Barbra version of "Don't Rain On My Parade" about two weeks ago, not even knowing it was going to be on Glee. Now that I have the Glee soundtrack as well, I have both versions, and Lea Michele absolutely nails the song. Every note, every inflection. And it's a difficult song to sing, for sure.

My other favorite part of the episode was the black judge at sectionals. "I didn't even know what a show choir was until 5 minutes before I had to be here."

I also loved how their choreography at sectionals for "You can't always get what you want" was basic, choppy, and sort of dumb. That's exactly what you'd come up with if you had an hour to prepare.

Another great line from Puck: "Does it have to be tonight? I have my fight club."

You didn't hear dialog because you were laughing?!?!?!

You're kidding, right?

Have you no TiVo?

I man the pause button and whenever a big laugh happens I pause it and wait for us to peak...and then we continue. We often immediately jump back 8 seconds and hear the line again. Sometimes 3 times.

TiVo, babies...

Did anyone else notice the bandaid on Rachel's leg when she was performing her solo? It appears in only one shot and then disappears...

Corny as it was...

Finn: "It's not fair! Why do I always have to be the bigger man?"
Will: "Because sometimes being"

Getting teary again just typing that. :)

and let us not forget Emma P's beautifully eloquent smackdown of the two competing club's advisors for cheating. what a world it would be if every child had someone who believed in them like that...

I've read that they've already signed Idina Menzel to appear in ALL the remaining season one episodes when the show returns in April. She's been tapped to play the glee club coach of Vocal Adrenaline (evidently, New Directions' most worthy competitors in Regionals).

Can't help but wonder...she looks SO much like Lea Michele, could she also surface as Rachel's biological mother? Too delicious?

@Wannabe: "Real question I'm dying to know answer to? Who gets Quinn's baby now?"

My guess, is Quinn!

LOVED when Mercedes is singing and pointing "and YOU and you and YOU, you're gonna love me", the shot of Kurt placing his hand on his heart. Perfectly played.

I also love how Glee has taken these young unknown actors (Mercedes, and Kurt) and really developed them and their careers. No other tv show (well, maybe American Idol ;) could have been a vehichle for them!

@ rara avis... too delicious indeed!

I love it! I am seriously thinking that I need the DVDs now.
Loved all of the numbers--
so much emotion and drama.

Totally satisfying!
Can't wait until April!

@CCGuy000 It is a known fact that drummers cannot dance. Evidence - Van Halen's video for "Hot for Teacher". The one guy with no rhythm in the dance number, Alex, the drummer.

Mercedes stood on a chair to reprise her stance in "Hate on Me," not to emulate Finn's height.

Being able to copy Bab's "Parade" breath for breath and phrase for phrase is how a sixteen-year-old diva wannabee (and even Lea) might very well choose to demonstrate she has the chops. (Glenn Gould told of how he learned a Beethoven concerto by listening to someone's 78 rpm recording, then including slight pauses in his own performance where the record changes would occur.)

Sue has been an unfunny psychopath since "Throwdown." A teacher who would betray her principal, colleagues, students (and their parents) knowing she would get caught is about as humorous as the inmates of "Marat/Sade" and should never, ever be allowed to teach in any school of any kind. If the men in the white suits are still around they should let Blanche DuBois alone and head for Boca where Sue is catching some rays.

@ Lawrence... unfortunately, there are plenty of less obvious Sue Sylvesters out there in the real world.

Can we just give Mercedes the Fiercest Person in the World medal already?

Anon 5:03- the actress who plays Mercedes tried out for American Idol and didn't make it past the audition. Maybe the judges were all on crack that day, because she's amazing!

God, that episode was more satisfying than having an orgasm while eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

I loved the phone call in the beginning of the episode. "Dating isn't sex." "Duh. Otherwise Santana and I would be dating." PAUSE "Anyway..."

I feel like if I saw "Somebody to Love" after seeing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" it would take away some of the magic of that number. They're very similar.

And that blond actress is all over everything right now. She was on True Blood and The Office and now Glee. And every time she has played this hilarious, ignorant mess of a beauty queen and I have loved it every time.

TLo, this sentence sums up why I read your blog daily:

"Anthems for sassy, chubby black girls and Broadway baby Jewish girls are naturally anthems for gayboys as well."

I am a Broadway baby Jewish girl, and I could not agree more. Lea Michele rocked that song harder than anyone since Babs herself. I wept.

Loved Kurt and Brittany, wish there was more of them in this ep!

Found one aspect frustrating though, re: Tay-Sachs. Yes, it really is mostly a Jewish disease (although mostly because of high intermarriage/assimilation rates, non-Jews can also be carriers.)
And yes, Rachel was sneaky-smart getting Quinn to confirm her suspicions.
But I feel like it's spreading as much misinformation as Quinn and her hot tub story, only without enough of the critical tone that tells the viewers that these kids are kinda stupid running around armed with small amounts of knowledge.

Maybe it was there and i missed it but i worry that some kids will be unreasonably scared or alternatively think it isn't real/a big deal. This isn't something that the general population has to deal with, but theres huge awareness among many Jews today and there are genetic testing drives on college campuses and...yeah.

A carrier of TS has one copy of the gene and can pass along 1 or 0 copies to his/her offspring. If offspring has 0, great, if 1, offspring is a carrier.

It takes 2 carriers making a baby together to have any chance of producing a child with TS (which is indeed horrible and fatal) because to have the disease one needs 2 copies of the gene. So, 2 carriers have a 1 in 4 chance of making a baby with 0 (not a carrier), a 2 in 4 chance of creating a carrier (one copy from dad, or one copy form mom), and a 1 in 4 chance of a TS babt (TS gene from both).

Quinn is the WASPiest wasp who ever lived, See: blonde, cheerleader, ubiquitous cross necklace. She is probably not a carrier. Even if Puck was, the kid would have a 1 in 2 chance of being a carrier. Not of having the disease. I know he's a knucklehead but really.

LOVED! THIS! EPISODE! How satisfying was THAT for a finale? Wrapped up some stuff that needed to be out, gave us more fabulous numbers, and left us waiting breathlessly for more. Good job, Glee!

I'm sad for the hiatus as well. But this episode left me feeling elated. Everything that needed to be wrapped up was wrapped up and the numbers were AMAZING!!!!! I've been listening to Rachel's "Don't Rain on my Parade" over and over again. I don't usually buy tv shows on dvd unless I think they're really worth it. And every season of this show will be more than worth it. Can't wait til Dec. 29th to buy it as an Xmas present to myself :)

All in all, yes very satisfying episode that makes me eagerly await what's to come. I love Glee!

Can't believe you guys forgot the line about sex not being dating.. And Britney chiming in "If that were true Santana and I would be dating"

@mim - Did you know that Quinn - the girl you characterized as the WASPiest wasp that ever lived or something - she's Jewish in real life.

So, I think it's probably better not to guess about someone's genotype based on their phenotype.

That might be getting nitpicky when we're discussing a TV show, but if your point is that the show should be a little more socially responsible, then it's a reasonable thing to point out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

About half way through "Don't Rain on my Parade" I was struck with an overwhelming desire for a musical version of "The Three Sisters" with Lea Michele, Idina Menzel, and Shoshanna Bean.

This show engenders strange imaginings, indeed

Ahhh It's Rev. Newlin's Wife! Thanks Amanda! I couldn't place her!

To the people who are wonder who will get Quinn's baby now: I'm hoping that someone who is not crazy will adopt it, which means a character that we haven't been introduced to yet.

I keep on thinking that she wont actually for some stupid reason or another; despite the fact that she's still in High School, and her parents don't want to support her. Sure, logically she doesn't have a lot of other options, but it seems like more often than not these teen pregnancy storylines end up with underaged parents who's parents basically raise their children.

I hope I'm wrong though. But at this point I can't help but think that Quinn's parents having a change of heart and agreeing to raise her child is more likely than her being practical (and truly selfless) and giving it up for adoption.

the concept that these kids have been working towards this very moment for months and then one of the judges doesn't even know what a glee club is, is BRILLIANT. we were laughing so hard at the Ohio Comptroller and the entire judging scene of 2 minutes, SO FUNNY we were crying, all three actors nailed that, the WRITER DESERVE an emmy for that scene! LOVE glee!

I think Terri will turn out to be actually pregnant now. Remember an episode early in the season where they kept showing her and Will engaging in marital relations (!) over and over because he was so turned on by her being pregnant?

Funny Girl is one of my favorite musicals and I thought Lea was brilliant. It would be a great kick if the Idina character turns out to be her bio-mom.

One word:


@Miss Anne - I think you are missing mim's point. Dianna Agron is a Jewish girl, Quinn is WASPy wasp. You shouldn't confuse the actor with the role.

Marketing Diva

As a sassy chubby black girl, this episode rocked. Not only did Mercedes nail "ANd I am telling you" but my inner jewish broadway baby girl was thrilled to let out a little Babara, Rachel did real good.

Sue Sue Sue Sue Damn Sue Sue
destination "Horror"

I agree that Rachel nailed "Parade" but my quibble is that I wish she hadn't done it breath for breath EXACTLY like Streisand

I thought the same thing Peaches, but you know, it was still worth it. She did nail it. And Mercedes? Stupendous! There were so many things to love in this episode: the Tay Sachs trick had me guffawing. Sue was batshit crazy, Figgins was fantastic, and then there was the music. I've got this one on my DVR and I'm going to watch it a bunch of times to wring every little detail out of it.

TLo, I love your Gleecaps, and I'm going to miss them almost as much as I'll miss the show while it's on hiatus!

@ miss anne: none of my comments pertained to the actress except possibly blonde. I am fairly offended at your implication that I assumed blonde people can't be Jewish (perhaps more so because that's half my family)

I was talking about her CHARACTER. Which has been **written** as very conspicuously, indeed, ridiculously, waspy. See: cross necklace she always wears, celibacy club, parents...

Terri is *totally* pregnant -- the big foreshadowing was when she said "I'm tired" to Will ... like someone getting through her first trimester.

Kurt: Aren't you dating?
Santana: Sex is NOT dating.
Brittany: If it were, Santana and I would be dating.

(Awkward pause.)

Now that was flawless, great comic timing from Brittany. I hope they give her a few more lines because she can deliver them as great comic relief.

Love, love, love this show.

Love it.

@Kali - really? infidelity? They kissed, they didn't have sex. And it wasn't an hour after, it was the next day at school (Will and Terri talked the day before, when Will was headed to Emma's wedding).

What about Figgins' lines? I thought he got two of the best in the episode with "There is an orgy of evidence stacked against you!" and "My word is official. Let it be written!"

Ooh, I just remembered that Quinn is living at Finn's house. With as much as she's pushing Puck away, where is she going to stay?

katie ann said: Ooh, I just remembered that Quinn is living at Finn's house. With as much as she's pushing Puck away, where is she going to stay?

Well duh, with Rachel of course! (And the Rachel/Quinn shippers - i.e. moi - go wild! But not as wild as the Brittany/Santana 'shippers did last night.)

Well it was an AMAZING episode!

Although Mercedes sang a number I have been anticipating from her at some point, she knocked it SO FAR out the park I had goose bumps. Actually I was a bit worried they put the strongest number too close to the beginning of the episode. Then when Rachel brought the house down I was AMAZED!!

They are tremendously talented performers!!

Idina Menzel been confirmed.

Is it April yet?

oops, left out the word has

Teen girls were actually crying at my viewing event. (after couple of the musical numbers)

I'm thinking this show has really hit its stride.

Excellent episode. Fun show. The one thing that bothered me was that they only showed us two of their three Sectionals songs. I didn't need to see another full number but I really wanted to know what the third number was...

Can I just interject a heartfelt "Thank-you, Mom & Dad!"?

Only thanks to their excellent buying habits could I, still in early grade school, have memorized the entire Original Broadway Cast albums of Funny Girl, Man of La Mancha, and many others.

Some of us owe our folks a lot.

OK my favorite line not yet mentioned:
Quinn: I need you to take me for the Jewish baby test.
Puck: Is that even a real thing?

Yes Tay-Sachs is concentrated in the Azkhenazi community (small, endogamous population), but not only is Puck probably not aware of it, Quinn didn't actually ask him about T-S.
She just said "Jewish baby test" as if that was a test to see if the baby was Jewish. Given the low wattage brain power of the two, I can completely see that happening.

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@mim, no I think we have both misunderstood each other.

My point pertained to the fact that you simply can never presume to know if one carries a trait. Neither by their social behavior nor their physical traits.

If I seemed aggressive, that's my bluntness, not anything personal.

The show was great...but the best part was seeing the Preacherette from True Blood. Love her!

Chris, re: "Jewish baby test," most teenagers do not call diseases by their names when talking to their peers. For example, many in my family suffer from Dupuytren's Contraction, but we don't call it that. We usually talk about our "claw-hand disease."

Can't wait for the all-Madonna episode.

@ Anon 1:04pm They said their third number was going to be Somebody to Love, we just didn't need to see it again. That is, of course, presuming it wasn't also ripped off by the other teams.

@ Wannabe and rara avis - Yup, Quinn said she'd be doing this on her own ie. raising the baby without a father. For now at least ;)

@ mochizuki-senpai - I'm pretty sure they mentioned in a previous episode that according to Show Choir rules, not all the songs have to be performed by every member. In fact, wasn't a solo a requirement? Otherwise why would they have emphasized the ballad so much?

Someone referenced this early, but has anyone noticed how Fox is literally sucking this thing DRY with all of the damn commercial breaks?!!! Hey Fox, if I wanted five minutes of show between commercials, I would watch American Idol. Cut that out!!

Loved the episode. They got rid of much of the annoyance and have set it up for some awesomeness in the spring.

What gets me about Rachel- what makes me love her character despite how self-centered and obsessively driven she can be- is the moments of honesty that show that she can be one of the most mature, well-adjusted characters on the show. It seems to happen when she talks to Quinn, especially, and I love that. Every time it would be easy for Quinn to brush her off or attack her, she utterly disarms her with honesty. Their relationship is one of the most interesting on the show (and no, I'm not a Rachel/Quinn shipper ;P)

So happy they wrapped up all these silly plotlines and really brought it with the music. I have been pulled back from the brink of not being able to enjoy this show to a happy fan in the nick of time.

Such a great episode, I can't wait for the next episodes. Thanks for the recaps, guys.

Thank you for the videos!

"finding a hairstyle that doesn't make you look like a lesbian."

I had to pause the show cause i laughed so hard.

Jaxin, change "despite" to "is because of" and you'll have gotten it right. A 16-year-old doesn't get to sing like that without being "obsessively driven." Will tells Rachel that there will be a boy who will like her for what she thinks are her flaws. Well, Rachel already has a nationwide audience that does precisely that.

For me, her most powerful and revelatory exchange occurred with Finn, when she told him that although he was a popular football star and she was nothing, she could stand before him with self-confidence and say that what happened between them in the auditorium was "real" and that he had feelings for her that he didn't "have the guts to admit."

Other great confrontations include the time she dumped Puck, where she conducted a masterclass in break-upmanship and her takedown of the entire Celibacy Club.

Glee, Lea, Jane, and, Matthew got Golden Globe nominations! AND AFI named Glee for honors as well! Yaaaaay!

Okay. Terrible confession time. I'm not proud of this, mind you.

I checked iTunes for the deaf choir version of "Don't Stop Believing" I thought it was hilarious!

Sigh. There is something wrong with me. I should go somewhere and get help.

This was such a great episode! "Satisfying" was exactly the word I used after we had watched it; Other Eric didn't think that was a very enthusiastic response but that was the perfect way to describe it.

I loved that the rival schools were good but not as good with their stolen numbers as they had been with their own numbers; it made the win feel natural, without feeling obvious.

Can't wait for the next season!

*Lawrence said

Mercedes stood on a chair to reprise her stance in "Hate on Me," not to emulate Finn's height.

yes, all the choreography in this song was a nod to past songs, Kurt w/ brittney and mercedes "Put a ring on it"; cowboy hats for that song with ms. chenowith; etc. etc.

Great episode. Can't wait for sping. No really, I can. not. wait.

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ЧТо вы думаете про Женщина в четвертый раз выиграла в лотерею миллионы долларов? Как вы к этому относитесь?

I just ranked Glee's 4 competition performances. I judged in terms of costume, choreography, vocal performance, and overall impact. Whew, it was really hard for me! See which sectionals or regionals episode placed first!

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