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Glee S1E12: Mattress

"I insist on only being shot from the left side."

Well! They certainly decided plot was the new focus this week, didn't they? That was like a season-ender of Mad Men, so much happened.

But first, a quote retrospective. As usual, someone got most of the good lines and this week it was Sue Sylvester.

"While they were in there, I told them to go ahead and yank out those tear ducts. Wasn't using them."

"All I want is just one day a year when I'm not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties."

"Get out of my office... if you can manage squeezing through the door without your water breaking all over the carpet."

"You're too busy chasing tail and loading your hair with enormous amounts of product. Today, it just looks like you put lard in it."

"Aside from nudity and the exploitation of animals, I'll pretty much do anything to break into the business."

"Ken has a lot of flaws. He has 74 flaws as of yesterday."

Now, let's get something out of the way first. We wouldn't be us if we didn't have something to complain about, and with this episode it's weak musical numbers. The "Jump" bit was cute, but the rest of the episode was seriously lacking in any notable music numbers. And no videos of the numbers to be found anywhere online. Boo, FOX.

But wow, how about that Will vs. Terri showdown? Didn't see that coming. At least not yet. It was actually kind of a harsh scene for this show. We just did an interview for Metrosource magazine with Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays Terri. She talked about how, as fucked up as Terri is, everything she's done, she did out of a fear of losing her husband. For all her scheming and its resultant pain caused to Will, we couldn't help feeling sorry for her when the truth dawned on her that not only was she exposed, but her marriage was over.

Or is it? Emma acted like an adult for once and put her feelings for Will aside to show him that Terri did the wrong thing for the right reasons. As silly as Emma's impending marriage to Ken is, she at least managed to show a little maturity and both put Will in his place when he got out of line and gently give him the kind of advice that might not necessarily give her the outcome she would like. Although who knows with these two. It's a Hallmark of the show that the least mature characters are all the adults and these two carry on like a couple of 15-year-olds.

This week we were treated once again to the Villainous Sue Sylvester. She's had such a range of personalities depending on the episode, so you never quite know which Sue you're gonna get; the hilariously egotistical one, the visiting her developmentally disabled sister one, or the overtly villainous one. It's to the great credit of Jane Lynch that somehow she manages to pull it off by giving Sue a just-under-the-surface insanity.

Considering all the grownup drama, it was nice to not focus too much on the teenage drama for a bit. Rachel still falls all over Finn, but she seems pretty aware of where they stand. And a big hooray for Quinn, who used all her well-learned skills of bitchy mean girlness for good by going mano a mano with Sue Sylvester - and WINNING.

And Will's fired from the Glee Club. Sure. That's gonna stick.

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Got to agree that the musical numbers were weak this episode, but maybe that's because SO MUCH happened plot-wise. And Sue really had a lot of snappy lines. I nearly choked on the one about removing her tear ducts.

Thanks to the miracle of TiVo, I saw Glee and then Launch My Line last night, one after the other. For some odd reason, the HD version of Launch My Line is on an hour earlier than the regular version, at least on the West Coast. It was a Rungay-licious night of entertainment!

I have watched the bit of Finn diving between everyone's legs and screeching at least four times now. I don't know why, but it kills me.
And then Will finds out and I have to stop eating because I get nervous. That was a Nip/Tuck intense scene (I love you, Jessalyn. No one does batshit crazy and gets me on their team doing it like you).
I'm glad Sue is 'back'. Something was off last week. She just seemed desperate and tired.

With you on the Terri/Will scene, very heavy and came sooner than expected. And Sue Sylvester is just the BEST! Longtime Jane Lynch fan but this is about as good as it gets.

What I don't understand is, how does Will accepting the mattress make him a professional and restore the kids as amateurs? It's not like he was the one performing. He wasn't involved in any capacity. By that logic, why couldn't Emma take it and absolve Will as well? I know, I know, just go with it . . .

This episode was great, even without a lot of musical numbers. Will and Terri's marriage came to an abrupt halt in a tragic scene of greek proportions. The question needs to be asked, what will happen with little Drizzle? The show can't stretch so far as to have Will and Emma together in time for the delivery, can it?
Also, this show seemed to echo a point TLo made last week, that the show is doing better to use the choir as an ensemble, rather than soloist and backup. On Jump and the Charlie Chaplin Smile, you got to hear a number of different voices. Yes, the four principles were all there up front, but still, better.

Ryan Murphy does marital angst really well. The Will/Terri fight reminded me a lot of the showdown between Sean and Julia in the pilot of Nip/Tuck.

Given his ambivalence about marriage and his seething issues w/r/t childbirth and motherhood, I get the feeling Murphy's childhood was no picnic. Who was your mommy, Ryan, and what did she do to you?

Jump/The mattress commercial was so happy, it made up for the lack of music numbers for me.

How on earth is Gawker getting vids?

RE: Weakness of the musical numbers- Though I'm not a vocal expert or anything, part of the problem this week was hearing how weak Finn's voice is- there are so many other great male singers in the cast- why Finn?

I was actually expecting a fall out between Will and Quinn since she was in on the fake pregnancy scheme. Who knows, maybe it'll happen in the future.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm hoping that Teri and Will work things out. The desperation in her voice as she tried to convince Will not to leave kinda broke my heart a little.

Am I the only one who thinks that Candice Olson of HGTV's "Divine Design" is a creepy-perky version of the divine Jane Lynch?

I love it that Glee has no budget and yet there seems to be a full time adult accompanist standing by any time the kids want to rehearse. If that guy's working for free, someone should do a background check on him.

I actually thought this was a fairly weak episode -- the writers seemed to have a lot of trouble balancing the funny with the intense/sad. The scene between Will and Terri, for instance, was incredibly well acted by both (with both of them in tears, and Terri landing a few serious punches, like "You're not in love with *me*, you're in love with the girl you fell for when you were 15"). Will seemed positively menacing in that scene, as if he were about to become a wife beater. It almost didn't fit in this series at all, it was such strong drama.

I also thought the scenes between Quinn and Sue didn't really work. Something in Quinn's acting there -- or, again, the writing -- made them seem oddly flat. I *did* like that Sue once again stated that Quinn reminded her of herself when she was younger.

I was troubled by some other things, too, like Sue's taking out after the ugly and fat. Considering she has a sister with Down Syndrome whom she loves dearly, this approach seems to me to be hypocritical in a way that Sue isn't, really -- not if we're to take that love seriously.

Perhaps this is more a matter of brooding about this while working through the night on a project rather than the pointing out of genuine flaws in the script or acting. Maybe I've just become so involved in the series that I'm taking this all too seriously. At any rate, any television show that can make me devote this much thought to it has to be doing *something* right.

The song "Smile" at the end was perfect and touching. Seriously.

"Jump" made me cringe. I couldn't watch it. I did housework while it was going on. Yeeeek...

Didn't see the Wll vs Teri thing coming either. WOW. Will has balls and those two actors can ACT... Kudos... Bravo and Brava.

I loved this episodes because of the plot development. I screamed "FINALLY!" at my tv when Will found out about Terri. I felt bad for her for a bit of that scene but not much more after that. Yeah more musical numbers would've been great but I think we needed this sort of episode so close to the hiatus. I'm pretty sure next week is gonna be chock full of quite a bit of numbers.

MyFawny: Gawker blogs rip their own videos directly from TV. They're sneaky that way...

I liked the episode, but I was so disappointed with the Lily Allen cover. Yes, it's a song about positivity, but it's also a catty one about making fun of a cheating ex. They took all of the bitchiness out of it and therefore all of its soul. (I take my Lily Allen numbers very seriously)

My friends and I were cringing when the music got really dramatic while Will was looking for the pocket square. Someone said "He's going to find the belly" and we were all on the edges of our seat after that. Such an intense, sad scene.

Actually watched last night's episode twice, unintentionally, and while I might've agreed with you gentlemen about the music after my first viewing, I have to say, after the second, Chapin's "Smile" worked much better than I'd initally thought.

Then again, I am a ginourmous sap, and really like that song. I thought the cast did a bang-up job with it, and having them sing to themselves, as a group, as Rachel had sung to herself earlier, to get themselves prepped for the photo and deal with its aftermath, played well. I liked the moment between Tina and Mercedes where they were putting on each other's makeup.

Rachel's moment in front of the mirror, singing to psyche herself up for the photo shoot was perfect. I'd definitely had moments like that as a teenaged girl. That she parlayed her tears-on-demand into a gig for her entire club gives me as much hope for her as I got for Quinn after she successfully using her powers for good against Sue Sylvester, of all people.

Honestly, after last week's hairography number, which made me was to burn my eyes out, I was kind of glad to see only "Jump." I'll be glad to have the musical numbers back again next week, but I kind of appreciated the breather.

I could have done without the Rachel/Finn number entirely, actually. Felt like they decided there needed to be more music in the episode and jammed that one in. (That said, the expression on the piano-player's face tickled me.)

I was very glad they got rid of the fake pregnancy bit, as that plot thread was way, way tired. I don't think Matthew Morrisson's performance was particularly strong during Will's confrontation with Terri, but then, I should imagine it's difficult to get the right tone for a scene like that in a show like Glee.

Sue over-the-shoulder snark that her "Sue C's It" segment was about the anchorwoman was just shiny. Poor Sue. Poor broken-hearted, evil, crazy-ass Sue.

I wish I could read what she wrote in her journal after Quinn walked out of her office.

I was disappointed by the weak musical numbers as well. I was so proud of Emma for putting Will in his place, but the "you're a lot to lose" line will still reel Will in, so she wasn't quite so selfless. I was also proud of Quinn for being a "young Sue Sylvester." And Kurt still gives the best looks on the show even when he doesn't have the best lines.

Did anyone else wonder why he didn't just buy the mattress after sleeping on it?

I love these recaps for Glee here, and I also read the ones they do on I watch the show, and then wait impatiently to read both "glee-caplets". Mamapop gets their videos from Hulu. They have had them the last couple of weeks. You might want to check that out. I however, know nothing else about hulu. I am a DVR fanatic, but don't watch much online. I think it was a great episode, and the confrontation scene between Will and Teri was excellent.

Yes the showdown between Will and Terri was intense and powerful-as stated, it was Nip/Tuck intense. It's also kind of jarring in it's stark realism. A big constrats to the Glee world tone. We finally see Terri in a truly sympathetic light. She seemed so sad and desperate.

As crazy, bitchy as she is, it's clear she loves Will and knows he's the only meaningful thing in her life.

Personally by the final minutes Sue came off as really ugly to me. Her scream fest to Will in Figgis' office got really repulsive. I thought she went to far with that vulgar comment about Will having sex with Emma. I wanted Will to snap her head back after that. That moment you truly saw her obsessive hatred for him.

Also Will resigning from Glee made sense. While the kids were not actually paid with money, they did take a professional gig and broke the spirit of the rules if not the exact letter. His departure, and his use of the mattress as the rationalization for it, allows the club to be eligible but would satisfy the school board desire for accountability.


I've cringed at numbers before, but always managed to get through them. Last night's Finn/Rachel number was the first I HAD to ff through. *gack*

Cameo by black football player with the throwaway "potato head" line was awesome. LOVE him. Good work!

I can't like Will no matter what, even though I felt for him in the baby-pillow scene. Who but a total narcissistic chode says, "Oh, I have this important thing on YOUR WEDDING DAY, I can't believe you're missing it!"?

I loved most of this episode. I thought Sue was totally "on", even if she was Sue the Villain. And Quinn? She is growing on me every week. And I actually thought the Will/Terri showdown was marvelously done. He's a really good actor and he is starting to show it in his character. Can't wait to see what happens when the show comes back. Speaking of which - when is it coming back on?

I agree that Finn's vocals are weak. Puck, Artie and Kurt have bigger voices. He's more the John Mayer-type of voice. I was so happy they featured Artie in "Jump".

Overall a really good ep!

Whoever said that they took their Lily Allen numbers seriously: Ditto. I hated to hate on that number because I absolutely love Glee, but that cover made me cringe. Something was off. It just wasn't a Lea Michele song, I think, and her trying to imitate Lily's accent and failing was painful to hear.

Although, I think I'm a sap for nearly tearing up at Will's "teacher" speech at the end. I'm watching this, take note, as an overly optimistic future teacher.

The Will/Terri scene was so well acted and yet so out of place in the episode, it just seemed to scream:

For Your Consideration, Emmy Voters.

If Will is out, then why isn't Sue taking the glee kids to sectionals? Isn't she co-leader?

As for Will/Teri: The wrong thing for the right reasons? How about the psychopathic thing and no amount of selp-help dreck can justify it?

If a character is portrayed as batshit crazy, her actions do not somehow become sane because they are uncovered.

Good grief.

Loved Jump, the rest of the music was terrible.

Terri sympathetic? Sorry, not seeing it. It was certainly a more fulsome characterization than before, but let's face it, even when she's caught and her husband is devastated she manages to tell him their marriage works best when he doesn't feel good about himself. Terri didn't want a baby because she loved Will, she wanted a baby to get her "stuff" -- the house (remember that?) and something to do beyond folding linens. Jessalyn was great last night, but Terri is a sociopath with no real regard for anyone. She needs to end up with Ken.

I didn't find Will's hair-shy-of-wife-beating at all surprising, considering he's gotten like that before (during the Vitamin D episode?), but I thought Jessalyn Gilsig's performance was awesome.

I liked Emma's reaction to Will's news, though I was shocked when Will was surprised when Emma mentioned divorce. Personally, if my wife did that, I'd be asking for the ring back then and there. That is a lie of monstrous proportions.

Now, what about the real baby? Quinn's obviously willing to lay the smack down on Sue in order to protect who she actually realizes are her friends, so she's clearly loyal to Glee, but she's also leading on Puck while clinging to Finn.

Groan!!! So Will never suspected anything even tho his wife never let him touch her and sleeps with a pillow barrier between them, but is able to extrapolate that she is faking pregancy by finding a baby bump pillow?

I don't understand why Shue didn't just pay for the mattress using the $300 year book photo money. Arggghh plot holes they hurt.

SHOCKED by the confrontation between Shue and wifey...intense

I actually lost a lot of respect for Will. The scene with Teri was a little over the top. As a woman, I was physically scared and uncomfortable with what I thought was about to happen in that scene. I get that Wil was upset, but it was a little violent for me. SO obviously it was well acted, but now I'm a little scared of Mr. Shu.

Yeah, not feeling the sympathy for Terri. Not at all. I get WHY she lied, but she could have kept him around by being all sad about not being preggers and trying again, since he clearly wanted a baby. This lie isn't a small thing; this is MONSTROUS on so many levels. Not only did she pretend to be preggers, but she was going to take his student's baby and pass it off as his own. There's no way that a solid person would accept an apology for that kind of pathological behaviour. That's evil and frightening, to be perfectly honest. I can't see a recovery from this point.

And while I appreciate that Emma is trying to be "an adult" about it, her explanation just seemed laughable to me. Yeah, he's "a lot to lose" (apparently) but there's no way to excuse this kind of behaviour. Not at all. It's like borderline psychopathic.

HOWEVER, I was SO happy to be wrong for most of my guesses last night. It had plot development! It surprised me! I was excited :D. And GO QUINN. God, do I love her? Do I hate her? I don't know, but goddamnit do I love it when she bitches it up for good instead of evil :P.

Whenever this show tries to get serious, they screw it up. It's the writing; it's just bad writing. The scene with Will & Terri, for instance, looked like it was written in ten minutes for General Hospital.

It's no Mad Men, that's for darn sure.

The more ridiculous the situations, the better, in my view. As serious drama, this show blows. As farce, it's pretty great. And yeah, they need more and better musical numbers. Though I kind of liked the Lily Allen one.

Re: Terri - she has been a selfish little girl from the very beginning. All I could think of as she was pleading with Will not to go was her previously secret craft room stuffed to the gills with crap and do-dads, bitching about how her challenging job, and her overall coldness toward him. Talk about taking someone for granted. His man-handling of her frightened me a little, and I was glad he didn't go further.

I too am tired of Finn and would love to see more of Puck, Kurt, and Mercedes...and Sue, but that goes without saying, right?!

So, my only question after the episode is why the Glee Club doesn't take some sharpies and deface the yearbook pictures of the football team and the cheerleaders? Y'know, what's good for the goose, and all that...

Love the re-caps, and don't mean to add to your work load, but what I would really like to see is a re-cap on Kurt's outfits. I'm sure he is wearing some killer duds, but I'm not educated in fashion enough to know. That suit last week-wow!

@Fnarf are you kidding; the emotional realness and intense nature of the WIll/Teri scene was FABULOUSLY written, brilliant directed, and amazingly acted; it totally shocked us because the show has never been so realistic (the entire idea o the fake pregnancy is pure farce) but to say it's like general hospital is insane and completely unwarranted. we watched the scene 3 times here, amazed at how powerful it was; a true achievement for anything on TV to remotely engage us and surprise us. well done GLEE!

I liked the Lily Allen number. I got to hear a different side to Rachel's voice, and I liked it. I thought the harmonies were nice too.

Was an episode greater on plot than song, but the Terri/Will fight was completely unexpected. Wondering if this is the last episode til before the hiatus.

I loved the "Jump" music number, and I was glad that there was at least one group song in this episode. The "Smile" number with Rachel & Finn was just wrong on so many levels for me.

Will scared me very much during his confrontation with Terri. I thought he was going to become a wife beater and end up in jail. That was such an intense scene!!

I love "Glee" and I can hardly wait for more new episodes. I'm eagerly waiting to see what happens at Sectionals.

I liked the Lily Allen number too, but I like it better when Lily Allen sings it. Actually there were only three songs and they were all good ones. As a life-long-Cubs fan, "Jump" has a special place in my heart forever, but it was my least favorite number. I don't care for the all the manic stuff and Mercedes was just screaming toward the end of it. And "Smile" is so classic, I mean Charlie freaking Chaplin wrote it, how can you really hate anything the Little Tramp did? I am glad they finally got so much plot taken care of even if it did cost us in songs.

BTW TLo thanks for friending me! Love you guys.

I loved this episode completely . . . save for Lily Allen's "Smile." It's one of my favorite songs and honestly, the context made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I just didn't get why they would put that in at all.

Matthew Morrison honestly scared me in the revealation, I think that's a good thing. He looked absolutely crazy, I thought the acting was great.

Another Gleek

Speaking as a woman who was abused in a prior relationship (long ago ~ I have been thru therapy) I can say that the Will/Terri scene was fair. I would not characterize Will as an abuser in any way. What do you expect him to do? Say "oh, ok sweetie you would never lie to me? I'm so stupid and that if I love you I should just walk away since you told me to? Oh, ok, you claimed you were pregnant for the last X months and put me thru hell, but that's ok ". It was obvious he had no intention of hurting her. He simply pulled the fake belly away. Then he left. I can assure you that if it was my ex the outcome would have been very different. Of course I would have never dared to lie to him like that. The danger would have been off the chart. Your concern is appreciated, but what she did was vile. To tear a person's heart out like that simply because she was afraid he would leave has no excuse. I can't imagine doing that anyone. To tell a man that you are pregnant (although at first she thought it true but didn't correct that idea) and then not share the pregnancy with him is so cruel. I know it is just a TV show but my point is PC sometimes goes past normal human reactions. How Terri messed with Will's emotions shows that she is just using him so she doesn't have to work full time as she made clear in a previous episode; well, as far as you can be married to a teacher, she is a gold digger. I have seen it my 46 years. It is sad, but it's life. I think the scene was perfect. That is a horrible thing to do to a man you claim to love. Cruel.

"Don't Rain on My parade" next week, bitches! Too bad Fox is being totally homosexual (yes, I'm appropriating that word) and not showing it until April. Damn Murdoch!

The Lily Allen cover truly made me cringe -- that's I think the first time that Lea Michele's singing really missed the mark. Lily Allen has such a distinctive voice and that's partly due to her accent, which was pitifully impersonated by Rachel. Also, the segue into that song was absolutely ridiculous, not to mention Finn is a really poor singer, especially compared to Puck. I was they had cast a better singer in that role, but I like Finn, otherwise.
"Jump" was cute, but those pajamas made it look like they were prison inmates, to me. No matter. The only thing I didn't like about "Jump" was Mercedes randomly belting out high notes/screaming. Poor girl is doomed to get vocal nodules if she keeps that sh*t up.

The scene with Will/Terri had my heart racing. It was clear from the music and him looking around their closet/dresser drawers that he would find the belly. Someone said in the TLo comments that it made no sense that he found out from that, alone, but I think it makes perfect sense. It finally hit home that she had been lying to him. I'm surprised that he was OK with her not being willing to let him see her tummy for so many months on end and that she wouldn't want to be intimate with him or even sleep next to him. Pathetic. Personally, I thought his anger was justified and I can't say I blame him. I did worry that he would hit her, for a minute, though. Ripping off the belly wasn't the worst thing, though, I mean, it was bringing home the point of the severity of his hurt and rage. The acting in that scene was brilliant, I think.
I did feel a slight bit of sympathy for Terri, but c'mon, she had it comin'. I think what I was feeling was more pity for her naivete that the relationship could survive that kind of willful deceit. To me, the worst part is that she was going to take someone else's baby and pass it off as theirs (also, why hasn't anybody mentioned that that would probably never work? It's not like you can just give a baby away like a pair of shoes that don't fit).

That being said, I don't see why her fear of losing Will in ANY way justifies what she did. Everybody is saying she's a psychopath, but I wouldn't say she's out and out criminally insane -- she seems to have a personality disorder of some sort. C'mon, she's hysterical, irrational fear of abandonment, narcissism, callous disregard of others, pathological lying.

About Sue -- I was relieved she was funny again, in this episode, but that last scene in Figgins office made me a bit uncomfortable. It's unbelievable how vindictive the woman is, and her comments about "chasing tail" and "the redhead" were so over the top and out of line.

Interested to see what happens with Will rejoining the team. Also, anybody else think from the previews that the reason Rachel says Quinn can punch her is because Rachel finds out Finn isn't the father and spills the beans???

I forgot who wrote this comment and I haven't had enough coffee to copy/paste/scroll, but:

Mamapop gets their videos from Hulu. They have had them the last couple of weeks. You might want to check that out. I however, know nothing else about hulu.

Due to not being able to afford TV, I watch everything online. Hulu only shows the same clips/shows that are on For instance, I never watched the pilot for some reason and neither Hulu nor Fox had it up. It's especially frustrating since Fox waits 8 days to post "House" episodes and Hulu used to post them immediately, but they no longer do.

There was so much plot and so much intensity in this episode, that I was kinda glad there weren't that many musical numbers. The scene between Will and Terri did make me cringe because I was really hoping that it wouldn't escalate into a domestic violence situation.

I don't get how anyone can feel sorry for Terri, she's an incredibly cold human being. The fact that he's never seen her naked THE ENTIRE TIME she's been faking it speakes volumes. She berates and controls him like a child, yes, he does allow it, but she deserves whatever she gets.
I really hate Finn more and more each week. He was miscast, blah looks, blah voice, etc. Quinn gets better and better with each ep tho. Sue's the best, but does it all have to be so pure evil, I like when they show her having a soul at least once in awhile.

Despite all the movement on the plot, it ain't good when you get that far into an episode and you're still asking (as my husband did on Wednesday night) "Where are the musical numbers???" And they really seem to be on an "extremely literal song choices" kick these last few eps, huh?

Anyway, I thought "Jump" was excellent (BOO Fox for not putting a clip online!), Sue was awesome (as always), and Jessalyn Gilsig really brought out the acting big guns this week. Can't wait to see the sectionals!

Yes, the music was weak. But I liked the episode and I'm glad the fake baby has been discovered.

I expected you guys to make a bigger deal out of that fact.

Can I just say, that scene with Terri and Will broke my heart in two. At first I was really irritated with the fake pregnancy storyline. But I grew to understand Terri, and I truly think Emma hit the nail on the head. She was terrified of losing her husband, terrified that her life might change beyond all recognition, and when she saw his reaction to her hysterical pregnancy... well, how could she resist, really? Stellar acting by Jessalyn Gilsig.

aim said:
"Groan!!! So Will never suspected anything even tho his wife never let him touch her and sleeps with a pillow barrier between them, but is able to extrapolate that she is faking pregancy by finding a baby bump pillow?"

Right? but who cares how they got there, I'm singing "Ding dong the [insanely-stupid-fake-pregnancy-subplot] is dead!" in my head. Could not be more grateful, even if it's just the opening for weeks of irritatingly childish adult behavior.

Ugh, I didn't like the Will/Terri scene at all. It may or may not have been "stark realism," but it was also abusive. The throwing and breaking of things, wrenching her arm and pushing her against the wall? SHE should be the one to leave.

I had to stop reading comments when Fresh Hell, TX asked: Why won't Sue take Glee to sectionals?

That's brilliant! Sue would have to change her mission in order to always win -- that would be worth watching. ~Gary

"Groan!!! So Will never suspected anything even tho his wife never let him touch her and sleeps with a pillow barrier between them, but is able to extrapolate that she is faking pregancy by finding a baby bump pillow?"

On the contrary, I think that the baby bump pillow was the culmination of all those little clues, and the barely contained violence in his reaction was showing how *sure* he was. I actually gained some respect for the character at that point- it shows he's not as ignorant of Terri's personality as he seemed.

That said, I was also pretty uncomfortable with how rough his reaction was; I don't see Will as the kind of character who would act like that even for a second, but I guess if anything was going to make him react like that, this would be one of the things.

Also, to the person who thinks Terri should leave- I'm sorry, but it's a matter of scale here. He did not beat her, or even really hurt her- he grabbed her roughly, which in this case I think hardly counts as spousal abuse. Yes, it made me uncomfortable, and it was undoubtedly meant to seem violent, but Will is hardly a wifebeater because he grabbed his wife once when she had done something absolutely HORRIBLE. He didn't hit her, he shoved her ONCE, something she was clearly surprised about.

I think it really conveyed the seriousness of what she did, which is what they were going for.

It's fine to say that Terri did it with good intentions but a deception of that scale and length and emotional impact is nothing short of psychological abuse. This especially comes through in her line about how he has to feel bad about himself for their relationship to work.

If a man had been psychologically abusing his wife for this long and she shoved him on her way out, no one would bat an eye. Women can even throw plates and glasses at their husbands in movies and TV for just about any kind of infraction, but serious long-term abuse from Terri and people are shocked that Will reacted as he did.

I found Will's near-violent reaction to be completely believable. We're so used to the stupid faked-pregnancy plot that it's easy to forget what that would actually do to someone were it to happen in the real world.

He didn't physically hurt her, even though he clearly wanted to -- and who wouldn't! As a woman, if my husband did something on that scale, I can't honestly say I wouldn't react violently...and I'm a wimpy vegetarian.

She's abused him emotionally far more and for far longer than he even came close to. But he didn't hit her. Kudos to the character for restraining himself.


I have to join the ranks of those who feel some sympathy for Terri. I have since the start - first thinking that she was pregnant and then finding out she wasn't and when she wanted to tell Will, he had just announced to his parents over dinner that she was - and everyone was so excited. How do you, at that point say, uh - no, found out today that I'm not...And her batshit sister is there to convince her and facilitate the lie. I think there were moments when she wanted to stop but was scared at how big the lie had become and wasn't mature enough or strong enough to confess. I actually thought she would "miscarry" at some point. I am glad the truth is out...and kind of hope their marraige survives. Maybe Emma can counsel them.

WOW. The last episode, "Hairography," had me seriously ready to throw in the towel on Glee, but this episode pulled me right back in, 100%. It had just the right balance of plot lines - and OH, thank GOD that baby thing's out in the open now. And that scene was just SO well done. LOVED it.

The "Jump" number took me completely by surprise - did not see it coming, and did not expect to completely fall in love with the joy on those kids' faces. There's a bit where Kurt is backing up through the mattresses and grins and crooks his finger at the camera to come closer - I just died of glee.

And that's what the singing is supposed to be about. Glee. Joy. That's what completely sold me on this episode, and renewed my faith in the show.

Love seeing Sue back in action, and REALLY glad to see Quinn air out the bitch instead of moping around. Now if ONLY they could stop Autotuning, I'd be so happy.

I want to see Rachel's two dads. Every time she mentions them we have great discussions as to who will play them.........if 'they' pull a Maris from Frasier I will scream.

I see how a lot of people thought the Will/Terri scene was too serious, but really, how else do you play something like that? Will is probably the least satirical character on the show, and he had to have a real reaction to finding out such terrible news. I think anything less would have seemed like a cop out.

If he stays with her I will be very very angry.

Also, I agree that Lily Allen song was terrible. I did a better job at kareoke the other night. (And that's not saying much.)

I like that song but I felt like it was a really odd choice, and a bad choice for the actor's voices.

Whoever said "If that guy's working for free, someone should do a background check on him." about the full time accompanyist is spot on - and hysterical. The dude is totally creeping me out.

Oh, and, Emma is ditching the wedding to take the kids to sectionals... don't any of you watch the teasers??? ;o}

"Ugh, I didn't like the Will/Terri scene at all. It may or may not have been "stark realism," but it was also abusive. The throwing and breaking of things, wrenching her arm and pushing her against the wall? SHE should be the one to leave."

Terri had been perpetuating a monstrous, disgusting lie (aided by her sister and blackmailing a doctor in the process) and denying her husband not only intimacy with her (not only sex, but letting him be near her or even feel the pregnant belly) but also psychologically abusing him by accusing him of trying to harm her or the baby whenever he came too close.

As a man, I would never, ever forgive my wife if she did anything like that. You could bet your life's savings the first place I would go is to my lawyer's. If Will doesn't divorce Terri, I will be dumbstruck.

As for Terri, Will did not just attack her unprovoked or push her first. He asked her to lift up the shirt and reveal herself, and she didn't. That obviously wouldn't justify a man being rough with his wife in every situation, but in this context, how could you not side with Will?

Loved loved loved loved loved this episode. The lack of musical numbers was okay this time because of the abundance of plot.

I died laughing when Artie told Rachel her stomach rolls would show if she bent over in their yearbook picture.

Will's reaction was very realistic and very uncomfortable to watch. I can see how it wouldn't sit well with some viewers, but I found it to be well done. I agree with B upthread who pointed out that all of Terri's weirdness and odd behavior suddenly added up in his head when he found the pillow. It is a testament to the writing and acting that I can still muster some sympathy for her, even though she is batshit crazy.

Rachel's lipsynching in the number with Finn bugged the crap out of me. She was doing that fakey tongue out jaw bouncey thing singers like Britney Spears do in their videos. It annoyed me to no end. Clearly, I need some real problems.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this show. I'm continuing to watch it out of curiosity but parts of it bug me. I don't like what a weenie Will is and how he won't stand up to Sue. It's obvious that she'll never achieve her goal of eliminating the glee club because if she did then... there'd be no show. I think the plot moves too slowly. I think Jane Lynch is fabulous but quite frankly the musical numbers aren't all that for me and the sound quality is overdone.

I can't scare up an ounce of sympathy for Terry. God,she sucks. After her massive lie is uncovered, she continues to lie. If he hadn't left, she'd still be lying.

"Quinn doesn't want her baby and I needed one", like the baby is just a coat or a sweater. Did I mention that she sucks?

Yeah, the scene was ugly, and I didn't want Will to hit her (although I kind of wanted to smack her on the back of the head), but his rage and hurt were completely understandable. And it was a really satisfying scene, because at least that story line is over.

I've never heard the song Rachel and Finn sang until this show, but I think it's the worst song they've done so far. No melody, it was all over the place, and it didn't make any sense in that particular scene.

On to more fun things. "Jump" was great, and I loved Mercedes belting it out at the end. They were so excited, and they all looked so cute in their pajamas.

Also, go Quinn! There's no question in my mind. I do love her, no matter what she's up to.

I loved this episode, and I'm looking forward to next week's Fall finale. Finally, Sectionals! I'm just bummed that it will be on hiatus until sometime in April.

Yay Quinn! And loved the commercial, it was hilarious!

I think Will has suspected all along something was up so finding the belly was the last straw - it was tangible proof of what he'd been thinking in the back of his mind all along.

I sort of feel sorry for Terri, but her comment about their marriage working when Will felt bad about himself wiped a lot of that out. She knows he's a good husband and she likes the attention from him and the perks, but I doubt if she really loves him for who he is.

That said, if she hadn't had the support of her crazy sister, she probably wouldn't have gone through with the plan.



My favorite show is off until Spring... I'm so depressed.

Well kids, we about wrapped up all those plotlines in an hour.

Wonder what they have in store for the rest of the season... can't wait!

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