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Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2010

Some pretty for your morning. does the leg work:

"I wanted everything light as a feather," Carolina Herrera said about pre-fall. Where better to look for inspiration than the tango? The designer used a colorful 1920's print of dancers locked arm in arm for both a crepe de chine cocktail dress and a floor-length shirt gown, and its bold hues—lava red, dandelion yellow, and Directoire blue—informed the rest of a cheerful collection that played to the designer's strengths."

We don't know if we quite buy the "light as a feather" characterization since it's not how we would describe a collection of tailored looks, but there's definitely a lightness in tone here. It seems that she and her colleague Oscar de la Renta have rushed headlong into the economic doom and gloom and put out collections defiantly bright, feminine, and print heavy.

There really isn't a wrong note anywhere in this collection. Oh sure, it's somewhat standard in form and structure, but that's what you get with Carolina. You also get a refined sense of femininity and a classic sense of beauty. It's just pretty clothes. Period. Can't go wrong with that.


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Lightness? In tone maybe. I definitely wouldn't call tweed suit sets light.

Oh good, two strapless looks, Renee Z will be pleased.

loves all of it! perfection!

Lightness...perhaps not entirely, but it is lovely. That's what you get with CH. Soon Renee Zelwegger will be making that odd fish face in one of these gowns on the red carpet.

I love the two in the top row, the yellow dress, and the gown on the bottom left. The red Wilma (third down on the right) is also gorgeous. A couple others are pretty, but I can't give this 100%.

Never been on the Herrera bandwagon. My favorite is the black dress with the enormous sleeves and inky colored collar.

The reddish Wilma is awful.

And I don't care if black tights are in style -- they turn the yellow dress into a costume. If I saw someone wearing that combination, I'd say they needed guidance, stat.

That last one has Cate Blanchett written all over it.

I really like the bright blue dress. It feels like a modern Jackie-O look. The yellow dress is so fun, but whoever wears it IRL better not pair it w/ black tights. And the navy dress with the static looking patteren in the middle is very fun. Nice collection.

I sincerely hope someone's stylist is calling right now to make sure that black and white one ends up on an awards runway in the near future.


Some pretty dresses. CH definitely knows her clientele.

LOVE that yellow dress!

Gee - I wear/like black tights more than most (and have no choice since I have an allergic reaction to regular pantyhose), but come on!

With cocktail dresses and white back patterns?
I like the 3 color striped coat.

Really dislike that last gown

Beautiful, but I find the black tights and sandals distracting.

Very pretty, but on some of the beaded looks, that bugle bead-type beading looks a bit mature. It would not be as appropriate for a younger woman.

Nice collection and color is nice for a change from all the dark and neutral BUT heavy tights with open toed shoes? Ugh. Terrible styling. They totally detract from the dresses and unless you have skinny legs you're going to end up looking stumpy. It's still a nice lineup.

I really appreciate the use of color and print, and some of those sculptural gowns are just stunning. Love it.

"Directoire blue" - you learn something new every day.

I like the gowns at the bottom the best. Some lovely things!

Bleh. Light? I never saw black tights as 'light'.

Love the grey pants. Everything else I'd give to the goodwill. The red dress looks like she wrapped her bedsheet around her to answer the door, and her face looks like when she answered it, it was someone sellin' religion.

I don't like the colors. It feels drawings put up on the walls of a classroom 'cause it used to be a prison.

Bleh. I'm gonna go oggle the Versace again.

They're all pretty, but the last one is *gorgeous*!

HATE the black tights in the styling. That to me does not bring to mind images of lightness or feathery anything.

Do love some of the dresses, though. Great colors!

That blue number has Shelley O written all over it.

There's a lot of pretty here, although I'm not nuts about some of those prints. I'm digging the tango inspiration and the colors are great.

This is a good example of a perfectly coherent collection. You can really see where it all belongs together. It's definitely all for the same woman.

These would look so fabulous on Olivia Williams; especially as Adelle DeWitt in "Dollhouse". Her wardrobe on that show was one of my weekly fashion treats. sigh.

Agree about the black tights with light-colored clothes and sandals. Do not like the shatteringly BLUE BLUE BLUE dress.

But otherwise, I love this collection. The fabrics and colors are yummy!

Hate! Hate! HATE! The black opaque tights. I think they ruin every outfit in this collection.


My gawd - the entire world does NOT revolve around Shelly O

(especially since I don't see raggy cardigans and boob belts!)

LOVELY. other than the tights, i embrace every piece of this collection. it is a sight for sore eyes. love the navy suit with the soundwaves across the centre, love the bright colours, love the prints, love the last dress too.

of course it could be the fever talking.

A few stand outs, and way too many awkwardly-large neckline/one-shoulder accents made of folded fabric.

Really loved the tri-colored coat near the bottom and the dress on the left of the last row.

You know, sheer hose rather than black tights would have helped with the "light as a feather" look!

I also wanted to add that I hate, hate, hate tights and open toed shoes.

It makes it seem as if you couldn't afford winter shoes, so you put tights on with your summer shoes so your toes wouldn't fall off from frost-bite.

I liked the stuff done in solid colors, or with minimal embellishment from prints. The ones that are ALL print - not sheer fug, but I think some of them would give me a headache if I looked at them too long. HATE the one with the giant sleeves, though.

OMG, I lvoe this collection. It's wonderful. I love Carolina Herrera as a designer and public figure. She's so elegant and dare I say, old school. I, too, do not get "light" from this collection, but I do get the dance and 20's - 30's vibe. My least favorite look is the third from the last; the gown with the cranberry-ish bottom and multi-sculptural sleeves. Like I said, love her. Love this collection.

- edina -

No, no light as a feather here, but i quite like a lot of it. I like the classic, old-school look - I'm a fan of pretty dresses (except as everlasting Project Runway "challenges").
Is the bright electric blue the "Directoire"??? I HATE the blouse with the electric blue skirt - it's hideous and old-ladyish.

overall, I like. I actually love the black tights, because I love black tights, but they don't go with EVERYthing.

brava, Ms Herrera!

"OMG, I lvoe this collection."
What the hell is wrong with me?
Sorry to self-quote, but what I meant was "loooove," of course.

Anway, also wanted to add that I know people will ferociously hate on her use of black tights, but I feel strongly that they go really well with the collection and also lend themselves to the whole notion of "dancers" and ""20's - 30's" themes as inspiration.

- edina -

Anon @ 11:31 said:

"My gawd - the entire world does NOT revolve around Shelly O"

THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly!

Now, I like the collection overall, but my favorite is the gown on the third row from the bottom, especially if the red bow is removed.


Heaven! I covet *everything*

LOVE the first dress for play.

Love the simple blue dress with the waist level trim for work.

Do not like the tights with these looks. They scream *heavy* to me.

I like the canary yellow color, but not the dress itself, the stuff on the chest is too fussy.

I would like own that yellow dress, but in another color. Yellow looks awful on me. But I love the shape and ruffles and everything else about it. Pretty!

Jen Alien-Spouse--totally with you on the DeWitt comment. How fab have her clothes been? I just sit at home and sigh.

On another note, I completely agree with Elle that some of this collection was certainly designed with Michelle Obama in mind. Many of them are in line with styles she has worn successfully. She would rock the heck out of the blue formal number and the yellow dress.

It all seems very matronly to me.

Oh Carolina Herrera, we are in love.

Hmm, didn't really like it as a whole. Thought the dress in row #4 was cool and interesting - I wish someone cool and interesting would wear it. I bet Tilda Swinton could pull it off, but maybe it's too conventional for her. Am now expecting to see Renee Z. in the white/navy strapless gown soon. You guys will alert us when that happens, right?

I don't associate "tango" with "light as a feather," either. But these designs have the color, movement and passionate aesthetic of tango, so good on Ms. H. My faves: Looks #5, 6 - 9, 21 (gasp!!) and 24. Big yay from my corner.

I love black tights.

I love this collection. Especially the tango printed gown. And the yellow, blue, and white sheath dresses.

The beading on the second to last dress reminded me of Laura Bennet until I zoomed in and was able to notice the differences.

Anonymous @ 11:31 -

Word. I don't dislike her but I don't think she is the style icon people are trying to portray. I think she has as many misses if not more than hits. I don't think strapless is the best look, particularly because of her posture. When she hits her mark she is gorgeous.

I can see calling this light, as it's not all black, gray, taupe and beige. After the onslaught of dull we've been experiencing lately color seems almost revolutionary.

I look at a collection like this and realize how much of a fashionista I'm not. To me, this looks like a hodgepodge where the designer is just throwing a bunch of different stuff out and hoping some of it sticks. I'm seeing Forties inspiration (the type of prints chosen, the just-above-the-knee hemline, some of the silhouettes), some of the current Bedsheet-Draping style, some Big Ruffle, the seemingly obligatory Wilmas, some referencing of early 60s Chanel & Oleg Cassini. Plus some late 80s pantsuits.

I'm not saying I don't like it; some pieces I find quite pretty. I just don't get all the love. To me there's no vision here, it's all over the lot, all kind of derivative and, well, a bit been-there, seen-that. Referencing older styles is certainly legitimate, I know, but it seems like there should be something fresher than I'm perceiving here, some unifying new take on it all.

Maybe I'm expecting too much.

The yellow dress is the only one I would look at and immediately so "that's a Carolina Herrera". That's not to say that the rest of the collection is bad (because it's not), but as TLo said, they're just "pretty clothes".

TLo thanks for this and other Pre-Fall posts and in general for all you do.

Many of these pieces are absolutely stunning. To borrow a phrase from Rachel Zoe, I hope several of these have red carpet moments.

Oh yeah, the open-toed shoes and dark stockings are whack.

I want that red dress in photo #6!


I have to find a sugar daddy who will buy this entire collection for me.

I'm sure I'm showing my fashion-world ignorance, but wouldn't "pre-fall" be "summer"?


Like not Love...

I do really like the last look. The train is really interesting and I like the rich colors.

Whatever she said, I love it.

Pretty. I'm in love with look #17 (the strapless blue-into-white gown). I still don't understand this "pre-fall" thing, though. To my understanding, pre-fall would be summer, right? Maybe late summer? Some of these looks appear more fall-appropriate, or even wintery, to me.

I love it all. Stylish and lady-like. I suppose those words are taboo in the "fashion world", but once you're past age 30--this is how you should dress.
Re: black tights. I could certainly see how someone in the south would not care for them, but for fall/winter/early spring in the northern climes...they are perfect. And warm.

"Pre-Fall" refers to the designers showing their stuff prior to fashion week. Designers show their fall collections during February and their Spring collections in September / October to allow enough time for the clothes to be produced before the arrival of that season. So pre-fall refers to the designers showing stuff before their official fall shows in February.

Now my question is that I noticed that in some pre-X collections, that when fashion week actually rolls around, there is not a connective thread between the pre- and actual collection. I kinda wonder if in some cases, the pre-fall and even the resort collections are just as much targeted at getting season appropriate stuff out there for celebs to wear on the red carpet and not just doing a preview of what to expect during fashion week. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

a, thanks for the explanation of "pre-fall"!

The black tights are distracting, but I like most of the collection. It's very "ladies who do lunch."

It's a very milf-y collection, which looks kind of odd being worn by models who look like teenagers. Since it's not for a runway show, couldn't get get some older models?

Love the clothes, love Herrera even more.

Gotta say the styling is not as good as the clothes (open toe shoes & tights???)

Love it all, lovely and it is always nice to see a collection that women of most any age could wear and not look silly.
If I was rich and thinner I'd buy the lot.

I think maybe the black tights were being used as an element to unify the collection and were more for presentation's sake, but I agree that they are distracting/heavy with some of the looks.

Please don't hate me for saying this, but I'm not really into fashion. I follow you guys for the bitchy reality TV stuff. And a lot of the collections that you show, I kind of skim over them and think, "Whatever." Not today. I F-ing love this stuff. Even one post's mention of The Evil Renee Zellweger couldn't dampen my enthusiasm for these clothes. I'm plotzing. Thanks for sharing.

I don't know , I am not feeling it. Even if I were a size 0, there is not one thing that I would want.

I like the dark blue with the scientific-instrument-output graphic waist, but otherwise, I am perplexed.

Well, perplexed and headachy as the first four are just like my migraine aura.

No wrong notes?
Dress number two. Makes the tiny model look large. It would make me look like a cartoon character - and in the worst way possible.
Love the material but the silhouette is bad.

the rest is really, really pretty.

Lightness? Perhaps if she loss the black tights. Once ?I blocked those out I liked about half the collection.

Not thrilled with this collection. I don't care for most of the prints at all and the poofy one-shouldered things.


What a remarkably uneven collection. All over the map and goes places I'd hoped never to see.

Don't love all the pieces, but when it works it works. Love that first grey and blue color-block dress, the navy and white gown and that tweed coat/skirt suit with the fur collar. The final gown is a knock-out too.

i'm not dorothy gale

Not me, but very nice. The dark tights were a distraction and I wonder if they were added to update the looks.

You know what....I really don't like any of these at all, the colours, the style....not fussed in the slightest. I'll let the Carolina Herrera boat sail on by!

Reminds me of clothes they would put on Betty or Claire Meade on Ugly Betty. That's not a bad thing.

The bright blue dress (row 9?) would look great on Christina Hendricks/Joan Holloway-Harris.

I couldn't get away with wearing it, but I really like the third look.


It's hard to be "light as a feather" when you're anchored down with jet-black tights. Boo on the styling.


I have to agree that the styling was awful, but I can't say that I really like the clothes that much either. The collection looks (to me) what CH thought a CH collection should look like, but fell short.

First thing I thought of was the First Lady wearing some of these, like the red coat. Sometimes she hits it out of the park.


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