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Yea or Nay: Grannie Panties

Looks like it's time to air out the goods, ladies.

Carine Roitfeld (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris), Lady Gaga and Madonna have all succumbed to the allure of going out looking senile. Kudos to them for their bravery.

Note: technically NOT grannie panties.

As for the rest of the world, we can't really see this one ever catching on with the masses. In fact, we can't even see it catching on with celebrities outside the Madonna/Gaga sphere.

Spring 2010 Collections

Alexander Wang, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana

John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Nina Ricci, Prada

Sonia Rykiel, Valentino, Versace, Zac Posen

It's one of those looks that will never make it off the runway (again, outside of Madonna or Lady Gaga or whomever else is desperate to get their picture taken). And that's fine; there are plenty of things seen on the runway that never make it to the backs of mere mortals, but we wonder why this trend is seen anywhere, runways included. It's not fabulous or flattering or interesting. It just looks like a bunch of women with too much on their minds leaving the house and forgetting something along the way. Will we be seeing male models walking down the runway with their flies undone? We look forward to that.

What say you?

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The fashion world is running out of ideas.

Looks to me like the visualization of the sweet smell of desperation...

Some of these look less "granny panties" and more "boy shorts" to me, which I think isn't so bad.

I don't care for this look at all. I've never been fond of undergarments being seen publicly.


not flattering in any way. a fugly fashion look that can die off quickly, IMO.


I say nay to the granny panties!

Seeing this same thing by all of these different designers - makes it look like in addition to being copycats, they are also lemmings.

Oy - that's too bad they have to highlight the granny panties - some of the silouettes of the actual clothes are quite beautiful. Its like they made them sheer to show off how "edgy" they are?

Nay on seeing granny panties.

The whole look strikes me as being really fancy bathing suit coverups. A coverup is pretty much the only time in the real world where seeing what you are wearing underneath the top garment is acceptable.

Otherwise, I think these looks would be nice overlays over, you know, a skirt.

The Prada and Versace are interesting. Otherwise, thumbs down. Alta

Why in the world is Lady GaGa hiding her face? Is she trying to slip by unoticed...

Didn't Teri Hatcher wear something like this to an awards show a few years ago? She got completely slaughetered in fashion commentary... It's not fashion for anyone who's not a performance artist.

FUG. Period. I second the motion of male models though. :)

"Will we be seeing male models walking down the runway with their flies undone? We look forward to that."


It strikes me that this looks significantly less ridiculous on Ms. Gaga than on the other two women. Which is probably not the effect she was going for.

Also, am I missing something on the etymology and/or spelling here? I thought that "granny panties" meant an oversized and overconcealing pair of panties, not the oversized and underconcealing lace overlay.

Also, I do not think male models with their flies undone is something to be encouraged. I could, however, really get behind male models in chaps.

No sir....don't like 'em.

"the allure of going out looking senile"


Well, if it's a choice between sheer lace over bikini panties and sheer lace over granny panties, I suppose I'll have to go with the gp's. But I don't think that's the only choice.

Shit, these people take all the fun out of underwear.

Forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants...

I like the Prada one, but it still looks like a swanky gymnastics leotard. Or like she forgot pants.

I kinda like the Valentino, but a big NAY to the idea in general.


Granny panties: BWAHHHAAAHHAAA!!!!!

A silly, silly idea.

And Carine, cherie, your photos are a big, fat, fashion don't.

They become much more palatable if you view them as incredibly fabulous bathing suit cover-ups.

Allow me to be the voice of dissent. I kind of like it on the runway, but I'm a sucker for lacey things. It's a very silly thing to try and market though. The average human-being does not have the venue for this sort of thing. (Though I sort of want a venue for the Dior and the Galliano dresses.)
I also don't mind high-waisted low-leg hot shorts/granny pants. I'm used to them as a dance bottom though. Maybe I can't be objective about this. Hmmm...

Perhaps our Christian could
design some Princess Granny Puffy

They just scream "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!!".
No, thanks, I don't care to look.

Yay in small doses, I am fine if it remains in the purview of the wacky and the desperate - Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Madonna, and apparently Carine Roitfeld, but I don't want to see this become too prevalent on the runways or red carpet. I shudder to think about what next year's Teen Choice Awards is going to look like.

As a person who never got how someone could spend hours wearing thongs, I am getting a kick out of granny panties becoming cool. If any thong wearers want to edify me on their appeal, that's great - although I know the answer is not for prevention of VPL, because I have more VTLs than I care to admit to.

I can see the dancer/romantic quality to some of the pieces.

However, the granny pants are utterly impractical for most women. How many folks with more meat on their bones than these models could pull off this look?

And assuming lots of people did look good in them, where would we wear'em? To work? No. On a date? Ergh. No. Walking the kids to school? Come on.

wouldn't work In he real world but it think some of the photos are quite beautiful. And lady gaga doesn't only where crAzy things to get noticesd, sometimes she realizes she has a bot body and just wants to show it off.

Or...perhaps Rami could drape them...or Laura design a nice
little keyhole ...or Jay could
build them up like the Chyrsler -
there is certainly enough room...
OK - enough...time to stop and get a life.

The question is where the hell would you wear this look, as already pointed out here, without having the entire room staring at you and not in a good way?

It's stunning that the editor of Paris Vogue is such a fashion disaster.

I agree that these struck me as boy-shorts over grannie panties. Not a fan.

A said...
the answer is not for prevention of VPL, because I have more VTLs than I care to admit to.

What is that???

It scares me, because I know it will catch on (I know we here thought no one would dare to sport leggings and well...), and i so can't pull them off.
Also, I dont get Madonna dressing like the merry widow in the hot Italian sun.

I don't think all of these are terrible. The Nina Ricci, Versace, Zac Posen, and the Prada all look a lot more like short-shorts then panties to me.

The rest, though, er, not so much.

Nay. Visible undies always look like a silly mistake, even when you know the wearer did it deliberately.

I think D&G, Valentino and Versace are fine and agree about the granny panties vs. boy shorts post from Scimommy. The Vogue editor does not look good at all, but somehow Madonna and Gaga pull it off.

Ok, first: Lady Gaga is NOT wearing granny panties in that pic. She's wearing a bikini under a lace overlay. The lace on these outfits is not the granny panty part. It's the visible "underwear" beneath.

Boy shorts have the same leg line but a lower rise (I don't know if that's the right terminology?).

Margaretta said...

However, the granny pants are utterly impractical for most women. How many folks with more meat on their bones than these models could pull off this look?

If we're talking about actual granny panties or boy shorts, I think they're much more flattering on "folks with meat on their bones" than thongs, which can look like a rubber band bisecting a wad of Play-doh if not done correctly.

And I doubt these looks are intended for "real" women. I could see them on the red carpet at some edgier events, tho, maybe with some tweaking. I think it could be kind of cool.

I love all the lace, and think it would look sexy lined with a nude fabric. But visible underwear is always tacky in my eyes, intentional or not.

I'm surprised no one mentioned Stacey Estrella. Maybe she was ahead of her time.

Gross, and so "LOOK AT ME, DAMMIT" that to me the wearers come across as kind of pathetic. Which has actually been my baseline opinion of Madonna for the last ten years so, um, yay for consistency on her part?

I am reminded of the Go Fug Yourself tag: Look Into Pants. In fact, I'm reminded of a few GFY tags, which inspires the statement below.

Congratulations, ladies, you've wonderful figures. Good on ya. That said, Lingerie is not Outerwear, Skin Is Not A Shirt, and, please, Look Into Pants.

TLo said:

Carine Roitfeld (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris), Lady Gaga and Madonna have all succumbed to the allure of going out looking senile.


You boys certainly do have a talent for cutting right through to the point.

"LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!" For that purpose, very effective. For those of us without such need, yick.

I'm actually loving the Dior. WANT!

BeccaGo said...
Ok, first: Lady Gaga is NOT wearing granny panties in that pic.

I think that was already established: "Note: technically NOT grannie panties."

I like the idea but find it highly impractical in the real world.

@CroqueMonsieur: Missed that the first time around. Sorry!

Of the three celebs, I like Madonna a lot and Lady Gaga's is OK - I can't fathom the :don't bother me" arm covering her face, but it is an interesting visual, so she must know what she's doing. As far as Carine Roitfeld is concerned, like when Sharon Stone pulls this mess, I want to slap her for wearing this kind of get up and then not working it, this is when terms like desperate and pathetic start pop in my mind. I can see her wailing to her stylists, "Anna Wintour's got photographed more times that I did last year and it's just not fair, I am the friggin' editor of Vogue PARIS!"

As far as the designs* shown are concerned, I liked the first row (Alexander Wang, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana) and I also liked the Prada, Valentino and Posen. When many of these collections walked I liked the designers who used more restraint with the underwear as outerwear trend than the ones who did not (Gaultier and Dior). Again, I am fine with the look on the red carpet and runways, but I shudder to think that this may make its way to the malls across America.
* You guys did a good job pulling the pictures, do I see a couple of stylists in the making.

I think Gaga styled it best.

BeccaGo said...
@CroqueMonsieur: Missed that the first time around. Sorry!

No biggie, just wanted to point that out : )

Don't hate me, but I think Madonna is working it. Her GP's look more like boy shorts, and I think she looks pulled together. Pretty even. This is weird for me because I rarely like her outfits. Yay for Madonna.

The other two, not so much.

I agree with Scimommy, I would not classify them as granny panties unless they have the bottom cut straight across (boy cut) AND the top of the panties come up unusually high.

The low Boy cut has been popular for a while. I am not a fan of exposed panties Period but not all of those looks are 'granny panties'.

These are not boyshorts.
Boyshorts are more rectangular.
The cut more straight across the leg - and are sometimes called cheeky - because they cut across usually showing a little butt cheek (not "cupping" the cheeks).
They usually are lower on the waist.

gloria said...What is that???
11/12/09 10:51 AM

VPL - Visible Panty Lines

VTL - Visible Thong Lines

Anonymous said...I'm surprised no one mentioned Stacey Estrella. Maybe she was ahead of her time. 11/12/09 11:03 AM
Hmmm interesting.

Some of the overlays are quite pretty.

But I am mystified by these women who feel so compelled to signpost the way to the Vajayjay Road. Men know how to find it. Really.

Also enjoying the Versace.

So I'm a bit of an exhibitionist...*shrug*


I'm fond of it, actually. I think it's more hot pants than granny panties. If I had the legs and lived somewhere other than the closed-minded south, I might give it a go myself.

Thanks "a"

At my age - not much is *VA*
visible anything!
And yet...I do not never have and
never will wear GPs...just in case
anyone should look... or I get hit
by a car...

Madonna can wear what she wants. If you say otherwise, she'll kick your ass!

Lady Gaga has just gone over to Silly Miss Look-At-The-Crazy-Shit-I-Wear.

To me, this illustrates an aspect of the fashion industry that is so ridiculous you can't even parody it.

Thumbs down for them in real life or on the Runway. Only Lady Gaga gets away with it, because she is young and trying to look outrageous.

Will we be seeing male models walking down the runway with their flies undone? We look forward to that.

Hee. You boys never disappoint.

Nariya said: Forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants, forgot pants...

I like the Prada one, but it still looks like a swanky gymnastics leotard. Or like she forgot pants.

This reminds me of a band from my hometown. Their motto is "Just say no to pants."

Boy shorts are cute. I like boy shorts as part of a bathing suit, or as underwear not visible to the public. These are not boy shorts.

Anonymous said...
The fashion world is running out of ideas.

11/12/09 10:19 AM



No effing way. This look is NOT sexy, people.

asparagus lust

A few comments. This looks pops up from time to time for those who dare. Kim Basinger (prior to Alex) wore a white ensemble to the Oscars with either a thong or grannies underneath. The entire concept is to be the one everyone notices. Madonna would never wear anything not meant for "shock" value. Dior and a few others manage at-home lingerie ooh la la looks. This look will never "catch on" as it is too riske' and virtually no one can pull it off and look anything but crazy. The french Vogue editor looks like a dog caught in the rain. Ugly top to bottom, very, very ugly.

I would not worry about the trend worthiness of granny pants with frou frou over them as a look anywhere but in jokeville.

Gee, I don't even like the visible bra strap phenomenon. Getting old.

HAHAHAHA... go to the web site PeopleofWallmart and you'll see this look every day. In walmart land it's "high fashion" to wear just your underwear and sports bra.

(gawd to admitt i read that site i'm so ashamed so so ashamed)

Oh, come on. Not all of us want to see muffin tops for the rest of time. At least that isn't an option with pants that go to the waist.

Visible undergarments though? You're right--only Madonna and Lady GaGa and the like will wear them. Unless they want to end up being highlighted here and on GFY.

When I see males in assless chaps and shiny nipple tassels covered by shitty looking acryllic lace walk down the runway and onto the red carpet, then I'll buy the granny panty look. OR until I see male models with pants up to their armpits in black socks with sandles. Till then, a big NO! NO! NO!

I don't care who you are, unless you are on the beach in a 1940's bathing suit, this look is OUT!!!

And they are NOT boy shorts. Boy shorts are cut straight across the upper thigh, not curved AND are low to mid rise not up to the ribcage.

All this look needs is a pair of shoes with a trail of toilet paper coming from the heel to top it off.

I guess if you paired them up with those silly bunny ears.

Anonymous said: "I'm surprised no one mentioned Stacey Estrella. Maybe she was ahead of her time."

That was the FIRST thing I thought of. Haha!

I definitely think these looks should be auf'd along with Stacey.

This trend is just to get us ready for next season when the models will walk down the runways nude except for 1 pasty while carrying the newest hottest accessory, a hamster.


The designers are running out of ideas and getting silly.

Notwithstanding Madonna and Lady Gaga, I was under the impression that granny panties were just for the runway, and that designers actually sold the outfits with opaque lining? But maybe I'm wrong.


Agree that aside from the bravest of brave fashionistas and publicity hounds like Madonna/Gaga, it's not going anywhere.

I'm with Marie, Toni and others -- my first thought was beach coverups.

Good way to show off great legs and hide your Spanx, I guess.

The Valentino and the Posen are gorgeous. Where do you wear outfits like that? Beats me.

As for Lady Gaga, why cover your eyes if you aren't covering up anything else?

Love how Miss Gaga is hiding her face while she is in public in her underwear!!

Ridiculous trend!

I think it depends on the woman and her body of course.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, no.

I don't really care. The only person who'd wear something like this is a Madonna, and it looks good on her. I doubt it will go beyond that unless it influences swimsuit styles.

I think Madonna and Carine are trying a little too hard to look young. Gaga, on the other hand is what, 24? She looks insane for a living and I think she pulls these off. Because I know they're a costume. Also, have you seen her video where she wears those insane McQueen armadillo shoes? I can't not love her any more.

Also her undies are actually cute. If I've gotta see 'em, they better look damn fine.

Are you sure these weren't Halloween party pictures? Ms. Vogue looks a little Morticia-ish.


NO!!!!!!!! How many kinds of ugly? It does look desperate. My eyes hurt. NO!!!!!!

I think it just depends on the look. I think it looks ridiculous on all of those stars but some of the runway looks are a bit better like the John Galliano and Zac Posen.

Granny panties and other old-school "foundation" undergarments are great!

Great, that is, when worn UNDER A DRESS. They are an alternative to thongs, people, not an alternative to CLOTHES.

When you are wearing a skirt, dress, or pants that are not low waisted granny panties rock! Frequently you see women ruin a beautiful outfit with a bikini panty line that could easily be remedied with granny panties.
Those old 2 piece 1950's swimsuits with the industrail high waisted bottoms and cone bra tops were super sexy too.
But I don't think transparent dresses with the (any style) panties showing looks good on anyone. Madonna looks like a crazy old lady that forgot to put her slip on before leaving the house. The others look like hookers.

I just don't get the whole Carine Roitfeld thing at all. I don't find her particularly fashionable, creative, or even interesting. And really, shouldn't this be the death knell of all the Roitfeld love out there now that she's been lumped in with the queens of Desperate-for-attention-ville?

Girls, go put some CLOTHES on!
Geesh! I sound like my parents.

I've said it before, but as an avowed trend-tramp I love fashion and enjoy seeing clothing and accessories that are unique, fun and exciting. However, I simply cannot get on board with the granny-panties runway trend. It just looks so damned silly and as others have pointed out, appears to scream, "Look at me, pleeeeeease! I'm awesome. I swear I am!" This look gets a big old "nay" from me.

- edina -

P.S. Loved the post, but was disappointed not to see your usual closing, "What do you bitches think?" --- cracks me up everytime!

No. No. No.


The look desperate for attention, which I guess it's expected from a celebrity, but real women would shy away from this look.

That will be my look for the next PTA meeting.

Skanky black lace on Madonna? All is right with the world.

Not for me, thank you, and I have fabulous legs.

I don't think it would work for a woman with a “normal” body. You have to be very skinny to pull it off.

That's a slutty grandma look. I say NAY!

The only times in history that this look was acceptable:

* with tap shoes and cane
* in Ms. Fonda's 1st aerobics class
* posing as WWII pinup girl
* any dancer in original "Fame"
* partaking in beach-blanket-bingo

This list should never include:
* going to a movie
* walking in the park
* anything else



I can see myself wearing the Christian Dior one with a darker, less see-through fabric.

I rarely have a visceral reaction to a fashion trend, but in this case, my first and continuing reaction is "no effing way!"

Any chance we can get a post on Lady Gaga's new video for Bad Romance? She's wearing several pieces from the Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen show in it, and the video's as interesting as a kind of fashion editorial as it is as a music video. Would love to hear your thoughts!

You know, I could see it if these things were being worn to a pool party, where everyone would end up in the pool, because they do look like beach coverups, but clearly these 3 were nowhere near water, and that makes them look seriously ridiculous, although I give Lady Gaga a pass, because that's her schtick - to look ridiculous. Madonna could have pulled it off 20 years and 4 kids ago, but now she just seems desperate. Carine Roitfeld looks like a fashion victim. Another desperate move for attention.

I agree with the posters who like the silhouettes, especially the retro 40s and 50s ones. It would be great to see some of these looks adapted where the skirts and bodices are fully lined. I had problems with the Dior SS 2010 collection - too much underwear and those stupid socks, but I loved the hair and make up, the models stood out because they actually looked pretty and glamorous as they strutted down the runway, a stark contrast to the depressive styling and walks that so many other designers favor. So if the trickle down is a 40s / 50s femme fatale revival, I am cool with that.

Sheesh, Byrdie Bell's wearing a girdle as a skirt these days (one that doesn't fit as it should either) with a slightly fancier version of a button down, so granny panties in public on a celeb are the least of fashion's problems.

Will we be seeing male models walking down the runway with their flies undone? We look forward to that.

Me too. But I will settle for couture sarongs in menswear.

Lady Gaga-IN

Carine Roitfeld & Madonna-Not only OUT but points off for being old enough to know better but doing it anyway.

Carine Roitfeld looks absolutely ridiculous!

Madonna looks like she forgot to put her skirt on before she left the house...senility is setting in on the old gal I guess.

Gaga..well...I completely despise her but do find the look flattering on her especially for the image she likes to project. It should be kept for stage or video performances though..not out in public.

I like a few of the looks on the runway...but agree that it's probably best that the vast majority of the general populace doesn't ever wear public at least. ;)

The Valentino is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

I expect this kind of thing from Lady GaGA and Madonna, but Carine Roitfeld? It's a sad day. The Vogue editor is usually incredibly chic so WTF? Maybe she has cataracts and couldn't see clearly. Carine has offically jumped the shark with this look.

I actually like this look and would wear it if it became mainstream. It reminds me of dancers in leotards with dance skirts over the top, not people in their underwear. If these skirts were paired with biker shorts, they'd work well - it would be like the leggings with skirt look only showing a bit of skin at the bottom lacy edge.

So long as the "panty" is coordinated with the skirt, and in a dark color, I honestly don't see the problem with these.

Well, I say that this is what comes of allowing the dominant criteria for judging fashion to be "new" and "not boring" instead of "beautiful" and "flattering" and "seasonally appropriate". You remember seasonal dressing don't you ?

[I am speaking to you Nina, Duchess and Frau Seal !!!]

Once the collective eye gets accustomed to seeing something, the fashion industry feels it needs to careen in the opposite direction to make things look new. Oh, and incidentally, to create a market. Who wants to be seen in last weeks look ?

I guarantee the next look in handbags will be small and structured since they have finally gotten every one dragging around giant cotten picking sacks. The next look in shoes will be low and delicate.

I am just ready for the oragami look to be over. I am really sick of seeing Wilma or strapless dresses with "architecturally inspired" folds all over the place. Done , done and done to death.

Granny Panties ? They won't be around long, but at least they re-introduce the concept of the actual waist. It would be nice to see designers recogniaze that putting the tops of pants and lingerie at the widest horizontal point of a womans lower body gives her the proportions of a troll, short legs with a long torso. I will be thrilled to see less of thongs and, um, where the thong resides.

The problem with "granny panties is not the waist, it is the leg opening. Take that leg opening up toward the hip bone and the leg is instantly elongated, while the waist is defined.

The antithesis of a troll.

I like it!

But only if you've got the legs of a chorine.

Damn. I meant to write "gams."

I kinda like them. (Please don't throw underwear). And I could see wearing them to a fancy cocktail party. They do remind me of Esther Williams bathing suits, which are extremely flattering on all body types.

This look, beyond being tacky, draws the eye directly to the thighs. In other words, it will never catch on. Even Madonna, who is as starved to death as she can be, doesn't need to have neon arrows pointing at her thighs.

I kind of like the sparkly Prada. And I think Madonna pulls her look off. The rest just looks like bathing suit coverups.

Just silly. And not in an "oh that's fun" way.

how reassuring to know it's not just me -- EVERYONE's thighs look horrid that way!

As to why Lady Gaga is covering her face, it's because it's evening and the paparazzi are using flash photography. She's shielding her eyes, that's all.

Can Onesies be far behind?

It's a really unsettling trend; it reminds me of a nightmare I used to have, where I'd leave the house thinking I was fully dressed, only to realize once I was out in public that my dress was transparent and everyone could see my underwear. It was a horrible dream, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever had it, and I can't help thinking this fashion is deliberately evoking that primal horror. -victoria

it's an old punkrocker look--madonna's copied it before--but it used to be done, ah, better. it needs contrasting undergarments, not granny panties, not the risk of highschool bikinis--to do it up proper [proper meaning well, proper having nothing, in this case, to do w/ propriety]. the undergarments need to have as much visual appeal as their overwear--not too much pattern, but a deep, rich color or a texture. perhaps a construction. as is, they just look like any one of these fine, each in her own way, sort of, folks forgot to put on a slip. Feh.

tho the galliano, as nearly as ever as anything is as ever, & some of the others are attractive.

Hell to the no - ain't nobody wants to see yur grundies - put on some damn pants, ya idjit


i'm not dorothy gale

Oh YAWN. Granny panties are never "in" whether they're worn as "fashion" OR underwear.

At least in my house.

Is this a question that even has to be asked? The granny panty + lace dress/skirt looks awful. Madonna looks so grasping and the others just look trashy. It also looks like Madonna is wearing the look in 40 degre weather, which adds to the desperation.

Some of the runway looks are pretty - but would never never translate to any wear outside of the unreal world of the runway.

I would feel so uncomfortable in something like this - like wearing my bathing suit out to dinner. It would just leave me feeling exposed in the wrong situation.

Yeah, I usually like this avant garde fashion stuff, but this isn't good. Lady Gaga pulled them off because 1. well, she's Lady Gaga, and 2. they were much smaller and less grannie-ish.

This is fug.

I absolutely love the retro hot pants look that is being shown currently. I even sewed myself a pair or two. Alright, so maybe they're for a burlesque number, but the only thing stopping me from wearing them out is that it would be considered socially unacceptable.

So you naysayers; remember when exposed bra straps became fashion, then the entire bra? Well, they've come and gone in the mainstream and now they're trailer trashwear along with thongs showing and pants cut so low they show pubes.

Never say nay. Look around at all the tattoos; you only used to see them on bikers and sideshow freaks. Hello mainstream! Now every grandma is sporting a tramp stamp.

Really, can granny pants be so very far behind?

I think the Prada, Versace, and Valentino looks are all really cute. The other ones are mostly hideous, and boy does Lady Gaga look terrible. You can do it well, but most of this is not.

Granny panties remind me of period panties,that a woman/girl wears to bed. They have no place on the runway.

Why would you wear an outfit like that, but try to block your face from the camera?

Antares took the words right out of my mouth in the 2nd post: Desperation. It's just sad and it takes someone from fashionista to fashion victim.

I will give a pass to the Vercase, however. I like that collection and thought the transparency of the skirts was actually attractive in that case, due to bright color and good patterns. It struck me as more 60's pop art than 40's granny's underwear drawer.

Oops, Versace. Fingers typing too quickly, not a "Showgirls"-esque error...

I actually really like them! they're kind of retro in this cool way for me -- and they create curves and lines that I like.

Its not the Emperors new's the Emperors new pants.

They look like idiots, the catwalk models too.

They need some tena pants.

i like the versace, because let's face it, if you're wearing versace, you probably don't mind lookin hooch anyway.

Loved Dior spring summer 2009 with the fun, flirty crini-minis paired with boyshorts. But this season's approach with the long skirts... tacky.

What is going on with that Marc Jacobs model? They made her pretty jacked in the face. What is she supposed to be? A shrunken head? An elf? A ghost? Dakota Fanning?
One other thing- when I saw that Versace model, I almost spit Dr. Pepper all over me screen. She looks freakishly like my mother, Suzanne, or my Aunt Moira, back in the '70's when they were in high school. Not as tall, but skinny, dark-haired and porcelain Irish white. My Grandma Cecile (their mother) was with Ford in the '50's.

I totally see more of a dancewear edge to this than granny panties. More along the lines of tap pants and leotards than moth balls and saggy backsides.

That said, def. not for mainstream consumption. Thighs of steel so necessary.

They all look desperately gruesome but the way in which Lady GaGa's chafed and reddened inner thighs are clearly visible through her garment? Revolting.

Somehow that Prada one is actually working for me. I think it's because it's a leotard, not solo panties, and the skirt is so obviously transparent that there's no niggling sense of the exposure being an unfortunate accident.

BALMAIN for women

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