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Vogue Italia: Beauty

Not the most original title for an editorial, wouldn't you say?

Vogue Italia November 2009
Editorial: Beauty

Photographed by Emma Summerton

Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson

Models: Janete, Alexa Yudina
, Hanna Rundlof

Perhaps this signals a new trend in editorials: the generic concept. We look forward to future editorials entitled "Clothes," or "Skinny Bitches."

Aw, don't mind us. We're just wearing our bitchpants today. Once again, it's an array of striking images, and to be fair, they are kind of going out on a limb with that title since most of these pictures don't embody traditional western ideas about beauty. And since you're not likely to ever see these clothes anywhere off a runway (except on the Daphne Guinnesses of the world), it's a good way to look at some of the more out there corners of fashion.

Givenchy Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Karen Elson

Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Alana Zimmer

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Olga Sherer

Nina Ricci Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Tanya Dziahileva

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kasia Struss

Moschino Fall 2009 Collection [modified version]
Model: Katie Fogarty

Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Kim Noorda

[Images: TheFashionSpot/Diciassette/]

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Hmm... Kinda Cool...

The Cavalli needs granny pants.

Who is the editorial model for the Moschino? What a gorgeous face.

Any idea where the head pieces are from? They're quite kickass.


Well I don't find any of this particularly beautiful but as they say " eye of the beholder". It is a very hair inspired editorial that is for sure.

I bet Chris March has either a satisfied smile or a green with envy scowl at that first dress :)

The photos are nice enough, but I can't stop looking at that third one down.

I really love that Nina Ricci garment. The McQueen is awesome too... but the makeup from that collection still gives me nightmare, despite the awesomeness of the clothes.

It all reads very Chris March too me. Which is not a bad thing, in my book.

WOW!! If that's what we're calling beauty now, count me in! no more pretty!

love those headresses/hats

Hope that one poor model gets her back issues taken care of...I know, but it just looks so odd.

that last headpiece...Do want.

There's a fairytale in-to-the-woods texture about this editorial. I kept thinking Rapunzel, Red Ridinghood, BlueBeard, Russian stories with mystical crows (and also, whatever happened to Romeo Gigli?)

I actually think everything in here could find a quotidian context. Probably too tame for the likes of Ms. Guinness or Lady Gaga.

Was the point supposed to be that they picked ugly assed models to convey the notion of *beauty*, I've seen better faces in the paddock!

The one where the text is large enough to read advises as a beauty tip not to try to camouflage your flaws (such as large noses, eyes too close together or too far apart, etc.) Very interesting advice from a beauty magazine.

The Francesco Scognamiglio looks like someone shot the runway model in the nipples and one was patched over and the other was bleeding. Eww. It did look much better with the bleeding boob hidden in the photo.

Other then that, I thought the shots were gorgeous. Not a big fan of any of the clothes they featured, but the model, the styling, and the photography I really enjoyed.

Yes, Chris March must be chuckling.

Gorgeous Things said...

Yes, Chris March must be chuckling.

11/15/09 2:42 PM

I think I can hear him from here.

Very striking and thought provoking clothes. I wish the photos weren't cropped at the waist.

I really like this photo set and think the title was fitting considering, as you said, the portrayals of "beauty
are far from traditional.

The copy indicates as much, anyhow...

I love this so much

I WISH we would see stuff like this off of the runway more often. It makes me sad that we (because I'm included) aren't all a lot more adventurous with our looks. That's why I love fashion, after all, not because of prettiness but because of "Beauty" like this editorial. Very nice contemplation for a rainy Sunday, thanks.

I love all the headpieces except the backward beak one.
Don't know if "Beauty" is the right title for this spread. It is wonderfully provoking and interesting, though. "Beauty" is totally subjective.

la aterciopelada

I thought the hair, makeup and hairpieces set off each model's features in an arcitechtural way, if that makes any sense. To me it was striking and evoked a "modern" sense of beauty.

That Nina Ricci gown NEEDS to be worn by Anna on "V".

The first Nina Ricci model looks like a cat that was bathed and then blow-dried with a very hot hair-dryer. A more murderous visage I can hardly imagine.

i'm sick to death of those damn nina ricci shoes. you can't see em in the photo, but i bet the model is wearing them and it makes me vomit.

I worry the mcqueen's will be the new nina ricci's: overused and uninteresting the third time you see them.

love the sixth photo!

TLO said:

We look forward to future editorials entitled "Clothes," or "Skinny Bitches."

Dead. I would so read an editorial entitled "Skinny Bitches."

Nicole said;

That Nina Ricci gown NEEDS to be worn by Anna on "V".

Agreed. That outfit is totally Anna...

Dear Tom and Lorenzo, I beg to differ on the use of beauty as generic. Poets and writers and artists have spent millennia trying to show and define beauty. Essays and poems have been written, often contradicting one another. My mother was a writer and a poet, and towards the end of her life, she told me quite seriously, that the search for, and knowing of, beauty had been a driving concept in her life. She kept a commonplace book for such subjects and so do I.

The discussion of beauty is complex, antagonistic, humorous, earthly and spiritual, mundane and sublime. We have argued on this very blog about it. Just for fun, here are some of the words used so far today: cool, gorgeous, kickass, envy, nice, awesome, not bad, wow, odd, fairytale, quotidian, tame, ugly, interesting, striking, thought-provoking, adventurous, subjective, architectural, modern, murderous, overused, uninteresting.

I missed out on the wonderful discussions on Thanksgiving in last week's TLounge. Mom and Dad were serious, studious, thinkers more than doers, and interested in so many things, both gone more than 6 years now, and I still miss them as much as I ever did. Thanks to both of you, I'm proud to be your daughter.

Here is a link to some famous and lesser-known quotations and proverbs about beauty.

Oh yes, and the editorial. I loved it, especially the different poses, amazing headpieces, the wild hair, the less conventional models, and the beautiful couture clothes. Now this is designing with all black at its best. Great photography.

This is Nerdy (with a capital N ya'll) but, remember that Jim Henson movie The Dark Crystal? THAT'S IT!!!!!!!
I've been trying to figure out what this reminded me of and why I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it.
The models look like the charachters from that movie.

They photoshopped these girls faces until they look like anime characters.

Other than the headpieces I don't like this collection much.

I look forward to Gaga wearing that last cool headpiece in her next video. Well I just can't think of anyone else who wears headpieces these days.

I'm with Nina: too much black.

The first dress reminds me of Chris March's PR finale collection

I feel like this editorial has been done before. It seems somewhat contrived and insincere that a fashion magazine, an intrinsic part of an industry that has such narrow definitions of what is acceptable in a model and how beauty is portrayed, should pretend that imperfections should be embraced as they are what make one beautiful.

If the idea that beauty truly lays in one's imperfections, then there would have been no need to stylize the heck out of these models. If the two in this shoot are considered to be oustide the "standard beauty box" then they should let their looks show.

It's too manipulated for what they are allegedly trying to say.

Polly Glot

Kinda boring as far as editorials go. I would wear that Moschino dress though!

I agree, this is boring. I would have flipped right past this to read an article.

I can't get past the fried hair.

Kasia Struss, the model, makes me want to chase her with a cheeseburger and tackle her till she eats it. Dear God, where are her thighs!

Otherwise, I love the hats!

Bad hair does not beauty make

@Alexis: YES! "Drain her essence!"

Black & white cover! LOVE it!


some of the headpieces are related to opera masks, only they are worn sideways and backwards. (The bird beak facing backwards.)
Most European Mardi Gras masks are leather so I don't think these are from the mask makers of Italy.

well... the COVER is certainly beautiful. The rest: seriously?

As spreads go this one was pleasing to the eye, but didn't offer much in the way of groundbreaking fashion. Loved the black & white photography, headpieces and fried hair. Favorite looks were the D&G and Nina Ricci. I'm a huge Moschino fan, but didn't find the dress all that exciting.

- edina -

i'm not dorothy gale

I'm calling this a harmless and amusing diversion as I suffer through the first Sunday night without "Mad Men". Instead we had the painfully studied and arty remake of "The Prisoner".

We lasted approximately 12 minutes before turning it off. Sterling Cooper it's not. Sigh.

What the fuck?

Um, how exactly were those non-Western ideas of beauty? All the women were white and thin. There was one who was somewhat androgynous, but androgyny is nothing new in the world of high fashion.

I love that model that's on the cover. she has an amazing look

I think the photograph of the Cavalli is gorgeous- that model has such a profile.

The whole spread has a dark, rich feel to it that reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are (the film) but I agree with a lot of the above commenters that beauty magazines on the "embrace-your-flaws" soapbox are beyond insincere.

Chris March was too fashion forward for the likes of Nina, Michael and the Orange One, it looks like to me.


BTW, I really love the clothes, the styling, and the photography. It looks like you could ski off of that one model's cheekbones!

I think that they are turning on the concept of "Beauty" from the more American version to a European type of "jolie-laide," wherein a woman emphasizes an aspect of herself that she might otherwise be advised to "downplay." So, instead of wearing bangs if you have a high forehead, slick your hair back to SHOW OFF that noggin! Thick eyebrows? Not only should you not pluck, but go all out and cultivate that unibrow!

I love the concept, but admit to being love/hate about it in my personal execution!

karen elson looks like a recent graduate of hogwart's. perhaps ron's sister. step aside ginny.

Somewhere, SWINTON! is thinking of places to wear these clothes.

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