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V Magazine: Natalie Portman

Princess Amidala gets her Rihanna on.

V Magazine
Editorial: Natalie Or Nothing

Styled by Clare Richardson
Photographed by Mario Testino

We've always been a little annoyed by Natalie Portman. For someone so undeniably beautiful, she's, well, boring as hell. The girl's just got no charisma whatsoever. Either she was really pissed off about something the day these pictures were taken or Mario Testino somehow managed to tap into a side of her rarely (if ever) seen, but we think these are some of the best pictures we've ever seen of her. She's looked prettier in other pictures, and we can't say we love the clothes, but she's commanding the camera in a way we've never seen her do. If we were flipping through this magazine, we'd stop and look at this editorial. And if we were her style consultants, we'd tell her to look into heavy eye makeup more often.

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The look so against type that I don't think it really works. What I think is working is that she's growing up. There's a bit more maturity in her face, and it looks good on her.

I think she's traded places with a heavily made-up Keira Knightley, just like in that one Star Wars movie.

natalie raps on SNL. i think angry natalie portman = best EVER.

She looks kind of ridiculous. The open mouth has no itensity and does not make the shot editorial. The eye makeup is fantastic though.

Love it! Very Robert Palmer-esque.

Smoking hot!

Been done to death.

"We've always been a little annoyed by Natalie Portman. For someone so undeniably beautiful, she's, well, boring as hell. The girl's just got no charisma whatsoever."

Thank you for saying this. I was so disappointed that she was cast as Amidala (c'mon, Leia's mom would have waaaaaaay more charisma, maybe part of it is her voice?) and am less than thrilled with her performances in many other roles.

That said, she's a very pretty girl/woman.

Love the eyes (completely agree with you that her stylists should encourage her in that direction), but I hate the hair--the weird greasy plume of hair on top of the head is just too early 1990's. And it was hideous then, too.

Lol. Did you manage to not see the skits she did for SNL? The girl has an awesome sense of humor.

I'm aghast at the lack of Natalie love from you guys. Shes one of the most beautiful women in the world and an amazing actress to boot, very cool editorial.

I like my actresses boring off screen. It stops the blurring of the lines between character & person/celebrity/tabloid fodder. Her performances from "The Professional" on have been electrifying (SNL rap = freakin' hilarious). Blame George Lucas & his hideous dialogue & plotting for the yawn inducing Padme Amidala.
NP is quite stunning as is the styling, clothes & photography of this shoot.

The SNL clip was fantastic. Not crazy about this one-look spread, tho.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Maybe she was pissed off that the fabrics weren't eco-friendly?

Natile & Keira are pretty much interchangeable in my book when it comes to editorials and I'm not a fan of either in the actress department.

As for the charisma thing - I agree with TLo. A friend who had a huge crush on her went to see her stump speech during the Kerry campaign and came back totally unimpressed. Evidently it was the most boring political speech he had ever heard. He found a new crush quickly after that.

Thanks, TLo!


Nothing special here.

She looks good, but not great. I do like the blue bustier and gold shoulder pads for some reason.

But Natalie is a talented young woman and I find her quite charming off the screen-- her segment on "Inside the Actor's Studio" was sooo cute.

I don't mind Natalie that much. Seeing her on top chef gave me a better opinion of her. I like this shoot, however I wish she wasn't looking at the camera in EVERY shot. And maybe a different face/angle?

I've always liked her and unfortunately did not see the SNL skits when originally aired. I do think you're on to something about her though. She seems to be holding back or, I always get the feeling that she's on the verge of something ---- or perhaps she's just a very restrained and self-conscious type of person and that's it.

Nice spread though. However, the images seem a bit "manipulated."

- edina -

Personally, I think she has to be one of the most gorgeous women on the planet. And who cares if she supposedly lacks charisma? Not everybody can be a Lindsay Lohan or fallen-down cokehead mess.

Also, I agree with the other commenters that you boys really need to see Natalie Portman's SNL rap, it's hilarious. I don't understand the hatin' from you boys.

This is EXTREMELY petty, but when I look at here, I can't see anything other than her eyebrows.

The bother me beyond all reason.

Trying this again -

Anonymous said...
This is EXTREMELY petty, but when I look at HER, I can't see anything other than her eyebrows.

THEY bother me beyond all reason.

I don't think Natalie is boring so much as low-key. She keeps the drama on screen and not in her life, which she clearly prefers to keep private.

Part of what makes her look angry is the stark cheekbones. The dear girl seems to have started on the "tightening" really early, and her skin is really stretched tight across her cheekbones and jawbone.

The makeup just highlights this starker look. I actually preferred the baby fat cheeks a lot more.

11/5/09 1:43 PM

natalie raps on SNL. i think angry natalie portman = best EVER.

Exactly! That was my exact reaction to this.

I thought she was so funny on Top Chef. Maybe she had B12 shot that day. Or she was drunk.

She's amusing, and always reminded me of Natalie Wood.

Plus she had a nice little romp with Gael Garcia Bernal; therefore, I HATE her.

natalie portman annoys me for some reason i've never been able to pinpoint. I think TLo might have done the work for me . . . a woman that beautiful SHOULD be more interesting. she was so good in the professional and, well, that's about it.

As for this spread, something about the make-up makes her look like she's at a casting call for Rock of Love. It's giving me a stripper/famewhore vibe.

I think she looks more edgy than she usually does in these photos and she's certainly a gorgeous woman... but I always thought she was completely overrated as hell. Everyone makes a humongous deal about how brilliant and talented and pulled-together she is... but I think she is just SUCH a terrible actress in so many of her films.

She's all right in some roles, such as when she was the panic-pixie-dream-goddess in Garden State and the sexy-pixie-dream-goddess in Closer. She certainly has a 'type' she can act well. But my god, she is HORRIBLE in some of her works-- I still can't believe how unbelievably bad she was in flicks like the Boleyn girl, when she has to NOT embody some perfect, delicate, fantasy figure. Frankly, if she must keep acting, I wish she'd only do it in the narrow range that she can apparently embody!

Also, she really pissed me off with her supporting Roman Polanski and signing that petition arguing against the Swiss government holding him for raping that 13-year-old girl. So she's all compassionate about the fate of barnyard animals but couldn't give a damn about a violation of a human being? Ugh, that's awful.


Oh, and let's not forget this golden comment she made a few months ago.

“"I think it’s kind of an exciting time. I mean, everyone is cutting back. It’s happening in every industry—including our own. All of a sudden, people are doing jobs that they hate and they’re not making as much money as they thought they would or they’ve lost their jobs entirely. I’ve started to see people looking more toward their own passions and what really excites them."

Hey, people who have lost their jobs! You should be *excited* by your current economic state! Says the wealthy, internationally famous actress who, months later, went out and brought a castle!

...Seriously. Natalie Portman may be book smart but she sure as hell doesn't seem street smart. She just seems BLINDED by her privilege without realizing it at all.



I've also heard her described as painfully shy and disliking public attention, which makes me think she may have chosen the wrong profession.

Still, I like and respect her for keeping her private life private and for pursuing her passions in her own way.

Not a fan of Natalie Portman, but I kind of like this look for her. I think it's the more dramatic makeup and hairstyle.
I was surprised that she actually had some personality in her Top Chef appearance.

The gamine is not exactly my type, but the two that bust the mold are Natalie and the ultimate, Audrey Hepps. (Ryan Gosling said only Natalie could do right to a remake of Roman Holiday. "She's like water, that girl," he said of her.)

Angry/beautiful is a combination that can be awesome to a straight guy like me, but I have no problem with her supposed "blandness."

We love you Natalie!

"I wanna fuck you too!"

I find her gorgeous. Particularly since she doesn't seem interested in sharing all of herself with the world.

I never got the Natalie Portman/Kiera Knightley look the same thing until that last photo... when I thought I WAS looking at Kiera. Jeeze. Looks nice though. Agree she should have kept her mouth shut.

Here's a mildly amusing NP story. She is a distant cousin of my husband. We've never met her, though he knows her mom. However, my mother-in-law used to be all over getting invites to plays/premiers/parties that she was going to. So in one interview, she stated that a downside of her then-newfound fame was that these cousins she never knew even existed kept coming out of the woodwork. I howled, knowing who she was talking about.

These pictures are okay. I agree that she looks like a shorter version of Keira Knightly. I have to admit that I've been underwhelmed by her roles since The Professional. But she's a pretty girl and since she's kinda sorta family, I certainly hope she has a great career.

I feel like such a Natalie Portman freak right now. I come to get my daily TLo fix while Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium plays in the background thinking about how I really want to watch V for Vendetta (remember, remember, the 5th of November...) and lo and behold! Natalie Portman!

Love her! Beautiful, versatile, and super smart...

I've never loved Natalie Portman, though I do think she is gorgeous. However, in her recent stint on Top Chep she did have a lot more personality than I have given her credit for in the past. She seemed to have Padma and Tom Coliccio in stitches the whole time.

She is cute, but her eye brows bother me..

I always get Natalie Portman and Kiera Knightley mixed up. Same boring look, same boring personality.

No denying it, she's absolutely beautiful, but she pisses me off with some of her interviews.

Love the cover, though, and the second shot.

I agree about the open mouth comment, which is part of why I genuinely like the second picture (not counting the cover) and could leave the rest. As for NP in general, er, I guess I liked her as a creepy little girl macking on hapless hitmen? >.>

She was annoying as hell on "Top Chef" -- she guffawed heartily at her own jokes. Annoying.

Like the makeup here, though.

Hey.. don't knock Natalie! I think she is a great actress, and so beautiful. Just because she isn't on the tabloid covers doesn't make her "boring".

I love this shoot... super intense!!

From what I understand, the SNL rap was at least partly her idea. That makes me like it even more.

She was less offensive than many some of her counterparts in the Star Wars movies, and she did pretty well in 'V for Vendetta' which I really enjoyed... don't know about these pics in particular, her eyes do look cool though.

WOW I never knew ppl found her boring. She has always seemed alright to me, not a fav but far from dislike. The pics were ok. She does have a pretty face but her body is that of a 10 y/o. I guess I always picture her as she was in V for Vendetta and that whole movie I was just shocked at how thin she is and how well she could pull off the role of a child. That priest should have been fooled!

Amy said...

Thank you for saying this. I was so disappointed that she was cast as Amidala (c'mon, Leia's mom would have waaaaaaay more charisma, maybe part of it is her voice?) and am less than thrilled with her performances in many other roles.

Honey, with a cast list starring Ewan MacGregor, Liam Neeson, Christopher Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, and Natalie Portman, one would assume Episodes 1-3 would have been amazing movies. Not one of those actors performed above subpar. It wouldn't matter who was cast as Padme Amidala, she was going to play it terribly. Terrible scripts and bad direction turn extremely talented actors into no-talent hacks.

It took this post for me to realize that NP and Keira Knightly are different people.

I think that means they both bore me.

who have you been watching? she has loads of charisma. you cant tell me she wasnt charismatic in garden state. or snl. you just cant.

This is the first post that has inspired me to comment as a long time reader.

Natalie Portman has no personality? WHAT?! I'm sorry boys, but have we been watching the same celebrity?

Are you talking about the Natalie Portman who made gangsta rap fun and hilarious with the SNL short a kind reader posted above?

The same Natalie Portman who was on Top Chef last week and was both endearing and hilarious in a gig that she's probably too big of a star to be apart of?

The Natalie Portman who was robbed of an Oscar for her performance in Closer?

No, we can't be.

But at least we agree that the photos are fierce.

I always thought she was so cool for being smart in addition to mindbogglingly beautiful, but it's hard to admire her since she's outed herself as a Polanski supporter. She does seem to be a little lacking in the common sense department, but these photos are still fierce.

I'm sorry, but the mouth open shots just made me worry that drool was going to spill from her mouth.

watch her Inside The Actors Studio and you'll never say she's boring again. It made me fall in love with her. Besides, have you *seen* Closer? Amazing.

I can't get past the nose job. She didn't need it in the first place, and it looks like a pin.

There's an old polaroid of her in Elle this month, from before she had any work done. lets just say that she should be tithing a percentage of her earnings to whomever did that nose.

Same look X 6. Meh.

she's a rape apologist. there's nothing pretty about that.

she looks like keira in the last picture.

i wish they shot more pictures of natalie though. these are too few.

Ultimately, she's intelligent enough to be attractive to me; but the over-privileged background works against her. Nepotism in Hollywood has bred people without a common sense of adversity or frustration to share with an audience. She looks great here, really everywhere as I see it, but something intangible is lacking in all cases.

Yeah, nothing new here. Super smoky eye, 80's hair. She has two facial expressions out of five shots? I don't see her rocking anything.

I too used to think she was meh, and then I had to eat my meh when I saw her several years ago on the red carpet (?) with her head shaved for her role in V for Vendetta (was that the title?), and she looked absolutely stunning. I was riveted. Hair and whatnot is only a distraction with her. People used to go on about how great Sinead looked with her shaved head, but Natalie leaves her in the dust as a classic beauty.

natalie raps on SNL. i think angry natalie portman = best EVER.

Seriously. She'll cut a bitch. Bwahhahahaha....

I kinda love her. Whatevs.

What's with the weird tongue behind the teeth thing in all the open mouth shots?

i kind of disagree, TLO. Yes, she's commanding the camera, but she's only doing it with one look, over and over.
Right? is it just me or is the same expression repeated several times with one variance: mouth slightly open, mouth closed?

Lovely photography, lovely lady, but yyyaaawwwnnn.

Fans who are upset about Natalie's support of Polanski should consider that perhaps her very high intelligence enabled her to see what the crowd missed and that she should be admired for taking a very unpopular position. The fact is that if one reads all the public documents on the Polanski affair objectively the truth of the matter is very murky indeed. The process is called reading between the lines and leads to a wide spectrum of possibilities including the one where Polanski did not know the age of Geimer and she was willing to the one where he knew she was 13 and she was not willing. Since Natalie knows Polanski personally she likely has a sense of the honesty of the man. The big question is why did the probation report conclude that there was evidence that the Geimer was "willing". Maybe Natalie knows the answer ?

Her face looks like the pictures were taken just after someone tooted and left the room... haha

This comment has been removed by the author.

"Princess Amidala gets her Rihanna on."

Rihanna was not the first to sport that look. Don't give credit where it isn't due. (And there's no one who deserves credit for anything less than Rihanna.)

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