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T Lo Interviews Gordana

Everyone's favorite gal has something she wants to say!

Hi Gordana, how are you, darling?
I’m so upset you couldn’t make it to lunch! I was so looking forward to meet you. You are my favorite people. Thank you for everything. You two are amazing. Every time my husband is reading your blog to me, because I don’t have time to read it, you know, I’m always touched by the things you guys and your readers write about me. You guys have an amazing following; your readers are so into Project Runway. It’s fantastic.

Well, thank you so much. They all love YOU. Did you watch the last episode? Was it hard?
Of course it was hard even though I knew what the outcome would be and I knew when I was doing that challenge what the outcome would be. You know what? What I’m proud of is that I walked away not being ashamed of anything that I had done; I’m proud of who I am as a human being and I never gave them a chance to represent me anything else other than what I am. I am proud of the fact that I was able to reach so many people, which was my goal in the first place. If I had shown on Project Runway when I was growing up, it would have made such a difference in my life; it would have given me the wings to fly. I have received emails from kids all over the world saying just that to me. It’s the biggest gift that Project Runway has given to me.

Speaking of growing up, it was very touching to hear you talk about your humble upbringing on the show.
My parents are survivor children from WWII and their motto is, "If you have land, that means you can survive." I don’t know how God or the universe, whatever you want to call it, misplaced me to be born in a village where people only care about corn and potatoes. I’m the skinniest kid ever dreaming about the bigger world; dreaming about fashion. Not to mention that I didn’t have any resources, nothing. I’m grabbing the scissors and just cutting anything I can possibly cut. As I said in the last episode, I was using onion peels to dye whatever it is that I had like my dad’s old shirts. I was using berries and beets and all kinds of stuff.

To be able to make it to Project Runway in the first place, I always had to remind myself where I came from and that somehow I made it to that stage. It doesn’t matter, all the criticism, I made it. And my mom was burning my clothes when I would make something because it was so out of the norm. I really feel like I had created my role in my childhood and it was in my dreams. In my mind, I knew there was a bigger world out there and I wanted to taste that so I ran away from it.

It is an achievement to make it on the show and to make it this far, no doubt about it.
Absolutely! It’s also human nature, you know, you become kind of greedy when you make it so far. First you’re like “Oh my God, if I make top six how challenging it is,” then you get to top six and you’re like “Hmm.”

I don’t know, even if they didn’t put me in the top three, which I understand, whatever, I kind of saw who the favorites were in the beginning. In the middle of the show, I already knew that there was no way they were going to give me that opportunity, but I still kept on going, and what helped me was that in that last challenge, I completely disregarded the judges and I said, “OK, I’m going to create something for me and my family and friends." I kept thinking about the cathedral and what that represents to a lot of people. It's a place of hope, some kind of salvation. It really gave me such a great opportunity to create my vision. The angel, that was what I wanted to create.

The funny thing is that they never showed me making the dress. You don’t just buy fabric like that. I bought flat organza, I was working on connecting the colors and layering them over to make them look like the same colors of the painting, to use brush strokes in a way. I textured the fabric, heating it up and drying it. I used a spray bottle with water to mold it so that the strokes would look equal. They never showed any of that. And the outfit that I was wearing, I actually made it that same day. I made the dress and the outfit I was wearing.

Many or our readers feel that Heidi had a problem with you, that she never really warmed up to you. Do you agree with them?
I kind of felt the same way and I’m not trying to make excuses by any means. I don’t know if it was the fact that I’m European and she was making sure that the viewers didn’t think that she was showing any favoritism or maybe she didn’t like the fact that I was older. I don’t know. When I did my paper challenge and the costume challenge and they put me on the bottom and they didn’t really know what they were criticizing me about and that was kind of weird to me. I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance and when I see the judges criticizing the contestants with such respect, so constructively. So kind. It put me to tears. Why can we not have the same respect?

I’m not making excuses. I admit when I’m doing something wrong. I remember for the Cristina Aguilera challenge I was very sick. The reason why I broke down is because I was already starting to feel that I wasn’t feeling well, my nose was bleeding, I was getting a fever, you know, when your system goes down, then I’m crying for my family. You have to understand, and you two know that, they are filming every day. You watch it once a week, but for us it’s every day and thank God I had immunity and that I was still able to create anything to send down the runway. Anything.

I was really lucky that I won the previous challenge and that I was safe. When Heidi said that Irina was safe and that she had done a good job and then when she came to me and all that criticism that she gave me, I was like, “OK, as long as I can just get off the stage go lay down, that’s all that I care.” But then when I watched the episode at home and saw the closeup of Heidi’s face, it was almost like of hate, disgust or something. It really affected me and shook me to a point that I couldn’t sleep that night. OK, I didn’t create a great dress, so what? It’s not the first time in Project Runway’s history that somebody has created something bad. It was really a tough pill to swallow.

How was it watching the episodes at home and seeing the other designers talk about each other in the confessionals? Was it tough to hear or did you just brush it off?
You know, in the beginning, designers were coming up to me in the workroom and saying, "That's stunning," and then I'm in the bottom three a couple of times and then maybe they think, "Oh, the judges don't like her," and they don't want to look bad, so... I just brushed it off. I have proven to myself that I have survived for the past ten years, I’m actually living a pretty good life off of my designs and off what I’m doing. Maybe the others think that I am not talented but the rest of America thinks differently otherwise people wouldn’t be buying my clothes.

You have two stores, right?
Yes, I have one in Charleston, South Carolina and I moved actually, when we filmed the show I never left California, I opened a store in San Diego.

How are the stores doing?
They’re doing fine. The one in San Diego, I’m trying to get to something bigger. I would love to have an opportunity to maybe do some sort of after-school program, like something called Design with Gordana. I’m very much connected to young people and I feel that a lot of times if you don’t get straight A’s or if you not good at math and science, you’re kind of labeled as not very intelligent. There are so many kids out there who are so creative. I can knit, I can crochet, I can make jewelry, I can design…if I could have some kind of program with gifted children…I know, because when I was thirteen years old and I designed this unbelievable outfit and I wore it out and I got so much attention, it gave me an identity, it put me on the map. If I could do something like this for somebody else it would be a big deal.

Even though most of your pieces were intricate and full of details, some people, including the judges, thought you were too safe on the show. The judges kept waiting to see more from you.
It’s kind of a tricky situation because you saw what happened to Ra’mon. They want something bigger, they want this and that, but as soon as you do it, you’re giving them the opportunity to kick you out. As I keep saying, it’s very sad that you’re kind of designing out of fear. I feel that if I didn’t have all this on top of my head and being criticized all the time, yes, maybe I would come out of my box a little more.

For example, when I made that jacket for the previous challenge, I really liked it, I don’t care what anybody says. Ideally, I would have designed it with tight pants or leggings with high boots or something. But if you design leggings, you're going to be chastised. You can’t design leggings; you know you’re going home. They all hated leggings. And the Macy’s wall, give me a break, they don’t really have much accessories to offer you. Then you start over-thinking, I can’t do this and I can't do that and the time is ticking, you get yourself tangled up in the situation.

In the real world, the circumstances would be different.
Of course, I feel that I’m a very creative person in the real word. Also, when people see me on the street now, the first thing they say is “Oh, my God you look so much better in person.” [Laughs] It’s the truth, it’s easier to bounce back when you’re nineteen or twenty years old after sleepless nights, but when you’re forty-five you need a little bit more time to get back to your usual self. It was really hard for me physically to keep up. In my private life, I have a great sense of style, people love my clothes. I’m completely confident in my style, in what I personally wear and design. When you’re on the show people work differently and under different circumstances.

Do you think you achieved what you wanted with this competition?
To some extent, yes. I wish I had gotten the opportunity to show at Bryant Park. In the history of Project Runway I am the only designer who has finished in fourth place and didn’t get the opportunity to show. Even if they didn’t show it on TV, people would still have gotten an idea of who I am as a designer. It’s much easier to design when you have somebody giving you nine thousand dollars and saying, “Knock yourself out,” you know. For any struggling designer, nine thousand dollars is a lot of money.

I kind of feel like maybe I was robbed out of it. I wish they had given me the chance even if I didn’t make to top three, but give me the chance to showcase something. I would have created some beautiful designs had they given me the chance. I know that Christopher wanted it too. I felt that they kind of cheapened out on me, you know? It's like, for God's sake, what's nine thousand dollars? I don't know, I felt a little bit robbed. I’m not trying to put the top three down by any means, but I really don’t think they’re any better than me. I’ll tell you one thing, any one of them the minute they would be criticized, they would fall apart, I was dealing with that practically from the first episode.

The good news is that you are going to be featured in VOGUE Knitting. That’s awesome.
I know, and that’s thanks to you guys. It was such a great surprise. It’s going to be, I believe, the spring issue. As soon as it comes out, I’ll let you guys know.

Knits are very important to me; it was kind of like my gateway to fashion. I remember ripping apart some old sweaters that my mom had and making a new one. I remember she was so impressed with the fact that I knitted a sweater, although she didn’t like my style, you know, because it was the '70s, with the big sleeves and the pocket on the front [laughs].

You do incorporate a lot of knitting in you work.
Yes, I love knits. It’s something about comfort. When you have something that’s so soft, it puts your mind at ease. I knit so much it’s like meditation to me. I’m very spiritual; very connected to nature and sometimes when you look back in life and the things that you wanted so much that didn’t happen, turns out that something even better will happen. I’m a big optimist and who knows? Maybe the whole experience will work in my favor.

It was so nice to see you on the show. We wish you all the best.
Thank you so much, guys, for all your support and your honest words. All your critiques, good and bad; it’s all welcome. And a big thank you to all the people blogging about this show, who are taking their time to voice their opinion. And if you ever come my way, please let me know. I’d love to give you a big “mama hug.” [Laughs] Good luck to you and everything you do.


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We love you Gordana! We wish you all the best!

You should be in the final three and we are disappointed that the judges didn't agree with us!

Good for Gordana! I hope she becomes a huge success, just to spite Heidi!

She's a designer with depth and talent, doesn't need the Project Runway Badge of approval (this seasons anyway) as a collective (nearly all) we think the judges were off their faces when they got shot off her in that episode.

Was I first?

What a sweetheart! So glad she made it as far as she did. Your last dress was gorgeous, Gordana. Can't wait to see what the future holds <3

The judging was very erratic; no wonder you were frustrated. I'm glad you can see the positive of this experience; the exposure was great and you have a lot of fans. Good luck in the future!

She rocks. I wish her all the best.
Don't let the bastards get you down, Gordana! Success is the best revenge. Then you can tell Heidi where to stick her criticisms.

What a lovely lady. Gordana I wish you the best and look forward to seeing your designs in the future.

It's great to hear from her, and so wonderful that she has the "big picture" in her horizon.

I'd be a lot more bitter. It is TRULY a DISGRACE that she didn't show (even in 4th place) at Bryant Park. Heidi, Michael and Nina should be ashamed.

Love you, Gordana!

"...and they didn’t really know what they were criticizing me about and that was kind of weird to me...

Believe me, most of the viewers were as confused as you. It was like this whole season was some sort of "Punked" for PR fans.

She needs to invite me to shadow her for a week, I'll record her story and then write her book... Will work for sweaters.

See this is why we all love her. She's so sweet and is so confident in her work (with good reason). She's going to be sucessful no matter what so Heidi can suck it. We love you Gordana :)

Gordana! You did all you could and I can hardly imagine what you went through day after day knowing Heidi didn't care for you and that she may have tainted the guest judge's feelings towards you. I could see it on the air let alone you going through it in person. This season was off kilter to me.

You should have been in the top three! I love the way you described in this interview how you altered the material to make your dress which was beautiful! That is proof right there that the judging was biased. They could have shown you working on your material.

I think Heidi is afraid of getting older herself and wanted you out of her sight! She didn't want a reminder that she will be your age soon!

Love you!

Great interview.

And rest assured, some of us will point out Miss Heidi's lack of taste elsewhere on the internet.

That they omitted the working of the fabric is wrong, on a very basic, gut wrenching level.

She is a true designer and dressmaker.
Sometimes hardship like she has experienced really forces you to be come more creative and make everything yourself.
Your final design was so beautiful. I knew you had done "something" to create the texture on the organza, but I couldn't figure out what. And like the painting it gave a different impression from every angle. Far from a simple design.
Best of luck to you.
Sewing Siren

Really great interview guys!!

Great to hear from you Gordana, and no need to apologize, you were robbed. That moment with Heidi during the Christina challenge crossed the line, it wasn't in your head. I agree that 9,000 is nothing to those guys and they should have shelled it out to have 4 designers show. Even if it's not aired we still get to see the pieces and seeing what people do with time and money is really what I love. It really lets us know who they are as a designer and people creating really beautiful things. I think most of us a feel a little cheated too now that we won't see you create a finale collection.

Much love from Oceanside, your neighbor to the north!!

What a talented, classy lady. I would have loved to see what she would have turned out for Bryant Park. I can't wait to see what she does in the future!

What an absolute doll. Love her to bits.

Good for her for making it so far and staying true to herself, despite the Klum-hate and being the victim of the bullshittiest of bullshit judgements in PR history.

Way back when TLo interviewed Hedda Lettuce, she said about Heidi:

"I don’t think when you think “German” you would think “nice,” necessarily."

Suddenly that comment isn't so funny anymore.

Now that is how one conducts oneself with good grace and diplomacy, but still express frustrations clearly. Wouldn't you love to be that gracious under pressure? Gordana is my new role model.

What a fabulous and strong woman! Love her all the more!

When we saw that dress coming down the runway, we thought, "Wow, she won this challenge and is going to Bryant Park!" We were shocked when the judges sent you home.

That dress best represented the challenge. You did a beautiful job and we think the judges were insane.

We can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Good luck Gordana!

What a great interview!

Good Luck Gordana!!!

By the by, are you on Ravelry yet? Its a knit/crochet/weave/spin/fiber community...its HUGE. Hope to see ya on there!

I love your jewelry, Jordana! Your after school classes are a lovely idea! You are very inspiring! Best wishes! (I have my own online jewelry shop

"In the history of Project Runway I am the only designer who has finished in fourth place and didn’t get the opportunity to show."

Good point, Gordana. That is really. Messed. Up.

Oh, and don't worry about the way you came across after such exhausting days on camera; we think you are a timeless, stylish beauty! A classy woman with a sweet heart.

Great interview! She is such an interesting and creative person. By far one of the most genuine people on the show.


I adore her! But NO DECOY COLLECTION??? What gives?

She was the bright spot in this season for me...everything else was lame. It got to the point where I didn't even watch it anymore. I am glad she came out of PR worst season relativly unscathed (But I bet she wont be eating any snitzel anytime soon) :)

No time for an extended comment, but many thanks for this interview, and best wishes for much success to Gordana.

My big takeaway on the first read: Gordana's observation that much of the time one "designs out of fear" because they're sussing out the judges' preferences. Isn't that truly a shame? The opportunity should be to soar, not shiver!

All the best,



I appreciate her candor about her background and her experience on the show.

It's very touching, not to mention sobering, to see how some people have to struggle against all kinds of odds to achieve what they feel they were born to do.

Great interview!
All the best to Gordana, a truly classy person and designer.

Much love, Gordana!!! You looked beautiful and stylish the whole show. I think Heidi was just jealous of your legs ^_^

Gordana, I truly wish you were able to show at Bryant Park. You are the one designer besides Irina that I would be most interested in seeing a BP collection from.

I was routing for you from the very first episode - I was completely mesmerized by that blue dress with the ornate origami-looking top part. My other favorites from you were the pregnancy challenge, the NYC outfit, the model "industry-event" challenge, and of course the Monet dress.

Good luck - you have an amazing, successful road ahead of you!


Thank you, TLo and Gordana, for such a generous interview. Gordana, I really appreciate your comments about the judging on So You Think You Can Dance. You are so right. I was disgusted this season with Heidi's guffawing put-downs and the way that the other judges jumped on dump-on wagon. Screw them. I am excited for you and all that the future holds!

Rillion said...

"In the history of Project Runway I am the only designer who has finished in fourth place and didn’t get the opportunity to show."

Good point, Gordana. That is really. Messed. Up.

I agree, why not? Great interview, guys! Thanks!

"I bought flat organza, I was working on connecting the colors and layering them over to make them look like the same colors of the painting, to use brush strokes in a way...."

And it really looks like that kind of effort went into it -- beautiful. Especially that semi-transparent part in the middle. It all creates an illusion of endless soft, misty layers.

Awesome, awesome interview.

Seriously, Gordana, you are so classy. I'm glad you feel the show was worthwhile to you despite it all, even if, as you say, it kinda sucks they didn't even fund you to do a decoy collection. Obviously the publicity is winning you some fans here, though, and no doubt elsewhere as well.

As to the stress of lack of sleep being harder when you get older, yeah, that's about what I was thinking... you really did look pretty tired. I read an interview somewhere where someone said basically the designers end up only getting maybe 4-5 hours a sleep a night. I used to think that was plenty as long as I got enough food (and, heh, caffeine) but now if I had to do that 2 or 3 nights in a row I think I'd be a zombie, let alone the entire time of a show like this.

I wish you continued success!

Gordana, your appearance on PR has brought you more affection and respect than any of the three "winners" will receive, and I hope it brings attention from people who can make things happen for you too. It's a shame that you ended up in this crummy PR season, but I know good things are ahead for you.

"The funny thing is that they never showed me making the dress. You don’t just buy fabric like that. I bought flat organza, I was working on connecting the colors and layering them over to make them look like the same colors of the painting, to use brush strokes in a way. I textured the fabric, heating it up and drying it. I used a spray bottle with water to mold it so that the strokes would look equal. They never showed any of that."

That comment really summed up so much of what sucked about this season. I taped the PR season 2 reruns on Bravo yesterday and watched a few of them, and there was so much more attention paid to what the designers were actually *doing* in creating their designs. This season, it was mostly bitchy voiceovers. Because this season was not about fashion--it was about "reality show" cliches--infighting, bitching, conflict.

Love you, Gordana!

I just fell more in love with her. She's so gracious and kind. I hope someday to have the chance to visit one of her stores. God bless ya girl, we're so proud of you and wish more than anything that you'd had the chance to show at Fashion Week.

This comment has been removed by the author.

It is so interesting that the Heidi hate was real and felt and not just editor manipulation. She must be a lovely cupcake to live with.

honesty not pc & rillion:

Re no decoy collection: Normally, the episodes leading up to the final 4 or 5 contestants air before Bryant Park happens. In this case, however, Bryant Park happened before a single episode of the season had been shown on tv. Since no one knew who the contestants were in the first place, no decoy was necessary. It's unfortunate for Gordana, but it's that simple, I think.

I just can't understand why they wouldn't want to send Gordana to Bryant Park. You know, there are a lot of us out there who aren't so young and are still working to achieve our dreams. We watch TV and we even wear clothes. It's great to watch someone like Gordana. I wish her much success.

Heidi was such a bitch to her. Wish we could get a real answer from Heidi as to why, but we never will.

Gordana: you rock! Be yourself and stick to your guns. You're a winner in my book.

Mary Beth Kellee

Gordana, I am fortunate to know her as a friend and I love her and her designs. It is very sad that in the end Gordana is not able to go to Bryant Park with Project Runway, but I believe that SHE will show HER designs at Bryant Park very, very soon and the world will SEE Goga by Gordana! In fact, today we are staging our own "Support Gordana" Campaign - We want all of your wonderful Bloggers to log on to Gordana's on-line store and purchase a "Goga To Go" T-Shirt.

I wear my 'Goga to Go' T Shirts all of the time, they are comfortable and super chic. Hey, when the guy checking you out in line at the grocery store stops you in your tracks and says: "Hey, that is the coolest T-Shirt I have ever seen, I want to buy one for my wife"! You know you are on to something very fashionable.

With love and respect to Tom and Lorenzo for always shining a beautiful light on a beautiful designer and human being.

Goga, as her friends call her, has never once lost her dignity, integrity or her passion throughout what must have been a very challenging several weeks filming Project Runway.

It is also a shame that for the very first time the 4th person left on the runway didn't get the wonderful opportunity to design a collection for BP.

Who knows, I think bigger and better things are right around the corner for our wonderful Goga!

Wishing you a world of successes....never again will a girl from a small Bosnian town need to use an onion peel to dye her fabrics!

Thanks for answering questions Gordana and good luck to you; you are talented with a great aesthetic and personal style and we hope to see more from you!

I moved out of the neighborhood right before she opened her store! i would've lived so close to her shop. i wonder what neighborhood she lives in.

i love that she wants to get involved in some sort of after school program that promotes creativity. i'm not a math/science person either but i'm glad i definitely don't feel that i'm not intelligent because of that. my strengths lay elsewhere.

Brooklyn Bomber,

I don't really know why that makes a difference. TLo said that having seen the three collections (and without the contestants having an opportunity to present their collections) they already had a pretty good idea of who the final three were, so why not include a couple of decoy collections even though nobody had seen the show at the time? I certainly know that there was a lot of grousing before the show started from people who didn't want anything spoiled for them from the Bryant Park show (myself included), so it does seem to matter. Plus it means the difference between 4th and 5th place contestants being able to present at Bryant Park or not, which is a huge deal. I still think it was a bad move on B&M's part.

SewSew, I agree with you. I found Gordana's description of what she did with the fabric very, very interesting. And I remember now that one of my complaints about The Fashion Show was that we didn't see as much process as we were used to seeing on Project Runway. Watching the designers spin straw into gold -- from how they come up with their ideas to how they "make it work" -- was what drew me into PR in the first place. There's never been enough time for them to show everything every designer is doing, but I do feel this season skewed more toward "drama" (much of it fabricated). I hope they correct that balance in seasons to come.

Woah, she made the outfit she was wearing on the runway? Kudos!

Gordana love! :) <3

Gordana, the very best of luck to you!! You were my MOST favorite designer this season, and your Monet-inspired dress was so gorgeous.
Lots of Love!!!

Gordana rocks! I think they didn't let her show at Bryant Park because they knew with time and resources, she would blow away the other collections. They simply didn't want her to win. If they let her go as a decoy, same thing...hers would be the best and they'd look like fools if she wasn't the winner.

What a classy lady. Go Gordana!

Gordana, you a talented designer and have such a wonderful attitude. You deserve all the success in the world.

Excellent interview. Even if Gordana didn't make it to Bryant Park, she definitely left her mark on fans of PR. She's a lovely, mature, well-spoken and self-aware person and I wish her well.

The part of the interview that will forever stay with me was her observation of Heidi's onscreen facial expression and reaction to her during the judge's criticism of her work (the challenge preceding the Christina Aguilera). This goes to show that in all likelihood the producer's did not manufacture the tension between the two women.

I wish Gordana the best in her new store and in her blossoming career in fashion. To me, she's not only a designer and dressmaker (no shame in that), but a true artist in every sense of the word.

- edina -

P.S. I noticed the beautiful sweater Gordana wore in the final episode and thought that it was one of originals and WANTED it for myself!

Thanks TLo and Gordanna for such an awesome interview! Gordanna, I wish you all the success in the world. I hope to make it to one of your shops sometime!

Loved the final dress, and WANT IT.

Are we going to get to vote for a fan favorite this season? Because I want to vote for Gordana....

You rock, Gordana! Thanks boys.

She's absolutely right! In the entire history of the show, she's the first one not to be given the opportunity, as a fourth place finisher, to do a collection for Bryant Park.

I'd say that was a deliberate slap by Heidi. She's co-executive producer, isn't she? She certainly had the power to make it happen. In fact, she had the power to force her will on others about denying Gordana the chance to show at Bryant Park at all.

Perhaps the new producers were intimidated by her and didn't want to piss her off in their maiden season together.

Bad decision. They succeeded in PISSING US ALL OFF.

This travesty will be burned in our collective memory forever. Somebody should get fired over that. And, frankly, I really wouldn't be crying any big crocodile tears if that somebody is Heidi.

Perhaps they were worried that this lovely, talented woman would do a BETTER collection than the three finalists?

I'd certainly worry about it if I were them.

I noticed as this column hit, all of a sudden the video of Gordana during judging was "not available."

Yeah, let's look at that last dubbed line again and imagine what hateful thing Heidi REALLY said.

This season, all we've seen is Heidi's repeated venom directed exclusively at Gordana. You'd think the producers would have warned her strongly about how it was coming off.

You've gotta hand it to the Magical Elves. In past seasons of PR, they made sure that the outcome was always fair, and one that viewers would accept as honest. And, how a situation was resolved to get to that result was always carefully documented on film so that viewers could understand and (hopefully) accept the result.

Their instinct for presenting a final product that was well-balanced, telling an honest story, and carefully crafting the dramatic incidents to make it, above all, a compelling story rather than cheap thrills reality show crap, was outstanding. This show HAS suffered from the move.

Producers, get a grip and muzzle Heidi. Grow some solid gold balls.

Gordana, we're solidly in your corner. Best of luck to you in your continued career.

Now, any of you going to Bryant Park for the Season 7 finale collections? GET ONE OF GORDANA'S DRESSES AND WEAR IT. And, be sure to be caught on camera if you can!

You know Lifetime is supposed to be a channel for women and yet the producers kicked off a very talented one? My feeling she could have spun straw into gold and they would have busted her chops because of her age. As for Heidi, I just don't think she's that smart. She's a shill for the Weinsteins. Ellie Mae's outfit was student level crap but she has big suicide blonde hair and bouncy boobs so she is in. After watching from the very first show in the very first season, I'm quitting. I'll just read the recap from TLO. Tim needs to jet these jokers.

Gordana you are fabulous! Your last dress was so dreamy and beautiful.


I plan to send you a sheep, and I want a sweater!

Can she be any sweeter? But at the same time, called it like she saw it.

I never thought I could like a designer as much as Mychael or Stella, but G's definitely good peoples in my book.

OH YAY! OH YAY! I will be looking forward to you in VK, Gordana!

(jumps up and down excitedly)

I've enjoyed watching you-and I know this will shove a door open for you somewhere.

OMG I Love You Guys!!! Thanks for such an A-mazing interview!

Gordana, I hope you are reading this sometime...? Thank You for being such an inspiration. Your dress and your attitude will forever be a positive influence to me.

OMG, finally a designer in California! I'll trip over to San Diego immediately!

Thank you for the interview. It really connected the loose threads of this season.

I especially liked that she mentioned that other designers had thinner skins than what was shown. I can't believe that Christopher was the only crier up there! Furthermore, I have to believe that Althea's oeuvre has been steadfastly criticized over the season, but simply edited out based on her being in the final 4.

The only thing that made me sad was that she had to deal Heidi's venom all over again while watching it on TV. Like a wound that never gets to heal.

Are they having a fan favorite this season? I think she'd be a shoe in.

Oh,Gordana,I love you so much,for your beautiful designs, and for your great spirit. I know I couldn't afford your design, but if I could, your designs would be the ones,of any of the last ones left, I would wear. That beautiful and ethreal gown was spectacular.

"Design With Gordana" is such a cool idea! This lady's got a vision that goes way beyond what happens in a studio and I love that about her. You are a classy, classy lady with a lot of insight and integrity. If they had a fan favorite, you'd win it.

Also, as a knitter, I'm reeeeally looking forward to Gordana's Vogue Knitting issue.

I got a lump in my throat when Gordana said watching the show she saw something like hate or disgust in Heidi's eyes. We all saw it too. It is an absolute crime they didn't show her working the fabric.

Have you (TLo) ever interviewed Heidi? Seems to me you've interviewed everyone else (Nina, Michael and Tim)

Big Love to Gordana. What doesn't destroy you will make you stronger. That saying has gotten me through many tough times and has always proven correct.

I wish you would have asked her about all the vagina comments. Her reaction would have been funny. I too thought her dress leaned in that direction.

Gordana, my ten year old son says:
I can't believe they kicked you. It was so unfair. I've always liked your designs.

And that goes for me, too. Thanks for being a powerful positive example. You showed us strength and dignity. I loved the way you just kept working in the face of everything, never giving up.
You are our hero.
Lots of love from our house to you,
SusanID and family

Gordana for fan favorite!!

I like Gordana a LOT, both design and personality-wise. (Also, I love that she's a fellow knitter.)

I'm sure her PR stint will serve to get her a few more clients, even without Bryant Park.

Good luck fabulous Gordana, I'll definitely try to check out Vogue Knitting.

What a classy lady! I love Gordana! I had no idea about her San Diego store!

You are so amazing Gordana. The judging was a load of crap. And so inconsistent. They tell you that your dress is beautiful, and then they send you home. And they never said anything about construcution issues before. They were just looking for an excuse to send you home. You totally deserved to go to Bryant Park. And you should have at least been able to show. I really liked Althea, but her dress was a bit of a mess.

Gordana, IMHO, you are the real winner of this season. I wish you every success in the future!

What I really liked about you, Uli H. and Laura B. from past seasons is that I sensed natural, genuine people just being themselves. I never felt I was being sold some PR-spin, celebrity-wannabe fake personality. So, kudos for staying true to your self!

Real people are more than interesting enough without all the attention-seeking manufactured bitchery and drama.

Oh, Lifetime, you really, really blew it. And your ratings are showing.
And Heidi - ouch, you have a lot of rehabilitating ahead. Nobody likes a bully.

Very bestest of wishes to Gordana.

yeah! ho! wah!

yay gordana yay!

Can you tell us where her shop in San Diego is?


That comment really summed up so much of what sucked about this season. I taped the PR season 2 reruns on Bravo yesterday and watched a few of them, and there was so much more attention paid to what the designers were actually *doing* in creating their designs. This season, it was mostly bitchy voiceovers. Because this season was not about fashion--it was about "reality show" cliches--infighting, bitching, conflict.

SEW-SEW- You're so right!

This will be the first season that I won't be watching the reruns over and over. Once was painful enough.

Gordana, your auf'ing just sums up what was wrong with PR this season. The fact that you didn't get a decoy collection is unfathomable.

I loved your final dress, and I would have loved to have seen your collection on the BP runway where it should have been showcased.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

Thank you so much TLo and Gordana for this information! Gordana is a fine lady.

I was glad to hear more about the working of the fabric as there was that reference to it in G's interview with Tim, but nothing said during the judging. Reconstructing the fabric shows a true understanding of materials that none of the other designers showed.

What a lovely lady you are Gordana.

All my best wishes, and with a couple of fairy godfathers in Tom and Lorenzo, something tells me we will be hearing a lot from you in the future....

Best of luck to you, Gordana!

As for Season 7 -- B-M should be taking all our criticism of Season 6 to heart. It's been filmed already, so can't change anything there. But, they REALLY need to edit the next season differently.

We want to see the clothes-making process! We want to see the clothes on the runway.

Less bitch & more stitch!

Gordana, thanks so much for being on the show and for sharing your viewpoint. I love your designs and I especially think your last dress was stunning.

TLo, thanks for this interview. That's about how I thought it went down. It's time for Frau Seal to answer the unfairness charges, but I can't imagine what she could say. We all saw it.

Love to Gordana! Cheri

I'm sad to know that what we thought was happening to Gordana was real, and not just clever editing. I hate that she was treated so horribly. :(

Gordana, I wish you the very, very best in your future endeavors!!!!!


Aww... Gordana's so sweet. I already knew she hadn't let the show affect her when we all saw her spring collection, but this just reaffirms it. Here's to the hope that she'll continue to be just as confident in her beautiful work and progress through life without the crazy Frau Seal.

It is mind-boggling that someone with Suede's skills gets to show at Bryant Park and Gordanna doesn't.
This show truly sucked this whole season. The shark has been jumped! And yes, we can tell that Bunim-Murray is not the Magical Elves, and that California is not New York, and that Heidie is not Michael or Nina. And the best part of the show which was showing Tim being a mentor to the designers was cheapened and virtually non-existent. I'm not confidant that these producers know or care what is wrong with the show but there is a lot of suckage and serious ugly going on. I don't even look forward to watching it anymore.

From one (not as successful) knitwear designer to another, Gordana - J'adore! You stayed true to yourself, and if the frau and others didn't see a vision, trust in yourself - others did.

I will be in line at my local bookstore to buy Vogue Knitting, and congrats on the feature. You deserve it. I have hat the dubious honor of blogging PR for my local paper this season (don't know how TLO do it!) and you were one of the only bright spots. Keep on keeping on!

To be honest, I loved the jacket that Gordana designed for Episode 11 too! I felt that they were just trying to make an excuse to hate on Gordana :(

Funny -- when Nina said she still didn't think she knew who Gordana was as a designer, it made me realize that Gordana and Epperson were the ONLY two designers that I had any sense of a design personality from at all. The rest of them were just making pretty dresses -- they were the ones who gave their pieces a sense of signature. On the other hand, the final 3 have been doing fine work, but I have no sense of what I'll see from their final collections other than pretty clothes. Shame on you, PR.

Gordana said: " You know what? What I’m proud of is that I walked away not being ashamed of anything that I had done; I’m proud of who I am as a human being and I never gave them a chance to represent me anything else other than what I am."


This is why you had such a strong fan base among TLo readers - your actions were very grounded throughout the show and came across as very WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), which is no small thing in reality tv! You're way too classy for the likes of B/M productions!

Gordana also said: "In the history of Project Runway I am the only designer who has finished in fourth place and didn’t get the opportunity to show."

Once again, I'd echo TLo's comments about B/M from yesterday - F.U.B.M.!! I would have loved to see what Gordana would have shown at Bryant Park.....maybe they can do the Project Runway All-Stars again - only this time w/out the crack pipe for the judges - and give Gordana the opportunity and attention she so seriously deserves.


C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Totally called it like she saw it, and I appreceiate that!

But boys, you forgot to ask how she keeps up those killer gams of hers!

Anyway, thank you for the interview, and I'm looking forward to seeing Gordana in Vogue Knitting and to much better things. Good luck and best wishes Gordana!

Mary Beth Kellee@1:30 pm -- You know English is a weird language, so I have to ask -- is "Goga" pronounced with a Hard G ("Ghogha") or a Soft G ("Joja") ? Or a combination?


Gordana - if you ever do a micro loan thing, like through Kiva, I am certain that many readers here would fund you and know they would get a great return on their investment!

Go get 'em!

Can't wait for the Vogue Knitting issue! I'll be going to the Barnes and Noble to snap it up...

Also, I did get a Georgia O'Keefe vibe from the last dress. She's one of my favorite artists... loved the effect.

Wish I could look good in her clothes. Nothing for the short, pudgy, middle-aged women? Heh.

this season was so mediocre in terms of design and talent, that the only likeable things were the designers' personalities or life stories, but not their designs, for sure...

I just adore her. I have so much respect for how hard she's worked to get where she is, and I love how confident she is with her aesthetic. Plus she designs some beautiful clothes. Plus PLUS she's hot. I mean, those legs! Gordana, what's your secret?

Love her! Gordana is one contestant of the many that have participated in this show that has touched me enough to wish her the greatest successes. I believe that her not making it to BP will only make her stronger and give her more drive and determination to succeed...something better is in store for her...and I can't wait to see what it is! :)

Gordana, please come and play with us knitters on Ravelry! You would LOVE it.

I wish they'd shown what you did to make the dress, it sounds fascinating.

And I think Heidi's true colours are showing now...

Goga info:
San Diego shop is at 401 Market St, phone 619 564 7660.

Fellow Southern Californians, maybe we should do a field trip! Will add her clothing to my Christmas wish list (listening, Santa?)

Gordana is a class act!

I would love to have my little one work with her to learn to sew and design! What an opportunity!


Good luck Gordana!

I laugh at all the anti-heidi nonsense. She was hard on almost everyone on last night's runway. She said that Gordana's dress fit the challenge the best, and said her looks were hit and miss. Accurate and fair.

She didn't shower love on Irina, Christopher, and Althea.

And heidi has said plenty of nice things about Gordana's stronger pieces.

Maybe Gordana's aesthetic doesn't exactly fit with Heidi's, but there's nothing wrong with that.

I look at it from the point of view that she was tough on nearly everyone consistently. She wasn't mean to Gordana and nice to everyone else.

You can disagree with Heidi, and that's fine. But I'm not convinced Heidi was out to get Gordana.

Thanks for posting, Heidi!

It is by now apparent that winners aren't always the most successful on the show. Kara Janx, Emmett, Laura Bennett, etc. etc. I have confidence that her maturity and artistry will vault her over the would-be cast of Friends2, The Designers, now showing as finalists. Love. Her.

Thanks for the interview TLo! I love Gordana.

No matter what the outcome on PR, the simple fact is, Gordana has a lot of new fans now nad she'll do well.

And her last dress? Probably my favorite of all her designs. Why didn't they show the technique she was using? (Probably because too many people would cry FOUL if they knew the work that went into it and then she still gets eliminated. I hate producer-driven results)

As a knitter, I cannot wait to see her designs (and patterns, I think?) in Vogue Knitting. She sounds like a total class act.

Love Gordana, love her attitude. Would have loved to see a collection from her, too.


BRAVO! (If you'll pardon the expression)

Great interview guys. And great sentiments from Gordana. While it's always great to hear designers confirm that what we suspect is happening is actually happening. But in this situation, I wish we'd been wrong; It would have been better if it was only editing that made it look like she was being as poorly treated as it appeared.

But, ah well: Gordana will land on her feet, I'm sure.


If the point of PR being in California was to accommodate Heidi and let her spend time with her family, then I hate to think what her home life is like! She was sour, mean, abrupt, and simmering with barely contained contempt all season. She needs to stay in New York away from her family if that is the affect they have on her. It was shocking and for her to project it on Gordana was hateful.

Gordana, you are beautiful, inside and out. Your loving soul shines through your eyes, resounds in your voice, and creates through your hands. Sending blessings your way, dear one, for continued success and abundance. You will abide.


I am so glad that I got to read this interview. When I saw this dress completed, I was so impressed how closely the colors resembled the masterpiece. To know that she wasn't just fortunate in finding said colors, and that she worked so dilligently to match them, only shows how totally off-base the judging was in this and other episodes. Gordana's website is beautiful as well. One other thing-although this was an incredibly strange season, we'll never forget some of the great designers from it, especially Gordana.

Thanks TLo !

Great interview as usual.

I second Paola's comment - that Gordana join
the knitter community on
I'm NeedhamKnitter. Can't wait for Vogue Knitting.

As always loving your posts.

Jane from Boston

i'm not dorothy gale

What a perfect darling this lady is! She is unaffected and natural, real and true to her own vision and history. I admire her enormously and thank you boys for bringing her to us.

PS: Carol Hannah Whitfield just opened a second handcrafted clothing shop on the Web site, so I doubt that she is the PR season winner. The new shop is all wedding items.

Oh, I love Gordana! What a wonderful interview.

You were robbed, Gordana. I love your designs and your aesthetic, and I love your personal style as well. You are a big inspiration to many women in their 40's, including me! Thanks for working so hard and being so honest.

Gordana is unquestionably one of the classiest acts to have ever gone through the Project Runway mill. I think the airtime she received will bring her droves of customers, and she'll succeed beyond anything Althea will.

Also, I want a tee shirt that says:
"Give me a sheep, and I'll give you a sweater." I wear a small and will take any color but pink.

You're the best Gordana!

You had me at your spectacular origami-like dress from the first challenge and last night's dress was stunning!

I am sincerely sorry to know that all that Heidi-hate wasn't producer manipulation, because that means you really had to hear it all and deal challenge after challenge with trashy, non-constructive critiques... But you're better than they are,Gordana!

I wish you all the best and Vogue Knitting is only the beggining of greater things! They may have denied you your deserved spot on Bryant Park, they may have denied you the change to present at least a decoy collection... but for us, you're the true winner of Project Runway!

Wishing all the best to Gordana! That final dress was so beautiful, and Matar did indeed look like a mighty angel coming down the runway. I will remember that whenever I see Monet's painting from now on.

I agree with MoHub. Gordana should make a t shirt with that slogan. I like how she tells it as it is but maintaining a respectful tone.

i think gordana's mistreatment is one of the biggest red herrings of this season. it has deflected a lot of attention off one of the worst designers left.

i'm going to go ahead and slaughter the biggest sacred cow on this show, carol hanna. that girl's taste level is decidedly one note, and she was spoon fed her lines by everyone from the producers (ohmigod, logan is soooo hot!) to tim gunn (stay in your comfort zone). girlfriend's got not chops.

you guys have said it yourselves that this season boring because of all the pretty dress challenges. ch was all about the dresses. she had her twisty roped dresses, the omnipresent one shoulder dresses, poofy dresses, fitted dresses, and they were all styles one would find at jc penny. not saks, not macy's, not even target.

to take it a step further, ch's winning bob mackie dress was no better than shirin's except it was monochromatic. smart move.

she played the game well and now she's being rewarded with a runway show like jay carroll. but without the talent.

Gordana, you are a class act, and it has been a pleasure watching you on the show. This fellow 45-year-old was pulling for you. That last dress, in particular, was stunning. Maybe we'll see some more of its construction process on the Lifetime site or when the DVDs come out? I hope so. Best wishes to you. :-)

And the Macy’s wall, give me a break, they don’t really have much accessories to offer you.

Just like the real Macy's!

Desertwind says,

"Less Bitch, More Stitch!"

Can I have that on a t-shirt?

As others have said, Gordana may not have won Project Runway, The Lost Season, but she won the hearts of Americans everywhere.

You were beaten up by Heidi every challenge, Gordana, but you showed poise and class. I love your designs and your personal style. You are a huge inspiration to women like me... I struggled with poverty but have depth and a style all my own that came from growing up that way. I'm a mother of three, grandmother to one, and I just turned 50. I love your beautiful spirit and how you express it in your work.
I only wish on your last runway that you could have told Heidi to f--k off and get psychological help for her ageism and xenophobia. But, of course you wouldn't because you have class.
I will look up your store the next time I'm in San Diego!!

Thank you dear TLo for this lovely interview with Gordana! She is beautiful inside and out, so talented. I too wish we could have seen more of the process, especially that final dress.

I hope Gordana sees these comments and knows that many, many people love her. You are an inspiration, and Matar looked positively angelic in that stunning gown. I personally enjoyed her class, her maturity and beautiful spirit. All the best to Gordana!

A gray "Team Gordana" t-shirt would be perfect, size women's large!

Or, Gordana One, Heidi Zero.
Or, Gordana = Class
Heidi = Crass

Sweet and talented, Matar, the other person that got completely robbed!!
She was by far the most interesting and beautiful model. And, she had poise and thoughtfulness.
Let your hair go wild more often, Matar, it's awesome!

Team Gordana/Matar

Gordana, you are a class act, girl!

I'm glad she can see the big picture.

I for one have totally lost interest in PR. If the show is so stupid and tasteless and manipulated to crudely, then what is the point? This season bored and sickened me. It's been said, but I'll say it again: The person who won the last challenge by making the most beautiful garment that most successfully met the challenge was AUFED. WTF.

And she's right, she's the first 4th placed person who didn't get to show. What a**holes.

I didn't love everything Gordana did, but I respected her, and loved her vision and well-placed faith in herself as a designer.

Good Luck Goradana. PR will be good P.R. for YOU. Millions know you and like you.

Gordana was robbed. Straight up. The dress was beautiful and deceptively simple, and it's a real shame she didn't make it through. Still, what a class act.

I like Gordana but I wish she had changed her attitude on the runway. That really bothered me about her.
She talks here about all the work she put into the dress. Why didn't she tell them that on the runway?
When they asked her why she should go to Bryant Park, why didn't she talk about her beautiful designs and her ability as a designer instead of how she deserved it because of where she was born and the problems she overcame to get to PR. That may get you ON PR, but it doesn't get you to Bryant Park or make you a success.
Buyers don't care about where she came from, they make decisions on the design.
I think that's what bothered Heidi. Gordana wasn't willing to stand up for her designs. She needs to mature a lot in that area and get a lot more confidence in her designs.
I hope she does. She did some great work and I'd love to see her be a success.

Gordana, we love you! Your last dress literally brought tears to my eyes it was so gorgeous. Well, that and a combination of you getting royally screwed. I wish you all the best and look forward to all the amazing things to come!

oh boys, thank you for this interview!

gordana, with your drive, confidence, individuality and beautiful artistic spirit you will have all the success you wish!
thank you for bringing some beauty and class to this otherwise disappointing season of PR.
i will look forward to seeing future creations from you!

TLo - Thanks for the terrific interview.

i clicked on the link tu her stores&no joke they were the most beautiful things ive ever seen.when shes out of that stressful envoirnoment i can see that her work is positivly exquisite.i hope yu do succeed gordana!

I KNEW she made that outfit she was wearing to compliment the dress. It was gorgeous.

The challenge dress... c’est à mourir.

It breaks my heart to see a truly talented person like Gordana missing a chance to show at Bryant Park because the judging in this season was crap. The season was awful new judges every week, boring challenges, and Heidi trying to be queen bitch. I feel bad for all of the designers because they were all cheated by the REAL JUDGES being MIA. There is a reason the formula worked all those years, you can't break that team apart. I think we would have seen better designs. You can even see how Tim struggled this year with the judges. The season as a whole was one big waste of talent and growth. I just wish the world will open at Gordana's feet because someone as talented and classy as her deserves it.

if we're ordering t-shirts I'll take a "shut it, heidi" in medium, please

thanks for making the season, gordana

We love you, Gordana! I am so proud of you and your work. You have made it so far- keep up the good work.

Great interview guys!

Gordana,you are a class act. I wish you all the luck in the world. You leave with your integrity and good grace intact.

Heidi needs to shut the fuck up. We all hate her now.As someone said earlier, nobody likes a bully or a bitch both of which she's become this season. Not so pretty now Heidi! Great example for your daughters.

Epperson, Ra'mon, Shrin...all talented and gone before their time. You're in good company Gordana. I wish you every success!

Well, Gordana, take heart in the fact that Tim Gunn OBVIOUSLY loved your work, even when the judges were on crack. On the paper challenge and the Getty challenge in particular, I could tell that your work was what he would have chosen as the top of the heap. And, we all know Sir Gunn is the king of PR fashion knowledge.

Your class and grace of spirit means that your experience with PR and all those that follow in life, will contribute to your growth and happiness. I'm a 40 yo woman looking to find my way in a changing life, and I cannot tell you how inspired I am by your grace and dedication. The universe is shining your own positivity back on you.

Thank you, Gordana, for talking to us via Tom & Lorenzo!

Too bad we didn't get to see more of how you processed the fabric. That sounds like it's something a lot of us would have been interested in.

I look forward to seeing your work in the future.

What a lovely interview, she's a sweetheart!

I know this is generalizing, but I am acquainted with several persons from Germany, and not a one of them wants anything to do with persons from Gordana's neck of the woods. Is this judging disaster due to cultural differences?

Gosh I hope not. I've always liked Heidi, but this season not so much. I think Gordana should have WON the last challenge. The 'zipper' shouldn't have been an issue...for heaven's sake, look a the sewing mess that Althea made.

Let's not forget how many Gordana's there have been who came from communist-ruled poverty to find opportunity and freedom of expression in the U.S.A.

Unlike many, Gordana probably doesn't take her life here for granted. Her gratitude is palpable.

I have nothing but admiration and respect for Gordana. Her future is assured.

Gordana's dress was the highlight of the season - and could stand next to any other season as well.
It's why we loved the show - watching people who passionately love what they do create something from the heart that is so beautiful it reflects their soul.
The three little maids will soon be forgotten. And sadly, Heidi has
lost her VS wings and earned a pair of horns instead. Small, mean, petty and let's face it - not too bright.
Best of luck to you Ms G - you saved the season for us!

I haven't really been a Gordana fan, but I must say I really felt for her during the episode she was eliminated. She was robbed for sure.

Looking at her spring 2010 collection again, don't you just wish she'd have been sent to Bryant park? So much for the judges being "afraid of her putting out something dated."

I wish her all the best! I would definitely buy from her. :)

SewSew said: "Thanks for posting, Heidi!"

Bwah bwahhhahaha! Thanks what I thought!

Gordana, you are fabulous. I am just devastated to see you eliminated from Project Runway before Bryant Park.

PR has definitely changed. It is now brought to us by the people who gave us "The Real World," and thus plunged television into the thoughtlessness of "reality" hell. I believe that Ms Bunim (who has since passed away) produced soaps before that. And the whole unattractive package is on Lifetime. For me, that just about says it all. Season 6 of Project Runway was definitely not television for the thinking person.

That said, you consistently managed to rise above it all. Your garments were lovely, you carried yourself well, you showed talent and class.

While none of the above may matter in age-obsessed TV-land, it all matters very much in real life. Now that people have seen your work, you will not be forgotten.

I loved your last dress, BTW. I would get married in that dress! And please make more jeweled collars like the one you made for the wedding dress challenge. I would buy that from you tomorrow if I could!

I wish you much success. You clearly deserve it.

Love this lady and her work! I don't knit, but I'm buying her Vogue knitting issue!!

GO GO. Goga!!!!!!!


Best of success to you, Gordana. You have so many good things going, you don't need PR!

I'm not angry or shocked. I just think it's a sad and embarrassing from people who are supposed to be respected for their opinion.

I guess I wasn't that angry as the show progressed because as a viewer you could see that Godana was not going to be given the chance she deserved and there really wasn't anything to be done about it. I felt the same way when Cris March was finally auf'd. When someone puts their heart and soul into their work and is overlooked it's difficult to watch; not because I feel cheated as a viewer. You can see how much it takes out of them and then it's all over...maybe a bit's hard to watch. But then again, both have received a lot of love from viewers that has continued their popularity. Success is the best revenge. pfft...who cares what the judges think.
Unfortunately I feel like I wasted my Thursdays for some silly, producer controlled nonsense.

Due to your suggestions Gordana has now joined Raverly as "Gordana6945".

Awesome Interview! It really showed her depth as a person and as a designer.

It's sad that this platform didn't really support her and the judges didn't try to understand her views. The only person in the show, it seems who though twice about her, was mentor, Tim Gunn.

GoGo Gordana! T-shirt in a size XL for an over 40 woman who loves Monet. So, maybe in a misty blue or green. I just don't look good in grey.

Can we auf Heidi and the Rent-A-Judges they have been using this season like Horse Face Hot Pants who was after Logan or Loopy Lindsay Low Hand? Even Nina needed an insecticide enema for the bug up her butt without the Prince of Orange to keep her sane.

You know, it's funny looking back on the evolution of a major thought change.

For several years now, I've looked at this show as a fun, friendly diversion... and the principle players as enjoyable, admirable celebrities.

Gordana's treatment, as outlined above, is a major reason why this season has pretty much blown PR for me from here on out.

With the exception of Mr. Gunn, I'm no longer on board with any of 'em. Possibly also, Michael Kors-- but only because of absence. Nina has disappointed me greatly. And Heidi? Gordana is right, I saw the same looks in her direction, heard the same BS judging. Frankly, I no longer enjoy Heidi at all, and find her tiresome, and inexplicably biased.

Gordana, you are a wonderful designer AND a meticulously brilliant craftswoman (as if there's supposed to be something less worthy of respect for that!), and I hope you will go far. Thank you for your class and grace, I will never forget it... even though I'm thousands of miles from your stores. I hope to hear much more about you.

As for Project Runway? Annoys me now. I may be done. One day you're in...

Anonymous said...

Due to your suggestions Gordana has now joined Raverly as "Gordana6945".

Is it REALLY her though? Cuz I'm totally gonna friend her if it's really her. I should also start crocheting again for that matter. lol

I really need to plan a trip to Charleston sometime soon. Seeing Gordana's work on TV was nice enough, but I want to really see her little details and hard work.


I just looked up the address for Goga in Charleston and the store is CLOSING! (due to the economy and Gordana's focus on the SD location) Everything is 50% off!!!! If anyone here is close to Charleston, GO NOW before it's all gone!

The announcement was made on the 3rd so most of the store is probably gone. lol

ooh, I just love me some Gordana. Delightful interview.

I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance and when I see the judges criticizing the contestants with such respect, so constructively. So kind. It put me to tears. Why can we not have the same respect?

Word, Gordana.

I think we've empirically proven that Heidi's taste borders on absent, and I've no clue why there's so much love for Nina and Princess. He's one of the most boring designers ever (he knows "matronly" when he sees it, as his name is all over the grandma-wear at Lord and Taylor's discout rack) and she's will be forever indelibly connected in my mind to a neoprene dress dyed in a toilet.

Now with this "hot" statement from Lady G, i am excited to watch the confrontation scene with madame seal, should there be a reunion show

11/7/09 3:38 PM Thanks for posting, Heidi!

Same old comeback from same old SewSew. Don't agree with the masses? She calls you by the name of ______ (insert enemy name here, i.e., Heidi, Irina, etc.), then posts under a different name and LMFAO's at herself.
Go sewsew yourself some originality.

All I can think is that if I'd been booted off as unjustly as she was, there's no way I'd have been able to sound this dignified about it afterward. She's truly a woman of many talents and it's amazing how far she's come.

If she opens up a store in Seoul, I'm so there.

We love you Gordana! I saw those knits and they're beautiful!

Poor lady was robbed not being able to show a decoy collection at Fashion Week.

I really hope her exposure on the show leads to much success.

Gordana, I was yelling at the TV along with thousands upon thousands of others. There was definitely prejudice against you, and some ageism too, I suspect (I'm around your age). And frankly, I suspect that Tim was shocked that you got auf'd. He's my barometer, frankly.

Best to you!

Damn. This is the best interview you guys have done.

damn! i didnt even realize they didnt have a decoy this year for bryant park - wtf?! this makes gordana's aufing a thousand times worse.

i hate what the new network has done to one of my all-time favorite shows.

awful just awful.

gordana - you totally deserved your chance to show at bryant park. we hate the producers, but we all love you. stay fabulous. <3

Gordana is one class act. She deserves all the goods that will come to her. I have officially auf'ed PR, though I will check TLo of course!! It makes me sick that she was treated so horrbly. At least Tim loved her. He is the one that matters. Good luck Gordana, we love you!!!

P.S. Entertainment Weekly has a 2 part interview with Goga as well. Though, of course, TLo's was the best!!!

I already like her but then she mentions So You Think You Can Dance and now I love her! The judging on that show is relatively fair and funny compared to the confused blather this season. Gordana you were robbed. I hope to see more of you and our designs in the future. TLo thanks for the interview.

Oh and of course thanks Tlo for the interview, it was great (and I'm a Journalism student so I can really tell :P).

The only thing that I missed on it is that we don't get to know what Heidi really said to Gordana instead of that sad excuse for a voiceover...

Oh man. I so wish I could be in her "Design with Gordana" class. It's always been my biggest dream, my biggest biggest dream ever since I was a small child to learn how to sew and knit and all that. Never learned, however... That would be the coollest thing. <3

Anyway... Gordana, you are a great designer and you haven't by far gotten the respect you deserve. I hope the future will hold great things for you but I am sure you'll be fine!!!

Y'know, Gordana wasn't even my favorite designer, but having watched the whole season (unlike, apparently, Nina), I thought it was screamingly obvious that Gordana made the dress she wore on the runway (and I really liked it). It was her style and aesthetic.

B.M., with Heidi's help, managed to completely ruin this season for me. What's the point of watching to see who wins if the designer of the winning gown got crapped on for using a zipper and told to go home?

Did she knit the lace dresses in her collection herself? This seems like she must have - and definitely the skill to knit those pieces is not just had by everyone - but holy moly, that must have taken her a freakin' age. (Hand knitting takes a long time, y'all.)

Very excited for the VK with Gordana in it (well, I'm always excited for VK/Designer Knitting, as it's now known in these parts.)

Oh, Gordana, I completely adore you. I'm never going to forget what complete bullshit your elimination was, and it has seriously made me question if I want to watch season 7. If I had any money to spare, I would first in line to support you and your stores. I hope you get to succeed as you deserve to, and that is certainly more than any of the top three.

Just thinking how absurd the zipper comments from the judges were when you think how many times the models are sewn into their clothes, or laced or taped, etc.

I remember when they showed Gordana putting it on Matar and you could tell what a substantial dress it was, with so many layers yet such a sheer look (that's how you do volume correctly) and the zipper went up so smoothly and was well-fitted. It would be easier to go back and slightly camouflage the zipper than to pretend that so many other garments on the PR runways were well constructed.

What's Vogue Knitting? I would like to see that! Where can I get one? A big book store chain?
Antbody? Somebody?

As has been said, a great interview and Gordana managed to express her frustrations pretty bluntly but still quite politely.

Most seasons have had arbitrary judging and some outright injustice, but this year bothered me the most, and it was exacerbated by the fact that the designer I most wanted to see produce without the draconian time pressure didn't get that opportunity, even as a decoy. Boo hiss.

Wishing Gordana continued and increasing success.

Robin said...

"I think we've empirically proven that Heidi's taste borders on absent,"


Oh Robin, bon mot of the day award!

Pandemonium said...
Oh man. I so wish I could be in her "Design with Gordana" class. It's always been my biggest dream, my biggest biggest dream ever since I was a small child to learn how to sew and knit and all that. Never learned, however

I just looked you up and you are only 20! I thought you might be about 100 yrs old and sorry
you never followed your dream. For heaven sake - GO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!!! With that much love for
it I'll bet you'll be terrific!

Gordana is a classy lady and I wish her great success!

*Gordana, the people who were not winners in Project Runway seem to do much better those who were.

Laura Bennet, Uncle Nick, Daniel Vosovic, Austin Scarlet. These are the folks we all know and love. So remember, you're in great company!

"Anon said: What's Vogue Knitting? I would like to see that! Where can I get one? A big book store chain?"

You can get it at places that have full newsstands (like Barnes & Noble, etc).



Can you make me over? I'm a hot mess.

Your pal,

GREAT interview!! I have no doubt whatsoever that if Project Runway was still produced by Magical Elves Gordana would have gotten to show at Bryant Park. I so appreciated Gordana's candor here - and it just confirms for all of us serious PR fans this season has been a debacle, and that Gordana was the recipient of a lot of unfair treatment. Nonetheless, Project Runway has offered her exposure she would not have otherwise enjoyed. I will likely be in Charleston this spring and I will be making a B-line to her store. Can't wait!!!

Gordana, stay strong and true to yourself, as you've always been. You've already demonstrated your creativity, fire and will can't be easily extinguished in the face of adversity, so we all look forward to the wonderful success ahead for you.

Just to clear something up quickly, Vogue Knitting isn't affiliated with Conde Nast, who publishes Vogue, but rather with Soho Publishing. There's been a lot of kerfuffle in the knitting world about their underpayment of pattern designers.

Make no mistake, Vogue Knitting is still a highly respected knitting magazine, and it still trades on the Vogue name. I can't wait for their piece on Gordana.

Mary Beth Kellee

To answer a few of your questions: Goga is pronounced like the word GO, hard G. Gordana's store in San Diego is called: Goga by Gordana. Her website is:

Have you all gone to her on-line store to check out her entire collection. Gordana's ready to wear line: "Goga to Go" is absolutely stunning and so fashionable.

Last night I wore the cream 'Goga to Go' dress with the leather flowers down the back to the FCC "Fashion Careers College" fashion show. I was told in a room of over 600 guests that this dress was simply the best! Not to mention the fabrics used are so comfortable and rich.

Gordana "Goga" will be showing part of her collection today at an NCL fashion event in San Diego. Wednesday, Gordana will be the featured VIP guest at Bloomingdales in San Diego!

You can also go to Facebook and "FAN" Goga! There, you will see amazing photos of her Spring 2010 Collection, Gordana's inspiration: "Lady of the Lake".

I can't wait to go get dressed in one of my very favorite Goga by Gordana "Couture" skirts today - I think I will wear one of her gorgeous hand made leather belts too.

Have a fashionable day everyone!

11/7/09 10:33 PM ooh, I just love me some Gordana. Delightful interview

Oh Bill, first all the female genatalia talk, your love of dignified women...

Is there a heteo inside of you just waiting to jump out? (Not figuratively, of course.)

Man, fuck those finals!

Okay, I'll root for CH out of respect for Alex! After all, he did pick out last year's winner.

But there has not been a more deliberate attempt from the powers of be to make one designer the winner since...Danny V on the All-Star Challenge.

Rami on s.4 is a very close second, but Christian's show was entirely too powerful to ignore.

Thank you GT

Gordana - you are a sweet lady who has accomplished much and you will do very well for youself. Many PR alum, who didn't win or even get to show at BP, have done very well with less talent than what you have shown. Don't fret about what might have been - just move forward and show Heidi that she was all wrong!!! Because we all know she was!

I was so blown away when I saw the knit dresses Gordana had designed, and that's when I knew she was the most talented of the bunch in Season Six. So it's really a huge disappointment she's not in the final three. I think Heidi and the other judges have a lot to answer for and I think they should be ashamed of themselves. Gordana, I wish you all the best! I wish I was young enough and thin enough to wear your clothes. God Bless.

"Lady Goga" heh

Maybe this is why Tim Gunn didn't blog about this season? Just a guess.

I am a huge fan of your work and of you, Gordana. You did some amazing pieces: that last dress (so lovely and ethereal and technically complicated), the paper dress (wrongfully savaged by the judges), the divorcee dress (adorable), the jacket to accompany the divorcee dress (when I practiced law, I would have been thrilled to buy that piece. What a great jacket for a bitchy litigator), etc...

I have no idea why Heidi hated you and why she felt comfortable being so mean to you on the show. I have watched every season and never seen her have a hatred for a contestant the way she did you. It was very unprofessional, in my opinion, for her to treat you that way based upon some personal issue she had.

I also think it was grotesque for the judges to tell you on that one challenge that you could have won if you'd had more confidence. If they wanted you to be confident, why didn't they give you the win you deserved??? A real catch22 moment there.

And at the end, when Nina said she didn't know who you were: so unfair, since Nina was virtually never there. Watching tapes while she jetted about wasn't going to give her the feel for you that being present would have.

Gordana, you are amazing. You were robbed.

Anonymous: "Same old comeback from same old SewSew. Don't agree with the masses? She calls you by the name of ______ (insert enemy name here, i.e., Heidi, Irina, etc.), then posts under a different name and LMFAO's at herself."

You've got the wrong person. I post under my own name, and this is the first time I've ever posted a comeback like this.

Geez, Heidi--just having some fun at your expense! At least I put a name to my posts!

another laura

Best of luck to Gordana, with her for-profit business and non-profit project, as well.

I guess they're not doing a "fan favorite" this year, are they?

Anyone else feel like getting in on a letter-writing campaign to Heidi, B/M, and/or Lifetime to protest the bullshittiest moment in PR history? I mean, I think Gordana was right-- she was absolutely robbed. Even if you don't think she should have been in the top three, should should have been a decoy, OR they should have sent four people to BP. The fact that she nailed the challenge and then got tossed out is really beyond absurd.

I'm glad to see she's doing well, though. Clearly there's a lot of Gordana love to be found here at this blog :).

Robbed! Robbed! Robbed!
But that and a dollar won't buy you a cup of coffee either.

They should have sent you to BP, but although you may have had a bumpy ride, you had some spectacular weeks. Christopher, god love him, does need some book learning, or something, so they could have justified sending you. Especially with the amount of $$ this shows makes, puhleeze!

Anyway, good luck in all that you do! You will go far and I think you are an inspiration. You stood took a lot of crap and still came put smelling like a rose :)

Asparagus lust

Goga - you found San Dieg , never mind LA. You would have fit in just fine in the neighborhood I grew up on. Perfectly.

Never mind PR - I know I don't. It turned into the Mickey Mouse Club. You didn't make them "jump the shark.". The did that all by themselves.

Heidi who? You mean that over the hill t&a model?

You, Goga, already are already the Fan Fav. You deseve the official pot of filthy lucre for it. I pray for grace when you have to show up on your cheater's stage to accept it.

See you online.

Has any winner of PR or Top Chef been older than early 30's?
They won't "let" that happen.
BTW, Gordana, you look great. Love your style.


What a sweetheart!!!

Gordana, your design for the Getty challenge was so beautiful, and I am so glad that you followed your heart and created a look that you loved. It came through.

All the best to you!!

Jules: Anonymous said...

Due to your suggestions Gordana has now joined Raverly as "Gordana6945".

Is it REALLY her though? Cuz I'm totally gonna friend her if it's really her. I should also start crocheting again for that matter. lol

That is her. She joined due to the suggestions from this site.

Did anyone else notice that when Tim did his critique he said something along the lines of "I never know what the judges will decide, but I think this is gorgeous". It seemed to me like her auf'ing was decided before the final challenge even started.

Which is clearly why they didn't show her manipulating the fabric or creating that gorg dress.

For Nina (who I love) to pick apart the ZIPPER, I hope she lost some sleep over the terrible treatment of Gordana.

Going this second to


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