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Shelley O as Catwoman

Meow, kittens.

First lady Michelle Obama dressed as a catwoman as she greets local school children on Halloween at the White House in Washington.

Well, "dressed as a catwoman" is probably overstating it. More like, "wore a leopard print sweater set with a pair of cat ears." Still, kudos for the effort. She looks cute. Now why couldn't her husband be bothered? We would have hooked him up with a Jedi costume.

[Photos: Getty Images]

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Boys, you spoil us.

This outfit is really very flattering on her, from what I can see. My knee jerk reaction is that I'd rather not see someone in her position in costume. I'm not saying I'm right; it's just my reaction. But, still, she looks really good in the outfit, and the cardigan really works. And no belt, huzzah!

We would have hooked him up with a Jedi costume.

Appropriately enough, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs chose to dress up as Darth Vader. :)

I agree that she is more of a leopard than a cat. She looks cute and I like the jazzy eye make-up too.
I have a headache and my hair hurts. Halloween is so fun.

Aw, that is so cute. Thank you for posting it, guys.

I dunno I think the President looks like Dr. Huxtable.

She looks so cute! He would have been a great Batman, lol.

She looks adorable and so happy. It's great to see them having fun.

I agree that this is an appropriate level of "costume" for the First Lady. Over on Althouse's blog another commenter suggested that Obama could have dressed (tastefully) as if he were on photo safari -- khakis and a pith helmet would have done it, and he would have made a nice companion to Michelle's big cat.

Agreed, Michelle is wearing exactly the right amount of costume for a mom handing out treats. Celebrating the occasion, but not competing with the kids.

She looks very nice. The outfit is flattering and appropriate for the occasion. I thought it was hilarious that she managed to incorporate her 'signature' cardigan into her Halloween costume!

God I love of cute she is. Love a first lady that can rock the cover of Glamour and cat ears.

When I saw the title of this post, I thought, "Eartha Kitt was Da Bomb!"

Jenn said:

"I dunno I think the President looks like Dr. Huxtable."

Uh, right, because he's a black guy in a pullover sweater?

She looks cute. And it can be said that she's a better Catwoman than Halle Berry was, even if she's only in a Leopard-print sweater.

She looks wonderful, but her husband needs to get into it. C'mon! Dressing up as "President of the United States" doesn't cut it past the 6th grade - especially if you're actually the President of the United States!!

In one article about the Obama's White House Halloween their costumes were described as "leopard" and "The President was dressed as a middle-aged dad."

Lol! And most appropriate for both.

yay!!!!!!!!! NO BELT! :D

Mrs. O looks great. And Mr. O looks so preppy.

I think their respective choices were absolutely appropriate. And she looked waay cute.


So green with envy at those kids who got to trick or treat at the W.H.!

I think it is a festive and appropriate costume for a first lady, it's not like she could have gone all Heidi with it :)

Seriously Barack....couldn't put on a set of ears or at least a tie with a punkin on it?

I Need Some Greenies

She looks great. A very appropriate level of costume for the First Lady.

And check out the eye make-up. Someone who knew what they were doing. Very nice and cat-like.

Pres is cute too, even without costume. I liked the photo safari idea suggested above.

TheNYCourier said:
she's a better Catwoman than Halle Berry was, even if she's only in a Leopard-print sweater.


Michelle looks so good.

She does look cute - I love her!!

Thank God she didn't go to Heidi's Halloween bash!!


Barack woulda looked great with a pair of Spock ears. Subtle. But, then that woulda shown up down the line in campaign ads against him.

Press Sec Gibbs dressed as VP Cheney? Priceless.


Eartha would have approved.

C'est ci bon!

Check out the bracelets. Good choice. Probably the only way to accessorize a leopard print without cheapening the entire look. This looks quite tasteful.

Loves that - enough to be fun but still beautiful and First Lady-like. The President went as the President - you can't get a better gig than that (though it might have been fun to wear a Barak Obama mask).

Natalie said: "yay!!!!!!!!! NO BELT! :D"


LOL!! you took the words right outta my mouth!!

Maybe someone has gotten to her with a belt intervention - This look was so much better sans belt!


she looks adorable

Obama would have looked AWESOME in a jedi costume! But I agree with some people here that it probably wouldn't have been appropriate. Still, we just have the hottest First Couple EVER.

I think it's fun that she did this. Sort of unexpected, and I'll bet the kids loved it.

It ain't no catsuit, but Meow -- it'll do!

I liked a WaPo writer's description of Barack: dressed as a suburban dad.

Poor guy has learned what every politician knows: Don't be photographed in a dopey hat or a costume!


PS - Apropos of nothing but wildcats -- We had a mother bobcat & her cub on our porch a few days ago. Beautiful and we watched them for hours. Funny enough -- all the cottontails & jackrabbits normally hopping around (and eating our garden) were nowhere to be found!

Looks like they are handing out candy cigarettes....

@TZF108 Looks like they are handing out candy cigarettes....

Haha, that would be a scandal. They're actually a special edition box o White House M&Ms that has the Presidential seal and signature on it. I've watched waaayy too many news stories about 'Inside the White House'; those things are hot commodities.

I think Shelly O looks adorable.

Anonymous said: Barack woulda looked great with a pair of Spock ears. Subtle. But, then that woulda shown up down the line in campaign ads against him.


As would Michelle's tail, if she'd worn one. Or have spurred endless off-color presidential "tail" comments. Smart of her to leave that part off.

I agree with Natalie. My first thought was the same, Yay! No Belt!

Cute, appropriate and FUN -- our first lady is a cool Mom.

Austin Sally
p.s. glad you found better pics than I did. :)

I think she looks terrific. I love her eye makeup. And yes, her husband definitely should have gone as Obama Wan Kenobi.

I'm usually not a fan of every little thing Shelly wears or does but on this occasion - it's perfect and adorable. How fun for the local school children and their parents to get to trick or treat at the WH and have the First Lady be in the spirit of the holiday.

By the way, her make up is impeccable. She looks gorgeous.

Is it wrong that I think this is one of her better outfits? A nice way to be dressed for the occasion without being in full blown costume.

Very cute. Love it.

According to the Washington Post, Obama was dressed as "a middle-aged dad". I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or not.

It's cute. I'm sure PETA will find a way to be offended by it.

Sweet and I LOVE her makeup : )

Her makeup is absolutely sublime.

i'm not dorothy gale

Shelley looks adorable. Classy yet having fun with the holiday; good for her.

I didn't realize J. Crew did costumes...


I think she looks great! Being First Lady should not make you give up your job of being a Mom!

As for President Obama, he's wearing the same costume my dad did every halloween!

I think she looks absolutely adorable and I love you TLo for the mere suggestion of the Jedi Prez.

As long as my President wasn't wearing Mom jeans...

I think she looks about perfect for the occasion. And she looks like she's having fun. It's so nice not to have stiff and stodgy people in the WH!

Obama-wan-kenobi. Hah! That would have been hilarious, but I can see why he didn't dress up. You know his critics would have found fault with anything he chose, reading all kinds of sinister meaning into it. This way he just takes a minor thump for sitting it out.

She looks great and the outfit is appropriate because she has trick-or-treating aged kids. When the kids are in college or something, she can wear a black sweater and pumpkin earrings or something like that.

She looks adorable. I think she did a costume just right, for both a mom handing out treats and the First Lady. It's not too far from regular clothes, just spiced up, and the eye makeup is subtle but effective.

As for the Prez, I was going to say he was dressed like my brother, except my bro has a beard and glasses. College professor, maybe? It would have been nice to see a Halloween print tie or something, but I don't think it would be appropriate for him to go for a full costume.

Not a fan, not a hater, but she looks cute here. I especially like the fact that she is smiling and looks like she's having fun. Oh, and I must say, I'm also grateful there is no underboob belt to ruin the cute, fun look.

Well done, Shelley O. I think even other late First Ladies such as Jackie Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt would have approved. Love the eyemakeup and gold bangles!

- edina -

I'll bet we'll see that twin set at another White House event or on a trip abroad.

I LOVE the idea of the prez wearing a Barack Obama mask! He wouldn't have to keep it on or anything. Maybe if they walked in arm-and-arm...Michelle and a fake Barack--and then he pulls off the mask to reveal that he's the real Barack! I think that would be funny and not inappropriate.

Anyway, I think Michelle looked fab and it was just the right amount of costume. The eye makeup was perfect.

She looks so cute. This post made me smile : )

If HE had a sense of humor - Dumbo or Alfred E Newman.

She's adorable.

She looks terrific - I really like that sweater set. I agree with other posters who feel a full-blown costume would have been too much. The ears suffice.

I like to think of it as a reference to Eartha Kitt.

Uh no, Lilah, because I was watching the Cosby Show the other day, and he was wearing a very similar sweater. Especially when you look at the last picture.

I think it's great -- i Love her make up!

I love that the White House is opened up so much -- parties, halloween etc etc. Love it!

I think Mr. O. didn't wear his Spock, Spiderman or Thor costumes this year because he was sick of overhearing the staffers in the next room joking about what a mega-nerd he is for hanging onto (and reading through, when really stressed/depressed) his comic book collection at his age.

God, they are so attractive.
Threesome, Obamas!?

Mrs. Obama nailed the look with her makeup and accessories. No belt!

Maybe the President could have worn an argyle sweater in autumn colors. He looks great regardless.

Her posture drives me nuts. She does the "tall girl slump". My daughter is very tall (5'11, she's 16) and she does that too. Julia Child did it too.

Totally cute and appropriate. I agree w/above posters who said it would somehow wouldn't seem right to see her in a full on costume, but this looks like she made an effort at least.

What's Obama supposed to be? A straight guy (see last week's Parks and Recreation)?

Does anyone know what Sasha and Malia dressed up as?

They're like a couple from Beauty And The Geek.

Who makes the twinset? I need it!

As always, they look like they're having a good time. And that leopard twinset, ears and "cat eyes" were divine! Meeee-yow!

Masha and Salia's costumes were a big secret, as were their Hallow's Eve activities.
Maybe they painted their faces white and went door-to-door offending all the honkies.

mmmmm love that Oscar de la Renta <3

She looks great -- She made the effort but didn't overdo it. I guess the president can't really dress up in any costume without offending someone. If he goes as a Jedi, there will be right-wing nuts blasting him for being a godless sci-fi heathen. If he goes as an animal, PETA will find something to protest.

Better to dress up as the president.

You guys kill me!

Mr. President went as Bruce Wayne--clearly. ^_~

I don't blame him for not dressing up, though. Honestly, *any* costume he would've chosen would've been ripped to shreds by the media.

Michelle looks really cute, and I love her eyes.

Very cute : )

He's the prez. Anything that he dressed up as would get him a whole lotta flak.

Cute and totally approprate for a mom/first lady. I like that she won't be turned into a matron or wallflower.
The pres. would get ripped apart if he wore anything that even resembled a costume, so i can't falt him for playin it classic, but safe.

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