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Ripping the Collections: Carol-Hannah - Part 2

The turkey has settled and Black Friday is a mere memory, so it's time to get back to dress ripping.

The proportions are off, unless she was trying to make the model look 10 months pregnant. We do like that frippery on the bodice, though. She just needed to make it a bit more fitted.

We don't know if it was Christopher's influence as her 13th-look helper, but she managed to bring the editorial eye to this look. It's got all of CH's trademarks but for once, she hasn't gone overboard on any of them. Beautifully done.

DULL. When the only thing of interest is the big Carrie Bradshaw circa 2002 fabric flower, then you need to step back and ask yourself if there's a place for this look in your Bryant Park collection.

We realize that there's a place in fashion for those high-waisted shorts and we've even trained our eye to see how they could work under the right circumstances. These are not the right circumstances. The proportions are really weird here and there's nothing at all flattering or pretty about this Little Blue Riding Hood look.

We like the idea behind this look. We just don't like the outcome. Again, it's a matter of proportion and knowing when to edit. Half of that effect, starting about a foot lower, would have made a huge difference.

We're not fans of that trademarked exposed and deconstructed seams thing that she does, but even if we were, we'd recognize that - yes, we're going to say it again - a little editing would have gone a long way here.

The girl clearly has a strong point of view and a range of techniques and tricks in her arsenal, but at the risk of repeating ourselves (too late), she needs to develop an eye that lets her know where the line is for going too far. She also needs to step away from the design every once in a while and consider the woman underneath who she envisions wearing it. As it is, there's a lot of concept and technique here, but no real understanding of a potential client base.

Additional pics:


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thanks. love love love her dresses, and even some of the tops with the proportion issues would have been uber darling short dresses, if the pants and shorts had been left in the closet.

Glad to see you back, and looking forward to the hlidays at chez TLo!!


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The model's hair styling - it looks like Carol Hannah might have known who the guest judge was going to be...

I didn't really like her collection, but I wish her luck.

I like that the bodice on the gold gown is modified compared to when she used it during the season - the "inspired by previous work" challenge? I forget. It looks better here. But I don't like the color. It's too easy for gold fabric to look cheap. And I like the overdone mini, in spite of itself.

The first look is awful in every way, shape, and form. The blue gown is gorgeous, and not too fussy. The remaining two looks are meh at best.

Love the shoes.

I'm a fan of messy hair, but the models' hair doesn't look purposely messy. It just looks badly done.

Yes Amanda looked stunning in that blue grecian gown. I wonder the fact that CH was sick and had limited time kept her from over-thinking the design

That gold dress was a bore but that was the one she had that tacky jacket riginally. Personally I wish she had not added the bow. It was too distracting


Do you think that fourth judge (can't remember her name, but she looked like phyllis from the Office) was flattered that CH mirrored this ridiculous ridge of hair???

agree with the comments - she has great ideas, but something is just off about each piece, now that I can really look at them, I agree with her 3rd place finish

8. Not loving this one. The model's hair looks awful.

9. Amanda looks good in anything and this was one of Carol Hannah's strongest pieces. Even though it doesn't really look like her style.

10. Not much of a statement. But I like it. Especially the fru-fru at the waist.

11. Batgirl.

12. Pretty, pretty model. Cute teenage-y dress, except for the too high pick up on the right thigh.

13. Her signature dress. She should have used a different color.Because it looks a little too similar to her 1st challenge dress and the one she wears in the opening credits.

Over all her dresses and skirts are much stronger than the pants and shorts, which I think she could have left out. I would have liked to see some jewel tones instead of so many neutrals. And maybe some evening coats and jackets to go with those great holiday dresses.

And what would a Bryant Park finale be without Amanda?


Boy oh boy, where are the people who went all vaginal over Giordana's Angel From The Cathedral dress? Look at that gold schmatta modeled by Carol-Hannah's Muse. I realize that labia are in the eye the beholder but if they had labia in their eyes when looking at Giordana's last dress, what are they seeing now?

This is the first time I disagree with you guys. Her clothing seems the most accessible and wearible to me. Yes the pregnancy top is weird and so are the drama looks but i can see 'every day' people wearing this.

didn't you two love the seam detail the first time she did it? anyway, credit needs to be given to that last dress, it's a show stopper even if it's a little messy. and a little valentino-ish.

all I see in the first dress on this page is Christopher. He used the flower appliqu├ęs and the bubble hem in several items (although without going back, i can't recall if he ever put them together in one dress)

And what is it with all the satin? It seemed to be the main fabric choice all season. enough with the shiny!


God, Amanda is gorgeous, isn't she?

As for CH, well, her youth is showing. She has ideas, she has an aesthetic. Every piece she showed has something going for it, but also something that's off. She needs to mature as a designer. Nothing wrong with that.

I really liked seeing CH's collecton on the runway, but after checking out the looks close-up, I see where you're coming from with the criticism. I want to like her collection so much more than I already do, but wish she'd had more technical skills to pull off some of her attempts at frippery. Like you said, some of the proportions are way off and a little bit of frippery goes a long, long way.

Btw: I think that CH does know who her customer is, or, at least is attempting to design for women like herself, and the occasional young socialite. She's skilled, talented and certainly knows her way around a sewing machine. I'd just like to see her in a few years after maturing a bit and perhaps being under the tutelage of a certain PR scholar, expert and mentor.

- edina -

The blue dress worn by Amanda and the final dress in gold worn by Lisa are both stunning. I could see either one of them on the red carpet right now.

Everything else is a pretty big miss.

I liked the first half of her collection quite a bit and thought her opening dress was the best look shown by anyone that day at BP. So she's got talent and potential. She does need to learn to edit and and develop some sophistication. But I can see her being a very successful red carpet/cocktail dress designer. You can tell that her heart just isn't in to designing anything other than party dresses. And that's okay - plenty of people have huge careers designing those things.

Here's a question - someone like CH (and many other talented young designers on the show) would probably really benefit from going back to design school or doing an internship with someone but I wonder if it's hard to do that after being a PR finalist? That probably gives them a false sense of being too accomplished, too good, for anything other than launching their own line. Clearly most of these folks aren't ready for that - hence the almost complete lack of success in the design world by even the winners. Christian of course has been wildly successful but he's the exception. Everyone else seems to be either struggling or to have used their notoriety from PR to become C-list celebrities (Laura, Nick, Jay) or to have settled back in to the level of success they had before appearing on the show - Rami is still designing red carpet looks, Kayne is still designing pageant dresses, etc. So for any designer who doesn't want to squeeze out their 15 minutes of fame as a reality tv star but who really wants to succeed as a designer, it seems like PR may really do them no favors.

SS: "The model's hair looks awful."

What, you're not fond of the pompadour? Little Red's is even worse. Only the duck tails are missing. What were the stylists thinking? There must have been a better way to execute CH's wishes, no matter how rushed they were.

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What was with the look on Lisa's face on the runway? She looked like she had gas or something. And how does a girl that skinny have a double chin? The world is full of mysteries.

I thought that the blue dress, and to a slightly lesser extent her (ivory?) finale dress, were her only truly successful looks, and even they aren't fabulously unique or anything. 2 out of 13 looks, and people thought this should finish 2nd? I don't get it. Her ideas aren't exciting and her end products are dusty and dated. All the baggy sack dresses and tunics covered in ropes and frippery take me back to the early 90's in a really not-so-fun way.

#8 - I don't love this look, but I see why a look of this ilk has a place in her collection. The pants are too long.

#9 - Great dress, one of the best pieces of the PR6 finale collections. I think if the right celeb wore this on the red carpet, she would need to be tall, it would get noticed and positive reviews. I like that Christopher was involved in this look; it helps to restore some of the luster that he lost as the season wore on.

# 10 - I like this dress, it is what Michael Kors (I think) called a breather look - the look that you send out to not overwhelm the senses.

# 11 - Ooo, this is just bad. I want to say that the jacket ruins it, but what's underneath is not much better. It looks like she got hit with the same stick that hit Althea during the regular season - a sloppy looking three piece suit.

# 12 - I am not crazy about this look. I think if she did not tack the frippery to the chest / bodice the look would have been more successful.

# 13 - I like this dress, I go back and forth on whether or not the frippery on the bottom is a bad thing or inoffensive, but not to my taste.

I think this was a successful collection, because while it was not without its problems, I think it leaves me wanting to see more from Carol Hannah / Dr. Whitfield / Julie. I totally agree with TLo's closing comment about her. She, along with Gordana, seemed to be Tim's favorites, so I hope he continues to take an interest in her and that she seeks him out for guidance.

At this time, I see CH as a dressmaker, I know the term has negative connotations which I don't understand especially if the person is being sought for their unique aesthetic. So based on this, I see her bread and butter coming from commissioned work, but still I would like to see her do shows / presentations from time to time.

I'm surprised you didn't comment on the terrible trousers! She said she was being versatile by doing separates but it doesn't count when it's just a shorter dress with badly fitting trousers.
I hated the whole thing apart from some of the gowns and the first dress

I'm so easily distracted- the blonde modeling the Octomom smock and the Little Blue Ridinghood garb resembles a road company Cruella DeVille and by that fact I cannot see the clothing as anything but evil.

But, yes, the little darling (and I do think CH is one of the sweetest buds ever to get about half-way to full bloom) needs to learn to edit. The thirteenth look is sleek and dramatic at once (and that is so not my favorite blue, so this is a major concession) compared to the Jean Harlow nightwear look of the tucked and fluttering last look.

Geez, some of these models are TOO SKINNY! It's hard to look at the clothing when their legs are smaller than the average person's arm.

About Lisa. I tried to go all season and not say anything, however, she is the perfect example of why a model/chorus girl/trophy wife sbould never be allowed to speak in public.
Not to mention that even though at times she looked fierce, other times she was scarry, not in a good way.

About Lisa. I tried to go all season and not say anything, however, she is the perfect example of why a model/chorus girl/trophy wife sbould never be allowed to speak in public.

Oh, I must disagree. I died laughing every time Lisa opened her mouth, bless her heart. Intelligent commentary is not why I watch "Models of the Runway."

Ironically, my favourite look was her 13th Greecian Goddess Dress. It's so beautiful!

I think that the only dress I really like is the blue Grecian 13th look.

I see a lot of beauty and fantasy in CH work. With some more experience, she'll be great.

Anonymous @ 11/28/09 12:30 PM said:

"Christian of course has been wildly successful but he's the exception. Everyone else seems to be either struggling or to have used their notoriety from PR to become C-list celebrities (Laura, Nick, Jay) or to have settled back in to the level of success they had before appearing on the show"


I think the season that has been often overlooked is the "boring" one - Season 2 - which produced Daniel, Cloe, and Kara, all of whom have capitalised on their 15 minutes to expand their existing businesses or pursue new projects. Even Korto and Mychael are producing their own line of accessories and scents respectively. I don't think anyone expects to discover the next Schuler/Jacobs/McQueen/Pugh from a reality show.

I've got faith that the hard work of past contestants (at least the industrious ones) will pay off in the end.

And does CH's final collection pique my curiousity about what she'll produce in the near future? Well, yes :)

L said: What was with the look on Lisa's face on the runway?
If I finally got to walk in a Bryant Park show and some moron had done that to my hair, I'd be pissed too. I could barely focus on the clothes, the hair was so distracting. You can't make pretty, girly clothes "edgy" by disfiguring the models with faux hawks.
The blue dress was pretty, otherwise meh.

I thought Lisa was charming. She's got a great speaking voice, and she seems to have a pretty easy, relaxed outlook I found refreshing. As a model, she reminds me of those wonderfully statuesque women they used to cast as the girlfriends in 1950s -- early '60s movies where guys like Gig Young and Jack Lemon spend less time in their offices than they do in bars in midtown Manhattan.

I actually liked CH's challenge designs better than her final collection, with the exception of her first look, which I loved. It is ironic that her second best look here was the 13th look, created with the help of Christopher "I wouldn't know how to self-edit myself out of a paper bag" Chinstrap (YES, I like him but he never knew when enough was enough in his own work).

I can't really comment on the black shorts/blue riding hood look, tho - I am waaaaaaaay to distracted by the sicky emaciation of the model's legs. This standard of thinness is just appalling.

I think she made a mistake using so many shiny fabrics. It made her show look like something out of the Newport News catalog.

Both of her long-sleeve tops were just odd. That purple tangle of ropes thing. Ugh.

Many ethereal beauties in CH's collection, but the clunkers are so clunky that I can understand her third place finish (although I would have put her in 2nd with Althea in 3rd). The dreadful shorts with the blue sleeveless cape thing could very well have been her undoing.

When Amanda walked out in the blue dress at the show I nearly screamed out her name. That and the first piece were the only ones I really liked. Still, I think CH has great potential. Experience and maybe someone to mentor her will go a long way.

After several viewings, I'm starting to see a collective thread in her work. That diagonal ruffly thing seemed to work on 3 of her pieces. Three to 4 of her pieces screamed "CH", but the rest were pretty much all over the place.

That said, I think her look was way more cohesive than Althea's. With that in mind, she should have finished second to Irina.

Re Anonymous 12:30, I mentioned something like this a few episodes back. Does being a reality show celebrity give one too much hubris? Would some of these self-taught designers feel slighted to be asked to be an assistant designer first? Or gasp- be an unpaid intern? I guess their level of maturity will dictate which direction to pursue: To be a rich flash in the pan or to have a long career in fashion.

Aesthetically, I find myself liking this collection more than Althea's.

However, this collection wasn't very cohesive, and deserved the third place finish.

Althea's aesthetic is narrower, but I saw a stronger point of view and more cohesive collection.

I don't think it really matters if you're second or third... both lose equally. Both got to show their stuff at Bryant Park, so both also won equally. I just don't see much difference between second and third other than bragging rights.

I think all three ladies have potential for success and hope they take advantage of the exposure.

Here we go........

1 ~ I liked this actually. I have no problem with the proportions of the top, but I do have a problem with the fit of the pants. To accomplish what she was trying to accomplish, the pants needed to be a bit longer and fitted skin tight all the way down. JMHO of course. B

2 ~ AMANDA!!!! Okay, now that THATS outta the way. This was just gorgeous. The color, the drape and even the "frippery" was done perfectly. A+

3 ~ I just have to ask "why?" It seems SO outta place here. I THINK she thought "okay, I want to show that I can do simple too" but somehow it went all wrong. Again, a fit issue and a wrong model choice. That bodice needed some form of boobage. If it had that, then it wouldn't have stood up and away from the body so strangely. It was bunching weird in her midsection and the bow was dreadful. I actually prefer too much frippery to something this bland. D (for D.U.L.L.)

4 ~ I actually LOVE the cape itself. Everything else was a big pile of NO. I (for Incomplete because I refuse to look at anything other then the cape. lol)

5 ~ I adored this. I thought this was so damn pretty. I think that you have to have a very specific body type to wear it, especially at this length, but just thought it was ethereal, soft and romantic. A-

6 ~ The only thing I could think of, from the moment I saw it, was Korto's "Fin Dress." Although this is a slight improvement, I just really hate that look on any sort of gown. D-

I think CH has some talent and has great ideas and with a little time and experience will be able to do what she does to great success.

Once again, TLo's comments are spot-on, and not mean at all, where they could have been. I like CH, would wear some of her stuff - unlike the other 2 - but avoid shiney. She had ideas, some were bad, some good.

As everyone has said here, the styling was a disaster for her and Althea. The gold dress just did not fit that model. Much too sparse on top. No, never did I see "labia" when I looked at it, as on commenter said.

Very accurate that CH designs for herself. If she can get her client base represented, she'll be o.k.

CH definitely had some great ideas. I can't wait to see what she does in the future.

just what a super ugly collection. yuck. terrible. it looks like a grade schooler made it.

Anonymous said...

just what a super ugly collection. yuck. terrible. it looks like a grade schooler made it.

Oh Irina honey, you won. Can't you just let it go?


Re how previous designers have fared post PR, I think in many of the interviews that I read most of them were able to take their business to the next level, so while they may not be widely recognized beyond their PR affiliation, they are still successful designers.

I am intrigued by the question about whether or not getting a job or doing an internship with an established designer would benefit an ambitious designer. When I think of designers who have made name for themselves in recent years like Zac Posen, Jason Wu, Alexander Wang, Ohne Titel, Rodarte and Proenza Schouler, the common denominators (not all apply to all the designers noted) are: winning competitions, especially the CFDA; attending though not necessarily graduating from major design schools, Parsons seems to figure prominently; seemingly wealthy families; moving to NYC or another fashion capital; and yes, working for an established designer, even if it was only an internship.

This is so random, but I love how Amanda's always there. Every season I just wait and see who gets her. It also amuses me to think that if the designers really do follow the show before they get on it (which they should) and read this blog (ditto) they should definitely know who she is. So I always imagine that when she walks into the room for the tryouts they all go, "It's you!" and promptly initiate a three-way smackdown to see who she walks for.

yeah! ho! wah!

looking at it piece for piece, its a much stronger collection than i first thought. my main complaint: the colours. her collection is so feminie, it really could have used some korto-colours like that turquoise.

her finishing look (and the two aubergine ones from the first half) are ugly, but the rest is very pretty and interesting, even if it could have used some tweaking here and there. and, ill say it again: vibrant colours!

CH's collection definitely deserved second over Altheas, at the same time however it was definitely flawed.
Hated the first (silver) one. You guys hit the nail on the head, when it first came out I was like, was there a maternity requirement for the collections, like last seasons wedding dress requirement?
Awful, awful, awful.
The blue thirteenth was the exact opposite. it was perfect perfect perfect. One of my favorite looks from all three collections.
Yess the next look was so out of place, so simple, it was boring! Not only that, it was poorly made and cheap looking. A definite no-no.
I think they idea of a cape is cute, but for some reason that look was just ugly. Maybe it was the length, I'm not sure, it just didn't work on any level. i did LOVE thos shorts though.
I actually loved the next look. Which is funny because I'm usually one of the first to claim something is overworked, and if someone described this look to me without me seeing it, I would porbbaly hate it. But it was unique, and I feel like the proportions were perfect, which is why it worked so well. If it had been an inch shorter or an inch longer it would not have worked. One of my favorite looks of the whole collection.
I liked the exposed seam detailing on the finale look, but the skirt was overworked. the ruffles at the bottom just looked tacked on, not good.
Overall though i really liked it, it had some great hits and some great misses. it definitely lacked cohesion. If you were to describe her point of view, you'd just kind of say 'it was shiny and drapey and pretty and kind of ruffly and stuff".
which I think is what hurt her the most.

That blue dress is so beautiful. Is it just me, or does it look like with the pretty dresses, the girls are styled pretty, and the ugly looks, the girls look ugly too?

actually, think i liked this collection better on the runway than in stills...there was more to distract...the music, the movement, the people. my favourite look would’ve been the second to last look— were it not for the still photo. it was cute from the back, trotting down the runway. above, i now see that the front is tacky. the fabric near the bust line looks stapled onto and the layered, gathered effect appears to be inspired by window treatment at a funeral parlour or little whore house in texas. good fabric, design went awry somewhere. the blue 13th look is nicely done, but GENERIC.

the collection overall feels stale and lacking character and several outfits are just hideous... the silver top/black pant/purple pumps thing, the shorts with the cape made out of leftover blue fabric (sweet jesus!) and the gold dress with the “carrie bradshaw ca 2002” flower... tlo was generous calling that one “dull.” what ch has is not strong’s narrow focus/limited range, which is perfectly fine and even smart. as for clientele, think ch knows exactly whom she's designing for...upper middle class, all-american (read: carol hannah) and that white house party crasher from virginia. could definitely see that woman wearing one of these get ups.

I would kill for that blue gown.

Just saying.

I had been dutifully staying away from this site because I didn't get to see the finale yet, but gave in once I stumbled across news of the winner elsewhere. So I'm interested in seeing these designs in motion, but am still appreciative of T. Lo's re-cap and will keep an eye open for some of the highlights WHEN I get to watch.

Regarding Lifetime scheduling, I wonder what is the reasoning behind waiting to make the finale available both online and through Comcast On Demand?
I work nights and was unable to watch PR when it normally aired and I relied upon On Demand to catch the episodes. As of today, the finale is still not available through On Demand, (even though all other episodes have shown up within a few days of their original airing)and I know the finale wasn't on the Lifetime site until Wednesday, almost a week later.
I ended up finding out who won before I got to watch, not so much fun.

That blue gown 13th look worn by Amanda is just gorgeous. If she'd ignored Tim's advice and done the over-drape she'd planned, I'll bet she'd have won the museum challenge.

This is what she does best.

Can we please talk about the nippage on her 13th look!

hey gorgeous things: I'm not Irina. And your statement doesn't make any sense. Irina won -- so what exactly would she be letting go of? It was clear to the judges, TLo and everyone else that Irina's collection was better - as it was to me as well. But looking at the stills - this collection looks like total crap to me - it's a mess. Not polished at all. Sorry. I think it's more appropriate of me to accuse you of being Carol Hanna and asking you to let it go. dumb ass.

Somebody get this poor model a cheeseburger:

Those legs are horrifyingly skinny. There's svelte and then there's emaciated.

This line, on second glance, is pretty boring. I think she has the goods to evolve into an awesome designer, but there was nothing "wow" about this line, whatsoever. Take a look back at Christian Siriano's line and then look at this.

I hope we don't have to look at that blockhead model in Season 7.

11/29/09 2:54 AM
They can't believe anyone but Irina would dislike Carol Hannah or Geordana's clothes. I lost count of how many times I saw "Hi, Irina!" when someone dared to call CH's and GG's crap for what it was: Ugly Clothes.

For some reasons, TLO, your comments are shorter and more breif than those on previous season's collection...


I LOVE that dress for the 13th look. Amanda looks spectacular and she is really bringing it. I like the styling too.

I also like the gold strapless dress after it but I could probably pick that up at Macy's right now (and perhaps on sale:)

It's an opinion page people, lets rip the clothes and not each other.

Am I the only one who thought Michael Kors said the last dress was awful?

The camera panned to him as the last dress was going back up the runway, and it looked like he whispered to Nina "That's Awful"

The shorts outfit with the blue cape is just plain ugly. Maybe separately those elements could be worn with other things and look good, but combined they are the worst WTF moment of the final collections.

But - the blue goddess gown is one of the best looks in the final collections.

CH is delightful and I hope all the best for her and wish her well.

On the topic of Lisa, she really grew on me. The scene on MOTR where she was reading for the tv ad was so funny (unintentionally), and she was such a good sport about it. As far as her qualifications as a model - good lord - what's not to love. She is ten feet tall. And a big plus in my book - she is not skeletally thin.

Blue dress. On Amanda. That's about it.

We finally got to see CH do a pair of pants. Actually they were shiny shorts. Paired with a blue jersey cape.

The construction of said shorts was whack. Why would someone design what appears to be a narrow fly front on a high waisted pant with a 3+inch-wide waistband? What a bad look. Just put the zipper into the side or somewhere else. And the cape needs to be torched.

I think I remember CH saying in the previews to this season that she just likes to design pretty little dresses. I think she's right and ought to stick to it.


In that top photo, the model (Amanda, I presume) looks like the pretty daughter of Meridith from The Office.

That model in the 4th look is disgustingly skinny--AngelinaJolieadoptingyou-Oprahbuildingaschooltoeducateyou-BobGeldofconcert THIN. Why would CH EVER select her?!!!

I really want CH to win, but expected Irina to get it. But I was very surprised she was third. I liked most of the looks and thought there were some nicely creative ideas mixed in.

It was great to see Amanda, and she looked fabulous as always, even with the horrible hair. Surely that styling wasn't Carol Hannah's idea, and what did she do to piss the stylists off so badly?

She made a bad judgment to put the model with the skeletal legs in those boy-shorts, because the legs were all I noticed. (Perhaps fortunately, because the outfit was pretty bad anyway!)

Oh, well, good luck, CH - I think you know your audience and will do well with them.

The 13th look was the only one with any ease or grace. The rest are overthought and overworked. And I couldn't figure out what Carol Hannah was looking for in her models because most of them weren't great walkers, Amanda being an exception of course.

I thought she deserved 3rd place when I saw the finale, and the stills only reinforce that notion. If Michael Kors said "That's awful" as her last gown came out, I agree with him. Bad color, too much going on, and Lisa didn't help much. I liked Carol Hannah on the show and hope that hers is a talent that will mature and deepen with time and experience.

Tim was interviewed and talked about the dressers starting to remove the dresses from the models after their first walk thru - the one they did with the tents empty. That's what when they showed him particularly frantic. The dressers wanted to steam the outfits for the second show - the one with the real audience. I wonder if that is why the models hair looks rather messy. It might have been much smoother and they just ran out of time. The regular shows needed to start on time.

Wow, her models are kind of ugly compared to Irina's, huh? I wonder if she did that on purpose or if Irina got to pick first or something?

The blue cape/shorts outfit looks like something someone might wear to a dance at a women's prison.

There were some things in CH's line that she could have changed. She admitted to Tim that she loves to add things. I think she should have made an all gown collection and said to hell with whoever didn't like that she never made pants. I also think getting rid of that jacket that went with the gold piece is what made that dress drift from everything else.

I think since she didn't go to school for fashion, CH is at a learn as you go process. She can design and she can sew but not at every moment does she have that editing eye. However she did stay true to herself as a designer and do things that had become trademark for her during the show.

That last dress, I really can't see it being any other color than gold. I think it might not have been as standout in another color. I think if she would have changed the order the line came out, it would have seemed more cohesive.

Either way, I loved CH and her model Lisa. She did a great job. I know I couldn't sew if my life depended on it.

The blue dress was the best thing she sent down the runway. It was the most beautiful thing she and Althea sent down the runway. I'll have to review all of Irina's looks but, I'm pretty sure it was the best of the night.
I heard a rumor, on this site, that CH is moving to NY and working with Epperson and Logan. If that is true, I would love to see what she produces from that experience. Her femininity influenced by Epperson's deconstructed POV and expertise multipled that by Logan's street wear LA sensibility. THAT could be really special and hopefully, within my price range.

The model in the capelet distracts from the look. Makeup and hair are the pitts!

@ anon: 11/29/09 5:28 AM

yes, you are totally right. they just can't believe anyone wouldn't like this collection. my friends are all shocked when I say it too - but that's because they like her personality so much they can't be objective. I like her personality too - but I still think this collection is fugly. personally, I am surprised when people say they like it. I'm like, really??


Love the way Amanda worked CH's thirteenth look-and would it be an official PR finale without Amanda walking for one of the finalists?

raisin mountaineer

Seeing this again in stills does show some of the problems. If it doesn't look good on a skinny girl, well, it pretty much doesn't look good. (although arguably some pieces, like CH's patio dress from the Michael Kors challenge, would be pretty on just about any shape or size.)

Anyway, seeing it like this, I can see a little bit more of what the judges saw. I would have still given her second place for some of the more unusual looks (like the bottlebrush dress and the Carrie Underwood outfit), but I can see that she has a way to go in consistency.

Overall dislike the models' hair

#1 - odd sleeve length and proportions seem off- not a fan of the model's look

#2 - agree - beautiful

#3 - funky looking top does odd things to the chest (and in 3rd pic under her left arm you can see it pulling away from the body) and looks washed out on the pale model's skin

#4 - to me, this is like her version of Blayne's horoscope outfit - the model (ugh), the ?"shorts", the whole thing is awful. In fact this one was so bad it took away from a couple of her strong looks

#5 - On the runway this was one of my favorites (although it looked far too short in a few spots). Until I looked more closely, I thought that there were straps gathering the other fabric and only upon looking more closely did I realize the ruffles were sewn onto the shiny fabric.

#6 - I liked this until seeing close-ups. I didn't realize that the "ruffled" fasbric was all raw ravelled edges. That almost always cheapens the look for me.

Amanda's red hair is perfect for the beautiful blue gown; it would have been a shame if she hadn't been wearing color. I adore the shimmery innocent little girl vibe and details of #5 on this page. Her final gown, for me, would have been much more outstanding in a vibrant color (not the blue), or even in black. As it is, it resembles too closely her look during the season.

The messy hair is more flattering on some of the models than others. Perhaps it did have to do with the debacle of the models starting to undress between the shows.

I still think she might have deserved spot 2, based on her most outstanding looks, including the first dress ripped off by CU's stylist, and the bottle brush dress. However it is easy now to recognize how she and Althea were not even close to Irina in execution, cohesiveness and showmanship.


Sorry for double posting. Computer gave me a weird message and I thought it vanished.

I disagree, TLo. I love looks #8, 9, 12, and 13. Beautiful.


Does anyone sit down with these designers and explain the concept of "collection?" CH's "collection" looked like she just made all of the dresses she could think of, without any of them having to "hang together" in a store. Please someone give them an education on this subject.

I also don't get it when people see this was the most "wearable" collection. It's almost exclusively made of party/wedding guest dresses and I-want-to-be-a-red-carpet-look dresses. The couple of looks that appear to be have a more every day intention (that pregnant thing, the shorts...), are practically unwearable. I guess it is the fact that people like her, and she is charming, and project runway being after all, a reality show.

I think some of the dresses are pretty. I liked the very first looked she showed, and the short gray dress one before last. I don't care about the long gowns. But in the whole, the judges were spot-on, the collection was a ramble without much focus or vision and thus the weakest of the three.

I wonder if #12 would have looked better if the tacking-on of the raindrops on the bodice had been hidden under a banded neck/collar treatment reminiscent of the first look?

Also - seems to me CH would have had something more cohesive if she could have junked everything and started over, with #12 (with a lot of modification), #1, the blue drapey dress, and the black dress with the chainlinkish-noodley treatment that run up to become a strap. Take those three looks and build around them.

She gave it a shot. Unfortunately, there were too many Petite Sophisticates type looks mixed in.

Still, much better than Althea's asstravaganza.

That said, I think her look was way more cohesive than Althea's. With that in mind, she should have finished second to Irina.

Agreed. I think you nailed it, T Lo. I think she's got a voice as a designer, she just needs to train it properly and let it mature. I think some design education would really benefit her in developing that editing eye.

And that shocking blue dress, the 13th look, was my favorite piece in all three collections.

Hmmm. I don't know. It certainly doesn't seem to be a "collection" at all. Just student work--trying all different techniques and shapes...and nothing really successful. the blue gown--fresh and well done. Plus--Amanda rocked it!
BTW--give that poor girl modeling the cape thing a cookie for cripes sakes! She looks like it hurts.

I dislike the gown in which she put Lisa. It made her lower half look boxy. Not flattering.

daaang, Amanda's got some big ears.

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