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Ripping the Collections: Althea - Part 2

Things get very dull in the second act.

First thing's first: according to a note from Carol Hannah, Althea used leather, not pleather. We stand corrected, although we have to add that it certainly doesn't look like high quality leather - at least not in these photographs.

At any rate, it's a cute look. Thank god for the color. We like the way the skirt gathers but we hate that hem, which looks unfinished.

Heidi went on and on about this look and we think it's awful. It looks both cheap and boring and that's about as deadly a fashion combination as you can have. Plus, from the side, she looks like she has a boner.

Lorenzo thinks this look is interesting and he likes it. Tom thinks it looks overworked and unflattering. And that's about all we have to say about that.

Oh god, we're overcome with ennui. While there have been a couple of interesting, if simple looks, it's at this point that we've reached critical mass on our boredom. Ignoring the cheap-looking fabric, there's just nothing of any real interest here. It's just a standard dress with a slightly interesting shoulder treatment.

The only reason this looks good to our eyes is because of Tanisha. She's about 75% of the effect. It's not a bad dress and in a different collection we might have lauded it for its clean simplicity but by now we're completely over clean simplicity and we're starving for something exciting.

Bottom line: when you've got the eyes of a Bryant Park crowd and it's your shot at showing the world what you've got, you don't send out a bunch of colorless, simple looks. There's no WOW here. We liked about half of what she offered, but the other half needed to be dramatic and/or intricate. As it is, she showed way too much of the kind of looks you can see in any department store.

Additional pics:



it started out dull...

Yeah that last dress wouldn't look good on any woman who isn't 6' and a size 2. Heaven help anyone else who'd attempt that look.

I usually don't notice much about styling but I find the big hair here so distracting I hardly noticed the clothes. Maybe I'm way off but it looks to me like Althea dressed and styled herself thirteen times. It's blah.

I had an immediate "Oh honey, no" reaction to that silver top with the white boner skirt. But it's not surprising that Heidi liked it, especially in light of her, um, interesting wardrobe choices this year. Wasn't there some line earlier this season about "that's why it's a good thing you're a model and not a designer"?

These really are not bad clothes ... but they are standard issue, off the rack at Macy's clothes. Nice, but perhaps not nice enough to stand out at in a significant fashion arena. Hey - did anyone else notice that this season of Project Runway sucked balls?


Heidi likes shiny-that explains at least half of her raving about the strapless metallic top.

Agreed that Tanisha makes the most of her gown-thank heaven the girls at last got some support.

There definitely isn't much Wow in this collection.

"Plus, from the side, she looks like she has a boner."


and that dress was absolutely HORRIBLE. I can't imagine looking at it and saying, "Yes, this is what I want to show thousands of people!"


ali said:

Maybe I'm way off but it looks to me like Althea dressed and styled herself thirteen times. It's blah.

11/24/09 11:13 AM

I think you're exactly right, particularly since Althea said that she would wear every single look that she sent down the runway. Althea was her own muse.

That's Leather? Really? That's so dissapointing. The second half is a big ole' yaaaaaaaawn. I can't imagine having to watch this silently come down the runway. Did you hear actual yawns?
Good call on the hem of the green dress, I hadn't noticed it.
I like the gold dress.

I really dislike the styling too. The headbands make every model look as if they're getting ready to wash their faces, and they put on their trusty keep-the-hair-outta-my-face-headbands just like the one I used to use in the 80's. Blech.

I, too, was extremely thankful to see that green, but I didn't like the look. Then again, I didn't particularly like any of her looks, though, honestly, I only hated the silver fug which Heidi praised (proof positive that Mrs. Samuels has no taste whatsoever and should not be judging anything, at all, ever, but should just sit there, shut up, and look pretty).

The only reason this looks good to our eyes is because of Tanisha. She's about 75% of the effect.

Exactly. Thank you, gentlemen. Tanisha, I think, is the reason why Althea found herself on the top during the season. That woman can work a look and is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Althea's design and execution was not that great, and often not good, but Tanisha, as Sir Gunn would say, made it work.

Nothing could make the silver/boner look anything other than fug-ass, though.

The model in the dark gray dress with the gray headband looks familiar. Was she on ANTM or something?

Yes, the clothes are so boring, I'm more interested in the models.

That green dress... while a nice color, looks like's made of burlap... and agreed, there are no wow pieces in this collection - although kudos for giving Tanisha's knockers some support this time!!

Althea's look was so boring and blah - but that wasn't surprising given some of the looks she sent down the runway this season.

This may be one of the most boring collections to have made it down the Bryant Park runway from a Project Runway finalist.

And it kills me that they thought this collection was better than Dr. Whitfields.


boring, unattractive, boring boring. blah.

in the Bryant Park collections of years past, even designers whose work i disliked usually offered something that made me *gasp!* and say "wow" in an admiring way. NONE of the three at BP this year did this, ever.
Too plain, and it really does all look like things I can find at my local Macy's.

Pretty boring collection... But the thing (or person) that jumped of the screen at me was... Isn't that the amazing Latina that won ANTM a few season ago in the silver dress? Oh, I wish I could remember her name!!!

summer & kitten it was "jaslene" sp?

after looking at the photos i guess i dont get it at all.

Althea's clothing line, style, and materials look absolutely perfect for Target stores. I have not seen one outfit from Althea that doesn't look sloppy and unfinished. This seasons final designers were up to par with student work. So sad and uninspiring. _El

Sigh...more wide headbands, more skimpy belts, more cheap leather jacketstopsskirts, more ennui.....

Look #3 has been lifted from Malvin's chicken-and-egg line. Look #4 appears to have a hidden straight pin holding it at the shoulder. I've always thought the last dress seemed to be made of stretch fabric.

At least she supported the girls better, given more time.

Love the bonus look, the boner. more ROFL!


I'd even say Tanisha is 90% of the look. I think Tanisha was a major factor in Althea's getting to Bryant Park to begin with (even with no support issues); it feels like Althea had nothing more to pull out of her trick bag and decided to rely on Tanisha's fabulosity. Which is a shame, because the 13th look she pulled out at the last minute was my favorite look out of this collection, so clearly there was still something to be pulled out.

Thank heavens for SOME color. I didn't think this was the winner because not cohesive to my eye.

Slightly off-topic, and I do kind of hate admitting this, but --

HEY! Jaslene from ANTM was in this show, look #3! Glad to see some of them actually get work.

i loved the oversized sweaters (yay fall) and jackets at first. but the more i see the entire collection, the more i hate the over all feel

Each of these pieces looks like the result of a 12-hour challenge. They all have a blah or not-quite-right aspect with shortcomings you can forgive when something was rushed out in a day. This does not look like a collection developed over months of work. The only piece I actually like is the last one, and as TLo says, it's because the model totally rocks it. Somebody summed it up perfectly in Part 1--sloppy and slouchy, just like Althea.

I'm still laughing inside (because I'm w/my 3-yr-old and she would ask "Why are you laughing, Mommy?") at the now-called 'boner dress'. I hated it the second it walked out on the runway. What is with these finalists pulling something really good out of their asses on their 13th look? That was her best work. Thanks T.Lo for pointing out the lousy hem on the green dress. It would have been my favorite until then. These looks are all over 10 months old. I don't know if it is unoriginal or just already played out by the magazines and stores. For examples, the fake fur vest (Irina's collection) is all over the stores this year. Nobody was wearing bright colors last winter except for "Shelly O".

-Frances Spencer

I wondered why everyone assumed it was pleather!

The green dress is nice but it looks like the hem is just stitched. Of course, that can be a design choice, but it doesn't look like one here; looks more like what you'd find at Urban Outfitters or Free People.

The last dress is good, and I like what looks like the panels. But it's no final-look showstopper.

Oh, and the dress Heidi said she wanted: HUH?!??!? Major titscrepancy on what looks like foil over cardboard construction.

P.S. I just don't understand why my computer shows "titscrepancy"as a misspelling. It's a word, after all.

Also, yes TANISHA made that dress. What a body and face she has!! Superb.
--Frances Spencer

So bland. Fashion is an illusion. Life has no meaning.

It is, and I quote, "A mess fest".
But--it's nice to see Jaslene, an ANTM winner, actually working.

If Heidi raved about that one dress, then clearly they were trying to save face by that point. Please tell me the other two were much better.

Clueless Jock
11/24/09 11:45 AM

So bland. Fashion is an illusion. Life has no meaning.


I was shocked and befuddled by the dress she put on Tanisha. Sure it looked great on HER, but it wasn't s great dress. At all. It looked like something Michael would have done.

Side note: it's not uncommon to see the ANTM, MMaSM and even occasionally the JDMA models in theses shows. I don't know if it's the exposure from being on the shows on the sheer tenacity of the models on those shows but it happens.

As for Althea's collection, when I saw it last year, her's was the one I was the least impressed with. While I agree CH was less cohesive as a collection, I had her pegged for a number 2 spot based on looks alone.

I think the black leather jacket (over the green dress) is very nice. It looks like soft lamb leather to me by the way it scrunches up her arms. However, I bought a very similar jacket a couple of years ago, so this look isn't "futuristic" or anything new. Although it does look well-made. That's the only positive thing I can say about this whole collection.

Was shocked to learn, seeing the screencaps, that the green dress is a knit. A bad, bad sloppy knit.

HEY! Jaslene from ANTM was in this show, look #3! Glad to see some of them actually get work.

Jaslene was the most exciting thing to come down this runway. However, it looks like she stopped eating a couple of years ago. Someone please invite that girl over for some turkey and stuffing.

Does anyone actually check these girls for double stick tape?

At first glance I kinda liked the first look, HOWEVER, after examining the hem from the front and again from behind ---- horrible, just horrible. How does one even make it to PR with worksmanship like that? Did she pull a Mychael and crank out this collection at the last hour? The final look is okay (thank God for Tanisha!) but as others have posted, it's no final look for Bryant Park and certainly no showstopper --- a snooze-inducer, but nothing to write home about. And I wonder why Althea chose that hideous belt. Very last minute styling, as if she pulled the freebie-belt from her own Mossimo jeans and slapped it on Tanisha as she walked out to the runway. As some posted yesterday and quite eloquently I might add, ultra ugh!

- edina -

I loved the two sweaters she offered--especially the purple one! DIVINE! and the gown at the end was cute little throwaway, with tanisha being the best part about it. I didnt mind the leather so much, in fact I kind of actually liked it. But things got dull with the dresses she offered. While CH's dresses were atleast cute and incongruous, these were fugtastic.

The inspiration for this collection was "science fiction"?


Even though it was kinda boring (which I felt throughout the whole BP show, to be honest), I enjoyed most of the collection. Didn't love the bonerskirt, either, but I still thought a lot of the looks were nice and wearable, even if the line did get too boring towards the end.

Is it weird that I get excited when a contestant on the runway from America's Next Top Model? I always think to myself, "Oh, Jaslene (or whomever may be modeling) good for you! You're working!"

...Even if it is on another reality show. :)

I suppose the belts are there to add a cohesiveness to the collection. But they are so incongruous with the looks, it makes me wonder if they are just an expedient way of camouflaging the fit/construction issues.


The FIRST half of the collection was just as lame.

The two looks with the interesting gather on the skirts would have been more interesting if Althea could have executed them cleanly. The effect as executed was that they were weirdly wrinkled and needed steaming.

One word: asstravaganza.

Project RUNWAY became Project YAWNUR.

The colours were so god-awfully cheap! Most of them seemed lost in execution and had no direction of where it's heading.

Her last look pretty much summed her whole collection up: Colourless, Basic, Boring. I mean I do not see any DESIGN in them. " They're clothes, not FASHION!" -MK

The gold dress looks as if it's made of swimsuit material. This is not a good thing.

Random Comments about the entire collection:

I hated this collection when I first saw it, but like TLo experienced, it improved with subsequent viewings. I have to admit that it is due in part to me being exposed to trends that were in the emerging stages at the time that these clothes walked back in February like leggings, paperbag waists and the run-in-the-pantyhose effect.

The two sweater pieces are the standouts in the collection.

While not perfect, Althea's collection demonstrated better construction and fitting skills than were shown during the regular season.

Tanisha's girls are supported, yay! Alternatively, the slinkiness of the dress restricted Tanisha from stomping down the runway creating that other distraction. In general, Althea went for a more fitted or corseted look on top than the baggy look, which was a good thing.

I think it would have been better if she incorporated deep but "serious" colors like eggplant, olive green, crimson, and sienna,

It looks like she has been influenced by Balenciaga and Alexander Wang.

I can see Althea moving to Michigan and helping Joe Faris with his diabolical plan to turn Detroit into a fashion capital.

A said: "his diabolical plan to turn Detroit into a fashion capital."

Haha! Good, A.

The first half of the collection was much stronger. But I think people are being overly harsh - it wasn't that bad and there were some cute looks.

I may be alone in this but I like the styling. I think she really nailed the essence of the 50's sci-fi movies and I thought that was fun.

Definitely not the next great American designer but I think she's got very commercial, youthful, on-trend sensibilities and I think she'll have a pretty successful career.

Meh. I remember that half those skirts were so tight at the knees the poor models were walking knock-kneed.

I'm not bothered by the simplicity of some of the looks. What bothers me is that they are executed so terribly. But then again, execution was a big problem for Althea durin the season, and she somehow escaped the criticism that had been leveled at designers in past seasons.

I was really surprised to see Tanisha in the last dress. I would've expected Althea to put her into one of her more "signature" looks with separates to stand before the judges, especially considering the looks that won her challenges during the season.

I don't get it.
That green dress reminded me of Ramon's toilet neoprene dress.

oh my god, Jaslene, eat a sandwich.

9. The lapel looks wonky. And the dress looks like #11.

10. The model is very beautiful. The top edge of the blouse is really bugging me, not well finished. Don't mind the boner skirt, Like the length.

11. Painfull!

12. It looks like stretch satin. But I like the length better than #11.

13. The dress looks too tight in the bust and at the abdomen. It also looks soiled, like the dresser was eating potato chips. Other than that I wouldn't remember it.

As to the leather comment- way to make leather look cheap - usually cheap loeather is very stiff.

First one - green - also has a "pouch" around the crotch.
Plus looked at Rate the Runway - not just the fromnt hem but the weird tail in back is also a ragged mess.

Second - the crotch pouch !?!? Also it was so tight at the knees that the model could not walk in it.

Third - From the front initially I thought FINALLY, but upon closer look the placement of the seam that is supposed to be UNDER the breast would not be for anyone that is not totally flat. But the I saw it from behind --- ARRGH.

Fourth - meh except I did not like the shoulder thing-y or the way if was stuffed down to the belt.

Fifth - kind of nice albiet simple, but it appeared that it gave Tanisha some trouble walking.

As to your comment of finding it any department store - the quality is so bad I'd expect to find it in Gabriel Bros or Ross (some place that gets "seconds") - and even then on their clearance racks

OOps last Anon was me

a on 11/24/09 at 12:42 PM said...
I can see Althea moving to Michigan and helping Joe Faris with his diabolical plan to turn Detroit into a fashion capital.

If it can be done to Atlanta and Miami then why not Detroit Rock City???


This was the collection I liked the least. There wasn't anything in this second half that piqued my interest, and there were a few (silver/white polterwang ensemble in particular) that I hated.

I'm glad it was clarified that she used leather and not pleather. It's a shame the leather pieces looked so cheap.


Scarlet said:

But then again, execution was a big problem for Althea durin the season, and she somehow escaped the criticism that had been leveled at designers in past seasons.

11/24/09 1:02 PM

JMHO, but I think Heidi and some of the other judges really liked Althea's take on fashion, and her potential, and brushed aside the technical problems with fit and execution as things that could be easily corrected. The presence of MK and Nina for more challenges probably would have called her on these problems.

This is the weaker half of the collection for me, maybe because this is where it became clear that Althea wasn't going to pull out any of the stops, much less all of them. She has some good ideas - I liked the seaming on the top part of Tanisha's dress - but the execution was bad and so was the fabric selection. They make everything look cheap. That leather really does look like a bad pleather.

And I too think that part of Althea's problem is that she's designing only things she would wear. Michael Kors said something like that a few years ago - I think it was about Laura's work - and I didn't really see it then, it even made me kind of mad, but I do see it as a limitation in Althea's collection. Still it seemed like the second place collection rather than third, at least in the few seconds we see on PR.

I only hated the silver fug which Heidi praised (proof positive that Mrs. Samuels has no taste whatsoever and should not be judging anything, at all, ever, but should just sit there, shut up, and look pretty).
Bravo! Heidi's taste level is cheap and trashy for the most part and the fact that she sits there in judgement of others is ridiculous.
Add to the bitch-factor she exhibited all season I agree, she should just shut the fuck up, sit there and look pretty. She might even learn something from NG and MK.
Her new attitude is really starting to steal from her beauty.

I have a question. Do the finalists have to purchase all their own accessories (i.e. shoes belts headbands ect) from the $9000? I imagine the shoes might put a bit of a dent in the fabric budget, if that is so.

Tanisha in the gold dress is an image I will remember.

Everything including and past the dress that Heidi "loved" is just plain awful. I feel like Heidi just picked one garment at random to say she liked because "I would wear this" is her judging schtick. Ugh the fit and the draping just looks so shitty I can't believe she didn't make the last few looks in 2 hours each.

Did no one else gasp when the model wearing the third look come down the runway? Is her name Jaslene? She looks shockingly thin, which is difficult to pull off at Bryant Park.

The green dressed only amplified how color starved the three shows were.

When that short, shiny, ho stroll dress came down the runway, we shouted "Heidi!" And sure enough.

The boner dress that Heidi loved somehow managed to make a tall and uber slender model look short and dumpy. That's no small feat.

11/24/09 2:09 PM I have a question. Do the finalists have to purchase all their own accessories (i.e. shoes belts headbands ect) from the $9000? I imagine the shoes might put a bit of a dent in the fabric budget, if that is so.

YES! See "Shoe-Gate" season one!


Yes, yawning through the second half of this collection. Only two things made me take notice:

The treatment (what is it? pleating?) on the bottom half of the green dress would serve as an adequate symbol of one of Althea's major problems. She seems to throw in details to make something more interesting, but in reality ends up making it look more messy. That dress looks wrinkled. Not architectural, not tailored, not flattering.

The sleevelets on Tanisha's dress bug the hell out of me. They hit at such an awkward point and are just flirting with an armpit fat disaster.

Yeah, I didn't like her on the show and I don't like her runway collection. I saw her Spring/Summer 2010 pictures and I enjoyed the addition of color but the overall effect was still sloppy and unflattering.

Boring, dull and poorly made. And dear Lord, Jaslene has gotten even skinnier! She is skin and bones! What do we do to our young women???

That's leather??? OMG - correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you could buy high-(or at least higher-)quality pleather for the amount she probably spent on this low-quality (looking) leather!

The first jacket in this half is nice, but I'm not in love with the green dress - it's only OK to me.

Silver top with boner skirt - just yuck. Why am I not surprised that Heidi liked it? Also, there must be some kind of major boning (tee hee) in it to hold the top up, b/c in profile you can see it doesn't even come close to fitting the model's bust. Also, the model seemed to be having serious difficulties walking in it - a problem I noticed with several of the models in long/tight skirts.

Grey drapey dress: Um, I guess the draping is interesting, but in that length and paired with that awful cheap-sports-bra-looking bodice it's just awful. The worst of the bunch IMO.

2nd-to-last look: Just boring and way too tight in the skirt. Looks like a retread of the silver top look, only without the polterwang and with the shoulder draping, which is not quite interesting enough to carry the look. Awful cheap-looking fabric.

Tanisha's dress: at first I thought this was pretty good but now I'm coming around to think that Tanisha elevated it from "blah". Definite fit issues - way too tight from the boobs down to the hips, and while the long train is a nice idea Tanisha looks like she's dragging it down the runway, the same way she did with Althea's "Mackie" look.

So far I'm not really seeing why this collection finished higher than CH's, except for CH's lack of cohesion. Maybe the final standings were partially based on how they had done throughout the course of the show?

LOVED the green dress (didn't notice that hem though, it is pretty bad)

I also like that simple silver dress, because of its simplicity. In a more complex collection, something as simple as that could have been a real relief for the eyes, but in this boring collection it just blended in with the rest of the blah.

Is the green dress knitted too? It looks like she knitted a giant rectangle, wound it a couple of times horizontally round the body and then draped and stiched it. The unfished hem looks like the raw selvedge on the edge of knitted fabric...

I'd love to see what's going on under that jacket.

mochizuki-senpai said...

Exactly. Thank you, gentlemen. Tanisha, I think, is the reason why Althea found herself on the top during the season. That woman can work a look and is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Althea's design and execution was not that great, and often not good, but Tanisha, as Sir Gunn would say, made it work.

I hate to be the barer or bad news to Ms. Kayln. Honey, you may have won the money, but Tanisha won the competition.

CCGuy000 said...

That green dress... while a nice color, looks like's made of burlap...

I'm positive it's tweed. It can sometimes have that affect because of the large, coarse fibers. If i'm correct, that's probably why she chose to do the hem as she did. She offered some de-construction looks with those awful tanktop sweaters, and the hem gives some cohesiveness with that. Tweed has a great ravel to it for just that sort of look, which I tend to like, but given Althea's notoriously bad construction, it just looks half ass rather than purposeful.

I'm still trying to get SciFi out of this collection, though. I'm just not seeing it. I would love for her to give an actual explanation of what she deems as "futuristic".

Were there stains on that last look?


"Things get very dull in the second act"

Things were very dull from the begining. The more I see of it the crappier it looks. It is not well made, not innovative, and not flattering. Those skirts that look like you have accidently got them caught in your panty hose look ridiculous and sloppy.

your comment about the "boner skirt" is fucking hilarious!!!

My name is James-Paul and I love shapes!

No, seriously, I liked this collection because of the few pieces that experimented with more modern silhouettes. I'm more interested in silhouette than surface detail and I felt like Irina's collection was all about surface detail. Maybe I'll change my mind after I see more pictures.

God I hate the styling.

I too wonder where the futuristic "science fiction" thread is in all of this.
It looks unfinished, incomplete, sloppy. In any other season Althea's construction and taste issues wouldn't have gotten her this far.
I don't remember any other group where the final 3 weren't all pretty strong collections for the most part.

It's too bad we didn't get the decoy collections this time.
It would have been fun to see what Gordana, and too early eliminated Epperson and Shirin would have come up with. The inconsistent judging kept Logan and Christopher around way too long. Even as mentioned, the finale judges seemed bored.

thanks Tlo! You guys are the highlight of season six.

Pex said: Were there stains on that last look?

I was wondering that too. It kinda looks like Elisa showed up backstage to spit-mark them.

Pretty sure those spots are from the photo. They do not appear on the lifetime website.

Dear Christian Children's Fund:

May I make a special request that my 30 cents a day goes to feed poor Jaslene? Thanks.

I will donate to that cause!

Guess she's not quite America's Next TOP Model if she's been anonymously inserted into a brand new designer's first show...

the model wearing the third look, the gray thing with the black bra straps, is way too thin. i think she was also on america's next top model, but i can't remember her name.

the more i look at this collection, the more i really don't like it. it's not all that creative or innovative, and it really doesn't look to be well made. so, not much there

Gordana was mother fuckin robbed! This is total BS! She looks like she can't even sew a button.

Althea knitted the green dress herself.

It is a good look, the last one in the collection I also feel. I wish she would have continue to explore her distinct silouete (as she did in her brilliant 13th look) rather than feel the obligation to put in some random shiny dresses, worst of all that nasty thing Heidi liked.

I don't think Nina was particularly bothered by Althea's execution... she was obviously her favorite. She has potential. But I feel that even though she looks and sound strong and so on, she really was not that confident in pushing it.

That real leather sure looked bad... and it is so removed from the opaque worn leather look we're so used to now.

the assertion that Jaslene isn't doing well for herself because she did the project runway show is stupid. quite the contrary.

I actually thought Tanisha looked pretty bad. It looks like cheap stretchy swimsuit material, and seemed to restrict her from walking quite right (or maybe that was a deliberate choice that didn't work out?) - and it's giving her a uniboob/titshelf, which is NEVER a good look. Also, the styling was almost too much - I didn't mind the hair, although I could have done without the headbands, but I guess it kind of went with the "slept-in" makeup look (i.e., getting ready to wash their faces?). What really bothered me were the fake lashes. Small thing, I know, but they were sticking out way too far on many of the models, and they were distracting me from the clothes! That's just ridiculous.

i'm not dorothy gale

Honestly, boys, I WANT to comment...but I just don't care any more. This season is dead to me.

More interesting: giving us your take on Adam Lambert's AMA performance?

God, Jaslene is such a tranny.

Oh, the clothes? Giant yawn, these must have been WAY better on the runway for her to have beat Carol Hannah even.


Dull, lifeless, poorly constructed. What better fabric choices, color and finishing would have done to these garments to improve them is our guess, but I think Althea could have put out a nice, modern collection with the above. Right now, it's pretty much asstastic. I've seen better constructed garments at Target (including my two Anna Sui pieces, which rock).

What's with the belt on Tanisha's dress? It's incongruent.

There are spots on her dress. If you watch the runway show, you can see them, so Lifetime must have retouched them out of their stills. They look like they might be sweat or water spots. I was just happy the girls weren't bouncing in two different directions.

I'm so disappointed in this collection. With as much time as the designers had, I can't believe that this is what Althea came up with. And what happened to that red gown Tim looked at??!!

I don't think that they necessarily thought this collection was better than Carrol Hannah's. I think the producers just wanted the "copy cat twins" on the runway at the end as an attempt at drama.
Feh. Once CH was out I knew Irina had won.

This collection isn't better than Carol Hannah's. Irina was always going to win this. Heidi established that by the middle of the season when some pretty good designers had gone out due to inconsistant and stupid judging.


I have to say I love the styling. I think the makeup and false lashes are beautiful. I've never been able to wear headbands (they give me a headache) but I've always loved the look.

When you interview Althea, please ask about the headbands. Why? They look so bad on camera.

And what happened to that red gown Tim looked at??!! I thought it was kind of fushia. I thought that Tim ripped it and like manhy of the items in her collection she pulled it...

haha leaving us with these.

The thing that gets me about silver top boner dress, besides everything else, is the bust! (shocker)
Not only is the fit wonky, but it's totally poorly made! The "cups" are completely uneven! And I don't think that slight asymmetry is purposeful. If it is.. yikes

All the models look so...bored. So filled with ennui.

Taken on its own, her final exit is a nice dress. It's not made well, but it has a cool simplicity to it and hearkens back a little to the whole Sci-Fi inspiration she had. But, you guys are right. It's just not spectacular in this collection.

Althea was one of my favorite contestants this year, and I think she has a legitimate aesthetic. But when I first saw this collection, I was revolted. It's just not exciting. And that's a shame, because she has so much potential.

There are spots on her dress. If you watch the runway show, you can see them, so Lifetime must have retouched them out of their stills. They look like they might be sweat or water spots.

Maybe they used that cheap steamer on the infomercials.

I'm kinda glad that Tanisha was Althea's model. I can't imagine Tanisha walking in Irina's Aspen looks.

There are only three looks I even care to comment on! The sweater on the first look was, in my book, to die for. Dramatic, impractical, but potentially wearable and gorgeous. The same goes for the high-collared navy sweater worn by the model with the inexplicable but gorgeous color-blocked lips.

Also, I know T-Lo were split on Jaslene from ANTM's dress, but I loved it. In the tents, it was one of the few looks Althea presented that had any kind of runway movement, and I fall on the "interesting," not "overly busy" side of that argument!

PS This is off-topic, kittens, but I hope you comment on Michelle Obama's strapless Indian look, because I can't decide if she looks disrepectful to the culture or the absolute most gorgeous she ever has!

The whole collection looks like something you would find at theat horrible Macy's. And, yes, we still are boycotting that store for what they did to the world famous Marshall Fields.

Not loving the second part; kind of boring. Tanisha is amazing, what a great model.

sam-i-am on 11/25/09 at 4:28 AM said....Also, I know T-Lo were split on Jaslene from ANTM's dress, but I loved it. In the tents, it was one of the few looks Althea presented that had any kind of runway movement, and I fall on the "interesting," not "overly busy" side of that argument!

I like this dress too! The only problem I have is with the "belt" or "cummerbund". It is poorly executed and this poor execution distracts from the dress.


I actually liked the last look but you are right about the dull, following dull of the overall view of her collection. It looked like she got rushed and frantic toward the end. I'm not sure she had enough of a cohesive idea overall.

Althea is wonderful and I'm sure will mature after this experience and I'm rooting for her future success.

So dull, so dull. Even the best looks aren't particularly fresh or innovative; like others have said, it's like stuff you can get at a department store. The construction isn't fabulous, either. Still, better than almost everything she produced during the season. Kind of baffled that she scored higher than CH.

One thing I was impressed with was Althea's model selection. She had an interesting mix ethnicities. She had more diverse models in her line up than in the other two put together.

Althea's collection didn't dazzle me, but some things did pop out to me in a good way:

I like some of the folds and shapes she tries to create. I wonder if the effect may have been improved with a different fabric?

I like the layers, especially with the distressed sweaters. It creates texture, shows color, and almost creates a print.

She needs her most help with proportion, fit, and styling. There are some execution issues too. The green dress, for example, would probably look better as a skirt paired with a different top, jacket and without that silly string belt. As it is, it looks fussy and sloppy, and the jacket competes with the skirt too much that its hard to appreciate either.

Lots of good ideas, love her use of separates. I wish her luck!

I disagree with the person above who said Althea had lots of good ideas. Looks to me like she didn't have ENOUGH ideas for a 13 look collection, which is why we ended up with a repetitive and boring collection. And if she's not capable of banging out a great 13 look collection when she's being given the chance of a lifetime, then perhaps she should look into a different career.

The "boner" outfit: hilarious. I don't know what would be worse, if she DIDN'T notice that fit issue, or if she DID notice but thought it wasn't a problem.

I may be the lone voice in this, but I feel Althea had a few of the strongest pieces of anyone. Irina had the best show, and deserved the win no doubt.
What was even more interesting, Althea had the most current pieces, and outlook.
The time this was recorded was not a time of 'fairy tales, and whimsy'; the show was in limbo, with most thinking at best it would be a DVD release, at best.
The economy was a wreck, especially in the mid-west.
Our nation was mired in a two front war.
Wall Street was imploding.
Althea's look to 50's/60's sci-fi was a cool idea, a look to the future, inspired by a time troubled with the cold war, and paranoia.
Her line was clean, and adornment free. A perfect symbol of a new outlook.

Agree w/ the comments re:Tanisha getting Althea to BP. Sports Illustrated should be knocking down Tanisha's door right now.

Yay Tanisha is finally wearing a bra!

I like Althea, but "sci fi"??!
Attack of the Killer Headbands?
I think it might have been a mistake to feature anything that might compromise the circulation around the brains of these girls; it might have contributed to the rather listless runway.

"Plus, from the side, it looks like she has a boner"

You have made my LIFE. Actually cracking up here. I'll be sure to send a few bucks your way for that one once I get paid.

I can't help but think that by "science fiction" she really meant her inspiration was 1970s Star Trek. The hair and the make up remind me of the women on Star Trek reruns. And maybe a little bit o' Barbarella thrown in there. Mixed with that store in the mall that sells knock off gowns...Charlotte Russe??

And yeah, that boner was hard to miss. Heh, I said HARD.

Althea's collection summed up the entire season for me. Booooooooring.

Gah! I HATED the entire collection!!

I don't buy that she used real leather, either. Maybe for some of the pieces, but certainly not the black pieces.

First, there are not enough seams. Leatherwork tends to make outfits look like patchworks. Just the nature of the beast.

Second, the sheen it produced screamed of polyurethane. I've never seen any leather, cheap or otherwise, give off that shine.

Yes, I'm flying my bitch flag today because Althea just brings it out! No worries, though, she doesn't read blogs ;)

I'm especially bothered by all the badly-fitted, double-pointed bodices - a tired shape to begin with and the fit is so weird! Did she run wire along the top edges??

The Boner Skirt proves that draping is indeed an art - cutting enough fabric for the drape to actually DRAPE being paramount!

Jaslene Gonzalez looks terrible to me, even more emaciated than when she won ANTM (I thought Natasha, the runner-up, should've won.) Very drag look to her and her arms and legs - ouch!

I hoped to see Kojii, Matar and maybe even the lovely Valerie on the runway but that's apparently another drawback to the bicoastal setup.

Tanisha is absolutely gorgeous but IS she wearing a bra? She is way stacked for a model and better uplift would improve the line a lot. That camel color is kind of -enh- on an African-American model too - and the only thing that distinguishes it - the seaming - is pretty much lost. IF Althea had used a fabric with an appreciable nap and cut alternating panels in different directions? - and used an actual COLOR? - that dress could have been a knockout.

Project RUNWAY becomes Project YAWNUR - LOVE IT!!

As the new owner of one of the pieces I can confirm that it is real leather and it is exceptional quality.

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