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Ripping the Collections: Carol-Hannah - Part 1

Paging Dr. Whitfield.

Carol Hannah deserves major props for her collection, not because it was flawless (it wasn't), but because it stood out as having a unique and strong point of view in a finale that was top-heavy with the combined aesthetic of IrinAlthea. The girl likes her frippery and there's nothing at all wrong with that. The thing with frippery is, you gotta know when to stop.

Let's start the show.

It's a great opening dress. Love the use of color and the interesting draping. We're not entirely sold on the silhouette on the lower half, though. It's a tough one to pull off. Still, it's eye-catching and beautiful in its own way.

Of course, everyone's going to remember this dress because it was so obviously ripped off and put on the back of Carrie Underwood for the AMAs. CH had this to say to us about that:

"My first thought was "SHORTS??!!" I don't know what to say about this. I'm generally one to give the benefit of the doubt, but there's an awful lot of shady vibes coming from this given the timing, etc. It's one thing to be copied (potentially)...but a whole other... issue when copied poorly. I would absolutely LOVE to talk to her stylist."

Wow, do we ever hate the styling here. It's so distracting that it kind of ruins the look. We like the skirt but there's something off about the proportions. That top simply doesn't go with it, to our eyes.

COLOR! YAY! Not the most sophisticated hue, but we'll take it. Unfortunately, this top illustrates what we mean about knowing when to stop.Way too many twists there, making it look heavy and a little unflattering.

Kind of pretty, but a majorly unflattering silhouette. Could have used some form of embellishment because it's borderline boring.

Another illustration of her need to edit. Each of the design elements on this dress are interesting, but there are too many for one dress. We like what she did with the skirt; she just shouldn't have done so much of it. And the straps and neckline treatment look like she couldn't make up her mind about what she wanted the dress to be. Still, it's very eye-catching.

No complaints here. We LOVED this dress. Totally gorgeous. Love the way the sort of floral treatment continues up into the strap and really love the faded quality of the fabric. We would have loved to have seen this in a color, though.

When we first saw this we thought, "Really? You're gonna go there?" It's simply not an original look in any way and worse, it's totally incongruous to the rest of her collection. It's like she wandered in from a different show.

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I liked a lot of her looks. At least they didn't depress me, like the other two did.

Good for you, Carol Hannah! Congratulations!

I love what she did with the skirt in the fifth look and I had no clue that she'd done that. There's so much more detail in these pictures than on TV! Maybe it's a bit too much but still some nice work.

Love the skirt in the second look. I would however burn the top or use it to wash my car. The skirt needs a distressed tank top in a sexy fabric to show off sexy shoulders.

Hate the grey "Kenley" tutu skirt but love the grey top.


ok recomposed myself....
purple dress was possible showstopper, kinda agree with you guys. But the faded color dress with floral arrangement, tres meh. My horse wouldnt even come near that one. Think Ive seen that rag in every possible runway reality show. Too bad, wanted Dctr Whitfield to win but unfortunately no cohesion.
She does have some interesting ideas though.....

Harsh, but I can see why. I like frippery what can I say. Plus the other 2 collections were too dark and muted, I would wear the most items from this one. That being said, not cohesive enough to win by a long shot over Irina.

The purple shirt dress with the satin rope arrangement looks like a failed glamour suicide moment...

Some nice ideas, but I agree that she needs to rethink proportions and embellishments.

The last one is just plain weird.

CH's collection was incongruous and had no common thread. I liked some of the designs as individual looks, but not as part of a collection.
However, it was extremely refreshing to see some color and whimsey amongst the funereal dreariness of Althea's and Irina's collections.

Some of Carol Hannah's looks are so terrible that I really cannot see anything else she made that might be nice or passable. That third look, the purple rope tunic, is so dated and ugly that I might just have to say it's the worst piece in PR Bryant Park history (besides anything in Suede's, of course).

She has a lot of ideas, but they always seem arts-and-craftsy to me. I don't think she really thinks about "design" so much as "I want to make pretty fairy clothes." That is not my thing, and it is not what is going on in fashion at all right now. That is why CH was third, for everyone always screaming about "WHY DID ALTHEA PLACE ABOVE CH?!" CH's stuff doesn't make her look plugged into the fashion industry at all - like she's never even picked up a magazine. Fine for someone doing their own thing in Charleston, but not appropriate for the winner of this show.

I loved the opening outfit, it was something that really set a good tone. Then she went in all different directions.

Yes too many ideas, too many embellishments. What a pity. If she could have went through this with a good editor's eye she could have won


Carol Hannah put on a good show. Like Althea it does not look like 6months and 9k.

1. Pretty, but it would have been much better with a longer skirt.

2. This one though not new, was super cute. I like the plain top and dark tights with such an overstated skirt.

3. Not as strong, but a good party look for someone who doesn't do dresses.

I'm already suffering from charmeuse overload.

4. This is a fun experimental silhouette for the little black dress. Not for everyone I know.

5. A bold color might have helped. Or not.

6. Also loved. This one would be good for alot of women.

7. The too tight bodice makes it look cheap. I love the skirt. A bold color would have make it even better.

Oddly I think some of these dresses (certainly the fabrics) could have walked into Althea's collection.

Her collection was extremely uneven. I wish that she had started with the first dress (the AMA ripoff) and the last dress (the one her muse model wore) and built the collection around that. I like some of her other looks, but those two looks are stunning and look like they belong together. She could have made a winning collection around those two.

The biggest compliment I can pay her is "At least she used a genuine color." These collections all strike me as the also-ran decoy collections from years previous (although Uli's was head and shoulders ahead of all of these.)

I thought CH's collection was the most interesting and fun. I agree with TLo about the need to edit, though. Some of the looks are definitely suffering from that, but I still enjoyed watching her collection go down the runway.

Also, I just kinda loved Carol-Hannah overall. She seemed like a real sweetheart with some clever ideas and a fun, whimsical style. I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Dress number 4 would be an AMAZING maternity wear.

The styling was really very bad.

I really liked look #6 (though I didn't like the model's walk), and I wish she'd done more along that line, as the rest of her looks are just...well, in need of some serious Prof. Tim Gunn time. I was glad of the colors, even if they weren't eye-popping. Unflattering silhouettes don't bother me as much as, say, the incongruency in look #2, which looks like the chick realized the party was more formal than she'd planned and pulled the skirt on without changing her top, or the bustline on #4, which would be unflattering on every single female and drag queen on the planet. Look #7 doesn't fit with the rest, and it's not a terribly well done version of that kind of look (of which we've seen a lot), but it was also put in the wrong place in the collection: it should have been a finale piece, not stuck in the middle. (I hated the finale dress.)

What drives me nuts about #5 is that, if she'd just not put those silly strap things on, I think I might've liked the dress. She really needs to learn to edit.

I think what helped look #1 was that the model walked as if she had hips, swinging gracefully like a woman should, rather than stomp-stomp-stomping along like an angry, awkward teen who doesn't know how to move her body yet.

The poor model in #7 had no idea how to walk in that thing, which was not designed to allow proper movement, which made it look that much weirder in the show.

Dr. Whitfield is talented and obviously worked hard on her collection, but I think she could do with some proper training at a good school. Having people criticize her work constructively and help her develop her editing eye is what she needs most right now. In a perfect world, Tim Gunn would tutor her.

Wait. Wait! THAT WOULD BE A GREAT SHOW! Something to tide us over between seasons of PR: Tim Gunn teaching designers. He's obviously a good teacher, and he's fond of Carol-Hannah. He could tutor her, then her final project would be re-tooling certain looks from her final collection, et voilá. Next Professor Gunn season would be the next second- or third-place designer. Well, I'd watch it. Then again, my favorite parts of PR are Tim Gunn and the creativity and work that goes into the designs, so it might not be other people's (e.g., those who prefer teh drahmah) cup of tea. *sigh* I tried, Dr. Whitfield. I tried.

Why do people call her "Dr. Whitfield"?

I'm really surprised there hasn't been more of a brouhaha over Roberto de Villacis knocking off Carol-Hannah's dress, especially considering he's going to be featured on Launch my Line. I also wonder if he ever auditioned for Project Runway.

I really have to think he did peek at the final PR collections (way before Thursday night's broadcast), especially since he auditioned and won a role on a competing fashion reality show if for no other reason to see what the competition is up to. I, who hate being spoiled, even peeked three weeks ago, which certainly would have allowed me the time to knock off a dress had I the skills.

Where's the righteous indignation that Irina had to suffer? I think this instance of fashion "plagiarism" is actually more harmful to a fashion designer's career, because how cool would it have been for Carol-Hannah to have a major recording artist wear one of her dresses on national TV. And now her original, far superior garment is going to be inevitably compared to his.

The dress she opened with was FANTASTIC! LOVED IT! The rest needed editing. The purple gown would have been PERFECT if the top was simple. The grey dress has such an overworked feeling, I don't know if it's the hem or the strap, it comes of juvenile IMHO.
The tutu's look childish and the purple shirt is fug and the pants are weird. The styling is sooooooooo bad. I thought it made her models look ugly.
This collection seemed to stop just short of choosing a direction. I feel like with more time, she could have won.

#1 ~ I LOVED this dress. No, I could never, ever, not in a million years, wear that dress, but I can see others wearing it beautifully.

#2 ~ Eek! What is that? It looks looks like a long-sleeve turtleneck leotard with a bunched-up window valence held together with a pair of old stockings tied into a knot over some tulle. I repeat, EEK!

#3 ~ I'm obviously not that sophisticated because I love that shade of purple. That makes her ruining it all the more painful to me. Yes, we all know she needs to edit. Tim told her to edit. I think SHE knows she needs to edit, but just hasn't found the right level of edit yet. But....I don't think the braiding here would be as offensive if it didn't come up in that semi-circular motion on the models left boob.

#4 ~ I swear that when I peeked at the collections here beforehand I thought to myself "Wow. How cool that someone did a maternity look in their collection!" Ya, it's THAT unflattering.

#5 ~ Again, love the color. Totally agree with TLo here. It was just too much. Take out the bottom most tucks on the skirt and pair it with a simple bodice? Winner. Pair the complicated bodice with a simple bottom? Winner. Together? Well, let's just say they are not two great tastes that go great together.

#6 ~ I love the construction of this dress and the concept behind it, but the fabric choice seemed off to me and she needed a model with boobs to wear it. It kinda looks like it's sliding down the model the whole time.

#7 ~ I don't know. I'm so torn on this one. I know it's been done, but I kinda like it. I wish the top couple layers were a little tighter, not quite so full out. It just need a bit more of a progression down into the tighter bottom. But I agree 150% that it didn't have anything to do with anything else in her collection. Except the use of tulle, I guess.

So is anyone coming clean about the Carrie Underwood dress or what?

TLo said, "it stood out as having a unique and strong point of view"

You weren't listening to Nina, were you. We simply don't know who Carol Hannah is as a designer.

Remember? Don't go telling everybody about her strong point of view when Nina tells us we don't know who she is!

Or did you just doze off when it came time for the judges to discuss the collections like I started to...

Carol Hannah had too many ideas in her head....draping, ruffling, asymetrical necklines, etc...

For me, if you're not draping shiny fabric, you better have impeccable seaming and fit. And she didn't have that in every case.

The inverted pyramid dress reminded me more of the recent things coming out of Viktor & Rolf more than it did Kenley's dress.

I love the first dress, the purple gown and the dark gray party dress.

I really didn't like the purple tunic, the wonky black dress or the cupcake dress (as the hubby calls it).

Over-all this was my favorite collection, although I understand why Irina won.

How bad did Garnier come off this season? There stylists are the WORST.

For me, there was something just slightly (or in some cases more than slightly) off about every piece. The opener has grown on me, and I think it's good, but the skirt is too short.

The "upside down" dress is interesting, though I'm not sure the shape is quite there yet. And it might have worked better on a different model. Nothing at all wrong with that model, but I think that dress needs to be on someone with an unnaturally tiny waist, like the model above.

The black dress with the floral thingy is so department store. Maybe it would have looked fresher in a color. But still.

CH is talented, to be sure, and like so many this season, could benefit from studying/apprenticing so that she learns how to develop her talents and her ideas.

I could have sworn look #4 was supposed to be maternity-wear. Are we really sure it wasn't?

I really dislike look #5, it looks very unfinished to me, and heavy at the same time.

I like the rest. I'm not *crazy* about it, but I really like it. Especially #1 - it's outrageous how blatantly plagiarized it was on the AMAs. I'm really surprised there isn't more of an uproar about it.

Lovelovelove that first dress!

Look number 2 looks like that moment when you overspend for a piece you love, take it home and try to find anything to go with it. Perhaps when she grows as a designer (or hires help, besides other fashion rookies) she will excell,

Can someone who makes clothes explain to me about the shaped bodices seen on the two black dresses? (Same as the cardboard-and-tinfoil bodices Althea used in a couple of her pieces.) They look very inflexible; I suspect if someone wearing one tried to move in any way beyond a runway stroll, she'd be in trouble. There must be a better way to do strapless. Look at Shelly O's strapless: it fits around her. CH's & Althea's, on the other hand, sort of stand up in front of the chest like breastplates, with these upward waves (more pronounced and uneven in Althea's). Is it inexperience, or does this actually work as a way to make a bodice?

Brooklyn Bomber said...

......The "upside down" dress is interesting, though I'm not sure the shape is quite there yet. And it might have worked better on a different model. Nothing at all wrong with that model, but I think that dress needs to be on someone with an unnaturally tiny waist, like the model above.

ITA on both counts. The shape was close, but not quite right and to me, it looked like the model was just a little too wide in the torso for that dress. Please note that I'm not implying that the model is overweight or anything ridiculous like that, just that the dress was made to accent a very specific size and shape without knowing who would walk in it. Even uber-thin models have different proportions. CH didn't choose as well as she could of.

the model that opened the show is Shanina from Make Me a Supermodel AU!

I think look 5 is one of the strongest looks in her collection. The top doesn't bother me and i think it works with the draping detail..a simple bodice would make that gown Sears. oh, and the back is very beautiful.

look 6 is ok. it's very crafty to me and the hem is the worst part to me.


Re: the plagiarizing of Carol Hannah's No. 1 look from her BP show-I suspect more hasn't been said because she isn't well-known, and someone figured they could get away with such a blatant rip-off.

At least Carol Hannah offered a different POV than IrinAlthea, which I appreciate. Hopefully she'll get some mentoring/training to help her refine and edit her designs.

Even though I didn't like this collection much, I must give Dr. Whitfield credit for look #6, which is absolutely beautiful. If it had been in a color, it would have been a candidate for best look of the entire finale.

I look at this dress and I think, she really does have potential. This seems to be the look where all the best of CH came out. There were things to like in some of the other looks, but as TLo so wisely pointed out, editing was lacking, and the overall looks just didn't come together.

I think there's a lot of promise here. I think she and Althea were two of the youngest contestants this year, right? I like what appears to be her aesthetic and I'm really interested to see what she's doing a few years from now.

bitchybitchybitchy said...

......At least Carol Hannah offered a different POV than IrinAlthea, which I appreciate.

That's VERY true. I wonder if I would be responding so favorably to her color story if this season, and the final collections, hadn't been so devoid of color?

The first model (in the plagiarized dress) is Shanina, runner up from MMAS Australia. Absolutely stunning!!

Carole Hannah's collection is a joke. Is origniality not worth anything anymore? She is talentless.

This comment has been removed by the author.

"CH said: "My first thought was "SHORTS??!!" "


Me too. I hope we find out what the story is with that copy.

Props to her for this collection for a number of things. First: Purple! Thank you. I would have loved the purple gown, but for the strap across the chest. Don't get that. Same for the brown sash over the crinoline skirt. Love love a good crinoline & I don't even mind it with an unconventional pairing, like a turtle neck, but the sash makes it a nope; a step too far.

I have a greater appreciation for the 6th dress, the black one, seeing it in a still photo. It's beautiful.

But the other black one, The Malvin, yikes no. When a dress makes a stick figure look pregnant, that's bad.

I thought the bottle washer dress was wacky when I first saw it on the runway & I still don't get it. It's another one of those unconventional pairings that doesn't work: It makes the model look like her top half is a New Jersey secretary and her bottom half is the business end of an automated car wash.

What this collection DID have though was some measure of joy. And given how spare that was in this final (& season) I give her props for that.


The first time I saw the photos of this collection I thought it was all over the place, but now that I've heard CH's "Duke University architecture" inspiration and seen it in motion it's making more sense to me. This collection isn't perfect, but it's lovely, stunning, and has more than one "wow" look. I would've easily placed this collection in 2nd place (after Irina), and am still scratching my head over how CH finished 3rd.

I was going to comment on each look individually, but then I realized that I pretty much agreed with you guys on everything except the upside-down pyramid tutu skirt. I absolutely love it! Tutus have been done and overdone, yes, but in that shape? I'm not saying that they haven't, but this fashion-unsavvy commenter hasn't seen it done before.

I love love LOVE the first look. It's such a shame it was ripped off for the AMAs, but if anything good could come out of it, it might bring CH even more business than PR did, at least I hope so.

I think if her fashion show had more of the 1st look, the skirt on the 2nd look, the 5th dress with a lot of editing, and the 6th and 7th dresses, and less of the 3rd look and of most of the 2nd half of the show, she could've been in serious contention for the win.

#1 - One of my favs - VERY CUTE
(but still I hate the frayed edges on the black at the sides. And whenever the judges ignore those I am reminded of the jeans (dress) challenge - and was it Chris? - who get ripped on for the frayed trim?)

#2 - Cute looking silhouette - but almost looks like a "costume" or something still in the idea stage - like rectangles of taffeta and tulle tied at the waist.
I am ok with the l/s black turtleneck

#3 - I don't know just thought the twisting looked sloppy. Overall just somehow off.

#4 - Did CH make this as a Maternity dress? Because from the side view that's how it looks but it is charming.

#5 - ok - but really don't like the asymmetry on the top.

#6 - I don't know whether I would have liked this better on another model, but it looks shapeless with the proportions off.

#7 - Not a dress you could sit in (ala Anna TFS), but I liked this on the runway.

raisin mountaineer

Carol Hannah has a strong enough point of view that when someone plagiarizes her, you can tell. If anyone had plagiarized Althea or Irina, would anyone notice? Although I don't like everything here, exactly, much of it (the first look, the cupcake dress, even some of the work on the others) would be recognizable again.

I for one like the purple tunic-- however, I love love love that color, and the braid is kind of odd and interesting. It's my style. "I would totally wear it."

I do realize this is not always a reason to think something is fabulous.

Forgive me if this has already been answered a hundred times over - I usually read the comments but not always - but to my understanding the actual fashion shows were done without music, and the music was digitally entered in post-production. Is that correct, and if so why? The answer I've heard (more than once) is "because of the lawsuit" but that explanation doesn't really make sense to me. Surely the lawsuit didn't stipulate that they could have the fashion show but not have music? Would the music choice have somehow given away who the final 3 designers were? And if that were the concern, why not use the same standard music for all 3 rather than go silent during the actual show? Unless my info about the silent runway show was inaccurate, in which case I apologise.

I agree with all of TLo's comments here.
One thing, though...the dress you guys said you love...I really like it too, but I can't help but think it looks a little droopy. I can't tell if it's the dress or if the droopiness is due to the model's complete lack of curves.

The rest of you may find this to be crack-smokey of me, but I really wish we could have seen collections by Epperson and Shirin.

McBangle said...

Forgive me if this has already been answered a hundred times over - I usually read the comments but not always - but to my understanding the actual fashion shows were done without music, and the music was digitally entered in post-production. Is that correct, and if so why?

No, that's not correct. The shows had music, just not the music you heard in the episode. We have no idea why.

McBangle -- I haven't heard that about the music, but if that is true there is a simple explaination. Music rights cost money; even at a fashion show. So Lifetime may have been trying to save some money on a show they weren't sure if they were going to ever be allowed to air.

She definitely would have won Project I Didn't Mind It.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous @11/25/09 11:19 AM

Why do people call her "Dr. Whitfield"?

Because she, unfortunately, did not survive an edit looking like Madame Curie.....

I do adore her, though....

loved the opening look, loved the purple dress, loved the grey dress (would have been prettier full length, i think.

hated. HATED. the goddamn upside down froufrou number.

TLo said No, that's not correct. The shows had music, just not the music you heard in the episode. We have no idea why.

Thanks for the explanation! Maybe I heard something about the music on the show not being played on the runway and misunderstood or maybe it got changed in a game of telephone.

That fourth look made me wonder originally if they were going to get a maternity challenge thrown at them as the 13th look. It's great for maternity!!

I've been thinking a lot about CH over the past week (I had two and a half hours in the dentist's chair yesterday; it gave me all sorts of thinking time) and what strikes me is she's very much in the tradition of the small-town southern spinster seamstress who travelled to Paris and brought back fashion dolls and sketches, and then got a little over-enthusiastic in the matter of embellishment. (The modern iteration of this is the sorority girl with a degree in fashion merchandising from, say, Ole Miss, who uses her husband's money to set up a boutique in a rich suburb, between the library and the dental clinic).

Her use of fabric and understanding of the body is able, but she needs to learn to edit and focus. The purple dress would have been more effective with a half-yard less fabric and maybe two fewer tucks.

Her stuff is, as has been said above, cheerful and looks fun to wear, and I think has more general appeal than either Irina's or Althea's, but it's always on the edge of being twee and bourgois. At its best- the black cocktail dress with the dimensional trim- it's quite wonderful, but it's not always at its best.

Did the tulle dress remind anyone else of shawarma?

That first dress is one of the most memorable and beautiful garments I have ever seen. -victoria

I love the first dress and the cupcake dress. I like Carol Hannah's style best when she is doing whimsical party dresses rather than overworked gowns or awkward separates. Still, I don't know if her style is really meant for the world of Bryant Park and $1000+ dresses. I think her style looks very Anthropologie (in a good way).

I'm a fan of the purple gown. I actually didn't realize that she had done something to the fabric - assumed it just flowed like that. And of course, YAY for showing a very "current" color. I dislike that green skirt/black top look. Is that from Melanie Griffith's wardrobe in Working Girl?

Her first dress was the best piece on the runway that day - it's far more memorable than anything Irina or Althea did. Apparently Carrie Underwood, her stylist and the designer who blatantly ripped off CH agree.

The tulle skirt and turtleneck is charming even if it's not very original. I'm sure I've seen similar looks before.

The tunic and pants and the black dress are both super fug.

The dress with the floral strap is etheral and beautiful. Another stunner.

I adored the "bottlewasher" dress. And I think it did work with the rest of her collection. I think it's a strong piece.

I think she's got potential to be a really terrific red carpet designer. She should try to do an apprenticeship with Marchesa. Harvey Weinstein could arrange it for her - he's married to one of the principals.

this was my favorite collection, not so much for the merits of each individual piece, but more for the emotional impact it had. It's a cheerful collection and the women I imagine wearing these dresses are happy, light, free.

the only looks that stand up to scrutiny for me are the first dress (really a 'wow' piece) and the faded grey dress. Everything else can be picked apart, but I do appreciate how they all add to the overall feel of the collection.

I'm kind of digging the pants that are paired with the over-worked purple tunic, though.

I liked a lot of her stuff. Maybe it was the darkness of the other 2 collections, but her felt .... happy. I agee she could have stepped back and edit a bit more, but overall I liked it. In fact I think I would have chosen her collection over Althea's.

I picked up what others have commented on - JOY & HAPPINESS. There is something exuberant about her collection.

It could be just the color deprivation clicking in - then suddenly there is CH with eggplant and teal and . . .

You know, like you've just walked through ten minimalist art exhibits and then hit Kandinsky. Chaotic and colorful. I guess it would work the other way around. If everything was color packed then the quiet of Irina's Johnny Cash collection would be more welcome.

mochizuki-senpai said...
. . . In a perfect world, Tim Gunn would tutor (Carol Hannah).

I would totally watch that!


I like these looks, even the poofy lavender one at the end :)

I think CH should have been second, this collection is much more "fashion" than Althea's. It also looks better constructed. That eggplant collored gown is just lovely and I would love to wear that black cocktail dress to a few holiday parties :)

Asparagus lust

At least she hears her own drummer. She should have placed #2, not Althea. Once again, Tlo has it rught about her. But I strongly like her work, while I strongly dislike the other 2, aesthetically, and everything about Althea's.

A lot of near misses. Editing was the issue. My fav was yhe black dress with lacey shoulder treatment. Even with the boo-boo's, it was eye candy.

Look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

That last dress, with all the weird tulle, looks like a toilet brush.

My fave is actually the most simple (deceptively so) second look. Gotta disagree with you about the top, TLo because the combo looks very modern to me.

The high and the low end.

(Makes me think of how fab Sharon Stone looked years ago wearing a Armani long black skirt paired with a Gap black T-shirt to the Oscars.)

CH is very young and I think will learn (like Leanne & Christian) just where that stopping point is.

Plus -- she's such a sweetie.

I'm actually with Nina on this collection. I don't see a POV in terms of silhouette, fabrics, or mood. She said she was inspired by architecture from Duke University, but that story doesn't come across in any coherent way. The colors are a change of pace from Irina and Althea, but they seem randomly chosen.

I liked Carol Hannah's designs for the challenges, but her collection just didn't come together. Having 6 months probably worked against her rather than helped her. She had too much time to think and second guess herself, and that's probably why she either didn't develop a strong through line for her collection or lost it somewhere along the way.

"I'm obviously not that sophisticated because I love that shade of purple."

Me, too. Also, I don't get what's 'unsophisticated' about a slightly desaturated jewel tone. To me, that actually seems rather adult, elegant, and slightly understated, which seems perfect. *shrug* There are some things about fashion I will never understand, I guess.

I liked the styling. It was very 80s in what I think was a good way. I didn't like the high-volume skirts, and think they didn't really fit with the rest of the collection, but the rest of the collection did say "Carol Hannah" to me.

Carol Hannah didn't win, but the buzz following the Carrie Underwood/AMA dress ripoff of her dress will probably be better for her than the show's grand prize.

I thought that funky gray dress looked like shwarma, too.

And I agree--this should have been 2nd place. At least they don't all look like they could have been purchased at Old Navy.

Think about how young she is.

There is SO much room in the fashion world for someone this young with the skills she has...editing lessons would go a LONG way, though.

She and Laura Bennett should chat now that Dr. Whitfield lives in NY. Laura could help her a lot...

the first model is shanina from make me asupermodel australia

Dr. Whitfield's collection, as disjointed as it is, was a breath of fresh air compared to IrinAlthea's runway funerals. But there are a lot of problems.

Stay away from shiny!! There's just too much shiny going down that runway. I think both the eggplant gown and the bottle brush grey dress would have been helped with different fabric choices.

The first look is a stunner. Would like to see it just a tad longer, however. I haven't seen the ripoff yet to comment on that.

I love the black skirt but the top is a miss. Some color with the skirt could have been interesting with a less severe and covered top.

The purple top and pants were a bore and the blouse needs serious editing, which Tim did mention to CH on her home visit. Not Bryant Park standards at all.

The black dress is very unflattering. Yes for maternity, big no for everyone else!

The eggplant gown is lovely from the bust down. That extra strap is horrible across the chest. But this gown moved beautifully down the runway and was a breath of fresh air after Althea's collection. The joy was definitely there.

This muted dress would have been beautiful in a color. Yes, it is very ready-to-wear, but I liked it, especially the floral detail becoming the strap.

I love the idea of the bottle-brush dress. I just don't like the execution with the shiny top. Again, a different fabric and color choice and this could have been very fun and whimsical.

There was just a lot of looks and no story. I would have loved to see what else Dr. Whitfield could have done with the inspiration, the awesome architecture of Duke. She got derailed somewhere along the line.

yeah! ho! wah!

her aesthetic is not really my thing, but still: in the first half of her collection, only the two aubergine pieces are kinda ugly and overdone. the rest is nice, even if it really could use some vibrant colours. LOVE the second look.

I'm totally amused by the fact that CH seems to care a lot less about her dress getting ripped off and a lot more abut the fact that it was ripped off poorly.

I love most of it!
I agree with your editing comment,especially with regard to the purple "ropey" top!
LOVE the crazy tu-tu piece...loved it to pieces!!!!!!!!!
Irina was a slam dunk...but C-H was robbed of 2nd place!

TLo said, of look #3:
"COLOR! YAY! Not the most sophisticated hue ..."

Can you please explain what you mean? If it were a garish, tacky color, I might understand, but as it is, I don't see what's unsophisticated about this shade of purple. What makes a color sophisticated, or not? Thanks!

I really liked a number of piece's from CH's collection and agree that the biggest problem is the overall lack of cohesiveness. None of the looks were bad, but she could certainly use a bit of guidance from a seasoned professional in the industry (hello, Tim Gunn!) or academic instruction and training.

CH is an excellent seamstress and definitely has ideas and something to say. But her work seems to lack direction and a cohesive aesthetic. Hopefully, time, maturity and training will help. I also think that working with Epperson & Logan and working in the fashion capital of the world will expand her horizons. I really look forward to seeing her put out a strong and cohesive collection in the future.

On a final note, on some level, I actually kinda loved the last look. Not perfect, but a lovely color and just a fun and flirty, sophisticated look. I see it as a great wear once look, or funky red carpet fair that would photograph well on the right girl.

- edina -

fragile industries

I frankly think Dr. Whitfield is the one to watch from this season.

I understand the win for Irina because she looked like she got what a collection meant for a through-line, the consistency, the styling, her overall maturity seemed like a more experienced, successful designer, even down to the decision to do a 98% black collection. There's some cojones to Irena's whole thing.

Dr. Whitfield lacked all that polish and maturity. But I think she has more ideas, innovation, possibility to her as a designer. Using color in a season that lacked color. Unique silhouettes.

Irena's ideas had a faux-relevance with the whole "armoured woman in NY" centerpiece, which isn't new, as the Duchess noted. I think Dr. Whitfield here showed she can advance her own innovations which (judging from that first look) can be what's next.

Any funny lumpy bits in this collection pale in comparison to some of the odd tittery and folding on some of Irena's mid-show looks. It can be damning to say "I'd wear that," but I would and could for many pieces. Pretty isn't a dirty word. Subtract a few of my years and I'd want to rock a lot more!

That opening dress was the best thing, hands down, in the entire finals. It felt like a Susan Boyle moment. (And I had no idea about the CMS rip-off! Shorts!!!)

I really, really wanted her to get second place. In any event, CH, I hope you continue to grow and dream and surprise us! Congratulations!

I don't know if CH necessarily had the best collection, but it was my favorite, I think. Compared to "Irinalthea" (nice!), this collection felt so much brighter and more exuberant. (Which is saying something, given there isn't that much color in this collection, either.)

The 6th look, the strapless greenish dress with the detailing down the front? Loooooove. First dress was great, too, and a wise choice for the first look on the runway.

On the fluffy-buttplug dress:
"It's like she wandered in from a different show."
That's it exactly! There was nothing tying it to everything else on the runway. It was an interesting idea, but really didn't belong.

Why do people call her "Dr. Whitfield"? I still don't get it either. who is dr. w?

Jesus, what a bunch of cheap looking crap.
I liked the first dress when I saw it on TV. Up close, not so much.
And the fourth dress down, the black one, she looks preggo.
Cheap cheap cheap shit shit shit.

I loved her collection, she had a few, very minor, problems but I really think if it had only been more cohesive she would have easily won. I think CH is my favorite designer of this season.

The problem is that she didn't put out a collection, she put out an assortment. Nothing really cohesive among her looks, even though I liked most of them much better than Irina or Althea.

CH is a fun designer who loves beauty and fantasy. I wish she had fantasized more and then edited down some of her embellishments.

I am overall impressed and wish her good luck. I also apprecieated how she could take critique from Tim and make good use of it. I little time being taught/mentored would be a great thing for her.

I love Dr. Whitfield, she's a dear and obviously very talented, but the scary thing is, I think she probably did edit. I like #1, but agree with whoever said the skirt should be a little longer, and I really love the skirt in #2, but definitely with a different top. Only a ballerina would look good in #7, and maybe not even; it's too thick and needs at least a hint of color...though I like the idea.

Nice, but not a collection.

That's why she came in third. Some of the looks were too much as well.

Color is welcome, but I'd like Irina's black collection anyday over this one.

watch me boogie on 11/25/09 at 11:01 PM said...The 6th look, the strapless greenish dress with the detailing down the front? Loooooove. First dress was great, too, and a wise choice for the first look on the runway.

Would someone who went to live show show comment about look #6. Please tell me the true color of this dress. On my computer it looks charcoal grey.



Graciella16 on 11/26/09 at 1:39 AM said...Only a ballerina would look good in #7, and maybe not even; it's too thick and needs at least a hint of color...though I like the idea.

I think if CH was determined to put look #7 in her collection, she should have used eggplant colored fabric to add cohesion to the collection via color. Same with the first dress. I would have done it in eggplant, silver/grey and black as opposed to the colors she used. This whole collection could have been better tied together via use of color.


Good idea, Tampa! It certainly would help.

TampaBay said:
"Would someone who went to live show show comment about look #6. Please tell me the true color of this dress. On my computer it looks charcoal grey."

That would be excellent, please! To me it looks a gray-green, odd sort of color, and the color looked different on the TV vs. the PC monitor vs. the laptop monitor.

Carol Hannah's was my favorite of the three collections, hands down. But, if 6 seasons of this show has taught me anything, it's that if I think it's pretty, it ain't gonna win. :-) All three did great, and it was nice to see the ladies make a showing.

what crap. this is ugly.

There are certainly elements I liked in CH's collection, enough that hers was my favorite.

I really appreciate the close up still photography which shows much more clearly the details of the garments.

I liked the last dress. Classy, refreshingly light and very much an eye catching piece. A lovely dress for the Emmys.

Off topic: Is it just me or do all the clothes shown in these collections look messy and poorly made? I cannot understand when given vast amounts of time, compared to the challenges during the show, these designers still manage to make things that look sloppy and just thrown together.

I guess I will always use Laura's collection as the yardstick for excellence. Even though this is a design competition, the construction of the garments cannot be ignored.

I really wish that all the people accusing this designer, Roberto DeVillacis, would have their facts straight.
This designer is a couture designer very well know in Europe for the past twenty years. he has done many run way shows and even sold to Saks and Neiman Marcus here in the States under his previous label Trash-Couture. So please research, before you make false assumptions. he would have no need to copy a designer who has just presented one collection. And to assume that this is a rivalry between Lifetime and Bravo is ludicrous!!!!!!!!
Look at His Website and you will see that his style is complete different that Carroll Hannah’s
He did not copy, design, or ever put his name on this garment!

I really wish that all the people accusing this designer, Roberto DeVillacis, would have their facts straight.
This designer is a couture designer very well know in Europe for the past twenty years. he has done many run way shows and even sold to Saks and Neiman Marcus here in the States under his previous label Trash-Couture. So please research, before you make false assumptions. he would have no need to copy a designer who has just presented one collection. And to assume that this is a rivalry between Lifetime and Bravo is ludicrous!!!!!!!!
Look at His Website and you will see that his style is complete different that Carroll Hannah’s

He did not copy, design, or ever put his name on this garment!

love the black faded dress.

Grey tutu dress reminds me of the spits of lamb meat at gyro stands in Greece, when they've shaved a bit off of them. I love Gyros, but I wouldn't want to wear one.

She should've won!

Her designs are feminine and beautiful. She was robbed!!

I have no idea where I would wear it, but I covet that purple dress (minus those weird straps over the top of the bust and around the waist). The material just looks deliciously decadent.

~ Ri

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