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The ONE Burning Question from Last Night's Show

What was Nina wearing?

Along with the several hundred comments that filled our inbox this morning, all bemoaning how boring last night's show was, we received a couple dozen asking us about Nina's striking top. Well, you can't say we don't deliver the goods:

Requiem Spring 2009 Collection
Model: Samira Bento

This may have been one of the best things she ever wore on the show. We love it and we think she looked great in it. And in pure fashion editor style, she put her own twist on it, pairing it with pants, which we thought was a great idea.


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Man that thing is gorge!

It looks like a chest x-ray.

Yes, beautiful. But at first I thought it was a skeleton costume left over from Halloween.

Love those shoulders. She really looks great in her clothes.
I like the chest X-ray look.

Ditto Anons @ 11:07 and 11:08.

Did not like, distracting.

LOVE IT! It's a gorgeous piece!!


I knew you bitches would know. It's beautiful!

I would bet good money that it was in fact inspired by a chest x-ray --- which is cool. Personally, I liked the runway look better.

- edina -

Nope, still looks like a chest x-ray.

Ditto the chest x-ray, or maybe a Star Trek uniform. I thought you guys were going to totally rip on it.

Ugh. Sorry. Can't go with you on this one. I thought this was hideous. Skeleton and Drum Major come to mind.

Hated it. Looks like a bib.

Fuck, that thing is gorgeous!

Really?! I thought it was hideous. I totally thought "skeleton" when I saw it, although chest x-ray is funnier.

Thank you, TLo!

While the top is definitely interesting, all I could think of was that it came from Alice in Wonderland. Though the chest x-ray definitely works in the case, too.

Gorgeous! Very striking and who cares if it was inspired by a chest x-ray?

I love it!

I'm with Anon 11:15--Scary Skeleton Drum Major!

Much better with the pants. I love it. But then, I love anything that has than penguin-type look to it.


I thought it looked like a pair of combs.

Would have loved that outfit without the skeleton ribs.

Man, Nina looks really gorgeous lately, doesn't she? Her skin, hair, makeup... get it, girl!! :)

NO! I hated that top. Made her look short-necked and wide-waisted.

Although GT's "penguin" remark almost swayed me. HA HA!

I didn't watch the episode (lost interest in the entire season at week 4) but from the screen caps, I have to ask. Is Nina expecting? Because she sure as hell looks preggers in that top, at least from that skewed side shot.

Nigel Tufnel, the This Is Spinal Tap collection.

This is what happens when you borrow your clothes from Nigel Tufnel.

Ugh, did not like. I thought it made Nina's ass look eight axhandles wide.

Pam, you beat me!

Yep, I thought xray too.....someone who's smoked far too much.

I think she should have thought a bit more about wearing that....a bit like the sena pant girls, Madge and Ga Ga.

What - no mascara reference???

Love that top. I want it.

I referred to it as "the sternum dress."

I this it's a great top. Thanks for the post, guys. I've never heard of this designer.

I see giant wishbone--who's going to pull Nina apart and get the biggest piece and their wish? Or maybe giant tooth with roots and a horrific cavity. In either case, not pretty. And not flattering.


It's FABULOUS, especially the shoulders.

My fiance said it looked like two toothbrushes facing each other, and now that's all I see.

But I didn't like it before he said that. Really I'm not a fan of this heavy shoulder thing. I'll be glad when it's over.

I thought she looked amazing! That's the first thin I notice, the top.

I agree, very distracting. First thing I thought was that it looked like two toothbrushes!

That's definitely Nina's chest x-ray...see, no heart!

Fabulous! I was hoping you guys had some info on it.

Gawd I love he.


I love HER. I blame the lack of coffee this morning.

Question: December's GLAMOUR?

Any mentions?

Mark me down for penguin skeleton.

Which was really funny when she was advising the designers that black and white are not editorial enough.

Irina was already dissing her advice. I would have loved to see one of her patented eye rolls right about then.

When she walked onto the set I shrieked! That was one kick-ass look. Stunning. Only looked out of place due to the mediocrity around her.

I knew I'd wake up to you guys telling me what that was.

I like better with the pants. I think Nina looks good and I was thrilled to actually get a decent look at what she was wearing (I hate that when she judges she's always folded up in the chair).

But, perhaps because both kids do/did marching band, my first thought *was* "it reminds me of a band uniform"

Two toothbrushes facing each other!!


(wipes off laptop)


I thought the top was stunning! Thanks, guys!

Cluieless Jock

I thought several dragonflies collided on her chest.

But the cut is nice.

Really beautiful, but I agree with Edina Monsoon, I like the runway look better.

Are you people on crack? Who has two spines? How do you even get to x-ray?

It's a gorgeous top

I died when I saw that, I WANT IT!

I hate it.

It looks like 2 toothbrushes are squaring off on her chest. Oral-B fight night. T Lo, T Ho thinks you're crazy. That thing is awful.

I hardly noticed it. I was too busy hoping our fav judges would sit down and have a real chat, but instead we got the same ol' sound bites. Would love to see the unedited footage of that visit.

As for the top, now that I look at it, it looks like it's supposed to frame a baby bump or something. Maternity wear for fashion victims.

Don't like it at all - for all the unappealing images it conjures up, for the ugly 80's shoulders, for the way it's not particularly flattering to Nina.

And as for the big shock that Nina and Kors visited the designers before the runway show, who cares. I'm over them. For all that this season has been less than stellar, let's remember that La Nina and the Duchess are the same people who put Sweet Pea and Santino through to BP, who dissed Uli twice, who gave Daniel V a totally unwarranted win in the All-Stars, etc. Their integrity has always been suspect. It's just a little more overt now.

Joy Joy - two great minds...

I think it looks gorgeous on the model but, on Nina, the way that the lower white lines go outwards at the waistline is not very flattering.

Crud, someone said it before me (anonymous 11:07) It looks like a giant x-ray or skeleton painted on her chest. I hate it.

Mariana (The Unoriginal)

Do you guys spend all day looking at collections? LOL

I was watching the episode with my friend and we both loved it and we were dying to find out who the designer was and she turned to me and said I bet Tom and Lorenzo know : )

It looked old fashioned, like a polyester nightmare from the eighties. I think my mother had a dress of similar design.

I didn't think it looked horrible with the pants but losing the interesting sculptural skirt really brought this down to drum majorette level.

I wasn't that crazy about it, but it was eyecatching.

It looks like her ribcage is trying to escape. The toothbrush thing is hilarious and true as well. I thought it was awful, and I thought you guys would too. I guess I'm wrong on what you like and don't like.

agree with skeleton (penguin and otherwise)/drum major. And the poofy sleeves are very annoying.

TOTALLY agree with Anonymous here:

"And as for the big shock that Nina and Kors visited the designers before the runway show, who cares. I'm over them. For all that this season has been less than stellar, let's remember that La Nina and the Duchess are the same people who put Sweet Pea and Santino through to BP, who dissed Uli twice, who gave Daniel V a totally unwarranted win in the All-Stars, etc. Their integrity has always been suspect. It's just a little more overt now."

I wondered, too, only not in such a good way. It reminded me of skeleton Halloween costumes. Only in reverse. (Or, as others have said, chest x-ray.)

Now, what about Heidi's Catherine Deneuve look?

thunbs down. Looks like a chest x-ray. I'm a nurse, so the first thing I thought was - hey! I can count Nina's intercostal spaces from outside her clothing! How handy!


You people are crazy, it's a gorgeous top. As Robert Best once said about Kayne, some of you have "the taste of a love-starved hyena."

Is the top embroidered or beaded or maybe a combination of both? Can't tell from the photo ...

Any which way, it is a striking design and Nina rocks it!


love that top...where does one buy requiem?

Looks like a cross between a skeleton T-shirt and a faux-tux T-shirt to me.

Put me in the camp with those who thought it was a chest x-ray. The two thoughts that kept popping in my mind while looking at her her top was "sternum" and "Jerrell."

I don't like it. It looks like two necking toothbrushes.

Linda from Chicago

I know I'm not being fashionable -- the military look is in. However, this top reminds me of a pilgrim MP -- you know, the pilgrim police? She needs a hat with one of those buckles and an armband with letters.

Looks like Halloween leftovers to me!

And I thought the part where Nina and Michael came in to talk to the designers was very lame. It showed that these contestants have no respect for them as judges whatsoever. And why should they? They weren't around enough to have any impact on the show or any understanding of the who the designers are.

She was gorgeous last night!

Really? I think it's horrible! I love military looks, band jackets, etc., but this went off in a frumpy, middle-aged, big-bellied, homemade costume-y direction.

Are you kidding? That question was burning a hole in my brain because it was so terrible, not because it looked good. Gross. OUT.

PS I love how everyone is calling this top "striking" and "eye-catching" - two cliche euphemisms nice people use when they really mean "looks like butt" lol.

How does she have the nerve to judge anyone's designs when she could wear something so costumey.

It DOES look like two toothbrushes.

I am always fascinated and distracted by Nina's perfect and desirable hair.

Anonymous said...
How does she have the nerve to judge anyone's designs when she could wear something so costumey.
It DOES look like two toothbrushes.

Costume-y? You can't be serious.
You guys need to crack a fashion magazine every now and then.

On first glance I honestly thought she was wearing one of those skeleton t-shirts.

I thought of "Sgt. Pepper's" for the serious working woman in NYC.



It's a nutcracker.

We added a closeup of the top.

T Lo

** The two thoughts that kept popping in my mind while looking at her her top was "sternum" and "Jerrell." ***

Jenster nailed it.

Love Nina, respect her taste, BUT..
did not like the top. It looks like a boringly symetrical fashion Rorschach. definitely draws attention to itself, not to the person wearing it : chest x-ray, skeleton,band uniform,Halloween...
all right on! definitely costume-y
Like the shoulders on Nina though.

still trying to figure out "who Nina is" as a judge...

Last nights episode was OH so dull. How can 3 designers be given that much time to design, create and sew and STILL come to NYC with so much work left to do?

I wonder how Gordana feels having to help out, when she SHOULD be one of the designers creating her own line. It just seems really odd that every single season has allowed the 4th contestant to design their line and show at Bryant Park!

To have to be there and "assist" another is just bad news!

No. Yuk. Awful. We kept saying, is that a skeleton or a chest x-ray? Either way, it's head-scratching...and not in a good way.

Wow, I have never hated a top more. She walked out and I jumped to my feet and yelled "what is she WEARING?!" whilst pointing madly. My mother's gasp from the couch was immediately followed by "my god, that's terrible."

I don't know what her stylist was thinking letting her walk onto the set of a fashion show in that thing, but he should be fired.

I'm with the skeleton crew on this one. Don't like it at all.

Chest x-ray or tooth in need of root canal.....

With the black dress and the white nutcracker/scary skull shape and the puff sleeves and the dirndl skirt??!? A Día de los Muertos-crazy Austrian. Ach du lieber!

I think I'm in the minority, but I looooooooooved that top. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Nina, and there was something Victorian, maccabre, and modern about it all at the same time. And it POPPED. I like the way it's styled in a straighter line on the model though - I think the open v of the white lines makes her look pear shaped in a not so great way. I like that it looks sort of tuxedo-ish too. Just all around interesting.

I hate to say this but that thing is kind of... Hideous.


None of you went to convent school. Looks like a nun's bib she messed with while she was bored saying the rosary

My first reaction was also chest x-ray. Then the skeleton Halloween costume. Not a favorite for me.

asparagus lust

Someone has to go and say it -- a little off-topic tho it may be -- our girl's nose looks to have taken over her face since her face no longer shows any expressions. Yes the crompled chin and "meaningful" eye goons at contestants, but she is not looking as good with this face. Goes along with her general revealed decline in character.
Nina is too phoney for me, no likee.

The top is a beautiful piece on its own and rather striking on the model, but it makes Nina look matronly, especially when worn with pants.

Monica, yeow! Tooth in need of a root canal!

I like the top, particularly with pants instead of that skirt, but these comments are cracking me up. Xray, toothbrushes, tuxedo t-shirt ... and rotten tooth!

So mean of her to wear this to look at the contestants' crap.

Are you SERIOUS?! That top looks like a cartoon xray of lung cancer and the pyramidal lines are not flattering to her figure.


I was wondering what that was! The only thing interesting about last night was:

- Tim Gunn in an apron making cookies
- Nina's clothes and
- the PROMISE of drama (that never came....)

I mean....come ON! I was on the edge of my seat expecting SOMETHING! Then....nothing.

SIGH. Oh well - but bravo on the Prissy Gay Men shows. Forget FOX or Lifetime, just launch your own show on Bravo called Prissy Gay Men (PGM).

Bravo can pair it with Tabatha and Top Chef. Bossy Hair Witch, Prissy Gay Men and Frantic Chefs. What's not to love?

I thought it was one of the most strikingly ugly things I've seen in my life. Heidi's top was also super ugly. Maybe they coordinated their outfits for maximum Hid Factor.

That shirt looks like one of those brain/eye teasers or maybe like somebody's ribs, like other people have been saying. I kept staring at it thinking "YIKES," so I'm surprised you two actually liked it.

The episode itself was pitiful. I taped the episode to watch it later, and I kept pressing the play button on my Tivo remote to see how many minutes were left. I remember thinking that season 5 of PR was super boring, but this season isn't only boring, it's downright obnoxious in its laziness. Also, how weird is it that we have 3 designers who could pass for models? When I saw super-tall/skinny/blonde Althea in her own garment, it made me think this show is less about showcasing talented designers and more about showing attractive women. Gone are the days of the normal looking PR designers a la Jay, Chloe and Chris March. I might tune in for a few episodes of season 7, but seeing Tim Gunn even more exasperated with this show than I am makes it seem pointless to keep watching.

Skeletor in drag was my first thought. Not Nina, just the dress. I can honestly say that your screen caps are THE BEST reason to watch this season!

First think I thought when I saw her-- Nina's wearing a chest X-ray!!

I thought it looked like a skeleton costume. And at first glance, it does.

Cracked me up when they shuddered about collections being all black while they were all standing there!

I'm in the minority of hating this. Looks so 80's. I think my mom had something like this, minus the Skeletor Drum Major Penguin center.

Maybe it is a tribute to Skeletor?? I'll have to pull out my Skeletor action figure and check him out, though I do know he's purple.

Squished chest X-ray.

i'm not dorothy gale

When I read "The ONE Burning Question from Last Night's Show" I thought it might be questioning who on PR has sold their souls.

The top, no.

A negative of a chest Xray.

Anonymous said...
still trying to figure out "who Nina is" as a judge...

11/13/09 2:17 PM

I wish someone with a name owned this statement because it really is a gem.

I missed last nights episode, but people appreciating this unflattering top definitely proves the point of how terrible this season has been, people are starved for fashion, even if it is this...

Love it or hate it, it's far more interesting than the final collections of Heidi's Angels.

I thought was a skeleton costume...

raisin mountaineer

I'm with the skeleton folks. It looks like a Day of the Dead outfit. I am completely puzzled why anyone would like it. But of course, I kinda liked Logan's Judy Jetson outfit...

Very unfattering bib.

I like the shoulders, but the placement of that black patch in the middle seems arbitrary. In the bottom left photo of the collage, Nina looks like she's wearing maternity wear.

When she walked into the room on last night's episode I was completely drawn to that top. I thought it looked great on her and really showed her sense of style. Go Nina!

like a tuxedo shirt or skeleton.
no me gusta

Tres '80s.

I don't think the puff sleeves are really her look.

Wow, she looks beautiful, though. (Her face and hair, I mean.)

These are your lungs.

These are your lungs on two packs a day.

In the close ups, the detail is really beautiful. But from a distance, you're all right - toothbrushes, skeleton, chest x-ray, could be any of those things. Much better close up. You've got to admit, though, Nina rarely makes a fashion mistake.

couldn't get past the skeleton association either - but I agree it does look hott on the model pictured. sorry nina.
Now for the other real bitch of the evening. Have you ever heard as much slaughter of the English language - if I hear one more pronoun f*up I will I-me her-she someone up.

more to the point Why did Nina, in black, and Michael, in black, and Tim, ENTIRELY in BLACK, bother to tell Irina that an all black collection was not a smart idea? Pot meet Kettle. Of course I'm still recovering from alcohol abuse after Irina's classic "I think I'll ignore direct warnings from Nina and keep it all black," so I might not be thinking fairly about all this.

Gee, I hated it. I even liked Shirin's runway Halloween costume better.

Sorry, but I hate it. It's hideous.

That top of Nina's was so weird, it distracted me from what she was saying. I kept staring at it and redoing it in my head.

What on earth does it matter if the judges are wearing black? Are they wearing an entire runway show at once? No, they're not. So what do their individual outfits have anything to do with putting on a runway show?

It's tough to have an all-black fashion show because many people will find it uninteresting, and unless you're Gareth Pugh or Alexander McQueen, you know, it probably will be.

They never said "black is always bad," so the accusations of hypocrisy are a little reaching and dumb on that account (to defend Irina no less, ugh).

Yes, Nina looks like ass, and though I don't recall I assume Michael is wearing his black Hanes t-shirt uniform once again, but neither outfit impedes their ability to bring what they know of the industry to the table. If anything, I'd be questioning why they're saying "no all-black" now when they gave Christian a pass for "all-black with a smidge of brown." But then again, we all know why Christian won. (*cough*cough*realityTV!*cough*)

What I want to know is who the hell made the stupid decision to have Michael and Nina talk to them at this point? What the fuck are they supposed to do, take their suggestions and completely change their collections in 1 day?

This season was really, really bad. I'm actually seriously considering for the first time not watching the next season and this is my favorite show. Harvey Weinstein/Lifetime/Bunim-Murray: you suck. Truly. (Even Bravo's fifth season with Blayne and Suede was considerably better.)

I think it's hideous! She looks like an accordion.

I'm in agreement with the majority, here:

It's Dios Los Muertes meets dueling toothbrushes meets Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Totally unflattering; it simultaneously made Nina look both matronly and pregnant...

Ugh. I thought it was the frumpiest thing I had ever seen and sat there with my chin on the ground trying to figure out: What. Was. She. Thinking??

Sorry guys, can't go with you on this one. It looks like some kind of a weird maternity bib designed by a dentist. Ugh.

Vincent (not Libretti)

Very much in line with this being the worst season of PR so far, this was the single worst piece of garment, including all the horrible creations that lost the contestants their place in the program, I've seen on this show. So far.

Yes, thank you! I couldn't stop looking at it.

But then again, we all know why Christian won. (*cough*cough*realityTV!*cough*)

*cough*cough*best designer*cough*cough*

I know everyone in the fashion business tries to look like a skeleton, but come on!

When I first saw it I wondered why she was wearing a picture of a mascara wand.

LOVE IT! It's a gorgeous piece!

I actullay like the top, but I don't like it on her. The model looks faaaaboooo! but I don't know about her

Too Sgt. Pepper! OUT.

Aw, Nina's got the cutest little ribcage!

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