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MOCA's 30th Anniversary Gala

Who wants to hop on the judgmental train with us?

The stars came out for the free food and drink at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) New 30th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles, California.

Kate Beckinsale

Andrew Gn Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Ksenia Kahnovich

Not shockingly unique or anything, but pretty and classic. The color makes it.

Angelina Jolie in Armani Privé

She looks a little healthier than she has in recent months. The dress is okay. Her style philosophy seems to be "If I've got a face like this, why go overboard on the dress?"

Chloë Sevigny

Miu Miu Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Amanda Norgaard

We love the shoes but we only like the top part of the dress. It's weird around the waist.

Christina Ricci
Prada Spring 2010 Collection [Modified version]
Model: Sharon Kavjian

The dress is gorgeous from the front, but the back of it looks like she got caught in some drapes or something.

Daisy Fuentes

Gustavo Cadile Spring 2009 Collection

High-end prom dress.

Eva Mendes in Miu Miu spring 2010

Do not like whatever that is in her hair, but we like the dress quite a bit. Oh sure, the bodice looks a bit heavy and overworked, but the overall effect is striking and different. And her eyebrows are too close together. Fire your waxer.

Gwen Stefani

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Chanel Iman

RUINED IT. She should be hauled off to fashion jail with no chance for parole.

Jessica Alba in Prada Spring 2010

This induces the same reaction we always have when we see her: one big yawn.

Kate Bosworth

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Carmen Kass

The dress is okay (kind of weirdly shapeless, though), but what is UP with that hair? No excuse.

Marisa Tomei in vintage Jean Desses

We don't know... it's cute and all, but she looks like she's attending her kid's First Holy Communion in 1960.

Shirley Manson

Marchesa Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Carolyn

We kinda like. There's a bit too much at the bottom and the split sleeves are a bit too voluminous, but the rest of it we like.

Rachel Zoe in vintage Pucci

We like it. Striking and bold. We're not even going to mention the state of her body because EVERYONE mentions that.

Zoe Saldana

Marchesa Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Jules Mordovets


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Damn! Who would've known that was Cristina Ricci?

The same gal who Vincent Gallo said feasted on pizza and vodka while filming Buffalo 66?

F--k Bradgelina. Let them go somewhere far, far, far away and never return, along with her Paul Stanley-lookin' stylist.

I like the first and the last.

Angelina Jolie is always in black, no?

As for Brad: "With a face like this, why go overboard with a shave?"

Agreed on all points. I think Ricci's makeup and hair is GORGEOUS.

Christina Ricci?

*That's* what she looks like nowadays?

Wow. Did not recognize at all.

I have to give credit to Marisa, though. That is PiNk and after all that black, it's like a blast of colour in the night.

The rest of the dresses? Not all that much out of the ballpark from this season's designers. Nothing too offensive, nothing too great.


You said it all, and then some...

Wow, I've never seen Christina Ricci looking so good. I agree with TLo, though: the back of that dress is a disaster.

Saldana can do no wrong. Girl wears dresses so well!


Gwen just needs to quit. You're not Madonna, so give it a break.

Marisa T. looks like an extra from a cocktail party on Mad Men.

And WTF is up with Shirley Manson going all glam? Blech!

Poor Christina Ricci. She looks like she's made out of wax. Don't they realize they need their face to move inorder to you know act?

I'm sorry, Brad Pitt. Not even you are handsome enough to affect that Billy Goat beard.

Thanks, Boys. Fun start to the day. No major complaints. But:

Kate Beckinsale. Looking kinda puny, isn't she? She looks good -- just punier than usual, but maybe it's the pictures.

Angelina. Love the dress on her. Some romantic wavy curls in the hair would pull it together. The guy standing next to her needs to lose the facial hair.

Chloe Sevigny. I like it on her; she looks good for a 12 year old.

Christina Ricci. THAT'S Christina Ricci? She looks good for a 35 year old. Actually, she looks lovely and very grown up but I don't recognize her at all.

Eva Mendez. LOVE that dress on her. Yummy.

Marissa Tomei. I like that she wears this crazy stuff, but it looks a little too much for the occasion.

Shirley Manson (who?). Too short for the dress.

Rachel Zoe. LOVE the dress, but it's wearing her.

It looks like Gwen Stefani is wearing Althea's pants!

Wow. I thought Christina Ricci was Catherine Zeta Jones when I first saw the thumbnail.

I love Chloe Sevigny. She's great in Big Love, so I forgive all her fashion trepasses. Besides, she's kind of like Bjork. You know, she's going to wear something unusual and fun. I'd be disappointed if she didn't

re: saldana- i was wrong. :(

Christina Ricci looks STUNNING! Wow, I almost didn't recognize her. Zoe Saldana always looks incredible. She is so gorgeous.

Never thought I would say this about anything Rachel Zoe wears, but I LOVE the gown. I, also, will not comment on the state of the body that is wearing it.
I am mostly in agreement, with all of your assessments, TLo, but I have to admit I love Marisa Tomei in her "Mother of the First Holy Communion kid" dress. Love the pink, think it should have been shorter, but I'm starved for some bold color. Thank you SO much for the Monday treat!!!

Christina Ricci pulled it off with her attitude and her fierce hair and makeup. I also like Eva Mendes and Rachel Zoe's dresses

Shirley Manson looks like she's standing in a hole.

Eva Mendes always looks kinda... dirty to me. Like a poor man's Sophia Loren. Only dirtier.

hmmm.....I have so many other things really need to be doing, but it's so much more fun to ride along on the judgmental train and be a bitch!

Love the color on the Andrew Gn, if not the decorations on the shoulder. For a wilma, it's ok - but you're right, it's the color that makes it.

Brangelina -[YAWN] no. interest. whatsoever.

Chloe always does weird, oops, I mean interesting! It's part of her persona, gotta love her individuality, if not some of her fashion choices.

Christina Ricci looks like she's auditioning for a witches role Wicked calling?

Hate the color on the Fuentes dress.

Ms. Mendes looks fine.

Gwen Stephani - where ARE the fashion police when you need them? And Gwen, honestly honey, you usually do so much better. Did she have Malvin design her pants?

Marisa - yeah, it's retro but it does work on her.

the rest, eh, whatever.

Thanks boys, for a lovely trip! now back to my mundane reality [sigh]


Kate Beckinsale: the color is beautiful, but she's lopsided in the top.

Christina Ricci: she's beautiful and a bit of a chameleon.

Gwen Stefani: those pants are hideous.

Beckinsale and Jolie look good, but most of the rest of these actresses are too short and small for what they're wearing. These gowns are swallowing them up.

Has Daisy had a boob-job?

Love Christina Ricci!

Angelina always looks so bored (and boring).

TLO said "it's cute and all, but she looks like she's attending her kid's First Holy Communion in 1960"

LOVE you bitches!


How wise of Christina Ricci to finally cover that thing, and wear bangs.

Her ginormous forehead makes her look fetus-like, otherwise.

Was shocked to read that THIS is Christina Ricci. As a generic Actress, she looks okay, but I don't get "Christina effin' Ricci!" from the look at all.

Oh, the Parade of Looks? Faves were Beckinsale and Saldana. Classy and Fun-Classy. Otherwizzzzzzzzzzz ...

Was shocked to read that THIS is Christina Ricci. As a generic Actress, she looks okay, but I don't get "Christina effin' Ricci!" from the look at all.

Oh, the Parade of Looks? Faves were Beckinsale and Saldana. Classy and Fun-Classy. Otherwizzzzzzzzzzz ...

Pretty much agree with all you said, also I LOVE Kate B.'s earrings!

What happened to Christina Ricci? It's not that she looks bad, exactly; the woman in that photo is very striking. She just doesn't look like Christina Ricci (whom I adore). -victoria

Me, me, I'll hop on the judgment train....

Zoe Saldana seems to always look good.

Kate Beckinsale- love the color

Would someone remind me who Kate Bosworth is?

I think Christinia Ricci looks like she's been cut in half. The belt at the waist is what does it since she's not blessed with height.

I love the color on Marissa Tomei and the pattern of the dress. But altogether, it's a bit too much.

Yay a red carpet post!

Lots of Prada, what are these women angling for a campaign?

Someone needs to smack that photographer who kept shooting from the wrong angle making them look stumpy.

I didn't even recognize Christina Ricci. Gorgeous girl, but I'm worried that she's starving herself.

And Kate Bosworth: WTF? That hair is a disgrace.

If Brad Pitt isn't preparing for a role with that disgusting goatee (emphasis on GOAT), then he also needs a slap on the wrist. GROSS!

Some new designer came make a name for her/himself by designing dresses for petite women.

Seriously most of the problems with the couture dresses are the length and proportions.

Yes Gwen Stefani ruined the look.

But, if I may make an argument for early release, your fashionable honors....bitch just turned 40. Anyone who can have two kids, rock platinum blonde hair and red lipstick, and still look ten years younger than her age deserves leniency. The defense asks for time served.

And GwenS. should put the lampshade back on the lamp.

Love the variety of images from the event. Isn't anyone going to comment on the body language of Angelina & Brad? Did they arrive together or just do a meet-up for photo ops? Talk about tension... He looks bloody awful, but for some reason it's kind of a turn-on to see him look older, miserable and dumpyish.

Here of late, Christina R. looks different every time I see her. Here she looks like a mannequin, but I really like the dress (Jeepers Creepers wings included). Gwen Stafani does not look awesome. The pants are unflattering and resemble poultry thigh pants (was that Malvin's creation?) Rachel Zoe's Pucci dress is a vintage-lovers dream. It's fabulous. I won't even bother to comment on her thinness because it's all been said and photographed too many times. Great post to start off the work week, guys! Thanks!

- edina -

Maybe it's just me, but Chloe Sevigny's top reminds me of the Symbicort commercial.

Kate Beckinsale is way too thin and suffers from titscrepency.

Chloe Sevigny is quirky and here it works, she's interesting in a field of beige.

Maybe it's genetic but Angelina is showing signs of aging with those arm veins. She should not wear black all the time.

Kate Beckinsale - Pretty woman in a pretty dress. Nice color. While I don't think that the runway look should be duplicated, wearing a single cuff would have taken it up a notch.

Angelina Jolie - She looks good, and would have looked better with sparklier earrings, a sparkly bracelet and smokier makeup.

Chloë Sevigny - The dress is hideous, but the shoes are fantastic! Are they Prada?

Christina Ricci - The modifications made to the front of the dress were great, but the cape in the back is too much. I like the hair and make up a lot. Christina Ricci looks different, I don't know if she had work done or if it just aging and styling.

Daisy Fuentes - I like it. There is something slightly off about the bodice and the waist and even her tight expression, but not majorly so.

Eva Mendes - At some angles I like it and at others it's not right. The bodice is over-embellished. I think her makeup should have been less nude and a tad smokier.

Gwen Stefani - Is she for real?? She should have been sent back home to find a real bottom to pair with that top. I like the shoes.

Jessica Alba - Innocuous. I like her make up better than most of the others, although I think that her lipstick is off by a couple of shades.

Kate Bosworth - She is all but a clone of the runway model, but it fails on her because she is not working it. She looks self-conscious. Also bad choice with the hair. Nice smile in some of the pictures.

Marisa Tomei - I like the dress and her hair and make up, but if she is wearing vintage why not something more in season. Still I wouldn't discourage her from doing vintage again.

Shirley Manson - I like her hair and makeup and I like that she was going for something dark and sinister, but that was not the right dress at all. She looks the result after a wizard waved his wand and a full- sized woman was turned into a child.

Rachel Zoe - Fantastic dress! She looks a tad awkward, but not distractingly so.

Zoe Saldana - Gorgeous from the neck up... actually from the waist up... that is too much dress for her.


Daisy Fuentes has had big boobs for a long time now, and she should no that covering them up like lat only makes them look more ginormous.

Would love Tomei's dress if I could hack off most of the skirt and Manson's if I could hack off the sleeves. Shirley Manson, btw, was an awesome, awesome robot and I am so sad about Terminator: TSCC.

Marisa needed better styling -- maybe bigger jewelry and a less sloppy, more striking hairdo. Alta

Kate Bosworth had better be careful, she looks like she's in training to become the Zellweger

As for Christina Ricci, like you guys said, the dress is gorgeous except for the "Jeepers Creepers wings" (thank you Edina, that was exactly what I was thinking!)
Why in the name of all things holy does Eva Mendes look like a drunken mess?! The dress is all right, but she looks like she'll spill something on it by the end of the night.

LOVE the Eva Mendes dress.

Why did the photographer take pictures that made everyone's head look gigantic? Weird angle. Kate Beckensdale looked like an alien. Is this the anorexic look or the alien look or how they REALLY look? You tell me.

Okay, TLo and friends, who else thinks that Angelina is bringing back wearing an old-fashioned corset underneath that black gown?



Argh. I apologize for the previous typos(hangs head in shame).

Edinamonsoon caught the same Brad Pitt vibe that I did. That bored woman beside him has sucked the life out of him and he knows that he's got his family on borrowed time.

I am SO FREAKIN' glad you didn't make us play guess who this is, because Ricci is now wearing the face she used to use and something has happened to Jessica Alba to make her look El-Greco-esque.

How old is Marissa Tomei now and maybe the computer color isn't the real world color for that dress, because that's one of the pinks that few should even try on, much less wear.

MOCA 30th was such a tribute to Project Runway! It was so nice to see.

I know some guy named Andrew Gn designed Kate B's dress, but it was Ramilicious all the way!

And Angelina wearing the Official Color of Season Six, black, with the Official Bodice of Season Six, strapless.

Chloe S. wearing smocking as a tribute to Mitchell. Mitchell, get that resume off to Miu Miu, STAT!

Eva Mendes wearing her spangly version of Nina's rib cage suit.

Gwen Stefani in Malvin's CHICKEN PANTS!

Eva Mendes for the WIN. She looks classy and elegant and comfortable all at the same time.

What I like about Angelina is that when she goes to an event, it's like she's going to the EVENT, not using it as a red carpet opportunity. She dresses appropriately in a low-key way and just does her own thing, especially in recent years when she's certainly gotten over any need to grab the spotlight. She looks simple and elegant here.

Fun! the only things that make me drool are Chloe's shoes and Rachel's gown. I think Beckinsale wins for all around best impression, though Christina Ricci makes a good showing as runner-up.

The Brangelina pictures are kind of sad, no? They don't look like very happy people.

P.S. Re: Brad and Angelina looking happy/unhappy/bored, reminds me of a comment by the Duchess of Windsor (quoted by Diana Vreeland?), that if she and the Duke just wanted to quietly eat their dinner in public without flirting across the table or laughing merrily, everyone said, "So that's what he gave up the throne for??"

i'm going to guess that the petite stars that wear clearly too long gowns cannot alter them because they're on loan from the designers?
i mean shirley manson would have looked (more) beautiful if she cut a foot or so off the bottom of her gown and had the sleeves shortened for it seems to me she couldn't have it altered rather than didn't (also she sang in the band garbage for those who didn't know girlcrush for me)
also for the first time in my life i thought rachel zoe looked amazing...i think she finally found a garment that enhances her physique rather than emphasizing her bones...or maybe she discovered a food item she liked lately lol
i loved christina ricci's gown from the side shot...i agreed with whoever said the photog had some stumpifying angles happening in some of these shots
i don't know what gwen stefani was thinking though...terrible pants with a completely wrong top for her build...she's been drifting into a terrible pants phase judging by the last few pics i have seen of her

For a moment, Sevigny looked like an Olsen. Must be the semi-pouty thing with their mouths.

SHIRLEY MANSON <3333333 ok I don't really care about the dress.

I was going to ask why Gwen Stefani is wearing a lampshade but Frogponder sort of beat me to it. Other than that, whatever. I'm terrible at judging this stuff.

Christina Ricci looked amazing as does Zoe. It's an amazing dress.

This set of photos seem all about identity.

One thing about Shirley Manson- I don't think its ever possible to mistake her for anyone else. I do think the biggest problem with the pictures of her vis a vis the model is the angle of the shot; the camera is just above waist height in the model shot and well over Shirley Manson's head, which makes her look as if she has no leg below the knee. The color and shape make a good look for her, though, and the cascade of crysanthemums a la japonaise and also a la fin du dix neuf siecle is gorgeous.

Zoe Saldana is also gorgeous, and also shot from an angle that diminishes her leg length; less a problem, here, given her dancer's body. I've never seen a photo of here where she looks less than amazing.

The modified skirt on Christina Ricci's dress, on the other hand, is just much too volume for anyone as tiny as she is; she looks like Betty Boop in a pencil skirt of that length, so I can see what the idea was, but this is just too much fabric. I recognized her in the teaser shot because of her unique and beautiful eye shape.

There's no confusing the two Kates in this photoset; Kate Beckinsdale looks healthy, lively, and sane, while Kate Bosworth looks...otherwise. Their dresses are unexceptionable.

Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba, on the other hand, resemble middle-school teachers (art and language arts, respectively, for this purpose) chaperoning the eighth grade formal.

I can't add a word to your appraisal of Daisy Fuentes and Eva Mendez.

I sometimes think Gwen Stefani and Chloe Sevigne are fashion geniuses, and sometimes think they lack good sense. This is one of the latter times.

I would say the state of about 50% of their bodies should be mentioned. Painful.

Basically agree with everything blah blah blah

Kate Beckinsale was my favorite, gorgeous color.


Shirley Manson looks amazing. But the woman is flat-out gorgeous. Even when she was going through that weird platinum blonde/skinhead braces phase, she was luminous in person. I've been to a dozen Garbage concerts and every time seeing her on stage made me want to scream like a teenager watching Elvis arrive at an airport, she was so ridiculously beautiful. She is the polar opposite of those celebrities who photograph beautifully but leave something to be desired in person.

Can't believe you boys didn't mention that nasty-ass beard that Brad P. is sporting. As another poster said, GROSS.

Didn't recognize Christina Ricci. Has she had surgery?

Actually love Marisa T's dress.

Rachel Zoe: zombification.

I have no idea who Daisy Fuentes is, but she scares me.

It was a shock to see Shirley Manson. She looks so old and weathered. Her makeup is out of control. She reminds me of Phyllis Diller. And this from a longtime fan.

Marisa Tomei's dress looks kinda like the very first simplicity pattern dress I ever made.

Christina has always been gorgeous, glad to see her showing it off!

Shirley Manson looks super hot.

i'm not dorothy gale

Good call, Rachel. Those horizontal stripes are very...widening.

I always enjoy seeing what Chloe is wearing. The girl knows what she likes and carries it off.

Angelina and a couple others - ladies, puLEEZ. If you're wearing a gorgeous (or not) gown can you not do something with that stringy hair? And maybe an interesting piece of jewelry? The "I just rolled out of bed, threw on some lipstick and an umpty thousand dollar dress" look is a bore.

At least little Rachel looks put together, dresses, styling and accessories.

AHH! Zoe Saldana totally stole the Marchesa I've been daydreaming about for months. She looks great.

I had the same exact thought about Gwen ruining the D&G. And tucking the pants into her strappy heels? I will never understand that trend.

I know Rachel Zoe's weight is always mentioned, but I feel that dress is too big and heavy for her. It looks like she just wrapped a queen sized comforter around herself.

i love marissa t's dress, but i think the problem with it is that she's too old to wear it. would have looked cute on a younger actress who can pull off such a look.

Kate Bosworth's dress looked like a Rohrshach test gone wild...

Zoe Saldana and Eva Mendes are my two faves. That Marchesa is my pick for best of the Fall 09 collection, my only concern is it's perhaps too 'red carpet' for a museum event? Stunning nonetheless...Christina Ricci looks amazing (the bangs work on her) and I'm with you on the dress. Great from the front, but the back looks like we've caught her mid-metamorphasis...

Christina Ricci looks hot.

Who does Marisa Tomeir's Restylane injections, and are they taking new patients? -victoria

It just occured to me: THIS would be the perfect event at which to wear that staggering beautiful Chanel Couture dress from the Fall '09 collection which I dream about, covet beyond all rationality. I just love it: What can I say?

Beckinsdale and Alba have a lolly-pop head thing that is way creepy. Eat a sandwich dearies.

Beckinsale's Left Boob is way down by her waist and has a marshmallow nipple. I want one.
Eva Mendez and Marisa Tomei look like they gotta go pee bad.
Brad looks bored and unhappy - just what the bitch boy deserves.
Who is Shirley Manson and what exactly do, or who, do she do?

Mendes looks like Sophia Loren. I don't know if that's a compliment or insult.

Wow. Daisy Fuentes looks great. Not everyone can pull of that color, she wears it well. Let's remember she's 43! she looks amazing, better than most half her age.

kate bosworth looks like she forgot to shower between an eight ball and this event. problem.


Kate Bosworth is looking ROUGH. Jeez, did she get thrown out of the car onto the red carpet cause her date was too cheap for valet?


"Who is Shirley Manson and what exactly do, or who, do she do?"

She is the lead singer for the band Garbage

Rachel Zoe looks like an animated & bronzed corpse, but the dress is beautiful. Maybe the hoopla about her weight has been hashed over too many times already, but I've never had my say. Frankly it makes me angry that she not only styles the women young girls look up to and encourages them to stay preternaturally thin, but she has her own show to boot. I have no problem with model thin women, etc., but I find her disgusting.


Chloe Sevigny looks adorable.

Oh Gwen, usually I would say that you can do no wrong, but here you did indeed do so. :(

Kate Beckinsale - a pretty but boring dress for a pretty but boring actress.

Seriously, why is she famous?

And were those earrings sanitized after JHo wore them?

I love Kate Beckinsale, if only for the first two Underworld movies. She's not an especially talented actress, but she can wear a bodysuit and fire prop guns like nobody's business. Not everyone needs to be Meryl Streep.(And unlike Wesley Snipes, Kate can fire a prop gun without cringing, eliminating the need to wear sunglasses in every action sequence.)

But in the MOCA pictures, she looks seriously bobblehead-y.

Has anyone else notice the contrast between the models who are tall and painfully skinny and the stars, who for the most part are short, painfully skinny and have huge heads? So many of them look swallowed by their dresses, or the dresses are less impressive because their compressed on the short frames. I've asked myself more than once if both women are wearing the same dress. I'm not a big Angelina Jolie fan, but she always looks great because she sticks with classic lines and doesn't have an embellishment addiction problem so nothing looks like too much.

11/16/09 11:32 AM
Shirley Manson looks like she's standing in a hole.

Eva Mendes always looks kinda... dirty to me. Like a poor man's Sophia Loren. Only dirtier.

For some reason this comment caught my attention, and when I saw Eva Mendes's face the first thing I thought was, "I just want to help her wash that..." She always looks like she has a layer of soot on her face!

I completely agree with you on Gwen, she looked insane. But I'm going to have to disagree with you on the last one because yes the dress is gorgeous on the model, but it looks way too big and ill-proportioned on the other girl (don't know who she is nor why I should know her).

Marissa looks beautiful, as usual, and I like the whole look, even if it is very 60s (vintage dress, non?).

Eva's got latina brows, leave them alone, I like then just fine.

daisy fuentes & kate b. look the best. Very classy

Didn't Kate Bosworth used to be pretty? Isn't she fairly young? Her face scares me; she's starting to look Lohan-ish.

Kate Beckinsale, Angelina, Zoe, and Rachel Z. look lovely. I agree with whoever said that the camera angle is totally distorting their bodies and shortening their legs.

Jessica Alba's dress looks like a black version of Marilyn's famous subway dress. I think there may be some details to it that can't be seen due to its being black.

Actresses and models thin? Wow, who would have guessed it?

Agree completely with the person who said Rachel Zoe's dress is eating (i mean wearing) HER.

Gwen Stefani effed it up with those trousers. On the model, that little outfit is awesome. It looks like the jetsons, an aesthetic I have been increasingly drawn to lately. (this is probably NOT a good thing, but semi-hooped garments are kinda cool)

I rarely ever delurk but had to for this:

Lisa said:
Eva Mendes always looks kinda... dirty to me. Like a poor man's Sophia Loren. Only dirtier.

You finally put into words what I have been thinking for ages. Thank you. LOL

' Her style philosophy seems to be "If I've got a face like this, why go overboard on the dress?" '

LOL. but true. she can wear a trash bag for all i care and still look beautiful in it :))

I'm an Angelina Jolie fan, and I think she looks a little thin and gaunt here, but not as much as in previous photos. And Brad Pitt looks frumpy, with a possible belly, and not happy. Agree about the body language mentioned above. They don't look like they like each other.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kate Beckinsale, Eva, Angelina, and Christina all look amazing, although I think Christina's dress doesn't quite work for her. Still, her hair and make-up are fabulous.

RUINED IT. She should be hauled off to fashion jail with no chance for parole.

She should have been hauled off and tossed into fashion jail with no chance of parole a long time ago, with Sevigny as her cellmate. They both always look ridiculous.

Would it have killed Kate Bosworth to put some product in her hair and pull it back in a ponytail? God, what happened to her? She looks tragic, and not in just a fashion way.

Shirley Manson is in a class by herself. I love her so much.

OMG, ya'll have so wrong 'bout Gwen Stefani's outfit! I really love the bottom of her outfit, and Gwen is always awesome! It's just the D&G top that isn't the greatest.
But whatever, Gwen's got a freakin' awesome style. And agree with me that she's a pretty good looking 40-year old mom with two kids? Best singer, best songwriter, best designer and she's got the best personality on this earth! NO DOUBT 'bout that! ;) <3

Rachel Zoe always looking fabulous in vintage. Zoe Saldana looks amazing too. Whoever styles her has been doing an excellent job!

Shirley is my favorite of this sprrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead.


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