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Jonathan Waud

Who wants a little meat with their coffee?

Make Me a Supermodel's Jonathan Waud is the new face for the Australian underwear and swimwear label Ristefsky Macheda. It's a wise man who knows when to shut up and we're going to do just that. Enjoy.

[Photos: Alek & Steph/]

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Thank you. That is all.

Just what I needed today: male objectification!!!
Thank you T&L.



Life was sad. And then you posted this.

Oh! Super Yummy!

Tasty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

That's a wonderful way to start the "HUMP" day!!!!

Hummina hummina hummina

Thanks! There is a reason you two are my favorite bloggers!

I wish he had bigger pecs. Otherwise, hot.

Can I have a dozen of him?


Oh Jonathan. Happy Thanksgiving.

Pack it in, baby
Pack it in

Nice. Thank you.

Two scoops please!

O.K. It's hot in here, no?

Oh thank you so much!


Coffee never tasted so good : )

I guess it doesn't really matter whether you win or not, he is doing very well, he's a great model.


Did it just get hard to concentrate in here?

Glad to see Jonathan is doing well! He deserves it - a hard worker and I thought the most consistent and best model on season 2. Best wishes to him! - Heart





Suddenly missing my boyfriend right now.....

Well, he fills those things out quite nicely.

Simply lovely, now what was it he was selling?

He deserves any success he achieves. You can tell that man works HARD for the money. What a tight body!

Oh my god. I was actually thinking it was chilly in my office this morning... but not any more! Now I'm both warm and drooling.


does the color yellow seem to make him aroused or is that just me?



When it's Jonathan, I'm always ready for meat with my coffee...or just the meat!

Yum! Thanks, TLo!

Hey, when did my husband start modeling underwear and why on earth didn't he take me to Australia for the photo shoot? LOL =)

He is so handsome.


It couldn't happen to a nicer person. I'm so very happy for him.

Thanks for the update, guys! This is HAWT!

Anonymous said...





11/18/09 10:55 AM

Well that about sums it up! roflmao


no really, EH

not my type, apparently

nolita-day said...
no really, EH
not my type, apparently

That's OK, I'll take him : )

This is what I call a "Good Morning!"

Oh, happy morning to us all!

I love how he looks at the camera, he's so sexy.

tell me that he is still married, and I will keep my faith in the human race. Cuz Lord knows he could shop around for whatever he wants!

WOW! Lucky wife.

Definitely MY type!! Yummy!!!

I think my parents turned on the heater too hot...

The dog is sick. The cat insists on helping me put up the Christmas tree but who cares. . . My day is now made perfect.

Rise and shine, boys, rise and shine.

I am now smiling at work. Thank you!


I was wondering what happened to him! LOVE him.

Mmmm. nice way to start the day.

His body is incredible. But something about his face/hair - didn't he mess with it during the makeover? (hair/eye brows)

Woah. I'd sell my first born to ride that until the cows come home.

Ask said: But something about his face/hair - didn't he mess with it during the makeover? (hair/eye brows)

His hair is darker than it was on the show, and I prefer the lighter look, but, y'know? Somehow I'll cope . . .


some of the pictures were a little 'eh', but that one of him getting out of the it.


Thanks TLo. :)

I was just reading about this yesterday. Sad to hear that Sandhurst has given up on modeling, but glad that Jonathan appears to used the exposure to his benefit.

I don't get it... Sure, very nice body, but his face ain't all that special, right? RIGHT?

Cute but not THAT big a deal...

(checks mirror and discovers he should be so pretty)

MEH. I'm a Jamie Dornan fan myself. Google him if that's the only thing you do all day!

The human body is a marvelous thing, no?

Now I really hate his wife. W/ that pkg, she gets Christmas all year!
Glad to see our boy doing well!

What are Sandhurst & Branden up to?
TLo? Can you find out for your minions?
Thanks & kisses in advance!

Darlings -

I will take JonWaud over gloomy Kristen Stewart ANY DAY!!!!

Thanks for brightening up our days with this fresh hunk of hotness.


BTW - NEVER underestimate the popularity of gratuitous semi-nudity. I've built my life around it!!


Aaaand... bookmarking this post. Wow. Just wow. (He totally should have won MMAS!!)

have him washed and sent to my chamber.

Not sure about the trainers and the speedo type pants but I'll forgive him....very dishy....

My mouth literally started watering. I am a cartoon character. Thank you for posting.

I had to come back for seconds.

So I kinda love the underwear, it kinda gives off a cool retro 70s vibe, but tighter.

Way better than Andrew Christian's juvenile designs that seem more like roleplay than actual real underwear.

He's so pretty I'd do him with the lights on! Thank you for this post.

Mmmm... nice.

I was already having a good day, and now you've made it a great one.

On a kinda related note: I was at a department store on Saturday and we were several middle-aged ladies standing in line trying to figure out what the difference was with the "pouch" male underwear. We were joking around that we need to see some modeling or video on how to use this "pouch". Yep, middle-aged ladies love to objectify and sexualize too!

I love that his name is "Waud".

Yummy! I usually don't go for blondes but I'd make an exception for him.

LOL whoever mentioned today is hump day. It sure is.

Holy rippling abs, Batman, he was always my favorite on his season, and THAT is why. Well, that and the fact that he was a dedicated family man. Homina homina....

If you got it -- flaunt it!

Marketing Diva

I just tried to lick the screen

You can't be serious. He is positively 'un-Australian' and the poor dear is about to herniate in the groin - more 911 than K-Y

Perfect contract for him. Great to see him working!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

OMG. If he was any more delicious, I'd start licking my computer screen...

Thank you TLo, for providing me with material for sweet dreams after this shiteous week from hell!

Thank you - danke - gratzi - gracias - ahm sahm me dah - merci!


The man is gorgeous.

Not bad for a second runner-up. Congrats, Jonathan!

Thank you for reminding how handsome he is.


Very handsome and I love his accent : )

What a gorgeous body, I still remember the picture he took with the horse for one of the photo shoots. Beautiful!


is his last name pronounced "wod"?

my dad sed, his first name should be richard


is it just me - or is he over posing in almost all of his shots with the same expression. yes he is hot - but I don't think he makes a good model at all. Tyra would have picked out a better one.

god bless australia

would love to fuck him! he's making me so horny. thanks, T LO


(i won't say where)

He seemed like a great guy on the show. I'm thrilled he's doing well and we can enjoy the fruits of his success.... so thrilled...

watching Glee... I can't be the only one who wants Finn to get with Kurt, can I???

Oh, yeah, still glad for Jonathan, so glad...

He's so mmm mmm good!

Thank you.

Great pics!

That's awesome for him! He was my favorite guy all through the season. I felt he should have won the whole thing.

I liked the girl Mouthana, whatshername too. Her name always sounded like someone trying to say Montana with a mouth full of marbles.

I can't get over the fact that his arms are so much darker than the rest of his body. Just look at the photo where he is crouched down with his arm on his thigh - I know he worked construction, which would have had his arms out in the sun a lot, but he should seriously do something about this!

definitely NSFW!

U guys r the first thing i tab in the morning on my browser! XD

I did some rapid-scroll-down there, so nobody could peek over my shoulder and ask WTF.

but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. thanks for making my job better everyday!

Oh, Christ, the things I would do to that man...

XOXOXOXO to you TLo!

Guess he can pay all those bills now. Well good for him. He's a nice guy - he deserves it. I wish him luck.

Thanks, love a little erection with my morning coffee!

...perhaps "little" was not the best word choice in this case...

Dear Santa,
I have been a very good girl this year. Please send me a new car, a job that does not drain my soul, and THIS MAN for Christmas. I attached a LARGE stocking to my fireplace for you to put on him and leave in my dining room.

Thank you!

Anyone who does not love this man's perfectly chiseled muscles is insane!
LOVE it!

Sweet bearded baby Jesus!

Yowza!! But what's the word for a male butterface?


Also bit short for a model.


Well, thank you TLo! You certainly know how to keep your loyal minions happy!

potty mouth princess

It's late, but at least I'll have some very....pleasant...dreams tonight.

Thanks for the mancandy, ladies. xoxoxoxo

Don't get me wrong, I love Jonathan as a human being, but these pictures are rather "meh" for me. I prefer his vulnerable face, and less veiny arms, rather than all this "look at how strong I am" stuff. None of his personality seems to shine through, and that's always what I liked best about him.

huminah huminah huminah huminah

fragile industries

This model is fully equipped with extras: two oranges and a banana, I'm guessing. Unless Ristefsky Macheda shorts are the padded equivalent of a Wonderbra. Oh why quibble, this is a tasty treat. Thanks, TLo.

By about the fifth photo, my only thought was,"What a ridiculous job, to be a male model...".

Just can't get turned on by an image of a man that radiates little more than icky self-conscious vanity. Ptooey.

Love the pics! Very editorial and sexy!

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