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Dun Dun DUN!!!! VILLAINY!!!!

So the villain of the piece chose as her inspiration the painting Mischief and Repose, by John William Godward. Not pointing it out for any reason other than it goes with this screencap.

Because, did you know? Irina is the VILLAIN. Such is the extent of her villainy that when it's combined with the sheer blandness of the rest of this season, it turns out she's not much of a villain. She's apparently the best they could rustle up.

She's just a smack-talking girl who thinks she can smack talk because the judges like her. Fine. Okay. We think the judges have surrendered themselves to the sweet embrace of crack, but it's not like they didn't give her reason to think that her shit does not, in fact, stink.

Just one question.

Model: Kalyn Hemphill


What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?


Seriously, we think the worst you could say about most of Irina's stuff is that it's good basic yeoman's work when it comes to dress-making. We thought she could at least always fall back on the "sense of style" defense of her work. But this? It looks old.

And WHAT IS GOING ON with Kalyn's drag queen makeup and Leontyne Price styling?

We'll give her some tiny credit for the back. It's at least a little interesting (in a Stevie Nicks kind of way). But those shoes?

And that headband! And that frigging half-assed sash she puts on everything?

It's all so tired looking. She sure was talking a good game to the cameras because any other designer sending this out on the runway would have at least had the presence of mind to say, "I think I'm really screwed here." At least Tim talked her out of draping the dead animals all over her.

Then again, the judges only gave her the mildest rebuke, it seemed to us. Not that they didn't criticize it extensively, but we'd bet a donut that if certain other designers had ever sent this out on the runway, they would have been barbecued for it.

Extended Judging:

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

[Photos: Mike Yarish/ - Videos: - Screencaps:]

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Butt ugly.

That's all I have to say.

What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit? You guys slay me!

I already sat Shiva on Project Runway's behind. My time can be applied to better use--truth be told, I've only been watching to stay au courant with your recaps--and all the other incisive commentary that goes on here.

Ugh totally agree. I kind of like the color, but like Nina said the length is so OLD and the horrible draping, blech! Who wants to look like they have a huge pooch belly haning that far down? The styling was some of the worst yet and that god awful sash is such a huge copout it's getting really freakin' old. And she thinks Christopher was living in LaLa Land? Gimme a break. This was made for the Golden Girls having a night out at Studio 54.

Marginally talented.
I do think she's going to win it, but that's only because the judges are wetting themselves over her.

You had me at Leontyne Price.

But loveys, only imagine the joy if she HAD put the Pebbles and Bam Bam "Year One" throw on poor Mz. Kalyn. To think how she ruined that Neoclassical piece.

I have had to recap this sad ass season for my local paper (all gratis!) and I don't know how you do it. Only two more weeks, I keep telling myself. Lordy Jesus, save me from this final three of giggling blondes and Georgian Blair Waldorf!

What I found hard to believe was that the judges criticized the styling, asked the model to remove the objectionable items, and then judged the look after she'd done so! No other contestant would have had such leeway, surely. And it was a hideous dress.

Seriously. SO HIDEOUS. I mean, SHITEOUS.

And the headband? RIDICULOUS.

Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54... Priceless!

I really don't understand what the guidelines are for the judges. Are they REALLY assessing each look on its own merit without taking into account the designer's performance in prior weeks?
Because if that's the case, this should have been in the bottom two.

The skirt and the styling are horrible, and I see the inspiration from the painting much less than in CH's case.

If I didn't know for certain that Nina and MK were going to be more present next season, I'd say that I'd never watch ever again.

And I LOVE this show.

-Windy City Wendy

You're completely right. If any other designer had sent anything that looked REMOTELY this bad down the runway for any other challenge, the judges would have lambasted it and it would have been auf'ed so incredibly hard.

Look at the belt, it looks like a gold penis and balls dangling for all the world to see. Too bad the Duchess wasn't there to enjoy.

I thought that this was such a big clunker that had she been judged on this garment alone, she should have been biting those claws of hers in panic. This looked like a mu-mu with the shoulders and back cut out. Her model looked almost 40 in that get up and the styling... enough said! Her saving grace was that the judges had alrady decided who was going to BP.

another reason to get pissed off about our gordana.

This look was fug. It was too heavy. It was entirely the wrong length. It had that horrid belt/sash. (AGAIN WITH THE SASH, IRINA?) It was from 1978, without the disco-mirror fabulosity (maybe that's wherefore the drag queen look?). AND THE STYLING, MY GOD, THE STYLING.

Hated this look, especially considering what she could have done with the inspiration. Blergh. She has talent, but no goddamned taste.

I think the viewers wouldn't have such vociferous hate for Irina if the judges' praise of her work weren't so completely...wrong. Sure, there's no puckering, it's not actually made of ass (as that fur thing appeared to be; thank you, Tim Gunn, for saving our poor eyes), but the girl's personal style lives in the late-70s/80s, and not in a very good way, and she cannot get out of it. She's unoriginal, and is living on a couple of tired tricks. There is simply no justification for her non-shit-stinking self-love, other than the judges' collective anosmia this season.

(As I appear to be either the first commenter, or one of the first, I shall now gird myself for the onslaught of folks telling me I'm full of crap. Yet, I say unto you, 'tis not I that is made of fecal matter, but THIS DESIGN.)

I like Irina - but I hated this. It's like anyone could send anything down the runway - and the judges just read off of a script. The fact that Gordana got kicked off when this and Althea's mess was on the runway --- it's insane!

This design and styling reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's worst outfits. Irina had no business making it to the finals.

I actually thought this was pretty at first glance, but the more I look at it, the more I see the problems. It needs more lightness, less headband.

And, of course, more cowbell.

The STYLING for GOD"S SAKE the STYLING! Where is the judge panel of STYLISTS when we could of used them?
Sweet Jesus that is just soooooooo
frumpy in a clownish sorta way. Is she supposed to look like a flower? A lame ass wilted flower.
But you know,
Irina's hair is so pretty. It makes me want to shop at Macy's and buy Garnier hair care products.
Perhaps that twee little dress she made for the JR line.
that model has a strange face, doesn't she? Wierd eyes or something.

I have a request.
TLo, with your incredible institutional memory encompassing all seasons of PR so far, what exactly are the judging criteria? Have they ever said (a la Top Chef, if memory serves) that aufing is based strictly on the challenge at hand?
I'm certainly not arguing that this season's judging wasn't ridiculous in any case. I'm just curious if they've intentionally kept the rules vague so they're free to do whatever they want.

Irina reminds me of "Anna" the reptilian leader of the Alien invaders on the new TV series "V".

She has that same smug, self-possessed smile and the same humanity. I am 98% sure that she was the eventual winner after Bryant Park. And what a sad testimony to this really disappointing season that is.

To bad the judges are just reinforcing her delusions of greatness, because, Irina dear ? Karma is a Bitch.


Ugly. Tired. Unflattering. Dated. And the worst styling I've seen on this show, ever. This pile o' fug deserved to be on the bottom. Instead I'm pretty sure that this skank, who is nothing more than a moderately talented seamstress with serious taste issues, is going to win. And that really illustrates what a farce this season has been.

The Getty inspiration challenge could have been fantastic but contrast it with what Christian, Rami, Jillian and Chris produced in the similar Met challenge. No comparison.

Oh well, she'll be forgotten soon enough. I wish her much success producing slut suits for Russian molls. I can't imagine who else would buy her tacky stuff.

The dress was so shapeless and costumey, and the belt didn't help that at all. Why does so much of her stuff look so matronly? Oh sorry, I mean "luxe." I did like the back though. The styling just made it 10 times worse. Those shoes especially, oh what was she thinking?

I agree, someone else would have been completely held over the coals for this, especially as the last challenge before Bryant Park.

I didn't watch the entire epp. (I just CAN'T with this season) but, did any of the judges say that the sash looks like a limp dick and hangy balls?
That would have been my "critique"!
I hope that it would have been MK's also.

I like this outfit.

The styling could have been better-not sure how much of this is Irina's fault. All she needed was different shoes (Greco-Roman sandals) and to get rid of the headband- otherwise the ponytail and bracelets were fine.

The length is not the most youthful- but I am being nitpicky when I say this, and I think Nina was nitpicky in pointing it out as well. It is still wearable. I like the color. I like the style. I like the inspiration painting.

Glad she did not go with the fur. Glad she listened to Tim. He was very explicit- and he needed to. Fur is not cool.

Ditto many others - What is this "Fiddler on the roof of Studio 54" bullshit. Priceless!!!

The minute I saw this the first thing I said was what's up with those shoes? I was so distracted by the styling of this outfit it hurt.

The judges made her remove the model's shoes. Then, they made her take the necklace off the model.

If only they could have taken the incredible melting puke dress off the model, too.

Does anyone remember the muses from the movie Xanadu??? When Irina's outfit hit the runway -- coupled with that tight bun at the top of the head -- I immediately thought of that one muse from that movie. I wish I could find a picture of that muse...but that's EXACTLY what Irina's outfit and look reminded me of. Does anyone else remember that???

Reiterating everything everyone else said. Having said that, did anyone else notice how badly the dress dipped in the front and hiked in the back? It is particularly obvious in the photo from the back as the model leaves the runway...very basic sewing and draping 101.

Did anyone else notice that the headband is EXACTLY like the headband Irina wore in a few episodes early on in the season?

What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?

LMAO off here, because when I first saw it, I said "Wasn't that one of Olivia Newton-John's outfits from Xanadu? And I think one of her "sisters" had that hairdo."

In the screencaps it looks even worse than on the show. just all kinds of blech.

Found it -- Xanadu photo -- she's the fourth muse over from the left...

When did Elaine Stritch join Models of the Runway?

Nouveau-riche trophy wife of lesser Russian oligarch, stuck in 1982. That is Irina's style.

Fugly and so unflattering. They only referred to the length of it as well which had me shouting at the magic screen, it was some 70's nightmare if you ask me....

...those judges......

Leontyne Price. Ha ha ha.

In sync with you two. My *exact* summation was: Stevie Nicks get-up for Disco Night on the beachside terrace of your all-inclusive Caribbean resort vacation. And *not* during the 80's hey day of such vacations, but an aging boomer version.

And you invoke Studio 54 and Stevie Nicks and the general middle-aged feel of it all. I feel so validated.

I wore that dress (minus the back) to the 9th grade semi-formal. In 1979. No joke.

We think the judges have surrendered themselves to the sweet embrace of crack,

OMG, how true!!! There has been so much crack-smokery in the judging this season. Neoprene dress, Ice Queen, hate-on-Gordana, and this final, ridiculous challenge when the maker of the best dress gets sent home and THIS monstrosity gets an easy pass!!

I give season 7 two episodes. If the designers are this boring and the judges are still lost in that sweet embrace, I quit.

it is a heavy and matronly dress. she could have draped the rabbit skins on top and the judges STILL would have loved it.
looking forward to your posts about the finals, but i'm not going to watch the show anymore. the show has truly jumped the shark.

It's awful! It looks about three sizes too large for the model. It's got holes instead of sleeves (which looks very awkward for arm movement). The sash, weird in and of itself, is in an odd location.

The whole thing is just yucky. (That's a technical fashion term.)

Mlle Gateau said...

"Nouveau-riche trophy wife of lesser Russian oligarch "


And ohhh how much more so if she'd used the fur. I admit I was VERY disappointed she didn't as I wanted badly to see just how it would have been incorporated.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

*E-VIL, VILLANY* Ok,yeah sure. But does a garment constitute a crime against humanity?

To be honest, bitchy girl has been a reason to watch in such a snoozer of a season.

I find Irina amusing, enjoy her sense of humor, but would think twice about being stuck in an elevator with her.

Thanks boys!

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that boys. It really is fug. Thank you for confiming the crack whackness of the judging.

Kathryn said:

"Did anyone else notice that the headband is EXACTLY like the headband Irina wore in a few episodes early on in the season?"

Why yes. And funny you should mention it:

I wish she had sent out the gigantic 'Rabbit' pelts. Haha, I needed some cheering up and that would have had me rolling in the aisle.

Love the shout-out to La Leontyne!

Love the back. But the rest is blah. What kills me is I think other designers who have been auf'd could have done a better job.

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"

LOL love you bitches.

I haven't watched Project Runway in 3 weeks, I just read this blog now. Fuck it. I've completely checked out - I'll wait 'til the finale, or for next season.

Hospital gown chic!

The Leontyne Price comment had me scratching my head and laughing at the same time. A shorter skirt would have been an improvement, but that styling was awful. And thanks for pointing out Irina always adding a sash to every outfit.

I'm guessing Irina will be crowned the winner. She's so egotistical, which is something a talented designer usually has. But at this point in her career, a little humility would do her a world of wonder. It reminds me a bit of Jeffrey Sebelia, who was so egotistical that he couldn't admit any fault or shortcomings. Christian Siriano has youthful egotism, but he at least has a terrific sense of humor to offset it. I haven't seen an ounce of humor or self-awareness in Irina.

mmm... donuts and barbeque

Agree with all that's been said before.

Anon 4:42 said: The Getty inspiration challenge could have been fantastic but contrast it with what Christian, Rami, Jillian and Chris produced in the similar Met challenge. No comparison.

I went back to look at that episode. What a difference! Christian, Jillian, Rami and Chris all did lovely work. While I really disliked Sweetpea's it was not a trainwreck like Althea's. Here are the links to TLo's posts from that episode:

Based on their dresses for this challenge, I'd have sent home Irina and Althea. Or possibly Irina and Christopher. But this was by far and away the one I hated most. It had nothing to do with the inspiration and it was so hideously unflattering and she had absolutely no self-awareness about it. Out, out, out.

Its ren fair meets something Bianca Jagger would have thrown in the trash.

Why, why, why?!

Why did Tim have to open his big mouth about the fur? Damn, I was hoping for a trainwreck from her!

I would describe Irina as a "competent" designer, which is probably the biggest insult you could give someone on 7th Avenue. She can make clothes but there's nothing interesting about them.

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"! I am totally dying here!


If it wasn't for this blog, I would have stopped watching this season at, like, episode 2. You Rungay boys saved this season - and by saved this season, I mean that I watch so I can catch up with you the next day :) This season still sucks.

For next season, dear producers, some suggestions:
1. Some things are better seen and not heard. Heidi shouldn't be allowed to speak. At all. Period.
2. Thank God for the return of Nina and the Duchess!!!
3. Please, please bring back interesting challenges. This season has bored us to tears.

I saw this ...thing coming down the runway and thought "Oh. Irina has made a seafoam colored fugly". "Seafoam" being the color of this hideousness, not unlike every other vaguely green item in Penney's spring catalog. Horrible design, unflattering fit, wretched styling.

Irina, enjoy your unearned notoriety (not to be mistaken for actual accomplishment, dear). And rethink your smugness. As another poster wrote, karma is a bitch. May she visit soon.

anonymous wrote: This design and styling reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's worst outfits.

I was wondering if she left the giant floppy gardening hat backstage. Not Irina's best work.

I do admit she's the best one this season but mildly talented compared to some of the past winners. As far as mean girls go, cat-hating Kenley would eat her for lunch. (And, I admit to being distracted by her giant mouth -- I want to shove a snaffle bit in it and ride her in the Belmont.)

I really like Irina's work, though this was not her best. (Keep in mind that we certainly have seen the front-runner do a clunker at the very end... Leanne's inspired-by-flowers dress with the tacked on purple bit, for example, and Jeffrey and Mychael Knight's last contest looks, too. It happens.)

Seems to me, though, that if she had raised the waist a little, turned the dress into a long top, and then used her leather to make skinny pants, she might've had something.

For those who have checked out the runway images from ages ago... I'm thinking that Althea is going to rip off this look (or be accused by Irina of having ripped it off) in a heavy sweater with a really sluttastic look.

Bleah, finger down the throat barf fest. The length is awful. It looks like someone hit the blotter before heading off to Studio 54 and threw on some of great auntie's clothes. Maybe that is harsh. I just don't see the beauty of the inspiration. Cindy was correct in saying she could have shown the legs through the gauzy material. There isn't anything seductive or sensuous about it and that is what the original painting posed.
And what is with the pooch hanging over the sash?! And speaking of ugly sashes... threads hanging...nut job accessories...remind me why she should have been opening her pie whole at all about any other designer? I don't see any evidence of her superior talent here at all.
In fact, Gordana's ethereal dress had more in common with Irina's chosen painting. How sad.

I too think that Irina will win the season. I gotta hand it to her - her collection was pretty fabulous. This, on the other hand, is a fright.

Mischief and Repose, by John William Godward.

Ahh, the pleasure of being educated about the details.

Thank-you, Tlo, because we sure as hell ain't getting any knowledge remotely redeeming out of this show.

1) Everyone over 40 is outta here.
2) Blondes win everything.
3) Silver pants have magical powers.
4) If your name was ever in boldface in any rag at any time, you can be a guest judge.
5) Clothes from the Seventies are the bomb. All of them, yep.

We, the erudite and savvy former fans, salute Tlo. And condemn Bunim/Murray to a hell where Kenley Collins and Heidi's voices play on a tape loop in perpetuity, and with only Irina's last schmatte to keep them warm.

HA!! Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54 and Leontyne Price!!
Priceless, TLo!!!
I absolutely despised this dress.
I despise this season. I don't give a rat's ear who wins, because the three that are left are only minimally talented at best.

Daisy said: I actually thought this was pretty at first glance, but the more I look at it, the more I see the problems. It needs more lightness, less headband.

And, of course, more cowbell.

More cowbell would have helped a lot.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola said... *E-VIL, VILLANY* Ok,yeah sure. But does a garment constitute a crime against humanity?

The Fashion Police should have arrested her for this. Assault on aesthetics is a crime.

I'm astounded by how ridiculous this dress is. I just don't get it. Who the fuck comes up with something like this? I'm more bent out of shape about this dress than I am about Gordana being eliminated.

And poor Kaylin. She's such a pretty girl, but she looks like a bad drag queen in this get-up. Actually, she looks like a bad drag queen who hasn't finished getting ready. Thus the turban. WTF?

What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?


What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"


Even Kalyn, in that picture, looks like Aunt Rhoda on her way to the buffet line at The Concord. When a dress makes a skinny little shiksa model look like a Yente, what hope us there for the rest of us?


I can't be too mad at Irina, since her design served as inspiration for such a deliciously b****y post, I mean come on, Fiddler on the Roof, Studio 54 and best of all LEONTYNE effin' PRICE, you guys are amazing!!! To top it all off, it was delivered with such wickedness that I am going to have to (to borrow a phrase) Zamboni my screen to clean up all the attitude you two splashed around in this post, ;-P. Thanks, mwah!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I really liked the back, but that's about it.

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"

ROFLMAO. You bitches, rock!

You know, on second glance, given the color & the baloonyness, I'm thinking Irina should have styled her model with a book & a torch, and said her inspiration was the Statue of Liberty.


We're all assuming that Irina won, but if that's the case, where is her 2010 collection? Is there some sort of contractual clause that no work from the final 3 can be shown until after the finale airs?

Rue McClanahan already has a closet full of these dresses - Again, what did this past episode have to do with the challenge winner getting a winner's credit for her look? Only one dress fulfilled those requirements and it wasn't this belted parachute

i get all the hate because of all the gordana issue bla bla bla but this wasn't a bad garment...

the shoes as cindy said are too chunky...girl has trouble picking accessories

Here's me at the beginning of the season:


Here's me at the end of the season:


Or at least, that would be me if I hadn't been reduced to an incoherent gibbering mess by the mind-numbing madness of it all.

I think they've moved on from crack and are now mainlining ketamine or something.

Irina has been one of the best designers this season-which, granted is relative. But I can't believe they sent Gordana home and kept this lumpy slutty pagan grandma nighty. It's clearer than ever they have their favorites this season. Which, sure you say they always have but when the annointed favorites produce ordinary work and don't generate amazing storylines, what is the point.

Man, that was bad. The back was okay, but that was really it. The whole thing's just so middle-aged and frumpy. Honestly, it looks like one of those things buried deep in my closet that I wear when I'm feeling really fat.

Except that I'd never wear that dreary a color and the dress is 15 years old.

Gordana should have won and Althea and Irina should have been fighting for the third spot. Would have made for good television and reflected what was going on with the designs.

And I might have even given it to Althea just for making something that relates to current fashion.

The judges were so busy sending home the over-40s that they didn't notice they kept a designer with a 40-plus aesthetic.

Always looking for controversy, doesn't it seem odd that this sagging drooping gauzy The Villages beach cover sat exactly perfectly over the curve of Kalyn's pushed up boobs? I smell a double sided tape crime.
Fug. I didn't even like the back. It didn't fit in. The styling was just making a bad situation worse but I don't want to fault people for the craptastic Macy's accessory wall. I shocked she was not wearing gladiator sandals.

Irina has talent but she also plays it safe for this show. I don't expect the output on a show like Project Runway to show the range of a designers talent, particularly this season. Although some may rise to the occasion, this group was intimidated early on and were to afraid to take risks. In addition, the challenges were very tame and did not encourage the kind of out of the box creativity we have become accustomed to anticipating on Project Runway.

I hate to say this but I wonder if I should even bother watching the finale. I find it hard to believe the top 3 will surprise me, or even not bore me. I don't expect art or inspiration from them. Mostly because they will still be designing for the same judges: the "I would wear that" judges. Sigh.

yeah! ho! wah!

agree 100%, tlo.
i like bitchy irina and i usually like her entries, but this one is just butt ugly. it makes her model look like a melting candle... and people usually only start looking like that when they hit 70 or something.

It was so easy for Irina to be so cocky each week because she could do no wrong. If Heidi had it out for her week in and week out like she did with Gordana, no way Irina would have done as well. Gordana is clearly very strong mentally and she handled what Irina, Althea & Carol H never could have. Those three coasted and had a good old time because it was determined right from the beginning that they would make it to the finals. If you need proof of this conspiracy just look to the fact that neither of them were ever put in the bottom 3. Gordana was put in the bottom 3 for her paper dress & flapper dress when she should have been in the top 3. They only did that to justify later what we all already knew which was they did not want Gordana in the finals right from the beginning. Also regarding the fact that the producers wanted pretty girls??? Irina is ok looking but not someone I consider pretty. Althea is a amazon with indented teeth and Carol hannah is not attractive in any means. If you took those 3 girls to Eastern Europe where the most beatuiful women preside who happen to be the Slavic group, you would see these girls are nothing to look at. We already know that Logan ditched carol hannah after he came to his senses because he can do so much better.

It looks like she was inspired more by the figure to the immediate right of the glowing one in this picture, and less by "Mischief and Repose!"

"What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?"


Once again you ladies hit the nail on the head...why was this final challenge so full of ASS. How can 3 out of 5 designers give PURE ASS for the final challenge. It boggles the mind.

Bring back Jerell, Nick, Austin or any other number of 4th place finishers because they could beat the pants off of these amateurs without even trying. Hell, I'll even take Suede, owner of THE single worst Bryant Park collection in show history.

Anonymous said...
This design and styling reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's worst outfits.
4:35 PM


While it is tempting to jump all over this just because Gordana's was better, let's think a minute. How WOULD you have conceived Mischief and Repose in the form of a garment? This look had a lot of promise. But I don't think it worked.

Mischief: Here, tacky exposed body.

Repose: The woman in in the painting was in bed, sensuously stretching and relaxing (perhaps post-coital) under a luxurious duvet. So, this is supposed to be some sort of peignoir? Maybe? Seems like Irina couldn't decide whether she was making a sexy nightie or a cocktail dress/belly dancer getup and ended up with a bastardized marriage of both.

It is somewhat interesting from that standpoint, because I just can't fathom what WOULD be appropriate for this painting other than something that had major lingerie influence. So from that standpoint, it's not all THAT objectionable.

You know the day-to-evening wear? Well, this struck me as evening to "evening" wear. Ahem. Pull one shoulder off and the whole thing drops on the floor, like in the movies.

Some objections: Clearly this is to be worn with heels in public as well as fluffy slippers in the bedroom. So what, exactly, is holding up those boobs? Anything?

Second, the blouson look and split sleeves are just horrid '80's trends that should never see the light of day again. Even on JLo.

Also, the back above the butt crack is showing some not too flattering details. Looks like Irina was having trouble literally tying the thing all together and solved her problem by hitching the garment to a g-string/diaper contraption. We should not have been treated to that view.

Moreover, if this was supposed to be a sexy outfit that could be doffed at the mere pull of a shoulder string, how unsexy for it to fall to the ground except for the part still tied to the diaper/g-string/whatever-the-hell-it-is.

It is an interesting concept, but boring, boring, boring, and tacky in execution.

Clueless Jock

"Leontyne Price styling"

I laughed for five minutes.

seriously, this is one of the most offensive garments to come down the runway this season.

it's a muu muu with cut out sleeves and a sash. wtf is wrong with these judges? this is not a good look no matter how you look at it.

this potato sack gives you saggy boobs, stumpy legs and a pot belly.

polkadotoes said:
"This was made for the Golden Girls having a night out at Studio 54."

That's it right there!

For those who are asking about judging criteria this season, remember what Heidi said to Mitchell as he was auf'd "Three strikes, you're out" and he was in the TOP. So clearly, they are taking the entire body of work into account. However, they seemed to stray from doing this whenever the hell they wanted, for example when they auf'd Shirin WHO HADN'T EVEN BEEN IN THE BOTTOM UP UNTIL THEN ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHH!!!

Its basically judge however you want that day and have no standard or criteria. And it involves crack, as we all know.

They're clamoring for Irina's clothes in Tbilisi.

To borrow a TLo line from seasons past-
she looks like a breath strip.

This frock pisses me off. Talk about old looking. Talk about minimal inspiration from the painting... yeah its goddessy, but it lacked the joy and sensuality of the painting. And what was up with the heavy make up and hair style? Why did she use Kalyn's karate belt for her hair?? (another TLO classic) That painting should have inspired loose, flowing tresses and lit from within make up... soft, natural, glowing...

Irina seems to be at her best making layered looks (Aspen and its companion- though I hated the dress) or looks with some structure and big details (the paper dress/coat). This looked a lot like the surf-ette outfit she did with Johnny- right down to the braided back detail. I liked that outfit well enough- the colorful braid detail was cute, as was this back detail. It just wasn't enough here to detract from the rest of the dress. And this dress did terrible things to Kalyn's body shape. She's not my favorite model, but seeing her at that jeans shoot in MOTR, the last thing I could say about her body in dumpy and stumpy, and the dress makes her look dumpy and stumpy. How could a female designer be so careless with the form??? (as Heidi once said of Alison and her paper dress in season 3)

The dress this season that could've worked for the painting? Mitchell's first one... with a better neckline and less, you know, see-throughness, that loose, flowing look could've worked to evoke a pre-Raphealite scene of languid relaxation... now put it on Matar with light make up and let her go loose and full... which muse is she?

Irina seems to veer towards the more is more school- more make up, more accessories, layers, add some fur... and on it goes. She doesn't seem to do clean and simple or lithe and airy, and this inspiration screamed for light, delicate, airy sensuality.

This challenge should have been great, but everyone but Gordana went to the wrong inspiration. And the results were a mess of assiness. Buh....

I agree with the posters who thought this resembled a JLO WTF moment although it's not nearly as funny as your reference, TLo. I thought this was the most craptacular outfit of the challenge and, honey, that was a hotly contested title.

Irina is the "over" woman. She's over-praised as a designer because her competition is so weak, she's over-criticized as a villain because her competition is so weak, and she's over-confident as a contestant because her competition is so weak. And I'm over her in all three categories.

Put me in the category of not caring who wins this season. That's a first for me and I've been on the PR fan train since Season 1, Episode 1.

Xanadu! Totally! I'm alive! Especially when the judges made Irina strip off some of her wack styling. Some wag at a Xanadu "appreciation" website referred to the hairstyle shared by Irina's model and sister 4 as the Penis Head.

Ugh, I hate this look. And this is the second week in a row that Irina has made her beautiful slim model look hippy and dumpy.

So weird to see Irina actually agreeing with Nina pointing out that the length is old-lady-ish. Maybe she's yielding in recognition of Nina's far-superior bitchiness (meant with all respect to La Nina).

And really, it's awfully hard to be impressed with someone who was inspired to make a dress by... a painting of women in dresses. How boring can you be???

And oh, that awful, awful headband!!

Thus concludes my mostly-incomprehensible rant.

Heidi said:
"The length is not the most youthful- but I am being nitpicky when I say this, and I think Nina was nitpicky in pointing it out as well."

I wouldn't say that's nitpicky. Maybe I'm overly-aware of hemlines because I'm petite, but that length is just death-knell dowdy. It's a major component of the overall silhouette. Giving it a shorter length would have helped the whole thing considerably.

OMG, that roadkill wrap! I didn't watch the ep so I never saw it until I watched Tim's critique just now! I almost wish that Tim hadn't talked her out of it, so we could see the judges justify keeping that monstrosity in place of Gordana's lovely gown!

"Leontyne Price styling" - hilarious!

I like the idea of this dress, because I like loose and flowey. But the executions leaves much to be desired.

Re all the commentary this season about whether the judges decide based on the garment in front of them or the body of work:

THERE IS NO CONSISTENCY AND NEVER HAS BEEN. I've been watching the show since season one and it's always been this way. One week they'll keep the person who made the worst outfit, obviously because that person had been doing good work. The next week they'll auf someone for one terrible outfit, even if they'd done good work up until then. That's how it is.

I so hated everything about this look. I think her general is boring and totally uninspired. I'm convinced she's going to win it all, and it depresses me because she's just not at all interesting. I mean, she can do decent looks, sure, but I've seen them all before and I think she's a terribly boring designer, AND a boring bitch. Just as you boys said it, she was the best they could do in terms of bitchitude (though I think PP was a better bitch, in all honesty). Irina may be pretty, but she's not that great of a designer and she's a really shitty excuse for a bitch.

I think that like with TFS's Daniella, that people's dislike of her is somewhat coloring their opinions. I don't think this is GOOD, but it is not as bad as some peoplke are making it sound. It does look too big and weirdly saggy especially how it is belted. But there was still something kind of appealling - a cold-shoulder look that does have some appeal. While I don't love it, I don't hate it. (and I DO hate Althea's work)

As to the shoes, I don't know that I saw sandles that would have worked - she should have sent the model down barefoot.

And Alex! Look at the third look in that link - harem-ish pants.. based on a couple of looks there, I'd think Althea might be copying Irina - again.

Irina as the "villain" is exactly what's wrong with this season. Let me explain.

There's no Santino, there's no Wendy Pepper, there's no Shetangy (or whatever her name was) so this season is villain-less.

The editors might try to make Irina the villain, but the truth is, she isn't that evil. She's mouthy, but not nearly enough to be the "bad guy" of the season.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so thrust into the role of the real villain this season is Heidi. Her snark factor was amped up to 10 this season, and it doesn't look good on her. But she's the only one saying horrible things on camera, and the viewers (having no one else to root "against") are left rooting against Heidi.

Michael Kors (when he was there week after week) could be snarky and get away with it. He was deliciously bitchy but a real pro within the industry. But Heidi can't pull it off. She comes across as the lead in "Mean Girls: European Edition." So instead of basking in Michael and Nina's delicious critiques, we're all left booing Frau Seal when she devastates Gordana.

Despite the lame challenges, the BS judging, etc., I think the real problem with this season was casting.

Give us a real villain, or your hostess/executive producer is going to look like one.

Clearly a winning design except for the styling, shoes, headband, jewelry, length, width, color, texture, fit, inspiration, and execution... did I leave anything out?

The back is nice...except for the part that has the dress on it.

"What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?" Dead on. What the hell is this piece of crap? No defending it at all.

Can't stand that bitch.

Tom in KC said, "Despite the lame challenges, the BS judging, etc., I think the real problem with this season was casting."

I agree. I still wonder if they were reacting to viewer complaints about there being too many established professionals (e.g. Rami), and if that's partly why they skewed younger. Or indeed maybe it was the idea of youth-oriented TV (odd since Lifetime for Victims is hardly that). Whatever the reason, it made for in some ways too homogeneous a cast.

That is the heaviest-looking goddess dress I've ever seen! Is it the fabric or the way she lined it?

The back is interesting as is the color. That's all it's got. the length is at the most dowdy place she could have picked, the folds hit the hips in the exact wrong place, and she couldn't have been more off in the styling if she'd tried.

Sigh. I really miss The Duchess. I can't help thinking Mr "I'm underwhelmed" wouldn't have been taken in by this monstrosity.

This dress is drab, dowdy, dismal and most definitely not design.

Show of hands - who really wants to see an entire collection from Irina?

Wow. So glad to know I'm not the only one who only watched the second half of this season so I'd understand the blog.
That said, I think a large portion of my brain is gone forever ...

too many cats

Explanation for the wonky length:

The silly model is wearing the dress BACKWARDS. If she'd got it right, it would verge on sexy.

Oh, and the pelts...they were for the Russian monokini that was supposed to be worn under the dress so just a bit of fur would peak out

i honestly didn't think it was that bad, maybe for someone hobo chic...

Heidi (above) said: "I like this outfit."
Heidi, I have to give you a ton of credit for coming right out and saying you like something that is so universally reviled here. I personally think it is one of the most stunning--and unexpected--atrocities I've ever seen on PR, but I am so impressed that you would have the strength of character to be the lone voice to the contrary. You go girl! I like YOUR style.

michelle said...
This dress is drab, dowdy, dismal and most definitely not design.

Show of hands - who really wants to see an entire collection from Irina?

11/9/09 7:14 PM

". .. . ."

Irina's dress could have made sweet love to Gordana's dress. That would be a Project Runway first.
That firt picture of Kaylin walking down the runway says it all!!!!!

Leontyne Price styling?!? Thought I'd never see those words on this page - but, ummmmm, yeah...

The belt looks like a penis and balls. When she's not making vaginas, she's making penis belts.

Thanks! Now I have "Tradition" stuck in my head!

(another suz)

I mean, I don't even know what to say any more... this show has so jumped le shark.

The judging of Irina's dress was the evil twin of what happened on the other end of the runway, with Gordana and her gorgeous, challenge-fulfilling, well-made dress.

I expect to see the color of Irina's dress at Home Depot when I'm shopping for toilets. Or polyester clothes with velcro fasteners. And the judges LIKED the color?

And the design-- this was all a big joke, right? That's the only explanation I can come up with. It's the Project Runway/ Opposite season!! Because how else to explain this hippie-dippie, flatter-free, styleless and constructionless mop? They sell crap like that in stalls off the pedestrian malls of college towns, right next to the rolling papers. Yeah, the black heels looked off alright-- this dress called for Crocs.

Yeah, but how do I REALLY feel? :-D

At last! Someone who knows how to make a Bubbie-Of-The-Bride dress!

The babushkas must be kvelling right now.

For a young hip designer, Irina sure has designed a lot of old ladyish outfits.

I just had to run a Google image search on Leontyne Price...yeah, wow -- I didn't like the styling at all but I hate it with added fervor now.

I can't believe how unflattering the length, shoes and hip sash are seeing these stills. I assume Irina's going to win...sigh.

I agree that season 6 was doomed before it began due to casting. One reason was that PR 6 was filmed on the heels of PR 5, which has happened before without difficulty, but the wind wasn't at their backs this time. Also, I wonder if recruiting for the Fashion Show affected PR, not sure about that one? Another issue, and this was probably the biggie, was that the recruiting was being done by novice producers, because other than Tim, I think most of the casting people for previous seasons were either from Bravo or Magical Elves.

I think this was the People's Choice season (if only because B-M lacked confidence in their own abilities) and I think we as the audience should be careful what we wish for, because guess what personality and organic drama matter. No you can't cast a bunch of charismatic hacks, but you definitely need four to five designers who are going to be loved, hated or loved to be hated. You also need diversity of aesthetics and risk takers, those who because of delusion or cajones, will lay it all out there. It isn't that these designers were individually unworthy of being on PR, just collectively there were no standouts in terms of personality or aesthetics.

A few weeks ago, I would have also blamed the lackluster challenges, but this group whiffed the interesting challenges, so I am kinda glad that the good challenges weren't wasted on this group; it is my sincerest hope that there will be a Bob Mackie do over down the line.

I didn't see the inspiration piece in this at all. It's just a horrible dress.

Illfitting, poorly made, wrong proportions and terribly accessorized.

Any other season and this would have been an auf...

I love this dress. It moved amazingly. Had it been a foot shorter, it would have been stellar.

Totally agree. More or less cowbells. One or the other.

I don't hate this dress. I do see the studio 54 however. I wish she would have found a way to utilize some of the sheerness of the fabric with out the lining. The blouson is a bit too blousey. The shoes are too heavy, damn that paltry Macy's wall. The back is quite lovely though.
I don't think Irina is a villian. Truthfully I think they cast Gordana to be the villian and tried despairately to push her into the roll. When she didn't repond, they went with the next best person. The beautiful Disney princess villan.
I actually do want to see a full collection from Irina. I'm sure it's the best of the bunch.

Heidi said
The length is not the most youthful- but I am being nitpicky when I say this, and I think Nina was nitpicky in pointing it out as well.

I disagree, I think the length ruined this dress.

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"

ROFL. I don't how you two do it, but it never fails.

"What is this "Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit?"


Only this blog to turn crap into gold.

As far as I can tell, Irina's Point of View is that she thinks she's better than other people and she makes clothes for wanna-be rich snobs who think they're better than other people. It's a pathetic aesthetic.

As far as I can tell, Irina's Point of View is that she thinks she's better than other people and she makes clothes for wanna-be rich snobs who think they're better than other people. It's a pathetic aesthetic.

I sit here reading all the responses and try to write one of my own...

...but I'm completely indifferent. I think we can name this season Project Runway: The Lost Season.

(oops - pathetic repetitive posting)

Thanks to the posters for pointing out the 'Xanadu' muses - I knew it reminded me of something.
(and how the hell did our favorite gay boys miss that??)

"Leontyne Price styling" - I literally cackled out loud. Luckily I was alone.

This looks like something Betty Draper is going to wear to a key party in 10 years.

That's totally a Blanche Deveraux.

The poor judging was a huge factor because no one was left standing to challenge the top 3. Gordana, they had to admit pulled herself through, but holding onto Christopher and Logan so long meant that no one was there at the end who could do anything the least bit refreshing or surprising. Not that it would have mattered, given the way Gordana was pushed aside.

I cannot imagine this dress getting anyone to Bryant Park in any previous season.

"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54"!

You boys are fabulous.

This really makes everything Christopher sent down the runway qualify as cutting edge.

I half expected John Travolta to follow her in a Bee Gees' shuffle.

LMAO; "Muses from Xanadu, gold penis' & balls, dancing fiddlers at Studio 54, etc...."

Hilarious & excellent analogies, comparisons, metaphors, etc. I couldn't put my finger on proper descriptive qualities of this monstrosity, but I think you've all summed it up quite nicely.

- edina -

What a disappointing end to a disappointing season. From the casting, to the challenges, to the "judging" (and I use that term loosely), this season was extremely questionable. The repeated absences of Nina and Michael, as well as the line of eye-brow raiser guests made it difficult to take anything seriously and screamed of producer manipulation.

As for the challenges, they were seriously lacking. This season is notable for having the worst runway show in PR history (beach wear challenge) and what could have been one of the best (Bob Mackie challenge), yet it fell flat. Compared to the work of Bob Mackie, that runway was a bunch of yawns. Something is SO wrong- what is going on ???

I don't even want to go into Irina in detail because this dress was ridiculous. She was inspired by a painting featuring gauzy fabrics and pelts and created a design featuring gauzy fabrics and pelts- EARTH SHATTERING. Perhaps this is what Lifetime viewers want to see, but certainly not what anyone who has followed Project Runway, or has any interest in true fashion wants.

My best friend was traveling the last several weeks and I told her not to even waste her time catching up. The promise that either Nina or Michael might show up at judging was one the few things that kept me watching. Project Runway has featured so many contestants that are extremely talented designers who, not only have unique points of view and technical mastery, but also have great TV personalities and viewer appeal. The challenges of the past were interesting and inspiring and produced some impressive results. Bravo did it better, bring back Nina and Michael, and tailor the show for the people who truly care about/understand Project Runway's original goal. Season 7- please return to your glorious beginnings !!!

Dentist office green. She took the drapes out of a dentist's office and used the venetian blind cords to tie up the back.

Thank you for watching so I don't have to! Cheri

When this stomped out on the runway, I thought it was the maternity outfit challenge again. What did she do to make that thin model look so dumpy? I see that she was playing with classic toga/Rami draping with an eye towards interesting negative space, but the overall effect was not pleasing.

I couldn't believe that only the hemline length got mentioned in the critique, as opposed to "I don't love the back" (of Gordana's dress). I didn't think the front, back, or sides of this dress were successful on any level.

I'm tired, so let me just say...


thank you,

And WHAT IS GOING ON with Kalyn's drag queen makeup and Leontyne Price styling?

Hey hey HEY! Leave Leontyne Price out of this. She's got more talent and utter fabulousness in her pinky fingernail than Irina has in her entire aesthetic.

Leontyne could make Irina wither and go pffft with one look.

GothamTomato said..."You know, on second glance, given the color & the baloonyness, I'm thinking Irina should have styled her model with a book & a torch, and said her inspiration was the Statue of Liberty."

Oh, perfect! Thank you! Cheri

mochizuki-senpai said...
There is simply no justification for her non-shit-stinking self-love, other than the judges' collective anosmia this season.

Thanks for that! Made me laugh - and taught me a new word ANOSMIA. perfect. : )

Irina figured out how to make a stick thin model look like she has a beer-gut.

This comment has been removed by the author.

yeesh. other contestants get slaughtered for making their models look fat and old.

im just finishing out reading your blog from this episode before losing my eyes to PR forever.

As punishment for their horrible attitudes this season, I both like both Nina and Heidi to wear this mint-green monstrosity to Bryant Park for the collections.

With the brown headband and black patent pumps.


Good god. Where's her cocaine clutch? Seems like that's the only accessory missing in this disco ho nightmare.

Roo@5:20 pm -- Thanks for the Rungay history lesson ... I think.

When I see in front of me the difference between commentary and design in Season 4 and what's in front of us this season, I want to cry.

Since it is a Weinstein show and he owns Halston and this was like baaaad disco era Halston maybe that is why they liked it?
Perhaps they are "grooming" her for an assistant designer job there. God knows no one else has lasted there (at Halston) since Marco Zanini was given the boot. Even people who were doing amazing work like he did....

I thought her dress looked like one of the 13 apostles.

To think the judges picked this POS over Gordana's gorgeous impressionist masterpiece. I do think Irina was one of the better designer's this season - but this ‘whatever it is’ was hands down her worst offering by about a mile.

I hate that Project Runway's lost it's mojo like this. I remember calling all my theatre friends to tell them about the first season. I’ve done costume design (and apprenticed in more than one shop). I knew the basics. So it was fun looking at everything from a different perspective. Then I found you guys – and watching Project Runway became a weekly Event.

Now.... It’s really lost its luster for me. It’s like the last season with Bravo was Runway’s apotheosis: saving the best for last. Ah well. Maybe Lifetime will learn from its mistakes and next season will be better. One can only hope.


"Fiddler on the Roof of Studio 54" bullshit

Perfect description of that saggy slutty drab hooker wear. What is really sad is I loved the painting that was her inspiration.

Jeez, could you imagine the shitbag of a dress it would have been if she had used that fur????

It is just a sad entry into a sad season. If it weren't for you guys I would have stopped watching the show altogether. I watched the last few episodes so I would be in on your critiques.

It is producer manipulation all the way.

I would love to see Nina in this dress, with those shoes and that headband. It would make my year.

Seafoam green, ha ha ha.

UGH. More bullshit in this already clogged toilet of a season.
Better than Gordana's? Hell no.
And everyone may hate me for saying it - but for one second let's give him the courtesy that everyone's demanding for Gordana and judge just the looks in this episode alone (which I agree we should) - this is worse than Christopher's. Seriously.
Remember from season 3 when Alison was kicked off? And what Heidi said comparing hers and Vincent's? "Would you rather look long and lean..." or like a damn bag lady?
The wrong people went home this episode. I am PISSED.
Althea sent the worst shit down that runway (and look at her final collection - joke's on you, Producers!). And Irina was right behind her.

I just feel the need to point out -- this dress is NOT! worse than the crap Christopher and Althea put down the runway. ESPECIALLY Christopher's. It's just not.

"honestynotpc said: Perfect description of that saggy slutty drab hooker wear."

Hooker wear? Slutty? Seriously? How is something that baggy and formless slutty hooker wear?


You guys need to lighten up and get on the Groznirina train because she's taught us serfs several things this season:

1. She's the only REAL designer on the show

2. She's the only person with an original sense of style

3. She tries to top herself with each and every challenge, which is getting more and more difficult, since...EVERYTHING she does is top-notch


5. Her shit smells like sunflowers and roses, minus the manure soil


Anonymous said:

This design and styling reminded me of Jennifer Lopez's worst outfits.

I can indeed see J-Lo wearing this, and that isn't a compliment.

Why the judges are so in love with Irina amazes me. She's talented, yes, and has turned out some good looks, she's hardly extradordinary.

Another poster remarked on the difference between the result of the Metropolitan Museum challenge in Season 4 of PR and this challenge, and I remember the thrill of seeing Christian's and Jillian's pieces in particular. The only design from the Getty challenge that will linger in my memory will be Gordana's.

You know, on second glance, given the color & the baloonyness, I'm thinking Irina should have styled her model with a book & a torch, and said her inspiration was the Statue of Liberty.


11/9/09 5:40 PM

And that would have played so well with the immigrant from Georgia backstory that will surely be coming up on this week's episode of PR as part of the lead in to BP.

The outfit is 100% hideous. But I don't think Irina is a Bitch. She is just outspoken on her opinion about other designers. I remembered back in episode 1 her comment about Ari is really positive by appreciating her conceptual style. Her taste about design is just very picky that coincidentally all the remaining designers that remained are the ones that she really didn't liked when it comes to taste and style. I'm not defending her this is just my observation.

I just realized that I'm not even planning to watch the finale. I just don't care.

How completely sad.

I hate to say this but I wonder if I should even bother watching the finale. I find it hard to believe the top 3 will surprise me, or even not bore me. I don't expect art or inspiration from them. Mostly because they will still be designing for the same judges: the "I would wear that" judges. Sigh.

11/9/09 5:53 PM

I feel the same way. this season has just been a big disappointment on so many levels.

I know we've all made mention of this, but is there a definitive ruling on whether the judges actually named a winner for this challenge? (I already erased the episode from my DVR in disgust). My recollection is they didn't, which probably means Gordana won and they didn't want to deal with the fallout of a winner not going to BP...thoughts?


Lea said:

I would love to see Nina in this dress, with those shoes and that headband. It would make my year.

I would like to see Nina AND Heidi wearing that outfit, but with one small addition: the rabbit throw.
Now THAT would make my year.

Anonymous at 4:20 a.m. said:

I just feel the need to point out --this dress is NOT! worse than the crap Christopher and Althea put down the runway. ESPECIALLY Christopher's. It's just not.

Alas, yes it is. When an outfit makes you literally gasp when you see it come down the runway - and in horror rather than in appreciation - it's awfully bad. I really thought this was the worst outfit of the evening and as bad as the styling was, the styling wasn't really the issue. If the decision as to which designers were to go to Bryant Park was based on the total season, I have no problem with Irina advancing. If it's supposed to be challenge to challenge as many of us have thought then she should have been eliminated. As for me, I think I'm going to the movies Thursday night and will simply read about Irina's win on this blog on Friday.

Regarding skirt length, the only reasons it should be criticized is if:

a) it is so short, it is revealing way too much


b) it is so long, it is a safety hazard.

Anything else IS nitpicky.

What drove me NUTS was that the painting she chose, she got herself all wet over the contrasts in it and raved about the dresses in it, but those dresses were like literally colored spider webs. How that translates into a bunch of sham-WOWs glued into a toga I have no idea, but that dress was so heavy and gross looking I just wanted to easily and quickly mop up a spill with it. Are you watching camera guy?

I had this dress in red that I wore to every dressy occasion I went to---in 1980. I'm all for revisting previous decades for design inspiration---but where was the update? Wait--I didn't have a sash/belt with my dress. Ok I 'get' it now.

The comments by TLo and the rest of you were much more entertaining than this episode!

Gotham Tomato: "When a dress makes a skinny little shiksa model look like a Yente, what hope us there for the rest of us?" The model looked exactly like Nancy Walker playing Rhoda's mother on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." The headband, the matronly length, the inappropriate shoes. A perfect match.

How Irina got from a pre-Raphaelite painting to Ida Morgenstern only the laughing New York fashion gods know.

If Gordana had created this dress, Heidi would have had her drawn and quartered on the runway and hung her lifeless body in the workroom as a warning to the other designers.

Seriously. This is one ginormously hideous dress. Someone made the comment a while back equating Irina's aesthetic to Brighton Beach. They really hit the nail on the head. Primo example.

And I got news for the judges, taking off the shoes and the accessories did not help one bit.

I agree with the comments by (Tom in KC & Brooklyn Bomber) about casting being at the root of this season's problems, with the caveat that getting rid of some of the more interesting designers in favor of the bland didn't help.

And I do have to stick up for Lifetime in two respects:

The extended workroom critiques and judging available on the website are EXACTLY what I've always felt the show lacked. This would have been even better with a stronger cast of designers, but it really is a boon.

And I don't really think the Bravo runway was much better lit, though sometimes I do think Lifetime has given us even *shorter* looks at the final garments. (But that's a subjective impression). It was not all wine & roses back at Bravo, is all I'm saying.

I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!

Maybe a cowbell would have at least made the outfit interesting.

Maybe it's just me, but when asked who should go to Bryant Park, was there a bit of acting when she mentioned the other's calling her mean? It felt like a put on for the judges. Her "I don't want to do this" statement, and demeanor, seemed well rehearsed. She has proven repeatedly that she does "want to go there" and thinks that is what being competitive is about and it's not.

@EEK/STL: I re-watched the episode last night (don't ask) and they definitely did NOT name a winner.

Also, I'm slightly hearing-impaired, so I may be wrong about this, but when Heidi was on the runway and said "Three of you will be going to Bryant Park, and two of you will be out," it sounded like there was an edit, as if she had said "One of you will be the winner" as usual and then it was changed. Thoughts?

Maybe they were thinking that three of them won the chance to go to Bryant Park, but I think not because, in the past, a winner of the last challenge was always selected. Methinks something is rotten at Lifetime.

Without the shoes, she reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy stomps grapes. That's nearly the same dress.

BeccaGo said:
Also, I'm slightly hearing-impaired, so I may be wrong about this, but when Heidi was on the runway and said "Three of you will be going to Bryant Park, and two of you will be out," it sounded like there was an edit, as if she had said "One of you will be the winner" as usual and then it was changed. Thoughts?

There was a part (I think she was talking to Gordana) where they did not show Heidi's face while she was speaking that sounded like a dub to me. Makes me wonder what she actually said.

Annnnd this had my vote for the auf'ing. Althea's was overworked and unfinished, but at least it was ambitious. This? Was a really unimaginative bathing suit cover tied with a sash and styled with a dash of FUG. Even Christopher pushed himself more. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when they put her through first.

Irina's problem is that she always tries to go for her definition of luxe, which is others' definition of tacky. The model wore way too much makeup, the styling was horrible, and the dress reminded me of a tax collector's costume in a Robin Hood type of play. And then she was going to add fur to it!? Blech!

Irina needs to learn that there's a difference between luxe and stylish. It's the same problem she had with the prior challenge when she created the slutty brocade dress under a ginormous sweater, and even in the other Aspen-inspired outfit. Just because you throw fur and brocade at something doesn't make it tasteful. And making a 20-something model look like a leather-skinned middle aged woman also isn't tasteful, it is the very definition of tacky.

But whatever, we all knew the judges and B-M were going to send her to BP anyway. There's no justice on this show.

Haven't I seen this look in a Roger Moore era James Bond flick? Not even on one of the main Bond girls, more like a background Bond girl.

Anonymous @ 11/10/09 4:20 AM said... I just feel the need to point out -- this dress is NOT! worse than the crap Christopher and Althea put down the runway. ESPECIALLY Christopher's. It's just not.

I think they're all bad. But holy cats, at least Christopher's resembles a dress and Althea's resembles a a skirt and a top. This looks like one of these open-air tents I've seen at the beach.

I keep trying to understand this dress, but I can't. And it's nothing personal. I'm not fond of Irina, but I loved her Aspen look and the pieces she made the next week, and said so several times. I'm just confused by this.

Oh, oh, oh-I recognize the front of that dress-it's ME, two days after hysterectomy!!!!

When have you ever seen Nina restyle a model on the runway? That styling was f'ing ridiculous.

Junior Goddess

I think this is a decent contender for the Rebecca Romijn maternity wear competition, but nothing else.

....the Golden Girls having a night out at Studio 54....

HA! Perfect.

Man! When will the producers let the rules stand, if you suck at a challenge, you GO HOME! This is the bullshit dress that knocked Gordana out of the competition.

I think Irina was smoking the same crack pipe the judges were. Seriously what was she thinking?

I am actually ashamed to admit that I watch this show. It is the worst waste of time that I have been admitting to, but not anymore ... someone, somewhere, had better take control of this mess of a series for next year ... or the end is in sight.

As unimpressed with her style/aesthetic as I am I am able to recognize one of "hers". When this came down the runway I was upset. I very much did not like what she has as an aesthetic, re-run '70s -'80s. Unlike most posters the gimmicky dumb and nothing pretty about it back sealed the two thumbs down deal. Every freakin' thing about it was wrong but pure Irina. And the judges sucked it up, but for the length, which did not bother mre a bit and is definately true to the era.

Get that girl outta here. The judges sucked up to the new Marlo Thomas. I don't like her or her wanna be aesthetic.

What a bad year.

I didn't mind this look THAT much (I'm a bit of a 70s/Logan's Run person anyway) - but it wasn't her strongest. And the length was pretty horrid.

BUT - am I reading too much into this, or is anyone else noticing that Althea DOES take ideas from Irina? I know neither of them are doing earth-shatteringly new things, but Althea did start doing big, billowy sweaters the challenge after Irina did one. Then, after Irina used the ugly head-band in this challenge, the next time they showed (in this case, at fashion week), all of Althea's models had the head-band. And I don't remember Althea doing sash/belts so much as Irina - until the final collection.... but I'd have to go back and look.

I'm sure I'm reading too much into it.... but.....


I will never watch another episode of this show. They should change the name of it to "Project: Worst Fashion Garbage Of All Time". Life's too short for this bullshit.

Don't insult Leontyne like that!
I've been over this season since Epperson left...I can't stand Irina...she'll probably win the whole thing...the show is such a joke now. really is "butt ugly!"

I, too, will admit that the back has interest and is the best part of the design...but that dowdy baggy front...ack! Lining the fabric lost the essence of the inspiration painting...the shear-ness. The judges/producers were going to send her to BP regardless of what she sent down the runway...obviously.

This dress is why "luxe" is no longer a valid term of praise on Project Runway. It's the equivalent of making overalls out of cashmere--sure, the materials are luxurious, but when it isn't pretty, it just isn't pretty.

Here, I think that Irina probably would've come up with the same dress whether she saw the painting at the Getty or whether she was staring at the wall at the Parsons stand-in.

Hey hey HEY! Leave Leontyne Price out of this. She's got more talent and utter fabulousness in her pinky fingernail than Irina has in her entire aesthetic.

Leontyne could make Irina wither and go pffft with one look

Agreed. Leontyne Price is a class act—always was, always will be. How DARE you put her in the same blog with Irina's monstrosity?

Besides, there's nothing wrong with the green or the Grecian drapery; Irina just did it wrong.

One question: Who would wear this getup?

worst styling award in project runway history, hands down

I would wear it- to dress up as the Greco-Roman goddess of my choice.

One of my friends and her bf dressed up as Persephone and Hades for Halloween. Their costumes absolutely ROCKED.

Comparing that piece of fug to Fiddler on the Roof is a bit disrespectful to Golde, if I may say so.

It's pitifully draped (if you could even classify that sad-sad look as "draped") with only a half-assed belt to make it look even remotely acceptable.

It's a good thing the judges like Irina and/or are on hallucinogens, because I would have kicked her ass all the way to Tbilisi if I were a judge.

Lose the sash, make it much shorter, get rid of that ugly ass styling, and maybe there's a chance at it being attractive.

WORST SEASON EVER! Irina and Althea are in after these god awful dresses and Gordana is out, and Christopher almost made it to the bitter end? I hope they can redeem themselves next season.

What's wrong with the sash? It adds definition to the waist. Without it, it would be dowdy unless Irina made some major darts in it. I think the sash is cool.

I think the only true problem with this outfit would be the shoes. And I do not know exactly what kind of shoes were available on Macy's accessory wall that time- so I truly cannot know for sure how much of it was a poor decision on Irina's part and how much of it was beyond her control.

it makes me a little sad. as much as i dislike irina, i have to admit that she has great personal style. i did love her ski wear... but this drape is ridiculous. maybe she couldve salvaged it by making the top fitted, but i might strangle her with that gaudy gold sash if given half the chance. the whole thing wasnt cohesive :(

That look is straight from Xanadu. All that model needs is roller skates.


God awful. No way around it.

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