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In or Out: Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone attends the 8th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s "An Enduring Vision" benefit at Cipriani, Wall Street in New York City in Christian Dior Couture.

"HAHAHAHA! YES, Paparazzi! Take my picture while you try and figure out what I am! Am I a sexy private eye? Or am I a sexy cabaret singer? HAHAHA! I AM A WOMAN OF MYSTERY AND ENCHANTMENT!"

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Couture [Modified version]
Model: Heidi Mount

Oh to hell with it. She's Sharon Goddamn Stone. She's a 50-some-odd years old movie star who doesn't give a shit what you think of her and she's wearing something from Dior's foundation garment couture line. That she inexplicably topped it off with a leather trench and fedora only makes her more fabulously insane. She is beyond such classifications as IN or OUT. She's just Sharon, a classification in and of itself.

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deliciously, IN!

What can one say? I just wish she'd get back to acting because she was pretty good at it.

Bitch is of IN. Always.

No visible granny panties, so she gets a point for that.

She's in a category all her own. She is STONE.

The outfit conveys, "I am batshit crazy and I look good doing it." In other words, it's perfect. It's impossible to In or Out Sharon Stone. It's like trying to In/Out Bjork or Juliette Lewis. Some people wear costumes, some people wear fashion, and, for a select few, the only fashion that works is costume.

I'm actually amazed that Sharon's modifications made the outfit a bit more modest and mainstream. Huh.

In, In, a thousand times IN!!

I don't like it as much with the trench closed. But I love the menswear-slash-lingerie vibe.

And she looks like she's having a good time and loving what she's wearing, which makes it even more of an in.

To me 95% of style--at least--is looking like you're comfortable in your clothes. Some stars get that look in their eyes that says "neither one of us can stop thinking about the fact that I'm wearing hoof shoes." If you can't forget about what you're wearing, leave it at home.

Her face looks so lovely, but the rest of her looks ridiculous. OUT!

I need to upload a picture so the Elaines don't get mixed up. I'm not really used to anyone else sharing my name ^_^

I was thinking pretty much the same thing: she's simultaneously in and out. Always and forever.

I love your "thought bubble" (Hahaha paparazzi! etc.).

Oddly, I think the version with the shorter overskirt looks better, though I'm glad she skipped the stockings (as opposed to pantyhose).

The word that I agree with is: INSANE.

"Tlo said: Oh to hell with it."

Yeah, she's definitely no wallflower. She doesn't walk a red carpet: She attacks it (like the Marines storming a beach - and with just as much calculation).

She demands you to look at her.


I just wish it wasn't all the way down.

She took a silly slutty piece of clothing and actually made it look rather elegant and classy. Perfect for an Elton John event. Definitely IN.

i love her, she's the shit

i'm tired of galliano though...get him out of dior and bring tom ford in, thank you very much

if i see another pirate / gypsy / geisha inspired outfit from dior i'm going to puke my guts out


She looks like the ringmaster (ringmistress?) of the Underwear Circus.

And I love that!

She's doesn't look any crazier than the model does, so there's that.

Who knew a pretty little blond girl from Meadville, PA could turn into Sharon f-ing Stone? She's such a nut, and I refuse to judge her anymore.

LOVE the leather trench.

she looks great in the "dress" third picture. It actually could have worked on its own, but as you say the coat an the fedora add the roght kind'a crazy.

it's crazy, but she's working it and having a blast. IN despite all common sense.

Thumbs down. Glad to see that Elton John is feeling better.

Wow! In for the courage to wear that.

shes very pretty ....but her styling is always off. do away with the hat and coat and she looks great

She doesn't look that bad actually. IN

I actually really like it. I can't explain why, but I do. Maybe it has something to do with the fact personality can go a long way in making an outfit work (even the most ridiculous look can work if it really "fits" you.)
I thought I was going to be in the minority here, but it looks like I'm not. Nifty.


I think she should've kept the length, but still. Fabulous. :D

Also- I want her leather jacket. Fabulous!


Love it. At least she's someone with a personality, for heaven's sake, compared to 95% of the red-carpet walkers. Also, I love that old-school movie star attitude, that if you are going to show up somewhere, you are going to SHOW UP and give the hoi polloi something to talk about.


I think she looks AMAZING (in a crazy Sharon Stone sort of way), but there should be a disclaimer at the bottom that says "Trained professional. Don't try this at home."

TLo- Do you know where we can find that gorgeous leather trench coat?


Please make "Sharon Stone" a classification option for all future In/Out posts.

Cheers to Ms. Crawford!

taodon on 11/19/09 at 10:43 AM
said...Bitch is of IN. Always.

Could not have said it better myself! b I think Ms. Stone looks great and can get away with anything in the Dior underwear collection.


IN! Goddamit, IN! She is so ridic. I love her unmercifully.

The runway version was one of my favorites from that collection, which was a little too heavy on the granny panty for my taste. And like you said, she is Sharon Stone...she is who she is and you can't falt her for that. And w/out the coat/hat she looks good for realsies.

You guys crack me up! While I'll stay on the side of Dior's underwear chic line, I will never understand pairing it with inspector gadget chic.

Totally in (without coat and hat)!

She's just Sharon, a classification in and of itself.

Maybe, but she ain't no Cher. OUT

11/19/09 10:45 AM

The outfit conveys, "I am batshit crazy and I look good doing it."


You know.......we should all HATE this. I mean, it's crazy as all hell, right? But damn it, the bitch pulls it off somehow. I don't know how and I've decided I don't care how. She fab and she's IN!!!

What else are you going to wear to pose with Elton John?

While I prefer the look with the shorter skirt, I like the contrasting seams on her underpiece much better than the one on the runway.

I would hate this on anyone else, but as you say she's "Sharon Goddamn Stone", so she's a huge IN.

As said above, her face, esp in the first pix with the short white guy, looks great.

Is that really Elton John beside her? Is his upper lip not working nowadays?


She took the original and made it work for her.

I can't explain it, but the hat makes the outfit.


TheNYCourier said...

.....inspector gadget chic

YES! That is an absolutely perfect description. I flove it hardcore! lmao

Gorgeous Things said...
Maybe, but she ain't no Cher. OUT

True, but I could see a young La Stone rocking Cher's famous Oscar looks.

She looks f'ing crazy, but she looks like she is having such fun. As you point out, she doesn't really care what anyone thinks about how she dresses.
And she looks fabulous for a 20 year old, much less a 50 Y.O.

So she is out, but who cares?

sharon stone and i are the same age, and if i could
rock that outfit like she does i would totally wear it.
she does look crazy, but she looks FABULOUS!

Oh dear. It looks like trousers puddling around her ankles. Dopey-looking.

I think the whole look is fantastic, but I would have liked a shorter skirt. I think the modifications are a big improvement on the runway version, I would just move the opaque band of black about 2 inches lower, and chopped the thing off there.
But perhaps this was a white tie affair, so it had to be floorlength?
- Windy City Wendy

"Movie Star"?

She hasn't done anything worth anything for years!

In or Out? Try Crazy. Literally.

Isn't this outfit just one step up from the granny pants? It's all kinds of crazy, but for some odd reason on Sharon (also all kinds o' crazy), I like it.

She puts the IN in INSANE. She looks great. Crazy, but great.


The woman could be wearing a neon beer sign and still be IN. Its her attitude rather than what is on her back.

IN. have always loved her & that fuck you attitude!


She looks like a flasher.
She is a flasher.

Sharon Stone looks exactly like what she is: an actress whose red carpet career is more exciting and long-lived than her acting career ever was. This outfit looks ridiculous which is exactly her point. She'd now be invisible in the pop culture world if it weren't for red carpet photos, and she ain't having any of that nonsense!!

When MY grandma goes out in her skivvies, we call the home to come retrieve her.

She always looks like she has lipstick on her teeth.

I think it is OK, but I like the short version much better. I don't get wanting to show everyone yer spanx though...

marlono said:
I think she looks AMAZING (in a crazy Sharon Stone sort of way), but there should be a disclaimer at the bottom that says "Trained professional. Don't try this at home."

This comment cracked me up. Although she's never been my favorite actor/personality, I agree she's crazy and IN her own class. Plus, I love the hat.

I can't get past that hat...I can go with the rest of the ensemble. The hat just doesn't work for me.

Stone is a broad - IN

Yes, I agree with others that have remarked how perfect this look is for an Elton event. And I, too, wish that she'd get back into films. Heck, you could build a whole film around this look alone. She'd definitely have to do a Nora Desmond down a grand and winding staircase for this look. Sharon definitely get's an INsanely IN from me.

- edina -

Very few women can work the crazy while making you wonder how she still manages to look so stylish. She has the body, the chutzpah and the attitude to pull it off. She's always IN.

I say she is so "out there" that she is definitely IN

I personally LOATHE Sharon Stone, but I think she looks fabulous! Miss Elton, on the other hand, looks hideous. I know that queen is nearly as old as QE2, but he's also got her money, so he ought to be able to buy a better face than that! It looks like his husband punched him in the mouth, and he tried to pancake over it.

"Ringmistress of the Underwear Circus"--hilarious!

It's the maniacal smile that makes it for me. If her goal was to get tons and tons of attention, it's a definite IN for Sharon. Mission accomplished!

I actually think she looks great without the hat and coat.

I love Amanda in Austin's analysis: she is STONE!

Which is way better than IN, the only other option.

Lulu said:
11/19/09 12:28 PM

Very few women can work the crazy while making you wonder how she still manages to look so stylish. She has the body, the chutzpah and the attitude to pull it off. She's always IN.

i totally agree with you Lulu! well said! you go Sharon!

In. WAY in!

I actually kinda love this dress, especially on her. Without the hat and jacket its a completely different look so extra points for versatility.


yeah! ho! wah!

oh hell no. O-U-T.

and she does very well care about what press and people think of her. and no, she is not in her own cathegory. she is, in fact, in a very common cathegory: aging and desperate.

It's so refreshing to see pictures of someone wearing couture that looks like she's actually having a good time. She gets an IN from me for the attitude alone.

And lay off poor Elton. Didn't he just get out of the hospital with a case of e coli? That's about as good as you can look after having diarrhea for a week.

I have to say it's actually IN, for me. She's wearing a ridiculous get-up because it was designed to be ridiculous - not because it's just ridiculous on a woman her age - and she's pulling it off. How can that not be IN? Plus it's kind of an improvement over many of her fashion choices - though I'm sure that's entirely accidental.

She lives parallel to the world of "In or Out" in her own universe. Her getup is over the top, but her demeanor clearly shows she is loving it and knows it is crazy, so I vote her Queen of The Sharon Stone Universe, population: 1.

hahaha... reposting to note that FormerlyAnon also used the phrase "get up" which is what this is: not a dress nor an outfit, but purely a get up, like a costume.

She just looks so goddamn happy I don't see how she could be anything other than In In In.

LOVE IT. in the second pic you can see she's enjoying herself. if you feel good and show it you're always in.

Funny enough - she actually looks less crazy than she has for awhile.

Love the way the lingerie dress has been modified.

I think she's kind of awesome, but I am kind of miserable about the way the movie industry treats women "of a certain age." Y'all lambasted Demi Moore for trying to look younger than she is -- but everywhere she goes, her name is trailed by the words "almost 50," as though reaching age 50 were the equivalent of a diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic pancreatic cancer. Just as cancer patients are celebrated for being "so brave!" despite their illness, Demi Moore is celebrated for being "still hot!" despite her cripplingly advanced age.

Sharon Stone, beautiful and talented though she is, hasn't had a good role in, like, forever, because the industry doesn't know what to do with a beautiful sexy woman her age.

As a 44 y.o. female (who, thanks to a relatively fat face, plenty of botox, and some well-placed Restylane looks younger than her years) I am saddened. It's almost as though the world wishes women would just disappear, or die, after age 40. -victoria

Fallink in luff again,
Never vanted to,
Vhat am I to do?
I cahn't help id.

oh...Sharon is always OUT...but she doesn't give a cr*p and we love her for that. We expect the outrageous and over-the-top from her and would gripe if she didn't deliver! ;)

The look is ridiculous... but all I can think about is how damn fabulous she looks regardless. So I guess that means she's IN?

La Stone does for crazy what Iman does for fabulous.
It's their "THING".
On that principle, IN.

I'm just glad the amazing Elton is feeling better & able to chair such a wonderful charity!
Kudos to Captain Fantastic!

The joy on her face makes her an in for me.

More actresses could benefit from following her example. She just looks so happy wearing her clothes, it's infectious!


I love the hat and the coat.

She's definitely IN!

I love her almost as much as Swinton - sort of complementary polar opposites for me.

So now are the posts going to be titled "In, Out or Stoned"?

i'm not dorothy gale

What a pitiful, needy old dame. Out.

You kittens hit the nail on the head.

I wish I could afford her botox... her face is spectacular.

If it didn't look crazy she wouldn't wear it. Way better than some of the shit socialites go out the door in.

She's fabulously insane.

LOVE it, although I wish she had gone with the shorter version. Very quasi-Weimar cabaret singer. She's fun.

She looks like she's having a blast! Take notes, Lady Gaga. Have some fun with your bad self!

What a silly woman.

She's Lady Gaga but with taste.



Jaysus, she looks freakin' fantastic! Love it, love her, huge IN!

For Sharon Stone, that is a pretty conservative look & she really pulls it off.


I don't know if she's got her own classification, but that outfit is FANTASTIC. I love it.

Totally IN.

On anyone else in the universe-Out.

On Sharon Stone-In!

Out. Why give her a pass 'cause she's batshit crazy?

Sorry to not join in on the fun today.


Cojones, charisma, and all woman. Hurray for Sharon Stone.

First and foremost, Sharon Stone rocks. I give her HUGE kudos for her tireless dedication to AMFAR. While other celebrities are chasing the newest cause celebre, her loyalty to most reputable AIDS orgainization is beyond reproach.

SS is an extremely beautiful woman blessed with great facial features and a great bone structure. She often defeminizes herself a la masculine clothing & that AWFUL pixie haircut to destract from her beauty.

And unlike her peers, she is aging very well. Her use of clothing is meant to be ironic, while other 50-somethings will wear fashions that are completely inappropriate for their age with all sincerity. Demi Moore, I'm talking to you.

So, yes! Sharon Fucking Stone is IN!!

It's her whole attitude in it. IN!

other than the change in length, i hate the alterations to that dress. but then again, if it had the little cap sleeves she couldn't have put on her sherlock holmes costume over it, could she?

So very IN... Total fabulousness. LOVE it!

It's certainly unexpected. And, honestly, she looks damned good in it, too. IN.

The fedora is reminding me of White Collar and Matt Bomer's semi-retro attire.

Galliano may be apeshit, but Tom Ford is way worse. The only vision of Tom Ford I want to see is someone slapping him into the middle of amnesia.

I don't have a problem with the outfit per se, I'm just not thrilled with Sharon Stone.

I have to say, these pics made me fall in love with her. Fantastic broad. And she's definitely channelling a Jerry Hall vibe with is all kinds of fabulous.

She looks fabulous!!! Very glam.

Needless to say: IN IN IN

Go Sharon! I love you!

Once the leather trench and fedora came off she looked simply stunning. A great beauty with a great sense of style and panache. Remember, this is the woman who once paired a GAP turtleneck with a full evening skirt and rocked the Oscars. She sometimes misses, but not this time. IN!

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