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In or Out: Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga attends the 13th Annual 2009 ACE Awards presented by the Accessories Council at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City wearing Marc Jacobs and John Galliano...

...looking batshit insane.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Collection/John Galliano Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Angelika Kocheva

It kinda feels wrong to make this an In or Out because she's somewhat...shall we say, beyond such classifications. She doesn't dress to look stylish or pretty; she dresses to get the most attention she can possibly get. On that level, she's always an IN. But here's the thing about her: we get why she does what she does and we totally support it, 100 %. In a world of Britneys and Mileys, we need a Lady Gaga. So, good for her. More, please. But let's not treat this as something new or groundbreaking. The world of entertainment - and especially the world of pop music - always produces, at least once a decade, someone like this; someone who wants to flaunt* all conventions; who wants to go out looking as insane as she can possibly look in order to get people to look at her and talk about her. And these figures almost always come up through the ranks of the club scene or the punk scene or the drag scene or even the hippy scene. In other words, it's about taking elements from the fringe or the counterculture and shoving them in front of the eyes of the public where everyone can ooh and ahh and call her crazy and call her an artist. Like we said, we support and admire what she's doing; we just don't get why every time - EVERY SINGLE TIME a figure like her comes along, the press and the public treats her like something new. She's not doing anything new, but what she is doing, she's doing well.

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*Leaving it in just to annoy all the vocabulary queens

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So she's 00's answer to 90's Bjork is what you are saying?

The last real person to do this was Madonna, in her own way. except madge is now rehashing others :-(

Anon, I disagree with you, Bjork is an actual artist/alien.

creativity in clothing is (almost)always fabulous - especially in the case of Lady GaGa!

And there I was wondering just who would wear that Marc Jacobs.


Are we even sure she's Gaga? Perez might have been under that insane outfit. Otoh, I agree with you that she does well in getting attention -- she's your blog.

Fun music, fun clothes and supports the gays. J'adore!

I actually think she crosses the line between doing something outrageously fabulous and being noticed for it and plain "look at me, I break conventions."

I have to agree. I love her craziness but it's not like she's reinventing the wheel here.

I also thought of Madonna initially...what she wore "back then" might not seem as insane as Lady Gaga but she was breaking convention by being unapologetically seductive.

that is a very good way of putting it. the mileys and britneys and glorified strippers of the world are so boring. gaga is a breath of fresh air.

I would really love to see a challenge where the designers are required to style Lady GaGa with alternative materials, like instead of going to Mood, they end up at Pier One and have to scavenge for design materials. Because that's a level different from styling Christina Aguilera. And you know she'd turn up in something batshit crazy, too, and her comments would be priceless.

I'm just glad that an adult is the center of attention, not some teenager. Always IN in my book.

Love her.
Now those designers who send that whacked out shit down the runway actually have someone who is willing to wear it!

Agreed, Gaga is fabulous and beyond classification, but what I really find batshit insane is that she didn't make that crazy getup out of stuff she found in her attic and at the Salvation Army -- those are DESIGNER CLOTHES. Dear Marc Jacobs: What the eff?

Bjork wore a swan dress once and everyone considers her an oddball.

Try Grace Jones for comparison. She always brings the strange, on and off stage.

Lady Gaga is attending an Accessories Council function. It makes sense that she's wearing accessories, no?


Personally, I find her a cross between Dita Von Teese (the body) and Dee Snider (the face). So, as disturbing as that whole idea is, I guess as an attention grabber, she's an IN, but I really want to say OUT, because she gives me the heaves...:)


Love her, she supports the gay community, she's fabulous, and can sing. Can anyone say that about Madonna these days?

I'm sorry but as much of an attention whore as she is, she's always OUT in my opinion.

ugh, get out with lady gaga challenges on project runway. if it happens i will quit this show.

she's not fashion, she's stupid and has a terrible personality.. this is what she does for publicity, not for the sake of her own personal style. with that being said, the baby powder is stupid and not that impressive from an editorial point of view.

And something tells me that Lady Gaga would NEVER make "judicious use of the Macy's Accessory Wall."

Hell, she'd probably remove the shelves and wear those.

I just plain love her just as much as I love Madge.
I would not wear the same things she does but surely I would be inspired by some of her creative sartorial choices. Head wrapped in lace? no, But a lace half veil with a vintage hate, surely. A coat made out of Kermits? no. But an Animal Castelbajac t-shirt, for sure.

I love her. I'll take crazy over boring any day. And she may actually be talented! Which is just another plus. Either way, I'd rather see this than a black dress.

She is harmless and kooky, just what a pop-star should be. At least she isn't pretending to be a role model. And her music is hella catchy.

The Lady Gaga is not asking for your love or respect. If you like/love her, then right back atcha. If not, then move on, there's nothing to see here. Hating on The Lady is *so* unoriginal. Unlike her.

I believe this is a cultural reference to that old Vaudeville joke that ends with the punchline, 'If I could walk that way, I wouldn't need the talcum powder.'

Anyone who pays homage to Henny Youngman is tops in my book.



LifeTimeforHomos said...

The Lady Gaga is not asking for your love or respect. If you like/love her, then right back atcha. If not, then move on, there's nothing to see here. Hating on The Lady is *so* unoriginal. Unlike her.

OK, move your shrine over and let us express how we feel about her, ok? Besides, nobody is "hating" on her.

Look, I think she's great and hella-entertaining, but all I can say to this outfit is: What? Why?!

Lady Gaga is a national treasure. Sure, she always looks batshit crazy, but she always puts the utmost effort into looking just that sort of crazy that's become her trademart. The girl tries. This particular outfit isn't to my taste, mostly because of the covered face and underwear on the outside (always an OUT), but much of what she has done, insane as it is, has a certain appeal. I normally listen to metal, but when she comes on, I can't turn her off and end up singing along.

Lady Gaga's outfit: OUT
Lady Gaga herself: IN

Oh, my god, what the hell?

Crap. I was going to wear the same thing to work tomorrow. Oh well......

Anyone else think she is trying to channel Leigh Bowery?

eh, it's performance art, She's neither IN or OUT, but at least she's mildly interesting

Yes, she definitely isn't reinventing the wheel, but I think she knows that (even if the press doesn't). I think she's great – I've seen a lot of her interviews, and in many of them she's weird for the sake of being weird, but in some others (usually more low key ones than MTV who normally don't ask anything more intelligent then "OMG so leik what does Gaga mean?!?"), she is actually very self aware. She knows her influences and seems to understand the fine line between art and commerce. She's also a classically trained pianist and went to one of the most prestigious art schools in the world. So yes, she is talented as well.

So,um, she's a singer I take it? I mean I've heard of her, but not necessarily in an artistic reference. Something about her gender...or something...OK I admit it...I'm old and I have a hard time sometimes keepin' up with what the kids are in to these days" ;-)

I think she's fab but I don't like this particular look.

I actually like the veil, it gives her a very Edwardian and romantic look. And I love, love, LOVE!!! her faux-fishnet hose. They'd look super under a winter white suit (and they're probably the only part of that outfit an average person could afford).

I've also always liked vintage lingerie, tap pants, etc., but not for outwear. That part of her outfit is all costume, and she's welcome to it (I hope she's someplace warm!)

Not a huge fan of this particular look, but Lady Gaga pretty much gets a lifetime pass at this point. I secretly think that she dresses so outrageously in public so that when she wants to go about her daily life she can do so without getting recognized. I think it's no coincidence that most of these outfits tend to obscure her face in some way.

Also, what a voice!

I cannot be unbiased about Lady Gaga. I think she's fabulous and secretly consider her my alter-ego.

I also think she's quite aware of her place in the cultural pantheon and isn't trying to be more than she is. Love her. IN!

LOOOOOVE Lady Gaga, she is always IN. The crazier she gets the more I love her. I like the statement about flaunting the fashion/appearance culture we have. She reminds me of Grace Jones! Just crazy and out there and in your face! You are right is certainly not new. And it does baffle me that people get worked up over her. They just don't get the joke. I think Gaga can get away with all of it because in addition to being an attention whore, she can back it up with extraordinary talent.

I like it on her! Gaga is trying to hard but I for some reason I don't mind. At least she's trying at all, unlike so many of these starlets.

She makes her own rules and then flat-ass ignores them. And for that alone, she is IN IN IN!

I'm not hip enough to even know who this woman is. Does she sing? Dance? Date inappropriately and talk about it in public?

I just don't know. And looking at her in this ensemble, I'm not altogether sure I care.

"gaga is a breath of fresh air."


Her - yawn.

The people who idolize these no talent twits who just have to appear b-s crazy and they are glorified? sheep-le

Who cares about her clothes? I'm just glad she's covered her face.

Anyone who thanks God & the gays in the same sentence is awesome in my book. She's a fashion provocateur; pushing the boundaries for attention and cultural relevance. We're talking about her & in her line of work, that 90% of success.

Shit, I kinda love it (not her though).


Retread city from 1991.

Like the fashion, she's just another fad, and will disappear as soon as she came onto the music scene.

I like how she puts it altogether.

thanks for the post boys, your perspective is a good thing.

i say why not to lady gaga. i would rather read about her & see photos of her then some of those talentless people that are always in the press.


"The Lady Gaga is not asking for your love or respect. If you like/love her, then right back atcha. If not, then move on, there's nothing to see here. Hating on The Lady is *so* unoriginal. Unlike her."

Guess what! We get to comment whether we like her or not! Besides which, the point TLo & others are making is that she's NOT terribly original.

Harmless, occasionally amusing - yeah, I guess so. I can understand why some like her lots. But I'm with the Yawns.

And for the record, I've been with the Yawns for most of these "artists" who shock for the sake of shocking. All the way back to my own high school days when Madonna made me yawn right out of the gate -- like 1982 right out of the gate.

I don't hate Ms. Gaga, but YAWN.

I'm excited by talent, not stunts. And if she's truly a musical talent, she should stop distracting from it with her stunts.

Bad Lieutenant

The world of entertainment - and especially the world of pop music - always produces, at least once a decade, someone like this; someone who wants to flaunt all conventions...

Okay, it's the Semantics Squad. Nobody move: This is a bust. Get your fingers off the keyboard. Yeah, pal, I mean you. Caught you using "flaunt" when you really mean "flout". I don't care if you're gay and gay people flaunt everything, you still used the word incorrectly. And I don't care if everybody uses "flaunt" to mean "flout" -- it's a solecism, pal, plain and simple. Look it up. So I'm gonna have to ticket you. Okay, stop whining. I hate it when bloggers whine. Just don't let it happen again. [door slams]

Instead of watering down editorial-worthy clothes, she becomes a walking editorial herself. Love it. Love her.

Ms. Feasance said... I would really love to see a challenge where the designers are required to style Lady GaGa with alternative materials, like instead of going to Mood, they end up at Pier One and have to scavenge for design materials. Because that's a level different from styling Christina Aguilera. And you know she'd turn up in something batshit crazy, too, and her comments would be priceless.

I sincerely hope the producers read your suggestion and use it verbatim for a challenge next season.

Lady Gaga reminds me way more of Cindy Lauper than anyone. She has that NYC I'm gonna kick your ass and do what I wanna do sort of attitude. And I like it, alot. Oh and those shoes are kick ass. I'd wear em.

IN, I like it from the neck down; the hair and face thingee should have been saved for another occasion.

"looking batshit insane"

Yep. And not much more. She's an okay singer. Not sure if she's even a musician. But she is milking her 15 minutes, and why not?

Lady Gaga is 23 years old. 23 years old.

My good God almighty. I can't even imagine how focused and disciplined a person would have to be to have accomplished as much as she has and achieve as much success as she has at fucking AGE 23!!!

Whaa? oh sorry. just a little midlife angst. : )

Saw her on SNL awhile ago and was blown away.
For me - she's IN.

Here's the thing you guys, are we sure this is Lady gaga?
I've been looking and looking but she doesn't seem so er, how to put it, gaga in the face. If it really is her, she needs to wear veils more often. PAPA PAPARAZZI
anon 12:38
Bjork is just like that. That is why we must worship her!

Bad Lieutenant said...

Okay, it's the Semantics Squad. Nobody move: This is a bust. Get your fingers off the keyboard. Yeah, pal, I mean you. Caught you using "flaunt" when you really mean "flout".

Did you do a full body frisk or just a polite pat-down?

She's out and in and that's what makes her Gaga

I like her and especially after reading Rolling Stone's interview a few months back (btw: she considers herself not only a singer, but a performance artists and actually aspires to the likes of Andy Warhol).

Love her music, spirit and individuality. I know that lot's of people don't like her, but the same comments and remarks were made about David Bowie, Bjork, Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones, etc. Good for Gaga. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

- edina -

OK...for anyone who doesn't know who Lady Gaga is, doesn't know if she has talent or "even if she's even a musician" (sorry GT!) here's your chance to decide. These are live performances without benefit of any electronic trickery. And she's wearing an awesome hat.

You can also see her wonderful performance on SNL a few weeks back courtesy of I'm still surprised she didn't knock the mike stand over with her orbiting hoops.

The question is - what happens when she runs out of boundaries to push?

Bad Lieutenant, smooch!

"Flaunt" and "flout" are commonly misused. The distinction is an important one. Thank you for making it!

Besides, Tlo always writes so engagingly and well, as a rule. A wee correction here and there only improves their fabulosity.

As for Lady GaGa, I like the veil, but that's about it. I hope she's having fun, though.


Batshit insane can be a good crazy, or a bad crazy. She's gone both ways before, I think this is a good batshit insane. IN.

I'd rather see her batshit crazy than Bai Ling, who has been far too successful making a name for herself in that department without showing any evidence of any sort of talent whatsoever.

"batshit insane" pretty well covers it.

I am glad she exists, but I'm not connecting with this one, either by admiring how it builds her image, making me want to have her metaphorical balls, admiring how fantastic, if off-beat she looks, or appreciating her commentary on the look du jour.

Whereas, a couple of people cited Grace Jones - that's someone who in her day called up two or three of those feelings.

Still love that she's in there pitching, & I enjoy some of the music.

I don't see what the big deal is ever with her. Let's break it down by music and by fashion.

On the music sense, what she does is she produces catchy, dancey songs that are mostly played in clubs and parties. But someone please tell me how that's original? The 80s were all about catchy dancey songs (true most of them were one hit wonders and Lady Gaga is not that at all) but still, I don't get why people rave over her music. It's just alright. Nothing revolutionary.

Now onto her fashion sense. I say, yawn. So she dresses like she's insane. So what? Plenty of other people dress (or have dressed just as) "out there". For example, as many people have mentioned Madonna used to dress "crazily" when she first started out. Juliette Lewis dresses crazily. Bai Ling dresses crazily. The only thing unique about Lady Gaga's style is that she's the only one doing it (in this quantity) right now. She's not the first person to ever dress unconventionally and not care. Entire subcultures have been partially formed on the basis of people wearing "different" things to get attention and not caring what other people think.

So yes, very much yawn. I'm not hating on her persay, I just don't get the hype. I think there will come a time, though I don't know when, when people will look at her fashion sense and just say "oh yeah that's just Lady Gaga *shrug*" and they won't be eating it up. What will she do then?

I agree. Plus who else would wear John Galliano outside of a fashion show? Plus I kind of love her and her crazy outfits.

As we all know, talent really is never a part of the equation for being a so-called "celebrity", just being able to get attention for being over the top, i.e. Brittney, Madonna.
It looks like she is trying too hard just to be different. I could throw all the crap in my accesories drawer and go out and call myself edgy, doesn't mean I am.

I like her and hope she's having fun.

Actually, I find Lady Gaga incredibly boring. The more outrageous she tries to be, the more bored I am.
She's neither in nor out, and that makes her a bore.

Oh yay! I was waiting for you boys to do something on Lady Gaga for the longest time. I absolutely adore her. She does what she wants, does it well, and backs it up with actual talent. Any doubters should watch her live. She can play the piano like a beast, and she, unlike many other pop acts, writes her own music. For my generation, she's the first person to come along and be "out there" so, for me, she's not a yawn. She inspires me and my peers to be original and be ourselves, as her predecessors did. :]

Viva Gaga!

I appreciate that she gave Marc Jacobs some business but I just don't get her appeal. That one song is decent. Otherwise, she just seems like a retread of better, other artists. I do like her more since the tranny rumors surfaced.

UGH. She drives me NUTS. In my opinion, always OUT.

What Lauren said - eternally out.

I just can't get behind that pink...thing. Too fug. She could have found something, or, better yet, had something made, that was similar and better done. That waistline is just, oh, just too sad, mes amis. Otherwise, the look is silly, stupid fun, and IN, if only because I don't actually have to see her nipples and/or vajayjay, which is not something I've been able to say about Lady GaGa's outfits in the past.

Re. Anon's (11/3/09 12:38) comment, FOR SHAME. She's obviously the Aughties' (Naughties'?) response to Eighties/early-Nineties Madonna.

NOTHING can compare to our dearest whackadoodle, Bjork ♥, the tiny yodeling Icelandic crazimuffin.

After seeing her with that crazy silver hoop outfit on SNL, in my eyes she can do no wrong. Plus, I was mesmerized... gorgeous voice! You know how much you guys love Tilda Swinton? She's MY TS! "Batshit crazy" costumes/outfits with the talent to back it up. Always an IN with me.

Funny--I just came from GoFugYourself's post on this outfit and finally reached the conclusion that I like me some Lady Gaga. I agree that she's not original, nor is she as risky as Bjork or Grace Jones, but the Cyndi Lauper comparisons feel apt.

Also, Bad Lieutenant . . . will you marry me?

I absolutely agree with the post. This isn't new, although it's new to the younger generation as we haven't had someone as avant garde as miss gaga in a bit. I actually find her quite boring. I understand that you do this as an artistic statement gaga, I understand that you truly only love one thing in this world: your music, and I get that you're into couture and avant garde looks. Gotcha. Now I'm bored again.

Agree completely, TLo. I get frustrated when Bjork and Cher are called out as worst dressed in past Oscar recaps. When they put on their swan dresses and sequinned headdresses, they aren't trying to look like Gwyneth Paltrow's pink princess dress.

FYI - One does not "flaunt convention", rather the expression is "flout convention".

TOTALLY, TLo! I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment here.

I agree more with the Lady Gaga/Bjork comparasins rather than those between LG and Madonna. While Madge did dress outlandishly (for her time) it was mostly stage outfits and she usually reined it in sufficiently to retain her sex kitten accessability; offstage, to an event like the one Lady Gaga attended above, Madonna's attire was usually more conventional than avant-garde.

That said, while it's not reinventing the wheel I love the madness that is Lady Gaga. And you're right: It can't be judged on the "well-dressed vs. sartorial disaster" scale because that is not what she is all about. So I'll vote IN, with admiration and a chuckle.

I quite like her and agree that although this isn't anything new, at least she's doing what no one else is.

I also like her voice and the fact that she writes her own songs, however synthy-poppy they might be.

I hope no bats get stuck in her cotton candy hair tho.

A final thought: Lady Gaga is a runway show in real life. Nothing she's wearing would seem terribly out there during Fashion Week. She just doesn't tone it down for the "real world."

I was gonna say that while I don't really know what she does, I'm thinking Cher is probably a better comparison.

So thank you to Suzq for posting links to clips. Now that I've seen here. . . I still say Cher!

And just a little Lady Miss Kier.

I can't stand anything about Lady Gaga. Her music is terrible, her outfits are fugly and boring, and overall I just see her as a predictable and needy hot mess. Anybody can throw on stuff to look totally crazy but it takes talent to make an outfit that's both original and stylish, neither of which Lady Gaga is.

1. Read Simon Doonan's Wacky Chick's for a whole bunch of women who broke the mold. I love it that Lady Gaga wants to break molds. She is not an innovator but she is a breath of different, if not fresh, air.

2. As to this specific outfit: it does nothing to dispel the rumor that lady gaga is a man and is packing. I don't know if it's the shiny fabric, or if it's just the angle the photo was taken, or, quite possible with her attention seeking, she found something to do with her stray socks. Either way, she keeps the speculation on the front burner.

I'm not really sure how wearing well-known designers is making such a huge statement. It certainly isn't original. These looks have obviously been done and considered "fashionable."

The veil/headdress reminds me of those bigheaded aliens in the old sci-fi films and TV shows. I thought this was her Halloween costume when I saw just the headshot.

She is a competent singer. She is not a great performance artist and has a long way to go before comparing herself to Andy Warhol or anyone like him. I think that she's trying to get attention rather than express herself or make a philosophical statement.

If you've seen her IRL, you'll understand why she's covering her face. Waaaaayyyy too much surgery, and it hasn't helped much.

Sorry to be harshing y'all's buzz. But what I mean is that she is a pop star. Pop=popular. She's not groundbreaking. She is doing a great job at being herself, a pop star.

I totally agree with you and I think Lady Gaga is more like a product created by some very ambitious PR people than a person working for her own career.

Bad Lieutenant said...

The world of entertainment - and especially the world of pop music - always produces, at least once a decade, someone like this; someone who wants to flaunt all conventions...

Okay, it's the Semantics Squad. Nobody move: This is a bust. Get your fingers off the keyboard. Yeah, pal, I mean you. Caught you using "flaunt" when you really mean "flout". I don't care if you're gay and gay people flaunt everything, you still used the word incorrectly. And I don't care if everybody uses "flaunt" to mean "flout" -- it's a solecism, pal, plain and simple. Look it up. So I'm gonna have to ticket you. Okay, stop whining. I hate it when bloggers whine. Just don't let it happen again. [door slams]

One more thing Tlo provides people with: a life. What a joy!

Um? I think she is the very ambitious PR person. She used to do burlesque, after all. And she used to "just" write songs for "other, better" pop stars (like the Pussycat Dolls, apparently? possibly Britney Spears? I would love to know what exactly she was responsible for.) But I've hated all of her songs and her delivery in the commercial versions so far (live acoustic seems a bit more promising) so she can go away whenver.




I'm Gaga for Gaga. She's the most original and talented female entertainer since Madonna.

Personally, I think she wears outfits like this because she thinks it's great and she can either afford it or it's given to her.

I remember an interview with Madonna years ago where she said she never wore anything twice. Designers sent her things to wear every day in hopes she would appear in their look. Seems the same thing is going on here. Why not?

Go Go Gaga!

She would never bore Nina.

She's always IN. She's fabulous!!!!!

No need to apologize SuzQ. I just am not convinced about her. I saw her with Justin Timberlake last year and he totally stole the show when he was onstage with her. Time will tell. I still think she's working the hell out of her 15 minutes, and good for her for doing so.

I would cover my face too if it looked like hers.

Madonna was the most unoriginal useless POS, please don't try to elevate her tired, copy-catting a**.

FLOUT the conventions, not flaunt them. Jesus Pete. I agree with your post, though.

The heels on her shoes looked like plastic pop beads that would collapse any moment.

As for the convention-defying attention getting, Madonna did it better.

A big out - AND I LOVE HER FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those shoes remind me of tampax packaging.

Well, just out of curiosity, whom do you expect to wear all of the whack stuff that goes down the runway in the name of "Art" or "Fashion" or "Design" or what ever soubriquet you choose to bestow on it ?

I'm guessing your Moms and Sisters probably aren't wearing this stuff. TLo.

Yes there are counter-culture icons in each generation. I at least find Lady Gaga backs it up with talent, which isn't always the case.

She is Way In. AND I like the lace face.

Now as to the cranky old farts grumping on here...Lighten up !! It's only Fashion, people, REALLY !!


I have to admit, I kind of LOVE everything going on above the neck. The makeup looks great on her, and I think everyone needs an afro once in a while. If you're going to do wigs, do WIGS.

I will say, though, the doused-with-flour thing puts me off a little bit.

She reminds me of the character on "Splash" who was the secretary of Tom Hanks. She was struck by lightening therefore wore her bra on the outside of her clothing.

Lady Gaga is nothing original here. My little ones pull off similar looks when playing dress up. If Lady Gaga ever wears panty hose on her head, I can say she was inspired by my 4 year old. ;)

Lady GagGag is a lot of things. Original is not one of those things.

The only thing good about this getup is that it covers her face. That is one fug mug. She should always cover up that mess.

Ok, that is just BAD. I don't care how "in" she is at the moment, she looks like yesterday's warmed-over trash.

Sixty four thumbs down.

Kudos to Lady Gaga. She'd rather jar your senses and make you say, "WTF?" then be another pretty blond.

im all for the pop stars that do this kind of thing, honestly. but she just looks like a dumbass. there are much better ways of rocking a marc jacobs than freaking dowsing your ass in baby powder... OUT! :P

I only wish her music was as interesting as her fashion choices. I appreciate her efforts, but wish the product pushed the boundaries as much.

Cranky Old Fart

OK, I'm 63 and I've barely heard of Lady Gaga, don't know what she looks like (apparently am not missing much), don't have a clue as to how her music sounds, Saturday Night Live isn't funny anymore, and I don't care.

I DO however, wish I had known Andy Warhol and been a part of all that, and I was young enough then too :-(

And I love TLo and am grateful that they exist to keep me from being an ignorant cranky old fart ;-p

Was this held on Halloween???

"we just don't get why every time - EVERY SINGLE TIME a figure like her comes along, the press and the public treats her like something new."
Perhaps the comments here have given you some idea as to why that would be the case - check out all the young fogeys harrumphing about how BORED they are by her because - she's part of a tradition? And worse, she acknowledges that she is? lists some of her influences so that people get what she's trying to do? How dare she try to be an artist out in public where everyone can see her?
Madonna? Feh. She'd NEVER have tried to look ugly on purpose.

I like her. I even downloaded a song of hers once, called Summer Boyfriend. Sounded like early No Doubt. Good pop tune. And I think she's funny and Lord knows, there's not much of that in popular music, where most people think they're cool but take themselves so awfully seriously.

I like her style but her latest performance art piece/video/song, Papparazi, made me uncomfortable in the sense she's fetishizing death, nothing new there, but Bettie Page was cute in her leather boots and there's nothing cute here. Gaga's really going for the dark. I think one live performance ended with a body hanging from a rope. The video has the hanging body and other stuff, there's an image of the female form sprawled in an unnatural pose, and then she's dancing with broken bones on crutches and such, and I don't know, I understand what's behind it but the whole thing was just creepy to me, mainly because I can see how some nutcases would get off on all the pain and violence. Actually, it's playing with violence as porn and it hits the spot. To be fair, I never sat down and watched the whole video. I'd like to have a conversation with her though and see where she's coming from. She's very burlesque and I do appreciate that.

Sounds like she's throwing in a little Alice Cooper. In his earlier, pre-jokey days, he would be hanged and "killed" in other ways during his shows. He starting playing it for camp before he became really popular. (He also had a good band.)

I think that this was intended as a Halloween costume. The whole dusty look (straight from the crypt?) and the hand gestures make me think that. Or maybe that's part of her shtick?

I'm in favor of her as long as no one, including her, takes it too seriously. It's all in fun. If she starts getting pretentious, then it's over.

(And I don't think her being pretty or ugly--to start with,I mean--should have anything to do with it.)

Pulling one's kit out of one's bits is never a good look.

That's an icky big spider bow, but those mottled stockings and shoes are killer.

The things she does aren't new, true - but I'm glad she's around. Even when she looks ridiculous, it's still fun to look at her, which I'm sure is her goal.

No. Just no. What "mold" is she breaking? I wasn't aware of any rules for how pop singers dress. She wears her stage costumes in public. Awesome. I wear my office suits in public - am I breaking ground for 20-something office drones everywhere? Also, it's not like she *actually* turns to unsung designers or thrift stores or Etsy for her ridiculous pants-free get-ups. That's designer lingerie worn as outerwear, with a healthy sprinking of off-putting-ly crazy. It's no different than anything Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Madonna, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Shirley Manson, Beth Ditto, or Dita Von Teese haven't done before, and in many cases done better. She may well be extremely talented, especially when compared to all the Auto-Tune wonders that pass for singers these days, but the "lookatmelookatmelookatme" 24-7 get-ups just grate on me. If you're going to be "interesting", at least be legitimately interesting, y'know? I consider her the female equivalent of Marilyn Manson and have written her off thusly.

I am a vocabulary queen, and I am amused.

KS is completely right. Dead on and eloquently so.

Silly. Just plain silly. More nonsense to cover up yet another Complete-Lack-Talent Career.

Oops! "Complete-Lack-OF-Talent Career."

The T Lo post is dead on. We've seen this kind of thing so many times over the years that she fails to generate any excitement over at Casa Momsy.

I do, however, get the giggles when I imagine her posing in her claw-like stance for several minutes while photos are snapped. It sort of puts it all in perspective.

oh I just cannot stand her so she is always OUT imo. The ridiculous attention whoring gimmiky glam outfits way over shadow any talent she has...and her name...ugh...just stupid.

When I saw the pictures for the first time, I thought it was Christina Aguilera doing a Fighter video of her own esque. But she just looks like Xtina when she is hanging from a wall sorrounded by moths. Gross.

And what about that white dust? Uh? Is it cocaine or something? WTF! BIG OUT!

I am always 100% on board with expressing yourself through clothes differntly then what people think is the 'right way to wear something (I use Fruits and Fresh Fruits as a styling guide) but I can't stand Lady Gaga, and for a whole bunch of reasons. My main one is that people talk about how "Creative" and "Different" She is, but like you said she's not all that original there have been pleanty of people in the bast who've done what she does, and musically we've all heard her stuff a thousand times by so many others... (but alas most pop music is like that. I just can't help but think that she's beyond over rated and honesly I was waiting for you to feature her on this blog. I will say though in her favour she always makes me laugh and the little time I've spent talking to her, she seems like a rather sweet person.

Out. Tacky. AND a safety hazard.

I love her. Love her. We have absolutely zero fashion provocateurs these days. Maybe her concept ain't original but she sure as hell brings high fashion to the masses, and I love that.

Totally OUT! There were some crazy outfits she wore that seem fabulous but wacky. This? This is just plain WHACKED.

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