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In or Out: Kristen Stewart

Smiley McHappy is back in the spotlight.

Kristen Stewart attends the 'Twillight Saga: New Moon' UK fan event at Battersea Evolution on November 11, 2009 in London, England.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Mathilde Frachon

There's something a little incongruous about a getup that says "Young! Fun! Party!" paired with a mug that says "I'm smiling because my handlers told me to." But it's a cute, fun outfit and she's putting in the effort, so we'll give her an IN.

But wait! There's MORE!

Actress Kristen Stewart arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of Summit Entertainment's 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' at Mann Westwood on November 16, 2009 in Westwood, California.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Viktoriya Sasonkina

We're not all that crazy about the mullet-esque hairstyle, but the dress is gorgeous and she's rocking it. IN again. Who'd have thought?

[Photos: WireImage/]

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i adore that proenza outfit, it works so well on her!

It's amazing how much she looks like Jodie Foster (yeah, I remember she played her daughter).

Wonder if she's going to take 20+ years to come out, too.

(C'mon. You honestly don't believe those Robert Pattinson stories, do you?)

I will say OUT and OUT. She looks frumpy and downgrades both outfits. Maybe if she had worn a belt like the first model in order to divide the two prints, had the top a little more fitted and put on some cuter shoes I would have given her an in. She looks like a corpse bride in the second dress with that makeup and hair. UGH

At least I'm not tempted to hose her down by these images.

It's one of those rare occasions where she doesn't look like she needs to take a shower.

Like the 2nd dress, not the first one so much. Still chuckling at the "Smiley McHappy".

Gotta agree with Lo on this one... she looks... clean?

Must not be hanging out with RPattz too much this week.

It's a pity her acting is not so much Jodie Foster and a bit more like the Little Wooden Boy.

Those second dress is beautiful, but that first look is just a bit too peppy for her. (The hair with the second look is awful, though. Does she only have half a stylist at any given point?)

She looks good in both dresses, especially the evening gown.
But I think she doesn't much enjoy these events or getting her picture taken.

Love the second dress so much! But she does need a better hairstyle. It kinda ruins the look for me. Her hair and makeup always looks more "Hey, I'm a stoner kid" than "Hey, I'm an actress.

The first one... Eek. I think she looks like someone threw up a rainbow over her

That being said, Twilight is awful, awful, awful. Maybe I'm just biased. :)

She needs to stomp slouching like that.

Hate the Proenza outfit but love the second dress.

I finally figured out what it bugging me SO much about these pictures. When will this girl learn to stand up straight? It's amazing what throwing your shoulders back will do for an outfit! I like both looks and the hair doesn't really bother me so's just her. On another note, is she trying to give sexy-eyes or is she seriously strung out on something?

The O de la R is a gorgeous dress, but I don't care for it on her. And the P S is cute on the model. That is all.

i am giving it an IN. i like her attitude.

Sorry boys but a mullet is an automatic OUT.

The outfits are IN but she has terrible posture and doesn't do them any justice!

I like the first look, the second one is way too red carpet, long gown, princess look, so LA.

She's adorable, she wears these outfits like as if it was something new and not just a reehash of what Boof wore in teen wolfe.
I. am. old.

I'm in agreement with couture.babydoll. The outfits looked great on the models (loved the shoes the model wore with the Proenza).

The mullett is a result from an upcoming movie role in which she plays Joan Jett.

Her hair is probably left over (or still in character) because she's playing Joan Jett in the movie about the Runaways. Dakota Fanning is playing Cherie Curie. :-)

Not sure why she can't smile, though.


You need to sort of give her a pass on the hair - she foolishly cut it for a movie role as a young Joan Jett - why she wouldn't choose to sport a wig for that, I'll never know... but yeah, for a complete NO TALENT who has stumbled into ridiculous fame and undeserved fortune - she needs to smile more.

Oh, fashion, right - the skirt and top are ok, but is better coupled with the belt... she chose better shoes

Ugh...out! On both...


The mullet is for her role in the upcoming movie about the punk rock band The Runaways..she plays Joan Jett.

what attitude???

"I'm too cool for school"
"My mom only woke me up ten minutes ago"
"I forgot to practice walking with a book on my head"
"I'm about to throw up"
"I can't smile because I have spinach in my teeth"

cute dress #1
beautiful dress #2

Good posture would help her earn INs for those outfits. What is it with so many starlets who slump when they're on the red carpet?

oh, I forgot to add

"I'm effing miserable"

Since this is the best she's looked maybe ever, I give her an IN.

But damn girl....get yourself some gays, pronto! Growing out that Joan Jett mullet is a bitch, no doubt, but your gays would encourage you to 1) WASH IT and 2) do SOMETHING with it.

Good posture would help her earn INs for those outfits. What is it with so many starlets who slump when they're on the red carpet?

They're too thin and don't have the musculature in their backs to straighten them up.

The vaguely good news is that the hair was for a role as Joan Jett, so it shouldn't be around much longer. The bad news is I have a feeling she will always be slouchy and dirty looking, it just seems like her style. She cleans up very nicely though.

My friend convinced me to read the Twilight books, and I actually didn't hate them. I loathed the entire Bella character though, and having Kristen in the role for the movies doesn't help matters. Her entire acting style seems to be awkward poses/faces and lip biting. It gets old fast.

The smiles are forced which is always off-putting and she still looks a bit high. At least she looks realtively put together. Hate the first dress though. The 2nd looks better on the model. As someone said earlier, she'll always go for that dirty look.

I agree with the general opinion that while the outfits are cute, the styling sucks. I am so sick of that muller in her hair.

BUT I like that she differentiates herself from the rest of her annoying hollywood generation (especially Miley & Co)

OUT simply because it's her.

She's never been in a role where she wasn't completely forgettable (except for Twilight, but we aren't remembering her for her acting in that, now are we?) and nearly every photograph she's in, she looks like she's been shot with a tranquilizer. And dirty.

Do love the O de la R dress though.

The slouching takes away from the outfits so much! Ugh really, she just looks so out of place in those outfits, like she is playing dress-up in someone elses closet and its a joke.

And, may I add, I like that she's not trying to look inappropriately sexy (yeah, Miley, I am still thinking of you &Co)

Someone needs to teach that girl about posture.

No No NO!
Out both times.

Her slumped-over posture and lifeless, dirty hair--combined with a sourpuss that just won't quit make those two BIG outs.

"Rockin' the dress!"???? WHAT? Look again boys.

i LIKE IT ALL... the second dress is so pretty. The first one i like it, but would never where it myselkf cause it has all the colors on it. Other than that I wven like3d the hari for the last one. My only issue with Kristen Stewart, it that in almost ever non-photoshoot Photo of her she stands really weirdly.... like with her face forward and what not.

Certainly not me! OUT on both, because she looks completely stoned. Yeah, I'm a prude, whatever.

This chick bugs. Clothes look good on her, but her constant frowny face is very tiring.


I apologize for the screaming.

I like both outfits, but not on someone who doesn't appreciate them.

Gorgeous, but the styling on the second one is a sin. It's an ethereal dress. And she's such a sad sack, with sad sack hair, and a sad sack attitude.

Edited AGAIN (lol) to add:

"I'm effing miserable AND I'm too immature, self-conscious and entitled to appreciate the ginormous silver platter that has been handed to me, and how lucky I am to work in an industry that appreciates vacuous cute young things."

Guess I needed to get my bitch on early today, and get it out of the way.

I love the color of the first one, but the girl needs to work on her posture. That slump-shoulded, pelvis-thrusting stance went out with Jean Harlow.

Raglan sleeves with hunched shoulders is just such a bad combination.

I think the first one looks cute - would like to see a close up of the model's shoes.

The pic on the right in the 2-ups in the Oscar de la Renta - she looks stoned

Agree with other posters - the CLOTHES are a big IN - her in them, not so much

I like the first outfit. I'm too old to pull it off, but she looks really cute in it. I also give her props for not wearing something skimpy on the red carpet like so many other starlets do.

She doesn't seem comfortable playing the startlet, does she? I feel a little bad for her. I know I probably shouldn't because she's making a ton of money right now. But she's young and the frenzy surrounding Twilight would frighten me. I can't imagine.

And no. I don't believe those Robert Pattinson rumors either. I think they are just good friends.

Love the clothes, hate her attitude.

I think the fug girls said, "Honey, you're thin, pretty and rich. What's the issue?"

Stephani, all bitching aside, I think you're probably right.

Why does this girl never stand up straight?

for some reason, this girl really chaps my hide.

out on both. can't someone make her stand up straight? (i'm probably the millionth person to address that) it's like quasimodo in a dress.

OUT. love that second dress, but her slouch and empty gaze kills it. in a bad way.

" Anonymous said...

Love the clothes, hate her attitude.

I think the fug girls said, "Honey, you're thin, pretty and rich. What's the issue?""

Actually T Lo said that.

Outfits are cute. Her posture, however, is deplorable. Pull your shoulders back, honey.

The Runaways shoot ended months ago. She's had plenty of time to grow out the mullet.

Alexis said...

......a reehash of what Boof wore in teen wolfe.
I. am. old.

I'm old too because not only do I know exactly who your talking about, but I totally see it now! Nice.

I'd have difficulty smiling convincingly, too, if I had to perform in those films.

(Please excuse me whilst I delicately and perfectly vomit into this sparkling paper bag at the mere glancing thought of the memory of reading those books. *sploOORg*)

The problem with the first look is it's wearing Miss Stewart, rather than the other way around. Look One: OUT. Far too much for the poor, misguided creature.

The de la Renta is lovely, though. In, I suppose, though her styling falls sadly short. She needs to stop pouting with her entire body and befriend herself some gays, who would never have allowed her to do that to her hair, unless they found it amusing/wanted to punish her for those gawdawful Twifilms, and lord knows if the latter's the case, I'm pointing and laughing alongside of them like the bitter and vindictive bitch (of good literary/cinematic taste) that I am.

That said, at least she's been taking showers, which is more than ZOMGTEENGIRLSQUEERPATT!!!11!!eleventyonez!!! appears to have been doing, based on shots I've seen of him of late.

I like both! The first is cute and young, and the second is beautiful, and formal without being too mature for her.

She does need to comb her hair and stand up straight, however. (Gosh, do I sound like my other or what?)

"mother", not "other". Sheesh - I'm off to get more caffeine.

Anonymous said...

The Runaways shoot ended months ago. She's had plenty of time to grow out the mullet.

11/18/09 11:57 AM

Err...not really. It's going to longer then a few months to grow the sides and top out enough to catch the back.

Of course, that does make me wonder why she doesn't get some extensions, at least for events. I'm not a big fan of extensions over all, but in this case, I think they would help. BIG TIME.

First one - OUT. Totally hot on the model, but she is too slouchy and the waist looks all wrong on her.

Second one - IN. Even like the hair, much to my surprise.

I like both outfits, but really? You think she's rocking the second one? My initial thought-bubble-above-her-head take on it was "They don't pay me enough to do this shit."

Two INs from me too.

That second-to-the-last pic down there is I think the first spontaneous-looking shot I've ever seen of her.

She's such a pretty girl; now if we could only get her to stand up straight.

First look: Out. She looks like she's wearing 'fun' in an ironic fashion. That shirt is hideous. It looks like something you'd see posted on

Second look: The dress is beautiful and she wears it... rather well. I find it hard to think of her as attractive when she constantly looks like someone peed on her shoes.

Just think, Kristen will not need botox injections until well into her fifties. No frown or smile lines to remove.

The first outfit is age appropriate. (If a 30- or 40-something actress had worm it, then OUT). The second is gorgeous.

"Tlo said: paired with a mug that says "I'm smiling because my handlers told me to.""

Yeah, she had the same mug on the Today Show this morning.


She looks stoned. I think she's a "method actor". Maybe she's just trying to relate to her new movie.



I give her an IN for both.

Proenza Schouler - I am finding her awkwardness charming, I am perplexed by my softening attitude since I wanted to slap her slouching self previously.

Oscar de la Renta - I may be the only one who thinks this, but I wished she would done one or two "ugly" touches to this ensemble, like a denim or leather jacket or Converse Sneakers (if the dress were cocktail length). I wouldn't recommend this in general, but it fits her.

I feel like that first outfit is *teetering* on the brink of butt-ugly, but something about it comes together -- I think it's the perfect proportions of the skirt, legs, and shoes.

She does look cleaner than usual. Yet she also looks completely stoned out, also as usual.

I hate the mullet 'do. Not really my cup of tea.

I am sorry that she doesn't flash the pearly whites. It may actually be the opposite, that her handlers want her to remain dark, mysterious. I don't know, the vampire craze eludes me, anyway ....

I think she looks fab in the first look, it's just right for her age/starlet status/fan event.

The second, well, the background color is so blah that i can't excited about the dress. But it fits, darn it, it fits!!


IN. I'm happy that she doesn't look like a "Disney" girl.

In unguarded moments she's lovely.

What's up with this trend of celebs completely duplicating runway looks (except with bad shoes)? Try a little creativity, ladies!

For the lack of creativity, I say OUT on the Proenza, but j'adore the Oscar de la Renta, so IN on that.

But girl needs to learn how to smile like she means it. I mean, gosh, her life is so difficult with the blockbuster movies and the smokin'-hot maybe-boyfriend and all...


God that poor girls body language is SCREAMING how uncomfortable she is in the spot light. He posture could use some work. I think she looks cute but she needs some more self confidence.

Some have good posture, carriage and bearing without working on it, others do not. She needs someone to show her some photos and convince her it's part of her career, if she's going to do publicity.

Otherwise, I think the first outfit is more suited to how she presents herself (young, trying but not really taking the ancillary stuff seriously). The second is a beautiful dress. I can't call her in, but if they'd gotten even a single shot of her standing straight and presenting herself confidently it'd be in.

Scared or not, she projects a really bad attitude. Her handlers (or parents) should yank her back and tell her to stand up, get over herself, and show some gratitude for the success she has right now.

That and she needs to get off whatever drugs she's on. Her eyes are totally stoned.

I think she looks ok in the first dress, although a blue belt like in the original, would have been better. She looks nice in the 2nd, but a little out of character...

I'm torn about her attitude: she chose to be an actress (I haven't seen her so I don't know if she is good or bad), but not a celebrity, so I guess it's a tough one if you have to go out and "perform" in the red carpet or interviews.... I guess it's a conundrum for actors that are just interested in the art and not the publicity part.... However, I prefer her type as opposed to a LiLo....

"Wonder if she's going to take 20+ years to come out, too."

I got that same vibe from her too, Anon.

I dunno...without the belt and shoes the proenza outfit doesn't look very cohesive. Looks like she blindly picked two mismatched pieces and threw them on before running out the door.

The gown is gorgeous, though.

Also - stand up straight. And smile!

a said: Oscar de la Renta - I may be the only one who thinks this, but I wished she would done one or two "ugly" touches to this ensemble, like a denim or leather jacket or Converse Sneakers (if the dress were cocktail length). I wouldn't recommend this in general, but it fits her.

I never thought of that until you suggested it, but actually I think that really would've worked on her!

Y'all seriously need to do a post about posture in photos. First we have the neckless Sevigny, then the slouch-shouldered Stewart.

TLo, y'all would be doing the world a favor if you posted on this topic. IMHO, there's nothing sadder than a fancy ballgown or a wedding dress on a beautiful young woman who insists on slouching or hunching her shoulders up around her ears. It's SUCH a missed opportunity! (I nust be channeling a character from a Nancy Mitford novel.) -victoria

I give Kristen Stewart a ton of props for simply taking her role as an actor seriously while trying to remain true to herself under the enormous pressure of what millions (including very tough movie studios, agents, publicist, lawyers, managers et al) of people demand from her. That's hard @ 35-- try doing it @ 19.
I love the Proenza Schouler outfit, even though it's rather incongruous on such a goth girl (obvious the stylist's idea).
The gown is just dreamy & looks wonderful on her (makes her skin luminous).
IN x's 2

That said, I find the "Twilight" phenomena an extremely sad statement on our culture. This generation of women are being conditioned to believe their only means of respect, fulfillment or survival is to be protected by a man. That they must give up everything to follow that man and be a part of his culture or their lives are meaningless. The idea prevalent throughout the content geared for their demographic postulates women as prey; powerless to protect themselves, cannot be their own hero or worthy without a man or his way of life.

Where are the Ellen Ripleys, Sara Connors & Princess Leias?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...IN? She looks good, for the first time. And I'll give her a pass on the hair, apparently she's playing Joan Jett in some movie about Joan Jett.

The hair and the forced smile ruin it every time. She is always an OUT for me.

1) Who is she?

2) Her posture is ruining these outfits. Esp #1. It's a cute, pretty little outfit, but it looks 100x better on the model. This Kristin Stewart looks slumpy & bored. Actually she's looks bored in both photoshoots.

3) Yeah, the hair. It's bad. She could've at least made an effort to curl it or style it in some way.

The first dress looks like mis-matched separates but the second is gorgeous...however she could use some posture lessons in addition to the smile training.

I feel awful for Kristen Stewart. That's the face of someone who's sick of screaming preteens and bitching celeb reporters wanting to know if she's dating her co-star. Sure, it's the show biz life, but come the fuck on. It's a MOVIE.

I kinda love her, simply because from the interviews I've seen, she seems to be fully aware that Twilight is the wet dreams of a conservative Mormon housewife and is simply riding this pony to the bank.

So Kudos for her for not really seeming to care about pleasing a bunch of rabid fans.

Love the second dress. She's so refreshingly real--not a tan, blonde, big boobed, teenage ho.

I can't believe you all think she was a bad actress in Twilight?!?! She was subtle and riveting and not in a Betty Draper way. There is debth there. So what if she's not a model? Why can't she just be an actress that looks uncomfortable at her schmoozing obligations sometimes. That makes me love her. At least she's not throwing tantrums and being a diva and making bad choices.

when I saw that de la Renta gown during fashion week, I said to myself, "Wouldn't that look gorgeous on a starlet like Anne Hathaway?"

I stand by that comment.

Cute clothes, but her hair is always atrocious!

I don't get people who become celebs and then appear disgusted or forlorn every time you see them. Do they not realize this is what fame brings, good or bad? KS is a person who seems so miserable every time you see her that I find it hard to give an IN to either outfit, though the gown is gorgeous, no doubt about it. That's all I can muster for her.

Aw. She should've worn her Converse sneaks with the Proenza Scholer.

(Husband's nephew says she's very funny/sarcastic/smart & cute in person. He did the making-of & DVD extras for the first movie, including the screaming fans at ComicCon. His account of THAT is pretty funny.)

RussellH88 said...

I kinda love her, simply because from the interviews I've seen, she seems to be fully aware that Twilight is the wet dreams of a conservative Mormon housewife and is simply riding this pony to the bank.

You just shined an educational light for me. This content thematically makes sense now.
I still don't understand its appeal (give me Louis, Claudia & Lestat any day) but knowing its origin certainly helps.

The second dress is fabulous and I could even like the first outfit if her attitude matched. My complaint -- would it kill the girl to stand up straight? I'm starting to wonder if she has scoliosis or something.

Not a fan of either of these looks on her. Actually, I'm not a fan of the first look, period (though it looks better on the model, with the belt. I dunno, neither of these looks really suits her.

IN for the first, she looks awesome.

OUT for the second. The hair, blek and the dress isn't edgy enough.

She's a beautiful girl, and I just wish she would stand up straight. The slouching makes me crazy. It looks like she's trying to make herself smaller, like she's caving in.

Well, she's made a career out of playing a vapid teenager with a death wish, so I guess she gets a pass on the attitude, but honey, stand up straight!

OFF TOPIC for a minute:

Turner Classic Movies is celebrating the 100th birthday of singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer, and is kicking off the celebration with The Harvey Girls starring St. Judy the Garland tonight at 8:00 PM EST

If you want a humourous take on the movie, catch TLo's review of the flick under their Musical Mondays tag:

Kristen Stewart is one of those thin fat people. Just look at her legs. Sheath those flesh popsicles, please!

Worse than that, the expression. Ruins it for me every time. Even her makeup is pretty in the second set, but she looks stoned out of her head. Cheer up, Charlie - you're a millionaire who gets to make out with RPattz!

Anonymous said..
That said, I find the "Twilight" phenomena an extremely sad statement on our culture. This generation of women are being conditioned to believe their only means of respect, fulfillment or survival is to be protected by a man. That they must give up everything to follow that man and be a part of his culture or their lives are meaningless. The idea prevalent throughout the content geared for their demographic postulates women as prey; powerless to protect themselves, cannot be their own hero or worthy without a man or his way of life.

Where are the Ellen Ripleys, Sara Connors & Princess Leias?

Oh, come on. It's fantasy fiction. Everything teenage girls read does not have to be a learning experience. One of my kids likes these books and I had heard this kind of hyperbole, so I read it too (mind you I wouldn't read the sequel unless someone put a gun to my head), but it's harmless stuff Jane Eire with vampires.

She's smiling, but not with her eyes.

Here, Hutchlover, let me Google that for you:


Wow. That's a lot of amazing analysis from the loyal posters.

I'm just thinking that so few of today's young Hollywood starlets manage to successfully balance youthfulness with glamour. They either over-do the youth or over-do the glamour.

Both of these looks are so appropriate. And that second dress is breathtaking.

I even like the hair. So much better than the "I just dried this with a towel" look we're seeing a lot of these days.

11/18/09 3:35 PM


I've had that same reaction - WHO IS THAT - with many of the people (usually "starlets") that barely known to the average person. Like how the Emmy's keep giving awards to shows that I have never heard of - because they are some HW niche show or meant for teenyboppers.

I think she's refreshing in comparison to all of those identical starlets out there. I haven't seen Twilight, but she was actually quite good in Adventureland.

I love that second is stunning but to say she is working it? Maybe you saw more pictures than what you posted here. Girl needs to stand up straight. Love the dress, wish she was working it.
And while I don't hate the first outfit I think she killed it with the shoe choice. The shoes on the model make it all work for me. Two pieces that clash just clash, three pieces that clash make an interesting look.
She looks SO unhappy and uncomfortable. I have no clue what kind of actress she is but as a starlet she needs some serious work.

Sewing Siren said...
but it's harmless stuff Jane Eire with vampires.

& we all know how pro feminist the Victorian era was.

SS, w/ all due respect, given what is out there collectively like "Twilight" for young people, particularly women, minorities racial & sexual, & how they're portrayed in the media (i.e. how the paparazzi follow especially young women like they're hunted prey)does have an effect.
This is not to say a well rounded upbringing w/ peers & parents to discuss this content doesn't allow for the content to be just harmless fun. But to deny the prevalence of this type of "entertainment" & what it says about our culture is irresponsible.

Ugh I'll be glad when this no-talent, stoned-out brat fades back into the obscurity from whither she slithered.

The first outfit, her waist isn't long enough. She looks all chopped in two. The gown is gorgeous, though!

I think she looks suitably cute in both. IN and IN

I'll give her two INs because she can work really different looks. And, as others here have stated, she has maintained some semblance of individuality in Hollywood.

First let me say that I can't stand that Twilight crap. All I can remember from the first movie is that West Side Story scene after that dumb baseball game.

But those looks fit her dingy quirky style, so IN they go.

Kristen is cute, young and having fun, and is dressing age appropriately at each event...she's IN!!

My only criticism of the Pronza Schouler (sp?) outfit is her boring basic black SHOES! They are too conservative for such a fun outfit...the model's shoes are fun and have a splash of color that kind of ties the look together.

I'll also agree with all the others who have pointed out her slouching...stand up straight girl!!! :)

An IN for the first one. She looks like a tomboy whose mom talked her into wearing something other than ratty jeans. And I mean that in a good way. It's a perfect outfit for her, not counting the shoes.

Dress #2 is fabulous, but, as someone said upthread, she looks like she's playing dress-up. I kind of love the hair, and growing out a mullet? Yikes. It takes forever and it's a total pain in the ass. She should probably just cut it off. She could easily pull off a really short cut.

I feel kind of bad for her too. She's older than Miley "It's Still a Felony" Cyrus, but she's still pretty darned young. I doubt she was expecting to be shoved into the spotlight the way she's been. Maybe she doesn't want to be a "starlet", and all that conveys.

I do hope she appreciates the awesomeness of getting to portray Joan Jett.

Looks good, but she NEEDS TO STOP SLOUCHING. NOW.

Jay Leno's daughter, obviously.

As cliche as it sounds, a smile can make all the difference in the world. Both looks are fabulous on their own, but good golly could she wipe the, "Im so bored with this sh**," look from her face even for the cameras? Love the sporty, little mini. Very cute for the ingenue set. The gown is gorgeous. It's too bad she was again so bored out of mind that she couldn't look pretty for the photogs.

- edina -

Are the bodices of the gown different from the model to Kristen? Like the print is different on the bodice...I like it better on the model.

Loathe her, loathe the outfits, LOATHE Twilight.

oh i luv them both, especially the dress.i didnt lyk the first outfit till i saw it on the model then irealized how cute it was.
her hair is dreadful.
that is all.

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Hate Bella and Twilight in general.
This chickie needs to:
1. Brush her hair.
2. Buy some shoes.
3. Look like she actually wants to be there.
4. Seriously stop slouching.

She needs to run a brush through her hair and learn to STAND UP STRAIGHT. I hate the first outfit and love the second, but she makes both look gross...if I were a designer I'd never lend her my clothes because I'd be afraid they'd come back greasy.

No amount of beautiful couture will make this girl look like she did anything but roll right out of bed, into some clothes and onto the red carpet.

Love Kristen Stewart! However, I have to say out for both. For the first look I really like the bright colors, just not the two prints put together. There were other Proenza Schouler dresses from that collection that I think are prettier and would have suited her more.
For the second look, I like her hair and the dress, just not the dress and the hair together. I also think the dress is wearing her, rather than the other way around.
She had some better fashion moments at other New Moon promotional events - I'd say these two were her weakest looks.

I'm so sick of the brooding Twilight brats I don't care what they wear.

I think she ruins both outfits.

I love her "mullet-esque" hair, actually, but it could be because I'm a 20-something on the verge of becoming a hipster.

Hate Bella, can't stand KS's acting, but love both these outfits! I can even forgive her posture because I felt like that throughout my teens. I do wish the top on the Proenza Schouler was a couple of sizes smaller. It looks like a baggy sweatshirt instead of the sleek look on the model. You don't get the effect of the yellow when it's so baggy.

I adore both looks. . . but not on her. she looks dirty and tired

OUT and OUT. I’m late to this party, but just a couple of points:

(1) outfit #1 is ruined by lack of belt and those awful office shoes

(2) I do not disagree that the O de la R dress is beautiful but we are being asked to consider it on her not in abstract, therefore the overall look is a big OUT for me

(3) As to the hair, as was mentioned above, the movie The Runaways wrapped ages ago, so she could have grown out that hair if she wanted to. I can only deduce that she likes the style which, along with her general surly and ungrateful attitude speaks clearly to me as to her level of maturity. But then again, she is only 19 so I guess she has an excuse.


I want to reach into the photos and yank that girls shoulders back!

I like the Proenza Schouler a bit more on Tavi.

Cute and cute! She handles herself well for navigating the spotlight she's in at age 19.

...I just feel kinda bad for her. I wouldn't have had a "better" attitude at 19, either -- or rather, I wouldn't want to fake anything. I hated shopping for clothes and just got dresses and dressy clothing picked out for me or as gifts, which of course I usually hated even more and let it show; got a lot of the stand-up-straight lectures.

It wasn't until a chance couple of outfits actually really appealed to me that I started paying more attention to clothes and trying to feel more comfortable in them, and I started appreciating what I was given more; I also gave a lot more feedback (for relatives whom I could be honest with) about what I thought.

But it's not that I was ungrateful for everything else I had gotten -- it's just that clothes weren't on my radar then as anything important or interesting, and most of the time it felt like they were being used to make me fit a very different image.

And, ok, projecting much -- but that's pretty much why even though Stewart's very obviously richer and more famous than I was at 19, I just can't be too down on how she's presenting herself right now.

Oops -- point is, maybe Stewart will grow into her own style -- in acting, in clothes, in presenting herself, with time.

Memo to Kristen:

why does every actress have to be a starlet? I think she is a true talent but she may not always be "on" when she's not playing a role with a script. This makes her more likable to me.

I like her style. I'm tired of all the young stars that act like Playboy Mansion wannabes and/or are perfectly polished and poised until some boy breaks up with them and then they turn to substance abuse or skankitude.

Every time I see her, my "mom instinct" takes over -- I want to yell, STAND UP STRAIGHT! and GET YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR FACE!

Her attitude needs to match the fabulous clothes in order to rock them. She just looks strained and awkward. At least she's wearing appropriate shoes this time.


Agree, two INs. Both outfits are great and her makeup looks beautiful. She just looks like she would rather be somewhere else.


she hates Twilight as a whole, and along with R-Pattz take a certain joy in turning up to events deliberately dishevelled/dirty/grumpy or as she looks - HIGH

therefore WIN and IN in my opinion

1st outfit: I absolutely hate the pattern combination. Just because it was on the runway does NOT mean it's okay. The skirt's too short and the waist is too high. It makes her hips look wide and her legs stick thin, and just gives her an odd proportion. The top might be okay if it were more form-fitting, and she wore it with a pair of dark jeans. But overall, this is an obvious OUT.

2nd outfit: Gorgeous dress, but she is not doing it any kind of justice. Some earrings like the model is wearing, or a necklace, would pull the look together. As it is, it just looks off. As for the hair, it'd look better if she had a shorter cut, and a bang of some sort to tame that fivehead. She needs to stand up straight as well, and from the looks of it, stop toking up before events. Another OUT.

btw, to whoever wrote this: "I love the Proenza Schouler outfit, even though it's rather incongruous on such a goth girl..."
For the record, Kristen Stewart is not Goth in any way, shape, or form.

With the first outfit, is her hair cut short or styled in some way that it looks shorter? I like it, I think she would look great with her hair cut off.

She reminds me a bit, facially, of Kate Moennig.

I love Kristin, but honey, STAND UP STRAIGHT! Shitty posture can & does make the most flattering dress drab, drab, drab.

Re K-Stew's hair, I think she's still trying to grow out that shag that she wore for the Joan Jett movie.

You guys, she wore the chucks to the MTV Movie Awards because she sprained her ankle.

I'm shocked. Two "Ins" for KS. But that first look is FIERCE.

Some people think she's IN (the closet). Her look works for me. She seems like publicity kind of pains her, poor dear needs some privacy.

The first one is a hideous OUT.

The second one is nice, but her terrible posture makes it OUT.

does anyone else think that she looks high all the time?

New Moon is an incredible movie and Kristen and Robert give amazing acting performances. I cant wait for the next installment!

The first outfit is totally is sooo fitted wrong that it just does NOT look good on Kristen. I get it, and I totally understand her aesthetic but I think if she's going to go for that look she's going to have to stop wearing the close so unfitted and loose. The 2nd is totally cute and gorgeous. Again, it is her aesthetic but it works because it is fitted and she is cleaned up enough to still look kinda "rock" but not "nasty".

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