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In or Out: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore arrives at the AFI FEST 2009 screening of Miramax' "Everybody's Fine" at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles wearing Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 Collection
Model: Shaila Gonzaga

Y'know, we really love this dress. It's simple and striking and the color is beautiful. Unfortunately for Drew, it's a big ol' O to the UT. Why? Well for one, it looks like it's the wrong size. It's not particularly well-fitted to her body (and has she lost weight? That side shot of her makes her look so skinny). The length is AWFUL. That is a length that is flattering on absolutely no one. Why alter it? It looks great on the model. And finally, the shoes aren't the best choice for this dress and the stick pin is distracting and unnecessary. It's a shame. Had it been fitted correctly and styled correctly, she could have really looked stunning here. As it is, it looks like she and her stylist spend the day smoking blunts and threw the outfit together ten minutes before the limo came to pick her up.

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Gak! - the length is awful. And what's up with the fold on top, it seems lower. Maybe that's why there's a pin stuck there?

Totally agree with you guys. The dress is a great color and SO close to looking great, but all those details (like the weird brooch instead of a nice necklace) going wrong add up to the OUT.

Dumpy when it could have been dynamite, if only Ms. Barrymore's stylist had consulted with Our GayBoys.

All the best,


I don't know if the length was actually altered, it just looks like they slapped the same dress that was on the 6 foot tall model on tiny Drew. But it does not look good at all!

I agree about the dress length...not flattering on anyone. And the dress itself does look like it's a size or two too big...she looks like she's playing dress-up. And I'm not fond of the zipper or whatever the hell that stripe up the back is. One more thing...that lipstick doesn't go with the color of the dress. I do like her hair, though.

Oh, so very true! That lenght and those shoes make her look like she has no legs!! Talk about stumpy. I bet they [she and her stylist] had a blast while she strutted around looking like she was missing her legs and was wearing those clunkers on her knees... damned blunts.


It took some work to look dowdy in that dress. C'mon Drew, we know you can do better. Get the fit and length right. How about doing something with your hair and the right jewelry?

I think the shoes wreck it. The length probably has more to do with her height than it being altered. I'd like to see her wearing a bracelet or two. Still, the color is great. I'm tending towards out, but it's close. Probably because I just love this girl--she is so cute.

I thought the same word as Californiagirl: dowdy, and that word seldom is used in the same sentence as Drew Barrymore. Ugly length for her and shoes looks clumpy. At least she's not doing the ever-popular raccoon eyemakeup.

too many cats

Possibly the worst she's looked this year.
Start with the tired school teacher hair, and the lipstick that says she meant to wear a different dress.
The bodice of the dress could hide Queen Victoria's heaving bosum. The length, unflattering.

And I'll just bet that after she sat on that zipper for an hour and some minutes, it left an impression of the unfavorable variety.

It's about a twenty percent miss, but nobody bothered to do the right things.

TLO said "it looks like she and her stylist spend the day smoking blunts and threw the outfit together ten minutes before the limo came to pick her up."


still love her anyway :)

That dress on the model is so pretty. And it had the potential to be really pretty on Drew, too. What a shame.

I think it looks terrific on her. IN.
I just hate to see these celebrities wearing VB when they should be wearing RM.

yeah, the length is awful, and I can't get over the fact that the dress is all wrinkled in the front.... I guess she couldn't ride the limo standing up ;-)

Dress out
Drew in

(I can't call her out . . . unless she does something truly horrible, but this dress just isn't for her.)

IN! I love the color, the simplicity of the design, and i think the pin is a nice touch. Yea the length of the dress isnt right but other than that i love it!

I wonder if the full zippered back makes it a bitch to hem and alter? Also, VB must be designing for fake boobs, not real ones.

But I adore the color and concept and even the attempt to make it her own by adjusting the front flap and using the pin...

GACK! My analysis is the exact same as yours. shave off a few inches, lose the brooch, and go down a size! The red lips are fab, she should have paired the same shoe in red, maybe a sparkly silver clutch to evoke the brooch thing she should have edited out.

Love the color on her.

I'm just confused as to why the fit is so bad. Between Victoria Beckham and Drew Barrymore they could not come up with a seamstress?

on second thought.....I read a long time ago that Drew likes to buy her looks off the rack, style herself. Don't know if that's at all (or still) true. But if it is, given what we know about her, she probably did spend the whole day smoking blunts and get dressed up at the last second.

If so, Kudos to her. 'Cause I'd roll that way if I could, too :)

Except for the hair, she looks like she forgot she was supposed to be going out and slapped something together. She needs SOME eye makeup and everyone has mentioned the fit & length.

She knows better.


And the lipstick color is dreadful.

I'm with SewingSiren--it's lovely.

The fit is NOT bad, it fits perfectly. The design makes the top look as if it doesn't fit, but it's designed to stand away from the bust.

Seriously, you bitch all the time about "Short, tight, and shiny", and then complain when it's shiny, but not short and not tight. There's no pleasing your majesties.

She's gorgeous. Stop dissing my Drew.

The color on Drew is gorgeous, and that's where it stops. Bad fit, bad shoes, bad hair, bad makeup. I love the arrow pin, but not with that dress.
Oh My, Drew, who the heck styled you???

Maybe if she'd worn black tights & different shoes this length would've worked?

I'm guessing it's a loaner they couldn't alter (for some reason. Blunt sounds about right.)

I love her, but her hair is just dreadful, I'm not crazy about the lipstick, and you're absolutely right...the length of the dress is totally wrong.

Still, a beautiful color. I don't know why she didn't do more with it.

The dress is an awful length on the model and the altered length is just as bad. Beyond the colour its just boring. I see why she tried to add something to it cause otherwise it would just be an awkward plain dress in a beautiful colour. Now its just awkward all around.

Did she wear this as a favour to Beckham??

Gorgeous color but it looks like the color is wearing her, not the other way around.

That first picture of her in that dress makes her look dumpy and that just seems so, well, wrong. Drew usually has her look wonderfully together, this does seem to be an unfortunate - and rare - OUT.


Seriously, you bitch all the time about "Short, tight, and shiny", and then complain when it's shiny, but not short and not tight. There's no pleasing your majesties.

I don't think anyone is saying the dress should've been altered to a micro-mini. If it hit Drew below the knee, as it does on the model, it would've looked a million times better. I agree that it's probably *not* altered and Drew not being 5'10"+, it just hits her legs in a really strange place. Her legs look stumpty and awkward.

However, I love Drew Barrymore and I've always loved her carefree spirit. I agree that the outfit presented as it is here is OUT. But Drew will always been IN for me. Even when she was married to Tom Green <3

I have a feeling Anon 4:31's right and the dress's length was not altered, because the proportion of the torso to the skirt is the same on the model as it is on Drew. Drew just suffers from not-six-feet-tall-itis. The torso also stands out in a badly fitted way. Lovely color; I don't like the lipstick or the pin either.

It's a great dress and she's a lovely woman though i find her smile too smug but hey nobody's perfect, but something didn't click this time.

I so love me some Drew, so it pains me to say it: O U T.

You're so right about the length and...well...everything else. Just not flattering at all, and 'way too serious for our favorite flirty girl.

Drew, honey, avoid like the proverbial plague any more Spice Girl designs!

That pin is awful! Honestly, how its placed totally makes it look like a nipple piercing, which is not what anyone wants to think about when looking at pretty dresses. Well, maybe not anyone, but most of us.

I love it!!!

yeah! ho! wah!

youd think its impossible to fuck up with such a simple design, but she definitly managed it.

As much as I hate to say it - b/c in my mind Ms. Drew is almost always In, she's definitely Out here. The dress has potential, but it's clearly not fitting her correctly. And I agree with Anon@4:31 - I think the problem with the length was not altering but a lack of altering. It looks to me that 5'4" Drew failed to get a dress made for a 6" mannikin hemmed to fit her petite frame.

Like so many others - I love Drew! And as most everyone has pointed out, this comes soooooo close, but the length, fit, and make-up issues are a distraction.

I'm thinking she needs a blue-ish red for the lipstick, not the orangey one she's got on. And Drew is looking a bit different these days. Weight loss? I don't know, it almost looks like poorly placed cheek implants or something have altered her face just a little.

Still love her no matter what, though!


Yes, agree with every single reason you cite, boys. The fit for me is the least of it, but it does look perhaps too big on top and too snug on the bottom. Despite Drew's adorable-ness and a quite pretty frock, this just doesn't work.

Length! WTF?? It shortens Drew severely and does nothing for her legs. I know she's only 5'4" and perhaps it would be the proper length on a 6' model, but that's not the point. In what universe is this a flattering length?

Shoes: Noooooooooo! HORRID HORRID HORRID! Shoe Infraction Extraordinaire!! Sweetheart! A nude or metallic peep toe slingback or sandal, if you really want to go crazy maybe go with the right bright color, or heck, even stick with black if you must...but Oh Dear God in Heaven what is that on her feet??? (Shoe infractions kill me. Have you noticed?).

Sadly, an O-U-T that sooooo could have been an I-N.

Yeah, the dress *wasn't* altered. That's the problem.

I am a short woman and I showed up to a wedding once wearing the same dress as another guest, who was rather tall. The dress was a lovely knee-skimming length on her, and was mid-calf on me. I felt like a fool.

Drew probably got the dress at the last minute and didn't have time to get it taken up, unfortunately.

OooWeee...yes sir that Posh Beckham is one dizzyingly talented designer.

This dress would have been FLAMED on the PR runway, had a contestant presented it.

As for the to the dress color, it is the only thing I DO like here.


The length is not the same on her as it was on the model. It was just under the knee on the model, while it stops below mid-calf on her.

I actually find the arrow pin to be a bit witty, positioned as it is, aiming (more or less) at her heart.

Cranky Old Fart

Major suckage. Hideous length. Terrible fit. Stupid stickpin.

Beautiful color though and Drew is cute as usual, though too thrown-ass together.

Love the dress, not on her.

Gorgeous color (my favorite)! But that shape and length make it look very matronly.

Too Mamie Eisenhower.


The hemline is a little too long for her and she really could use a great earring, but for me, Drew is always an IN.


No. Just no no no.

Oh come on, she needs a little tailoring and better shoes and lipstick but otherwise looks radiant. You guys (gays?) are a little harsh today! IN.

Dress: OUT
Drew: IN (looooooove her)

I suppose the blunt theory may have had something to do with this look. How else could one explain the results? The fit is pretty awful and the length is unbelievable. Paired with those shoes I had visions of Eleanor Roosevelt. I forgive her though. I always do. I really think that part of being Drew is the occasional blunt-fueled fashion faux pas.

- edina -

I don't think the fit is bad so much as the second layer of the bodice is sitting in a really weird unflattering way.

And it needs to be 4" shorter. Right now it's making her look like she belongs in Munchkin Land.

Sad but true, OUT. For the length, primarily. She might have looked sleek and elegant had it been fitted correctly & the hair looked styled. (even with the stickpin & shoes)

Sorry, I disagree. I LOVE it - and I love it, because of the color, and her poses, and her smiles, while the model just prances with her stone face


I agree with TLo for most of this, but I actually like the pin. It adds some interest to the odd-fitting bodice. The shoes are, indeed, awful. The lipstick seems slightly off, too.
Despite all of this, I love Drew and will easily forgive her. She looks fabulous 99% of the time, which is more than I can say for myself.


While I agree with your points, I have to say....

If my job forced me to dress up and primp nearly every day....a day kicking back with my stylist and smoking blunts sounds like an utterly preferable change in pace!

I'd just have to take the criticism, like veggies along a nice main course of relaxation. Bring it on.

i'm not dorothy gale

Looks like Drew just woke up, pulled her hair back, slammed on some lipstick and pulled this THING on. I don't like the dress at all, and on her, even less. The color is terrible on her and makes her look sallow and gasp! old. OUT.

Big fat IN for Drew. I love it - great color, great curves, brooch is different. Hem length does need raising, tho.

Disagreeing with luv,

She looks great. I think she must have been holding her breath and sucking it in for that side shot. The fit is better in other shots. Now the length is too long. But she still looks beautiful and stylish. The pin is ok; not horrible although maybe not my first choice.

I say she's IN.

Great color. But it screams fashionable bridesmaid to me.

no no no! Out! Just too freakin' long and that zipper in the back is rather odd

I will be glad when this Minnie Mouse shoe trend goes out of style. They don't look good on anyone.
These and hoof boots are just total shit.


What the...
Why is La B wearing what's her face anyway? Come ON. Awful color, awful design, awful length, this is a dog and pony show. What did what's her face promise La B, I wonder?

OUT. only because the size is weird on her. had the size been just right, she would look stunning.

For a person who is always so beautifully turned out, this is a confounding disaster. The dress itself is fine. Drew herself is fine. But it's as though she bought it online and never tried it on before this though she is at the dressmakers before the fitting. Even if her stylist was down with the flu this day, I'm surprised Drew would have stepped out looking like this. Pressed for time?

Such a gorgeous colour, but did she not look in the mirror and see how frumpy the length and shape make her look?

I was surprised that all my thoughts echoed Tom's and Lorenzo's before I ready their comments. Bad length, bad fit, etc. Lipstick is the wrong shade too. Could have been fabulous but just missed the mark.

Love it! Big in.

Not going with the rest of the flock.

Break out the champagne, girls!

I wanna get nice and slinky when I get Miss Crissy get the boot!

The pin doesn't bother me (it is Drew, she is quirky and that's a simple way to be quirky) and I LOVE the color. But you boys are so right about the fit and length. Hit a tailor to take in the top some (or go down a size if it fits elsewhere!) and hike up the hem about 5 inches. How weird is it that we are telling her that the dress is too big and too long, usually it is the exact opposite!

I think the problem is that she didn't alter the length, actually. Drew isn't very tall, so the length that looked great on a tall model is way too long on Drew. Other than the length, though, I think the dress is fab on her. Maybe a smidge too big, but still lovely. I am not a big fan of the magenta lips with so little other makeup, though. Makes her look like she was running really late and only had time to put on lipstick in the car.


I'm with TLo on this one. It is a lovely dress, love the color, but it doesn't fit Drew well, and the length is totally wrong for her.

Sadly, because I like Drew, I'll say out.

Love Drew, love the color, love pins but not on this dress.

How long should the dress be? I'd say just above the knees.

Yeah, this gets the "close but no cigar" award from me. I love the color on her, and if it just fit her properly (and was shorter) she would look absolutely fabulous. Still love her, though!

Just like some of the bobble head/lollipop head pictures this picture is just so OFF?

I looks like a picture of her hear/arms/shoulders was pasted onto a zoomed down picture of a tiny girl ?

SO odd.

Drew is always IN. But that dress is OUT. Too big and too long. The pin? I don't like it, but it probably wouldn't bother me as much if the rest of the dress had been impeccably tailored.

Amusingly, when I read "Drew Barrymore wearing Victoria Beckham", I pictured Vicky wrapped around Drew's neck like one of those vintage stoles, glassy eyes and talons still attached.

I do love the color, but the fit and the length sadly makes this a miss.


That dress looked okay (not amazing) on the model, but poor Miss Barrymore's stylist (or her gay best friend who approves her outfits) needs to be taken out back and beaten up a little bit for allowing her to look like that. That dress makes her half as tall and twice as large.

To me the lipstick and the whole make up is even more inappropriate than the shoes

OUT! I agree 100% with TLo on this one...the dress is ill fitting and too long, the shoes are just wrong! Her hair is a mess, she needs eye makeup and a bit of blush (she looks like she'd been out all night partying, raced to get to the event and slapped the dress on moments before the pic was shot)...ugh...and I love Drew too...just not this look! How did she manage to look dowdy in vibrant purple!?

^ ps...I love the big zipper up the twist!

Gorgeous color, beautiful silhouette. Wrong length.

Both the bodice and the skirt need to be shortened. That fold above the waist makes the dress look too big and unflattering. And the skirt length - well, it just looks awful. The shoes emphasize the length problems.

Love the colour, though. She does look amazing in that vibrant purple.

She's too short for that length. And it could've been so gorge.

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