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In or Out: Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci attends the NAC's medal of honor for film award presentation at The National Arts Club in New York City in Alexander McQueen.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010 Collection
Model: Kelli Lumi

We love this dress and we think she looks great. Obviously, that means IN. Lorenzo isn't nuts about the tights but Tom doesn't mind them. We're both in agreement that she shouldn't have altered the straps the way she did. It's supposed to be all about lines radiating out from a central point and she almost ruined the effect by eliminating one of the straps. Still, a minor complaint. It's an eye-catching dress and she's rocking it. Love the hair too.

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I can't remember ever seeing her look this good. It's a perfect dress for her.

Christina probably just put the dress on the wrong way.

Maybe she didn't know how the straps were supposed to look, regardless, it's still a beautiful dress and she looks amazing.

I would lose the tights and wear the dress with red shoes instead of black. Do not care for the tights.


Wow- she looks absolutely stunning! Best I've seen her look.

I thought the modified straps looked better than the original!

IN!!! IN!!!

A thousand times IN!!!

I adore this dress more than words can say.

Oh, and she's pretty fantastic-looking as well.

I LOVE IT. She looks gorgeous, and I even love the way she moved the straps.

IN! IN! IN! And looks superfab!

WANT!!!!! That dress is fantastic.

She's rockin' it, and looks gorgeous.

This is a BIG in.

IN. Love the dress and she looks fabulous in it.

She looks wonderful. Definitely in!

I've never seen her look better, either. I do agree about the alteration, though.


She looks beautiful in this beautiful dress! Agree with TLo on the changes to the neck. Those straps are part of what makes this dress wonderful.

I'm kind of dismayed that she's hiding that forehead that makes us all say "wow, that's Christina Ricci, nobody looks quite like her." Sigh.

However, that doesn't change my "IN" vote.

Heff said...

Christina probably just put the dress on the wrong way.

11/24/09 10:32 AM

My thoughts exactly......but I still think she looks amazing....

Wow, I don't think I've ever so vehemently disagreed!

Christina Ricci is T I N Y and this dress succeeds in making her look like she is sporting a muffin top.

I agree, don't like the tights, I think her hair looks terrible here, and the issue of the straps isn't minor for me, it's major.

IN! I like that she altered the straps. She's so tiny that the extra strap would have looked too chunky. Simple is best for her near the face.

I agree about the straps, but I LOVE the tights. That's exactly the kind of dress that tights were meant for.

She just looks fabulous and confident in that dress, and given that she was at the NAC, I'm thinking she caused a few members to drop their teeth into their Metamucil martinis.


Looks like she just moved the grey strap from the model's right shoulder to below her left shoulder and left the red one where it's at. I don't mind it..she's got beautiful shoulders and neckline. She could have kicked it up with the shoes though. IN

Re: the tights, it's NYC in November = cold. I think they are both appropriate and look just fine.

IN!! Love it. It's kinda mod so the tights work. Besides, it's November in NYC. Bare legs are not a comfortable option.

She's become quite fetching in her adulthood, but I don't care for the dress on her.

"But it's November in NY!" people:

Bare legs aren't the only alternative. She could have worn sheer hose, which would be better with this dress. Besides, I think the event was Thursday which, if I remember correctly, despite rain was not particularly cold.

I think that moving the straps kind of ruined the effect. She still looks great, though. IN.

But, why cut your hair just to get a weave? I like it short.

I LOVE this dress!! She should have left the straps from the original design and scrapped the tights, but it's still a definite IN for me!!!

I would have liked to see her in thigh high boots. The showing of thigh skin would have nicely offset the shoulder skin. She is an IN.

I agree with Gotham Tomato, this is the kind of dress that tights are really appropriate for. Remember guys, she could be one of these idiots running around wearing tights AS PANTS. Instead she paired them nicely with a gorgeous dress.

Really, her only sin with them is that she wear black shoes. She really needed red ones for this, or hell, even gray ones. But not black. The poor girl has no feet.

Before I even read any of your comments, I said out loud "Love it!" It's perfect for her. And I'm willing to bet that her stylist changed the straps so you could see them without having to move her hair.

Maybe she moved the straps to cover her armpit pooky. Heaven FORBID she show any fat the it would be cropped, blown up and have a red circle drawn around it. The picture would be up on every tabloid website with the title "who's obese armpit it this?".

I think she looks great, but I also have this odd desire to tell her that Anne Hathaway already got the role of Agent 99 in the Get Smart remake. Anyway, it's a clear in.

Her bangs make her look like the girl who plays David Duchovny's daughter in Californication. They're too stark and make her look like a kid.

The dress, however, is IN.

Love the dress, HATE the tights that shorten her and just look too heavy.

Miss Anne noted her hair. But just a few weeks ago, I saw bathing suit pictures of her wearing her usual short bob. I don't mind her legs because I'm sick of pasty-white legs underneath short dresses/skirts.

The dress is good on her. I would have liked to have seen the straps on like the model the same as on her, though. Just for comparison. I'm not a fan of her tattoos (especially her tramp stamp). She's an IN for me as well. But 'amazing' is too strong of a word for me to use on the look overall.

-Frances Spencer

Christina Ricci will always be off-center, and I adore her for it. Sure, the lines radiating out from the heart are sweet when the straps are worn properly, rather than hanging to one side as she has them, but I don't really associate Ms. Ricci with things sweet and heart-shaped, and it doesn't ruin the dress for me.

I don't have a big problem with the tights, but then, I live in a cold part of the country, and understand that no, sheer hose are not warm, crazy internet people, but are, instead, a mere half-step from being bare-legged. Brr. And the tights actually work with the dress (for once) for the most part.

The only problem is the shoes, but, do I honestly care? No. She's fab, and I ♥ her. IN for her kooky off-kilter powers of fab, the great dress, and not freezing herself half to death for some massively ridiculous idea of torturing oneself for fashion.

I think the grey strap is just moved, and I agree, I like it better where the model has it. Still, though, cute, and I like the tights a lot. It gives it a nice mod feel.

"I would lose the tights and wear the dress with red shoes instead of black. Do not care for the tights.


But then..she would look like a hooker. Probably not the effect she was going for.

Mostly because I am in a bad mood, but since I feel compelled to give reasons: one, I think it is too short and two, all of her hair should be behind her shoulders.

In! I'll even give it Heidi-style props: I'd totally wear that. I do prefer the unaltered dress with no tights, as shown on the model, but I think Christina looks stylish and adorable.

Miss Anne, I went back and looked for a muffin top, but the only bulge I saw appeared to be a hip bone.

I say IN, but I agree about the straps and she's small enough that she could have gotten away with out the tights. Very happy to see her hair back to black, the blonde she was attempting did nothing for her.

Lovelovelovelovelove....most definitely, IN.

- edina -

TED said....
"I also have this odd desire to tell her that Anne Hathaway already got the role of Agent 99 in the Get Smart remake."


Sorry to double-post, but TED, I, too had a 60's moment or flashback. Very Agent 99, but also Twiggy and the whole Carnaby Street scene as well. And once again, pure love.

- edina -

Agreed on all counts. Not sure about the tights, but I don't hate them, either. Great dress.

As several posters have noted, she didn't alter the dress, she just moved the right shoulder strap over to hang off her left shoulder.

Being rather petite myself, I have a feeling this was done because Christina's petite proportions made that strap to long, and it looked better hanging off the sleeveless shoulder than hanging off the sleeved shoulder.

Still, IN. Though I actually don't love the Wednesday Adams hair. The bangs are cute but the rest just look like cheap extensions. I think she should have gone with a chin length or shoulder-grazing bob, which always look fab on her.

Yes, IN. A totally adorable look. The dress is super cute and the straps look better the way she's wearing them for her particular frame. If she was wearing them the other way it would look like the gray strap was strangling her and now she has a nice clean neckline.

The tights look great and I like the look with the black shoes. It it one continuous line, not broken up with a jarring red shoe that would have made her legs look stumpy.

She just looks so well put together and some wise styling choices were made. Her bangs look great - who wants to known for have a super sized forehead? Great look all the way around. Again, IN.

Way IN! I think this is the best I've ever seen her look. I sort of agree that the tights could be improved upon, but this dress is just great on her.

The hair looks great, but she needed to keep it from covering the one strap she left on the dress.

Total IN, and I, too, think the strap alteration has to do with her stature. The model is tall and skinny, very vertical, while CR is curvy and petite. Yes, the strap may have been too long, and the alternate placement makes a different visual emphasis that is more flattering for CR.

Love the dress. Love the tights and black shoes--its a great way to make your legs look a mile long (and be warm). Love the bag. Love her. Great look!

In! Great dress. I don't mind the tights as that looks to be a knit dress and I think tights with knits works well. She looks well proportioned here and not too thin. Having her hair down makes her look less like a bobble head.

Love it and love her! Totally IN!

Cute. Adorable. Fabulous. IN

Love the look. McQueen is becoming one of my favorite designers.

I really like the dress on her, but her hair looks HORRIBLE!!!! It looks like a bad Elvira wig from the 99cent store! Those are some cheap-looking extensions.

I suspect that, being on the short and busty side, the grey and black strap was either climbing her neck or sliding down over her shoulder; that kind of a detail needs expert fitting and even then might need taped down to stay in place.

It would be more...snazzy? individual? eventful?... with flat and not shiny tights, or with very tall boots, I suspect. Or even with suede shoes instead of satin ones. As it is it looks just a teeny bit bourgoise, which is not normally a word I associate with either the actress or the designer.

Agree with you about the straps, and on anyone else about the tights -- why is everyone wearing black tights all of a sudden, it looks so heavy -- but overall, I think she looks faabulous! Little Wednesday Addams grows up, goes to college, and goes to a disco.

yeah! ho! wah!


mochizuki-senpai said, " sheer hose are not warm, crazy internet people,"

Darling, it wasn't cold that night. Rainy, yes, but not cold. Stupid girls were running around NYC in little dresses and bare legs. I saw them. THEY were probably chilly, sans any hose or wraps. But a pair of sheer hose ("nude," black, whatever) and a sweater or jacket would have been sufficient that night as they stood there, waving their helpless, bangled arms, hoping for taxis.

Looks great! She really has grown wonderfully into her womanhood.

Dress looks good on her. But it is the hair!!! This is the look she should wear all the time.

That dress is amazing! Very 60's Carnaby Street with a modern feel - love it. But it looks so much better on the model. Christina ruined the lines and overall effect of the dress by altering the straps and by covering up too much of the top with her hair. I don't think she's the right body type to do this dress justice - you really do need to be very tall and very slim for this to work. Christina is too short and curvy for this look. Even so, it's a qualified IN if for no other reason than I love her.

She could have chosen a more interesting shoe but she was right to keep it black - red shoes would have made it look like a clown suit.

As for tights vs bare legs vs stockings, nude or sheer black stockings (any stockings, really) have been a very big fashion OUT for several years. That doesn't seem to be changing.

Very cute! Love the dress, and while I think it's much more interesting with the straps worn as designed, I like that it can be worn either way.

Love the dress. Do wish she hadn't modified the straps, though.

Fun and In!

Do we have an image of the original dress, sans strap alteration? :D

IN! I love the dress and think it looks much better on her than the model. Well, the model looks good in the sense that her lack of hips/breast really let the dress shine. But Christina here fills out the dress and it really works with her curves, making the whole thing much more sexy than it is on the model.

As for the tights . . . I don't love them but in all honesty that's probably what I would wear with a dress like that (there's something infinitely comforting about wearing black tights) so I can't give her too much grief for them.

Whoops, never mind - for some reason the image didn't load until after I posted my comment.

I actually like it with the alterations. Makes it look a little less heavy.


such a great dress and I don't even like red.

I love the dress on her. And the tights too.


She looks great! A big IN from me.

I really like the way she altered the straps and I would have done the same. But I'm in the "no tights" camp.

It must be only me, but I HATE the BLACK DOOR in the photograph, makes it hard to see the stying properly.

Adorable dress. Not sure about the black tights, though I get why she wore them. Cute hair.

She gives the dress more of an edge than the model. Well-played!

it's definitely a fresh and fun look for her. IN

The dress is not bad, but I liked the most that she matched the colors. Not like most of the celebrities - different color dress, shoes and accessories. Maybe it would've been better if the tights were grey???

As I was scrolling down, I thought, "TLo are going to hate the tights." I like the dark legs -- she's a tiny girl and they make her look longer and more put together than bare legs would have done. I also disagree about the straps -- if I hadn't seen them arranged the other way on the model, I would have seen Christina's version as doing exactly what you say, radiating out from a central point. The rays correspond to what's happening on the right long sleeve, and the dress on the model actually looks wrong to me now! Either way, it's a great dress, and she looks great in it. Definite IN.

The dress looks like it was made for Christina and vice-versa - this is the best I've ever seen her look!

in, in, in. dress, tights, shoes, hair make up, IN. i don't know how someone can possibly find something unflattering here. everything is perfect. and she sure as hell doesn't have a friggen "muffin top" like someone mentioned.

In! She looks great. The tights work. The lines of the dress flow with curves of her body.

And just to be clear, this is jules - the original - who has been around here since Ep. 3 when TLo started blogging, not the recent jules who has raised such havoc.

Also, despite all of this "awww look at little Wednesday Addams growing up!", Christina Ricci is 29.

She looks healthier nowadays! I love her hair this way, makes her forehead look less severe.

Now, I think T&L that you are being too literal with the dress. Her movement of the straps is absolutely fine to me. The model looks positively boring to me, but as she wears the dress, the lines point to her bust and to her goregous face. It is just a shift of focus. In the model, I don't even look at her face because each of the lines of the dress fall away from it. Here, there is no mistake. This is an alteration that WORKS.

The tights are okay. The boots, meh. But the hair looks awesome, and for once, without looking trashy, she looks like a grown up.

Miss seeing her movies... always loved her.

She looks like a young, brunette Kim Cattrall.

She's been wearing some great looks lately (a few lemons in there but you can't win em all). I love her black hair with the bangs, chic but edgy.


Lol, oh yes, the effect was "almost ruined" because now she has 16 lines radiating from a central point instead of 18. Um, no. She still looks great, and I actually think the dress is better with only one strap. Love. Love her hair and makeup as well. IN.

maybe the strap was uncomfortable, who knows.

She looks smokin' hot!!

Doesn't Sir Gunn say "no nude hose"?

From the neck up, she looks wonderful. Don't ever grow out those bangs, Christina.

But the dress? She effed it up by rearranging the straps, and she made it too short (yes, she's probably petite and needed to lop off several inches, but it's still relatively shorter on her than the model). The integrity of the design's been ruined. No rhyme or reason to it, this way.


Great dress that looks great on her. IN.

Love the dress though I can't help feeling like the straps aren't an alteration so much as an incorrect putting on of the dress.

"Christina Ricci is T I N Y and this dress succeeds in making her look like she is sporting a muffin top."
I don't think it's the dress, I think it's the lack of proper undergarments- likely the tights. It's like VPL; it's not the dress's fault, it's the panties.

I never noticed what beautiful eyes she has. Love the hair and the dress, the tights, but the overall package is great. IN.

IN with the exception of the length, a little too Mariah, would have looked better with the hem lower like the original runway pic.


She looks amazing! IN.

Wow, not only she looks gorgeous, but that dress is fabulous!

Love. Her. She looks fabulous, but I do agree on the straps.

Love the dress!

She's so gorgeous and such a great actress. I give her an automatic "IN."

IN. IN. IN. Must. have. the . dress.

I thought Christina Ricci was cute to begin with, but I have to say she's been looking great lately. Her figure looks fantastic. Great dress!

Very cute dress! I don't mind the tights. It's such a short dress, that she might look a little hoochie without them.

I LOVE that hair for her. She looks beautiful.

Not crazy about the straps either, though agree with the poster who pointed out that because she's so small, having the chunky straps so close to her face might have been overwhelming. The radiating look is lessened, but still there.

I have a soft spot for wearing black tights under dresses, so can't fault her there. Not crazy about the shoes, but at least she kept them low-key, so the dress is the showpiece of the look. I give her an IN.

Huge IN- love the hair, makeup, dress, tights...and the adorable McQueen brass knuckles bag, swoon! The only thing that irks me is the satin shoe- gross. Satin shoes are only OK if you're Marie Antoinette or when paired with an equally horrific bridesmaid dress.

she didn't "eliminate" a strap, she moved the right one over to the left arm. there are still two, unless i'm seeing double (haven't had that many drinks yet ;). i actually like it better than the original -- especially on her. beautiful!

Beautiful -- but would have rocked even harder with high boots and a sleek bob instead of that Halloween fright wig.

Yeah, I just realized... she didn't remove a strap, she moved them over, accidentally or on purpose. I think she looks great but I like the original better.

She looks gorgeous - the dress works for her and this hairstyle is the most flattering on her I've seen (she looks amazing in bangs). Also think the tights work here as the black tends to elongate the leg, which works for her as she is very petite.


This is one of the coolest dresses I've ever seen! Christina rocks it, too. IN!!!

Christina looks amazing! IN!!!

I like the tights and I'm ok with the altered straps. With the long hair and the straps across the chest there would have been too much going on. Strap to the side opens up the look...focus is on her face this way...not the radial point.

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