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In or Out: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron attends the AFI Fest 2009 gala screening of "The Road" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood wearing a Christian Dior wrap dress and Giuseppe Zanotti flats.

This is a clear case of fashion chutzpah. Everything about this look from top to bottom sneers, "I'm Charlize Theron and I can wear whatever the hell I want and you'll all love it."

Well, no. Not quite, honey.

Christian Dior Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Kasia Struss

While it's true that she's Charlize Theron and therefore, genetically destined to look good in almost anything, she does not look good in this flip-flops and diapers ensemble.

The dress just looks so flimsy. Like a hard rain would melt it. And don't even get us started on that skirt. We realize that the genetically blessed are different from the rest of us, but who would want a skirt that looks like the morning after on the The Poseidon? And while good sense forces us to marginally approve of the flat sandals, they're a little informal looking despite the bling involved.

We don't know. It's all just a little too "forced casual" for us. OUT.

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I'd vote IN if she toned down the lipstick and put on some heels. Otherwise, doesn't work.

She's usually so stunning on the red carpet, but the last few times I've seen photos of her, they haven't been flattering. What, did she fire her stylist?

I hate the lipstick it almost came off as black on my screen.

Agree with the rest.

Killing time until the Mad Men post goes up...

I've gotta disagree. The sandals are fabulous and while a short wrap dress is nothing special I like the silver color and the lace details. The combination of the flats and the dress is fresh and different for the red carpet. So a big IN from me.

I actually can't imagine a single person on whom this dress would look good. The skirt front isn't really enough of...well, a skirt.

Definitely, TLo, you nailed it. Diapers. Diapers all the way.

Loved the shoes, but not for this.


I like flats with very short dresses. It makes them look less trampy.
But I cannot get on board with the fake wrap (look at the side seam) it looks a little cheap. And the too high peeky a the cross over point of the skirt.
She's still very pretty, and because she wore the flats with the short, tight, and shiny, She's (barely) in.

and the lipstick! ick.

OUT. No flats on the red carpet and that Morticia lipstick is just wrong.

I think she looks gorgeous (even though the photography is lousy: They are shooting her with those damn wide angle lenses and have caught her in some weird in-between poses).

If my legs and feet looked like hers, I'd show them off too. I wouldn't care that it's November either. I like that she looks like she just threw something on.


Holy crap, I thought this was a photo of Debbie Hary leaving Studio 54 at 10 am in 1978.... after a night of partying, having lost part of her dress... and broken her shoes.

I don't know either, but I'm calling this "in". The dress and shoes create a sort of "servant girl in ancient Greece" theme, ritzed up by the lame and the trim. Looking at it that way, the looseness works. Her hair, too, follows that theme: Greek servant girl meets 1920's party circuit.

The lips seem wrong. Scab red is not her color. But it's nice to see such understated makeup.

Yay, flats! I hate the misguided notion that anything less than 3" heels is unprofessional or dowdy.

It strikes me as looking out of season. Doesn't look like November, but I'm not a left coaster. Lipstick shade is aging. It probably looks skimpier in person, she's very tall.

I like everything but the skirt, which is too short for comfort. Alta

I'm going to give her an IN just to be cheeky. I like that she wore flats, and is it me, or is she trowing off a Sharon Stone vibe in some of the pics?

I love this dress and I think it's stunning on her. The 20s styling is gorgeous. She looks like a modern version of a 20s party girl starlet -- and not in a costumey way.

And If I had those gams, I'd be showing them off too.

I agree on the flats though. Flats and red carpet do not mix. Even in El Lay where they bring new meaning to the word "casual." But I also agree with Gotham Tomato that the flats keep the short nightie-esque dress from looking trashy and it works. IN.

I like the flats but am not sure they're a good match for that dress. The dress is way too short up front & center. Completely loathe the color of the lipstick, not flattering. But this is Charlize Theron and, y'know she can look good in almost anything! Oh, to be so genetically blessed!

I saw a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow in just about the same dress, different color. Don't remember too much more about it, just had the same thought - it's too freakin' short!


She's definitely in from the waist up.

As for the rest, well, she's definitely in from the waist up.

Seriously? An In-Out on Charlize Theron? I've In and Out for a few hours now wanting to read the Mad Men finale recap and all I get is some traditional bitch feast about how lousy a leading actress can look!

It looks like a nightgown or something. Not right for the red carpet. Out.

It is a nice dress. But even her arms look like they don't fit in the sleeves. Her hair looks like it is fried. I have always found her to be a bit off. I'm not much of a fan of hers. Her Oompa Loompa look at the Oscar's for "Monster" is just an example. She did a great job in the movie, but her orange skin against the Dior dress and blond hair at the awards...kind of ick.

-Frances Spencer

PS - Are you guys going to be too busy to post Tay-Tay's leave from Rachel Zoe?

HUGE OUT. Who ever styled her this way should be fired immediately. How you make someone that beautiful look that bad is beyond me. The only thing I like about the whole outfit are the shoes and they don't even go with it.

I don't get it. She's so beautiful, yet the hair, makeup, and dress make her look so *old*. Out.

That dress could have looked stunning with a killer pair of heels.

I disagree. She looks like Aphrodite. A movie premiere is a more casual event, and I like her mix of dressy and casual here. My only negative comment is that it looks too summery for November. Otherwise, I give her an IN.

That makeup makes her look like Maggie Gyllenhaal. It also is just too harsh on Charlize. I'd like the dress if not for the hemline that looks like some part of it got stuck in her underwear. And those sandals just don't work with the dress. OUT.

Add me to the list of those who hate the lipstick.

Yeah, the makeup choice is not good. She looks so OLD. And that is definitely not the dress of an old lady!

She looks cute -- like a flapper-era chorus girl -- but the lipstick is garish!

Oh hell no. OUT. She is a beautiful woman but this is all kinds of wrong. The dress has a cheap look to it and sandals aren't really considered 'flats', they're sandals for crying out loud and they make her feet look huge. I get the style she was going for with the hair but it's just too flat (no pun intended). I think her makeup is good, more of a natural look but the red lips are a little jarring. The whole outfit just looks too casual and skimpy for November, regardless of what coast you're on. Again, Out.

I like it.
I think the styling really makes the look.
If I were filthy rich this is how I would dress 100% of the time.
Fuck it!

Charlize, honey, you might want to step back into the bathroom, 'cause it looks like you tucked the front of your skirt into your undies.

Accidentally, I hope.

The ONLY problem I have with this, is that it's the wrong shade of red. For a vintage look, she definitely needed the red to be a warm one. This clearly has blue undertones and washes her out, making her look sickly.

I think the dress is sorta delicious and I LOVE the flats. In fact, I think those flats are so refreshing. Tired of women having to look like they are being pedi-tortured all the time.

Hate the dress ... and the color on her is icky. Love the flats. I really wish more women would wear flats ... so much more comfortable and less damaging to our feet and backs. Alas, fashion has never done anything that didn't hurt.

If it were July, I would give her an unenthusiastic IN, but she is OUT primarily because the outfit is seasonally inappropriate.

I like her hair and makeup, but it does not match the ensemble, well the hair is fine, but the lipstick is too dark - though it does match the season.

I want to give her props for wearing Dior, albeit a fairly safe Dior, but IIRC she is one of their spokespeople.

And oh yeah, she's gorgeous.

And the hair, and the lips... Yech...

Flats are fine on the red carpet--but they have to be dressy flats. Thong sandals cannot escape the beach, no matter what you try to do to them.

Essentially, she's wearing a summer weight mini in a Christmas colour, with beach shoes and goth lipstick. It looks a little nuts.

"With a snap of my fingers, the world is your gynocologist."

Or something close to that.

Hideous dress. OUT

Love the shoes and kudos to her for daring to wear flats on a red carpet. IN

The whole look is OUT though.

OUT. That may be a Dior, but it looks more like something a horny housewife would wear to answer the door for the hot plumber.

The sandals are gorgeous, and they'd be perfect to wear to a beach wedding or to stroll around Sarasota looking at the art galleries. But I'm just not buying them as red carpet shoes, not even for a "casual" red carpet for a movie premiere. Put on some heels, honey. I don't care if your feet hurt. It's part of your job.

OUT. Dumpy dress, bad hair and makeup, the flats are a cute idea and something different

I agree with Blue Ales. That dress looks more like a negligee than a dress, and the sandals only enhance that effect. Nice at-home wear, but OUT for the red carpet.

The sleeves don't fit, the color is unflattering - why do tanned blonds think they look good in this shade of silver? - and the lipstick doesn't work. And, I probably have horribly bourgeois taste, but, I like color on toenails if you're displaying them for all the world to see.

No. Eek.

I see what you're saying about the skirt, but I'm LOVING the flats. As a tall girl who hates wearing heels, I totally support the formal flat movement. Less chance of falling over, and way less stress on your back.

I give it an IN.

Love everything but the skirt, and I adore those flats. Do want.

I think the fuggirls would call this "crotchtacular." If it was longer or the wrapskirt was off to the side it would be better.

I actually love this dress on her -except for the inverted "V" of the wrap skirt - it's just too prounounced. A little more fabric would have created a much better line. That said, I always love flats with miniskirts, especially when one has legs like that. While I take your point about it all being a bit "forced casual," it works for me.


I just don't like the dress. You can see she's self-consciously putting her clutch there... right there ... you know what I mean ... the split looks like an error instead of a design decision.

The sandals may be too casual for some, but hey, her feet look nice and comfortable! People usually complain about tortured-looking-looking feet -- hee!

I think she was going for a play on the just-off-the-beach dress and flip-flops look, done in couture.

And for that, I give her an IN.

I wouldn't know what Charlize was thinking when she put this on, but I like it all except for the lipstick!

yeah! ho! wah!

gotta mildly disagree, tlo.

im not in love with this dress, or the look in general, but i gotta say, your critique, tlo, is also a little flimsy. no real arguments there. and you forgot the single worst part of this whole look: the lipstick.

11/9/09 10:03 AM I love this dress and I think it's stunning on her. The 20s styling is gorgeous. She looks like a modern version of a 20s party girl starlet -- and not in a costumey way.

If it were designed by Louise Black, perhaps. No self-respecting flapper, costumed or otherwise, would be cinched around the waist like that.

And her sleeves would have fit, too.

Only Heidi is allowed to look that cheap.

That lipstick is God-awful! Lose that and put some fierce heels on and it's an IN!

I likey. Yay for flats on the red carpet!! The lipstick is a misstep, and I am not wild about the hair, but overall an IN and kudos for swimming against the tide.

I love the top, but the skirt is YIKES-VILLE. Love the shoes too.

I like the flats, actually. But that's about it, and not necessarily with this outfit. But I can't get past the lips. The color is just all wrong for her.

Charlize Theron is one of those stars that aren't stars to me because I would not be able to pick them out of a crowd of other fair-haired, light-skinned starlets. Cate Blanchett? Yes. Gwyneth Paltrow (who I'm not a fan of but for the sake of this argument)? Yes. Charlize Theron? Pretty but bland and her face does not come to mind when I see the name.

I agree on the out, though. That lipstick is awful, and flats on the red carpet annoys me. Put some effort in it!



I had to go back and check out the shade of lipstick everyone's posting about. Wow, what a nasty-wasty shade of red ---- or at least for this particular look. I'm giving Charlize a big old OUT for obvious reasons; the top and skirt look super-flimsy even for evening wear and the sandals are far too casual for the look in general (mind you --- I covet those sandals, but paired with something not worn to a red-carpet event.

- edina -

I don't know why this point irks me so much but it's getting on my last nerve. These are NOT FLATS. They are thong type sandals, albeit lovely and dressy ones. Flats are usually enclosed shoes without a heel. Think ballet flats for example. These don't even go with the dress, event or season. A big Out.

I really hate the bottom half of this dress. But I like the top half and love the sandals. And I choose to believe that the outfit looks more like the next to last photo on her, rather than the other more awkward full body shot.

In, but it's a squeaker.

I think the dress looked great on the ode, lover the shoes on the model and the model's styling.

Charlize is OUT!!!

Model is IN!!!


Who cares? I'm too busy waiting for your "Mad Men" post!

I guess if you have pretty feet (or at least not unattractive feet), it is fair to want to show them off, though doing it in November may be pushing it a bit.

Don't care. Get to your Mad Men recap. I can't wait!

As someone who wears only flats, I'm constantly on a quest to find shoes I can wear in a variety of styles. I find it refreshing to see Charlize Theron in beautiful flat, dressy sandals.

However, that lipstick is another matter altogether.

If a normal person showed up at an event in this get-up, she'd be raked over the coals for wearing flip-flops and a nightie. Good thing Charlize is a star.

Qualified IN: If she wore this on a hot, humid, August evening. If the bottom half of her dress offered just a bit more coverage. If she weren't wearing quite a dark color of lipstick.

She looks beautiful, but she's Out.

I actually like the silver, but as a whole the look doesn't gel--OUT.

Also, maybe it's my screen, but her hair seems too blond, which makes it look thinner than it actually is. Obviously she's a beauty, but she needs warm tones to really maximize it--the Jean Harlow thing just washes her out.

I've literally been refreshing the blog all day waiting for the Mad Men post. Where is it?

And she's definitely out.

you can see right through the fabric, not to mention that girl probably can't sit down in it or hello, Oklahoma! No wonder she's holding her purse so close to the opening.

I like the shoes. At least they freaking fit, but they are cute too. I'm happy to see someone not in 8 inch heels for a change.

I have to agree that the dress is anything but substantial, however I think that the top part is quite lovely. Perhaps if it had a different bottom and the fabric had a bit more weight to it I would have loved it. And the sandals are to die for, but just not right for the outfit and yes, a little to forced.

Hell, if the top pat of the dress had been a shirt, it would have looked great over a crisp pair of jeans and those fabulous sandals. Perhaps not red carpet appropriate, but definitely classy and on trend.

I'm going to call this a Christopher. The top is not half bad but the bottom kills the entire look.

MAD MEN??????? We're well past noon in the Central time zone - I can't hold out much longer!


Neck down, IN
Neck up, OUT

God I hate her hair and lipstick!

I think every single thing about this is a hot mess. The color makes her skin look jaundiced. The lipstick and hair look costumey. The sandals are cute but do not work with the outfit.


I love it, although I think the lipstick is wrong

love the top half of the dress, hate the skirt.
lose the awful lipstick.

Must. Have. Mad. Men.

i'm not dorothy gale

Despite the face work she's had done - and she DOES look terrific - she is still a woman of a "certain age" who shouldn't be wearing dresses that short. It looks, I don't know, short, shiny and cheap....hmmmm....

Otherwise I give the gal a brava for wearing flats. She was undoubtedly a lot more comfortable by the end of the evening.

With the exception of the lipstick I think she is IN !!

I only wish that the dress had a more defined is a bit blousy arond the waist to really play up her assets.

Seldom does a dress combine so many of my personal fashion squicks in one place. I was glad to see someone up thread mention the way the lace ends at the side seam and how that makes the garment look cheap: trim applied so that it's visible only from the front is fine with drug-store costume party stuff and cheap use-once lingerie, everything else needs to carry the design round the back, dammit. And if you're going to make a crossover skirt, give it sufficient volume that it's possible to sit down: either short or skimpy, but not both.

All in all Ms. Theron looks like one of the back-line chorus girls from an early Busby Berkeley talky, black lips and everything.

Love the proportions of the dress on the runway; absolutely HATE them on her. The other stuff is bad, but it's not as alarmingly eye-shattering.

OUT. This needed heels. And it also looks like she's having to hold the front of the skirt down with her hand bag. Too puffed out and diaper-ish.

I think this would have been vastly improved by a slightly longer hem and eliminating the really high, almost private parts-skimming wrap effect, and a lipstick that has less black and more true red in it.

I love the sandals - they are not only fabulous while being sensible, but they go along with the dress well too. Just fixing the problems with the dress would have made them perfect.

Wow -- I absolutely love this. I think it's great, and I LOVE her sandals. I think they are extremely classy -- where can I get a pair (of knockoffs, of course). And I even like her lipstick, it makes her pop out ... a nice contrast to the gray.

another laura

And holy heck, fellow minions, what's with the nagging TLo today? geez, just enjoy snarking about a silver dress, already!

While she does have gorgeous legs, the length of this dress seems...wrong...on her. Not sure what the problem is since it worked ok on the model.
And that lipstick shade she's wearing is slightly off, too. Close, but not quite. Luckily, she will always be beautiful because she looks like, well - her.

I saw her on TV and loved the dress! It doesn't seem to photograph that well, though. I like the flats, but I agree that it isn't quite formal enough.

The flats are gorgeous. Besides, those four inch heels HURT. I think Charlize looks wonderful in whatever she wears, but I don't like the dark lipstick. I do like the dress, except for the front drape in the skirt. I say IN.

ordinarily i hate the dark lip stick on just about anyone, but she really resembles jean harlow in this picture. because i love jean harlow, she gets a pass. but that dress is ridiculous, no matter what shoes she would wear. just fugliness.

I think the hair and makeup is good and the dress would be better if it was a tad longer and she wore a bit of a heel (though I love the shoes and it's nice to see someone dare to wear flats on the red carpet). XX's

This totally looks like a fancy pool wrap. The shoes and hair aren't helping.

Or a dance costume for a Vegas review of the musical version of The Great Gatsby.

Thumbs down.

I think this is the first time I've ever disagreed with you, TLo! Although some of the details are a bit off, this was definitely an IN.

Oh, and for the people who keep harping on the fact that it's not seasonally appropriate: I live in Westwood. It's been in the 80s all week. She is completely seasonally AND geographically appropriate. There's no rule that states you have to dress like it's wintertime because it's cold somewhere else.

OUT. That lipstick is frightening.

I like the sandals, but not with this outfit or for the red carpet.

LOVE the sandals. don't like the dress. don't really like anything silver or gold sparkly, it doesn't photograph well and it ends up looking trashy.


Quite frankly, I can't believe this is up for discussion. Charlize is a woman's woman.


Lighter lipstick, a nice pair of heels and she's an IN. The dress is pretty and I love the hair and the rest of her makeup.

Like the dress and shoes separately, but not together on her.


IN. She looks gorg.

The flats seem revolutionary, in a sea of f*ck-me heels. And, I don't mind the lipstick one bit.

Stelllaaa wrote: "I don't know why this point irks me so much but it's getting on my last nerve. These are NOT FLATS. They are thong type sandals, albeit lovely and dressy ones. Flats are usually enclosed shoes without a heel. Think ballet flats for example."

You're right about "flats" being closed-toed shoes (a la "ballet flats") but the term also speak to heel height, which in this case is...flat.

At first glance, I loved the dress but was with you on the sandals being inappropriate for the red carpet. But on second viewing, I think the sandals *make* this look. Love it.

And yes, LA is warm, even in November.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I don't know why Stelllaa's insistence that 'flats' are always closed shoes irks me, but it does.

Perhaps because ballerina flats have enjoyed a recent renaissance, and are tirelessly referred to as "flats", she's jumped to the conclusion that 'flat' denotes the shoe's upper.

It merely describes the sole and heel-- which is to say, flat.

I think the dress and hair are on point...the lipstick needed to be a whole different shade! Way too dark for the look she "looks" like she is going for....but I have to say OUT for the flip flops! I love flip flops but NEVER NEVER NEVER kittens for a formal event. At the beach, around the house, out shopping...rock those flops. But NOT at the AFIs and definitely NOT at the White House!

They're not flip-flops! They're jeweled sandals!
The fact is that if these had the exact same upper but with a towering heel on them, this discussion probably wouldn't ever happened, which I find strange.

Charlize is always IN...but boy...this time she's "hanging by a tread!" The dress is pretty and I like the details and color...however, the opening to the wrap is cut way too high...or maybe the skirt is too short...idk, I just hope she has panties on :D Also, the dress makes her look very thick waisted. I like the sandals...probably wrong for the dress and event even though they are jeweled...but I still like them and she's tall so I give her a pass on them. The lipstick would be better if she had a bit more eyeshadow and blush for balance. Close to a fail..but she's so pretty and normally flawless...I cut her some slack. :)

Like the dress, hate the shoes, hate the lipstick.

Tim Gunn always emphasizes fit and propotion - and this outfit is way out of proportion! the skirt is the wrong length for her, and the flats (while cute) are totally off. OUT

asparagus lust

She does not come near to carrying off this look, altho it is indeed the look Dior put out there. She looks ridiculous, like someone put her up to it and she thinks she's the bees knees, so "here I am." (I know she is supposedly Dior's "muse" for what that is worth, she is not my muse.) She is 6 inches of leg too much, too flat, the blouson not flattering and the dumb cut of the skirt indecent (on her). Her styling is UUUUUGGGLLLYYY. She, herself, is a knock out, while not my type - too skinny and amazony - and can do much, much better than this gawd awful get up.

the dress looks lyk a toga.and shes needs heels.

those sandals are gorgeous. Red Carpet material? Hardly.

of all the dior frocks to choose, she went with the grey nighty.perhaps the fumes from that lipstick adversely affected her decision making.

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