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Glamour Magazine 2009 Women of The Year

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A couple confections to start off your day.

Iman and Rihanna attend the Glamour Magazine 2009 Women of The Year Honors at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Jason Wu Spring 2010 Collection

It seems it's our destiny to always say this when it comes to her but, "Only Iman..." On anyone else, it would look decidedly muppetesque, but her superior genes and fierce style don't allow that to happen. We like it more on her than on the model.

St├ęphane Rolland Spring 2009 Haute Couture

And we gotta say, Rihanna BROUGHT IT. We're not loving the Tippi Hedren hair, but the dress is a stunner.

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Two gorgeous women, wearing two gowns that not many women could pull off. They look really good!

also Iman's gorgeous skin colour really contrasts well with the colour (kind of like that one time in Project runway when laura made a dress worn by herself for the jet set--which on camilla's skin would have looked divine, but looked a tad washed out on her own)

I have to disagree this time. It's too much, I think both of them look ridiculous. The styling on Rhianna is quite nice though, I wish she would ditch the raccoon-eye look more often.

I think Iman looks amazing and I totally agree that her skin tone looks great with that dress.

I feel like Rihanna's dress is wearing her instead of the other way around. Her nude makeup kind of makes her sink into the background. And that hair... I give her props for going for it though.

I love the warm, subtle makeup colours. They are both glowing, which definitely helps to carry off these notable dresses.

I also enjoy women who refuse to play it safe with their dress choice.

IN and IN!

Random musing...Iman looks like an African-American version of Donna from the West Wing.

Only Iman indeed! That dress is a classic example of good in theory but not so much on an actual human...except Iman. She pulls it off, that classy minx!

Rhianna is wearing a very interesting gown, which I sort of like and which she certainly rocks, but does anyone else think it would have looked better without the t-shirt neck and sleeves and was simply a strapless dress? Also, HATE Rhianna's hair.

But all in all I have to say they're both IN.

Iman looks gorgeous as usual.

Something about Rihanna is off putting to me. Normally I love her and her style decisions, but the sheer sleeves on the dress make it look dowdy to me. *shrugs*

I have to agree with Mariah. I think it's too much look for both of them. It makes both of them look very wide, and it seems like a case of the dress wearing them.
It also looks like Rhianna is trying to grow out that super-short hair she had. It's at the awkward stage right now.

Iman makes the colour of the dress work for the dress - on the model it looks like someone put vellum over the screen. Gorgeous. 100%

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Rhianna's dress. Most. Gorgeous. EVER.
Hands down.

In and In. We always say that there are too many boring dresses on the red carpet and now is too much?

They looks FABULOUS! Rihanna's dress is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Wowsa! I think they both look great! In and In!

Not crazy about the Jason Wu's dress (I actually hated the entire collection when TLO posted it) but somehow Iman makes the puppet work. Rihanna blew my socks off with this amazing dress. She looks fantastic, but I do agree on the hair, it's a bit too much.

i disagree with you for the first time, on rihanna. that dress is wearing her!

I love you, but I disagree also. I think Iman looks ridiculous, though I applaud her effort. Rihanna brought it for the dress, which is gorgeous (very Leanne, actually) but I do hate that hair.

I disagree, that dress is really overwhelming on Rihanna. She looks stumpy. Its interesting, but she doesn't have the height to pull it off. I think they should swap dresses.

Iman does have a penchant for dressing young, but she usually pulls it off. Great smile and confidence.

I like Rihanna's hair style but not the color AT ALL. I want to find fault with the white, but I can't. I am impressed with her quiet confidence.


Oh, these are *fun* clothes. I like the pink muppetry because it is fun, but I don't know that Iman is flattered by it - its volume makes her shoulders, neck and head look skinny and attenuated to me - whereas she normally looks proportional.

The Rolland is a beautiful piece of sculpture, especially as it had to be constructed within the constraints of being worn. I am so glad to see it worn, and I think she did pull it off (though she does edge close to being merely a stand for the dress). Gold stars for Rhianna - despite the fact I dislike her hair color here.

Iman, like Cate Blanchett, exists on an entirely different (and elevated) plane of exquisite fashion. The color is gorgeous on her, and somehow mutes the Muppet effect.

Rihanna's dress is incredible. If you just glance at quickly, it looks like someone went to town folding a strip of butcher paper which he then stapled to the front of the dress. But the proportions are gorgeous, the fit is perfect, and the skirt is just amazing. I'm not usually a big fan of fishtail hems but for this dress, the architectural detail on the front balances out the tail.

It's always nice to start the day with some eye candy. Thanks TLo!

pretty fab, both of them, although Iman's pink fluff dress looks me, and while she looks amazing in it, I do get just a slight, slight whiff of mutton.

Rihanna's dress is gorgeous, and enormous - I don't know how anyone can wear that dress without it being enveloping. She looks great, though - but i HATE that damn pocket. why are there pockets on EVERYthing these days? who needs a pocket on a gown like that?

Iman - LOVE it. Yeah, she looks a bit like a powder puff with legs. But it's a very feminine look on her and the apricot color is AH-MA-ZING with her complexion.

Rhianna's dress is TO. DIE. Her hair is what's throwing it off, IMO. The new blonde shade just does not go with her complexion. I do understand that these stars need to change it up to stay in the news. But she's a stunningly beautiful woman, and this brassy blonde hair color distracts. I advocate a return to her natural hair color, pronto.

I know she's been courageously trying to strike out on her own, talk to Oprah about the bb (boyfriend beating), etc., but changing this one particular detail isn't the best way to do it. Her dark complexion and hair are simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and her stunning face is her greatest beauty strength. Beyonce can get away with the blonde tresses because she has a golden tone in her skin. Rhianna is a dark beauty, and should be concentrating on rosy-ing up her complexion rather than framing that utterly lovely face with brassy-colored hair.

A minor blip from one of the true beauties of her generation.

They both look good, but I don't particularly like either dress.

Apparently Iman will be able to pull off wearing mini skirts the rest of her gorgeous, long-legged life. She looks great, but... I don't know. I'm getting a pink Big Bird vibe from the dress.

Rihanna's dress is interesting, and she looks great in it, but it almost feels costumey: at first I thought, oh, they're doing a Grace Kelly on her. But you Boys are right: Tippi Hedren it is.

YICK -- I had a "QUEENIE" moment -- wondering what these two beautiful women were "passing" as?

You're right. Iman doesn't look like a Muppet. She looks like an ostrich. That dress is dreadful and no one can look good in it.

Love Rihanna's dress, though I don't see the point of the pocket. Not so fond of the styling; her face sort of fades away into the background.

Not sure I agree that Rihanna is pulling it off, but that dress is STUNNING. Maybe if I ever get married... ;)

On Rihanna, that dress is FIERCE. But her hair color is not good.

Iman is Iman is Iman. That's all there is to say about that.

Thanks for the pretty this morning, TLo!

A Muppet hair dress, on the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street? I love a warped sense of humor.


From the eyebrows down, Rhianna looks stunning....way better than the runway model.

Her hair, however, is too light and does nothing for her complexion.

I'd say the same for Iman. That dress demanded something exquisite on the top of her head, not a short version of the Aniston.

Iman, always and for ever, FTW.

Love both of the women. They are fashion icons. I am disappointed with their looks here though. Iman's look I like better. Although I don't like the exact copy she made of the Jason Wu dress all the way down to the shoes. A different color or shine of belt would have been my preference. I think RiRi is awesome and fierce. I don't mind the hair or makeup and the color of the dress is flattering. However, Rhianna's dress reminds me to fix my blinds in my home.
-Frances Spencer

iman is always IN.

rhianna is so pretty but the dress reminds me of a wedding dress.

Iman can do no wrong, but Rihanna's gown seems like too much dress for the occasion.

They both look amazing!

LOVELOVELOVE Rihanna's dress!!!!

Rihanna looks stunning, hate the color of her hair, though.
Iman is Iman, what can I say?

I like both dresses - they are gorgeous. But on Iman, something looks like it needs a little tweeking. perhaps the belt a LITTLE bit lower?

Hate Rhianna's hair - coler and style.

Iman is fierce, no matter what.

Rhianna looks like she's emerging from Superman's Ice Fortress of Solitude....I totally mean that in a good way. Love the dress, hate the hair.

Iman is fierce, but the blonde hair and the pink dress somehow make me think ----

Paris Hilton ---

I apologize profusely too all who read this.

Can't agree this time. My first thought when I looked at Iman was that she is wearing the bathroom rug. And Rhianna looks like she got caught in a copier paper jam. They are both gorgeous though, despite the dresses.

Loooooove the Stephane Rolland on Rihanna! Exquisite. I think that with her height and overall most- gorgeous-woman-under-thirty-on-earth looks she was able to pull it off. Not loving the hair though --- too overprocessed.

I like Iman's look, but am not super-crazy about the dress. Maybe it's the sash (I think I'm all sashed out after having seen so many from Irina this season).

- edina -

Iman could wear a pup tent and look fabulous. Muppetesque or not, she works that dress, and I love her for it!!! IN
Rhianna, on the other hand looks like a giant origami project gone wrong. I do not like that dress or her hair and makeup the least little bit. OUT

I love Iman and the dress but not the shoe color. It's too jarring and breaks up the look. I love the color of the dress on her, the belt and the blue ring. Her hair color - not so much. The same for Rhianna. I'm just not a fan of the blondish looks for certain coloring. That goes for the Mediterranean and Olive toned complexions as well.

Iman looks happy and gorgeous. Rihanna is a stunner, but I don't like that dress. Looks like they stuck a Mead Trapper-Keeper to her chest.

That hair color on Rhianna aged her about 10 years. She looks like T-Boz from TLC.

Hated both dresses, but those two could wear anything and look fabulous.

Entertain us ladies! I love them both. But I generally love over the more than understated. I particularly love the color combo on the Jason Wu.

I had a huge, joyful laugh when I saw Iman. How does she do it? She can do no wrong.

Rihanna is a beautiful woman, but the dress is too much for her and that bleach job is awful. It's OK though. She' so gorgeous I can't stop looking at her.

Exactly Kittens and Lilithcat :) I mean, what's any woman going to put in it... car keys?

I _had_ to do a double take when I saw that pocket on the rolland... couture no less.

Completely agree with Genz
11/10/09 9:57 AM

Seriously? Rihanna looks ridiculous, like she's supposed to be arriving at her wedding, in which case that dress would be appropriate. Her hair is awful, and I've always liked her styles in the past. The style and color of this are terrible. OUT OUT OUT.

Iman on the other hand, always IN.

I like Rihanna's styling better than the original model's. Makes the edgy dress chic edgy instead of huh? edgy...yaknow?

Iman is always right on the money :) Rhianna looks better here then she has in quite a while.

Iman- always in, but not a big fan of straightened hair in general. Dress = fabulous.

Rhianna- great dress, but she is too young for it. I think this one requires a little more self confidence to really wear, instead of having it wear you as it is here. Hair, as everyone has commented, is a big "Oh, honey, no."

Two of the most beautiful women in the world.

Gonna have to disagree....I think if Iman and Rihanna swapped dresses, THEN we'd have unqualified IN-ness. As it is, the pink frou-frou looks a bit silly on the elegant Iman, and the striking white gown overwhelms Rihanna (particularly with the way she is styled). Swap outfits, then we'll talk.

Yesp, beautiful ladies, but I'm not sure about the dresses. Iman's looks like it could be itchy, and Rihanna's looks like it could stab someone in the eye.

Iman looks like a bond girl taking a bubble bath cicra 1964

I'm glad Iman is paying homage to Sesame Street's 40th anniversary! But Muppet looks great on her!

As for Rihanna, (as Ally said) that gown is wearing her and the transparent crew-neck shirt makes her look boring-snoring. Amazing considering the exciting yet unflattering to her figure ruffle down the front.

I actually disagree when it comes to Rhianna. That dress is wearing her.

Iman looks gorgeous, but my first impression of that dress was that it looks like she wrapped herself up in a bath mat and tied it around her waist with a green ribbon. Rhianna's dress is stunning, and I think she wears it well.


Two resounding INs. Lovely.

Rihanna looks like she covered herself in glue, stood at the business end of a photocopier, and let the papers fly.

Iman wears a Muppet (and looks good in it), while her husband was in a movie with Muppets in 1986 (Labyrinth, anybody?)Jim Henson would have been proud :-D


Wut? Wait . . .

Iman - Big Bird impression avoided by pretty pretty color and nifty green belt. The belt totally makes the outfit.

Rihanna - Blonde hair a distraction, but gown is fabu. Do more of that, girl.

I think Rihanna looks quite good, but I actually think that's a terrible color for Iman; maybe it's the light, but it doesn't compliment her skin, imo, since it looks like the same color as the highlights on her skin. Though I'm not onboard with the contrasting lime sash either... or the turquoise ring. Randomly, I wish she would change her hair color soon, since I find it pretty blah (in photos like these, there's no contrast with her skin, either....)

Iman looks stunning. In.

The gown is wearing Rihanna, not the other way around. Perhaps a taller woman could get away with wearing that design, but Rihanna looks like she drowning. Out.

The answer is NO.
I still love them both--but Iman is always just better when she's minimal. I'd prefer Rihanna's dress if it were mid-calf. Too much fuss all around!

I agree with you guys on the comment that Iman and Rihanna are both women who can pull off dramatic looks, but I think these dresses just go too far into the housewares aisle. Iman's dress reminds me of the monster slippers I used to have that eventually turned really ratty and had bits of fluff hanging off every which way until they were so worn out that I wore all the way through the sole. Luxury living, I know.
At first glance, I though Rihanna's dress was stunning, but really she looks like she had a fight with a roll of aluminum foil and lost.

yeah! ho! wah!

iman: love her, but no. the colour: no. the silhouette: no. the mopiness of it all: no. no no no.

rihanna: love the dress but something botheres me. it might be the hair. almost didnt regognize her.

Iman's dress is a feathered pile of ugly. Rhianna's dress is interesting, but I think it needs a taller person. Both women are themselves gorgeous.

Rihanna's dress is pretty, but she's totally NOT working it!!!

Both are incredibly beautiful and know how to work those gowns.

i would love that haute couture gown so much more without the pocket.

Iman can get away with anything, of course.

Rihanna, on the other hand... I love that dress, but it just doesn't look right on her.

Rihanna looks gorgeous

I think this is two cases of the people wearing the dresses make the dresses fab. On anyone else these two would be over-the-top and fug. On them it's fiiiiiieeeeeeerce.

Love them both but hate the hair.

Hair styling. Out.

Hair color. Out.

Cranky Old Fart

You know, I love Iman just like most of the rest of you, but, COME ON, she looks beyond ridiculous.

It's a PINK EMU!!!!!!!!! with a silly green wide ribbon belt.

The dress Rihanna is wearing is unusual and beautiful. Not many could pull it off—she totally does. Her hair looks like an oversprayed wig though.

That dress is wearing Rihanna. Although it is a lovely dress, I think it would've worked a lot better if it had been strapless. It's too heavy up on top for her.


I'm not too cranky to say CONGRATULATIONS! to all the winners. Iman was not, but the others are:

Maria Shriver
Stella McCartney
Amy Poehler
Marissa Mayer (vice-president of Google)
Serena Williams
Dr. Jane Aronson (Worldside Orphans Foundation)
Dr. Susan Rice (US ambassador to the UN)
Laura Ling
Euna Lee
Maya Angelou
Michelle Obama

Both women are gorgeous in whatever they wear, but really, in both cases, the dresses are wearing them, as opposed to them wearing the dresses. Yikes!

Rihanna can certainly carry that gown, which is so big (I would think she would be too petite for such a dramatic dress). And, as you said, Iman looks better than the model. What a beautiful and elegant woman. Both of them, really.

altho rihanna's hair is a little silly she looks AH-MAZING! i luv her she is so adorable.

not a huge fan of Iman's pink number. Especially on Karlie Kloss. she looks like a deranged feather duster.

Rihanna- stunning. that dress is captivating.

i dont think that they look all that great, but i dont have a very wild or styled taste

Absolutely fab! Wouldn't change a thing!

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