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Don't hate us!

Darlings, we know she's popular among the viewers and we know that a lot of you want to lock Heidi in a room somewhere for being mean to her - and we like her too! Honestly! She's a sweetheart! - but that doesn't mean everything she does is golden. In fact, we think she's been floundering in the competition as much as Christopher has.

Show of hands: who thought she was going home when this popped up on the screen?

Model: Matar Cohen

And who thought she was going home when THIS popped up on the screen? Because we did.

Oy. Honeys, sweet as she is, there's just no defending this look. It's limp and it's sad and it's got all these weird details that we can't quite wrap our heads around.

It's strange to us that she chose yet another grey look. Last week she was defensive about using grey, so why return to it this week?

Sure, the original look was grey but that's no reason to return to it. Companion pieces don't necessarily have to be the same color; they just have to evoke the original piece in some way.

ANd to be honest, we don't really see how this evokes the original piece. What were the elements of the original piece? Asymmetrical collar, strips of fabric cut on the bias creating a diagonal effect, with frayed seams.

Well, she got the frayed seams part, but that's about it. We can't say we particularly like the seaming here. In fact we think it's kind of weird looking.

And we really hate that limp, formless collar. And the styling! Why do that to Matar's hair? She looks sad. A sad girl wearing a sad outfit. Rosa Klebb on a bad hair day.

No, we can't get behind this one at all. There were a lot of strange, indefensible choices made here that we just don't get. The original piece had an edgy, sexy vibe to it and we've looked high and low, but we can't find any similar such vibe on this look.

Nick kinda nailed it when he compared it Soviet-era office wear, but apparently Nick's been feeling the wrath from the Polish viewers. As he wrote on his blog:

"And to my Angry Polish Bretheren:

I hear that you are a bit miffed at my "She looks like an office Worker from Warsaw Poland" comment regarding Gordana Gelhausen's sad grey suit look. Sorry I wasn't specific enough, I meant to say "From pre-Cold War Communist Warsaw Poland..." You see in TV land, you must be brief with your comments. I didn't mean to be disrespectful to office workers in Warsaw Poland--it was a joke kiddies. I am sure that there are A LOT of sexy, glamorous and beautiful office workers in Warsaw Poland--and I am sure I will hear from them! You can go ahead and say that all Greek and Venezuelan office workers look sad and gray--and I won't take it personally."

Don't mess with the Gordana fans, Uncle Nick. They are FIERCELY protective of their girl.

Extended Judging:

Tim Gunn's Workroom Critique:

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I agree with you guys 100%. She's done some nice stuff, but I don't get all the Gordana love. She's sweet, and can make some pretty things, but this competition isn't for her. She needs time and they just don't give it to designers on the show. She won't win, but she's a good designer.

well, ok..maybe. But if she goes home before Christopher, there's going to be Hell to pay!! :)

I hated this look and actually expected her to get auf'd for it. The styling on Matar alone was criminal. She aged her 20 yrs. This girl is suppose to have been 24 at the time.

I know people hate it when Heidi slams into Gordana. But this was pretty horrible and the antithesis of the winning garment. Heidi was right to blast her. The first dress was hip, edgy and youthful. The new outfit was anything but. And it had drab written all over it


I would've sent her home for this. I actually like the collar but nothing else. If she'd done something more fun and hip with Matar's hair, she might've surpassed Christopher.

Don't be so mean!

all she needed to do is shorten the coat, fix the fit, strengthen the collar, add a little color, give Matar her wild hair back, choose better shoes, and all would be fixed.

Ooops. I mean, all she needed to do was submit a different entry, and she could have won.

I agree with Geane.

I still love Gordana, but I am not blind to the issues apprent in her work.

But I haven't been watching this season since episode 5- just reading about it. I just want it to be over so we can move along to next season, with the regular* judging of La Duchesse et La Nina! (will it be back in NYC?)

*occasionally offbeat but in a familiar way

The comments about Matar's hair made her all paranoid, too...she thought Gordana wouldn't pick her again because of her big hair. These models are all freaked out over everything their designers say and do, and I can't say I blame them,'s pretty sad, really.

Actually, I'm still hopeful for Gordana. If Christopher goes home this week, as surely he must, then she'll be in the final four and showing at Bryant Park, right? I think with time to make a whole collection and freedom not to work with silly challenges, she could really pull something out of the bag. I'd certainly like to see her there with the other girls, anyway.

Everybody has off days. This looks like the outfit to wear on one of them.

And I love Gordana.

I love Gordana and she has created a lot of pretty looks, but unfortunately she has created just as many bad ones. I was really worried for her this week b/c like you guys least Logan's was "designed". This was just not good. At this point I don't see her making it to Bryant Park, but I do hope she wins fan favorite.

This was really bad. And it would have deserved the aufing had Logan and Christopher also not been in the bottom 3.

I guess I see more potential in Gordana (and I know we're not always voting on "potential"), than Logan and Christopher. Christopher has a shallow bag of tricks IMO, and Logan creates very meh clothes while wearing shiny pants. I've seen Gordana make wearable clothes with unique details — the kind of thing I want to see more of, if she'd only do that more often!

I thought she was out for sure.

Nobody really brought their A-game this week, but this one was a snoozer and that's usually the kiss of death. And I say that as someone who adores Gordana.

I like her but have mixed feeling abiout her work. Part of the protectiveness can be the vastly different treatment she received by the judges.
When the judges look at hers and call it sad, depressing and 80's (the skirt looked nice) and Althea's freak show outfits (jackets/skirts) not only don't get equivalent treatment but are praised as the winning outfits...that is the problem.

And the Polish insult was just not necessary. Plug in another group and see hiow it plays.

I forgot there was only one elimination b/f fashion week (unless they send home two on Thurs.), so she def. could still make it there. ANd that would be great b/c with more time I think she would produce awesome work.

I am one of Gordana's fiercely protective fans, and I didn't enjoy the nasty mockery she had to endure once again on the runway.

However, this look just did not work in any way, shape, or form, and I was sure my girl was going to be sent home because of it.

If the jacket had been made in a better material, if she had made a nice pencil skirt that fell just below the knee, and if she had styled Matar better... if...if...if.

But as it was, Matar *did* look like a Cold War office worker in the Eastern bloc country of your choice.


Gordana, Gordana, Gordana.....

what can we say? this look is certainly not one of your better looks. And what is sad - beyond the way Matar was styled - is that there was the making of a fierce look in just SO didn't happen.

I think Gordana is quite talented - and I think she's a designer who would have benefited the most from a more consistent judging (unlike Christopher, who appears to have a very limited range & skill set). If she'd had more constructive comments throughout this series - not the Heidi-hate - I think her efforts would have been stronger.

Unfortunately, I think she's being set up for the auf, probably this week.


It was definitely a sad look, but I actually think it could have worked with a crisper fabric, or maybe some interfacing or something, anything to get rid of the limpness and wrinkles.

I suspect that Gordana could do a pretty good job with a Bryant Park collection, when she'd have enough time to think about things and money for the right fabrics. But I'm not expecting her to get the chance. And that's too bad. The other womend designers are better at working within the constraints of Project Runway, but let's face it: none of these people is the next (insert name of any famous designer here), so I may as well root for the ones who are nice.

Compare this jacket to other that have been made on this show - remember Jillian's from a few seasons ago? Not in the same league. These designers are definitely not up to what we've seen from past designers.

Making a suit reminiscent of the original dress was a smart move.

However, if that's what you're going to do, the seaming needs to be impeccable. And here, the seaming was not.

The side pleat detailing was bunchy and the sides didn't match. I think they were too close together. The original dress had wider seaming. Had she put just another half inch between those pleats, there would have been more visual impact.

The hem of the jacket was uneven and it looked as though she could have used another closure on it to avoid all the bunching at the top.

I think the floppy collar was an interesting idea that was too subtle. Tim warned her about being too subtle before. I think her tendancy to make small visual effects rather than going for a big visual impact is a big weakness for her.

And finally, why a black skirt? A pop of color--any color--would have stood out on the runway.

Gordana is my favorite in this season but i must admit this piece sucks.. it truly looks like something a secretary in an office would wear in atlantis as the coat has gills on its sides..the styling did not help also. i think even gordana needs one.. but i do like her attitude and the way she interacts with fellow contestants..

It wasn't a success. And I am a Gordana fan, and probably would have liked what she was envisioning, raher than what she made. I don't agree, though, that it was "dated" as one judge said - if the trends are, as they indubitably are, marching through the 80's, the long, body-conscious suit jacket is going to cycle into the mix any minute now. (I had a killer one somewhere around 1988 that took 10 lbs off me and with heels and a short skirt made me feel invincible.)

It was sadly, a failed concept : it didn't really look really related to the first look, except that it had a non-voluminous silhouette. It *might* have been successful if the diagonal edged pleats(?) had been well done AND echoed in work on the sleeves or in a dramatic collar/lapel, or on the skirt, and if the jacket fit better.

I will bet a lot that given a week and a chance to revise, it'd have been a good, possibly great look. But that's not the game, and I am starting to fear that if she has another bad week she'll go home leaving the gormless Christopher to go to BP. Now that WOULD be a disaster!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Hey, I can't defend Gordana's choice to stick to her guns about the wrong garment on the wrong challenge. I thought she might go home too after seeing the photo of her and her brother, and the critique of the judges. Why she chose a kind of cliched day look to pair with her winning look is beyond my comprehension. But hey, she liked it and said so to Tim and to the judges.

There's potential there, more than with Xtopher for sure, but it's becoming clearer that a grueling design competition is wearing her out.

As for Uncle Nick's "controversial" comments: Honeys, it's not the Gordana fans. It's Polish-Americans (or really ANY nationality of the former East Bloc) that are getting tired of the Soviet/Post-Soviet stereotype of people living a grey, drab life under authoritarian repression. I understand it and can laugh at it, but having lived 2 years in the former Soviet Union, I can tell you that the 'Rosa Klebb' jokes and stereotypes get tiresome to those who know things aren't what they used to be. Especially since fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are looking to Moscow and even Ulan Bator for new markets.

But hey, whatever makes for a catty soundbite, right?

Love Gordana, but I'm fearful she will be eliminated this week.

Yeah, I thought it would be a cool idea to do a slightly edgy suit to show what Gordana's edgy divorcee would wear to work in the morning after she wore her shredded wedding dress out dancing. That could've been really good, but this....nope. Missed the mark hardcore.

I hated the colors, but I do like the jacket. Very Prada-esque, I thought.

yeah, much as I love her, that was a sad sack of an outfit. Thing is I didn't mind the jacket so much, but why not keep it youthful? Style Matar's hair in it's natural lioness state and make a skirt with some color. A bright electric blue or something. Right now Gordana's looking tired. I don't know if it's the bug she had earlier or if Heidi's berating her has worn her down. Girlfriend has definitely run out of steam.

I do like Gordana, but I've never thought she belongs in the finals. I think she's probably a perfectly capable designer, but not a good competitive one. Which is fine.

Many of the designers who've passed through PR have been unfazed by the pressures of the show; some have even thrived. Mychael Knight did some of his most creative work within the limitations of the challenges, remember? Gordana seems to be the opposite of that. She probably needs to do her thing, and to take her time doing it.

I love Gordana and there have been times in the past when I was scratching my head as to why she was in the bottom. This was not one of those times. That outfit was just bad and it didn't meet the challenge requirements. Not to say I thought she deserved to go...but it was a poor outfit.

I love Gordana, and I love the original look--but this was awful.

And I will heighten Uncle Nick's offense and say that the model and look appear to be on their way to a concentration camp.

TLo and Posters:

Would the look have been a majorly improved had the model worn the boots from the winning outfit and had her hair let loose?

....and maybe a bold necklace or pendant?

"Tlo said: Show of hands: who thought she was going home when this popped up on the screen?"

Waving hand!


You know with a little tweaking that jacket could have been a cute alternative for a women's suit- she was on the right track but for the wrong challenge..... I just think its about now in the competition that the fatigue sets in.

I don't hate the jacket, I like the collar and the sunburst pin tucking around the waist, although the hand of the fabric looks a bit flimsy, like it needs interfacing or something. The skirt is a total bore though. She should have gone full on with the matron look and done a long grey pencil skirt. I like the hair styling, Matar is still pretty. I don't think she looks old.
I do think that Heidi does not like Gordana, but some of the comments regarding Heidi have been a bit harsh and over the top.
I think this look was much better than Chrisophers, and better executed than the winner of the challenge.

I like Gordana, but this look was sort of sad. I actually like the waist detail. Perhaps if she had used a different color fabric, and changed the collar, then it could have had more impact? Also, the styling on Matar is super awful. Why are the designers always straightening Matar's beautiful curls? I don't get it.

I suspect that the next 2 designers to go home will be Gordana and Christopher.

It'll be another all-female finale on PR. Go, ladies!

Frank said, "I know people hate it when Heidi slams into Gordana."

I don't get all the Heidi hate around here. I don't think she's been all that awful to Gordana, though she has been shown to be more snarky this season than in the past. But is that editing, or an actual behavioral shift? We don't know.

In any case, all the posts about how unfit she is to be on this show seem so strange, and I don't think she's as replaceable as many seem to think.

As far as I'm concerned, Heidi has committed only one crime of any significance this season, and that is those silver shorts.

I don't think that people get upset, so much, about Heidi's criticisms in theory; it's just the gleefully nasty, dream-crushing tone that her criticisms have taken this year that bug people.

She's morphed into Issac Mizrahi: Remember when he said to Strawberry Shortcake that there was no place for her in this business? It's like that.


"Tlo said: Show of hands: who thought she was going home when this popped up on the screen?"

"Waving hand"!- GothamTomato

ditto TLO & GT. so glad it didnt happen. yes we are fiercely protective of our girl!


Rosa Klebb on a bad hair day- love you guys!

As much as I like Gordana, I am not going to try to defent this look. It is sad and drab, and the jacket doesn't work.

I think Gordana's showing the exhaustion that eventually eats up designers on the show.

I really like Gordana, but this look is heinous. To me, this is the kind of suiting that is worn by someone who also wears sneakers to work (shudder). It just looks cheap and dowdy.

I didn't mind the seaming, but the collar desparately needed some interfacing for stability. Also, the jacket fabric was so flimsy. If she had lined it there may have been hope.

the styling was AWFUL on this one. Matar is so beautiful and she looked like a prison guard. She needed her hair to be down, wild and curly, and then a bright necklance with huge beads. Not Red - boring.

The macy's accessory wall has been unimpressive this year. all the shoes are ugly and I haven't seen anything that really enhances an outfit. Jordanna really dodged a bullet this week!

GT said, "She's morphed into Issac Mizrahi: Remember when he said to Strawberry Shortcake that there was no place for her in this business?"

Oh, ugh, that was awful, and he was awful in that role. But, hmmm, I guess the reason I think Heidi's not so replaceable is that the success of a tv show has lots to do with the chemistry among the leads. Maybe Heidi's been trying to fill the void left by Nina &/or MK during most of the season. Let's see what happens next season, when balance is restored and all is right with the world.

I think you've nailed it Ted. The limpness just permeated the whole look, from the collar to the bust, to poor Matar's hair. The last point was the most egregious to me personally. Matar has GORGEOUS hair and to see it all mushed up is a travesty.

Oh jeez, I thought Nick's comment was hilarious and spot-on (and I'm Polish). That outfit reminded me of those old Wendy's commercials with the Eastern bloc fashion show: "Svimvear... Vorkvear..."

Yep, I totally thought she was going home when I saw that outfit. It was sad, depressing. It needed Zoloft. The styling was also sad. Sad, sad, sad. I love Gordana, I know she can do better than this competition shows.

Folks keep talking about the final four showing at Bryant Park - did that really happen for this season? There'd be no need that I can see. The only reason it was done in past seasons was because the final episode pre-Bryant Park didn't air before the actual runway show. Seems like there's no need for a decoy this time around, since everything wrapped up a long time ago.

I didn't hate this. I like the overall jacket shape. The collar's weird, yes... not sure I get what she was even going for, let alone if it got there. But everything below it works fine for me as a design, even if the execution could've been better. I honestly was shocked Christopher's was considered better... but then, I prefer the slightly boring but understandable design idea to the ridiculous and bizarre every time.

I also don't think Matar looked any older than she actually is, and don't get why so many people do. Her hair being pulled back doesn't mystically age her, it just makes her look like someone who works in a conservative office (they still exist). Bland, maybe. Not the best choice, sure. Older, not so much.

I really thought she was (and should have) going/gone home for this look. That limp fabric choice was very amateur and was poorly executed. It's like she's basically thrown in the towel.

However, I really, really, really liked the detail at the waist. With all the crap that is in style right now (baggy on top with tight on bottom - does not work for pear-shaped girls!), I'm always happy to see tailored, and especially tailored that make my waist look fab.

And I don't care if the new look didn't relate very much to Gordana's divorce challenge dress - Heidi has been an absolute bitch to Gordana.

Brooklyn Bomber said...

"As far as I'm concerned, Heidi has committed only one crime of any significance this season, and that is those silver shorts."

The shorts might have been within bounds, (for beautiful models with a penchant for tacky), it was the whole ensemble that was heinous!

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Re: The Heidi 'Hate'

While I agree with GT that it has more to do with the tone of this season's critiques from Heidi than her role as critic, I think there's a "constructive" element that's always been missing, and without MK & Nina to balance that out, it's been more evident this season.

'It looks cheap', 'It's sad' 'you've made her look old', etc. comes out of Heidi's mouth, but we don't get the sense of the reasoning behind it. Nina talks about proportions, cut, color, and possibilities for making the garment better. After seeing more of Uncle Nick's critique of Gordana, even he was throwing out ideas about using a different color. There's a kind of 'dialogue' there that I don't think we get from Heidi.

I feel that there is a missing link to some of Heidi's critiques (at least those that get televised) that makes it easier to say that she has something personal against Gordana. Maybe she did decide to turn it up to 11 in order to compensate for the lack of Nina and Michael, but it hasn't done her any favors in my book.

Yes TLO, I shouted "SHE"S GOIN' HOME" when they flashed that sad picture!

It was a poor sad look, but IMO both silverpants and chinstrap had much much worse looks. Much worse.

Diana on 11/3/09 at 11:03 AM said..... Would the look have been a majorly improved had the model worn the boots from the winning outfit and had her hair let loose?

If the jacket had been made of the same fabric as the grey edgy distressed cocktail dress...YES!!!


I'm sorry, but I didn't feel that Gordana's look was as dreadful as the judges said it was. I think that with a little tweaking (i.e., a more crisp and better quality fabric and some killer accessories) the look could have been much better received by the judges. I like her and I do get her aesthetics, but I'm not on the pity train. She's got an interesting point of view, skill, experience and can put out some very sophisticated and elegant looks --- which is so much more than I can say for quite a few other designers (auf'd and present!).

- edina -

Having seen the finale collections (NO SPOILERS), one way that Project Runway could keep up the suspense when collections are shown ahead of the televised schedule, is to hire all the models from the season for the runway shows. This year it wouldn't be feasible because it would mean transporting the girls from LA to NY but they should keep it in mind for the future.

I fear that Gordana's confidence has been undermined by Heidi's negativity and she's started second-guessing herself. Once that has happened, it's generally all downhill from there. I love Gordana, but I don't see her making it to the final three, and that's a shame because she really is talented. But thanks to PR, she has won lots of loyal followers, so it's not all bad.

I just thought of an interesting challenge: take the bottom six of the pack, critique them, and then give them a chance to revise their work.

Personally, I really like that jacket's collar! It frames her neck well.

oh ya...Uncle Nick was on the right track. It looks like a costume from Schindler's List, especially with the hair and the models expression. I like Gordana, but eek!

I'm a huge Gordana fan, but I'm certainly not blind to her faults - and this week's entry had many. Bland, poorly fitted and poorly constructed, absolutely. BUT, her original design had potential - can we say the same of either Christopher or Logan?

Personally, I thought Christopher should've gone home this week (although I was totally fine with Logan getting the auf). Not only was his dress a limp, poorly designed and poorly executed mess, but he's shown himself week after week to be a one-trick pony (yes, yes, he is a cute fluffy bunny one-trick pony) with no self-awareness or ability to self-edit or take criticism. As bad as Gordana's entry was, the fact that hers was in the bottom 2 rather than Christopher's really appalled me, and it had nothing to do with my personal feelings about the designers (I really actually like Christopher personally, as much as I hate his designs these last few weeks)!

As far as "Heidi hate", C'est moi expressed my feelings perfectly. Absolutely nothing wrong with criticising a bad look, but Heidi's critiques have had no constructive element in them that I have been able to find, particularly when it comes to Gordana, week after week after week.

this outfit looks like the fabric incarnation of PMS

It's hard not to love Gordana, for her back story alone. And Uncle Nick - loves you and hope you are back next season.

There can be no way to defend that outfit. It was bad, really bad.
ASK, you can call Althea's work a freak show, but it has life, a spark; something Gordana's sorely designs lack. She may be a better seamstress, but her designs are never cutting edge, or creative.

I like it, in an I'd-wear-it-to-work way...however, I don't think it belongs on a catwalk.

Sorry, I disagree. Yes, it was bad, but nowhere near as bad as Christopher's mess, and Logan's monstrosity. And not much worse than Irina's joke of a an outfit. Too much!!! Luxe?? Where might her outfit be luxe?

Sorry, I disagree. Yes, it was bad, but nowhere near as bad as Christopher's mess, and Logan's monstrosity. And not much worse than Irina's joke of a an outfit. Too much!!! Luxe?? Where might her outfit be luxe?

I, too, thought that Gordana was a goner when they showed her childhood photograph, but I didn't put much stock in it because the show has been so inconsistent and downright all over the map this season that it didn't seem to matter. I don't know if they're consciously trying to trip up loyal fans or whether this was merely an afterthought.

P.S. I can totally see Gordana winning this as this season's fan favorite.

I cried. CRIED. There was Heidi, shooting her down, as usual, and instead of screaming at her, I was forced to agree with her.
I'll still marry you, though, Gordana.

I LOVE Gordana and would love to buy something from her collection someday....But, my thought when I saw this outfit was "Oh, Gordana must want to go home."

She strikes me as a very wise woman and my thinking was that on some subconscious level she was just fed up with the judging nonsense and figured that she had made her point that she was a designer and not just a "seamstress" and wanted out.

Susan said...
And I don't care if the new look didn't relate very much to Gordana's divorce challenge dress - Heidi has been an absolute bitch to Gordana.

11/3/09 11:33 AM

I second this. Heidi goes for the jugular with Gordana, calling it "old," "sad," words that I would bet Heidi uses to describe Gordana. Gordana needs to smack her back, and stop putting her head down and absorbing this abuse. I don't think I have ever seen a judge on this show go after a contestant the way Mrs. Seal goes after Gordana. Even when Gordana wins, Heidi has to say something nasty.

From the words Heidi uses with Gordana, I think she believes Gordana is too old to be on this show.

I thought the jacket had a lot of possibilities. I liked the seaming at the waist, I liked the length, I liked the proportion with the skirt. It could have used a different color and fabric, and the collar needed some work, but it wasn't the huge fashion crime Heidi made it out to be. And who could take what she said seriously given the heinousness of her own outfit? It was like listening to a music critique from someone who's tone deaf.

Nick's "Warsaw" comment seemed out of place at least partly because Gordana is clearly Eastern European. This whole judging panel was "mean girls" in vibe and not just to Gordana.

I really thought she was gone when I saw the outfit but I'm glad she's not. At least she and Chris have had some nice ideas to offer while Logan has done...umm...yawn...zzzzzzz

It is very sad, I wanted to scream when I saw Matar and the other girls straightening her hair. I think Matar's hair is simply amazing and so many women would KILL to have it.

I have to agree that Heidi has been over-the-top nasty to Gordana. Maybe it only seems that way because we only get part of Heidi's comments, but I want Gordana to slap her. She looks so meek and sorry when Heidi does that, it really pisses me off.

And I've never seen Heidi be so consistently mean to one person. Compensating for Michael and Nina not being there doesn't explain it. If that were the case, she would be just as mean to the others as well and she isn't.

Heidi practically creams herself anytime Irina does anything. It's gross!

Yep. I'm hating Heidi.

I actually like 70% of this look. I like gray. I like the log jacked and I liked the seaming/trim details. The parts that did it in were the collar, the skirt and the styling.

--"Nick's "Warsaw" comment seemed out of place at least partly because Gordana is clearly Eastern European. This whole judging panel was "mean girls" in vibe and not just to Gordana."

I can't believe on THIS blog someone posted that the judges were being "mean girls". What they said isn't half as bad as most of what people write here! How could they not be harsh when the outfits for this episode (and this season) have been so horrible. You think that the judges would be applauded for calling them out. Isn't that what everyone wants to hear?

In addition, Nick was not referring to Gordana's nationality but to what he thought her outfit looked like to him.

I loved this look in the workroom. I liked the horizontal waistline tucks, and didn't see any raw edges. Then it came out on the runway and ... ugh! She must have *inserted* the raw edges later...on purpose. I didn't notice the limpness of the collar, either (thinking she wasn't done, I guess). Not a great look on the runway. I keep thinking back to that beautiful, simple turquoise organza number in the beginning. *sigh*

"Sad" and "Communist-era office wear" are perfect descriptions of that outfit. (Who remembers that advertisement? "Office Vear, Effenink Vear" -- all the same look, in gray!) I lurve Gordana, and I always support the older contestants (being an old broad myself) but, holy crap, this outfit was bad.

She should've done a cool pant instead of the black skirt. The bad length of the skirt, and the very horrible shoe choice (and sad hair), all made made me cringe to see such dowdiness coming down the runway. The whole outfit looks like it was bought from Dress Barn in 1995.


Ironically, this jacket is probably the first piece all season I'd actually wear. Granted, it's because of the office-environment that I'm a part of, but nonetheless.
Michael said,
I've never seen Heidi be so consistently mean to one person. Compensating for Michael and Nina not being there doesn't explain it. If that were the case, she would be just as mean to the others as well and she isn't.
I couldn't agree with you more, Michael. Heidi wasn't even this nasty to people who deserved it far more in past seasons. To everyone else, the criticisms have always been about the clothes, but it's like she is personally offended by the fact that Gordana is still here. It's distracting, and it takes me out of the show.

Yeah, this did look quite dreary coming down the runway. I suspect that it's more impressive hands-on and, like other alluded to, that with more time and better materials it could have been a really classy outfit.

I'm definitely a Gordana-lover, which perplexes me because she's has nearly as many hits as misses in the competition. I think I like her because she's one of the only designers this season who seems to have something unique and interesting to offer. Epperson had the same quality for me, but I guess those sorts of designers just aren't faring well this season.

Or, my love could stem from what I consider one of the best designer quotes of all PR-time: "Give me a sheep and I'll make you a sweater." I hope TLO will take it upon themselves to do a best PR quote list in the off season.

Rainwood said: And who could take what she said seriously given the heinousness of her own outfit? It was like listening to a music critique from someone who's tone deaf.

ITA. Even though I agreed that the look was drab and poorly-fitted, it was awfully to agree with Heidi calling someone else's outfit "dated" when she was wearing that totally '80s blazer, hot pink blouse and ridiculous silver Bermuda shorts!!

As much as I love her, I was shocked that she wasn't sent home for this sad little outfit. Not that I'm upset that Logan left.

Anon 12:18 You have your opinion.
The only "spark" I get from Althea two outfits (sloppy jacket/sweater, awful tanks and hideous bottoms) should be from the match used to melt them - I mean burn them.

For Gordana to get so much grief while Althea channeled a (big) bird silhouette is insane

I thought that the side ribbing was interesting, and if she had tailored it better, it coudl've been a real stunner.

I'm just glad that she's still there. We all know she's got one or two weeks left, and the fact that this sticks in Frau Seal's craw is absolutely hilarious.

And I didn't know Uncle Nicky kept the suit that Chloe made for him!

It is definitely auf worthy, but I think she was locked in because of the color. She should have done what Althea did and that is "copy off of Irina's sketch," in this particular case put a slutty dress in color underneath and she would have been home free.

In real life I would like the jacket if it were red or blue with black leather accents.

Nina's critiques in this episode have been so thoughtful and evenhanded, very little snark or frustration in her manner. I feel like she's kind of trying to act like an instructor instead of a judge to these designers. Especially with Gordana, she's quietly explaining what went wrong and what little went right instead of being dismissive to her.

I wonder if she feels like she's failed these kids somehow with her absense from the show this season. Do you think she's aware of what's happened with the revolving panel of judges this season, and what it's done in terms of giving the designers what they need to progress through the competition?

Do you think she's as aware as we are about what a failure this season has been?


Hooray sleeves! Boo more gray (and I love gray!).

As it was it was a pretty bad entry. Gordana's aesthetic takes time for the details, and she wasted all of her time in the rough seams and didn't get to step back and look at more details. The styling was terrible. A ruffly pop of color at the neckline could have added balance to the look. And that skirt looked wonderful, but we never got to see it thanks to the lighting and the length of the jacket. sigh. (Also, hooray for extended judging, closer screen shots and Nina) The look had redeemable aspects, but I was afraid for her too last week.

I kinda liked it.
Gordana has been flailing and she certainly has had some very bad designs go down the runway, true.
This, however, is not NEARLY as bad as Logan's and Christopher's.
With some tweaking and tailoring (not redesigning mind you) this is a wearable stylish look. Something that one would wear to work.
Christopher and Logan's garments were nonesensical. Gordana's craptastic look should just have quietly slid through the middle of the CRAPPY pack.
As an aside, Matar is so pretty it's a shame she didn't make it to the end!

Ugh! I did not like this look but it's no worse than many of the others. I do like Gordana though, I wish she'd find her footing because she could really do well at Bryant Park.

What is up with the lack of color this season? Every one of those "best" looks was a neutral. I may as well have a black and white TV, everything is drabby, depressing, and sad. It's making me almost miss Wendy Pepper or Santino, at least they weren't afraid to use color!

I actually liked the jacket without the sleeves, but I don't like that Gordana keeps using black and gray. She could really benefit from some how-to-style-your-model coaching from RuPaul.

Sigh - Gordana seems to be psyching herself out of the competition. Her body language on the runway for the past couple of shows practically screamed "protect me!"

The shape is interesting, and so are the darts at the waist. And I like the stitching on the edges of the garment. But the execution is woefully lacking.

A large part of the problem with the collar is due to the limpness of the fabric. Had she chosen something with more body, something brighter and livelier, this could have been a great jacket.

It didn't help, of course, that she threw in a boring dark skirt almost as an afterthought. And the styling of the model was dreadful and dull.

I agree that sometimes it seems as though Heidi has something against Gordana; and it seems that she reacts in disgust more to Gordana's personality rather than her work as a designer.

Total speculation from an armchair psychologist, but I think Heidi doesn't like the meek, victim-y approach that Gordana brings to the table with authority figures. I'm also sensing that Gordana may compensate by being a bit of a kiss-ass (I reacted to it in her exchange with the pro in the Macy's challenge, early on with speaking German to Heidi, and even in some of her correspondence on this site). Wondering if Heidi wants Gordana to step-up and prove herself. I really like Gordana, but have a few of these feelings.

I realize this is life as edited for TV and I'm probably being ridiculous, but hey, its a perspective.

With sexier styling and a non-limp collar this look would have been 10x better.

one can only hope Gordana steps it up and makes it work this week.

and Mattar needs to work the shit out of the clothes next time too!

I hated this one too, and while I adore her I'm also willing to admit she's floundered quite a bit as well. This one, and her Christina Aguilera entry were both horrifying. But to say she's been floundering just as much as Christopher? Boys, you lost me there. She's not as consistently bad and self-unaware (un-self-aware?) - though she has shown both on occasion, and her bottom threes were much, much less deserved than his.

Oh, and Nick, honey? If you wanted to go for Cold War/communist imagery (and I think you were going for that, since this does not remind me even remotely of pre-Cold War, i.e. pre-1945 looks), you would have said so. Saying Soviet-era is just as easy as saying "Warsaw, Poland".Not buying your excuse, sorry. I'm not Polish, or related in any way to Poland or Poles, but I went "Uh, what? Shut up, Nick. Ew."

I think it was the styling on Matar (the hair! makeup! SHOES!) and the skirt that really brought it down.

With something like black leather trousers or a super-sexy leather skirt & MAJOR tweak to the jacket (the frayed seams more obvious, sharper collar, maybe a cutaway silhouette , I think this could've be a truly edgy look.

Hell, if she'd just had Matar's wild hair wild...

PS - Is that her Mom in the background? So chic.

My husband just emailed me this link to an article in the NY Times about how contestants are treated on reality shows. Project Runway included.

This was a terrible look. I like the idea of going with the frayed seams on a jacket as a companion to the frayed seams on the dress. But the garment just looked unfinished and had terrible proportions. I would have been fine with any of the bottom three being out this time.


Anonymous said:

Compare this jacket to other that have been made on this show - remember Jillian's from a few seasons ago? Not in the same league.
Well said!
I can't figure how much I love Gordana, or if I just hate the way she has been unjustly singled out when the popular girls always get a pass.
this was bad but then again, so was the winning look.

As a matter of utmost urgency, does anyone know where (outside of NewYork )I can get my hands on a Jullian coat?

thanxs for the email link SusanID! I read a magazine article similar to this a few years ago about BRAVO reality tv contestants being treated this way. Im sure most of them know what they're getting into before they agree to be on the show and honestly no matter if you "win" or not the exposure you get on the show will boost your career in some way. (as im sure it will with Gordana)

" much as Christopher has."


I like nothing about this look, from fabric choice to styling. But that is still no excuse for it being in the bottom two while the Dress That Ate Good Taste got a pass.

If this criteria is if you'd wear this: hell no, and I'm over twice Matar's age. What happened to Gordana? Yeah, we heard she was sick a couple of eps ago, but looks like her creativity took a nosedive and didn't recover. Hope she perked up and didn't get auf'd before Christopher (don't think either of 'em made it to BP).

I agree with you 100% on this piece - it reminds me of a sad, wilted, grey flower. Gordana deserved every bad review she got for this look, and needs to really course correct to stop this downward trajectory if she is going to outlast even Christopher at this point. Where is the interesting and colorful exuberance of her first look here? I hope it wasn't beaten out of her.

To those questioning "The Gordana Love" from one who has often defended her: That sound you're hearing is a fanbase mobilized by injustice. Gordana is a strong designer who was initially and consistently overlooked by the judges for some really interesting and strong pieces, and then became the recipient of some often harsh and very random criticism while lesser designers often got a pass (or even rewarded!) for the same "infraction." And there is no question that Heidi has used Gordana as her personal chew toy this season. With the exception of Frau Mean Mommy's "stand up for yourself!" advice (which I agreed with), most of it has been unconstructive, paradoxical and downright vindictive.

When I saw this atrocity sashaying down the runway, my first thought was "suicidal impulse." Why did she do it?! There have been previous contestants that dove straight under the bus with their outfits. Much as I love her, Gordana seems not to want to go to Bryant Park. Maybe she's just had it and wants to go home. It happens.

"You can go ahead and say that all Greek and Venezuelan office workers look sad and gray--and I won't take it personally." LOL! I love Nick. People are too damn sensitive. :-p

While Gordana seems a nice enough person, I don't get all the love. Her designs, while nice, are not winners. Evident by the fact she's been in the bottom 3 as often as she's been safe (4 each), and in the top 3 twice, with 1 win. While she's good, her problem has been a number of people have been much better. The paper challenge for example, she was high five-ing herself only to find out others did a much better job, as the judges pointed out.
Interestingly the models (on MOTR) called her out for always having excuses (I believe they clearly blamed her for Tara's offing, despite Gordana trying to throw off the blame).
In the end while a good designer, she's not a strong one.

"Hot mess" might have been invented to describe this design. What's going on with the skirt?

Gordana would have been long gone in a stronger season. I think she has good designs in her (witness her collection), but perhaps the constraints of this show are not for her. And the fact that she always defends her work ("I like it") puts her in the clueless or unable-to-accept-criticism category. That alone would have long ago gotten her eliminated on Top Chef.

It seems that this year, especially, people are getting a nice personality confused with good design. If she deserves to be auf'd next, she SHOULD be auf'd next.

Well, I am torn on this poor,, depressing outfit - personally, I didn't think the sillouette was that terrible, the details and the color were bad choices, but I liked the direction she was headed. This goes back to the "is-Gordana-cut-out-for-competition" thing again, but I think with some time to refine and play around, this could have actually been eye-catching and sharp.

My other concern about Gordana is that she stuck with Matar as her model. I've been a big fan of Matar, I think she has a great look (although her description to Epperson of what she wanted from an outfit was a joke and that he managed to make something amazing is totally to his credit) and her hair is gorgeous whether curly or straight, but she certainly did Gordana no favors with her behavior at judging. She had a sour look on her face, her body was all schlumpy, and her attitude was poor and unattractive. Gordana should have peeked down the runway at Koji (however you spell it) and seen a model who was selling her skinny little butt off. K was dressed in a horrid outfit, but she glowed and smiled and shined in it. I kept waiting for Matar to ask the judges "can we go home now?"

-Donna in Seattle

Well, I am torn on this poor,, depressing outfit - personally, I didn't think the sillouette was that terrible, the details and the color were bad choices, but I liked the direction she was headed. This goes back to the "is-Gordana-cut-out-for-competition" thing again, but I think with some time to refine and play around, this could have actually been eye-catching and sharp.

My other concern about Gordana is that she stuck with Matar as her model. I've been a big fan of Matar, I think she has a great look (although her description to Epperson of what she wanted from an outfit was a joke and that he managed to make something amazing is totally to his credit) and her hair is gorgeous whether curly or straight, but she certainly did Gordana no favors with her behavior at judging. She had a sour look on her face, her body was all schlumpy, and her attitude was poor and unattractive. Gordana should have peeked down the runway at Koji (however you spell it) and seen a model who was selling her skinny little butt off. K was dressed in a horrid outfit, but she glowed and smiled and shined in it. I kept waiting for Matar to ask the judges "can we go home now?"

-Donna in Seattle

ASK said : "And the Polish insult was just not necessary. Plug in another group and see hiow it plays"

"this looks like a cold war era Italian office worker"

"this looks like a cold war era British office worker"

"this looks like a cold war era Russian office worker"

"this looks like a cold war era Japanese office worker"

Not seeing the outrage. He wasn't insulting an ethnic group or a nationality. Just describing a cliche and an evocative era.

It was drab, it looked cheap, it fit poorly, and it was lifeless and drab. Kind of like the stereotype of clothing in the eastern bloc in the fifties.

The next time someone describes an outfit as "British mod" or "sixties Italian", I hope no one's feelings get hurt.

Agree with TLo about Gordana's design, and with C'est moi, c'est moi Lola's comments.

Heidi just makes me tired. After this many years, she should have learned something about constructive feedback from Nina, Tim, and MK. So why isn't she capable of anything more than a few snippy quips (quippy snips?) and an opinion? Heidi seems to think that all it takes to be a fashion critic is the "criticism" part. Her snarky nastiness and knee-jerk "I want it, I'd wear it" or "I hate it, it's ugly" comments do not a fashion guru make. If she can't manage to be young and beautiful forever (and THAT ship has sailed, despite her cougarish loyalty to short, tight and shiny) and wants to stay relevant in the fashion industry, she should shut her yap for a moment, and listen to Tim, Nina, and MK. If she could discipline herself to ask questions, provide an analysis of her opinions, suggest, encourage, and support, she might use this opportunity to build a future for herself that rests on brains, not fleeting beauty.

Go Suzy! Give that pencil something to think about!

I absolutely adore Gordana, but did anyone else think her "I like it" defense was a bit weak as well? Tim told her to stand by it and I guess she did, but she didn't really offer any specific reasons why she thought it worked. (or maybe she did and we just didn't see it) It seems like she can articulate her vision to Tim, but not to the judges, at least in what we see.

It was not a good look, but you could see where she was going with it and I applaud Gordana for trying to make real clothes that people could wear to an actual destination, as opposed to Christopher's parade float and Logan's kooky mess.

Better styling, a hint of color and/or a shorter jacket, and this would have been much better. It just seems like a sleep-deprived look to me.

The Poles are really touchy about subjects concerning 2. Wold War and anythnig up to Lech Walesa. Trust me I'm a Pole and sometimes my family & co. can discuss these things for hours!


P.S If they hated the comment, they should focus on making the office workers in Poland dress better.

Love her, just don't love her style. Or anyone on this season really. Sad.

Is Chris really still on the show? It is just a matter of time, right?


Anon 11/3/09 4:34 PM - I don't think that "cold war xxxxx office worker" is what was meant by fill in the blank - but other examples are un-pc.

Mexican farm worker
Chinese peasant
Vietnamese refugee

remember the suicide bomber vest? well Geez should the comment have been - it looks like a Muslim teenager?

I like Gordana and this she's a talented designer. I wondered if she was trying to go home with this look.

It feels like she's imploding. Her spirit is gone.

I personally hope Gordana is eliminated before Xtofer. I'm sorry, but even her winning look was sub-par to me. Nice idea but horribly executed. At least Xtofer has shown some design and execution skills...though he's floundered the last few weeks, I think there's potential there. When it comes to who I want to see a collection from, I pick Xtofer before Gordana (and Aletha for that matter). Meana Irena, Dr, Whitfield, and Chinstrap IN THE TENT!

The styling is what failed.

The jacket actually was quite nice...loved the flattering waist defining detail.

Skinny leather pants and Matar's glorious curls would have changed it from drab to fab.

Am I alone in thinking the photo of child Gordana favors the photo of Matar the model? -Those are the two photos at the very top.

(It's been a while since I said this, but I love T & L!)

Rosa Klebb!! exactly what I was thinking....right after she was passed over in the KGB office for the fifth time to become a full agent, and right before her boyfriend ditches her for being too other words, right before she turned heartless and vicious.

I think if you're going to do a longer jacket, it has to be quite distinctive to avoid the "80's retread" label. Gordana's jacket didn't pass that test.

Evidently she used a lightweight fabric because they were filming during the summer. But a collar like that needs serious reinforcement to stand up when the fabric is lightweight. Also, this would have looked tons better had just the two bottom pieces of the front been the same length. This huge discrepancy kept drawing the eye downward, and it drew extra attention to the execution issues.

I loved the seaming at the waist but thought it was totally lost, here. Would like to have seen this in another color, or even a lighter shade of grey, bordering on silvery, so that wonderful double fan effect would actually stand out.

Lots of good ideas here, but it just did not come together correctly at all.

I give Gordana points for trying. There was a lot of work in that jacket, and sometimes the end result is just not right no matter what you do.

Bad time to have a bummer garment. Thank God Nina was there to muzzle Heidi.

Clueless Jock

Styling issues aside, I think the jacket would have benefited from more structure - stronger shoulders, a closer fit around the bust, and a stiffer and more dramatic collar.

Gordana seems more comfortable with "grown up" outfits, and that's the direction she should go. Think of Prada's lace collection - incredibly chic and yet completely covered up with skirt lengths well below the knee.

Notwithstanding Heidi's critiques, it's a mistake for Gordana to try to design something that Heidi would wear. Short, fitted, with lots of cleavage - that's simply not Gordana's aesthetic, and her outfits look half baked when she attempts something like that.

Am I the only one that really likes this jacket? Even if the fit could have been better I still really really like it.

Anon 6:06, Since when have drab office workers been a negative stereotype of the Eastern Bloc? I don't think it is comparable to a racial or ethnic stereotype.

And I don't believe that "Chinese peasant" is racist or stereotypical. The Chinese peasants have a certain way of dressing that is not present anywhere else in the world, to my knowledge. The same goes for Mexican farm workers; they have certain clothing that they wear. (I'm talking about farm workers in Mexico.) Vietnamese people also have characteristic clothing, and there is no shame to being a refugee, but I do agree that is gratuitous.

I totally agree about the "Muslim teenager" reference. It's a bit more damaging a stereotype than saying a certain group dresses poorly.

I don't think anybody would argue that Polish office workers were well-dressed during the Cold War. As far as I'm concerned, Poles have bigger things to worry about when it comes to stereotyping.

why would I get mad, you are absolutely right on. This outfit was bad (being relative ya know, it's not hte worst thing ever). Hope she bounces back, but I don't see BP in her future. My money is on the three young girls, repeat of last season.

Nick was right. This awful and sad outfit belonged in Soviet-era Russia or one of it's awful and sad satellites. It's got that whole sad gray vibe. In fact, I think the Soviet female villaness in From Russia with Love wore something quite like this outfit. You know the one I mean, the lady with the razorblades on her sensible shoes.

11/3/09 4:34 PM

nick didn't say "cold war era" --- that's the problem. he said that he meant to say it but didn't have time to which I think is totaly bullshit. he could have just said "it looks very cold war office worker". what he said was offensive. he is right to apologize. is it a big deal - no. it really just speaks to the fact that Nick doesn't know shit about Poland or Warsaw. and btw - office workers here in the USA dress like crap.

to Ellen:

I don't think there is concern over a "badly dressed office worker" stereotype for Polish people. I think the fact that Nick basically said Polish office workers dress drab. Of course Polish office workers should take offense to that. How the hell would he know how they dress like? When was the last time he was in Warsaw. My best friend there works in an office, and she takes a lot of pride in how she dresses and is every stylish. I'd be willing to bet your average Polish office worker looks a lot better than any office worker in the U.S. Nick was right to "correct" himself and say he meant from the Cold War era. Though still - I'm sure he has no idea what the dress of that period was in Warsaw. He was just showing his ignorance. And the fact that Gordana is from that part of the world makes it particularly ugly.

I meant to say "The fact that Nick basically said Polish office workers dress drab is what is offensive."

Okay, first, I like Gordana. So take what I say with a grain of salt...

While I could see where she wanted to go with this garment, she didn't get there. I thought she was in trouble at Mood before she even cut the fabric.

It was unfortunate collar, poor construction, drab and depressing color and lousy styling all working together to make it awful.

I'm just glad she made it through for another week.

I love Gordana, but did not love this look at all. It looked really badly-made on Matar and the styling was a miss. "Sad" was a good descriptor for the whole look.

I loved the jacket. I thought it was a great, edgy take on a traditional suit. I used to practice law as a litigator, and I would have worn that suit with aplomb.

Yes, Matar's styling was not great, but this suit got overly trashed in my opinion. I applaud Gordana for trying to make a new take on a business suit. Making a suit seems to be suicide on PR, which is all about pretty dresses that Heidi would like to wear herself. But suitmaking is difficult, and there are a lot of women out there who need good, interesting suits and who are willing to take some risks with them.

Making a woman's gray suit would be a great PR challenge. I'd love to see a female CEO (Carol Bartz?) or politician (Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein) as the guest judge.

I think Gordana is a good designer, but it does get tiring to see her doubt herself to the nth degree every episode AND this doubt shows in her work.

She seems to lack the confidence necessary to be adequately imaginative, assertive, and to wow the judges. I just want to shake her and say, "YOU CAN DO IT, DAMNIT".

Ok all you 80's era denizens, who remembers the commercial for Wendy's in which a soviet-era runway show takes place? "Daywear, very nice; svimwear, very nice; eveningwear, very nice..." Note that every piece looked EXACTLY LIKE THIS!

What a bunch of bourgeois taste comments!

As a prototype for a different jacket shape Gordana's entry was quite interesting with the side treatment and the lightweight hand of the fabric. I think Rick Owens or Gareth Pugh do similar experiments with jackets, and we should praise Gordana's creativity instead of trying to knock her down for not creating some look that you can find at H&M or JC Penney.

"11/3/09 6:50 PM Minneapolis Mike said: I personally hope Gordana is eliminated before Xtofer. ...At least Xtofer has shown some design and execution skills"


I would say that Christopher has shown "a" design and, yes, execution skills, though not necessarily very good ones. Granted, this was waaaay far from Gordana's best work, but that's no reason to insult her! I think she's tired and sick of the whole thing, including Heidi and the random judging. And when she said "I like it" to Heidi, I think she was really saying "F-off."

I really liked the jacket. I have looked and looked at it, and the more I look the more I like it. There is simply no accounting for taste. I would have liked to hear the supposed discussion that happened about the "East vs. West European aesthetic" mentioned by Nick in a recent interview. I think this look could make for an interesting dialogue along those lines. Or maybe it's just sad, drab, and ugly -- and that's what I like about it.

You boys have no reason to ask us not to hate you. When her garment walked down the runway, my first thought was "who replaced Gordana with this sad excuse?"

This look can only be described as sad.

I really think Gordana is losing her interest in this competition, or at least her inspiration. I honestly felt like she should have gone home. But as much as the judges would like the viewers to believe that you can be in one day and out the next, we all know that they keep people around that they want to see more of.

However, I do think they sent the right person home. THAT hot mess was just inexcusable.

This was not so bad!

The original design was gray, so what other could she use?

Yes, styling was bad, but not the outfit.

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