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Let's put this one to bed, kittens.

Congratulations, Irina! YOU are the winner of the most boring season of PR ever! YAY, you!

Of course, she's reading this thinking "Who the fuck cares if it was boring? I got my 100 grand!" And y'know? She'd be right. It's not her fault the season sucked. Reading over the torches-and-pitchforks comments in T Lounge, you'd think she was solely responsible for everything from the move to L.A. to the move to Lifetime. Bottom line: she had the strongest collection of the three. She earned her win.

Oh, they tried, kittens. Those Bunim/Murray pixies tried their best to wring some drama out of the situation, but only projectile vomiting was going to save this finale and unfortunately, Carol Hannah's antibiotics kicked in in time.

We have said it countless times all season and we're going to say it again, even at the risk of angry pitchfork-wielding virtual villagers accusing us of being Lifetime shills: we are not terribly concerned about the future of the show. Everything bad about this season can be attributed to two things: the move to L.A. and the lawsuit. The latter took care of itself and if they make any noise about setting season 8 in L.A., well... can you say Facebook petition? We'll deal with that when and if it happens.

To be honest, we felt a little sorry for the girls. Despite the UTTERLY RIDICULOUS magical editing and special effects, that day in the tents was not a happy one. We were there. It was morose and depressing and everyone felt it. We knew they'd never show it, but when Heidi came out in her bright pink outfit, even she admitted to the crowd that she was kind of sad about the whole thing.

You have to remember that back in February, no one had any idea if this season was ever going to air at all, let alone what the future of the show was going to be.

We can guar-own-tee that the sadness that everyone felt at the time was partially responsible for Tim's backstage hissy fit. We can't imagine what it must be like to put all this work into something and feel that it might be all for nothing. We're telling you: at the time, in that space, it felt like a funeral for the show.

At least there was Suzy and her amazing gravity-defying hair to provide some momentary entertainment.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and for the ONLY time (and hopefully the LAST time) we sat there bored and watching the clock. We all knew who the likely winner was, we'd all examined the collections ad nauseam. We just wanted it over.

And if they were going to use post production wizardry to make it look like the designers introduced their collections to a cheering crowd, they should have just gone whole hog and had them beam in like in Star Trek.

By the way, the cheering you heard? Never happened. That tent was silent as a tomb.


Even the judging felt half-assed, like their hearts just weren't in it.

Nina in particular looked like she needed a double espresso.

And their commentary just didn't have the same pop and zing that other finales had. Oh, they said they were excited and it was a wonderful show, but actors they are not and it wasn't remotely believable. We realize such commentary would never see the light of day, but wouldn't it have been great if one of them had said "Man, the Weinsteins really fucked this one up, didn't they?"

But look, none of this takes away from Irina's win, in our minds. She deserved it, end of story. Yeah, she used text on her t-shirts that she shouldn't have used without getting permission for it, but we doubt very much the judges knew that at the time and besides, from their perspective, it wouldn't have mattered. The actual text didn't change the design and it was the design that won her the prize, not the writing. It's up to NY Mag if they want to pursue it but we imagine this is all just gonna blow over in the end.

At least Carol Hannah managed to get a little revenge out of it.


And they all lived happily ever after, puking their guts up for the next 48 hours.

We'll be ripping the collections in our inimitable style in the days ahead, kittens. Count on it.

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Hey-- How was it that I missed The Fish in person? She looked nearly as whack as Carmen (the opera) Weber the baller.... Was Ari green screened in too?

And why didn't they show all the prior contestants? The runway was filthy with them?


Congrats to Irina.

Looking forward to next season.

I liked the part where they said Season 7 starts in January.

I was so bored last night that I started reading a story online on my laptop during the show. And, as lame as the story was, it still distracted me to the point that I kind of startled at the end and had to ask my 11 year old daughter if they had announced the winner yet. She yawned (it's a bit late for an 11 year old!) said, "yeah, Irina just won. That was really boring. I can't believe I have to wait until December for new Vampire Diaries." And, without further comment, she went to bed.

The show needs better editors next season, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, NEVER LEAVE NEW YORK AGAIN.

I avoided looking at the collections ahead of time, save for the one picture of Irina's NY Mag t-shirt, but by the time Irina's third look came out, I announced "she wins." My husband, watching with me, agreed and expressed pity for CH and Althea, who must also have known that their battleships had been sunk by Irina's warrior women.

Definitely the most boring finale of PR ever, a fitting end to a boring season. The only surprising moment was when Althea came out on the runway to introduce herself still wearing her ugly sheepskin slipper-boots.

Tom and Lorenzo, please accept my deep gratitude for being the most interesting thing about Season 6!

The culmination of a boring season is a boring finale.

Poor Tim Gunn, trying so hard to make this all worthwhile :[

I knew Irina had won when they showed Nina with her arms folded across her chest after Heidi asked, "So, vee have made our decision?"

Nina's thought bubble: "Great, you guys get to go home but I have to make editorial out of this black crap."

Hold touched on this a little bit but can you explain how we saw the designers introducing their lines when word on the street was that they weren't even seen by the audience due to the lawsuit?? I'd love to hear it from someone who was there. Thanks!

I'm happy for Irina, she deserved to win. The finale was predictable and boring, let's hope Season 7 is much better.

bridget said...

Hold touched on this a little bit but can you explain how we saw the designers introducing their lines when word on the street was that they weren't even seen by the audience due to the lawsuit??

There's nothing to explain. Apparently they shot those bits before the crowd entered the tent. We never saw them.

It was just a messed up season. The judging was strange and the contestants were constantly confused. It must have been strange to be part of this season and not know if it was going to ever air.

Congrats to Irina. You won. Now, we are ready for a new season.

Just glad it's finally over. Congrats to bitchy pants. This season goes along with The Fashion Show on the list of fashion tv we just need to forget about and move on from.

All the bad's been said so many times before but...

In that 3 second clip where Bouwer enthusiastically said "These were the most exciting contestants they've had, this season.." you could hear my eyes roll inside my head...

And if that's Tim Gunn's (the man who self proclaims to have a terrible terrible temper which he guards very closely) version of a "meltdown" or "hissyfit" then it appears that I have a meltdown every morning 'cause I really really hate having to wake up every morning.

Carol Hannah eliminated before Althea? That was the only surprise for me.

Good morning, TLo! Thank you for your masterful bloggery throughout this time of famine, brimstone, and plague. We have survived our terrible ordeal.

I'm praying I don't see any "So & So was robbed" posts, because, well, because I hate that expression. No one owns the win.

I wasn't pulling for anybody, and I finally peeked at the collection pics only last week. I thought Irina's was the winner, exhibiting the strongest, most cohesive point of view. At the same time, CH's & especially Althea's looked better on TV than I expected, based on the screen shots.

Congrats & brava to all three of them!

God I'm glad that's over. The only way is up for next season.

Congrats, Irina! Next!

Thank you for all your work, Tlo! This season would have been unbearable without your blog.





Here's to next season.


I liked that Suzy Menkes really brought home the problems with the other girls' collections. CH wasn't unified-too many ideas. Althea's had nice ready-to-wear pieces but as a runway show was a bore

BTW did any one catch those promos for Irnia's spring line. the vids had Kaylan and Matar modleing the clothes and working the camera like no one's business


*infect* *infect* *infect* - Loved that!
I agree, Irina deserved the win, but I also agree with Anonymous 10:21 that her plagiarism, especially after all the copying accusations against Althea, is somehow going to come back and bite Irina in the ass, even if NY Magazine doesn't take legal action. If I was a potential backer of her line, I would be very wary of investing in a person who has twice "stolen" other people's work.
Well, she's no Jay McCarroll, and no Christian Siriano, but she proved herself to her parents and that is ultimately the real prize for Irina.

It kind of makes me sad to realize that when we're naming off the winners of Project Runway seasons past, Irina will probably be the one that we forget.

There was no Daniel V, no Chris March this season; we won't remember any of these names by January.

And after she copied the text from NY Mag, she accuses Althea of copying her make-up?!?!?!

But I agree - the text had little to do with the design, and Irina deserved to win because she had the best collection.

Carol Hannah should've done an entire collection around the upside down pyramid skirt theme. That was the most innovative piece in all three collections, and would've been interesting!

Thanks TLo for all that you have done this season...pitiful as it was, you were/are hysterically funny and entertaining.
I couldn't watch last night...a pesky 2 year old needed where can i SEE the collections?
btw...lifetime site stinks...I can't find the finale and collections just a bunch of hoo ha.


That Menkes woman's hair was the most watchable thing in the whole episode. I think Chris March should take one of his human hair garments and hair-spray that bizarre little curl all the way around -- and Heidi should wear it.

sigh...the intro footage for the upcoming season had better (as Tim's says) blow the stillettos right off my feet -- or I'm not wasting anymore time on this show.

But I still love you guys and Nina-caps. (hugs)

Austin Sally

Congrats Irina. Great job.

Tlo, you guys are right!

I thought the doctor's collection was much stronger than I expected. Really was impressed.

Am I the only one that saw Irina's collection and thought "Dominatrix night-wear"? I also thought that Irina's and Althea's collections looked like they could almost be the same blasted collection--everything so dark!

At any rate--thank you for the blog!! It was truly the only worthwhile thing about an otherwise frightfully dull season.

Goodbye, Season 6. Sorry it didn't work out. It wasn't you, it was me. (I'm just saying that; it really WAS you.)

January 14, roll on!


If Carol Hannah had done a single collection instead of 5-6 collections of 2-3 looks, she coulda been a contender.

Uh, I mean, congratulations, Irina! Your was definitely the best collection - that was obvious from the first time I saw the pics way back when.

Finale winners, best to worst IMO

1. Jay
2. Leanne
3. Christian
4. Chloe
5. Irina
6. Jeffrey

I liked Irina's work, she just didn't knock it out of the park.

As soon as I saw Irina's collection, I knew she would be crowned the winner. The whole thing was a big snoozefest. Oh, and Suzy...1990 wants its bangs back.

Well, fellow minions, we survived this season (clicks coffee mugs). Thanks, TLo, for the only energy in this sad finale. Here's to January!

Despite any and all critical comments I've made, I've felt since before the show aired that all the designers from the-first-auffed-Ari to the winner got a really shitty deal. Yah you were on PR but no one gets to see what you did till a year or so later. Even if you *were* on trend or innovative at the time, that ship sailed. You get to go home and live in your little cone of silence about the whole experience, until it's kind of this unfinished footnote to your current work, rather than an exciting career building block. Whoop.

And now that we've seen the season, the finalists, and have a new crop coming on their heels (2 months! Over the holidays!) to occupy the PR publicity machine, I feel even worse for them.

Last person to get anywhere near such a raw deal was Jay, with his contract-terms-so-close-to-robbery that he felt he had to turn down the money.

My thoughts exactly. When I initially looked at the collections last Feb I thought 3 was the winner. Whether she deserved the villain edit or not Irina earned her win. I suspected nothing would come of the t-shirt issue so I wasn't surprised about that either. I just want to move on to S7.

Once again thanks to TLo for the countless hours of entertainment.

Congrats to Irina.

Carol you really deserved second.
Some of your dresses were quite cute.

MK admiring Althea's ass at the knees pants was putrid.

All you Ari fans who thought it a travesty that she went early?? I am relieved.

While it may not have been necessary that Irina had that gown at the end, it really did fit in with the construction techniques she used.

At least this season the winner was the one with the best collection.

Man, the first time I spotted Ari Fish last night, I thought it was Michael Alig, until I remembered that he's in prison.

Congrats to Irina. I remember liking the black collection way before the season started and I remember liking the designs she did for Celine early in the season, so I'm glad they came from the same person.

For everyone bitching about the finale, which WAS boring, I still liked Irina's collection better than Jeffrey's, and maybe even Chloe's (Chloe might have a few individual pieces that were better but overall wasn't as cohesive).

That said, I was rooting for Carol Hannah.

I still don't really understand why Althea was there at all. She had a cool knits and pieces here and there, but that's about it.

Congrats Irina. Way to make your father cry - that was awesome.

It is sad for the designers that the mood was so somber - none of them had anything to do with it but they got stuck with the wet blanket.

On to season 7 - with hopes of better challenges and more consistent judging.

Let's hope Lifetime gets the message.
This season was a total waste of polyester.

So the lying, ill-tempered, hypocritical, plagarizing copycat wins? Worst. Season. Ever.

As much as I love Gordana I wish Bravo/Lifetime had buried it and skipped over to season 7.


if they make any noise about setting season 8 in L.A., well... can you say Facebook petition? We'll deal with that when and if it happens.

Bad news, TLo. It's already happened. Check out Tim Gunn's interview with the LA Times from earlier this week:

"The current season is in L.A. The next one, which was already shot, is in New York, but the season after that, you'll be back in L.A."

Good for Irina! I quite liked her collection, and although the season was a downer overall, she deserved it. CH really deserved second over Althea's messy messy mess, but I guess it doesn't really matter.

"Tlo said: We knew they'd never show it, but when Heidi came out in her bright pink outfit, even she admitted to the crowd that she was kind of sad about the whole thing."

Yes, the first thing out of Heidi's mouth, when she came out on the runway, to indroduce the show was, 'This is very sad for all our designers.'

And I don't remember any cheering either - nor any applause for individual looks (except for maybe one on Irina's gowns).

It's amazing what editing can do.


I would like to add my most heartfelt thanks to TLo for all they do for us. Thank you, boys, from the bottom of my heart!

The only thing I think I will remember about this season is TLo's glorious blog, and CH's bottlebrush dress. Oh, and maybe Suzy's hamster on her head.

I hope Irina's flat-out lies "I put some of my thoughts on NY down" bites her in the ass. Yeah her collection was cohesive, but I didn't care for it. Nina did seem pained to be there, as if she didn't want to be making the comments she made...I think she wanted Althea to win. But whatever.

I thought the most bizarre part was the contestants talking about the show before their models walked out. They were all giggly and strange. Must be weird to introduce yourself to a mostly empty room. I really wish they hadn't done that. After all, it's a reality show, so sow the reality of what really happened. Interview each gal backstage and then explain why they couldn't introduce their collections to the crowd. THAT would have been interesting.

TLo, did CH really infect everyone? Or was that just your funny imagination?

Honestly, Irina was not only the best on the runway -- she belongs in the winner's circle with past PR winners. That was a beautiful collection.

A well-deserved win.

"Tlo said: At least there was Suzy and her amazing gravity-defying hair to provide some momentary entertainment."

Are we sure that wasn't Martin Short?


spot on recap as usual, there was just zero joy there, it was palpable. Even tho I hated Irina all season long, she deserved the win, even with her equestrion/gladiator hats that I really didn't like.
Althea's was pretty unimpressive, at least there was not major boobs jiggling down the runway. I thought alot of the models were kind of flat and blah too, not the greatest walkers.
Felt the worst for CH, nothing like having to work when you feel like crap....still think Shirin would have had a much more interesting collection than Althea or CH. The girl had skills!

No question this was the right decision.

Carol Hannah had some lovely dresses, but there was no connection among them. It wasn't a collection, and that's why she placed third.

Althea had the opposite problem. There was a cohesive thread, but the clothes, though cute, weren't particularly interesting or innovative.

Irina had a strong point of view, an excellent eye for styling, and created a real collection.

The editing on this show really annoys me. I think they got one reaction shot of Irina looking pissed off and interpolated it every time Althea or CH was praised. I simply don't believe it anymore.

Did anybody else notice Heide's introductions of the judges: "the greatest American designer, Michael Coors; the lovely and beautiful Nina Garcia; and Susie Menkes." Felt a little bad for Susie whoever she is.

Best part of the episode was Carol Hannah infecting everyone. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I agree with TLo when they said that it's not the contestants' fault that this season bit.

HOWEVER, future contestants take note...this bitch wants some freakin' color on the runway! I understand that New Yorkers wear a LOT of black and grey and that's all fine and dandy, but this Texan needs some serious color to make me happy!

That being said, I did like Irina's collection. I would wear a lot of the pieces, but mixed with other things (ie: things with, what was that? Oh yeah...color!).

Irina's hats still remind me of Vincent's waste-basket hat in the tear-up-the-room challenge.

10:39 said, "Way to make your father cry - that was awesome."

I know. From Irina's comments & Tim's interview, one gets the impression that Irina's family has not been terribly supportive. It was touching to see her father so filled with emotion.

I don't know which is worse...

winning in a season when they DON'T give you a Saturn to drive or

having won a Saturn previously only to see GM dissolve the entire line?

It's a toss-up.

Anyway, Vegan said:

Carol Hannah should've done an entire collection around the upside down pyramid skirt theme. That was the most innovative piece in all three collections, and would've been interesting!

I was thinking that same thing too. It wouldn't have mattered if she won. We'd all be talking about how she managed pre-date the look and feel Viktor and Rolf's Fall 2009 Couture collection. We'd be herolding her as a visionary, win or lose.

Congratulations, Irina and a million thanks to TLO for such a wonderful blog.

Suzy was the most entertaining person on that episode. All I could imagine was her as a Shogun warrior slashing outfits of which she didn't approve; cue an Alex cartoon.

I thought it was funny that Althea was wearing Uggs in the fabricated Bryant Park moment, but put on some snazzy boots for the runway judging!

When I saw Dame Menkes' do, all I could think of was Tintin. That helped.

And oh yes, Irina did deserve the win, though I'm not a fan (do like some of her coats though).

Ah well, we can finally put this season to bed. It was kind of lousy but it was better than no PR at all. I think the biggest problems were the inconsistent judging and all the one day challenges. Who knows how they might have grown as designers with enough time to make something special and the proper critiques to guide them. Season 6 was definitely handicapped.

Poor, poor Tim. The consummate professional and tops in his field as a mentor was at his wits end by the finale. He didn't know exactly how to guide the designers because of all the questionable judging and you could tell he was frustrated. He still handled himself with the utmost aplomb in a most difficult situation. I love me some Gunn!

I'm still willing to give Season 7 a chance and then I'll have a better idea of whether the move to Lifetime and B/M truly damaged what was an excellent show up to this point. At least we only have to wait until Jan. to see for ourselves and don't have to wait until next summer like we do for Mad Men.....

When I saw Ari I thought that Boy George finally lost some weight.

Bleh bleh *yawn*. Irina had the best collection but B-M and Lifetime did a disservice to the franchise and tarnished Irina's reputation by not addressing the copying of Reasons to Love. A simple explanation added in that permission had been granted (even if it was post-show) would have ameliorated the impact on what little integrity reality shows have and her reputation. Now, it looks like rules only matter if they add to PR's wished for storyline. Nobody at PR cared and you can break the law and rules without worry in the new regime if you are the best designer.

Either Conney Island didn't matter, because no one in the audience would have really seen the copyrighted image or stolen author's words really don't matter -- you can't have it both ways. Edit out all the attempt at drama with Conney Island if stolen words don't have the same issue...or explain. And this year, since the judges visited the collection pre-show, it's harder to say that the judges didn't or couldn't have read it.

One seriously wonders whether Keith would have been removed under the new PR regime. He really was a fantastic designer and could have won PR.

After all the complaining I've done about season 6, I'm excited about season 7 anyway. Excited that it's still on the air. Excited that it's starting in January! And it seemed from the promo last night that maybe they're going to pump more money into the show. At least that's the feeling I got.

If you're going to swap networks in an attempt to make your program more mainstream, the least you can do is pump more money into it. Just like any other business. You have to reinvest to make it grow.

Great blog, fellas!!! Got me through the season, no doubt!

"I thought a lot of the models were kind of flat and blah too, not the greatest walkers." --Val

I agree, Val. Very little energy. It looked as if they were all stepping slowly and carefully to avoid falling. Was it the shoes, or just the damp, blanketing atmosphere of depression?


1. Congratulations to Irina. Your collection was the strongest. It looked liked it could have marched straight into Barney's or Bergdorf's to be sold.
2. Suzy Menkes = Love.
3. *infect* , *infect*, *infect*
Maybe that was the Dr's evil plan.
4. I enjoyed this season. Some of the challenges were off. But I did think the majority of the contestants were talented.

Now in the midst of all of the clamour over this season, few people have really touched the root cause for all of this commotion. I can sum it up in two words:


Just to say "the lawsuit" is too sweeping of an accusation. Harvey is, and always was a cheap son of a bitch who is trying to squeeze the last dime out of this PR thing, and ended up screwing everyone (Lifetime, Bravo, the designers, B/M) in the process.

I could go in much more on this snake, but it'll just get deleted.

I agree with everything you said, TLo. Irina did have the strongest collection, despite them trying to make a big deal about it being "all black." Didn't Christian have a mostly black collection as well? I'm not going to bother to go look at it, but I seem to remember it being quite dark.

Anywho, your assessment is pitch perfect. I agree 100%.

Love the "infect" screen caps. LOL.

C'est moi, c'est moi Lola

Yeah, what you guys said....

Loved the 'cap of St. Tim. Now we know what he's like when he's pissed off....

Could Suzy come back next season as a judge? Loved her take, I just wish the talent could have been stronger. Not to dis' Meana Irina, but as you said, even the judges weren't feeling it this season.

I'm willing to give season 7 a go, but my expectations are much, much lower than before....

Maybe Season 7 in NYC will bring Alex and his cartoons back to us.
Do you think there is time to Facebook a petition to get Season 8 out of LA? (according to Tim's LA Times interview it is going back for the 8th season).

When did Delores Umbridge become a fashion expert?


Anyway, agree that Irina earned her win -- but haven't we seen her entire look before. It was cool, and it was certainly cohesive, but I felt like I've seen every bit of it before.

Althea and CH both had some great pieces, but no cohesion and some pieces that weren't so hot (though one of Althea's looks that I ranked the lowest was apparently Heidi's favorite!).

I am grateful to this season of Project Runway for one made me remember I LOVE to sew!

Way out here on the edge of civilization we don't get Bravo from our one cable company, so this is the first season I ever watched the show.

So now after raising 4 kids, working and a bout with cancer, I went out and bought a new sewing machine, made the grown-up kids take all their junk to their own homes and I'm happily sewing my heart out in one of their old bedrooms.

My mother and I are fans of Legend of the Seeker as well as PR and when we saw Irina's collection,she said"They look like the Mord Sith!"

Mord Siths,on LOTS,are these evil magic dominatrix women who wearing extremely binding outfits that are,in my opinion,more stylish than what Irina put out and they don't have to walk around with those goofy horse jockey hats on their heads either!

Check this clip out and see if you don't agree:

I going to start thinking " *infect* " every time someone at work infuriates me. That was hilarious. Thank you for livening up an otherwise dull season.

Delores Umbridge...hahahahahahaha!

OMG who cares about the collections. I can't stop laughing. tHANKS, GUYS!

I understand how they edited in the designers introductions. I don't understand how the designers walked with the last model on the runway, if they weren't showing who the designers were. Was that also pre-taped and edited in with a crowded tent scene? And the proud family in the audience? It's a sad commentary when the magic of effects is more interesting than the show itself!

All this talk about Season 8 being back in LA leaves me with one HUGE Question - if it's true will they at least be guaranteed to have Michael Kors and Nina Garcia as the permanent judges? THAT is what will make the biggest difference. They could have the show anywhere in the US but they need the pro's to provide serious and consistent critiques. That and more than 8 hours to design, shop and construct a garment.


In that 3 second clip where Bouwer enthusiastically said "These were the most exciting contestants they've had, this season.." you could hear my eyes roll inside my head...

Word. I thought that Nina and MK sounded as if they were phoning in their comments.

It must have been bizarre for the designers and all involved to have such a funereal atmosphere at BP.

Highlights for me were Heidi's love for Althea's strapless top and skirt, because the top was: TADA! shiny! Oh,Heidi, Liebchen, you are sooo predictable;

Irina's eyeroll when Althea was also using the smudged eye make-up-as we all know, Irina invented and patented sweaters and smoky, smudged eyes.

Althea's mind-bogglingly goofy runway get-up, complete with Uggs

Ari Fish is truly on her own planet

so, congrats to Irina, and on to next season

Congrats to Irina.

Random thoughts:

Runway show seemed to go even faster than usual and was so poorly lit for television (how was it in person, anyone who was there?).

Did they use that horrendous music during the show, or again, only on television?

I only paid real attention during the runway. It was great to see the clothes move. Everything looked better than I thought it would. But I still couldn't see the damn DETAILS on Irina's gloomy blackhole clothing.

What a lot of sad-sack judges. Only Suzy seemed to have any genuine enthusiasm. I liked her. Heidi was an artificial shiny Christmas tree topper; Mike and Nina were bored and, dare I say, guilt-ridden over their part in this travesty of a season.

Thought Carol Hannah had a chance at second place, based on the judges' comments.

Tom and Lorenzo, you guys ROCK!! Who else can do thoughtful and bitchy at the same time. Best part of the show. Love ya.


Wait, can someone explain what was going on - why the tent was so morbid and sad? I love Project Runway but I guess I'm out of the loop...what was the whole deal with the lawsuit? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Amanda in Austin, Christian Siriano did produce a collection with a lot of black, but he did mix in some light neutrals.

only projectile vomiting was going to save this finale

That would have been spectacular! I would have woken Ed up for that.


Have I told you Boys lately that I LOVE you?

I think the duplicate make-up (smokey eye) is the fault of the L'Oreal Paris guy. Don't they do the smokey eye for every runway show during the competition anyway?

I really thought Althea's was better. Maybe Irina's collection just looked lifeless on TV. Black IS a bad editorial choice.
When does RuPaul's Drag Race start?

TLO, thanks for all you do for your humble subjects - we love you!

Agree with all the comments about the guest judge's hair - how? why?

Did anyone else think CH's outfit for the show was something Joan Collins would have worn on Dynasty?

Exactly my thinking...
On all of it...
And the Weinsteins are effing up a lot of stuff including my beloved Halston :-(
The *infect* thing is a CLASSIC.

Nina made the comment about an all black collection not being editoral after the collections were complete and I think the 13th look fabric had already been purchased. Really Nina, what was Irina supposed to do? Start over? Let's be realistic. Extreme looks do look better in black.

Is it safe to come out? I hope B&M have a look at the comments. A packed website and bullshit editing do not a good series make.

Dear TLo,
Thank you for making me laugh every Friday morning.

Hate to say it, but this:

Bottom line: she had the strongest collection of the three. She earned her win.

Is the God's honest truth. Girlfriend had a cohesive vision, even if she was a snarky-pie.

Infect! Hahahahahaha! Oh this season sucked but thanks for the endless humor!

Gotta hand it to Ari:

A female who's dressed like a male impersonating a female impersonating a male.

When I was watching it, I kept wondering what was wrong with all the the models' walks. They all were so lackluster, none of them had any pop or attitude. They strolled to the end of the runway then nothing, maybe a little shrug and that was it. Did anyone else notice that?

I cannot stop say " I am loosing it" this morning. That is the best Tim Gunn line. ever.

The sad thing is Irina didn't even need to plagiarize an article about what to love about NY. She could have easily written down all the reasons we've been complaining about the move to LA. "NY isn't LA." "Nina and Michael Kors."

Irina's collection was by far the best of the bunch. That's not saying much.

I remember, besides the deathly silence through much of the runway show, walking out with the TLo group and most of us commenting how drab and depressing the collections were. It must have been really hard on the designers to try to come up with something given that they didn't know if the show would ever see the light of day. There was no exuberance or excitement like previous seasons' finale shows. Tim looked like he was going to cry. The only time I saw any of the judges faces light up was when they went to greet Christian Siriano before the show started.

I also found it interesting that Lifetime/BM didn't even acknowledge the presence of designers from previous seasons. Lots of them were at the show.

Serenity Now
11/20/09 10:58 AM
When I saw Dame Menkes' do, all I could think of was Tintin. That helped.

That's exactly what I thought too!!!! super funny.....but she was a good judge....

Congrats to Irina. I truly didn't get it, but obviously the judges did.

I'm ready for next season.

Was it just me or did Irina looked scared to death during judging? Do you think her father would have disowned her if she *gasp* failed to win? Maybe dear ole dad is really part of the Russian mafia and it would have been bad news for everyone including Nina, MK, and Heidi if Irina didn't win!! Suzy would have been fine... that hairdo was enough to scare away anyone!

Congratulations, Irina! I like her collection : )

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i am quite sure we couldnt have made it without you boys. i was hoping maybe an upset for the win but you had to give it to irina. also mr. gunn's breakdown behind the scenes had me howling.

While Suzy Menken may have what it takes to know fashion, she seems to have a strange way of applying it to herself!! She looked like she had just jumped out of bed, thrown on her leopard bathrobe and forgotten she had that one curler left in her hair!! I know the show was early in the morning but WTF? "Mess-fest" if I ever saw one!

"anon said: Was it just me or did Irina looked scared to death during judging?"

Have YOU ever competed for a $100,000 prize?


sooooo, does this show continue next season from where ever...its probably the best thing lifetime has and they will continue to bleed it until it is dead and dead again. how many seasons can a show last/ a reality show? we have idol, survivor, even top model going on and on and on for many seasons...

Anonymous said:

Was it just me or did Irina looked scared to death during judging?

Anon at 11:39, I thought that Irina looked worried during the judging, particularly after some of their mildly critical comments, but I wonder how much of that was the work of the editing monkeys.

On the other hand, she, Althea and CH were probably also exhausted by the time they faced the judges.

Sorry, Menkes not Menken!

*infect* got me hehe

I purposely avoided pre-viewing the collections, so was actually pretty entertained last night once the runway show started. But why edit the runway announcements if the result ends up with the quality of a '50s sci-fi flick?

I really like many pieces in Althea's and CH's shows, but Irina's was a Collection. The overlapping pieces of fabric and even the lines of knitting in the sweater pieces brought the whole thing together. (Three cheers for hats!)
I also thought she had the most interesting family situation - a little pressure from the family, no? It was actually nice when they all came on the runway and started crying with pride. A 'Lifetime' moment.


I thought Althea's collection as a Fashion Show collection and CH and Irina's were PR collections.

Was it just me or did the train on Irina's big dress follow the model down the runway in an odd way?

Trudie, re Joan Collins:
I didn't think it, but, yeah. CH does like her Wilma's doesn't she?

Lorelai, congrats on beating the "c" and reconnecting with your inner seamstress. Cool!

Gorgeous, ". . . Lifetime/BM didn't even acknowledge the presence of designers from previous seasons. "

Designers Shmesigners: what I want to know is did you see yourself? Or TLo, GT, NYCourier (I think you were there), Sewhat?'s daughter (I think that's whose daughter was there), Alex! and anyone else from TLoLand?

I partially disagree. I thought that the judging at the end was interesting and insightful -- a breath of what made past seasons of Project Runway interesting and educational. On the other hand, the photoshopping was ridiculous, your comments about Irina are spot on, and your "infectious" screencaps gave me a much-needed giggle this morning. Thanks for all of your hard work, you always make my day! Alta

How is it possible that I'm the first person to say "Her hair reminded me of 'There's Something about Mary'"?

And did I miss something in the numerous times my mind wandered this season, or did we never find out which model refused to wear one of the outfits?

I thought the judging was terrible.
There was a lack of commenting on individual outfits in the collection, and instead the limited themselves to criticizing the collection as a whole.
In previous seasons, they would often talk about certain outfits as a replay of said outfit on the runway was shown.

I am actually a bit sick of all these "Monday Morning Designers" ripping on how boring all the designers were and the lack of drama. Sure, there was no Christian, Chris or Jay with their fabulous personalities and the challenges weren't as creative, but they worked with what they had. Was it really any less exciting than Kenley and crew?

I am bummed that the actual event was funeralesque. I am sure everyone was bummed and don't blame Tim!

Finally, I think Irina was the obvious choice for the win. Her collection was cohesive, interesting, and beautifully executed. The helmets were cool as were the details on the garments. The others did a great job, but they were no where near the skill level of Irina. I love the show and look forward to the next season!

Am I the only one that saw Irina's collection and thought "Dominatrix night-wear"?

Exactly where my mind went.

Now, is anyone going to say anything about Heidi's Pepto-Bismol travesty of a suit! I had to put on shades!

As soon as my husband saw Suzy Menkes, he shouted "Send her back to her shrink!"

I swear I've seen her on a Black Adder or Young Ones episode, I just can't figure out which.

"and if they make any noise about setting season 8 in L.A., well... can you say Facebook petition?"

Better start it now, then, because I keep reading rumors that LA is the plan.

Why didn't the judges ask each finalist why they thought they deserved to win? Don't they normally do that for the final judging? They would have spiced it up a bit and made for a more interesting judging, no?

thank you Tlo for getting us through, this blog is truly the highlight of this abysmal season. Love you guys.

Hopefully Irina's karma will come round once she's out in the real world. I doubt fashion professionals are going to coddle her or her bitch-tude.

Interesting in the promo that aired for next season the big selling point was "MK and NG every week"!..very telling.

Maybe the producers are finally paying attention to the viewers.

For the first time ever I missed the runway show. I played in a hold-em tournament and came in second! Way more worth it! Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I'll warch the re-run tonight. It's pointless, but I guess I just can't help myself. Kind of like being stuck in a bad relationship. You can't quite break up, but everyone knows it's over.
I will say this. Bravo comes out on top, now they will never be in danger of ruining the gift they gave us.

Thank you boys for bringing some joy into this season for us. Seriously, I woulnd't have made it without you!

As for Irina's collection, I hated it. I knew it would win, but I hated a lot of the pieces. Some I thought were just plain ugly, while others I thought were boring. She did have the most cohesive collection, though, and I knew the judges would dig the hats (which I also hated) but I was still holding onto a shred of hope that we'd get a surprise winner. I liked a lot of Althea's collection, actually, but I get that it wasn't as comprehensive as Irina's-- though the two nude pieces in Irina's stood out to me as a break in the cohesion, but I admit I was half-awake at the time.

I'm also annoyed that nothing came of the stealing "controversy". It may not have made a difference in her overall collection, but the fact of the matter is that she still lifted those words on her much-praised t-shirts from an article, and she should face a penalty for that. Would she have thought of putting other words on a t-shirt if she hadn't stumbled upon this article? Who knows? It's possible that she would have designed something more craptastic, and it would have made a negative impact on her collection. Or, it wouldn't have made a difference. But it still bugs me that she gets to steal from a magazine AND win PR.

I'd be much less annoyed if she hadn't stolen AND accused others non-stop about stealing her ideas but still managed to win, even though I strongly dislike Irina.


Finale winners, best to worst IMHO:

1. Christian
2. Jay
3. Irina
4. Leanne
5. Jeffrey
6. Chloe

Despite some of her designs feeling very familiar, most of Irina's collection was very hip and very New York.

For me, nothing will ever top Christian's win, from his last-minute show of nerves to the obvious joy from everyone in the room at his success. Plus his runway show rocked. Definitely the most entertaining and heart-warming finale. And I still don't understand how Jeffrey and Chloe won their seasons - UGH and FUG.

i actually fell asleep during the finale. never happened before. when jay or santino or christian sent their creations down the runway i was excited and attentive. this season was one huge yawn. kind of annoyed at myself that i wasted my time watching.

Oh thank goodness for your reference to the "MAGICAL" editing. I know February was a long long time ago and memories fade but I was also wondering if this was footage from the same show I attended with all the clips of cheering and designers and excited families, and happy judges etc etc.
I look forward to your review of each collection.

How is it that not one judge asked what was on the t-shirts? And then followed up with, "Were those your idea?" I bet they did, and didn't care about the answer.

Totally lost any credibility with me. The judges are dumb cows, the show was deplorable, Irina ripped off NY Mag AND Jillian, and even you guys don't mention that. Don't you see the hats? And the hair? That no one even mentioned these things is astounding. I wasted my time watching this dreck. No credibility whatsoever. And I am NOT anonymous.

Still love this blog,though.

Agree with Brooklyn Bomber's
Lorelai, congrats on beating the "c" and reconnecting with your inner seamstress. Cool!

Glad also that someone mentioned that Nina's color comments came after the 12 pieces were bing fitted and the shopping for the 13th had been completed - was she supposed to randomly rip up the work room only to be told the 13th look did not fit the collection?

Someone else ranked - I have to say that I HATED Chloe's collection - I may have liked one or two but with that mauve satin disaster and her ugly prints seared into my mind, I can't recall anything else.

That runway was WAY WAY to fast and horribly filmed. Odd since they took time to somehoe show the designers walk the runway with their models and even have family give them flowers??

annrr said....
"I kept wondering what was wrong with all the the models' walks. They all were so lackluster, none of them had any pop or attitude. They strolled to the end of the runway then nothing, maybe a little shrug and that was it. Did anyone else notice that?"


Yes, annrr, I noticed. And I posted this very thought last night. The models all looked depressed and like their shoes were either too large or too heavy.

I cannot imagine how absolutely awful it must have felt to be at the show. As a viewer, I was just plain numb. While personally, I loved Irina's collection, but like others have posted, it wasn't exactly groundbreaking, innovative or tdf.

One question I did have was why they chose Suzy Menkes as the guest judge for the finale. Sure, she's a living icon, but don't they usually select some cheesetastic "celebrity" to go on and on about wanting to wear and or buy the winning designer's collection? Missed that. Anyway, I'm looking at the bright side --- great posts from TLo in what was otherwise a truly dismal season of PR and looking forward to season seven back in NYC. Yay! I just want to see the happy fashionable faces of Tim, Nina & Michael.

- edina -

I think Gordana's spring 2010 collection you posted back in October is much better than anything that came down that runway last night.

ughhh, i don't get it. I thought Irina's graphic tees were tacky and ugly. Loved the helmets, but all black? All three sucked. this season sucked... but graphic tees??? really???

Yea! It's over!!

And my fav model won.

Oh, this is about the designers? OK, the bitch won. Whatever. 'tho I did LOVE to see her daddy's tears. Nothing like seeing a dad proud of his daughter.

Hated this season, loved Irina's collection.
Would have loved it more with better lighting.

I love Suzy Menkes's crazy hair.

Fashonablylate, I would probably rank Jay just slightly ahead of Christian, but I too remember Christian's the excitement about Christian's collection when he won.
While the boy may have borrowed elements from other designers, he put together a truly impressive, exciting collection that had some jaw-dropping looks in it, and I think that Nina, MK and Tim Gunn recognize that Christian had a real shot at making his mark in the fashion world, and he is.

I think that Jay McCarroll has a special place in PR history as the first winner,and as a truly original spirit.

As for Chloe's win over Daniel V. in season 2, I think that Daniel V. stumbled with his BP collection-he had a lot of ideas in it, and didn't edit it into a cohesive whole, while Chloe did produce a cohesive, well-tailored collection.

Alright, Irina won, cheating, CH, cold, boring, blah, blah, blah...

Now, can we get back to what's important? Being

-Virgins vs. Vixens

-Musical Mondays


-December's GLAMOUR?


Yeah, Irina deserved the win since it was the only cohesive collection. But BOR-ING.

My fantasy finale has Gordana, Epperson and Shirin. Three very different designers.

When I think of how stunning Leanne and Jay's winning collections were--and all of the season four finalists--that grim parade of black on black just wasn't much fun.

Althea's was a walking closet of separates.

Carol-Hannah's stuffed reminded me of draperies--even the things I liked.

Dullest finale ever.

No surprise, Irina won, primarily on the strength of the cohesiveness of the collection and the presentation. Both Althea's and CH's collections showed lots of promise too. Too bad one of them didn't win because both Lisa and Tanisha are fabulous models.

The real winners are you, TLO for your insightful comments and hilarious screen caps. You make my day! Thanks!

Congratulations Irina :) Even though I wanted Gordana and Epperson in the final 3, I think Irina deserved to be there with them.

You boys are right, it's not her fault that the season sucked. She has been punished enough by having her big moment at Bryant Park tarnished and having to wait so long for people to know that she won.

At the same time, I bet people like Jillian, Rami, Uli, Korto etc are kicking themselves - each of them would have been a shoe-in for the win if they had competed in this season.

I hope you'll be doing a post on the Models of the Runway finale (aka Lifetime's lame ass substitute for a designer reunion show).

I can't help but suspect that it was cobbled together in the last month or so as damage control for Heidi. See? Heidi Klum is really cute and funny and kind, not the cold and nasty power-mad prom queen she portrayed throughout S6!

As soon as I told my boyfriend that the audience was edited in for the designers introductions he asked me "How did the designers walk out at then end of their collection then?" I'm guessing that they filmed the models all walking out together right after they filmed the introductions? I can't imagine them editing in a person walking behind other people...


Thank you for that LA Times interview!

I love that Tim Gunn is morally opposed to fur. :) It makes me love him all more (if that is possible!)

I agree. *yawn*

Thanks for an entertaining season TLo. I'm surprised that no one mentioned that Dolores Umbridge's hair (ha ha, Suzy) looked like Cameron Diaz from "There's Something About Mary".

Whatever. I disagree that the problems with the show were about the lawsuit. The lawsuit didn't mess with the editing that NEVER gave you a good look at the designs. I have to log into TLo if I want to really see them!

I saw some reruns on Bravo and noted how much emphasis they put on the designs. You saw the sketches and their original vision. You saw them working on their designs and when Tim came to talk to them, the design was center stage.

Personalities gave it some drama, but it was gravy.

This season they focused on personalities and tried to make the models more important than they were. Even if they had a Santino or Jeff, it wouldn't work...we want to see the designs!

I lost power last night and you know whats sad? I was more upset that I missing out on the TLo lounge then the actual finale. WTH??

Here's hoping next season is better. I may be bitter, but I still have a little hope.

Yeh seriously, before I watched the ep, I was thinking: "OK, finale, let's go, let's get it over with, I bet Irina wins."

Tim's melt down was the one interesting moment and that's just because I love Tim to bits so anything he does makes me happy.

Still have hope for my favourite show on TV and looking forward to the next season.

And Anon @ 12.44 - I was thinking last night that Suzy's hair reminded me of Something About Mary. She was fun to watch too =)

Can't say I agree with the win, I think CH should have gotten this one. I'll reserve final judgement for the TLo close-up photos.

Adrianna: "Why didn't the judges ask each finalist why they thought they deserved to win?"

Ooh, I hate that. On PR, ANTM or anywhere. What's the point?

Nancy: "How is it that not one judge asked what was on the t-shirts? And then followed up with, 'Were those your idea?' I bet they did, and didn't care about the answer."

Why would they have asked? They had no reason to believe they weren't her idea. And, in fact, the T shirts were here idea. The text wasn't, but the judges had no reason to ask about it anymore than they did to ask any contestant if anything they made was their idea.

And while it seems odd that Irina was told she couldn't use the Cyclone pix and then used text without (as far as we know) wondering if she could use that, there's nothing out of bounds about incorporating someone else's words (or images) into a design. For God sake, designers have been doing it for years. If she didn't say to Tim during his visit that she got the text from NY Mag, she probably should have, given the Cyclone debacle. Are there potential legal issues about not crediting the source? Perhaps. Does it seem odd that she was so prickly about Althea's alleged copying and yet copied words from someone else? Sure.

But none of that changes the fact that incorporating non-original text into a design is nothing new, and none of the above justifies accusations that she stole or plagiarized the design.

Amelia said...

ughhh, i don't get it. I thought Irina's graphic tees were tacky and ugly. Loved the helmets, but all black? All three sucked. this season sucked... but graphic tees??? really???

It's the soft skin under the shell. Works in the concept.

Also - did you notice how Irina used the criss-crossing text on one of the tees to evoke the shells and criss-crossings of the other pieces? Brilliant.

Thanks, TLo, for the perspective from the front lines. It really helps to know what was really going down during Fashion Week. Awful for all concerned! I was thrilled to hear we only have to wait till January for Season 7. Onward!

"Brooklyn Bomber said: Designers Shmesigners: what I want to know is did you see yourself? Or TLo, GT, NYCourier (I think you were there)"

I didn't see myself. But more importantly -- I didn't see all the former designers. There were LOTS of them there. I was sitting right behind a whole mob of them. They didn't even show Princess Christian sitting on his own in a primo first row seat. Could it be they didn't show them because they were considered Bravolebrities?

It was weird - like this season was a free-floating island unto itself.


TLO and Sir Gunn were the bright spots of the season. Kisses "Mwa Mwa Mwa" to you.

But I can't really blame the designers...past seasons got constructive criticism from Nina and the Dutchess and were able to grow as designers. All Heidi and the revolving door of guests could muster is "I'd wear that"

Come on Lucky 7!

Congratulations, Irina! Mazel Tov!

Irina deserved the win. Her collection was the best- and she had 3 very deserved wins and several other high scores.

I am surprised- no, make that shocked- that CH got third place. Her collection was better than Althea's.

It was a close call. Irina was no shoo-in. All 3 collections had pros and cons- Irina's just happened to be the best, but it still needed more color.

Carol Hannah should have won. End of story.

I thought her collection was cohesive. We can't all use one color! Plus, it was her inspiration that made it cohesive.

I still don't know how the dominatrix nightgowns won.

For me, the best part of the show was when Irina couldn't open the hotel room door.

I really hope the editing is improved next season. Like, the physical assembling of the show. Like the instance in Althea's intro, I think it was, where there was a super fast cut away and back, how many times has that happened this season? It's just a mess. That needs to happen, and we need to see more of the nitty gritty next season. More designing and making the clothes, more Gunn advising, and more runway and Q&A time.

GT, I think I saw a teeny little edge-of-the-screen, blink-and-you-miss-it glimpse of Christian at one point.

When you guys said the tent was silent as a tomb, did you mean during the collections? They didn't have all the madness like usual when the collections are going down the runway?

I concur with everything you guys said. BORING!! Didn't care... bring it back to NYC and make them make clothes out of food and trash.

Suzy Menkes has been HUGE news on the European fashion scene for decades.

I'm not entirely sure why - as she's not working for the most influential fashion publication - but she can make and break designers and collections with a single stroke of her pen. If you get a chance read some of her articles, her fashion journalism is truly exceptional (which when I come to think of it probably accounts for her status).

Though their roles are obviously not the same I would say she is on a par with Anna Wintour influence-wise in Europe.

Like Wintour she also has her signature hairstyle. She's had that ridiculous pompadour ever since I first became aware of her in the 80s though she was thinner then. Imagining Suzy Menkes without the pompadour is like thinking of Anna Wintour without the bob and sunglasses (in fact it wouldn't surprise me if AW didn't decide to adopt a signature hairstyle because of Menkes).

She is very much in the tradition of the eccentric 'grandes dames' of European fashion editorial such as Anna Piaggi, Hilary Alexander and the late lamented Isabella Blow.

Ha! I was going to ask how they edited the contestants into the show. I like your idea better.

I agree that Irina's was the most cohesive. It had a theme and all the pieces worked together. Congratulations!!

Paola get out of my head! I was just about to post the same thing...

Suzy Menkes is a big damn deal, sausage-roll bangs notwithstanding. I just about fell off the couch in shock when she was introduced as a judge - certainly the most important judge they've ever had on this program, although you wouldn't know it from the introduction she got. She's been writing for the Trib (based in Paris) for a long time - I've only been following her since the early 90s, but she is a seriously great fashion journalist/critic.

And while it seems odd that Irina was told she couldn't use the Cyclone pix and then used text without (as far as we know) wondering if she could use that, there's nothing out of bounds about incorporating someone else's words (or images) into a design. For God sake, designers have been doing it for years.

Incorporating a few words is one thing, although people have been sued for using just a few words, such as "It's the Real Thing." Incorporating an entire piece is another. Not allowed. Not ethical. She should be held accountable for it. But she won't. Because the show has no credibility any longer. Whatever. I am done.

My question is the same as Cheri's -- how the hell did they edit in the shot where the designer walked down the runway with the last model? We saw that woman hand Althea the flowers, and we saw Irina hugging someone (her father?). That was one hell of a magical effect if it's all fake.

I admit I all but fell asleep during the finale. At least Logan was there to brighten my evening a little bit. On to next season!

Just one last comment about this season: after this go-round, I am actually looking forward to The Fashion Show, judging occurring in the broom closet notwithstanding!!

Laura Valerie said, "At the same time, I bet people like Jillian, Rami, Uli, Korto etc are kicking themselves - each of them would have been a shoe-in for the win if they had competed in this season."

I disagree. They would have been eliminated in the 3rd or 4th episode. I'm convinced that Lifetime wanted cornfed finalists.

I don't care for Irina's aesthetic, or her apparent plagiarism, but her collection was the most cohesive and technically proficient. I'll even go so far as to say it was better than Jeffery's collection, so it's not the worst winning collection ever.

I'll just wish she hadn't won if the t-shirts really are an example of plagiarism and it wasn't just edited to look that way.

I think it is safe to say the hair-do is a trademark


Oh, dear, darling T-Lo, what on earth would we do without you two? Your blow-by-blow chronicling of CH's Typhoid Marying of Irina, Althea and Heidi was inspired. I ♥ you so.

The fake cheering last night was worse than the canned laughter on Hank, especially since they couldn't be bothered to use more than one track. I really wish they hadn't bothered at all, beyond showing the collections, as the whole presentation was so painfully pastede on yay—the cheering, the praise, the comments by the judges before handing down the o-so-obvious verdict (who else but Irina was going to get it, since she was the only one who actually created a runway-worthy collection?), all of it—that I felt like I was watching Project Runway die a horrible death right there on my television screen. Part of my brain was screaming, THIS IS NOT MY BELOVED PR. STOP. STOP DOING THIS TO MY PR. The rest of me was wondering why I wasn't watching something else. I would have been sad, if the show hadn't been so damned boring that I lost the ability to feel anything whatsoever.

(Well, I did like guest judge Suzy Menkes. More of her, please, and less of the supposedly famous guest-judges like Kerry Washington.)

You know Project Runway has hit rock-bottom when a commercial for a Lifetime movie starring Kristen Chenoweth got me more excited than anything in any of the final collections.

Still, congratulations are in order for Irina. She won. Under horrid circumstances, and with the threat a weird, Roger Maris-like asterisk nest to her name (putting to one side the, ah, uncredited quotation of NY Mag), but she won, deservedly so. Kudos to her.

And a plague upon Bunnim/Murray and all of their houses.

Well, I for one am happy that Iran won because I am pretty sure if she hadn't, she would have pulled out her shears and started attacking people. It would have been a bloodbath. I don't think we've ever had a Project Runway charactor so desperately desperate to win. I mean, we have had the delusionals, the hopefuls, the overconfidents, the copy cats, the robbed ones, the disappointments, but no-one quite so desperate looking. I think Irina would have had a real breakdown, whereas CH and Althea were much more emotionally healthy about it all.

Donna in Seattle

Donna wrote
>>Well, I for one am happy that Iran won ....started attacking people. It would have been a bloodbath.<<

Chortle. She is her own weapon of mass destruction. Iran should seriously think about looking into fashion as a vehicle for warfare. ;-)

Why does someone always ask about the model who refused to wear something this season? Asked and answered a dozen times! It was Vanessa who refused to wear Ra'mon's toilet dress. Here is a link to the People Mag article with Tim Gunn discussing it:

Congrats, Irina! She definitely deserved the win, even if it was the most boring finale and the ultimate capper to the most boring season.

Thanks for the context. It's nice to know what it was really like in the room at the time. The editing was absurd! Were the other Season 6 designers actually sitting in the audience or were they cut-and-pasted in later? Seems silly to hide the finalists if the others are all sitting outside watching, haha.

And why did they cut out Carol Hannah's music and insert a Project Runway tune? It was so obvious, especially since they showed clapping and cheering that didn't show up on the soundtrack. Was she using a soundtrack that they didn't have the rights to air? OMG ANOTHER COPYRIGHT FIASCO! Stop the presses!

Re: the comments regarding Suzy Menkes's hair.
Was in college in the early 80's. Used to hang out with this girl I went to high school with - she always wore her hair like that - looking like she might still have the curler in.

Last time I saw her I think she had only slightly modified that look.

I found it very difficult to see any of the clothes as they came down the runway. The way the show was shot, all we saw was tops and shoes and something going by in the background and then the top of that.

Very frustrating, especially since this is the time when we supposedly see 'how it walks'. We never saw any walking at all.

I'm thinking the judging took place wayyyy after the actual runway shows. Kalyn's ponytail gave it away. It was halfway down her back for the judging and barely past her shoulders in the runway shows.

Or maybe I'm remembering incorrectly.

I agree Donna in Seattle! While I'm sure it is totally, unbelievably nerve racking to be standing on the runway waiting for the winner to be announced, I thought Irina looked just as you said... desperate! I will agree that her runway show had more elements that made it a collection and thus deserved the win, but there is a hangover of sorts with the whole plagiarism thing that may or may not come back to hurt her. In light of that, I wish she hadn't made such a big deal about Althea "copying" her!!

Damn people - Irina is this month's Daniella.

It seems like the other designers were fine with Irina.

ANd if you are going to convict her without the whole story - maybe you should start attacking people who have been PROVEN to commit plagarism - MLK - ANYONE?

(His work was still historical! - but still.)

I honestly liked Althea's collection better. When Irina AGAIN accused her of copying during the makeup discussion, I wanted to jump through the television. I was disgusted while she nodded her head as Nina explained how the tshirts gave them an intimate look at Irina. True, but not in the way Nina thought. Irina is an unlikable shell of a person, and the fact that she couldn't be troubled to think of her own reasons to love NY just proves it. For the first time ever I watched them crown the winner of PR and felt nothing.

I didn't see all the former designers. ...Could it be they didn't show them because they were considered Bravolebrities?


GT, I thought exactly the same thing, otherwise why would they totally ignore them? they should know that every PR fan likes to see all the PR alumni, so just to please the fans... oh wait...

I hate to be one of the negative Nancys but I'm really just kind of glad it is over. :( And you know, most of it wasn't even that the season was so bad (yes, we could have used the judges around all the time, etc. but was no Fashion Show). It was that everyone was sooo negative about it that I just wanted to wash it out of my hair like a bad ex-boyfriend.

Personally, I see bad design in the malls all the time so I'm inoculated (unlike those CHW infected!). What I am grateful for is an end to the constant fingernails-on-a-chalkboard giggling. Made me want to poke my eardrums out with my knitting needles.

Re: the comments regarding Suzy Menkes's hair.
I think it's nice that since she was judging Project Runway, she wore a runway on her head.

Did no one comment about Nina wiping her tears along with Irina's father?

Irina won, and she should have. So ends Season 6, thank God.

I disagree though, TLo, that the only thing wrong with Season 6 was the move to LA and the lawsuit. B-M screwed up the casting too. I don't like the drama of someone like Jeffrey or Kenley, but there are other kinds of people who are interesting to watch. Either B-M didn't know what to look for or they were looking for the wrong things when casting.

Another possibility is that there really aren't enough great designers who are willing to stop everything in their lives and do PR. If that's the case, that's a problem that's not fixable. Compare this season to the current season of Top Chef where all 4 finalists are amazing chefs. I wish we'd had that for PR 6.

The other big problem seems to be the editing. B-M don't have the Elves' magical touch. They just don't. They waited so long to announce Irina as winner with the cutting back and forth and the cheesy music that it just seemed awkward. Then they left Althea out there wondering what to do with herself. This should be the high point of the season and they muffed it. I'm sure if I went back and looked at the episodes more than once, I'd find lots of other editing examples but I can't bear to watch reruns. And I don't think B-M's deficiencies have anything to do with the lawsuit. They just don't have the right feel for PR, and I don't know if that's teachable.

We are going to continue to delete the comments that attack other posters as well as the comments from the tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorists who think we have anything to do with the outcome of the show, so various anoymice, you might as well stop making them.

I was hoping you guys would comment on the cheers & whistles, etc. Their sound editors really had a heavy hand, and it was pretty laughable.

I feel bad for what Tim & the judges must have been feeling during the filming of this whole season. And those moods are contagious -- that's probably why there was no color and very little drama among the designers or the designs.

I think even Lifetime had written this season off and is ready to REALLY move on...Season 7 starts in only 5 or 6 weeks! That's fast, especially considering the holidays happen in there.

I understand why Irina won, but nobody can make me like her or be happy about it. So there.

Once she was announced as winner, I turned it off, and erased MOTR without watching it. Meh.

Was it just me, or did the editing of the runway show look like Irina, Althea, and CH were standing in front of a green screen?


Congrats to Irina, the inventor of the baggy sweater and the smokey eye makeup. Perhaps you wouldn't think everyone was copying you dear if you actually went with an ORIGINAL idea.

Yes, she had the strongest runway show and some peices that I really liked but it seemed too derivative. The knits and the hats looked so much like Jillians show. The warrior woman had been done to death. I just didn't see anything innovative and isn't that what they are looking for?

I was really disapointed in how little they showed the clothes on the runway! I kept saying, I think that might be cute if I could see it for more than 1 second from 30 feet away. I can't wait for your dicussion so I can actually decide what I liked.

Just to see if I could get to 10...


1. The cast was low on nauseating fame-whores - remember Season Five was populated with them?

2. Gordana! (Of course.)

3. Watching Christopher's fall from grace - it was practically mythological

4. The newspaper challenge - probably the best runway show of the season

5. The 'wow' pieces; they were few and far between, but they were still there: Christopher's red carpet dress, Shirin's maternity dress, Epperson's Western-inspired gown

6. We got to see a different side of Lindsay Lohan - reasonably sober, decently smart, adequately put-together

7. The worse the show gets, the funnier Tim Gunn's interviews are

8. The amazing diversity of designers, even though the more intriguing ones did not last long

9. Nina and Michael's absences really, really made everyone on the show and in the audience realize how vital they are to the show's success

10. TLo managed to make even the most boring episodes worth water-cooler discussion! Thanks so much for your unwavering insight and wit, boys!

There must be some problem with editing this season! I'm not a producer or anything but when I am screaming at the TV to "show the clothes" there is something that is different from seasons past. When Tim would come through the workroom on numerous episodes, they would cut from Tim to the designer never actually showing the garment that was being critiqued! Yes B/M, we PR fans actually LIKE to see the clothes as they are being constructed!

Tamarama wrote:
Once she was announced as winner, I turned it off, and erased MOTR without watching it. Meh.

Good for you! That's a precious half hour of your life you don't have to regret using up. The finale of MOTR was even more super boring than the PR finale -- and you didn't think that was possible!

Basically it was a reunion show with only the final 3 boring models, and they showed a bunch of boring clips from the rest of the season, some that already aired and some that were boring us for the first time.


Irina speaks!! Interview with the LA Times:

Congratulations Irina! You know...she might not be the nicest person but I can't imagine every designer that we love as being super friendly...

In any case - she definitely deserved it. And to be honest - I will keep watching PR because despite boring challenges and wacky contestants - I just love watching the sewing and the creativity (or lack thereof) flow.

TLo, Thanks for sticking through this season of PR!!

-g- =)

People, they showed the designers walking with their models because the models walked twice, once before the "official" show, just like the recorded intros. No magic involved. Tim talks about it in the LA Times interview, how the models were changing out of their clothes in between "shows," which is why he was "losing it."

I'm gonna go against popular opinion and say casting was not a problem.

Contestants like Epperson, Gordana, Shirin, Ra'Mon, Malvin, and Irina had the chops.

It was boring vanilla challenges, inconsistent and cracked out judging.

Imagine if contestants like Mitchell and Logan had been booted off earlier, imagine if Malvin had been told he wasn't that 'effin special and he had taken than at ran with it, if Christopher had been booted out on his third falter, if the judges had given more constructive critiques that went beyond "I'd wear that", if the designers had more 2-day challenges.

The talent was there, but that talent was not harnessed.

Some one should do a show with Irena and her parents in therapy, Kenely and her parents in therapy. kenely and boyfriend and dr. get the idea.

In the end I quess I'm glad for Irena because she really needed this win to survive. The other two will live pretty much the same life they were destined to win or not. They will have a job designing for someone else.

"Tlo said: At least there was Suzy and her amazing gravity-defying hair to provide some momentary entertainment."

GothamTomato said: Are we sure that wasn't Martin Short?

I thought it was Bubbles Devere.

Suggestions for B/M or M/B or whatever -

Do Tim 'confession booth' interviews. I swear I'll watch season 8 even if it is in LA.

Invite TLO to do voice overs of the runway presentations. I promise I'll watch some of your Lifetime Movies.

IMPROVE THE DAMN LIGHTING - and I'll support your advertisers. Even the feminine hygiene products (even though I went through the change to Mother of The Bride Matron).

well, here it is her response to t-shirtgate (from the LA Times article):

Have you read the blogs that talk about your T-shirts featuring material from a New York magazine article? Have you been in touch with the magazine?
I did. No: I haven't been in touch with them. I read some of the comments. That particular piece wasn't written by one author — they gathered all these random comments from New Yorkers. It was so funny because when got the New York I was working on the T-shirts and it was like, "Oh, my God." I thought it was one of those meant-to-be moments, serendipity. I was so excited, I was like, "What better than right from a New Yorker's mouth?" I did add some of my comments in too, so I thought it was a collective voice. I was so inspired by the article. For the T-shirts I did a burnout, this chemical technique with the clouds. I think they turned out great, and if I was a New Yorker I'd be proud that there's a T-shirt with that poetry on it.

congrats to irina - she really did do a good job. all three clearly worked hard.

in retrospect carol-hannah's barf-face really was the perfect way to punctuate the season as a whole: nauseating & anti-climactic. but my favorite part of it all was seeing how bored to death nina & michael were at panel & how desperate heidi was to slap a smile on it all.

so long to the worst season ever. sounds like season 7 is still in snoozefest LA. let's hope they return to NYC for #8. and let's hope we all have reason to tune in if they do.

I just saw this. I didn't know if anyone else did. From "The Cut".......

Project Runway gets all up in our intellectual property! ProjectRungay has provided a close-up of finalist Irina's completed "Reasons to Love" shirt. In our recap last week, we called her out for “borrowing” our annual "Reasons to Love" issue theme, but we didn't realize the extent — from the close-up, we can see she actually wrote down all of our reasons from 2008. We’re not sure of the legal implications, but we do know one thing: We’ve just found our new company softball T-shirts! Look for our full Project Runway–finale recap on Friday. [ProjectRungay]

It's official: Project Runway is cable’s most watched reality program in 2009 among women

Runway Finale--Highest rated episode of the season!

3.24 W18-49 up +28% vs. STD average (2.54).

3.41 HH up +30% vs. STD average (2.62)

--Runway also beat Real Housewives by 54% among W18-49 (2.10) and 94% among HHs (1.76)

Suck it haters!


Yeah, yeah...
Congratulations to Irina.
(I had to find out who won this morning... it was the 4th week straight that PR sent me off to dreamland by 10:15pm. That used to never happen!)

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